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right hand. Oh No. No. No. No. 8 Caratina No. Lesson 40. Simple BellowsExercise. Plaintive of Scale G major. seventh and Dim.Rudimentsof Music Completechart of right hand key board The readingof musicalnotes ( treble and bass) Bass and chord chart 6 9 10 11 13 L4 L6 18 The Bellows Lesson 1. Scaleof F major. Lesson27.Key of F major.both hands Recreation:No. 9 Prayer No.Syncopation Left hand chords. Right hand.shifting position. 12 Polka Dot . Dom.samethemein the bass 6r 62 64 66 68 7L 72 73 74 76 78 79 80 xezQaQ't2-t4. Lesson 24.a4ra4>a4ra2i4>.Improvisation of Alternatingbass. 10 Forget-me-not No. Nellie \7as A Lady Scale Bb major. No. rg 20 2l 22 25 26 . Minor. 19 My Valentine Arkansas Traveler.No.two voice counterpoint Both hands.right hand. for Right hand. Lesson 7. Lesson 26. Lesson 13.Tango Rhythm . 16 A la Irish Reel Scale D minor. Lesson 16. Lesson32. both hands Singlebasses. right hand. . Lesson33.Key of G major. Scale C major.No. right hand. right hand. Lesson28. Right Hand Lesson 2.and both hands of . seventh Practicaluseof chordsin lesson34 No.examples Lesson 9. Lesson 36.left hand chords. Right hand. 3 Tyrolian \Waltz No. right hand chords Major scale. No .right hand. No. Key of C Major Lesson 4.right hand. No. Lesson j4.Left Hand Lesson t.No. Lesson 31. Right hand. f Little Mary. 18 Valse Melodique Single Basses (Fundamental) Counterbasses (preparatoryto major scale) Singlebasses. Lesson 22. Lesson15. Scale A minor. Lesson 18. Right hand.No.lef t handchords. preparatory broken chordsand arpaggio to Left hand.Table of Contents Simple Explanation. Lesson21. 6 Plavmates Lesson 1t. 4 Dancewith Me Lesson 8. Lesson 23. 22 Santa of Both hands. useof the fifth finger. Lesson 10. The six-eight measure. 13. . Lesson35. 15 Mio Coro e Perdute. Simple Bellows Exercise.No. Lesson 17. 27 28 30 3r 32 )t 38 4l 42 4t 44 45 47 49 50 52 'J 54 55 t7 58 59 Lesson 37. Simplemelody. Lesson 19. 14 Hippity Hop of Scaleof E minor. Etude. lef t hand chords. right hand harmony Etudesfor singlebasses.No.right hand. Exercises the 4th & 5th fingers. both hands . Lesson 14.Key of D Major. 2 Rosemary Lesson 6. Lesson 38. C-G and F basses and major chords . Lesson 20. Lesson 39. Lesson 29. of C-G and F Right hand (Spreadingfingers) No. Lesson t. Lesson 3O. Right hand exercises. 7 German Country Dance Theme and variations. Left hand. Dim. 20 Thrce folk songs: Susanna.left hand.left hand scales two octavos in Right hand. both hands Lesson L2.aQy2-?*?tezQL2teze1<?ai (r5 4'74J . Right hand. 17 Bulgarian Dance. 1L Goin'Places No. I Barcarolle . 21 Cielito Lindo of Lucia Scale Eb major.Tan8L. Lesson25.

l l a F o -a lt- :r a F + L U O ILJ t- 1 = t l = o !- o AUIOMATIC BASS-SHIF l IIJ --J cn :I ro co f BASS BUTTONS o TREBLE KEYBOARD ( S t a n d a r d4 l K e y s ) .TI e.-AlR BUTTO r. /n trl M. l l I GRILL.H O O K FOR SHOU LDERSTRAPS BELLOWS HOLDERS BELLOWS RE ED X e. REEDBOX STRAP BASS . <=. q) 'a o_ 0) ../'\ d.

Correcf sifting position b e f o r e s t r a p p i n g accordion io the shoulders. Mef hod of placing strap on the right s h o u l d e r ( R i g h t s t r a p s h o u l d g o o n first). Placing strap on left shoulder. .H o w t o r e m o v e t h e a c c o r d i o nf r o m i t s c a s e .

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