by Nick Griffin & Ted Griffin

based on the book by Eric Garcia

SHOOTING DRAFT October 14, 2002

FADE IN: 1 EXT. ROY'S HOUSE - BACK YARD - DAY An immaculate pool -- clean, clear and placid -- crowds the back yard, bouncing light against the house. 2 INT. ROY'S LIVING ROOM - AT WINDOW - DAY The pool can be seen THROUGH filigreed metallic blinds. ROY ENTERS FRAME, suited, coffee cup in hand, and peers out at it for a spell. A calming moment to start his day. Then: He raises the blinds, wincing at the floor of sunlight. He checks the window's lock, re-locks it for good measure, then closes the shade again. AT NEXT WINDOW The ritual repeated: locks it. AT THIRD Repeated. 3 INT. ROY'S HALLWAY - MORNING Three doors line the left wall; one divides the right; all are shut. Roy emerges from the nearest door on the left (a bedroom) and shuts it behind him. He crosses to the single door on the right (a bathroom), opens it, enters, and shuts it behind him. WATER RUNS and a TOILET FLUSHES. He reappears, shuts the door behind him, and enters the middle door on the left (another bedroom, unoccupied). He re-emerges with a handkerchief in hand, then in pocket, and a beeper on his belt, and again shuts the door behind him. He starts for the far door (to a living room) but manages only a few steps before he stops, turns, and heads back to the bathroom door. He opens it and peers inside. A three-count and he shuts it again. 3 blinds up, window's locked, he re2 1

2. 4 INT. ROY'S KITCHEN - DAY Roy rinses out his mug of coffee, washes the sink basin clean of it, wipes down the kitchen countertop, already spotless, and lets the faucet run as --- he takes from a cupboard an unlabeled vial of pills. Pulls off the cap, taps two capsules into his palm. And just stares at it. Anxious and exhausted. Then: He tosses the pills down his throat, chases them with tap water, and gives the faucet a firm tug off. 5 INT. ROY'S CHEVY CAPRICE - DAY Window cracked just enough to suck out his cigarette smoke. AM-FM forecasts the natural weather, region-byregion. RADIO VOICE (V.O.) Elsewhere, temperatures in New York in the high 80's, Chicago reports rain, temperatures in the high 70's... 6 EXT. STOPLIGHT - DAY Roy slows to a halt behind a mini-van full of kids. They laugh and scream and wave at Roy. His hands stay glued at 2 and 10. FRANK (V.O.) No, ma'am, it's confirmed -7 INT. ROY AND FRANK'S OFFICE - DAY FRANK MERCER, younger than Roy, works the phones. A sea of papers floods his desk, while the adjoining desk (Roy's) is pristine. In lieu of decor there are stacks of cardboard boxes piled everywhere. FRANK -- the Chevy Blazer, the Paris vacation, or the Tiffany necklace. It's okay if you don't remember entering the contest, ma'am, you've won -The next call -(CONTINUED) 7 6 5 4

Good deal. You'd pay twice that in stores. (CONTINUED) 10 . 7/17/02 7 CONTINUED: FRANK -. frozen in his you have a water filtration system in your house? Do you read the papers or watch TV. FRANK $398. the prize gets recorded as a sales expense and you don't pay any tax.Rev.99. 10 SAME .MATCHSTICK MEN . ROY AND FRANK'S OFFICE .MINUTES LATER Roy enters.we just have to wait for the sponsor's rep to fly in for the final drawing. shuts the door behind him. 7 8 9 Frank turns to one of the boxes marked "Waterford II" and peels off a price sticker: $49. huh? 3.00 even.DAY At his window.if you buy the Waterford II water filtration system. That should be next week sometime -8 9 OMITTED INT. FRANK -. sir? Then you've probably seen our advertisements -The next call -FRANK -. Frank watches Roy.

I agree: they are our most precious resource. Can I ask you one question. Absolutely you can taste the difference. But today is our deadline. Yes.. (CONTINUED) . too.' Who doesn't? Roy declines Frank's phone. but the thing is. you're a very lucky secretary is having a baby this afternoon and the whole office here is about to bug out and go over to the hospital. 'Wants to talk to her husband first. so you see. up the receiver.4. I've got a six and twoyear old at home and I'll tell you: the day I installed a filtrator. then un-holds does. it's very exciting. cleans its handkerchief. Fisk. my supervisor just stepped into my office and he would love to talk to you. Something on the radio? (he offers phone) Irene Fisk. overly sunny) Good morning. 10 CONTINUED: FRANK You want to what? When will he be home? (beat) Mrs.. to Roy. Congratulations! Which prize are you hoping for? (beat) That would be my choice. Can you hold just a sec? (puts her on hold. his whole personality moves to his own. regional vice-president at Allied Affiliates. Now I understand you'd like to talk to your husband about this first. Yes.. Irene? Do you have grandchildren? (beat) Five! How old? Well. He plucks mouthpiece with his Mrs. ROY 10 ROY Mrs. The moment he transforms.. and I understand why. Fisk? John Goodhew. Fisk. Irene -(confidentially) -.

10 CONTINUED: (2) 10 Listening. I rather be out in sunny California with you today 'cause it's just pouring up here. (CONTINUED) 13 12 Windows up 11 . ROY'S CAPRICE (OFFICE PARKING LOT) . Frank goes to work -. FRANK You got any thoughts on lunch? Roy nods. Sorry to disturb you.. And though his voice may be grinning. 13 EXT. and I'm sure she'd love that. I'll tell you. ROY Carolyn Schaffer? (as she nods) I'm Agent Kellaway. cooped up in our corporate offices on State Street. Roy notices) -. his eyes betray him: he doesn't enjoy this.5. Uhhuh. and Roy points it off. exactly. Roy nods to Frank: she's in. A long-standing joke: the non-answer answer. Frank angles his foot up on the dash. Cats and dogs. tight. Frank knots his tie. Roy presents identification.DAY Roy moves briskly ahead of Frank along a sidewalk. 12 EXT. though. this is Agent Cole. RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD . Now let me confirm your address for our courier service. MIDDLE-CLASS HOME Door answered by a MIDDLE-AGED HOUSEWIFE. his hands thrust deep in his coat Roy finishes up. but we're in Chicago. that's sweet of you to offer. Roy and Frank stand on her front porch.DAY Roy behind the wheel.calling a courier service on Roy's line (his mouth grazing the receiver. ROY Irene. we're from the Federal Trade Commission. 11 INT. We'd like to ask you a few questions if we could. which he does whenever he's outside.

ma'am. France or Italy.6. KITCHEN . in? 14 INT. ROY I'm sorry to tell you this. I can't remember. ma'am. I wouldn't have to pay tax of the prize. And I'm sorry to tell you you've been the victim of fraud. and I'd won a prize.. just new to some. then wilts under her husband's stare. He said there'd be a drawing in a week. HUSBAND Jesus. Carolyn. They bait you with something bogus... near tears) I was going to surprise you. The Housewife gives her testimony: HOUSEWIFE He said there'd been a contest. um. She indicates a Waterford II installed on her kitchen faucet. and I'd either win a trip to. (CONTINUED) . He said if I bought one of their products.. taking it out on family dog who scratches at door) Knock it off! May we come 13 14 Otis! FRANK It's not the newest swindle in the world. HOUSEWIFE (penitent. their filtration things. across from the Housewife and her HUSBAND. 13 CONTINUED: HOUSEWIFE Is everything alright? ROY We hope so. but you won't be receiving any prize. HUSBAND (pissed. then sell you something worthless.DAY Roy and Frank sit at a breakfast table.

14 CONTINUED: ROY How much did you give them. Jesus. Roy and Frank exchange grimaces..they work in syndicates. What? ROY If they use the postal system. (to Frank and Roy) What's it worth? FRANK Any hardware store they're about fifty bucks -ROY But we've met people who paid twice what you did. Carolyn. If they cashed your check out of state. Unless. it's federal and we can act. it's mail fraud and we can go after them. ma'am -. Schaffer? HOUSEWIFE Seven hundred dollars. But we'd need a signed clearance from you for your bank to run a trace on the check.7. Otherwise.. HUSBAND Ah. Unless what? ROY A lot of these sons-of-bitches -excuse me. ma'am? (as she nods) Did you mail it to them? HOUSEWIFE A courier picked it up.. and then -(CONTINUED) HUSBAND FRANK HUSBAND 14 . Mrs. there's not a lot we can do. (to Housewife) You wrote a check..

darling? I told you: you're too trusting. You gotta be more careful of people. ROY All we need is the name of your bank. 8. (off Roy's fixed. ROY Here. use my pen. FRANK I'm sorry to say. Roy's focus fixes on it.Rev.without closing it behind her. ma'am. will ya. by chance feels inside his pocket) Wait. he's absolutely right. uneasy stare) You alright? (CONTINUED) . these guys were amateurs. cashed your check in Nevada. And every voice drifts into the distance.MATCHSTICK MEN . your account number and your signature at the bottom. If it'll help get those bastards. the DOG SCRATCHES at the door again. Roy takes the form and lays it before the Husband. ROY (to Frank) You have any more of those L-47's? FRANK Maybe in the car. HUSBAND Let him out. 14 As the Husband's eyes glaze over the small print. here we go. 7/17/02 14 CONTINUED: (2) HUSBAND I'll give you a clearance. HUSBAND (signing L-47) Here ya go. (rises to go. HUSBAND See. Carolyn? The Housewife slides open a glass door for the dog. Any luck. then returns to her seat -.

you looked like you were gonna whoopsy-daisy all over those people's Oriental. A breath to compose himself and Roy STARTS the CAR. testily. FRANK You are taking your pills? ROY (at last) Yes. Roy speedily. admonished. takes his time getting in. fifty-fifty. FRANK Do you mind if I close this? They don't.and recognizes the cause of his infirmity: the open door.. 14 Frank notices now. Roy seems barely interested. are you? Roy faces him. ROY I'm fine. ROY AND FRANK'S OFFICE . Sound within the room returns to normal. Frank. fixated on the small wilderness outside -. FRANK You're not taking your pills. Roy snaps out of it. (CONTINUED) A16 What the 15 . (he takes L-47) Thank you. thanks. FRANK It's just that.Roy is sweating and uneasy.DAY Roy and Frank return to their car.MATCHSTICK MEN . RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD .Rev. but he never pauses in his effort to get inside his car as fast as he can. A16 EXT. Frank rises and closes the glass door. Frank splits up the day's take. Inside. Frank smiles to allay the Husband's suspicions: fuck was that about? 15 EXT. The car pulls out. 7/17/02 14 CONTINUED: (3) 9.DAY The Caprice pulls into the parking lot. too -.. Sorry.

A16 Roy gives him none. One look at those drapes I should have known. ROY (beat) You have to pay her extra for that? 16 INT. it's long con. Frank.with the boat. For Roy. it's a standing order here. ROY If it's real money. (off no response from Roy) It's real money. 10. 16 . Barely. And a pack of Winston's. you know. The CHECK-OUT WOMAN totals them: CHECK-OUT WOMAN . ROY Without me. 7/17/02 A16 CONTINUED: FRANK Well. five. FRANK Okay.CHECK-OUT AISLE . Frank puts up his hands: never mind.. FRANK (sing-song) He's top-heavy.DAY Roy drops a half-dozen cans of Chicken-By-the-Sea on the conveyor.MATCHSTICK MEN . Frank is looking for a glimmer of hope.Rev. with the -ROY -. FRANK You haven't done it lately. it's not a fortune. Roy. take a girl out somewhere nice once in a while. I'd just like to. four. SUPERMARKET . but it keeps me in diapers. The guy I was telling you.. I don't do long con. (beat) I saw that guy again last night: Chuck. six.

MATCHSTICK MEN - Rev. 7/17/02 17 EXT. ROY'S HOME - DAY A modest one-story. 18

10A. 17

Roy's Caprice pulls in the driveway. 18

INT. ROY'S LIVING ROOM - DAY Roy, shoeless, skirts the living room rug to approach a ceramic horse in the corner, next to a sofa. He slides its head up and off its body and rests it on the floor, then reaches into its hollow belly to withdraw a .38. He removes from his jacket the day's take and stuffs it inside the horse. He replaces the weapon atop it.


INT. ROY'S KITCHEN - AT TABLE - NIGHT Roy eats dinner: tuna, straight from the can. (CONTINUED)


11. 19 CONTINUED: AT SINK He washes out the empty can, then turns to his shoes, rinsing and wiping down their soles. 20 INT. ROY'S BEDROOM - NIGHT Predictably Spartan. Roy wears pajamas to bed. He lies down, head on his pillow, eyes toward the ceiling, wide and anxious and exhausted and sad, to smoke himself to sleep. DISSOLVE TO: 21 INT. ROY'S LIVING ROOM - DAY The morning ritual again. Roy stares out his window, coffee cup in hand, at the pool. And his moment of serenity has been violated for -22 EXT. ROY'S HOUSE - BACK YARD - DAY Two leaves float atop the pool surface. long-pole net, removes them. 23 INT. ROY'S KITCHEN Roy throws the leaves away in the trash below the sink, then rinses out his coffee mug/washes down the basin/cleans the countertop/lets the faucet run. Finds his vial of pills and taps two capsules into his palm. Sets the vial down beside the sink. Stares at the pills again --- then throws them back in his throat and washes them down with tap water (filtrated by a Waterford II). He reaches to turn the faucet off --- and accidentally knocks the uncapped vial into the sink, upending it and sending pills scattering. Dammit! He grabs for the vial, empty -- pills are swirling down the drain -- then scrambles for the tap, slamming it off, but too late: all the capsules have been swept away. (CONTINUED) ROY Roy, with a 22 21 20 19


12. 23 CONTINUED: Shit! Roy frets, thinks, decides. Rolling up his sleeve, he dips his hand into the sink's disposal, patting around its base for pills. At last, he finds one. Pinches it and raises it into the light. And Roy knows: there's no way he'll ever put that thing in his mouth. 24 INT. ROY'S LIVING ROOM - DAY Roy's on his portable phone, desperate. ROY Hi, I need to talk to Mancuso. (beat) Man-cus-o. (beat) What do you mean he...? (beat) You gotta be shitting me... SAME SCENE - MOMENTS LATER Roy frets, paces. He stops, looks down. He's been walking on the living room rug -- disaster. 25 INT. ROY'S CLOSET Roy yanks out his vacuum cleaner. 26 INT. ROY'S LIVING ROOM Roy VACUUMS the rug back-and-forth, back-and-forth, backand-forth. He STOPS. Studies the rug. Then looks up. Suddenly everything looks dirty. 27 INT. ROY'S KITCHEN Under the sink, Roy rifles through a gallery of cleaning products -- Pine Sol, Murphy's Oil Soap, Ajax, Windex. 28 INT. ROY'S LIVING ROOM Roy cleans. Dishwashing gloves on, down on his knees. 28 27 26 25 24 ROY 23

S. ROY'S LIVING ROOM Roy sits prone on his couch. ROY'S KITCHEN Roy takes his lunch break.) Roy. Eyes bloodshot and weary.over message machine) Roy. where are you? 30 INT. Roy.) 32 31 30 29 Roy does not respond. 33 INT. 29 INT. The PHONE RINGS in the next room. Shit. SQUEAK. 31 EXT. It's me. ROY'S HOUSE Roy cleans all the windows. Okay.) You in there? Roy! Frank KNOCKS some more. I feel like a chick. I'll call them and they'll come down here! Roy surrenders: he gets off the couch. 33 ROY (O.O. Roy! FRANK (O. FRANK (V. FRANK (O. Roy shows no interest in answering it. studying the carpet. I'll put all my shit where they can't find it. Roy.on machine again) What the hell.13.O.S. I'm coming over. SQUEAK. There is a KNOCK at the front door. ROY'S BATHROOM Roy cleans behind the toilet. Roy. I'll do it. one dishwashing glove removed. that's it. ROY'S HOUSE . 32 INT. I know you're here! (beat) I'll call the cops.LATER FRANK (V. The PHONE RINGS again. from the inside only -SQUEAK. goddammit! Your car's here.S. pick up. .MEDLEY OF PRISTINE ROOMS . pick up. eating straight from the can again.

