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Sears College Comp Mod E 3 January 2011 ³Glenn Beck ± The Father of Freaky FOX Facts, Fables, Farces, and Fantasies´ Even among the partisan, ideological, political demagogues at FOX News, Glenn Beck is a first-rate propagandist, and thousands of people take his word as irrefutable gospel. On his radio and television shows, Beck wages daily war against Liberals, Barack Obama, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and any non-Conservative American citizens. Never mind those who didn¶t have the fortune to be born in the United States, they are forever condemned in Beck¶s eyes to anti-Americanism, Socialism, or even, god forbid, Communism. Beck twists facts and blatantly lies on national television and radio every single day, and the only reason that he is able to get away with it is that his audience drinks in every word that spews forth from his mouth. Beck knows that his audience will never check his facts, and is thus able to make any outrageous claim that pops into his head. Beck spent several years of his life abusing drugs and alcohol. After cleaning himself up, and being baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, Beck began to search for and Ideology to align himself with. Beck¶s self-education came from what he called his ³library of a serial killer´. The six authors were Alan Dershowitz, Pope John Paul II, Adolf Hitler, Billy Graham, Carl Sagan, and Friedrich Nietzsche.

less social intervention. Beck¶s favorite game to play on his shows is ³The Blame Game´. Glenn Beck Stands out. Nazis. Yet even on the same network as Sean Hannity and Bill O¶Reilly. incorrect. and the blame is always placed on the same people. Beck holds deep seated. Global Warming? Liberals. quoted earlier last month as saying about National Public Radio. and in fact. but there is a problem. However. In this wonderful game. Beck wants a smaller government. These are views shared by almost all Americans. in Beck¶s case. and freedom of religion.´. but only Beck is so bold as to proclaim them on national television. World hunger? George Soros. Hannity and O¶Reilly often make veiled references to Liberal conspiracies or cover-ups. the player tries to pin the blame for a crisis of some sort on another person or group. hatred of Liberals is almost a job requirement for Beck. Taking after his boss. and more often than not.´ run by Liberals. There need not be any crisis. Beck developed his political ideology. so as to avoid responsibility themselves. the rules are changed a little bit. secretly controlling the country. . Beck¶s political ideals are. Beck repeatedly makes claims to the existence of a ³Shadow Government. lower taxes.Gustafson 2 From this odd collection famous (and often contradicting) authors. Ailes. by themselves. is famous for his anti-Liberal. the CEO of FOX News. the world. ³«they are. of course. As an employee of the FOX News network. Underneath the veneer of being the ultimate every-man. Unemployment? Obama. His closest ideological brother on the network is Roger Ailes. super Conservative ideals. political views. not dangerous.

nor has he ever been convicted of any crime or . In reality. Beck¶s lies come in two different forms. Of course. after the beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles. Sometimes. six months in prison after the Rodney King beating´ (Pleat 1). however. Beck once stated on his show that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. after being exposed to the unyielding light of Beck¶s anger and ideology. the king of lying. Jones is not. the truth is completely forgotten. However. appointed the ³green jobs czar´ by President Barack Obama in 2009. Beck later went on to state that Jones was an anarchist and a communist. without equal. Van Jones is a self-declared liberal. and was in fact. twisted facts.Gustafson 3 Glenn Beck is. claiming that so much money was being funneled from the government into the green jobs movement because Jones was a ³green jobs czar´ (Pleat 1). but the most damning piece of evidence against Beck¶s (and the Japanese) claim that the Shonan Maru #2 was rammed and sunk. and outright lies. leaving only an out-of-context former fact. it is so much easier for him to just make them up. Beck stated on his show that environmental and civil rights activist Van Jones was a ³convicted felon. a communist of an anarchist. California. Animal Planet film crews on board the Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker captured the entire incident on camera. I think. had rammed and sunk a Japanese whaling ship (Watson 1). Beck doesn¶t always twist facts to serve his own cause. is the fact that the Ady Gil now rests in two pieces on the bottom of the Southern Ocean. a guy who spent. Beck¶s twisted facts always contain a kernel of truth. an environmentalist group headed by Captain Paul Watson. The evidence against Beck is overwhelming. For instance. For instance. the Sea Shepherd ship Ady Gil was the ship that had been rammed.

and his network. Ailes is Beck¶s closest ideological brother at FOX. Beck will come up with a wild idea. and injected his own false information. Beck had a score of marionettes hanging from his ceiling to accentuate his point. and thus. Beck is a classic example of a man who looks for facts to support his theories. Beck was showing a three night special about billionaire philanthropist George Soros. the liberals have a grand conspiracy to rule the world. and CEO Roger Ailes is known for being a hardcore conservative. Beck puts on a performance that the greatest stage actor would be jealous of. I an hour long show. News channels are notorious for reporting overly inflated stories to keep an audience captivated and interested for the full twenty-four hours they broadcast. George Soros controls the government. Beck made it up. and upon finding none. Firstly. he is the twenty-four hour news driven to the edge. For three days in November. FOX News. Beck will then search for facts to support these conclusions. Beck is able to get away with what he does because of two enablers: his viewers. he will almost always make something up. There are two reasons why Beck makes up so many supposed ³facts´. . Obama-care will kill your grandmother. instead of coming up with theories to support the facts.Gustafson 4 spent any time in prison. He took an existing story involving a man who he didn¶t like. Beck has taken this to the extreme. the worst of his excesses are overlooked. FOX is known for reporting the news with a very right-wing tilt. Beck even put on a puppet show. Beck claimed that Soros is the secret puppet master that controls all of the world¶s governments. Another reason that Beck makes up his information is that there is simply no evidence to support his theories.

