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Frome Datla Te ‘Aims A tar Mi aries Pate itt Bake fue Mares Yee subject: Pom ates Way, My 6 2020 0:27 51 et want be clear that I support firing John Powell immediately. ‘There are many reasons, but zainly his failure to call mn the GBI immediately and not making an arrest of the McMicheals. 1 am tired of making excuses for his actions. From Cassada to the out of state surveillance and ultimate car crash, and The Sasser cases that resulted in two innocent people dead anda ‘wrongful death lawsuit against the county. It is time to quit making excuses for his actions, and to own up to him being incompetent and ineffective, [tis my understanding that he hid the truth ‘fom us and the county administrator, and that things are coming to 4 light now. ‘Our community is broken and devided. We sit in a precarious position where property and more lives may be destroyed. I say we have to put the community first.A step in the night direction is to fire John Powell. He has been a cancer and as long as he is on the payroll. he will be a cancer in this community. [remind yo he was offered a very nice package to resign, and he refused. He should have taken it |: =: agree [BBB that he should be fired immediately: John Powell is a grown man, who swillingly took this job. He knew the condition of the department. He knew as Chief that he would be held responsible. He has failed us and this community miserably. He has to be held accountable for his actions. and him sitting back on paid leave while this community is about to explode is unacceptable Sincerely, David O'Quinn Get Outlook far iOS

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