Responsibilities: • • • • • • • • • Provided 24/7-production support for multiple Databases of oracle 9i.

Automated the database creation using UNIX and SQL scripts Set up logical and physical backups for these databases and wrote shell scripts for different kinds of backups Monitored the databases using tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager and spread data among several disks to balance the I/O Granted roles and privileges to users Migrated Production database to higher releases using Migration utility and Exp/Imp tool Monitored the data fragmentation on data files, rollback segments and performed periodic export and import to avoid fragmentation Implemented two-tier Client-Server applications in Oracle Environment Distributed the tables, redo logs, archived redo logs and rollback segments on different disks to optimize data retrieval

SQL SAR international Ltd, Bangalore Oracle DBA consultant Responsibilities: • • • • • • • •

Dec 03 to Oct 05

DBA Consultation to clients and maintaining databases Installation, configuration and upgradation of Oracle server software and related products Carrying out Oracle DBA activities on Microsoft Windows 2000 & Linux platforms. Maintenance of Database for accurate results. Resource monitoring and Space Management. Creation of tablespaces, rollback segments, user maintenance, database security imposition by creation and granting of roles and privileges Devise strategy for backup and recovery Establish and maintain backup and recovery policies and procedures as required.

Oracle Database Administrator Job Description:
• • • • • • • • • Created new databases and users: set up backups, export, and other monitoring scripts Worked with the development team and other members of the DBA team during all phases of the application lifecycle to support configuration, customizations, testing and quality control. Hands on experience with database and application performance tuning, instance cloning, patch application and upgrades and documentation Experience in setup of Oracle Alerts and monitoring performance of the production environment. Knowledge of other related tools such as Toad, SQL Navigator, etc. Troubleshooting is major part of the daily activity. Backup and recovery using RMAN, change management, Data Modelling, scripts for various database activities, troubleshooting etc. Developed strategies for Production and non-production backups. Space management on temp, data and index tablespaces in all the production, support, development and test instances

Managed databases of various sizes ranging from 1 GB to 2 Terabytes. configuration and maintenance of Oracle 9i and 10g databases on UNIX. dynamic service registration and multi threaded architecture for shared servers. creating and granting appropriate roles and privileges. • Administered multiple Oracle instances. testing. Monitored the data on Incremental Backup and involved in Export and Import of incremental data. 10g. failover. and monitored scripts • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Involved in 24x7 production supports. changes and corrections Created a DBlink between two Oracle Servers. logical and physical database design.7. created objects and database structures to support production and development databases. Written stored procedures and triggers to do the incremental backup on new database.7. Restore the database to 8. Solaris AetnaWebFax Solution (Health Care Domain) Datamark Role : Oracle Database Administrator Responsibilities: May‘06 – Jul‘06 Responsible for installation and configuration of Oracle Database 10g.4 from backup. Confirmed the Application and DB status on Pre-Production. Install oracle 10g software in Solaris 10.1. logic. coding. Troubleshooting production problems and worked effectively with other team members to identify and address problems.4 to 9. scripted database alerts. Done performance monitoring and proactive maintenance in Oracle 10g. in case of Failover. Also use . • Configure listener and local service names to use load balancing. Worked in performance tuning of core database entities in relational databases to achieve high-level performance in the lines of application robustness and scaling up the applications. Upgrade the existing database of size 4 terabytes to oracle 10g database using DBUA method. Tested Various Database Recovery scenarios in advance.0. Environment : Oracle 8i. Migration of Database from 8.2. creating users schemas. Performed database Designing using ERWIN and Rational Rose and created the physical database. Reading Alert Log and User trace Files and Diagnosing the Problem. created database reorganization procedures. Done backup using RMAN in Pre-Production DB after shutting down oracle.0. PL/SQL. Helped the team in providing solutions for the issues raised at different levels of the project phase.6 and to 10. Written code to apply the Incremental Backup using unix scripts.2 Responsible for Pre-production Up-gradation.2. Allocate sufficient storage for taking the database backup.• Role : Oracle Database Administrator Responsibilities: Performed database tuning. Written documentation to describe up-gradation steps. Used External Tables for the loading the data from flat files.1.

• Export and Import of database objects to copy from one database to another database. index. • Co-ordinate with other developers in tuning long running SQL queries to enhance system performance. Oracle 10G . • Periodic trimming of Oracle system log files and removal of old redo log archives. ACS Inc . IIS 6. • Cleaned the database to remove unwanted tables and data as per new system requirement. management of data files. segments (tables. Worked with backup team and was responsible for configuration and implementation of backup strategies using RMAN. Environment : Net 2003. Loaded and unloaded data sets from or to Oracle Databases using various kinds of data loading tools such as SQL*Loader and Oracle Import/Export Utility. segments. hostname and service name resolutions depending on the connections requests. management of roles & resources and setting of init. • Monitoring and management of various database components (logical & physical) like table spaces. SQL* Loader. • Routine reorganization of databases.Chicago. tablespaces. . startup and shutdown of databases. rollback). • Supported multiple development teams.ora parameters. granting /revoking of system/object privileges. Performed cloning activity for preparing multiple instances of the Production system. Used hints with Indexes for query optimization. • DBA activities including creation. • Performed the capacity planning required to create and maintain the databases. PITR (Point In Time Recovery) of entire database using RMAN. extents and data blocks & physical storage creation. Optimized SQL statements and PL/SQL blocks by analyzing the explain plans and statistics of SQL statements and created and modified some Oracle Database objects to make sure all SQL statements could be executed in the most efficient ways. Written UNIX shell program and cron jobs to automate the process of refresh of data periodically. physical/logical design and optimization and availability. monitoring and management of database users. • Has primary responsibility for Oracle Database and Application performance tuning. Test and production databases of Oracle 10g. redo log files. management.IL ‘06 Role : Oracle Database Administrator Oct‘05 – Apr Responsibilities: • Creation of Development. • Developing and aiding SQL Reporting for Administration and exception reporting • Extraction of data from different flat files into Oracle Database using SQL*Loader. (disaster) hot backup recovery exercises. Implemented Oracle Database security and database auditing.• • • • • • • • naming servers.0. Lead Tools SAP Integration ESS MSS Application (SIEM). Implemented several RMAN backups such as full online (Hot Backup) and Cold backup and recovered databases from backups. • Monitored the growth of the database objects for capacity planning. Unix. • Gathering of cost-based optimizer (CBO) statistics for tables with stale statistics (performance tuning) • Gathering of both database and operating system metrics relevant to performance monitoring and tuning. Generating reports on weekly basis regarding the big tables and analyzing the possible measures of recovering the free space. control files.

Tuned performance of Sessions and workflows. Indexes. Ability to query database.• • • • • Developed Database objects like Views. . collect and analyze data streams from various sources. Use CRON jobs to automate day-to-day database activities. Materialized Views. Sequences. Updated workflow packages and path according to the new system requirements. and Synonyms.