FRANK (O. unlatches and opens the door. 34 AT HIS FRONT DOOR Roy unlocks it. (as he takes them off) Okay. mouth appear in the opening.. ROY Take off your shoes.S. Roy can't. (as Frank just stares at him) Looking for something? No. latch on. Roy returns.14. (CONTINUED) . opens it. did you? Roy shuts the door. (beat) Tell me you've left the house in three days. What? Why? FRANK ROY Take 'em off. You get attacked by Mr. Clean? Roy. ROY Windows. you gotta open a window. lemme in. FRANK (looking in at him) You didn't take your pills. FRANK My partner.) Okay. or you don't come in. Frank enters and the scent of ammonia slams his nostrils. walks away. You seen him? He's been missing most of the week. Roy.. okay. Frank's nose and 34 FRANK (sigh of relief) Thank Jesus. shoes are coming off. FRANK Mother. Open up.

ROY Watch -.the rug. My aunt saw this shrink after her divorce. FRANK You gotta be shitting me. Down the garbage disposal.15. ROY That's what I said. 34 CONTINUED: FRANK Have you eaten anything in three days? (off Roy's nod) Besides canned tuna? (as Roy stops nodding) And women tell me my lifestyle's peculiar. By accident. FRANK You call Mancuso? He moved. Frank stops short of it. 35 34 FRANK You didn't take your -ROY I spilled them. A beat. FRANK Take a shower. Looks at Roy. I'm gonna make a call. 35 IN LIVING ROOM Frank enters. he really -Frank -(CONTINUED) ROY ROY .

16. (CONTINUED) ROY It 37 . dials. They belong to DR.DAY Roy. don't think I'm doing this just for you. Roy. You got money you can retire. stares at a pair of Florsheims crossed atop an ottoman. okay? A beat. He stamps out his cigarette and approaches. 36 INT. KLEIN'S OFFICE . KLEIN You mind if I put them up? helps my back. Go ahead. who scans Roy's form. SMALL OFFICE BUILDING COURTYARD 36 FRANK ROY 35 Beside a door. at the far end of a small couch. smoking. a plaque reads: "DR. I got car payments. you know. KLEIN. HARRIS KLEIN. Yeah? ROY Wipe that thing down when you're done with it. This says you were on medication but you don't know what kind. KLEIN (re: his form) You're something of a clean slate. 35 CONTINUED: FRANK Roy: you need to see someone. DR. Frank picks up the phone." Roy watches from a darkened breezeway. Listen.D. hands in coat pockets. As he heads for the bathroom. M. Roy. DR. Frank looks to be at the end of his rope. Roy relents. DR. 37 INT. I don't need a partner who's -Frank pantomimes a mad-act spasm. FRANK Go take that shower. Frank.

KLEIN You were getting them illegally? (as Roy balks) We're starting fresh today. What happened in the past I don't care about. but my partner. KLEIN Yes. Klein smiles. KLEIN 37 ROY -. 37 CONTINUED: ROY They were green capsules.I'm sorry. Do you know what they were? DR. Roy doesn't. KLEIN Let's talk a little first. Why? ROY So I wouldn't have to talk to someone like you. Doc.F.D. says here you're -It DR. on them. Something like that. Roy. ROY That's a funny thing for a shrink to say.17. DR.Beth Mercer's nephew -(CONTINUED) . my buddy Frank -DR. KLEIN -. I think it said P. I'd say you were lucky to be sitting up straight -ROY Can you get me more of them? DR. I was getting them illegally. And at the dosage you say you were taking. ROY Yes.

KLEIN You certainly get to the point. then -. Then. If you can't do that. Certain things distract me. KLEIN Roy. the pills or not? Yes. abruptly. ROY And you skirt it. make me feel sick to my stomach. DR. Roy stares the doctor down. ROY I get tired a lot. DR. KLEIN Would you like to tell me what's been bothering you? And continues. usually I don't prescribe medicine unless I've had a little chat with the patient first. 37 CONTINUED: (2) ROY -. Klein never blinks. Roy quits. KLEIN What kinds of things? (CONTINUED) . KLEIN DR. Can you get me 37 DR.this session will be quite brief. The face-off continues. DR. this session's over before it's started.18. but I can't sleep. DR. How long you been in that line? Nothing from Roy. KLEIN It says here you're an antiques dealer. If you're inclined against that.he said I could come here and you'd get me the pills I need. ROY Then let's get that prescription pad you say -.

Heather. DR. KLEIN Ten years? ROY . KLEIN Have these distractions affected your work of late? (off Roy's nod) And your personal relationships? ROY What personal relationships? DR. Anything else? Dirt. DR. KLEIN Were you married? (off Roy's nod) Kids? A beat. They call that agoraphobia. DR. or windows. 37 CONTINUED: (3) ROY When people leave doors open. (CONTINUED) ROY ROY A long time ago. KLEIN What was her name? A beat. DR. right? DR. KLEIN Incorrectly.19. KLEIN When was the last time you were in one? A relationship? With a woman? Five years? Keep going. 37 Klein makes a note. I don't like being outdoors. ROY Especially around moldings. but yes.

20. which I gave her. ROY 37 ROY She was pregnant when she left me. Maybe. and a bun in the oven. maybe I don't. I was thinking: I’m a grown man. I should know what's going on in my head. DR. And the whole time I was watching my carpet I was worrying that I might vomit. KLEIN You haven't spoken? ROY She left with a black eye. DR. but the more I wanted to blow my brains out. which might have come from anyone. (beat) And that was a good day. For all I know she got rid of the baby. DR. 'cause she'd been down that path before. the more I thought about what that would do to my goddamn carpet. I haven't. Doc. Maybe I got a kid. Watching fibers on my carpet. KLEIN You haven't seen her since? No. and the whole time I was worrying I might vomit. ROY . Watching my carpet. 37 CONTINUED: (4) Maybe. So gimme some pills and let me get on with my life. KLEIN That's a new one. (a breath to cool his temper) Doc: I spent last Tuesday on my living room sofa. So. For all I know she got hit by a bus. no. And the more I thought about it the more I realized I should just blow my brains out and end it all.

Fenton... Heather.MATCHSTICK MEN . He closes the book in surrender. ON PHONE He hasn't quit yet. He's scared shitless. ROY -. F-e-n-t-o-n. dials. 40 41 & 42 WOMAN (V. 38 39 A39 Roy pushes a blue capsule out of a foil-bottom packet. breathless.O. ROY'S BEDROOM .NIGHT 21. poised with pen and pad.AT SINK . He closes his eyes. starts to dial. then) What about in Orange County? B39 INT." His finger scans names. staring at Heather's number. downs it with coffee. flips pages to "F. ONE RING. ROY'S KITCHEN . 40 41 & 42 OMITTED OMITTED Buries his hands under his armpits. He picks up his phone.NIGHT Roy sits on the edge of the bed. TWO RINGS.) B39 . AT TABLE He opens the phone book. comes up empty. He stops to think. Then picks up the phone again. Hello -Roy hangs up. (waits. sucks down part of a Winston. then hangs up.Rev. 10/7/02 38 39 A39 OMITTED OMITTED INT.

drinking and -He waves his hand. DR. ROY I was young. she was very young. Discovered we both had similar interests. Then we got hitched. We met in a bar. 43 (CONTINUED) . 10/7/02 43 INT. DR. KLEIN And she got pregnant.MATCHSTICK MEN . KLEIN'S OFFICE Klein studies Roy. KLEIN Sexual intercourse. 22/23.Rev. DR. ROY If you gotta be dirty about it. Basically. I don't think either of us put a whole lot of thought into it.

KLEIN DR. About what? ROY What have you got? a lot then -Are you now? ROY (nods) -. KLEIN 24.Rev.I wonder: Is one of those kids Roy Jr. 7/17/02 43 CONTINUED: ROY That was later. KLEIN Do you think about her much? What could have been. And the baby? ROY If there's a baby. She was pregnant two months before she told me. what might have been. Which is why I. KLEIN He -. After things got bad. KLEIN Do you think about that? ROY Sometimes. DR. Hit her? Roy nods. 43 DR. KLEIN (CONTINUED) . If I see a school bus or -. ROY DR. KLEIN I wasn't sober some nights she just didn't come home.would be how old now? Fourteen. We fought a lot. DR. Rarely.. Roy shakes his head..if he's a he -.? DR.MATCHSTICK MEN .

.. rock-like. do you know of a way of. uh. KLEIN Ready to be a man. You bought yourself a month's worth. (withdraws the number from his shirt pocket) Couldn't say a word. 43 If he's a he. KLEIN'S ANTEROOM Roy waits. Klein hesitates: This is unorthodox. I. ROY Just to find out. stares out at the pool.. Dr. he takes Heather's number. Roy..NEXT DAY Roy. ROY If he is at all. KLEIN There's nothing wrong. ROY Doc. 44 ROY Call her? DR. Klein looks surprised. The PHONE RINGS.. Klein relents. ROY I tried that last night.. Could you? Roy pushes the number on him.MATCHSTICK MEN . DR. ROY'S LIVING ROOM . DR. 7/17/02 43 CONTINUED: (2) Fourteen. But that's what Roy wants. DR. DR. KLEIN I don't know. 25.Rev. 45 INT. (CONTINUED) 45 .? Just to find out. Klein appears from his stockroom/closet and hands Roy a handful of unlabeled sampler packs. Roy. KLEIN Congratulations. with a man telephoning his ex-wife. 44 INT. At last.

on phone) Angela. ROY You told her I was in therapy. KLEIN (V. I'm sorry.on phone) I just got off the phone with Heather.O.O.on phone) No.. ROY (picking up) Doc. Angela wants to talk to you. I can't lie. Your daughter. though..O. ROY'S HALLWAY Roy's on the portable. Roy can't move or speak for a moment. ROY Does she want to talk to me? DR. and she says she really wants to meet you. KLEIN (V. KLEIN (V. DR.26. 46 INT. Roy. KLEIN (on the answering machine) This is Dr.. We had a nice conversation. She didn't understand it might help with your therapy.on phone) I told her I was a psychiatrist. KLEIN (V. She knows you're her father. Who? DR. Klein. ROY Doc. DR..O. She doesn't. 45 CONTINUED: DR. can you hold the line a moment? (CONTINUED) Then: ROY 46 45 Roy? .

She rides past his Caprice. then gives up.) 46 Then DOWN TO: Roy's Caprice. Through the door: The unmistakable convulsions of a man puking up everything he has.S. lights it.he's early. empty. and as she passes Roy's car. Roy remains in his car. 51 SAME SCENE .27. 49 SAME SCENE . Roy doesn't move. bewildered. Then: Where? 47 MOVING SHOT MOVING UNDER a highway sign: SAN PEDRO. Stopped across the street. 48 EXT. slender but not fragile. rolling her skateboard backand-forth.LATER The Girl stands. She mounts her board and starts away. 46 CONTINUED: Roy cups the phone. Pretty but not fully formed. NEIGHBORHOOD PARK . looks this way and that. and unrolls his window an eighth of an inch. 47 ROY (O. Turns on the light and shuts the door behind him. 50 SAME SCENE . Carries it inside the bathroom.LATER The Young Girl sits waiting. he can see: there's disappointment in her eyes.DAY Except for one young mother and her infant. amazed. Roy at the wheel. when in his side mirror: A YOUNG GIRL floats INTO VIEW atop a skateboard. He burrows out a cigarette. then dismounts and walks into the park. Roy checks his watch -. white knuckles at two and ten. (CONTINUED) 51 50 49 48 . then pushing the old butt through the window crack.LATER Roy is chain-lighting his next cigarette. watching.

51 CONTINUED: Shit. Roy stands nearby. Oh. Roy stumbles out of his Caprice. on pavement. You Angela? You Roy? He nods. ANGELA When'd you get out? What? Of prison. She swings a little more. A beat.28. ROY I've never been in prison. not sand. 52 Father and daughter meet. 52 ANGELA (YOUNG GIRL) ROY ROY ROY 51 ON PARK SWINGS Angela rocks gently.hey!! The Girl stops. (CONTINUED) ANGELA ANGELA ROY ROY You're fourteen. except: So: Yep. clothes disheveled. He doesn't know what to say. ANGELA . cigarette dangling from his mouth. Hey -. Roy throws open his car door. hands deep in his pockets.

She gives him a curious look. 52 CONTINUED: ROY Your mom tell you that? ANGELA First she told me you were dead. SAN PEDRO DINER Angela is served an enormous meal (turkey. Roy glances hungry? (as she shrugs) Do you mind eating? It's just -I'd feel better somewhere indoors. anxious. ANGELA You're gonna get wet.29. chocolate shake). might as well go swimming. 52 ANGELA That's what the doctor said. mashed and gravy. I get uncomfortable sometimes being outside. Mom started to laugh. I'm not dead. When he said that. On the phone. ROY I'm in antiques. 53 INT. (CONTINUED) 53 . Then she said you might as well be. ROY I thought you weren't hungry. ROY What's that thing with girls -where they don't eat? ANGELA (mouth full) Anorexia. and Roy takes note from across the table. ROY You -.

Sorry. there isn't. ANGELA ROY ROY Right. Well. Look at your picture and see if I got your nose or your eyes. ANGELA That's okay. If I had anything to do over again. ROY How is your mom? Fine.30. You drop out? Roy hesitates. I'd work harder in school. Mom used to say I got lucky and only got your elbows. ANGELA I could have bulimia. ROY So you're in school. deliberately: No. She continues to eat. school's real important. ANGELA It's summer. ANGELA That why you ended up a criminal? (CONTINUED) ANGELA . right? Not now. 53 CONTINUED: ROY At least we know you don't have that. Roy waits: Is there more information forthcoming? Angela eats. I used to do it. Roy studies her face. 53 ANGELA You're staring. That's when you go in the bathroom after and vomit. then nods. too.

.if you make it a career. Yeah. you and Mom? ROY Before you were born. 54 ROY INT. opens the glove compartment. I shouldn't've -ANGELA (mock shock) What -. You finished? ANGELA It's okay. you know.I'm in antiques -ANGELA -. sucking up the dregs with her straw as she studies Roy. (CONTINUED) . huh? I'm not a criminal. you know. ANGELA 'Cause she still hates you. eyes a pack of cigarettes along with Roy's pink slip. snooping.what was that word? 'Shi. noisy slurp from her shake. 54 ROY I pretty much figured that. Everybody's done something bad in their life -ROY -. Angela. it's just a lot of something strung together -ROY Cut the shit. Whatever you do. proof of insurance. fake FTC identification.t'? (unfazed) When's the last time you saw each other.. (beat) Sorry.MOVING Roy drives.31. 53 CONTINUED: (2) 53 She takes a long. ANGELA You still love her? He doesn't know how to answer. HIS CAPRICE .

