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HIST 4130: Muslim Nations in Contemporary History

Instructor: Hafiz Zakariya Office: Deputy Dean Postgraduate (HS) Phone:

E-mail: Consultation Hours: M 2.30-3.30 and by appointment
This course examines the contemporary development in the Muslim world. It probes pivotal
topics such as the emergence of independent Muslim nation-states, and their impact on socio-
political and ideological structure of Muslim society, Islamic resurgence, the Iranian Revolution
and the contemporary Islamic movements.

Mid-Term (including Map) 25% Group Presentation 10%

Group Assignment (country report) 15% Test/Quiz 10%
You should get familiar with basic geography of the Muslim world. This needs to be done on
your own.
Weeks Topics Readings
W1 Introduction, organization and the West triumphant Esposito, Islamic
14/12/10 Threat, 47-62
16/12/10 The West Triumphant: Muslim responses Esposito, 62-76

W2 The Emergence of Modern Nation States/Building Esposito, 32-59

21/12 Artificial States Gold, 211-237
23/12 Iraq, Jordan Cleveland, 191-215

W3 Nation Building: Lebanon & Saudi Arabia Esposito, 99-116

28/12 Husain, 131-156

W4 Islamic resurgence in the Muslim World Esposito (1991), 136-

4/1/11 157.

11/1 Case Study: Egypt Esposito, Islamic
13/1 The Iranian Revolution (1978-9) Threat, 93-100
Esposito, Islamic
Husain (2003), 220-
W6 Iranian Revolution same as previous
20/1 Thaipusam
W7 Esposito, Islamic
25/1 Lebanon’s AMAL and Hizbullah Threat,140-151
27/1 Mid Semester Examination on 27th January 2011
W8 Esposito, Islamic
8 Feb. Hizbullah Threat, 151-163.
10/2/11 Islamic movement in Tunisia Husain, 159-192;
Saleh, (2000), 30-83.

15 Feb Maulid al-Rasul s.a.w.
17/2/11 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The emergence of HAMAS Ziad Abu ‘Amar
W 10 Assignment due in class on 22 February, 2011 Esposito, Islamic
22/2 Islam and Democracy in Algeria Threat, 163-183
W 11 Hand-out
1/3 US Foreign Policies in the Middle East: An Overview 82-105.
3/3 OIC’s role in safeguarding the ummah

W 12 Husain, 301-336
8/3 Islamophobia in the Western Media Haddad, “Globalization
10/3 of Islam” in Esposito’s

W 13-14 Students’ presentations (Contemporary Situations)

References Required
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Blank Maps for Mid-Term