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MIT School of Business


PGDM Session Plan 27th Batch (Semester IV)

Subject: Relationship Marketing

Sessi Chapt
on Topic er
1 Relationship in Business: A Management Tool 1
Introduction, psychological Perspective of Relationship, Types of
Stages ,Issues ,Evolution, purpose of RM, Approach towards

Customer Relationship Management: A Conceptual

2 Foundation
Emergence of CRM practice, CRM Cycle, stakeholders,
Significance of CRM. 2

Customer Relationship Management: A literary

3 Perspective. 3
Attributes of CRM, Customer and CRM Programme, Strategic
Issues in Relationship Marketing

Customer Relationship Management: Emerging

4&5 Dimensions 4
Customer Retention Management, Customer Recall
Management, Customer Organizational
structure, CRM: A cost benefit analysis, Customer Value
6&7 Technological Development In CRM 5
e-CRM: An Information Technology Tool, e-CRM in Business,
CRM: A Changing perspective,
Important CRM Softwares, Applications of e-CRM
8&9 Implementation of Information Technology Tools in CRM 6
Customer Interaction Issues of Business, Database Management
and construction, Data
Warehousing, Data Mining
10& Customer Care Management through Information
11 Technology Tools 7
Call Center, Multimedia Contract Centre, Electronic Point of sale,
Customer service Helpdesk
System Integration, Sales Force Automation, Automated Teller
Machine, Wi-Fi Banking.
12&1 Customer Relationship Management Implementation
3 Issue 8
Challenges of CRM Implementation, Essentials of CRM Principle,
Customer Satisfaction
5 People Factor in Customer Relationship Management 9
Employee-Organization Relationship, Employees Customer
16&1 Latest Development s In Customer Relationship
7 Management 10

Changing Roles of CRM, Customer Experience Management,

Customer profitability,
Customer Life Time Value, Enterprise Marketing Management.
18&19 Services Sector and Its Economics 11
Growth of Services in India, Services Business Characteristics,
Service Customer Classification
Services Marketing Mix, Marketing of Services.
20&21 Customer Relationship Management Model: 12
CRM Comprehension, CRM Process: A Historical Perspective,
CRM Process: Modern Variables
Designing a CRM Model
22& Customer Relationship Management Practices In Indian
23 Services Business 13
Banking and Financial Industry, Hospitality Industry, Aviation
Industry, Retail Industry.

Text Book:

Customer Relationship Management-Concept and Cases-Alok Kumar


Books Recommended:

1. Relation Marketing-Shajahan

2. Customer Relationship Management-Willium J Zikmund, Raymund Mcleod

3. Handbook of Relationship Marketing-Sheth, Parvatiyar

4. CRM at the speed of light, 3rd edition-Paul Greenberg

5. Relationship Marketing - Adam Lindgreen