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MAY 2020, VOL. 18 ISSUE 5

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Mike Strong
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On the Cover: Staying Strong in America.

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Goosie Guice

Orhan McMillan
Kellie Seymour
Tanya Stilley
Jimmy Dunkley
Patti Mouton

While COVID19 has taken its toll on most of us, we are still
Jamie Lavigne

here for you and your needs. We are available

Mariah Simoneaux


My staff and I have taken the necessary precautions to
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ensure your safety while still providing you the

fastest service possible – curbside.


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Francois Bend Host a Joy Ride
Saluting Our Senior Citizens
Since this pandemic has entertain thier residents. leaders to the campus in a
started, Francois Bend Senior The marketing and activity safe way by doing a drive by
Living Community in department came up with an parade. As we were was
Gonzales is bringing joy to idea to bring some joy to the planning this event, we really
their residents by thinking out residents by having their wanted to capture the feeling
of the box on ways to families and community of Joy so, so Joy Ride:

Saluting our Seniors was perfect the
perfect name for the event.

We decided to make this a

community event by inviting our
local police department, sheriff’s
departments and fire department,
home health and hospice companies
as well as our Mayor, Barney
Arceneaux and other industry
related business. They joined us by
decorating cars and making

signs to encourage all of the
seniors to stay positive and
that we are thinking about
them! We tried to reach as
many as our seniors in the
area, so the Joy Ride began
on the campus of Francois
Bend, and we were able to
ride and bring joy to 5 other
senior living communities in
the city.

It was a great day and

Thank You to our community
leaders and first reponders.
Thank You participants
and volunteers.

We are Open and Looking forward to Seeing You!

Curbside Family Packs and Modified Full Menu with table tops socially distanced
• Reservations Available Call 225.743.6453 •

Open ... M-Thurs. 11 to 9 • Fri. & Sat. 11 to 10 • Sun. 11 to 8


Help a Child’s Dream

August 22nd, 2020

Come True
For Sponsorship, tickets and volunteer information contact:

Dream Sponsor - $1500

Freddye Smith 225.933.9339 or Randy Bourgeois 225.413.8681

Please help a Child’s

Dream Come True This monetary donation funds a child’s dream. This will entitle you to an
opportunity to participate in the presentation of a child’s dream, official

Gold Sponsor - $1000

recognition, a plaque, and 10 reserved VIP dance tickets and front row table hostess,
and 20 general admission tickets. (Must have VIP ticket at the door to enter the VIP section.)

Silver Sponsor - $500

This will entitle you to official recognition, a plaque, 10 reserved dance tickets and
one reserved table, along with 10 general admission tickets.

This will entitle you to official recognition, a plaque, 10 reserved dance tickets and one reserved

table, along with 10 general admission tickets.

Na Na Sha to perform DOORS & HARDWARE

at Lamar-Dixon Tickets available at Himmel’s

16491 Airline Hwy 70769 • (225) 673-8777

Doors Open at 5:30pm • Dance 6:30pm till 10:30pm.

From the Gonzales Garden Club

Barbara McCormick: "My favorite plant these days is Clematis Diana's Cynthia Cagnolatti: "My favorite potted plant is my fiddle leaf plant.
Delight. This plant grows in a pot in a sunny spot in my front garden. It was given to me by Patti Mouton, a garden club friend, one year ago
Her leaves love the sun; her roots need shade. I give her a little lime in when it was about a foot tall. Its home is under the lazy oak tree which Cathy Venable: "Here is a mature althea bush. It’s also called Rose

GGC Members Share

the spring and liquid fertilizer bimonthly. Compost is a must. She makes was planted from an acorn. It gets early morning sun and mostly shade of Sharon. It likes sun and blooms every year without needing
me smile! Oh, she is my first live plant online!” the rest of the day. Easy to care!" deadheading or pruning.”

Their Favorite Plants

Due to the pandemic, the plant sale, garden hop and
Gonzales Garden Club yard-of-the-month awards. With
cancelled their April and May optimism in June and July, the
meetings, annual flower show, yearbook committee will plan

Weezie Cashat fertilized this bed of bubble gum petunias once with Miracle-Gro. It is a Louisiana
Super Plant that is overtaking her sidewalk.

Elizabeth Saffell: "At this moment in time, my favorite plant in the garden is the chenille plant. I will hopefully
keep it small by containing it. Chenille is the French word for caterpillar. This plant reminds me of the plants in
Dr. Seuss books and brings me back to when my children were little. The chenille plant grows well in partial
Gwen Heck: "Drift roses are beautiful with their multiple colors. Plants are easy to grow liking full sun.” shade in my yard."

