Formulated by: Judiel M. Pareja [Page 136] 1.

A stipulation where any disputes or differences arising from the agreement be governed by the laws of a particular country is known as the a. Choice-of-law Clause. b. Forum Clause. c. Integration Clause. d. Statute of Limitations Clause. [Page 136] 2. A stipulation where any disputes or differences from the agreement be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of a particular country is called a. Forum Clause. b. Choice-of-law Clause. c. Integration Clause. d. Statute of Limitations Clause. [Page 133] 3. What is the consequence when the parties agree that specific provisions of a foreign statute be deemed incorporated into their contract? a. The provisions operate as a set of contractual terms deemed written in the contract. b. The foreign law is adopted as a “system” to regulate relations of the parties. c. The foreign law operates as a statute that governs the capacity of the parties, the formalities to be observed, matters of performance and so forth. d. The contract becomes a foreign contract to be governed by foreign law. [Page 137-138] 4. The following is not an exception to the rule that the parties may stipulate as to the applicable law which will govern in case a dispute arising from their agreement: a. When the law chosen is that of the party who prepared the contract of adhesion. b. When the foreign law chosen is contrary to peremptory provisions dealing with matters impressed with public interest. c. When the relationship of the contracting parties affects public interest in the country of one of the parties. d. When the substantial contacts arising therefrom point to the law of another country as the applicable law.

Assuming the agreement mentioned in the preceding number specified the Karachi courts as the sole venue for the settlement of disputes between the contracting parties. d. because the court is not privy to their agreement. because X is estopped from questioning the validity of the agreement. c. PIA invoked the agreement as its defense. Ople] 7. No. No. W prayed that Singaporean law. d. because substantive contacts arising therefrom point the application of Philippine law. What law should be applied? a. Ople] 6. X filed a complaint for illegal dismissal against PIA. because the relationship between the parties is governed by the contract. [Pages 138-145 – PIA vs. [Pages 138-145 – PIA vs. was hired by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as flight attendant. b. filed a complaint with National Seamen Board (NSB) for collection of money. NSB] 5. Will the case prosper? a. because the court is not privy to their contract.Norse Management Co. Yes. a Filipina. PIA sent a letter informing X that her service would be terminated. Singapore law because it is the law chosen by the parties. Yes. b. which provides higher benefits. Philippine law because the case was filed in the Philippines. X. wife of X. Z. c. because the agreement is binding between the parties. Yes. Y objected on the ground that NSB cannot take judicial notice of foreign law. Yes. vs. Singapore law because it is a foreign dispute. a Filipino. died in the course of his employment with Y. The employment contract provided that PIA reserves the right to terminate the agreement at any time by giving the employee notice and wages equivalent to one month’s salary. After 15 days. Philippine law because NSB cannot take judicial notice of foreign law. May the Philippine court take cognizant of the case? a. . c. because the stipulation is contrary to public policy of the forum. be applied.[Pages 136-137 . X. compensation shall be paid to his heirs in accordance with Philippine law or Singaporean law whichever is higher. No. No. d. b. because the court has no jurisdiction to entertain the dispute. Their employment agreement provided that in the event of death.

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