Aldhita Rahma G Azalea Husin Candra Puspita Dewi

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The Application of Formalism Concept In Literary Works Formalism originally is created to analyze literary work, due to the reason that theory of literature somehow decided not scientific comparing with theory of linguistic. Ferdinand de Saussare stated that language is scientific; (la language, la parole). In contrast with other theorist formalism expert never mention that they are “formalism adore” based on literary watcher opinion, because they do not know literary work is contain la parole and la language or not. Finally formalism expert settle MLC, in order to discuss literary work, they found that literary work is discuss based on biography and history analysis, and of course automatically in order to create scientific analyzing we must back to the text (deep reading of literary work text). There are many ways to applying formalism concept into literary work, because there are many formalists supporting us with tons theories about formalism. A literary work is different with a common text, but the difference is still not clear, so that literary work is called literariness. It is difficult sometime for us to stay in scientific area when we applying and analyzing literary work. It is not enough if we only analyzing biography and history aspects, because there a lot externals thing beyond author’s biography and history that influence literary work and make it become vary. In order to stick on scientific main stream, the simple thing we have to do is defamiliarization (by Victor Shklouski). Defamiliarization is one of formalism method that make familiar thing become unfamiliar but beautiful. In our opinion by applying defamiliarization we can found a “pattern” of literary work that make vary become one, so that we can classified it into a group and not walk over scientific border.

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