Dale Bowman: "Daylilies are my favorite flower. They come in a wide
range of colors and color combinations, sizes (both bloom size and
Janis Poche: "This is one of my favorite spring flowers, foxgloves. plant height), early, mid and late bloom time and rebloomers, single,
This is the Camelot series in Rose. It’s one of the Louisiana super double, ruffled and spider flowers. They are easy to grow and love lots
plants. It likes sun, but mine gets partial afternoon shade." of sunshine and water. The only bad thing is their beautiful blooms
only last one day - thus their name- daylily.”

Gail Lonibos: "Several of my white amaryllis are blooming this year."

the club’s 2020-21 activities. We will

develop a theme, select venues, line up
speakers and delineate community
projects all the while mindful of social
distancing and personal safety
as we move forward.

Like many Americans, GGC members

have been spending time at home in

Loretta Ramirez: " These daylillies are some I bought from one of our
plant sales several years ago. I think they came from Ellen
Janis D’Benedetto: “The color in this bougainvillea brightens my day. Richmond's yard."
Sometimes it’s pink, sometimes peach. What a combination!"

Jamie Trisler: "My aunt gave me this ponytail palm in 1976 in a

4” pot. The only plant I have ever named, Salvador. He now stands Loretta Speligene: "Here is an assortment of my tillandseas, my
eight feet and weighs over 200 lbs. Several times he has been favorite plants. They are in the bromeliad family. They are the easiest
Mary Jo Pohlig has this giant cuphea, a.k.a. candy corn plant, Mexican exposed to cold weather because we do not have anywhere to
giant cigar plant. It is in full sun and the hummingbirds love it. It is a con- to grow. They do not require soil and are so easy to mount on driftwood
store him. Though he has lost all of his green at these times, he or just sit them in a clay pot. I can handle them without the fear of
tinuous bloomer that does not need deadheading. Cuphea is a heat and has always come back with a vengeance like a mighty warrior."
drought tolerant perennial. hurting my back, etc."

their gardens planting, weeding, prun-
ing and harvesting. The lovely weather
and added attention has yielded healthy,
happy plants. We chose our favorites to
showcase as possibilities for other home
gardeners in hopes they might prove to
be reliable and delightful in their
gardens. Club President Jamie Trisler
said, "Planting something new in my
garden is a step of faith because it

Conchita Richey: "I garden on a city lot size area so I use some of my space
requires me to hope and wait for the
wisely using container gardens. It elevates the color and makes numerous
Marilyn Rice: "The Peggy Martin Rose is my favorite plant. It blooms plant styles more manageable. The flowers in the foreground are petunias
several times a year and shades our swing."
plant's potential.”
which are enjoying the shade and spring temperatures before the arrival of
summer heat."

We appreciate gardening as a rewarding

hobby as well as a vehicle to bring
beauty to our surroundings, now and
into the future. We hope you also use
this pause in our lifestyles as an
opportunity to nurture your plants
as well as your loved ones. Stay safe.

The Gonzales Garden Club is

federated by National Garden Clubs, Inc. Patti Mouton’s oakleaf hydrangea lives in a well drained bed with morning
sun and dappled afternoon shade. It was propagated from a twig three
Sandy Stewart: "This African Rose or adenium is always a nice surprise years ago and likes slow release fertilizer. The cone-shaped flower clusters

Open For Business

when its leaves come back every spring and I know I didn't kill it! The can be used fresh or dried in arrangements. The leaves turn reddish colors
flowers are lagniappe." in the fall. Oakleaf hydrangea is native to the southeast.

Call and Make an Appointment

Welcome Home

44253 Hwy. 42 ( 1 m i l e f r o m P o r t V i n c e n t )
The Nitty Gritty
of Pesticide
Photo by LSU AgCenter
Mariah Simoneaux
pesticides on fruit trees and
vegetable crops to pay close If the label on your pesticide is
When applying pesticides, Under directions for use the attention to the pre harvest ever damaged to where it
whether they are conventional or information such as the pests interval (PHI). The PHI instructs becomes hard to read, you can
organic, it is always important controlled, where the product can gardeners on the number of days find the same information online.
to read and follow the label and cannot be used, and mixing to wait between a pesticide Print the information and keep it
directions. Incorrect pesticide instructions can be found. Read application and harvest. Products stored with the pesticide for future
applications may cause more these carefully each time you that are approved for use on reference. Each pesticide also
harm to your plants than good. apply a pesticide. Any equipment the day of harvest will have a has a safety data sheet (SDS) if
Most importantly, many gardeners necessary to make the PHI of zero. you are looking for additional
may not realize the pesticide label application will also be described information.
is actually a legal document. here, such as a spreader needed If an accident occurs during a
Applicators are required by law to for some granular applications. pesticide application reference Mariah Simoneaux is the
comply with all instructions and the section labeled first aid. This Horticulture Agent serving
directions for use. The required personal protective section contains valuable Ascension and Assumption
equipment (PPE) to be worn information regarding treatment to Parishes. For more information
The ingredient statement includes while making a pesticide pesticide exposure. visit
the active and inert ingredients application will be listed on the or contact Mariah at
that make up the pesticide. It is label. PPE may include gloves, Storage and disposal instructions MJSimoneaux@agcenter.
typically found on the front label goggles, long pants, closed toed can be found on the label.
in the bottom left hand corner. shoes, a hat, etc. The label will Pesticides should always be
The active ingredient is the list the minimum PPE required, stored in their original container.
chemical responsible for wearing additional PPE is not a Select a designated area where
pesticidal activity. For example, violation of the law. pesticide products can be safely
in the insecticide Sevin the active secured away from children
ingredient is Carbaryl. It is important for gardeners using and pets.
my favorite. Even with all the
work around my house, my
nails lasted more than a week,
which isn’t bad considering
Shellac nails can chip within
the same timeframe. Static
Nails suggests using a basic
base coat, their long-lasting
liquid glass lacquer and their
topcoat for best results.