. ANGELA Nice meeting you. You better drop me here. Roy is caught off-guard by the suggestion. ANGELA Got a pen? He does. 54 CONTINUED: ROY (shooing her away) Hey.DAY Roy pulls over. and writes a telephone number on his palm. He can't help but smile. Maybe we could go bowling some time.O. how. That's her car in the driveway. Mom got it for me for my birthday. then leans back in. It absolutely bewilders him. stop. She closes the door.. Dad. ANGELA This is my private line. 'Cause my friend Carrie kept on calling after midnight. then his hand. HEATHER'S NEIGHBORHOOD .32. stop. out. Time to say good-bye. FRANK (V. then glances at the number written on his palm. hey. Copying the number fading from his palm.) What's more important than family? 56 INT. Frank works the phones. She takes it. Meanwhile. Roy watches her skate away. 55 EXT. Looking up the street: ANGELA Stop. ROY AND FRANK'S OFFICE .NEXT DAY Roy's at his desk. fighting the monotony of cold calling. (CONTINUED) 56 Angela leaps He doesn't know 55 54 .

(muting the phone. the phone: He stares at Roy. Across the street.MATCHSTICK MEN . ROY 33. to Roy) What? Huh? FRANK You're smiling. no prize for you. 57 EXT. (notices Roy's smile) Mr. with the boat. And he hangs up. Roy and Frank scout him. 56 Then back on FRANK Mr. ROY (tell me again) What's his last name? (CONTINUED) 57 . forty-something. then) How much money you think we could take that guy for? Chuck.brow-beats the illegal alien who's towel-drying his Mercedes (complete with bumper sticker "I'd Rather Be Sailing"). new-money suit -. Frank can't believe it.swarthy. can you hold just one moment? Thank you. Schlickling? Hi. You switch shampoos or something? (beat) Pills working? (as Roy nods) Glad one of us is happy.DAY CHUCK FRECHETTE -. Schlickling. CAR WASH .Rev. I'm sorry: you waited too long. ROY (moment's thought. (off Frank's astonishment) Figure I owe you one. 7/17/02 56 CONTINUED: FRANK Then what could be more important than purifying the water your family drinks? The Waterford II offers you the cleanest filtration system available today.

is he? FRANK He and the mob are like this -Frank holds two fingers far apart.. Cheetah's? FRANK It's a gentlemen's -ROY I know what it is. FRANK I figure on short notice he could scratch up at least thirty grand. FRANK Import/export. FRANK Chuck Frechette. leaving his dryer's upturned palm empty.. 57 CONTINUED: Frechette. Watched him drop two G's there a month ago. Meanwhile. Music to Frank's ears. ROY Where'd you find him? FRANK Cheetah's. he's from Downey. Roy KEYS the IGNITION. ROY (beat) More. He gets in and PEELS AWAY. ROY Sonovabitch didn't even tip. ROY He's not connected. What's he do? ROY . Hell if I know.34. 57 ROY How do you spell it? FRANK F-R. Frechette's MERCEDES is as dry as it's gonna get.

then withdraws from his jacket two envelopes -. Think he knows anything about international finance? -. FIRST FEDERAL BANK . CLERK May I help you? ROY I'd like to access my safe deposit box.and -60 INT.) We'll pull the Jamaican switch on him. 63 64 62 61 60 59 .O. checks himself in the mirror. please. so you're rope.DAY Roy enters.he moves briskly through -59 INT.where he approaches a CLERK.LOBBY .then into -61 white. FIRST FEDERAL BANK . 7/17/02 58 EXT. BANK VAULT The bank Clerk removes a large safety deposit box.NIGHT Roy faces his professional costume closet: several suits. Roy tries on a pair. 62 INT. He knows you. high to low end.STAIRS -. J-215. one manila. FIRST FEDERAL BANK . sets it on a viewing table.MATCHSTICK MEN . As we hear him continue -- 35. I'm inside. FIRST FEDERAL BANK . 58 ROY (V. Roy opens it. ROY'S SECOND BEDROOM . then leaves Roy alone with it. plus a gallery of pristine shoes.DAY -. a number of pairs of eyeglasses.VAULT ANTEROOM -. CLERK (offering a form) Signature and pass code. 63 64 OMITTED INT.Rev.

MATCHSTICK MEN - Rev. 7/17/02 65 INT. ROY'S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT Roy on the phone again. Where? (checking his watch) Where else. One hour. ROY

36. 65

He hangs up. A KNOCK at the door. Roy looks alarmed. He just got off the phone with Frank -- who else could that be? AT FRONT DOOR Opening on Angela, backpack and skateboard at her feet. Remember me? Roy nods, bemused. ROY You just in the neighborhood? Took the bus. in a sec? ANGELA Think I could come ANGELA

Panic flickers across Roy's face. No one but Frank has crossed this threshold in many years. He opens the door wider and she steps inside. She peers about. Nice. Huh? ANGELA It's nice. Your place. I bet you're wondering how I got your address. He wasn't. ANGELA Off your car insurance, in your glove compartment. Roy feels suddenly uncomfortable in his own home. (CONTINUED) ROY ANGELA

37. 65 CONTINUED: ROY So what's going on? ANGELA Mom and I had sort of a fight. It happens once in a while. I usually take off for a day or two to let her calm down. Take off? ANGELA Normally I go to Carrie's. Only her family's on vacation. And I thought, since we seemed to hit it off so good last time -(hoping Roy will complete the thought; he doesn't) -- I could sleep on the couch? ROY (cardiac arrest) You wanna stay here? ANGELA I could pay you back by cleaning up or something -(as she gazes around spotless room; then re: his glasses) You wear those to read? They make you look kinda old. ROY These're just for -(remembering) I gotta go. I got a business meeting. This late? ROY Antiques wait for no man. (half to himself, half to her) Is it okay if I leave you here? Sure. ANGELA I can watch TV. (CONTINUED) ANGELA ROY 65

MATCHSTICK MEN - Rev. 7/17/02 65 CONTINUED: (2)

38. 65

Roy searches around the room, as if a television will magically appear. ANGELA You don't have a TV? You seriously don't have a TV? He smiles, sheepishly. ROY There's a couch. If you want to sit. Or there if you prefer. Or the couch. She moves to the couch, amused by his nervousness; of course, she treads right across the carpet. Roy averts his eyes, starts for the door... ROY You want me to pick up anything on the way back? Ice cream? ANGELA New York Super Fudge Chunk. What? ANGELA That's my favorite flavor. York Super Fudge Chunk. New York...? ANGELA Super Fudge Chunk. ROY Chocolate. Don't open the door for anybody. 66 EXT. ROY'S HOUSE - NIGHT Quietly as he can, Roy locks the front door. Hesitates for a moment. Can he do this -- leave a fourteen-yearold girl alone in his house? He must. 66 ROY New ROY

NIGHT As glamorous an establishment as you might imagine. CHEETAH'S STRIP CLUB . Frank taps on the passenger side window and Roy unlocks the door. ROY'S KITCHEN . ROY'S BEDROOM . Angela way of a mirror -. 67 EXT.NIGHT While Roy's away. ROY How long's he been inside? FRANK Twenty minutes. They make you look -Old? FRANK (hesitates. FRANK (re: Roy's glasses) Hey.Chuck Frechette drinking alone at the bar.NIGHT Here she opens cupboards: Sea. 69 INT. Roy enters. 70 INT. He finds himself a table. pays the cover charge at the door and spots -. 68 INT.NIGHT Roy pulls his Caprice into a distant view of the club. I like those. then) Older. just cans of Chicken-of-theHere she opens drawers: 69 68 ROY 67 70 . just clothes. CHEETAH'S . ROY You got your lines down? FRANK You got my money? Roy withdraws the standard white envelope from his jacket and flings it at Frank.39.

Frank spots Roy and heads his way. (CONTINUED) . 71 INT.NIGHT As Roy sips a club soda: Good evening. though. okay? Frank stands over Roy and extends his hand. eyes on the girls. not even dust. didn't notice Frank enter. then whistles to a passing waitress. But from this perch.40. The Stripper departs. honey. Roy glances back at the bar: Frechette. Frank nods. Come back later for me. loudly: FRANK Hey. (voice dropping) At the bar.then flash to the door as Frank enters. Arden. passing Frank. FRANK Thanks. He missed you come in.NIGHT Here she stands on a chair and pries atop bookshelves: nothing here. 72 INT. who recognizes Frank. CHEETAH'S . the ceramic horse in the corner draws her attention. His eyes stray up to hers (who knows the last time he faced a bare midriff) -STRIPPER Care for a dance? -. ROY STRIPPER 72 71 ROY (rising to shake) Good to see you. can I get a Bud?! Everyone turns their heads at that. ROY'S LIVING ROOM . Bob. FRANK Hope I didn't keep you. Not just now. including Frechette.

and drop it on the table -FRANK Don't spend it all on one girl. Chuck. cueing Frank to reach into his windbreaker. FRANK We in business? ROY On my next drink. Roy notes Frechette's glance and quickly palms the envelope into his lap. Arden -Roy shoots Frank a look: no names. FRANK I told you you'd like it here. Frank stands to shake hands. whiskey in hand. I didn't know you were here. Chuck Frechette. this is my friend. Roy monitors his approach. remove the white envelope. and Roy's distracted an instant. Frechette starts off his barstool toward them. FRANK (awkwardly) Ah. Roy picks up his drink. but Frechette's eyes drop to the white envelope on the table: a slim stack of $100's peeks out from within. tie tugged loose. Frank shuts up. FRANK (he turns) Hey. (CONTINUED) FRECHETTE ROY 72 .so that it lands just as Frechette arrives. Bob. huh? -. They do.. Another stripper passes. 72 CONTINUED: FRANK (back to Roy) That do the trick? Let's sit.41. Hey..

BACK WITH ROY AND FRANK As Frank glances inside Roy's manila envelope (filled with British pounds). none-too-pleased. down. and he's not welcome. 72 CONTINUED: (2) Hiya. then resumes his stare at Frank: get him out of here. ROY You good to go? (CONTINUED) Frank sits back . bar. FRECHETTE (to Roy) Nice meeting you.42. Bob. Chuck. He's piqued. mind if -FRECHETTE 72 You Frechette gets the idea fast: something not-quite-legal is going down here. Great. FRECHETTE I'll be over at the FRANK Thanks. FRANK Fish in a barrel. Sure. curiosity piqued. confidentially) Say. Frechette retreats. whose attention jerks back to the girls.he removes the manila envelope from his coat and hands it to Frank/"Bob": a trade. we got a little business to settle up here. Roy waits until Frechette has returned to his barstool and is clandestinely watching and then -FRECHETTE'S POV -. Roy nods hello. FRANK (to Frechette. Roy glances at Frechette.

it's not for me. sets down the ice cream. but she laughs with him. 74 AT SAME CHECK-OUT . The CheckOut Woman adds a pack of Winstons to the bunch. As soon as he's gone. ROY'S HOUSE . 73 INT.Rev. Bob. 7/17/02 72 CONTINUED: (3) FRANK Does the Pope shit in the woods? ROY Just say yes. ROY Oh. Arden. arms and legs splayed every which way. 43. Roy approaches. okay? (rising) So long. CHECK-OUT WOMAN Big night planned? Huh? Right. of course.MATCHSTICK MEN . ignoring Frechette on his way out the door.NIGHT Roy picks his way through various cartons of ice cream. Angela? She sleeps atop the couch. CHECK-OUT WOMAN You have kids overnight? 74 73 Roy laughs at the absurdity of this.AT FREEZER . then remembers he does not need them.NIGHT A carton of New York Super Fudge Chunk makes its way down the conveyor to join a few more cans of tuna. and -. locks the door behind him.NIGHT 75 Roy enters. Frechette starts toward Frank. SUPERMARKET . 72 Roy leaves Frank. FRANK See you in the morning.for the first time in his career as parent -finds a blanket to drape over her. 75 INT. Squints through his fogged glasses. The Check-Out Woman doesn't understand. (CONTINUED) ROY .

shuts the light off. ROY 44. ANGELA How was your meeting? Good. Touched she stuck up for him. He rises. don't seem like a bad guy. ROY I sold a nice piece. murmuring: ANGELA I don't think you're a bad guy. You ANGELA She said you were a bad guy. and just before he turns off the living room light. Roy opens the door. Roy smiles. Roy smiles.NEXT MORNING Frank is knocking. He starts to go. ROY That's what makes me good at it. Angela rolls over under her blanket. 75 Angela smiles. She didn't want to talk about it. That's why we got into a fight. KNOCK. ROY'S FRONT DOOR . (CONTINUED) 76 .MATCHSTICK MEN . ANGELA Why'd Mom leave you? ROY You'd have to ask her.Rev. ANGELA I did. half-asleep. heads to his room. 76 Immediately: KNOCK- INT. careful not to let Frank peer in. eyes closed. Called you names. squints at the light. 7/17/02 75 CONTINUED: ANGELA (groggily) Roy? Go to sleep.

He seizes the opportunity to sneak both envelopes of cash into the ceramic horse. her hair still wet. digs a spoon into the pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk. Lunch. 78 INT. He wants to meet tonight. Roy out of doors and anxious.Rev. is he in. sneaks his morning medication down his throat. Roy glances back at his house. ROY'S HOUSE . 76 Conscious of Angela asleep inside. 79 INT.DAY Angela. FRANK What's going on? (shocked) You don't have someone in there? 77 EXT. Oh. Shh-shh-shh. FRANK The second you left the place.MATCHSTICK MEN . Roy slides out the door and closes it behind him. Let his greed meet his imagination.DAY Roy returns to find his couch empty and the shower water running in the bathroom.DAY Roy and Frank huddle on the sidewalk. man. He's in. Roy. he was off his barstool. I reeled him in -ROY Do we have to do this now? FRANK I got your money. (CONTINUED) 79 78 . meanwhile. ROY'S KITCHEN . slightly: is Angela spying? A window shade shifts 77 ROY Push it to tomorrow. Frank returns the manila envelope to him. ROY 45. 7/17/02 76 CONTINUED: FRANK I wish you could have been there. ROY'S LIVING ROOM . Oh.

. 80 ROY INT. Roy stiffens. No. ANGELA Mom can pick me up. (beat) What if I am? So? He's my father.. Roy reacts: him.. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . No. ANGELA How come you didn't want him to see me? ROY I didn't not want him to see you..... ROY A business associate. ROY'S LIVING ROOM .Rev... TV dinners are cool. You should get the TV to go with 'em. And one TV dinner..DAY Angela's on the phone: ANGELA Hi. eat eggs or something? ANGELA All you've got here is tuna. pissed: 80 someone went snooping.. 7/17/02 79 CONTINUED: ROY You sure I can't give you a ride home? That's okay.. (re: ice cream) Shouldn't you. ANGELA What's his name? Frank.MATCHSTICK MEN . 79 the prospect of confronting Heather rattles ANGELA Who was that guy who came by earlier? Who? Oh. 46. Guess. Lots and lots of tuna.

I don't care. head buried between his knees. I will if I want. ROY 80 Roy looks relieved. 80 CONTINUED: ANGELA (CONT'Dbeat) I don't care. isn't it? 81 INT. I know. ROY Today's Thursday. She mad? At me. I promise.DAY Roy is doubled over on the couch. I promise! 'Bye. ANGELA I know. Yes. She hangs up abruptly. ANGELA That's okay.but now she just wants me home in time for summer school. Now she quiets down. Okay. When's that? ANGELA Monday. ANGELA -. (CONTINUED) 81 ROY . KLEIN'S OFFICE . ANGELA She said she was gonna call the police -So much for relief. Across the room. Roy grows more distressed as Angela grows more petulant.47. his arms sagging down across his legs. ANGELA Not you.

it's just not a good time. Roy eyes a picture of two little boys atop Klein's desk.and out. 81 CONTINUED: DR. Most of all you have to focus on the basics: make sure they eat their vegetables.. two.there's a big piece coming on the market I'm brokering and -. (CONTINUED) 81 . but trust me. deeply. ROY You've got stains. (as Roy does) Is that what you were thinking about? Stains in my carpet? ROY And that I have a fourteen-yearold girl I barely know living in my house. kids. Otherwise just try to be as honest and open with them as possible. they’re not so difficult. KLEIN It's just for the weekend.. ROY As honest and open as possible. DR. KLEIN You can sit up. DR. KLEIN I beg your pardon? ROY In your carpet.48. KLEIN When is it ever a good time for anything? I realize this is sudden. and don't watch too much TV. four DR. ROY But I've got a -. Roy. three. (as Roy breathes in) Hold it -. DR. KLEIN And one more time. don 't stay up too late. and you may feel unprepared.

