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14th February 2001

Kavitha Desai
Human Resources

Sub: Application for the position of a Consultant

I am a second year student of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management course at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. I expect
to be graduating in March 2001. I am interested in applying for the position of a Consultant at KPMG.

I am excited about a career in consulting as it offers an opportunity to take on responsibilities right out of business
school, to work on a wide variety of projects in diverse industries, to work with highly intellectual people and travel to
many places on assignments.

KPMG is one of the leading consulting firms in the world and works on a variety of projects from building new
economy businesses, to helping the ‘Old Economy’ firms adjust to the latest technology to creating digital
marketplaces. This wide variety of projects would help in increasing my expertise in diverse areas. The independence
and responsibilities that I would have at KPMG, the challenging work and the friendly and open culture would keep
me continuously excited about my work, which is very important for professional and personal satisfaction.

My specialization during my graduation, in Computer Science has helped me develop strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. My
courses at IIM Ahmedabad, in Strategy, Operations, Marketing and Systems, have provided me with a wide spectrum of knowledge. The live
projects done for companies have given me an opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts to practice and understand the implementation

I bring to the table the willingness to take on challenges and responsibilities, a creative bent of mind, good inter-
personal and persuasive skills and ability to work effectively in teams. I can also take failures without getting very

I am enclosing my resume. I would like to thank you for taking the time to go through my application. I am looking
forward to interacting with you in March 2001.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely

Date of Birth: 5th January 1978
M. SRIDEVI Current Address: D1117, IIM Ahmedabad, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad – 380015
E mail:,


Degree Period Institute CGPA / %

Post Graduate Diploma in Mgmt. 1999 – 2001 Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad 2.824 (1st yr.)
B.Tech, Computer Science and Engg. 1995 – 1999 Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati 73.4%
Standard XII 1993 – 1995 D.A.V.Model School, Durgapur 77.8%
Standard X 1990 – 1993 Carmel School, Durgapur 88.3%

♦ Relevant Electives at IIMA

Market Research and Information Systems, Brand Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Statistical Methods in
Data Analysis, Planning and Implementing IT Strategy, Consumer Based Business Strategies, Logistics Management

♦ Computer Proficiency
Conversant with Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Systat, PowerBuilder, programming languages like C, C++ and
have worked on Windows, Unix and MS-DOS platforms.


♦ Designed a Market Intelligence and Support System for Bollgard seeds in India.
• Studied the cottonseed market and trade practices in India and analyzed the existing information systems and
distribution channels.
• Documented the needs of the top management, sales personnel and production plant managers for effective sales
forecasting, tracking farmer complaints and tracking the sale of seeds to the farmers in a Business Process Report
• Traveled extensively in South India and talked to the farmers, dealers and distributors to understand their
concerns regarding Bollgard and designed an Intelligence system to answer their queries.
• Designed the formats for data collection and the structure of the system outlining the flow of information and
stocks. This required modifications to the existing systems as well as the job responsibilities of many employees.
• The system design has been highly appreciated by the top management and is under implementation. The design
has also been expanded to include other products.
The project gave me an opportunity to deal with an unstructured situation, to interact with different levels of
management effectively, and to understand the industry and trade practices.

♦ Market entry strategy for a new Liquid Detergent by Godrej Soaps (LIVE project)
Used the concepts of product testing, market segmentation, primary and secondary market research and statistical data
analysis to identify the segmentation variables, the target segments and to determine the positioning strategy for the new
liquid detergent. The project provided valuable insights into buyer behavior and the intricacies of market research.
♦ Independent Project on Supply Chain Linkages at Core Emballage (LIVE project)
Studying the operational supply chain from demand estimation, procurement, produciton planning and
despatching. The objective of the project is to identify and eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain to enable
Core Emballage to be the market leader in the packaging industry.
♦ Business Strategy for Unimobile Services, an Internet messaging service provider (LIVE project)
Analyzed the changing consumer expectations from the wireless device, the industry, the competition, the
emerging technologies, and environmental changes and their impact on the service offering of Unimobile. Based
on these, a value-added service offering was developed.
♦ IT strategy for Holiday Inn, Ahmedabad (LIVE project)
Developed the overall IT strategy by identifying the core applications for IT investment, the customer relationship
management software and order processing and inventory tracking software.

♦ Winner, Corporate Takeover Game, at Confluence 2000, the International Business School meet at IIMA.
• Developed an Acquisition strategy for a major multinational player in India for acquiring an Indian cement
company. Used the costs of setting up a green field project for valuing the company and structuring the deal.
• Developed an Entry strategy for a multinational tyre company by acquiring an Indian company.
♦ Job Offer by Wipro Enterprise Solutions
Was one of the 5 students out of a batch of 220, to have received a permanent placement offer as a Systems
Engineer by Wipro Enterprise Solutions, during engineering college campus placements, in 1999.
♦ Literary Events
Winner of Dumb Charades, Mystique de Rhapsody, Sketch the Personality, General Quiz, etc. at Rhapsody ’98 and
Rhapsody ’99, the cultural festival of Sri Venkateswara University, College of Engineering.
♦ Most Talented Fresher
Won the award for the most talented fresher at engineering college, across the various departments. The selection
was based on performance in academics and cultural & literary events.
♦ Scholarship
Won scholarships for academic excellence for 6 consecutive years, from Class X to completion of my graduation
(1993 – 1998), given by MECON (I) Ltd.


♦ Member, participating team, Insight ’99, Marketing Fair, at IIMA

Used the Needs-Benefits analysis to understand the physical and psychographic needs that influence the buying
behaviour for consumer durables (Televisions) and non-durables (Soaps).
♦ Access Framework for, an online global idea assimilation portal
Involved formulating a technology and human access network policy for an online idea assimilation portal
promoted by Srishti, an NGO working in the area of rural development.
♦ Member, Janmabhoomi program, a social development project by the Andhra Pradesh state government
Involves students in the planning and development of the state. Actively involved in the program for 2 years
(1997-1999). Went to the nearby villages to help the villagers in various activities like planning of roads, irrigation
canals and addressing health and sanitation concerns.


♦ Editor, college computer magazine, ACE, 1997-98

Wrote many articles on TCP/IP, artificial intelligence etc., organized debugging and coding contests and compiled
the annual publication of the magazine.
♦ Organizer, Rhapsody ’98, the cultural festival at Sri Venkateswara University.
Responsible for scheduling and coordinating the various literary and cultural events, which spanned 3 days,
interacting with the college authorities, various colleges, the sponsors and the judges.
♦ Founding Member, College Cultural and Literary Club, 1998
Played a vital in convincing the college authorities to form the Club and also conducted various paper contests, and
literary events over the year as a member of the club


♦ Travelling - More than seeing new places, it is the prospect of meeting different people with their unique cultures and
traditions, which intrigues me. I have been to Italy, Switzerland, USA, Netherlands, England and Nigeria.
♦ For me Painting has always been a passion; it is a way of expressing my creativity and provides me the space to relax.
♦ For me reading is a way of living another person’s dreams and visions. It satisfies my curiosity about the world, how
we choose to live with each other and what others think and feel.