Well, here's the thing.

The thought was that if we put our name on it, people would check our party registrations and any past connections and conclude that we are just doing this website on behalf of one of the candidates or parties, and they would lose sight of what we are trying to say: that Eliot Cutler is not who he pretends to be. What we didn't expect was that people, and the press, are assuming it anyway, and they're spending all their time chasing the authors of the website instead of looking at what we're saying. We're fucked either way. Plus we are mindful of the considerable resources of Mr. Cutler, although this is a much lower concern. However, in his lame response to Pine Tree Politics we did notice his use of the word "libel." Of course, there's nothing libelous in our post, but that wouldn't stop a guy like Cutler. There's no reason you have to believe us, but the fact is not one candidate nor any member of their staff, nor anyone connected to the political parties or various committees, are in any way involved in or even had any prior knowledge of our website. The people involved in The Cutler Files (and the circle is quite small) aren't even sure who they are going to vote for (except we are quite sure we're not voting for Cutler.) We are all from Maine, and none of us are being compensated in any way for our work. Our expenses to date are our time and the website hosting. That's it. We don't even have a professional web designer. Did it all ourselves. We did it because, like we said, we simply believe that Cutler is getting a free pass, that the mainstream media have failed to challenge his statements and have not done even the most cursory and basic investigation of his somewhat checkered past. Our hope was that it would spur the press to do their job and uncover his many contradictions, hypocrisies and outright lies, but we're getting more discouraged by the day. One e-mail we got said, "Why are you picking on someone just because they are successful?" We wrote back and said, "Successful at what?" Does anyone even know? Well, they will after we post the complete website, but we're not sure if anyone in the press will care, let alone write about it. We even got a threatening e-mail from some idiot at the Portland Daily Sun (which let's face it, is pretty much the same thing as being anonymous) urging us to "fess up." "If I have to dig for it, this is gonna get ugly," he wrote. His name is Bob Higgins. A journalist who uses "gonna." Really impressive. We got a good laugh at the Pine Tree Politics piece this morning that said the website was the work of professionals. We're flattered, but we can assure you that we're really a bunch of amateurs. Our chief researcher and writer has NEVER done anything like this before. (Although he may in the future because he's really digging it.) Then we got a really nasty e-mail from advertising heavyweight Brenda Garrand who practically accused us of being un-American because we chose to be anonymous. Like Cutler's flack, she didn't dispute anything we wrote, just attacked us because our names aren't on the website. "What you are doing is cowardly and in direct opposition to the way we Americans ought to vie for public office," she wrote. Garrand would have probably called Tom Paine a coward too for publishing Common Sense anonymously, or maybe she thinks the Federalist Papers were "in direct opposition" to American public discourse because, similar to our website, they were published under a phony name. She needs to study her history. Contrary to being un-American, we believe we are upholding the very traditions of public discourse our nation was founded upon. We're simply after the truth. That's it. And so far, no one has contradicted a single thing we've written. And there's a lot more to come.

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