Indiana-Purdue Student Government Association

Senate Standing Regulations
Amended October 20, 2008
ARTICLE I: PURPOSE The IPSGA Student Senate shall use these Standing Regulations in conjunction with the IPSGA Constitution to outline the procedures and practices used to conduct legislative business. This document shall be binding only to the Student Senate.

ARTICLE II: GENERAL RULES OF ORDER Section 1 - Meetings A. Every meeting of the full IPFW Student Senate shall be open to all people unless otherwise noted. B. All regular official business of the full Senate shall be conducted via physical meetings. C. Regular Senate meetings shall be scheduled during the ³Free Period´, or, in the absence of a University designated ³Free Period´, at the discretion of the President of Senate. D. The President of the Senate, or the Pro-Tempore in his absence, shall call the assembly to order. E. All unfinished business shall be forwarded to the next assembly of the Senate and be conducted before the regular business of the Senate at that meeting. F. In the case that a Senator or visitor is continually out of order, disruptive, or excessively assertive, the Presiding Officer or a two-thirds majority vote of the attending Senate may issue a warning to that person. After three warnings, the individual may be commanded to depart from the assembly or, if necessary, may be removed. The Senate may nullify such an expulsion directed by the Presiding Officer with a two-thirds majority of attendance vote. G. The Presiding Officer of the Senate is responsible for providing all Senators with a physical listing of all tentative Senate assemblies for the semester, at the first meeting of each semester. Any changes to the tentative schedule require, at least, a two week notice via e-mail. Notice of changes must also be posted in the IPSGA Office. H. The Clerk of the Senate shall record the attendance at each Senate assembly and report it to the Presiding Officer and the Pro-Tempore of the Senate. Section 2 - Legislation A. All Bills and Resolutions shall follow the format prescribed by the Senate. B. The agenda and all legislation or information scheduled for the Senate assembly shall be made available to all Senators in both electronic and paper form by noon on the Friday prior to a Senate assembly.


Section 3 - Senate Minutes A. The Presiding Officer shall designate the Clerk of the Senate. All Senate assemblies shall be documented or recorded. The Senate Clerk shall be responsible for the minutes of the full Assembly. B. Senate minutes shall include a list of all attendees, the present and absent members of the Senate, listing of all business conducted, all vote results, and any other information pertinent to Senate records. C. The minutes shall be open to public inspection. Section 4 - Agenda of Senate Assemblies A. Before being considered by the full Senate, all legislation must first be acted upon by the required committee(s). A representative of the committee(s) shall provide a report on these action(s) during the appropriate Senate meeting. If legislation has been in committee for at least three weeks, any Senator may move to bring the legislation before Senate. Once moved, the committee shall have an opportunity to explain the delay before a vote is taken; a majority vote will bring the legislation before Senate. B. All legislation having been acted upon by all required committee(s) must be submitted on the Wednesday, if possible, and Friday at the latest, before the Monday Senate assembly to the Presiding Officer in final configuration and in digital format. C. The Pro-Tempore and the Clerk of the Senate may give a report at each Senate assembly and it shall be documented within the minutes. D. At each Senate assembly, the endorsement of the minutes from the previous assembly shall be on the agenda for approval. Section 5 - Requirements and Responsibilities of Student Senators: A. All IPFW student Senators shall serve actively and attentively on at least one committee. Senators are expected to be involved in the process and structure of said committee(s). Failure to serve on a committee shall be grounds for expulsion from the Senate. B. The Pro-Tempore of the Senate shall be a voting member of all Senate standing committees. C. If any Senator fails to perform obligations assigned by IPSGA or Senate official document, the Senator may be removed from the Senate with the concurrence of a 3/4 majority vote of the attending members at a regular meeting Section 6 - Leaves of Absence A. All Senators must notify the Presiding Officer of the Senate of their intention to take a leave of absence two weeks prior to taking said leave, and provide an estimated date of return. The Presiding Officer of the Senate will notify all Senators at the next assembly. B. All Senators on leave of absence are not permitted to vote and shall not be counted towards quorum for committee meetings or Senate assemblies. C. To cancel a leave of absence, the Senator must provide notification of their return to the Presiding Officer of the Senate. Upon receiving notification the Senator shall be granted active Senator status immediately. D. All leaves of absence in a Senator's yearly term may not exceed three months. Exceptions to the time restriction of a leave of absence may be granted by a majority vote of the Senate. Section 7 - Absences A. The Presiding Officer of the Senate shall provide to all Senators, in writing, the requirements for excused and unexcused absences at the beginning of the semester. B. Committee meetings are not considered Senate assemblies for the purpose of determining the total number of excused and unexcused absences.

C. During the summer session or for meetings that are not regularly scheduled, all absences will be considered excused, as long as the Senator notifies the Presiding Officer any time prior to the meeting. D. The Presiding Officer shall determine if the absences are excused or unexcused; the absentee may appeal before the Senate, and upon a 2/3 majority vote the Senate body may override the decision. E. Three consecutive excused absences outside of the Summer Session constitutes a Leave of Absence. F. After two unexcused absences, the body may vote to dismiss the absentee senator with a twothirds of attendance majority vote. Section 8 - Removal A. If any officer of the Senate, except for the Student Body Vice President of Legislation, fails to perform obligations assigned by IPSGA or Senate official documents, the officer may be removed from that office with the concurrence of three-fourths of the Senate. B. Members of a committee of the Senate may be removed from that committee with the concurrence of two-thirds of the Senate for failing to perform his or her obligations assigned by IPSGA or Senate official documents. The member may seek a position on another committee. Section 9 - Authority A. These Senate Standing Regulations may be suspended with a two-thirds vote of the attending Senate. B. These Senate Standing Regulations can only be amended, replaced, or repealed by a twothirds vote of the Senate. Section 10 ± Senate Executive Committee A. The Senate Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Student Body Vice President of Legislation, the Student Senate Pro Tempore, and the chairs of all Senate Standing Committees. B. Quorum for the Senate Executive Committee shall be four of the five members.


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