Topical Outline 1. Overview a. Learning Management Systems b. What is SCORM c. Why SCORM d. How did SCORM Evolve e.

SCORM; Who, When and Where Instructional Content a. The Instructional Object b. Content Aggregation c. Content Organization d. Content Packaging Manifest File a. XML b. Components of the Manifest File c. Preamble d. Metadata e. Organizations f. Resources g. (Sub)Manifest Metadata a. Review: Content Aggregation b. Required Metadata Items c. Categories and Elements 1. General 2. Lifecycle 3. Meta-metadata 4. Technical 5. Educational 6. Rights 7. Relation 8. Annotation 9. Classification d. Complete List of Categories and Elements Sequencing and Navigation a. Important Points to Remember b. The Role of the Activity Tree c. The Role of the LMS d. The Role of Testing e. The Role of Clusters f. Example Courses SCORM Run-Time a. RAID b. How it Works c. Out To Launch d. Data Transfer e. State of the State f. Issues g. LMS vs. SCO Glossary Resources and References Test and Assessment






7. 8. 9.

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