ANGELA What's the matter? You freaking out about something? 84 INT. Roy stares at them blankly. behind a cart. . broccoli. swallowing it dry. KLEIN She's your daughter. ROY'S HOUSE . his second dose of the day. artichokes. she's the only one you got. cauliflower. cookies.49. hips and calves. Standing 84 In the frozen food aisle. and a six-pack of beer. etc. Roy. Roy walks straight into the house. pushing a pill from its packet.DAY Squash. ROY Who's that for? ANGELA Don't you drink? ROY (shakes his head) Do you? Come on. Roy isn't sure which way to take that. 81 CONTINUED: (2) DR. ROY'S HOUSE . ANGELA I'm fourteen. Roy reads directions on a package of frozen spinach. reading a magazine. Unless there's another ex-wife you haven't told me about. carrying chips.DAY Angela lies by the pool on a beach towel in a bikini and dark glasses.DAY Roy pulls home. ANGELA How'd the meeting go? okay? Did it go 83 82 81 Confronted by his daughter's breasts. He gets out to find -83 EXT. 82 EXT.BACK YARD . Angela appears behind him.DRIVEWAY/GARAGE . SUPERMARKET .

underpants hanging from a faucet. Limp spinach and sauceless spaghetti.) Just a minute.DAY Angela exits. Water everywhere. KITCHEN . He's pissed his morning routine has been interrupted. proceeds to the bathroom door. He surrenders. 85 IN LINE FOR ROY'S USUAL CHECK-OUT WOMAN Roy and Angela wait behind two other shoppers.NIGHT Roy cooks. used towels. Roy.S. 87 INT. ROY'S BATHROOM . ROY'S HALLWAY . Angela bites into a slice as Roy forks a fresh can of tuna. A pizza delivery box takes center stage on the breakfast table. His first attempt in years. ANGELA The line for that one's shorter.MORNING The morning ritual begins again. ROY This one's better. allowing Roy to enter -90 INT. Roy uses a piece of toilet paper to remove them. neither he nor Angela look too ecstatic about digging in. 86 85 He serves. opens it -ANGELA (O. ROY'S KITCHEN . the spinach and pasta lie untouched in the kitchen sink. dressed. 89 INT. Seated at his breakfast table. Roy closes it fast. 86 INT. 88 INT. 90 89 88 87 .50. leaves his bedroom.DAY Roy cleans his coffee mug/wipes down the sink/waits. ROY'S HALLWAY .DAY It looks like a circus act of seals has come and gone. closes its door behind him. in a towel.

Anyway. who are halfway through lunch. money is a foreign film without subtitles. Thanks.Rev. Roy sticks with just coffee. bespectacled again. FRECHETTE Hardly. (To Frechette) The cast iron stomach again. FRECHETTE Where you off to? ROY Phoenix. huh? ROY For some folks.MATCHSTICK MEN . I've got to hold his hand. FRANK To the business at hand. you sure you don't want something? ROY I gotta fly in two hours. (to passing waitress) Hon: could you heat this up a little.DAY 51. 91 Roy. A client's setting up a funding account to bridge the pound and the euro. but as much as I need to make you comfortable with what we're doing. I'm going to tell you as little as possible about me and what I do. Chuck: simple is safe. to the business at hand. 7/17/02 91 INT. please? FRECHETTE That bad. ROY Bob tells me you're a yachtsman. FRANK Arden. (CONTINUED) . ROY I have one rule. Just a forty-two footer I take out on weekends. STEAK HOUSE . sits at a table with Frank and Frechette. You sail? ROY I get seasick in the tub.

FRECHETTE How much is it? (CONTINUED) . 7/17/02 91 CONTINUED: (A1) FRECHETTE What are we doing? 51A. 91 Roy removes a manila envelope from his jacket.MATCHSTICK MEN . but reaches it under the table to Frechette. Frechette peeks inside: thin stacks of hundred pound notes.Rev. just as he did at Cheetah's.

FRECHETTE Why not keep the money yourself? ROY As a bank employee any attempt I make to change currency is recorded and questioned. pockets Frechette's money. ROY It's a little more complicated than that but again: simple is safe. At today's exchange rate. Just a little money unaccounted for. You. (CONTINUED) FRECHETTE 91 . 91 CONTINUED: ROY Five thousand pounds sterling. Roy checks. One of the perks of working in the exchange program at a bank. Frechette nods. you just made two thousand -FRECHETTE -. (beat) Now I hope you have something for me. removes an envelope from his jacket and reaches it under the table. I looked it up on the Internet. no one bats an eye. Bob has a record.five hundred sixty-seven dollars. Whose is it? ROY No one's in particular. FRANK And he just scoops it off. on the other hand. ROY Congratulations.52. floating on top the books like a layer of cream. FRECHETTE Five grand American.

. Arden: how much could you do this for? Hypothetically. and everything smells like gum. ROY I have a fourteen-year-old. Frank reacts: 92 what the hell is Roy talking about? 92 EXT. 91 CONTINUED: (2) FRANK The frickin' Internet.DAY At the valet station: FRECHETTE Lemme ask you something. But my daughter's a wiz at the thing. ROY .53. I still 91 FRECHETTE Neither can I. FRECHETTE Fifteen and twelve. (suddenly has a thousand questions to ask Frechette) How do you get 'em out of the house? Mine just sits at home all day.. can't figure it out.. ROY You have a daughter? Two. Roy goes off-book. huh? Training bras hanging from your shower rod.. STEAK HOUSE . FRECHETTE Summer's the worst. As a rule: ten -FRANK we never go north of (CONTINUED) . FRECHETTE It's a riot.

then: ROY It's easier if I show you. I'm back! (beat) Angela? Frank's here! (farther inside) Angela? Angela! 94 INT. SAME SCENE . From within: ROY Angela. ROY'S HOUSE . ROY'S LIVING ROOM . 92 CONTINUED: Roy quiets Frank.54. FRANK For a second I thought we were out two grand. ROY How much could you get your hands on? Frechette smiles. 93 EXT.DAY Roy unlocks the front door and enters. Frank sighs in relief. eyes Chuck.MOMENTS LATER Stiffing his valet. ROY You gotta spend money to make money. Frechette drives his Mercedes away. with Frank behind him.DAY Frank reads a fashion magazine from Angela's bag. FRANK But you gotta make it to spend it. (CONTINUED) 94 93 92 . Frank and Roy watch him go. (beat) 'Everything smells like gum?' What was that about? Roy hesitates.

Roy. she usually go? Where does 94 ROY I don't know. ROY I've been waiting over an hour. Angela is brushing off her jeans. 97 96 95 Or ROY Where have you been? Nowhere. Roy waits on the couch and lights a fresh one. A dull THUNK comes from the back of the house. 95 EXT. watching the pool. I don't know anything about her. us.NIGHT As Roy opens the door: The window is open. 96 INT. FRANK This is no good for you. turning its light on and off. 94 CONTINUED: ROY She's not here. He checks his watch: it's late. Where did you go? ANGELA I went to the arcade. FRANK Her bag's still here.BACK YARD . (CONTINUED) ANGELA . SECOND BEDROOM . It's only like a half-mile away. 97 INT. ROY It's got nothing to do with us.NIGHT Roy can be seen through the blinds. She must have gone back to her mom's.NIGHT An ashtray overflows on the coffee table. ROY'S HOUSE .55. ROY'S LIVING ROOM .

ANGELA Jeez.Rev. but I've got a business. So I think it would be better. 97 Roy squats to pluck up specks of dirt Angela tracked in. Roy brushes the dirt into a trash can. the arcade -ROY Why'd you sneak back in? ANGELA That's how I left. This whole house smells like Lysol. I don't have keys to lock the door. ANGELA It's stuffy in here. and I didn't take any money out of your stupid horse. you never heard of a bank? . if tomorrow morning I took you back home. shuts it. Angela: I'm glad we met. I didn't get high. 7/17/02 97 CONTINUED: He moves to the window. and I've got things a certain way. what. ANGELA What did I do wrong? ROY You didn't do anything wrong. for you most of all. ROY You didn't see my car? 56. you're worse than Mom. ANGELA I just went out. ROY Listen. and that's it. ROY Where the hell were you? I want to know right now or I'm calling your mother. a partner.MATCHSTICK MEN . ANGELA I told you. I didn't drink. (as Roy goes white) So.

NIGHT Roy slides the head off his ceramic horse. 99 98 ANGELA I don't want to stay where I'm not wanted. checks his . Oh. You're like one of her boyfriends: I'm just something you have to deal with in order to screw her.. ANGELA Let me go. ROY It's not that I don't want you. ROY Will you stop? He catches her. yeah.NIGHT Angela stalks away from Roy's house. (as he does) You just don't want me going home to Mom saying she was right all along. then starts pulling out wads of cash. Angela! ROY I wasn't kicking you out.38. ANGELA (much too loudly) Even they tell me what they do for a living.. 98 INT. meanwhile. ROY'S LIVING ROOM .. FOOTSTEPS march down the hall. punctuated by the front DOOR SLAMMING. mounts her board. Right next to their guns. Fooled me. (CONTINUED) ROY ANGELA . She. As he counts it. book bag and skateboard in hand. 99 EXT. Angela. Roy looks up. Roy emerges far behind her and runs to catch her..57. ROY'S STREET . Should he go after her? He turns back to his money: it looks all there. antique dealers always keep large stacks of cash in their homes.

MATCHSTICK MEN - Rev. 7/17/02 99 CONTINUED: Roy shushes her, but he knows: she's got him.

58. 99

ROY Okay, okay. I'm sorry. I'm just... not good at being a father, alright? You know? I barely get by as me. Roy takes his hand out of his coat pocket to wipe a tear off her cheek. She recoils. ROY Will you come back home with me? We can get pizza again. She won't budge. ROY You can stay the whole weekend if you want. She won't budge. but: Roy doesn't know what else to offer

ANGELA Why do you have a gun? In case. In case what? Roy is stuck. He sighs, resigned. ANGELA ROY

ROY It's a little hard to explain. 100 INT. ROY'S KITCHEN - NIGHT Angela and Roy face off over another pizza. Bullshit. ROY Nope. No bullshit. And watch your language at the table. ANGELA You're a con man? (CONTINUED) ANGELA 100

MATCHSTICK MEN - Rev. 7/17/02 100 CONTINUED: ROY Con artist. Flim-flam man, matchstick man, take your pick. ANGELA And that guy Frank? My partner. ROY My protege.

58A. 100


59. 100 CONTINUED: She considers it. Bullshit. I told you: language. ROY watch your goddamn ANGELA 100

ANGELA Teach me something. What? ANGELA Teach me something. A con. You're funny. ANGELA Teach me something. ROY I am not going to teach you anything. Why not? ROY Because. You're a beautiful, bright, innocent girl, and I'm not going to screw that up like everything else. ANGELA Really, you think that? What? ANGELA That I'm beautiful? A beat. ROY (deadpan) No. (CONTINUED) ROY ANGELA ROY ROY

A lot of the time it's stealing from people who don't deserve it. ROY'S BATHROOM . ROY Then don't tell me. he's cute and I really really liked him..NIGHT As Roy brushes his teeth. Believe me. I've done stuff with boys.60. A lot of the time I feel sick about it. 101 INT. Just not very 100 ANGELA You seem to be doing okay by it. ANGELA Teach me something! No! final! ROY ANGELA At the Christmas dance last year. Roy stops. I've done stuff. ROY I'm not. Fat people. I went with this boy. Old people. It does pay. ANGELA (calling his bluff) Then why do you keep doing it? Roy has no answer. Angela sits atop the toilet. (CONTINUED) 101 .. 100 CONTINUED: (2) ANGELA Then why won't you?! (mockingly) Because crime doesn't pay? ROY No. well. Josh Ward. if I told you. you'd probably throw up right here. It's not fun doing what I do. ANGELA I'm not as innocent as you think.

You're gonna forget it. shit. ANGELA (writing) 'Don't. Angela brings a notebook out of her backpack full of laundry.. 102 ... ROY I'm not listening. where. we went upstairs. ROY And then you're never gonna do it again. then skips down the hall.. Don't write anything down.. 102 INT. you.. and he pushed me up against the bed. Kisses him on the cheek. ANGELA And he took his hand. ANGELA After the dance.. Agreed? But she's already frolicking into the living room.DAY Cruising down the freeway. ROY'S CAPRICE ..' ROY (grabs. at Carrie's.. ANGELA Where we going? ROY Rule number one.. throws notebook) Rule number two. Never work near where you live. One thing! thing! ROY I'll show you one 101 She nearly jumps for joy. getting toothpaste on her face.61.. 101 CONTINUED: ROY I'm not listening..

6. ROY Stay in the car. 7-ELEVEN . ANGELA You his financial advisor? No. ROY I'm glad I missed that day. Roy considers Angela. To the CASHIER: ROY I want to play this for the drawing on the twenty-second. You're a cashier at a 7-Eleven. 49. follows. (as she still follows) Stay in the car. Take his dollar and give him a ticket for the twenty-second.62. 104 INT. enters the 7-Eleven. . 7-ELEVEN . CASHIER Roy gives up. 22. ANGELA No. CASHIER You know the odds of the lottery hitting the same numbers in the same month.DAY Roy marks a lottery ticket as Angela watches: four of the five numbers -. 104 Angela 103 ROY You sure you're ready for this? ANGELA I was born ready. 60 -. The Cashier hops to it. amused.which (a prominent sign displays) won the day before. 18.DAY Roy exits the Caprice. CASHIER You're wasting your dollar. She still follows. the same numbers ever? ROY That's why I changed one. 103 EXT.

right. An elderly couple separates whites and colors. is who your mark is. You don't want anyone whispering in your mark's ear but you. backpack on her arm. then turns to a middleaged HOUSEWIFE loading three machines. though.O. Roy watches her scratch away with all her might. ROY (V. The one thing you can control. (beat) Okay. sits reading Tolstoy. A boy in his teens returns her interest. Most important thing you have to understand about this game is: ninety percent of it is variable. scratches hard at it with his fingernail. A single man. Angela approaches. So you have to be flexible. LAUNDROMAT .O. She cases the joint. prepared to roll with anything.DAY Angela enters.63. make sure the person you're conning isn't conning you.O. takes it from him.) The older the better. ROY Just the. ANGELA I've got longer nails. you almost always get thrown a curveball.) And. but beware of couples. No matter how good your plan is. (CONTINUED) 106 105 . rolls it in his hand. sipping on a Big Gulp. That's your ten percent. for God's sake. ROY (V. What you're selling is you.) Never play someone who's not buying what you're selling. Angela gives him a get-lost look. 105 INT. ROY (V.. 106 EXT.. black. Angela. ROY'S CAPRICE Roy crumples up his lottery ticket.

girls really do mature much faster than boys. Angela picks up her backpack to go. You've ANGELA washer beside her) HOUSEWIFE 106 HOUSEWIFE This is nothing.LATER Angela and the Housewife transfer their laundry to dryers. ANGELA I'm gonna get a Coke across the street. Three boys. Do you want anything? (CONTINUED) ANGELA 107 . You oughta catch me during Little League season. You know. She sets her bag down. ANGELA Sure you don't need it? got a lot. HOUSEWIFE Simon's about your age. 107 SAME SCENE . he's so hyper. 106 CONTINUED: (re: That taken? No. do they? Central. ANGELA Any of 'em cute? The Housewife smiles. HOUSEWIFE They don't go to Fremont. stealthily planting the lottery ticket beneath it.64. Her dryer full. but you'd never guess. and Angela smiles back: she has her mark. ANGELA That's what I keep telling my brothers.

and the Housewife notices the lottery ticket left behind. Angela. don't you think? Angela inspects it. The newspaper drops. sir? Could we borrow your paper a sec? We're looking for lottery results. The Housewife nods. Angela starts off. (CONTINUED) . HOUSEWIFE Huh. You sure? ANGELA Gotta be eighteen to play. you dropped something.65. The man is Roy. She holds it for her to see. HOUSEWIFE Honey. and Angela continues on her way. too: thanks to her and Roy's handiwork. not the twenty-second. That says the second. ANGELA Probably a loser. honey. the date looks like the second. Looks like someone put it through the wash by accident. ANGELA It's not mine. The Housewife approaches with But HOUSEWIFE 107 HOUSEWIFE Excuse me. It's for yesterday's drawing. ACROSS LAUNDRY A man reads a newspaper. 107 CONTINUED: HOUSEWIFE No thanks. on second thought: HOUSEWIFE We should at least see if it hit.