The best bang for your buck is

the limited-edition capsule
collection containing 10
custom bottles, including the
base and topcoat required, all
for $45.00. Available on static

For my Brows – (And other

facial hair needing to be
quarantine with dignity. recommend, and I will trimmed up!) Here is a quick,
Coquette For My Roots – As a blond,
certainly continue to use
post Covid.
cheap, and easy tool to keep
on hand for brows, upper lip,
During 6 weeks is a timeframe where I
go to the salon to get my roots Price is around $34.00 and
or any other facial hair that
needs trimming. These face

Covid done. As root rot approached,

I had to do something about
available on, or
of course amazon or eBay.
razors are easy to use and keep
your skin smooth and supple.
Yes, I even use them to trim
it. Thank God, during my PS - The light and medium
This article is being written, organizational cleaning during blond colors are on backorder up around my brows, while
just as John Bel Edwards is Covid, I found a product four to six weeks. I’m doing at home plucking
beginning to open local stowed away in my bathroom and trimming on my own.
business. But I think through called Style Edit. Hallelujah! For My Nails – Shellac and dip
this process, us ladies have This product worked amazing nails were one of the first Never used these before?
learned some beauty tricks of to blend new growth into my services we had to lose, since Fear not, there are load of how
the trade that will continue highlighted hair. these are services, are about to videos on You Tube.
beyond the Covid 19 season. every two weeks. This is a Available on amazon for less
Style Edit offers three types of service we don’t want to that $10.00 for a pack of 4.
As someone that enjoys coverage tools: cover stick, attempt at home, so I found
researching beauty products, I cover spray and cover powders. the next best thing for a fresh, So, as we open up doors for
had to quickly find resolutions All available in every color at home manicure. business in LA, I believe in
for my three biggest beauty variety, even for difficult to patroning local business, but if
concerns that I usually rely on match blondes. I use the Static Nails is an online shop that’s not possible, here are a
the professionals for: 1) My powder, pictured below, and it that offers complete manicure few options for your roots,
hair as a blond, 2) My nails comes with an easy to use kit featuring long lasting nail nails, and brows.
and, 3) my brows. So here are sponge attached to compact polish system. Several nail
a few of my favorite finds that style packaging. It even has polish systems have launched XOXO – Sweet Eyes
have helped me get through a mirror too! Highly during quarantine, but this is

Response to the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency
City of Gonzales’