he will find some way to connect them to the Third Reich. If Beck cannot pin down his opponents in his usual lying manner. Hours of research will reveal that Beck is the only man to have said this about Soros. some might even say gospel. the see no need to check if what he says is true. The Malaysian Prime Minister in question is a known AntiSemite. During his three night-long tour-de-force against George Soros. was of course added for flavor. they just assume it is. Sometimes. obviously did not get the memo. In Thailand he was branded the economic war criminal. on the other hand. more often than not. They also said he sucks the blood of people´ (Folkenflik 1). Beck then stated ³He¶s known as the man who broke the Bank of England. aided the Nazis in his native Hungary. this connection is achieved simply by calling them Nazis. calling them Nazis. His audience takes his word as absolute. Beck is able to get away with so much of what he says because he appeals to a specific audience: people who already agree with him. is ³the Nazi Card´. . Beck¶s viewers. Beck has attacked Barack Obama and his administration on several occasions. irrefutable fact. If history has taught mankind any lesson. Because his viewers already agree with him. and has blamed the Jews on several occasions for his country¶s economic woes. and one of his most offensive allusions. One of Beck¶s favorite techniques. However. it is that political figureheads lie. Beck¶s addition of ³They also said he sucks the blood of people´. Beck¶s viewers are his greatest enablers. a Holocaust survivor. The Prime Minister of Malaysia called Soros an unscrupulous profiteer. The reason for this is because Beck says that he is telling the truth. this would mean nothing if Beck¶s facts were checked by the public. Beck stated that Soros.Gustafson 5 and quite often encouraged.

His employers openly encourage his lying and his blatant manipulation of the truth. Beck¶s Anti-Semitism does not stop there. are dangerous to society. our choice. 1939. Kristallnacht was a campaign of terror waged against the Jews under the Nazi regime on November 9-10. Beck once accused former vice-president Al Gore of Nazism. and our future. as well as his deliberate twisting and fabrication of facts. Beck. His viewers refuse to believe that he can be stating anything other than the truth. ³The government and their friends are indoctrinating our children for the control of their minds. This is what Nazi Joseph Göbbels said about the Hitler Youth´ (Folkenflik 1). Beck can no longer be considered a credible source for any sort of information. your freedom. and his ideological agenda.Gustafson 6 To add insult to injury. and those who take his words as truth and share in his brand of super-conservativism. . have made him unfit for news. Beck held his Anti-Semitic attacks on the seventy-second anniversary of Kristallnacht. when Gore appealed to educate children about the environment. Beck¶s obvious Anti-Semitism.

org>> . Peter.mediamatters.Gustafson 7 Works Cited>´ www.factcheck. Zachary. Fables. ³Czar Search´.mediamatters. ³Beck repeatedly gets basic facts wrong despite boasting that "some of the biggest minds in America" do his research. ³How Glenn Beck¶s Twisted Worldview Goads Disturbed People into Acts of> Henig. Farces and Fantasies´ www. ³Glenn Beck ± The Father of Freaky FOX Facts.factcheck.stlr. and Lies´ www. 12/7/10 <http://www. 12/13/10 < ³FOX News µNazi¶ Rhetoric Starts at the Top´> Montgomery. 12/9/10 <http://www. 12/20/10 <http://www.npr.´ 12/13/10 <http://www. Paul. Kyle.seashepherd. 12/9/10 <http://www. ³Glenn Beck. Trademark> Flokenflik.> This article was written about comments that Beck made regarding AfricanAmericans. I will use it in my paper. 12/13/10 <http://www.thinkprogress.´ www. that¶s not a race.stlr. made-up term. Barnett.Gustafson 8 Annotated Bibliography Armbruster. ³Beck: ³African-American is a bogus.thinkprogress. www. Jess. and Lies´ www. 12/10/10 <http://www. ³Czar Search´.org> This article is about how Beck¶s ideological views goad people into violence. Montgomery.> This article is provides evidence for Beck¶s fact twisting and PC.alternet.´> This article is about Beck¶s endless search for government control of everyday ³Glenn Beck. 12/9/10 <http://www.alternet. Kyle. Trademark I will use it in my paper. ³How Glenn Beck¶s Twisted Worldview Goads Disturbed People into Acts of Violence. Henig. I will use it in my paper. 12/13/10 <http://www. I mean. Peter. www. I will not use it in my paper. .

org. ³Beck repeatedly gets basic facts wrong despite boasting that "some of the biggest minds in America" do his> This article provides evidence of Beck¶s misinterpretation of facts. 12/7/10 <http://www. I will use it in my paper.mediamatters. ³Glenn Beck ± The Father of Freaky FOX Zachary.seashepherd. 12/9/10 <http://www. Fables. . Farces and Fantasies´> This article is was written in response to comments Beck made about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Paul. Watson.Gustafson 9 Pleat.´ www.seashepherd. I will use it in my paper.

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