66. can you believe it? ROY Four out of five pays. forty-nine. 107 CONTINUED: (2) Sure. what? HOUSEWIFE Thirty. Mine. passes Angela the ticket. Thirty? HOUSEWIFE You're joking.. it's back to the wash. wait. HOUSEWIFE Story of my life. 107 Roy hands her the section. Roy rises to feed a dryer (whose clothes are inside is anybody's guess). too. ANGELA Six. eighteen. thirty. forty-nine. (CONTINUED) ANGELA ANGELA .'s true! They laugh.? She looks -. a little crestfallen. HOUSEWIFE Ready? Six. ROY I think it's Metro. The Housewife opens it. you know. Look! HOUSEWIFE You mean we missed by one number -. Then. Wait. eighteen. ANGELA You're sure? (as Housewife nods) Missed by one.. sixty. a little breathless. ROY (as he returns) Any luck? ANGELA Four out of five.

sweetie. LAUNDROMAT . Thank you very much... 108 HOUSEWIFE HOUSEWIFE (into phone) Uh-huh. 107 CONTINUED: (3) 107 Angela and the Housewife share a look. HOUSEWIFE Six hundred dollars! ANGELA ANGELA . 108 EXT. She hangs up.67. It does? ROY Call the number on the ticket.shit! Holy shit! Roy watches from inside as they laugh and hug. uh-huh. astonished. Angela hovers nearby. ANGELA What'd they say? HOUSEWIFE (face erupting) We won six hundred dollars! Holy -She cups her mouth: -. (CONTINUED) oops. And then they'll mail me a check. (quickly) I'll give you half. don't worry. ANGELA You don't have to. HOUSEWIFE The woman on the phone said we just have to take it in for verification.DAY The Housewife's on a pay phone.

SECURITY CAMERA POV 109 The Housewife uses the ATM. 111 AT ATM The Housewife hands Angela three crisp $100s. 108 CONTINUED: HOUSEWIFE No. it's okay. HOUSEWIFE That’s three hundred. we should call your mom and we can all go down there together. In fact. 110 EXT.68. ACROSS STREET Roy watches from inside his Caprice. You know. 109 EXT. Angela very consciously keeps OUT OF the CAMERA'S RANGE. She works. BANK ATM .what to do? turns to see a bank ATM across the street.he doesn't live with us anymore. No. Angela's feet are barely IN FRAME behind her. And hide it when you get home. Don't spend it all at the coin-op. ANGELA Pretty late. watch the cameras. no. ROY Good girl. (CONTINUED) 111 110 . fifty. no. 108 HOUSEWIFE How 'bout your dad? ANGELA (ashamed) He -. HOUSEWIFE We're in this fiftyThen she The Housewife stops to think -. Angela pulls back. no. Don't let those brothers of yours anywhere near it. I'm supposed to be home anyway. we're fifty-fifty in this.

ROY (shakes his head) Now. C'mon! ANGELA You're joking. 7/17/02 111 CONTINUED: ANGELA (touched) Thank you. waves goodbye once more to the Housewife. I didn't say I'd let you get away with it. (CONTINUED) ANGELA ANGELA . What?! ROY I told you I'd teach you a con. ANGELA Did I do good? ROY You did very good. sweetie..Rev.. out of sight. She leaps in the air. 111 112 Angela exits with her backpack full of laundry. ROY One last thing. LAUNDROMAT 69. then rounds a corner to find Roy waiting for her. 112 EXT. ANGELA Mom was wrong: I didn't just get your elbows.MATCHSTICK MEN . They hug again. Uh-huh? ROY Go give her her money back. HOUSEWIFE Thank you.

113 Angela puts her feet up on the dash.Rev.MATCHSTICK MEN .DAY ROY And I'm not.O. 70..) It's strange. (as she nods okay) Did you feel better when you took her money.. scared shitless. That's good. Angela stalks back inside. ROY I'm not your partner. CAPRICE . Roy watches through a glass wall as she hands the money back to the Housewife. 7/17/02 112 CONTINUED: ANGELA (can't believe it) This is so. 113 INT. or when you gave it back? (before she answers) Think first. utterly befuddled. isn't it? DR. 114 INT.. Now suddenly I have a daughter. ANGELA I thought we were partners. Two weeks ago this was ancient history. I'm your Roy doesn't mind. And I want you to think before answering. DR. ROY (V. 112 Roy points: go. Roy. Angela thinks.DAY Driving Angela home. father. KLEIN'S OFFICE . Petulantly. ROY I have one question for you. (MORE) (CONTINUED) 114 . KLEIN It's however you feel about it..

KLEIN 71. And it's very quiet. It's wonderful. 115 INT. But she took right to it. He closes it. Lying. this fourteen-year-old girl.MATCHSTICK MEN . It's good to see you start opening some again. ROY'S KITCHEN . Don't take this too literally. for the first time in a while. other people call. It's cluttered with fashion magazines.Rev. Sometimes in my business you have to create a value in something which really isn't there.I took Angela along over the weekend. It was the best time we've had together. a real mess. ROY I didn't know how Angela would go for that... KLEIN DR. KLEIN (CONT'Dbeat) Yes. Inside are greasestained pizza cartons and Chinese food cartons. And lonely. selling a piece. KLEIN Do you regret it? Exposing her to that? Her seeing that side of you? ROY (moment of truth) I really liked it. She even helped out. What? ROY I -. What some people call sales. considers the room around him. 114 115 Roy opens his refrigerator door. DR. but you've been closing doors for a long time. Roy looks a little worried. . empty soda cans.NIGHT DR. 7/17/02 114 CONTINUED: DR. working these people with me.

DAY Roy walks through the terminal. SUPERMARKET . withdraws a cigarette. Roy considers her as she bags his groceries. 118 INT. 7/17/02 116 EXT.Rev. 116 They shake. 117 INT. Afraid he might get robbed. But also some fresh vegetables. ROY As if someone would do that. One or two layovers at the bar and a custodian vacuuming the floors. a standard-sized black briefcase beside him. and TV dinners. When's his flight? (CONTINUED) 118 117 . KATHY (CHECK-OUT WOMAN) 72.DAY Before noon. TERMINAL LOUNGE . FRANK He said he wants to fly the money straight to the Caymans. Roy. Summer school. then) It's Kathy. Two people meeting after seeing each other every day for months.MATCHSTICK MEN .DAY Cans of tuna again. Must be lonesome without her. CHECK-OUT WOMAN She's a cute one. (hesitates. right? (off her nod) I'm Roy. frozen pizzas. Frank bums one from him. Roy and Frank case the place. AIRPORT TERMINAL . Roy. Hi. the place is mostly deserted. CHECK-OUT WOMAN Where's that cute little girl of yours? ROY She went home to her mom's. ROY I'll see you tomorrow.

SCHOOL . 119 FRANK ROY . Roy scours the young teens flooding from the school from his Caprice across the street. 118 Roy sits facing the bar. (CONTINUED) 120 He's going to be rich.LATER Roy stands alone in the middle of the lounge. looking from table to bar. against a wall. you sit him there.DAY Summer school lets out. Otherwise we blow it off.Rev.MATCHSTICK MEN . back to the bar. (as Roy waits: what?) I think I'm in love with you. And keep the table free. ROY What do you expect for fifty bucks? Frank scans the place once more. FRANK There's only one problem. Typecasting. 120 EXT. a little nervous. the standardsized black briefcase beside him. LEATHER BANQUETTE FRANK 72A. I'm here. Frank lets out a whoop! 119 SAME SCENE . (beat) Where do you think? Roy points at. then to all the walls. ROY You plant this before the meet.. Running the plan over in his head. FRANK Who's the drunk gonna be? Ernie.. 7/17/02 118 CONTINUED: Friday.

MATCHSTICK MEN . In the car. grins. 7/17/02 120 CONTINUED: (A1) Perv. 120 (CONTINUED) . She's snuck up behind him. little girl? ANGELA Mom says I have to be back by dinner. ROY What would you like to do today. ANGELA 72B. She gets in. ROY He smiles. looks at him.Rev.

but his handkerchief has already gone dirtier places. Roy glares at her. Over the MUSIC and CRASHING PINS.CRASH! Meanwhile. ANGELA You want me to bowl for you? AT PAY PHONE Roy thinks about wiping the receiver down. then lets it rip down an alley -. ANGELA (approaching him gently) Dad. Angela passes him on the way back to her seat. Keeping his chin high. sighs.'s Roy's PAGER going off. and she screams with laughter. BOWLING ALLEY Uh-oh was right. he retreats to the ball return. 121 INT. Angela lifts a bowling ball up to her eyes. And just then -. Roy cleans his ball meticulously with his handkerchief -. he yells: (CONTINUED) ANGELA What Uh-oh. with a swallow for courage.BEEP BEEP BEEP -. would you like to do? She grins even wider. The first thing you have to understand about this game is: ninety-percent of it is knocking down at least one pin. He checks it. 120 CONTINUED: ROY You'll be back by dinner. then steps up to the alley. Approaches and releases his first roll. he plunges his fingers into the ball to pick it up. He grabs at her. It's his turn to bowl now and.73. Gutter ball.even the finger holes. I own you. 121 120 Roy blanches dramatically: .

gotta take you home.DAY Roy exits. bowling in the distance. in a rush. get Ernie. 7/17/02 121 CONTINUED: ROY It's me.. Angela. tell him -- 74. FRANK I know. FRANK'S MUSTANG . change. ROY There's no time. BOWLING ALLEY .MATCHSTICK MEN . pissed. BOWLING ALLEY Now Roy's stressed.DAY Frank's on a cellular headset. I know. rubbing his temples. He says he won't be back for a month. stressed. A122 INT. rolls a strike and leaps in the air. ROY I'm sorry. what is it? (beat) What?! I thought it wasn't 'til Friday! (beat) Well. (beat) I don't want to lose him.. B122 INT. 121 Roy's face falls. too. Roy. rolls a strike and leaps in the air. bowling in the distance. B122 A122 122 EXT. I gotta get the money. It just came up. and Angela trudges out behind. he bumped it up. (CONTINUED) I 122 . ANGELA (it's not) It's okay. Angela. What time's his flight? Roy's face falls.Rev.

ANGELA What do I get to do? Roy thinks. Is this the worst idea he's ever had? ROY Shit! 123 EXT. thinks. I just can't -(looks at watch) I can't do this. ANGELA (timidly) Can I help? Roy considers her.LOBBY ENTRANCE ROY ANGELA 75. unhappily. enters with Angela. then: Yes. ANGELA (playing the victim) You want me to take the bus? No.Rev. There's no time. with standard-sized black briefcase. ANGELA I thought you kept all your money in the horse. 7/17/02 122 CONTINUED: ROY I can't. shit! ROY He doesn't know what to do. FIRST FEDERAL BANK . 122 123 Roy. I can't even take you home. Is it a job? Roy nods. uh. (CONTINUED) .MATCHSTICK MEN . ANGELA (excitedly) Really? Roy nods.

Rev. ROY You don't have the pass code. here. CLERK Sign here and here. Roy starts to fill it out. In whispers: ANGELA Why can't I see? ROY 'Cause it's a secret. as usual. please. Back to whispers: ANGELA So. Covers the pass code from Angela's prying eyes.MATCHSTICK MEN . J-215. what. 123 She follows. ROY I'd like access to my safe deposit box. 124 Wait 76. He heads downstairs. FIRST FEDERAL BANK . 7/17/02 123 CONTINUED: ROY That's just my piggy bank. ANGELA Then why does he get to? Roy thinks.VAULT ANTEROOM Roy and Angela approach the Clerk. 124 INT. She does. puts forth another form. To the Clerk: ROY Can I add an access signature to my account. toward Angela. The Clerk nods. CLERK (offering form) Signature and pass code. now I can get into the whatever-it-is? No. (CONTINUED) ROY Roy pushes it . Do it.

neat stacks of hundred dollar bills and hundred-pound notes. 125 INT. ANGELA (forlorn) Oh. PRIVATE VIEWING ROOM Now 76A. feels its weight. 7/17/02 124 CONTINUED: ANGELA When do I get that? ROY When I'm dead. He closes the case. 124 125 Roy opens his deposit box. around the corner: Hey: ROY you got today's Times? Then. piled atop a fist-high ream of bonds.MATCHSTICK MEN . Inside are bound. to the guard . ROY Don't weep for me too much.Rev. He starts picking up stacks of cash and placing them in the black briefcase. wait here. I mean it.

126 EXT. Three hundred thousand? He just smiles: not telling. Roy checks his watch.77. ROY These still make me look old? Old and rich. ANGELA Why aren't you -. ANGELA How much is in there? (re: I told you.PARKING LOT Roy exits with Angela.why don't you go live in Hawaii? Why don't you buy Hawaii? I told you: outdoors. this. ROY briefcase) 126 ANGELA (re: bank) No. A million? ANGELA Five hundred thousand? He shrugs. Angela is flabbergasted. FIRST FEDERAL BANK . ANGELA How did you -ROY I've been doing this a long time. in there. He's really not certain about (CONTINUED) ANGELA 127 . 127 ROY I don't like the INT. CAPRICE (AIRPORT PARKING LOT) Roy puts on his Arden glasses.

Rev. 128 INT. ROY Just in case. ROY Strained it last night. you get outta there. You mind if I sit there. Roy continues his approach. 78. clasping his back now and wincing. head. 127 ANGELA Stop worrying about me. What? ANGELA Please. 7/17/02 127 CONTINUED: ROY You know what to do? (off her nod) You keep real far away from us. I'm barely even doing anything. and immediately he spots a problem: Frank sits in the banquette seat Roy should have. He gives her two hundreds from his wallet. (CONTINUED) . FRANK You should do yoga. TERMINAL LOUNGE Roy enters. carrying the black briefcase. Anything seems off. Frank and Frechette greet him. She looks at him with puppy eyes.MATCHSTICK MEN . 128 ROY Shakes his I told you: ROY (a joke) I was doing yoga. He gives the whole plan one more thought. can I have the pass code? He has to laugh. FRANK Arden. Take this. you get outta there. You see me tug my tie like this. The high back helps. you okay? My back.

