November 5, 2010 By E-Mail and Regular Mail Daniel I. Billings, Esq. Marden, Dubord, Bernier & Stevens P.O.

Box 708 Waterville, ME 04903-0708 REQUEST FOR INSPECTION OF DOCUMENTS Dear Mr. Billings, The staff of the Maine Ethics Commission requests an opportunity to inspect documentation of expenses incurred by your clients in connection with the Cutler Files website. The documentation will assist the Commission in evaluating your clients’ argument that the amount of money spent on the website was relatively small and less than the $100 threshold for independent expenditure reporting. Payments for research. We request the opportunity to review documentation of all payments made for research that was referred to on the website, including, for example, the costs of news articles, public filings, subscription fees for databases or other information sources, or books purchased for purposes of research. The request is for documents that show the name of the payer, but your clients may redact any personal information in the documents that has no relation to the Cutler Files website Payments for hosting, domain name, and website. We request an opportunity to review documentation of all payments made for hosting of the website, purchase of the domain name, and graphical or audio elements in the website. Other payments. We request an opportunity to review documentation of all other payments made in connection with the Cutler Files website, including payments to others for their work in procuring research for the website or other services. Research binders. Witnesses have informed the Commission staff that research used in the Cutler Files website was compiled in one or two binders. We request an opportunity to inspect those research binders.

Daniel I. Billings, Esq. Page 2 November 5, 2010 If we schedule an interview of your clients, we suggest that Paul Lavin and I inspect the documents prior to the interview.

Thank you for your clients’ cooperation with this request. Sincerely,

Jonathan Wayne Executive Director cc: Assistant Attorney General Phyllis Gardiner

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