supply-chain partners During the months of March and

Initially, the City of Gonzales felt (Wal-Mart, Home April, the City administration
that the Covid-19 pandemic was a Depot, grocery stores, participated in daily
public health emergency and that pharmacies), starting communication calls with the
guided their first response. It regular communica- office of emergency
wasn’t until later the City realized tion with the Chamber preparedness, led by parish
that it was a health, social and of Commerce and healthcare leaders. Participants
economic challenge to be Ascension Economic on the call included the parish
overcome. One thing quickly Development, utility government, all cities in the
discovered was the value of an policies, cancelling parish, sheriff’s department, all
experienced and well trained staff time-off, closing parks police and fire departments,
and close working relationships and the civic center, hospitals, industry and healthcare
with other governmental temperature scanning providers. On April 2nd, the City
agencies. The speed of response all employees before entered into a cooperative
by the City, working with the shifts and closing endeavor agreement for its civic
parish Office of Emergency public access to City center with the Louisiana National
Preparedness undoubtedly buildings, while Guard, who have been using it a
helped mitigate the impact on keeping services center of operations for helping to
services and to citizens. provided online. move needed supplies and
Luckily, the City resources to people throughout
As mentioned, the City’s first already had the capital region.
response was to identify best implemented a robust
practices to keep employees safe. online processing Many meetings have happened
Since it has been over 100 years festivals and reduced tourism. system to better serve the public since and the learning process
since anyone has dealt with a Gonzales’ fiscal year starts in prior to the public health has continued for the City of
severe global pandemic, it was a June and they normally begin emergency. Gonzales. As a testament to its
learning process. The crafting their fiscal budget in excellent staff, the City has
administration consulted with February. At that time, the City A major development was running managed to keep all of its
health care professionals, human had a year over year increase in split shifts to help keep units of responsibilities managed very
resource professionals and used sales tax collections of almost employees isolated to ensure well. It turns out that the city
their relationship with the 4%, which is very good. The continuity of operations if some council’s recent approval to imple-
Louisiana Municipal Association, budget was largely completed by City employees became ill. Many ment smart meters for its utility
where Mayor Arceneaux was March for review by department city functions require a highly system was a smart and timely
recently state president, for heads and council members. At specialized skill set and it was decision, too. According to Mayor
guidance on how to proceed. the direction of the mayor and important to keep those available Arceneaux, “It’s a pleasure to
This process began in council, beginning March 9th, the to serve the public. The City have such a dedicated and
late February. finance department began implemented work from home pro-active staff. They have really
revising the City budget for the strategies in every case where risen to the occasion. I’m very
On March 4th, the City’s human upcoming fiscal year to reflect a practical. Social distancing proud of how they have served
resource generalist attended a decrease in sales tax revenue, policies and best hygiene the citizens during this
prevention and preparedness rather than an increase – a practices were reemphasized. emergency.” As of this writing,
briefing by Scott Wester with Our reduction of $600,000! Through Working with half a crew meant they are still running split shifts,
Lady of the Lake Medical Center. much work and diligence, this every employee would have to but that will likely change as the
This was added to the previously was managed without staff rise to the occasion to keep the governor moves us to Phase I of
gathered information and a staff reductions and keeping employee workload under control. the economy reopening. The
meeting was held to discuss best merit raises intact. Keeping city communication calls with the
practices in social distancing, services going and employee The City of Gonzales operates OEP have slowed to just twice
hand washing, sanitizing work morale up during the course of several utility systems, including per week. The City’s goal is to
areas, identifying symptoms and the pandemic was determined to gas, water and wastewater have a safe and successful
discussing procedures on how to be top priority. Later that week, treatment. Additionally, the City reopening of the economy,
isolate employees who become ill the mayor and other city leaders has several buildings with including parks to allow people to
or have been exposed. Hand met with the office of emergency tenants, including the Chamber of enjoy the outdoors during
sanitizer, Lysol wipes and spray preparedness to coordinate Commerce, River Region Art the summer.
were procured to provide to every control, communications and Association and Department of
City employee and best practices logistics for the parish in order t Motor Vehicles. The City also has
signs were placed throughout all o cooperate with the state and an outstanding olympic public
City facilities. Mayor Arceneaux federal response. pool that serves the region and
said, “Our City is going to do school system, a first class tennis
everything it can to help flatten On March 16th, the City held a facility, baseball fields, parks,
the curve here in Louisiana.” special Covid-19 department basketball courts and other
On March 9th, it was becoming head meeting to develop and recreational facilities it maintains.
clear the pandemic was a social implement its plan to keep The City provides garbage
and economic crisis as well as a employees and residents safe. service, maintains city streets,
health crisis. On March 11th, the Some of those steps included roadside drainage, keeps grass
NBA announced they would writing the emergency cut along the streets, parks,
suspend their season. It was declaration, sharing the plans buildings. Gonzales also
becoming clear the pandemic discussed at the OEP meeting, a provides fire, police and
would impact the City’s finances regular plan of communication to ambulance service.
due to closures of businesses, residents thru multiple channels
of distribution, coordinating with
Quit Tobacco

