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Using DirectFB: a 2-day class

Linux training
PACMAN Surface Maze Surface
Benefits Layer

• Use DirectFB properly

• Understand video mixing


• Avoid DirectFB traps and ‘gotchas’ Screen


Be ready to start productive work using

Screen (mixed)
DirectFB in a consistent and logical way. Composite Surface

Surface confusion? Get to the right level

DirectFB DirectFB in overview Target audience
DirectFB is a Linux API for graphics, We explain what DirectFB does and This class is aimed at engineers and
video mixing, and display window introduce the background to managers using the Linux DirectFB
management. It is powerful and graphics and video mixing as well as library. It is especially valuable for
flexible but has many aspects that the basis for Surfaces, Layers and engineers working with embedded
are confusing or ill-advised. There is Windows. systems and for those who are using
little documentation or clear • What is DirectFB? DirectFB’s video mixing features.
guidance on how to use it properly. • Graphics and video mixing
It is important for users to • Surfaces, Layers and Windows
understand what DirectFB does and Surfaces Time and arrangements
how to do it: as well as to avoid A Surface is the basis for DirectFB This class takes 2 days. Check
some traps and pitfalls. graphics. We clarify the Surface our schedule at:
Class aims interface and its groups of functions
This class teaches DirectFB in a for management, drawing and
It can also be presented ‘on site
clear and logical way, explaining the providing images and video. We
and the material can be adapted if
background to what it does as well also address the horror that is the
you have specific needs, at no
as the correct way to use its many ‘primary Surface’.
extra cost.
features, and which features to • Surface management functions
avoid. • Avoiding the primary Surface Booking and questions
Students will be proficient at using • Drawing and BitBLT functions Call us by phone or send an email
DirectFB in a consistent and logical • Image and VideoProviders to book or to ask questions:
way, to exploit its good features and Graphic and video mixing
• contact Dr Chris Bore
to avoid the bad. Mixing of Layers and Windows is a
• phone +44 1483 740138
Class topics prime aim of DirectFB. We clarify the
• mobile +44 7921 153219
Each aspect of DirectFB is mixing functions and their purpose,
• email:
addressed and explained, together including the background.
with the background and guidance • Video mixing functions About Us
on programming style. • BitBLT as mixing operations BORES Signal Processing train
• DirectFB in overview • Layers and Layer Stacks managers, engineers and
• Graphics and video mixing • Window management programmers to understand and
• Surfaces, Layers and Windows • alpha blending use DSP and streaming media
• Surface management functions • chroma keying processing.
• Drawing functions Input devices
• established 19 years
• Image and VideoProviders We explain the inter-relationship
• excellent reputation
• Video mixing functions between Windows and Events.
• worldwide activities
• Window management • Input Devices and Events
• •
• Input devices and events • Windows and Events

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