BlackBerry Curve Launch

Case Study By Sally Hrouda

Wednesday 28 October 2009

It was held down at “Simmer on the Bay”. in the Rocks. phone demonstrations and participatory spaces that occurred within the branded interior. international music acts.What Was Going On? Background To celebrate the launch of the New BlackBerry Curve last night (Tuesday 27 October) Blackberry held an ultra cool party for 600 VIP guests (last of 3. underground local DJs. Sydney. The Event There was a culmination of celebrities. Gold Coast. Sydney socialites. . bringing alive Blackberry’s image and lifestyle associated with the brand. alcohol and canapés flowing. Syd).Melb.

The information streams straight to owners. . is the tool to connect individuals to their social lives. competitions. AOL. 2 informative messages weaved into the event: 1) BlackBerry Enhances Social Networking This is supported by phone features: •The newest app is built specifically to enhance Facebook use •Instant messaging using window Live Messenger. instant Messenger or ICQ apps built specifically for Blackberry smartphones •BlackBerry Messenger is a free msg service between BlackBerry owners 2) BlackBerry Offers Unique Music Connection – Getmusic App Getmusic is a Blackberry application that allows users to directly link to their favourite music artists to instantly receive live updates on new releases. Yahoo Messenger.Key Messages Overall Positioning: “ Your Social Lifeline” The BlackBerry Curve. as opposed to having to find it. Goggle Talk. tour news and special offers.

live music.twitter • VIP Email Invitation Event • VIP BlackBerry wristband • Atmosphere created though celebrities.Journey Engagement PreEvent • Anticipation and build of event through Social Networking Sites. and unique experiences • Documentation and co-creating content through paparazzi and filming • Memorable BlackBerry and partnered giveaways PostEvent • Awareness & recognition (PR aftermath) through articles/blogs • Blackberry party video stream through social networking sites • Enhanced presence on social networking site from sharing of photos/video and conversations sparked .

Firstly. exclusively to 600 individuals. and date) and clearly conveyed the two most appealing attractions. Good Charlotte (Benji & Joel).Email Invitation An invitation was sent via email. The attachment was to be downloaded. printed and the taken to the event to be scanned on arrival. . place. It outlined the essential information (time. the launch of the new phone and secondly the appearance of international band.

Those gathered up close to the stage were using their phones to take photos (uploading photos to Facebook) to keep others in the loop. LC . lifting the vibe and giving the event a “ wow “ factor. Good Charlotte Olsen vs. LC set the scene with a mash up of indie tunes and bongo drums. Olsen vs.Music Line Up Local Sydney DJ act. Then Benji & Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) did a set in the DJ booth.

•Branded wall screens: evolving phone demonstrations and upbeat imagery. •Phone demonstrations: BlackBerry cool informative representatives to talk with individuals about the special features.Spaces and Activities There were two types of spaces “Phone Spaces” and “Fun Spaces” to balance both objectives. being to inform guests about the new phone (influence buying behaviour) and generate talk value and hype amongst correct target audience. Guests were invited to have a play around with the phone. Phone Spaces •Live twitter stream screen: prompting people to talk about the party from their phones. •Informative boards: in depth information on the 2 key messages “Enhancing Social Networking” and “Unique Music ConnectionGetmusic App”. Fun Spaces •Photo booth: photo placed on “photo phone wall” for all to see and then for individuals to take home as a branded memory. •Massage huts: free 10 min massages. .

Alice (model). Packed to the Rafters Crew Sally. Good Charlotte (Benji & Joel). Liam (DJ). Jay Symonds (socialite). Daniel Daniel Ibrahim (One dayparty entrepreneur) James Tobin (TV presenter and actor) Didier (Industries/ David Jones Lead Model) Charlotte Dawson (Model and TV Presenter) Good Charlotte . Bobby (DJ). club owners. DJs. models) Australian celebrities (actors. designers) and the international music band. Mike Walsh (socialite) Shell (model). TV presenters.The People The people made the event a big bang! There was a combination of regular partiers (Sydney siders.

•Facebook •Myspace •twitter •FIJI water •Midori •Frozen Yoghurt Free Gift Bag On departure everyone was given a free gift bag that was filled with yummy and useful goodies.Sponsors Sub Brand Partners Fresh and trendy social media. •Blackberry beach towel •Lindt Essence chocolates •Blackberry frisbee •Sun screen lotion •Dermalogica toner •Blackberry key ring •Getmusic Free downloadable track voucher •White Glo toothbrush •Blackberry lip balm . food and alcohol brands circulated the room.

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