Tobacco use is a habit that can
worsen nearly any health

High Blood
condition. With each cigarette
smoked, blood pressure

increases temporarily. Over time,
smoking can compound the health
problems associated with high
blood pressure by damaging blood
Satish Gadi, MD Chris Alexander vessels and arteries and causing
Interventional Cardiologist Nurse Practitioner
inflammation throughout the body.
While quitting may not be easy,
May is High Blood Pressure healthy blood pressure range. Incorporate Exercise CIS’s Commit To Quit program can
Awareness Month. High blood help with resources such as
pressure, or hypertension, is a In terms of lifestyle modifications, The stronger your heart is, the provider visits, prescription
serious condition that has a major interventional cardiologist more efficiently it can perform. medications, and individual or
impact on your overall heart health. Dr. Satish Gadi and nurse Those who are physically active group counseling support.
It is important to be aware of your practitioner Chris Alexander and exercise regularly are far more
risk factors, take proper recommend that patients with high likely to maintain healthy blood Practice Stress Relief
precautions, and make lifestyle blood pressure make a concerted pressure than those who do not.
modifications to reduce your risk. effort to monitor their diet, increase According to the American Heart Stress, especially when combined
physical activity through exercise, Association, 40 minutes of with coping methods like
Known as a “silent killer,” high maintain a healthy weight, moderate to vigorous activity three overeating, smoking, or drinking,
blood pressure often goes eliminate smoking and the use of to four times per week is all it takes can exacerbate problems with
undetected and can cause major tobacco, and practice stress- to help reduce high blood pressure. blood pressure. To help reduce
damage throughout the body. It is relieving activities. stress, identify the contributing
estimated that 75 million, or 1 in 3, Maintain a Healthy Weight factors. Where possible, minimize
American adults have high blood Keep Your Diet Heart-Healthy these stressors, or determine the
pressure, but only half of those are In general, weight loss in those most effective methods to cope
actually managing their condition. A healthy diet is the first step in who are considered overweight with them such as healthy
Uncontrolled high blood pressure regaining control of high blood or obese makes a significant, stress-relief methods or
can lead to cardiovascular disease pressure. Patients should focus on positive impact on lowering blood possibly medication.
or cardiac events, such as heart consuming lean protein, whole pressure. Likewise, waist size has
attack and stroke. grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, also been linked with blood Visit to learn more
legumes, and low-fat dairy. By pressure. Ideally, a man’s waist about cardiovascular conditions
Fortunately, through proper doing so, systolic blood pressure circumference should be less than and the precautions CIS is taking
diagnosis and treatment, high (the top number) could be reduced 40 inches, and a woman’s to keep you safe in our clinic at this
blood pressure can be effectively by as much as 14 points. Those less than 35 inches in order time. To schedule an
managed. Lifestyle modification with high blood pressure should to minimize risk. appointment at CIS Prairieville,
and prescription medications are also focus on keeping salt and call 225-677-1400.
two ways that you can maintain a sugar intake to a minimum.

Cointment Association, and has been

names Rachael
repeatedly recognized for her
management of numerous

Wilkinson as
emergency situations.

director of OEP
In his statement, Cointment
added, “Rachael and her team
have been the mainstay to my
At the May 5 Unified administration in dealing with
Command Group teleconfer- this COVID 19 emergency.
ence of all Ascension Parish From coordinating the Unified
leaders, President Clint Command Group calls, to
Cointment made a surprise staying in constant contact with
but well received our local and state agencies,
announcement. Rachel has led the way for our
Parish to get detailed
“I would like to officially information and questions
promote Rachael Wilkinson answered.”
to Director of our Ascension
Parish Office of Homeland According to Cointment,
Security and Emergency Rachael Wilkinson also
Preparedness,” said Coint- spear-headed obtaining the
ment. “I couldn’t be more reusable masks that were
confident with my choice.” donated by the Hanes
company, and coordinated with
Rachael Wilkinson has been 2019. Rachael holds a and Emergency Preparedness local agencies to get them
with OHSEP in various Bachelor’s Degree from Command College in 2011, distributed to Parish residents.
capacities since 2008, and was Nicholls State University. She received management She also successfully, in under
named assistant director in graduated from the Governor’s certification from the Louisiana a week, was able to open the
2013. She has been serving Office of Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness Ascension Parish COVID-19
as acting director since August testing site in Donaldsonville.

COVID-19 Relief – Typically, you’d have to pay a
1 3 0 5 3 H W Y. 4 3 1 • S T. A M A N T

Legislation Offers
10% penalty on early withdrawals

Help for Investors,

from IRAs, 401(k)s and similar
retirement accounts. Under the

Small Businesses
Legislation, this penalty will be
waived for individuals who qualify
for COVID-19 relief and/or in plans
that allow COVID-19 distributions.
As we go through the coronavirus Withdrawals from traditional
crisis, we are all, first and foremost, retirement accounts will still be
concerned about the health of our taxable, but the taxes can be
loved ones and communities. But spread out over three years. Still,
the economic implications of the you might want to avoid taking early
virus have also weighed heavily on withdrawals, as you’ll want to keep
our minds. However, if you’re an your retirement accounts intact as
investor or a business owner, you long as possible.
may benefit from COVID-19 relief • Suspension of required with-
legislation ("Legislation") out of drawals – Once you turn 72, you’ll
Washington – and it could make a be required to take withdrawals


big difference, at least in the short from your traditional IRA and
term, for your financial future. 401(k). The Legislation waives
• Expanded unemployment these required minimum