Frechette pries underneath: wall-to-wall British pounds inside. Frechette reaches in to flip through a stack of bills: they're all real. FRECHETTE That's eighty thousand? It looks like less than I thought. The Queen Roy lifts his black briefcase onto an empty chair between them and cracks it open just enough for Frechette to see: a newspaper. A waitress delivers Roy a club soda and departs.MATCHSTICK MEN . Meanwhile. ROY It always does. Roy sneaking a reproachful glance Frank's way: nice fucking job. Frank and Chuck.Rev. 7/17/02 128 CONTINUED: 79. Frechette replaces it with a gym bag. (CONTINUED) . Sorry. Angela peeks out from behind a partition to watch Roy. 128 Frank and Roy change seats. Go ahead. with difficulty: ROY How are both of you? Across the lounge. FRECHETTE Had to check. As he sits. Roy closes the case and sets it down on the floor by his feet. ROY As long as you don't mind. Roy steals a glance at the lounge entrance: Angela is entering. FRECHETTE Do your worst. before Ben Franklin. As he unzips it. So: FRANK who goes first? who will make the first Roy and Frechette face off: move? ROY I suppose ladies do.

the GLASS down at the floor. Then: ROY It looks like we have a trade.D. 128 Roy explores the gym bag: it's loaded with stacks of hundred dollar bills. A pregnant pause.then hurls drawing every Roy pulls the banquette for fast. FRANK God bless America. I'll break every glass in this place. FRECHETTE Land that I love. Suddenly. is in my luggage! My plane doesn't leave for thirty minutes! Can't I get a goddamn beer?! The bartender cautions her and she grabs a tumbler -ANGELA You touch me. SHATTERING it. eye. ANGELA My I.MATCHSTICK MEN . You kidding? the shelter.) I'm twenty-one! Don't get too FRANK He's going there for Roy peers up and Frank and Frechette turn to look: Angela is screaming at the lounge bartender. and Frank and Frechette raise their Scotches to toast -ROY Enjoy the Caymans. 7/17/02 128 CONTINUED: (2) 80. from the bar: Oh. ROY (to Frank) You count it? Frank nods. and that's when switch: the briefcase stowed beneath the the identical one by his feet. Roy salutes him with his soda.S. Lightning (CONTINUED) . -. come on! ANGELA (O.Rev. including Frechette's. much sun.

FRANK That wasn't -ROY Walk him to the plane. FRECHETTE Let's do it again some ROY Have a safe flight. of course -. bids Frank and Roy farewell -Guys. Frechette picks it up. I'll take my new gym bag.and he looks at Roy incredulously. And she's gone. Roy and Frank watch him go.and departs. When I leave.Angela's tantrum was part of the act -. Roy nods to his wisdom.Rev. Frank knows. none the wiser.MATCHSTICK MEN . Speaking of which: it's about that time. Just get up and take your new briefcase with you. (CONTINUED) ROY . you! ANGELA Airport bartender! 81. then pushes the briefcase at his feet across to Frechette. arms raised. FRECHETTE Hope she isn't on my flight. FRANK (under his breath) What the hell was that? Go with him. giving the finger with both hands to the bartender. FRECHETTE Simple is safe. time. Who goes first? ROY You do. FRANK They won't let me past the security check. 128 Angela backs out of the lounge. Frechette turns back. 7/17/02 128 CONTINUED: (3) Hey. -.

the case in the other. 7/17/02 128 CONTINUED: (4) ROY Then walk him to the security check. PARKING GARAGE . ANGELA The whole eighty? Roy nods. I saw her. 129 EXT. ANGELA What happened on our end? take him? He nods. AIRPORT TERMINAL . PARKING GARAGE .MATCHSTICK MEN . all business as Angela bounces around him. Angela bounces higher.DAY As Roy pulls out of his spot: (CONTINUED) 130 You ROY ANGELA A130 129 . Boo! Roy keeps walking. ANGELA Did you see that old chick at the bar? With all the makeup? She almost died when I threw that glass. Roy reaches under the banquette and grabs the briefcase there. 128 Frank follows Roy's orders and chases after Frechette. 82. crossing to the parking garage. singing: ANGELA 'My dad's a smooth operator! Smooth operator!' 130 INT. CAPRICE/INT. A bag in one hand. A130 EXT. despite a minor cardiac. he takes off in the opposite direction.DAY Roy exits briskly.DAY Roy emerges from a stairwell and Angela leaps from behind a pillar to surprise him.Rev.

130 He's not Roy stops behind a minivan pulling out of a spot. I thought about it: we should give the money back. He spots Roy instantly and starts toward him. And Frechette appears in his sideview mirror. the Caprice comes to four gated exit lanes. one car in the fourth. ANGELA Do I get a cut? ROY You can ask Frank for his. ANGELA (oblivious to Frechette) Dad?! Roy races down levels of parking lot as Frechette chases on foot. Roy chooses that one. in a fury. thrusts his money at her. Roy pulls up to the parking Attendant. Meanwhile.Rev. He looks at her. suitcase open and empty. His money ready. (CONTINUED) . and she smiles: in the mood. I'd feel better. Roy punches the gas.MATCHSTICK MEN . ANGELA (frightened now) Dad? ROY Roll up your window! down on the floor! Now! Get Angela does as she's told. please. 83. the other lanes are clearing up quickly. and he turns to see: -. just joking. but the minivan he passed now hovers behind him. Roy considers backing up and choosing another exit. but the ATTENDANT seems to be taking forever to make change. At last. With a fair lead. two cars in the three of them. Roy waits for the car ahead of him to pass through.the stairwell door fly open and Frechette appear. hustling toward him. He's trapped. looking this way and that. then barks: ROY Open the gate. around the minivan and away. 7/17/02 130 CONTINUED: ANGELA Dad.

Frechette gets a clean look at Angela hovering below the seat. Dad! Roy hits the gas. but too late. 83A. but before they're clear. rabid. Frechette is upon them.Rev. has no one to blame for this but himself.MATCHSTICK MEN . ROY (slamming steering wheel) Dammit! Are we okay? Roy looks down to her. and the Caprice slaps the gate as it rises. 130 The gate comes up. He ANGELA ANGELA . balled up. 7/17/02 130 CONTINUED: (2) ATTENDANT Do you need a receipt -No! ROY Please open the gate. shaking with fear. on Angela's side. yanking on the door.

CONTINUOUS ACTION ROY I said 'walk him to the plane. then reopens it. ANGELA But I want to -ROY Stay in the car! Roy gets out. Frank steps up to see Roy glowering at him. They don't let you to the gate without a ticket -(CONTINUED) 133 132 (back to glowering Roy) ANGELA FRANK 131 . slams the door. FRANK (at a loss) Hiya. slams the door again. Frank. turns the RADIO ON to an EARSPLITTING VOLUME. DODGER STADIUM PARKING LOT . 132 INT. leaving acres of parking spots unused.CONTINUOUS ACTION Angela can't hear anything but MUSIC as Roy tears Frank a new one. 131 EXT. What? No reply. DODGER STADIUM PARKING LOT .DAY The Dodgers are away. Hiya. Frank paces beside his car and chain smokes as Roy's Caprice pulls up.84. Los Angeles looms in the distance. What?! ROY (to Angela) Stay in the car.' Did you walk him to the plane? FRANK I told you: security. Roy just seethes. CAPRICE . 133 EXT.

his breath. (beat) We're not on the books. my daughter was there today! Frank looks away. I walked him there. How? FRANK What if he goes to the cops? He won't. She put us at risk. chastened. 133 CONTINUED: ROY Did you see him go through security? Yes! ROY Did you wait 'til the plane left the gate? FRANK You told me to walk him there. ROY ROY Says something half under FRANK 133 FRANK What if he does? ROY Then he'd have to explain what he was doing with eighty grand and a ticket to the Caymans. (CONTINUED) . ROY Frank. And don't tell me I'm the one who put her at risk.85. We're safe. What? FRANK I'm not the one who pimped her into the grift. ROY They never do.

DAY Roy hands Frank Frechette's bag of money. Terrific. And bites her lip. ANGELA I would have told you. Roy leans against his hood as Angela remains in her seat.86. blushes. (beat) You've never been arrested. 134 EXT. Roy gives her the silent treatment a moment. and the younger man takes off. have you? Angela looks from Roy to Frank to Roy again. She does. What about her? ROY Angela's never been arrested -FRANK You don't know that. Frank leers at Roy: ask her. (CONTINUED) 134 FRANK Then . DODGER STADIUM PARKING LOT . Tell him you're clean. that's it. Angela watches from inside the car. Angela. and let's get this over with. ROY Turn it off. 133 CONTINUED: (2) FRANK I know we are. and Frank starts toward his car. You don't know that! What if Chuck goes to the cops? Roy turns: the door. He opens 133 ROY Tell him. then: ROY You're fourteen! When did you have time to get arrested? ANGELA I forgot to pay for a pack of gum once. but it never came up.

MOVING . takes a stroll. Angela tries to thaw (CONTINUED) 138 137 135 136 .NIGHT Roy's Caprice pulls to a stop.. Roy. him.NIGHT Roy drives.CAPRICE . I mighta put up a fuss when security -Angela.87.MOVING . ROY And they photographed you? printed you? They ANGELA ROY ROY 134 Angela nods and bows her head penitently. what was I supposed to do? How long ago? Last year. super-pissed. thinking. Heather's house in the distance. ROY'S CAPRICE . STREETS . his hands slowly returning to his coat pockets. 135 136 EXT. Angela sneaks a glance at him.. knows enough not to speak. brow knit. CAPRICE Roy looks straight ahead. ANGELA The guard was groping me. 137 EXT.NIGHT INT. 138 INT. 134 CONTINUED: ROY (disbelief) They called the cops on you for a pack of gum. ANGELA And some other stuff. He was grabbing at my chest. HEATHER'S BLOCK . arctic.

Angela cries. Okay? I thought maybe it could work out. can't look at her. ANGELA Is it. Tears form 138 ANGELA When do you think you'll be back? I don't know. you're gone. She nods. and in September is father's visiting day at school. Silence.. hurt but trying to conceal it. Then: ROY I'm gonna be gone for the next couple months. Frank and I have some out-of-town work. He wants you gone.. 138 CONTINUED: ANGELA You know. Oh. but I thought maybe. I was thinking maybe I could come stay with you. Frank and I are partners. did I -Roy keeps staring straight ahead. ANGELA Or we could take a trip even. I have all of August off. ANGELA I'm sorry... tortured.. arms clutching her gut. regardless.. (CONTINUED) ROY . It's kind of lame. Angela's lip trembles and tears faucet down her cheeks. Roy. elbows in her hands. but it can't. I didn’t mean to. He says nothing. ANGELA Maybe when you get back -ROY (killing hope) You're getting in the way.88.

but Roy doesn't want to let her go angry. She digs into her backpack. What's that? ANGELA I got it for you at the airport. (beat) I paid for it. He leans over her and ROY Your mom'll be waiting. sets it on the dash. tears streaming. HEATHER. 7/17/02 138 CONTINUED: (2) ANGELA Can we at least talk on the phone? 89. She weeps openly. ROY You wanna know why your mom left me? She left me because of you. (beat) I am a bad guy. So you wouldn't grow up with me as your dad. You're just not a very good one. opens the passenger door. withdraws an object wrapped in an "LA AIRPORT GIFT SHOP" bag. you know. Roy can't stand this anymore. C'mon. ANGELA Why did you even call me?! did you? Roy has no answer. 138 Roy says nothing. (CONTINUED) Why ROY ROY . Roy shrinks as he sees a woman dragging trash barrels to the curb. a faded beauty. He watches with curiosity. Midthirties.MATCHSTICK MEN . ANGELA You're not a bad guy. furious. She starts out of the car. Anger supplanting grief.Rev. Angela wipes tears away. Ange -She spins on him.

. FADE OUT. He unwraps the gift shop bag: It's an "I Love LA" ashtray. 138 She slams the door behind her. 7/17/02 138 CONTINUED: (3) 89A.Rev.MATCHSTICK MEN . The interior light fades on Roy.

) You wanna meet? We still got Chuck's money to split. ROY What time is it? Almost three. wearing clothes for the third day in a row.90. ROY'S KITCHEN Also a mess. ROY'S BEDROOM Roy looks inside his bedside table. ROY'S LIVING ROOM Dark. And RINGS.) You alright? ROY ROY 139 INT. Roy picks it up. Hello. They're not here either. 140 FRANK (V. unshaven.O. And RINGS. 141 INT. Roy has let the place and himself go.) ROY FRANK (V. the room around him a pigsty. You hungry? He discards an empty can of tuna from the couch. They're not there. FADE IN: 139 INT. The PHONE RINGS. Hair unkempt.O. Roy? Yeah. Fills it with water.O. ROY Hold on a sec.O. FRANK (V.) FRANK (V. At last. Roy furrows his brow. 140 Doesn't move. Watches it overflow. 141 . Reaches up to a cupboard for his pills. Roy rinses out a dirty coffee cup. Roy's on the couch. He hangs up. arm thrown over his eyes. No. Looks around it.

look: I need a new thing of pills. PHONE VOICE (V. 143 142 ROY Shit.O. if you'd like to -ROY I gotta talk to Klein. Dr.) Sir. please. Dr. my phone's dying.) Medical group. looks beneath the sink.O. The only thing here is one of Angela's barrettes. ROY Where'd he go? Look. if this is an emergency. ROY'S HOUSE He pushes and backtracks through rooms. Klein is unavailable. He checks it.O. Klein has gone for the weekend. then inspects the waste basket. Wiley is on call.) I'm sorry. 142 INT. PHONE VOICE (V.O. Is there a way of getting hold of him? PHONE VOICE (V. checking coat pockets in wardrobes. ROY Doctor Klein.91.) Dr.BEEP -ROY Listen: can you let me in his office -(CONTINUED) . I recommend you contact a local hospital --. 143 INT. ROY'S BATHROOM He scours his medicine cabinet. Are you there at the office now? Roy's PHONE BEEPS. looking everywhere for his pills as he speaks on his portable phone: PHONE VOICE (V.

145 EXT. Nearly forces several 147 146 145 144 ROY 143 . cars off the road. Wiley is on call --. then reaches in and pats the floor. 143 CONTINUED: PHONE VOICE (V.DAY The Caprice swerves into traffic. 144 INT. BUSY AVENUE . 146 INT. ROY'S KITCHEN Roy goes through the trash beneath his sink.) -.sir.O.I know where he keeps them.DAY Roy at rock-bottom. He digs though his trash bin. ROY'S CAPRICE . 147 EXT. recovering --.DAY Roy presses his cheek against the floor mat of his car. or gimme Klein's home phone -PHONE VOICE (V. I can't --. ROY'S DRIVEWAY . then upends it.and he hurls it against a empty foil packet.Dr.I need to talk to Klein -The phone dies -Shit! -. Surges ahead. He peers beneath the driver's seat.O.BEEP -ROY -. Cans and cans of Chicken-of-the-Sea rattle on the pavement. But no pills.BEEP -ROY -.) -.92.

