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The Eclipse automatic safety cover system can be installed on most pool shapes and sizes after or during pool construction.
Homeowners have been asking for a well-engineered and reliable automatic pool cover that requires little or no maintenance. The ECLIPSE is that pool cover. It has superior engineering that is based on more than 35 years of field experience. The Eclipse automatic safety cover system uses the highest quality components available - stainless steel bracketry for long system life, extra large pulleys for long rope life and advanced formula vinyl fabrics to provide the longest cover fabric life in the industry.
2” Stainless Steel Pulleys


Automatic Safety Cover
By Coverstar


Redwood Bench

Plastic End Housings

Stainless Steel Bracketry

Advanced formula vinyl fabrics with patented heat-sealed webbing

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Recessed Topguide

The automatic safety cover can be housed inside an attractive and functional wood bench housing designed for sitting (provided by your dealer) or with plastic housings that cover just the ends of the roll-up mechanism. The cover system can also be recessed into the deck under an aluminum lid.

Cover Housing Types

Fabric Colors*
Navy Royal Blue Light Blue Forest Green Tan Brown

(6 year limited warranty)

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With the ECLIPSE,™ you’ll fall in love with your pool all over again.
Huge Savings
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, keeping a cover on the pool when it’s not in use is the best way to reduce heat loss and save up to 70% on pool heating costs, keeping it 8-10 degrees warmer than normal. In addition, you can reduce water evaporation by 90% and chemical consumption up to 70%*.

Save Your Back
When your pool is open to the elements, it’s a magnet for dirt and leaves 24 hours a day. It doesn’t have to be. Save the time and effort necessary to get your pool ready for a swim. By sealing out dirt and debris with the Eclipse cover system, you are ready to take a swim without all the hassle.

Peace of Mind
The Eclipse cover fabric exceeds the ASTM safety pool cover standards, providing a powerful layer of protection for your pool. Eclipse’s durable UL listed safety cover is placed where it needs to be, between the water and the children and pets in the pool area.

* US Department of Energy - RESPEC Program

More Pool Fun

With the flip of a switch your pool is covered or uncovered in less than 60 seconds.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to extend your swimming season by several months by cutting heat losses and adding passive solar heat.