benefits – The Legislation provides distributions for 2020. If you’re in
$250 billion for extended unemploy- this age group, but you don’t need
ment insurance, expands eligibility the money, you can let your
and provides workers with an retirement accounts continue
additional $600 per week until July growing on a tax-deferred basis.
31, 2020, in addition to what state • Increase of retirement plan loan
programs pay. The package also limit – Retirement plan investors
covers the self-employed, who qualify for COVID-19 relief can
independent contractors and “gig now borrow up to the lesser of
economy” workers. Obviously, if
$100,000 or the vested balance
your employment has been af- from their accounts, up from
fected, these benefits can be a $50,000 or 50% of the vested
lifeline. Furthermore, the benefits balance, provided their plan allows
could help you avoid liquidating
Front End
loans. We recommend that you
some long-term investments you’ve explore other options, such as the
earmarked for retirement just to direct payments, to bridge the gap
meet your daily cash flow needs. on current expenses and if you
• Direct payments – You may choose to take a plan loan work
already have received, or soon will with your financial adviser to
receive, a one-time direct payment develop strategies to pay back
from the government. Individuals these funds over time to reduce any
will receive up to $1,200; this long-term impact to your
amount is reduced for incomes over retirement goals.
$75,000 and eliminated altogether • Small-business loans – Included
at $99,000. Joint filers will receive in the Legislation is the Paycheck
up to $2,400, which will be reduced Protection Program (PPP), which
for incomes over $150,000 and initially provided $349 billion in
eliminated at $198,000 for joint federally guaranteed loans to help
filers with no children. Plus, taxpay- small businesses – those with 500
ers with children will receive an or fewer employees – retain work-
extra $500 for each dependent child ers and avoid closing up shop. The
under the age of 17. If you don’t first allocation of funds was quickly
need this money for an immediate depleted; however, Congress 24 Hr. Emergency Roadside Service
need, you might consider putting it authorized an additional $310 billion
into a low-risk, liquid account as for the PPP. These loans may be
part of an emergency fund. forgiven if borrowers use the loans
• No penalty on early withdrawals for payroll and other essential
business expenses (such as
mortgage interest, rent and utilities)
and maintain their payroll during the

We’ll be in a challenging economic

environment for some time, but the
Legislation should give us a positive
jolt – and brighten our outlook.
• All tires from ATV to Commercial Machinery • Emergency road service
• All brands to fit autos, trucks and assistance-Commercial Only
18 wheelers, including tractor/ • Locally owned and operated since 2004
This article was written by Edward Jones for use construction equipment tires • New used and retreads
by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.
Edward Jones. Member SIPC.

Jamie Lavigne, Financial Advisor

Locally Owned & Operated by
Oscar and Linda Mire and sons
7147 Jefferson Hwy • Baton Rouge, LA 70806 Call for Appointment • 225.644.8473
(225) 928-8659 • cell 225.328.6900 •
By helping us become more
mindful of our habits and
practices, mindfulness can also
better dictate our physical
response. We can notice, for
example, how often we’re
touching our eyes, nose, and
mouth— something you want
to avoid in the midst of the
pandemic. Instead of hugs and
handshakes, we can learn to
reprogram ourselves to send
kind wishes of health and safety
from a distance.

Though the COVID-19

pandemic has brought
destruction and devastation, it
has also shown just how
connected we are. All of us
are vulnerable. All of us are
struggling in some way. But, by
practicing mindfulness, we can

not only care for ourselves, but
stop and investigate it. By new perspectives and, by giving also care for everyone around

remaining open, curious, and us the mental flexibility to us. We know how emotional
accepting, we can learn to see it consider another option, and sensitive a time this is and
In The Midst
not as a monolithic feeling, but creates an island of safety in we want you to remember, we
as a fleeting experience with the midst of uncertainty. are all in this together. We will
Of Covid-19 movable parts, including
sensations, thoughts, and Mindfulness brings a host of
get through this.
visualizations. mental, physical, and emotional Founded in 2018, Manfulness
by benefits. We can experience
Orhan Mc Millan Living is a community created
Through this, we will learn to dynamic changes in our ability for men by men offering a
Founder of Manfulness Living recognize patterns in ourselves. to concentrate, the space to talk confidentially
When fear is broken down management of both mental about subjects specific to men,
The COVID-19 pandemic has mindfully, it becomes manage- and physical pain, a greater
ushered us into unprecedented while offering solutions to
able. It can inform our next capacity to enjoy life, as well as transform one’s life personally
times as both a nation and steps; we can then curtail our an improved overall sense of
planet. Minute by minute, hour and professionally. Learn more
routines, thought processes, well-being. Regular mindfulness at
by hour, new information is and decision making to practices have even been
being released. This is no doubt accommodate. This can birth shown to prevent depression.
a very stressful time for us all,
especially when exacerbated by
uncertainties, which can be just
as frightening as the virus itself.
But, amid all of this stress and
uncertainty, we’re reminded of
the importance of mindfulness.

This “in the moment”

experience of thoughts,
feelings, perceptions, and bodily
sensations can be especially
helpful right now. With
mindfulness, you can more
easily look inside yourselves
and see what, if anything, these
trying times have stirred up. To
some, it may seem soft, but as
we know, mindfulness was built
for difficulty.You’ve been
training for this and the time
has come to put it to work.