The Pharmacist scans the horizon for security. wild-eyed. PHARMACIST I'm sorry. C'mon.DAY Located in the rear of a discount drugstore. ROY Hi. Five people stand on line for the white-coated. impatient. He pushes to the front of the line. PHARMACY . I need a refill of this. c'mon. buddy: MAN IN LINE ever hear of a line? ROY 148 ROY (turning) Ever been dragged onto the sidewalk and beaten till you piss blood? That decides it: nobody's screwing with Roy. wait your turn -ROY I know. I don't have a prescription. He stares their glances away. PHARMACIST Do you have a prescription? ROY My shrink. wild-haired. empty packet in hand. Roy joins the back of the line. Soon he can wait no longer. 148 INT. ROY I need a refill. doesn’t see anyone. my doctor. he gave me these. A few customers look back at Roy. Without a prescription -(CONTINUED) . but this is an emergency -Hey. They're samples of -.Prefexsomething.93. please. but -PHARMACIST Sir.I can't remember -. white-haired PHARMACIST. Please.

sir.. PHARMACIST Those are vitamins.So I'm clearly allowed to have them. he approaches the front door when Roy appears in the breezeway behind him. then: DR. 148 CONTINUED: Look: ROY I have the packet -148 PHARMACIST I can't help you. The Pharmacist takes the empty packet from Roy. Prefex. KLEIN Roy? I'm not supposed to see you 'till -(CONTINUED) 149 ROY Studies . He crushes it.94. Aisle four. PHARMACIST They're vitamins. In aisle four. sir. PHARMACIST (resigning) Let me see it. ROY -. ROY No. he rips open a box of Supplifen to find the replica of the packet he was given. Hands it back. I just need four or five of these to cover the weekend. What? PHARMACIST That packet contained vitamins. Supplifen. it.. 149 EXT.NEXT MONDAY Klein exits his sedan. startled. Fumbling for his office key. My doctor gave it to me. shoulders heaving. Roy stands there. Klein gasps. KLEIN'S OFFICE . infuriated. threatening. incredulous.

Does what you do make you happy? (CONTINUED) . Your neurosis is small-time. ROY I'm a mess. DR. 150 INT. Look at me. First you answer: did you give me vitamins? Yes. KLEIN Roy: why do you think you need medication? ROY You are not asking questions yet. (before Roy retorts) Let me ask a question. But you weren't a mess last week. KLEIN'S OFFICE Klein enters with Roy. vitamins. KLEIN ROY ROY You gave me goddamn he is not to be trifled with right 149 150 DR. DR. KLEIN Would you like to sit? I am sitting. and you weren't on Prefexall then either.95. KLEIN Because you don’t need medication. Your conscience is another story. A beat. Why? DR. 149 CONTINUED: Vitamins. ROY DR. (beat) I have news for you. Klein appraises Roy: now. turns on a light. Roy. KLEIN Agreed.

(beat) This is a 17th Century Williamsburg ottoman I've had my feet on for the last two months. I'm a con 150 DR. Roy. (CONTINUED) ROY . I've never used violence.96. A beat. ROY I never took anybody who didn't let me out of greed or weakness. DR. KLEIN That's a nice rationalization. ROY I'm not a criminal. DR. KLEIN Would you say then you set an example in your trade? Sure. KLEIN If you couldn't be a criminal. Roy. What would you do if you had to change careers? ROY If I couldn't be an antiques broker? DR. man. DR. I've had computer programmers tell me what a nice piece it is. 150 CONTINUED: ROY Don't change the subject. KLEIN This is the subject. KLEIN The difference being? ROY They give me their money.

97. Christ.because I -. KLEIN Why haven't you spoken? ROY (a beat) Because she hates me.DAY INT. KLEIN Have you spoken to her? (as Roy shakes his head) Why not? ROY Do we have to talk about this? DR. Doc! I lost my little girl! I lost my little girl! DISSOLVE TO: 151 152 EXT. KLEIN Why do you think she hates you? Roy's face crumbles. and everything pours out: ROY Because I -.MATCHSTICK MEN . DR. (beat) How is she? ROY (beat) Angela? Fine.Rev. 150 151 152 (CONTINUED) . ROY AND FRANK'S OFFICE .DAY Frank considers what Roy has told him. (as Klein waits him out) She wants back to her mom's. DR. KLEIN But now you have to set an example for someone else.Oh. ROY AND FRANK'S OFFICE . 7/17/02 150 CONTINUED: (2) DR.

partner. Gathering his nerve. Roy smiles. phone in hand. He twirls between his fingers the barrette he found in his bathroom. 154 INT. 154 155 EXT. Angela does not. FRANK We should part more often. FRANK Thank you. (CONTINUED) 155 . Roy waits for Frank's reaction: is he pissed? ROY FRANK 152 FRANK (he's not) You gotta do what you gotta do.LATER They walk along a path. SAME SCENE .98. Roy opens a Radio Shack box. 153 INT. Reads its instructions. One ring. For everything. (beat) You want your forty g's? ROY Consider it a parting gift. Frank. pulls out a new portable phone. 153 Frank gestures to the door. he dials. SAN PEDRO PARK . 152 CONTINUED: When? As of now. ROY Thanks. two rings. ROY'S LIVING ROOM The place is clean again. ROY'S BEDROOM Roy sits on his bed. Looks up as Angela approaches on her skateboard. They shake hands.DAY Roy sits waiting. At last. I'm sorry to lose you.

ROY You know. I'm gonna have to stop doing what I do for a living. which makes her fidget. Will you try? ANGELA Please? 155 Yes. ROY I'd have to make some changes. tears in her eyes. and throws her arms around him. (as Angela stops. go before a judge. turns away) Honey. I should have asked you first. Angela in a new-bought dress. FRENCH RESTAURANT . For one. that sort of thing. 155 CONTINUED: ROY I went to see a lawyer. I'm sorry. He wraps his arms around her and holds her. blood tests. I'll try. File paperwork. It would only be for weekends and some holidays to start. I should talk to your mom about this.NIGHT Roy and Angela celebrate. 156 INT. She looks up at him. A JAZZ COMBO PLAYS in the next room. honey. Still no reaction. (CONTINUED) ANGELA 156 . Let her know what I'm doing. (off no reaction from her) There are things you have to do. He specializes in custody suits. ROY (soaring) I'll try. Like when one parent wants to get joint custody of the child.99. Your funeral.

Angela suppresses a laugh. ON DANCE FLOOR IN NEXT ROOM A few couples dance. just beams. But she should hear it from me. O-reev-ar. Bonjour. We can name 156 WAITER Mademoiselle..... ROY'S LIVING ROOM . She holds up her arms for him to take. They both smile. and he balks.100. Either a German shepherd or a Lab. 157 INT. And she. 156 CONTINUED: ROY I know. Takes her hands in his and. then remembers to concentrate on Angela. (CONTINUED) 157 ANGELA . laughing. aren't they? ANGELA Not if you train 'em.NIGHT Dark. mademoiselle. mademoiselle. ROY (uneasily) They're messy. throughout. Concentrates mostly on his feet.. it Frank. ROY That's a good name. Please. ANGELA Mademoiselle. He gives in.. ANGELA We could get a dog. Angela is imitating the French Waiter as Roy fumbles the key out of the lock. Angela leads a reluctant Roy to the floor. very tentatively... They enter.. A WAITER pours Angela more Diet Coke. begins to box-step..

ROY Au. FRECHETTE Let her stay. Roy considers Frechette's gun. the open door Roy freezes/considers the variables: behind him. Angela before him. then leaps back: Chuck Frechette is sitting on his sofa. FRECHETTE Hiya. sweetie. trembles halfway between them. (patting couch beside him) You wanna sit down? ANGELA Angela (CONTINUED) . 157 CONTINUED: Au revoir. Big smirk... Cigarette in hand. right? (off no response) Your mug shot doesn't do you justice. ANGELA ROY 157 Roy switches on a lamp. FRECHETTE Close the door. My name's Chuck. ROY What do you want? FRECHETTE What do you think? (to Angela) We haven't met. She's in this as much as you are. does as he says. sunshine. What? Au revoir. Roy. Dad? ROY Go wait in your room.101. It's Angela. handgun resting on the cushion beside him. Hello. (as Roy hesitates) Close it. honey.

can you spell 'shakedown'? ROY How'd you find me? FRECHETTE I didn't. Roy doesn't understand. (CONTINUED) In black 157 . ROY There were no cameras in the lounge. Your little girl's in their books. Frechette extinguishes his cigarette in it. FRECHETTE In my business you need a few friends on the force. FRECHETTE Airport security cameras. FRECHETTE No. And suddenly it dawns on Roy. the crap kicked out of him. 157 CONTINUED: (2) ROY You come anywhere near her -FRECHETTE Don't play tough.102. But there were in the gift shop. Frank sits huddled. nose bloodied. They got a nice look at her. Angela's gift. Frechette indicates the corner of the room. There. eyes puffed and blackening. That was sloppy. Roy. to the "I Love LA" ashtray atop it. And your ex-wife doesn't know well enough not to give out your home address. and white. sniffing out your buddy Frank wasn't such a big deal. I know where your kid lives. and his eyes drop down to the coffee table. I found her. I'm in your home. once I found you. Tell me. (back to Angela) You're a very clever girl. Roy. (beat) Well.

I'm out. FRECHETTE Let her get it. Again Roy eyes the gun. Otherwise. ROY Four thousand. ROY I don't have it. I call those cop friends of mine. She moves toward the horse. No. FRECHETTE Next: I'm in for half of what you make from now on. his daughter.103. Where? ROY (staring toward it) The horse. horrified eyes. Roy blanches. But first things first. your little girl goes to juvie 'til she's eighteen. Frank meets Roy's stare with helpless. Takes its head off. starts scooping out money. FRECHETTE 157 Roy stops. Roy. frightened. I don't want you to pass out before you make your first payment. 157 CONTINUED: (3) FRECHETTE We only hurt the ones we love. Maybe. (CONTINUED) . FRECHETTE Then let's start with what you do have. Let's have back the money you took from me. FRECHETTE You look white as a ghost. Angela looks up at him. He nods: it'll be okay. ROY I'm done with this. huh? Angela gasps.

Don't. a small voice I'll 157 A standstill. aching. frightened now. ROY Angela. moves his hand toward his gun. His eyes are fixed on something. Angela. Frechette follows his stare to -Angela. Frechette stops. Frank? Frank doesn't say a word. tears in her eyes) I want you to go. Frank. FRECHETTE You know how to use that thing. Roy holds her glance. Everyone freezes.are you. Angela looks to Roy.38 in her hands leveled at him. ROY Quiet. All their dreams are slipping through their fingers. including Roy. (CONTINUED) ANGELA ANGELA Don't make Then. honey. Roy's . Frechette. 157 CONTINUED: (4) FRECHETTE You're not done. Frank's not done -.104. You barely got your feet wet. Daddy. bloodthirsty. it worse. apologizing for everything. FRANK .. Angela doesn't budge. standing by the horse. ANGELA (fixed on Frechette. sweetie? ROY Put it down. take care of this. Frank stumbles to his feet. put it down.. behind her: Do it. Roy.

Angela sees it. holding a blanket over Angela's shoulders.38 to the floor. Frank: Roy goes to her.105. 158 EXT. Frank hobbles over to Frechette. Ground floor if you have to go out the back. Shaking. ROY'S KITCHEN DOOR/DRIVEWAY . Dad. blood seeping from his shirt.. voiceless. ANGELA ROY get his gun. ANGELA FRANK He's not gonna make it.. Angela trembles. Roy holds Angela. And wait there for me. nearly catatonic.. Roy? Roy looks over: too. Roy speaks past her to Frank: ROY You know where the Seven Palms Motel is? Out the 15? ROY Get a room. He opens the passenger door for her and she gets in. (CONTINUED) FRANK 158 . Frechette is dying.pure reflex -Angela FIRES -.BOOM! -. Daddy. FRANK What are we going to do. numb.NIGHT Frank pulls Chuck's Mercedes up the driveway to the side door where Roy exits. Frechette falls off the couch.. Roy's got a lot of thinking to do very fast. It's okay.then drops the . Roy turns. 157 CONTINUED: (5) 157 Frechette reaches for his GUN again and -. Roy? Roy? ROY It's okay.

You didn't shoot him. honey. 159 INT. (to Frank) Go. Then you drive south and never come back. Right. Angela? Frank's gonna get you out of here. ROY'S KITCHEN Roy opens a pantry closet. (as this could be good-bye for a while) I'm sorry I let you down. listen to me. ROY Angela. then passes into -159 Roy kneels 158 . I was trying to. pulls down some sheets. Frank? FRANK Yes. 158 CONTINUED: FRANK Suppose you don't show? ROY Take her to her mother's. FRANK What are you going to do? ROY (hesitates. Holds eye contact with Angela as Frank reverses and carries her away. ROY You just sit tight.. He closes the door. Understand? I shot him. It's gonna be alright.. Frank realizes the risk Roy is running. okay? ANGELA I. you did. and I will see you in a day or two. ROY I know. then) Take him to a hospital. beside Angela.106. Roy... I did. Honey.

Whoa. He lifts his gun up unsteadily. Nothing. swoons. He is -IN HOSPITAL ROOM . in his arm. Roy drops the sheets. Roy. an open door to a mini-bathroom. blood dripping down his legs. Roy tries to lift himself onto one side. an I. Morning.DAY Tiny.and his eyes stop at the bloodstain on the carpet. He looks around the room: Spartan. and two detectives (BISHOP and HOLT) come in.he's handcuffed to a bed railing. does a threesixty. a uniformed COP sitting in a chair. You awake? The Cop rises and goes out the door. BISHOP How d'you feel? COP 161 162 Roy tries to rise again. He spins -Frechette is leaning against the wall behind him. He pokes at a bandage wrapped around his head. no TV. The door opens again. deathly pale. points it between Roy's eyes --.and Roy pivots away just as -BOOM! 161 162 OMITTED HIS POV An air-conditioner overhead. One bed. shutting the door behind them. an admission bracelet around his wrist. ROY Who are you? (CONTINUED) .Rev. 7/17/02 160 INT. can't -. a surveillance camera above him. Frechette is gone. 160 -.MATCHSTICK MEN . BISHOP Take it slow. antiseptic. ROY'S LIVING ROOM 107. bars on the windows.V. looking for places he might have crawled to.

Roy. This little fella took out about half an inch of your skull. feels his bandage again. Roy remembers slowly. BISHOP You got lucky. Anything you say can and may be used blah blah blah blah. this is Detective Holt. 7/17/02 162 CONTINUED: BISHOP I'm Detective Bishop. Bishop fishes in his jacket. 162 Bishop offers a couple of head X-rays. Roy processes this.. wisely keeps his mouth shut. 108. Bishop drops them.Rev. BISHOP You were given a pretty close haircut the other night. Roy. ROY Am I under arrest? BISHOP (nods) You have the right to remain silent.. Roy can barely sit up much less study X-rays.MATCHSTICK MEN . Wish we could say the same for Chuck. Roy: Who? (CONTINUED) BISHOP where's Frank? ROY . Doctor'll be in in a sec. pulls out an evidence bag containing a bullet fragment. HOLT I heard it all.

162 CONTINUED: (2) BISHOP Frank Mercer. Roy thinks. There's not a lot we don't know. uh -HOLT (referring to notepad) -. Clean. BISHOP Her mother's near hysterical. We've spent the last couple days in your home and his. BISHOP She's not at your place. 162 BISHOP You guys led interesting lives. In fact.415 Chester Avenue. Your partner. Roy? Roy shakes his head: he doesn't know. (beat) Where is he. Roy reacts.109. she's not in San Pedro at. there're some bunko cops eager to talk to you when we're done. HOLT I like your place better. then: (CONTINUED) . ROY How long have I been here? (as they don't respond) How long? BISHOP They brought you in two nights ago. How about this: Angela? Roy stonewalls. where's BISHOP Okay.

