Automatic Safety Cover

By Coverstar

P o ol - i n - P o ol

The Pool-in-pool design application incorporates
a rectangular ECLIPSE™ Underguide system with a non-rectangular pool. Cover guides can be mounted on the deck, beneath a cantilevered edge, or within an aluminum riser step that forms a rectangle around the pool. Popular pool shapes can be coupled with an automatic safety cover to provide the features and benefits pool owners want with a pool design they love.

A Pool-in-Pool Design With Topguide


A Pool-in-Pool design integrates the ECLIPSE™ system with a wide variety of pool shapes and design features.

Raised Deck Level
Cover guides can be mounted to the deck, beneath a cantilevered step or encapsulated within an optional aluminum riser (inset below) on both sides of the pool. The cover glides through the cover guides and the front leading edge of the cover butts up against the step at the other end of the pool providing a complete safety seal.

Hidden Leading Edge Option
The leading edge of the cover can be hidden under the cover lid if a riser base is attached to the guide encapsulation. This allows the leading edge to be adjusted lower and retracted completely under the cover lid.

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