When faced with something as

intense as COVID-19, fear is
normal. But, if we’re not mindful
of our fear, it can overwhelm
and control us. That’s where
mindfulness comes in.
Whenever fear or uncertainty
arises— whether brought on
by the virus or not—we can

person to make medical decisions in
the event your child is unable to
convey his or her wishes.

2. Durable Power of Attorney

Like medical information, your

18-year-old child’s finances are also
private. If your child becomes
We have a Free Gift for
incapacitated, without a durable
Graduating Seniors!
They’ll always be your baby, but
power of attorney you cannot
access the child's bank accounts or

now you’ve got an ADULT!

credit cards to make sure bills are
being paid. If you needed to access
financial accounts in order to
manage or resolve any problem,
you may be forced to seek the Every adult needs a healthcare directive to:
• Legally allow parents and other chosen people
By Linda Melancon court’s appointment as conservator

access to medical information

of your child. In Louisiana, this is

• Remain a part of the decision making process

3 Documents referred to as an interdiction.

even if they are incapacitated

Absent a crisis, a power of
Your College- attorney can also be helpful in
issues that may arise when your
Age Child Needs child is away at college or traveling.
For example, if your son is traveling
As a graduation gift, Legacy Estate & Elder
If your high school senior has and an issue comes up where he

Law will be creating this critical legal document

already thrown their cap in the air, cannot access his accounts, a

for high school seniors in our community for

you may feel like you’ve lost them. durable power of attorney would

FREE through the month of June. There’s no

In Louisana, once your child give you or another trusted person

greater peace of mind than knowing you can

reaches 18, they are legally the authority to manage the issue.

stay in control and make critical decisions if necessary!

considered to be an adult with the An alternative may be to encourage
right to govern his or her own life – your child to consider a joint
even if you know adulthood is more account with you. However,
this is rarely recommended because
than getting a diploma.
of the unintended consequences for To schedule an appointment for a free healthcare directive for
Until your child reaches 18, you
taxes, financial aid applications, your graduating senior, call (225) 744-0027 or email
are entitled to access their medical
records and to make decisions creditor issues, etc.
regarding treatment, as well as their
financial affairs. This changes once 3. Living Will
they reach 18 because your
now-adult child is legally entitled to Last, but not least, a living will is
his or her privacy and you no one of the most important
longer have the same level of access documents anyone can have. This
to or authority over their financial, document instructs physicians to
educational and medical informa- withhold or withdraw life-sustain-
tion. As long as all is well, this can ing procedures when diagnosed as
be fine. However, it’s important to having a terminal or irreversible
condition. A living will gives

It’s time to prepare for this years growing season!

plan for the unexpected and for
your child to set up an estate plan specific instructions to loved ones
that at least includes the following and doctors about what kind of
three crucial components: medical treatments your child
would or would not want
1. Health Care Proxy with administered. This document helps
HIPAA Release to ensure that your child’s personal
dignity and fundamental right to
Under the Health Insurance control their own medical care are
Portability and Accountability Act, respected in the event that they are
or HIPAA, once your child turns no longer able to actively
18, the child's health records are participate in the decision-making
now between the child and his or process.
her health care provider. The If you have a child (or a
HIPAA laws prevent you from even grandchild) who is approaching
getting medical updates in the adulthood, talk to your estate
planning attorney about having

event your child is unable to

communicate his or her wishes to the child execute these three
have you involved. Without a crucial documents.
HIPAA release, you may have many
obstacles before receiving critically
needed information, including
The information provided is not intended to be legal
whether your adult child has even advice and does not constitute an attorney/client
been admitted to a particular relationship. You should consult with an attorney for
individual advice regarding your own situation.
medical facility.
Should your child suffer a medical Ms. Melancon is an attorney with Legacy
Estate & Elder Law of Louisiana, LLC, with
crisis, doctors and other medical offices in Baton Rouge, LA and Prairieville, LA.
professionals may refuse to speak The primary focus of her practice is
estate planning, probate, special needs
with you and allow you to make planning and elder law. For more


medical decisions for your child. A information or to attend an upcoming
estate planning seminar, call her office at
health care proxy with a HIPAA (225) 744-0027
release would enable your child to
Prairieville, La 70769 • 225.715.4594
designate you or another trusted
There is Always a Party Going On!
Tea Parties Never Grow Old

Due to the current

Covid 19 concerns, Azalea
has decided to only allow
nursing staff to
enter our community.
This is for the protection
of our residents,
families and staff.
We appreciate your
understanding in helping
protect our community.