BISHOP You're sure about that? Roy nods.38 was a little small. HOLT Like I said. BISHOP He did shoot you. the print we took off your . That's right.110. Then: Figuring some way to make this right Roy winces ROY ROY I shot Chuck. (beat) Where is she? Roy's mind races. Chuckie didn't make it. in the glare. he'll be in in a sec. again. Before then. You're under arrest for accessory. BISHOP Your daughter's wanted for murder. BISHOP 162 ROY I wanna see my doctor. yanks up the blinds. Roy? (beat) Your little girl killed a man. Roy. (beat) Where is she. Roy. 162 CONTINUED: (3) I shot him. Holt goes to the window. (CONTINUED) . BISHOP That would make our job a lot easier. It's not good. Bishop and Holt exchange a glance. Alas. Why? ROY He was gonna shoot me. But it could still get worse.

Hey. Klein in tow.111. 162 CONTINUED: (4) ROY No. he can't see anything but a freeway in the distance. Bishop and Holt return with Dr. (CONTINUED) . Bishop considers it. The intern departs. he's right. HOSPITAL ROOM . From the bed. DR. Roy. KLEIN How are you feeling? Roy looks. BISHOP What's his number? 163 INT. Bishop and Holt exchange glances again. (to Bishop) May I sit down? Bishop nods. Holt and the cop haven't moved.DAY Roy peers through the open blinds as an intern checks his vitals. Bishop. BISHOP You know where she is? Roy nods. ROY 163 162 ROY Can we have a little privacy? BISHOP That's not how it works. my doctor. KLEIN Technically. a little agitated. Roy. Doc. Let me see him and I'll tell you whatever you want to know. My shrink. KLEIN Hello. ROY Don't I have doctor-patient rights or something? Holt laughs. DR. and Klein takes a seat by the bed. DR.

Doc. ROY You do if you want what I know. That refers to testimony you might give based on confidential information. Roy's eyes plead. KLEIN Don't transfer responsibility. If I don't help her. Please. KLEIN Roy. Doc. Roy. ROY Angela's in trouble. Roy glances up at the surveillance camera. 163 BISHOP ROY There isn't time. she will go to jail. They exit. ROY You got her into this. Bishop relents. too -DR. Help me help her.112. They stare each other down. After a moment: Don't speak 'til they're Finally. DR. KLEIN Roy -. lest any lip readers are watching. he's not. (CONTINUED) . Five minutes. what happened? They told me -Roy holds up his free hand: gone. 163 CONTINUED: BISHOP Technically. Klein looks reluctant. (beat) Can I trust you? DR. There's no privilege says I gotta leave you two alone together.I can't do anything illegal. then covers his mouth with his free hand.

Cole. Klein nods: he's ready. Ask to speak to Angela. C-O-L-E? ROY My partner will answer the phone. Roy whispers. Klein through his fingers. ROY They're going to search you on the way out. ADJOINING ROOM . (CONTINUED) DR. forward to hear: ROY The room of Mr. DR.. KLEIN Klein leans 165 164 . Klein thinks. Tell her to write it down. 163 CONTINUED: (2) ROY Just make a phone call. stymied. DR.DAY of Roy whispering to Dr. CLOSE ON BISHOP smoking. KLEIN What do I tell her? ROY Tell her -. 165 INT. ROY'S HOSPITAL ROOM ..DAY Through his fingers still. watching the feed.CLOSE ON VIDEO FEED . decides: okay. KLEIN This is what I have to memorize.113.tell Angela you have the pass code. 163 ROY How are you at memorizing numbers? 164 INT. Then.

KLEIN 166 .DAY Roy stirs awake.C. back on?! Yo! (CONTINUED) 167 Roy lies back. The room is dark. As he pulls away. Again: Say it back to me. The chair where the uniformed cop sat is empty. The air conditioner is off.114. exhausted ROY DR. KLEIN 543-N7-942. 165 DR. Holt on the passenger side. another car follows several seconds behind: Bishop at the wheel. sweating heavily. Doc. Again. ROY Hello! (off no response) Hey! Officer Maddox! (off no response) Could someone turn the A. 166 EXT. memorizing. tense. fumbling with keys. HOSPITAL ROOM . DR. 167 INT. (covering mouth) 543-N7-942.DAY Klein hurries to his sedan. 543 -ROY (eyes to camera) Doc. ROY That's all you have to do. 165 CONTINUED: ROY 543-N7-942. but hopeful. Klein nods. KLEIN 543-N7-942.. PARKING GARAGE . (to himself) 543-N7-942. Sorry..

but its cord has been sliced. Roy can't believe it. then pulls out: a handcuff key. 169 & 170 171 OMITTED 169 & 170 171 168 EXT. No stitches. PARKING GARAGE . Dumbfounded. Starts to unwrap it. jacket and shoes. no fracture. then pulls his feet off the bed. Gingerly feels about his skull. Roy feels his bandage again. and his eyes go wide. Then pulls it clean off.Rev. peers into -ADJOINING ROOM Empty except for the surveillance monitor propped up on a chair. . He finds a pay phone.DESERTED ROOF .O. A freeway passes in the distance. VOICE (V. in nothing but a hospital gown. but something rattles within. The parking structure overlooks a largely-deserted stretch of Los Angeles. through an exit door and steps out onto -168 EXT. no bullet hole. Roy tries it on his restrained wrist: it's a fit.over phone) Seven Palms Motel. He staggers around the trailer. Roy shakes it again. Roy pushes on. shirt. Also there: Roy's pants. belting his pants.GROUND LEVEL .DAY Blinding sunlight. Just one mother of a bruise. 7/17/02 167 CONTINUED: 115. CLOSE ON ROY as he quietly cracks open his hospital room door. checks the door. PARKING STRUCTURE . he moves down a brief hallway. For the first time in days. thrown in a pile in a corner. shirt unbuttoned. and looks down. to the roof's edge. a little wobbly. he stands. He releases himself. Coffee cups and newspapers litter the floor. 167 Roy reaches for a bedpan on the floor.MATCHSTICK MEN . Roy's hospital room resides within a mobile construction-site trailer anchored atop the fivestory garage.DAY Roy jogs down the bottom ramp. to throw at the door.

I should take it. Roy squeezes his eyes shut. The head of the ceramic horse beside it.DAY Roy gives his pass code to the Clerk.AT PAY PHONE ROY The room of Mr. 172 EXT. Roy reaches within. Furniture and fixtures stripped. He wears the same 178 FRANK (V.DAY Cab waiting. The place is empty. 173 EXT. he notices Klein's plaque is gone. clothes and the same distant stare.. KLEIN'S OFFICE . so I suppose I owe you better than this.. You taught me most of what I know. ROY'S HOUSE/INT. FIRST FEDERAL BANK . finesses it open. 173 C172 Roy spots a cab.DAY Much as he left it. O-L-E. 174 175 EXT. BLOCK AWAY .116. until Roy turns on an overhead light. 174 INT. diplomas off the wall.' .DAY Roy hurries in before it closes for the day. Bad news. Cole.DAY FROM within the Caprice's window: Roy arrives in a cab. please. FRANK (V. 177 178 INT. cabinets bare.) 'But you always said if I got a shot at a big score. drops the phone to hail it. 175 176 INT.DAY Dark. I don't blame you. extracts the only remaining item: a handwritten letter. (beat) How about Mercer? M-E-R.) 'Roy: You're probably pretty upset.O.' 176 177 EXT. As he enters. FIRST FEDERAL BANK . CAPRICE . KLEIN'S OFFICE . ROY'S LIVING ROOM . "Blood" stain on the carpet. Roy finds the front door locked.O.

FRANK (V. is she? (CONTINUED) .117. revealing -FRANK (V. All four windows rolled down. A moment passes before the door opens.' 181 EXT.O.' 180 INT. He can barely speak.NIGHT For the first time. running on the slenderest of hopes. HEATHER 182 ROY She's not here. HEATHER'S HOUSE . 182 EXT. Roy parks in front of the house. thin stack of $100s. Now I won't have to. glass-eyed. 179 INT. I'd never find a better partner. "SAN PEDRO. creating a windstorm inside his car..O. They share a long moment of recognition." then DOWN 181 180 Roy 179 Roy's Caprice. UNDER HIGHWAY SIGN BLASTING UNDER a highway sign: TO. by the way. you're the best I ever saw. Roy at the wheel. BANK VAULT Roy's box is removed. He staggers to the front door and knocks. Frank. And for everything else.) 'Enjoy the gift. PRIVATE VIEWING ROOM Roy sets the box on a table.. Roy.. Large but no longer heavy. FRANK (V.' -. and Heather stands before him.) 'Sorry about the rubber bullet.a single.. He looks numb. touches his head wound. pries off the lid.O.) 'If it's any consolation.

then slowly -because of their history. and folds into himself.MATCHSTICK MEN . FADE IN: 183 184 OMITTED EXT.DAY Roy on a smoke break. You were. what are you talking about -.that's why you're here? ROY You were pregnant. HEATHER That's -. (CONTINUED) 183 184 . FADE OUT. all the revelations of the day come to a point. She nods. He gasps for air.reaches out and caresses him. Roy. Roy: HEATHER you okay? Heather stands helpless before him. BEHIND CARPETERIA .? The baby! baby! Heather is aghast. and Roy crumbles. 182 His last hope dashed.Rev. too. ROY ROY You were gonna have a ROY HEATHER 118. Tears come to her eyes. a painful memory. 10/7/02 182 CONTINUED: What? Angela? HEATHER (at a complete loss) Who? Roy. or despite it -. clutches his gut.

Afternoon. CARPETERIA . but his bearing has changed: he is a man at ease.MATCHSTICK MEN . Roy nods. and he still wears his hair in a completely unremarkable fashion. A CO-WORKER sticks his head out the back door.Rev. flings his cigarette away. 185 INT.DAY Roy finds his next prospect: flipping through Persians. 184 His salesman's uniform is not terribly different from his old costume. 10/7/02 184 CONTINUED: 119-120. Roy: CO-WORKER another live one. returns to work. (CONTINUED) ROY a twenty-year old SLACKER 185 .

ROY So you don't need much. one room of it. 185 CONTINUED: SLACKER (keeps flipping) How ya doin'. (CONTINUED) . (off a DOOR CHIME) That's her. 185 ROY For your home? SLACKER For my secretary's office. Roy turns.. My girlfriend knows better than I do what we need. SLACKER I need a carpet. (beat) No.. ANGELA What kind of pet store doesn't carry collars? They've got dog shampoo in there but no collars. you don't know what you want. Let's SLACKER Wait.121. huh. but -. SLACKER That's about me. I gotta wait. dig into the remnants . price is too low. Looking nineteen at least. ROY Help you with anything? Yeah. All ROY Big place. You have a color in mind? SLACKER I have a price in mind. Angela enters the store. it's for my apartment. doesn't notice Roy at all. ROY You're my perfect customer. She comes straight at her boyfriend. Dark glasses and cutoff jeans.

not mistaken. ROY You folks just move in together? SLACKER Three weeks ago. Eh. ROY A Lab.122. SLACKER German shepherd. She freezes.. Her attention is obviously divided. ROY My next guess. Making sure he's 185 Roy just stands there. is there? A beat. If you're gonna get wet -(CONTINUED) ROY . SLACKER You think? We only started dating last month. recognizing his voice. She won't turn to face him. C'mon. (to Roy) We just got a dog.. Big step. remnants are back of the store. Let me guess. SLACKER Then we'll go to another place. 185 CONTINUED: (2) Studying her. I like that. SLACKER I like that.. SLACKER There's no special carpet that dogs like.. Will Roy say something? ROY We call it Astroturf. IN BACK Roy watches Angela and her boyfriend flip through carpet fragments. while he keeps his eyes locked on her.

might as well go swimming. 185 CONTINUED: (3) ROY -. then she indicates the cigarettes in his shirt pocket. ANGELA How much is it? ROY Sticker's seventy-five. Angela dips into her purse. He smirks at Roy -.123. alone together. Angela still won't face him.and heads off.what can he say? -. They lock eyes for a moment. BEHIND CARPETERIA Roy lights Angela's cigarette. with a big sigh) Can you get it for me? It probably just fell under my seat. I really like that one. she buys all the carpets. You barely notice stains it's so dark. ROY That's a nice choice. then his own. I think I left my. Roy and Angela watch him go.. SLACKER Be right back. Angela and her boyfriend mull it over.. But I can knock off twenty percent if you pay cash. ANGELA Can I bum one? 186 EXT. She turns at last to face him. (to her boyfriend. then agree: it's a sale. SLACKER Our living arrangement. SLACKER Ooh. I pay the rent. (CONTINUED) 186 185 . The Slacker laughs: that's what he was going to say. Durable... ANGELA Shit. I left my wallet in the car. under their breaths. yeah.

ROY She get better? (as Angela shakes her head) I'm sorry. (CONTINUED) . (sheepishly) Teachers. ANGELA I had bills to pay. ROY I was missing a lot back then. They smoke in silence. ANGELA You like this job? ROY (shrugs) It's not that much different from the old one really. ANGELA I had a good teacher. Steadier. I was stealing from your pack the whole time. My mom was real sick. Surprised you didn't notice. I'm retired. I don't know. Hawaii. That was a one-time deal. What to say? 186 ROY You working this guy? ANGELA Nah.124. Figured you would have moved to. No shit. ROY I'm surprised to see you here. Only been on it six months. ROY You were good. 186 CONTINUED: ROY When did you start smoking? ANGELA Long time ago.

too. too. You mad at me? ROY You didn't take it. Thanks.FRONT . Roy. aren't they? SLAM! Angela's boyfriend exits the back door. For a fleeting moment. ANGELA Just stealing a drag. Enjoy it. Angela and Roy stand alone again before she gets in the car. 186 CONTINUED: (2) ANGELA I'm sorry. 186 the new at-ease Roy. The Slacker gets in. If it's any consolation. 187 EXT. ANGELA Sorry. Her boyfriend gives her a look. SLACKER There you are. man. I found it. CARPETERIA . (CONTINUED) ROY SLACKER 187 . and Angela gives him a big kiss for his effort. ANGELA It's good to see you. ROY Good to see you.DAY Roy helps the Slacker load and tie his and Angela's new purchase onto the roof of their aging Honda Civic. ANGELA Things are good with you. SLACKER (empty-handed) I looked everywhere. Roy looks away. She pulls out her wallet. She takes him in again: I gave it to you.125.

Groceries in hand.DAY Roy pulls his Caprice up the driveway and gets out. ANGELA (smiles) I'll see ya. 189 INT. She starts to open the car door. SUPERMARKET . too. ANGELA You're not gonna ask my name? ROY I know your name. He leafs through mail. Windows down. then kisses him. explaining what he got at the market and opening his market bag wide for her to see. 187 CONTINUED: A beat. They go into dinner. Turning to look inside the house: THROUGH the front windows. Roy watches the carpet-loaded Civic pull creakily away. A new carpet replaces the old. 190 EXT. FADE OUT. calls out a name. the check-out register. only bringing the other up for a turn (when we might notice: he's wearing a ring).Kathy enters from the kitchen. unlocks it. wiping her hands clean on a dishrag.and when they break. Dad. 188 INT. ROY'S CAPRICE -DAY Driving home. and he smiles even more.DAY Roy buys ice cream and frozen pizzas. He looks down to lay his palm gently on her belly. She smiles and Roy smiles. she whispers sweetly in his ear. THE END 190 A young man works 188 187 189 . He pays it no mind. for the first time open and unencumbered by shades: Roy walks into the living room. enters. and he kisses back --. ROY'S HOME .126. stops. he heads to the front door. She rubs his head: nice job. Roy keeps just one hand on the wheel. Then hops in the car. Looks up at the sun for a moment before heading back into work. then turns as --.

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