Now I admit I'm posting this picture twice in the document, but beginning on the next page, you will

see what Liz posted on her Flickr site followed by the comments it engendered from her friends. She took the picture with her remote button, placed it on Facebook and added the comment: “Lizzie literally in her element(s). SEE MOM, IT'S ONLY THIS DEEP. K?
She felt compelled to do this to assure her mother that she would be careful and not step in a hole and fill up with water, thereby being unable to escape her chest waders and drown. I am much relieved to see that she is wearing some type of cinch around the waders to discourage the water from rushing in. Hell being a mother at any age, I tell ya.

Crazy Girl

Went out to my usual haunt tonight and the sky was kind of cool but I mostly missed it. Pilings have lost most of their adornment because of a string of warm days, so everything is just kind of slush-colored. But I was out there, dammit. Might as well get a Me In My Element selfie. My dad has a shot of me out in the icewater from last March. I have a crazed grin on my face. It's his laptop screen background, and coworkers often ask who it is. When he tells them it's his daughter, they say, "What's wrong with her?"

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1. ★ heavenly~flower added this photo to her favorites. (22 hours ago)

2. heavenly~flower (22 hours ago | reply) LOL! Fabulous you!! I'd love to know what you do! I love the light and strip of color in the sky. You are adorable!! I've missed you!

3. sgowtham (21 hours ago | reply) Heh, you are just normal and just fine!

4. ime-imisa ;) (20 hours ago | reply) un glaçon à l'extérieur, mais le sourire et les yeux qui brillent démentent tout cela...... an ice cube on the outside, but the smile and eyes that shine deny it all ...... ;-)) joli cliché, enchantée de mettre un visage sur ces photos d'eau glacées nice shot, nice to put a pretty face on those pictures of frozen water ...;-)

5. Ken Scott (14 hours ago | reply) wonderful ... love to see artists in their environments : ) and this is a sport I've entertained, winter wading ... thanks for the inspiration!

6. jen526 (10 hours ago | reply) Now that looks cold. Unusual hobbies are the bestest!


JeremyOK (9 hours ago | reply) Oh, I love this -- so glad you shared it.

8. marilyn2d (7 hours ago | reply) Cool-I relate - what boots have you got on =do they keep you warm-I live on lake Champlain and am always out with the ice- spikes on boots and knee pads but those boots you have,,,WOW 9. ★ marilyn2d added this photo to their favorites. (7 hours ago)

10. marilyn2d (7 hours ago | reply) oh ya i know that look- I have it too :-) wild woman yes!

11. Elizabeth Glass (4 hours ago | reply) Wow, thanks you guys! They're just regular fishing waders that I bought at the bait shop. Long johns, Smartwool stretchy winter exercise pants and two pairs of thick wool socks usually do the trick for as long as the rest of me can stand it.

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