e m b er to
ct ice Social

Mother’s Day Drive By Parade at Azalea Estates
Compassion, Gentleness and Endurance
Heart Felt Thoughts of My Friend & Brother by James Leblanc
I have a couple days now to LeBlanc Stewart (pictures), Ambulance, The Gonzales “Chief” & “Coach” Witek.
soak in the past two weeks Sherri Jenkins (Gene’s Jambalaya Shoppe, Ascension
with the passing of longtime vehicle), Dutch’s Cleaners Local Chemical Facilities I’ve known “Gene” and the
friend and brother Gene Witek. (Gene’s Uniform), Chaplain (CAER), Volunteer Ascension Witek Family for the past 40
Words can never express the Ken Spivey, Local Band of team, and all other Parish Fire years. When I was 13 years
gratitude I feel right now with Brothers Motorcycle Group, Depts., across the State of old, Gene Witek was the Fire
so many people coming Bag- pipes, Magnolia Novelty, Louisiana that spent this Chief of the 7th. Dist. Volunteer
together as one to send our St. Amant Fire, 5th Ward Fire, beautiful Farwell with us. If I Fire Department on Roddy Rd.
local hero off. 7th. Dist. Fire, Sorrento Fire, left someone out, please He was also a school teacher
Galvez-Lake Fire, Geismar accept my full apology. here in Ascension Parish

Gene Witek’ s
Church of St. Amant and their Fire, Gonzales Fire, Prairieville where he taught Social Studies
entire staff, Church Funeral Fire, East Iberville Fire, St. and P.E. At 13 years, old, I was
Services of St. Amant & their George Fire, Baton Rouge brought to the 7th. Dist.

entire staff, Ascension Parish Fire, Livingston Fire Volunteer Fire Department
Sheriff’s Office, Ascension Departments, Assumption Fire where I interviewed with Chief
Parish 911 Center, Gonzales Depts., St. James Fire Depts., Witek and Asst. Chief Craig
Police Department, Our Parish Terrebonne Fire Depts., Remembering a Gautreaux to become a junior
Government, Lamar Dixon Louisiana Fire Chief’s community friend & brother firefighter. My dad was a
Staff, our local media outlets, Association, Louisiana – Eugene “Gene “Witek member of the Prairieville
Our fireboard staff, All our local Firefighters Association, Volunteer Fire Department at
Chief Officers, Baton Rouge Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Wednesday April 22, 2020 the the time, but Prairieville did not
Police Dept. motors division, Office, Ascension Homeland Ascension Parish community have a junior firefighting
staff at OLOL Ascension, staff Security Staff, Our Wisconsin and the State of Louisiana loss program and 7th Dist. did. I
at OLOL Baton Rouge, Haleigh Family & Friends, Gene’s a true friend and a community would remain a junior
Hughes (video), Chantelle Family & Friends, Acadian icon and a brother in Gene firefighter for the next five
years until I became a Rookie hold each other tight while touched many lives in so many everything and touched every
Firefighter at the age of 18 the other member was groups he belonged too. He heart that he met. His very
years old under Chief Witek. getting dressed on the rear served many years as the Fire outspoken leadership and
of the fire truck. Chief of 7th. Dist Volunteer influence, usually behind the
Everything at the 7th. Dist VFD Fire Department, he was a scenes was phenomenal. He
from the early 80’s was green, We all loved getting together Past President of the Louisiana dedicated himself to helping
Chief Witek sure loved green, on a weekly basis for training Fire Chief’s Association, he others and never expected
our homemade fire trucks were and enjoying some great food served as Chairman of the anything in return.
green, our jump suits were cooked by KP Babin, Leon Ascension Parish Mutual Aid
green, our patches were Darbonne and Batiste Association, he was a Board I remember a conversation
green, our fire hoses were Lambert. I can still remember member and Fire Line Officer when I asked him why he gave
green even the plaques that walking by his very organized of the St. Amant Volunteer Fire so much of himself. He stood
were given out at our annual office and his personal radio Department and he was the in silence for a couple of
banquets were green. It did not would be playing some music current President of the 5th. minutes and then replied,
take me long to figure out why I never heard before, but he Ward Volunteer Fire “Because, my Chief, that is the
everything at our little local fire seemed to always know the Department and the Fire only way to live life.” Now I
department was green, and of lyrics. Witek loved him some Coordinator over Ascension look back to the conversation
course it was because he polka music. He was extremely Parish Fire Dist. #1. But what and understand how he lived
loved the Green Bay Packers proud of his Polish heritage. some do not realize is that, his life. He always had
so much and of course is part Gene was a very caring & compassion to give
owner of the team. Chief Witek knew that he was spiritual person. Everyone was to everyone.
a very special person. No special and important in his
We rode and got dressed on matter where you were across eyes. Everyone had special Gene had a unique quality in
the back of homemade fire this State involving the fire value. That is one of the that he could make anyone
trucks where the bumper was service, if you heard Chief reasons that so many will miss feel special. He knew exactly
no bigger than 12 inches wide Witek’ s name you knew that him – as he has changed and how to give people what they
and we hung on to a piece of he was full of Compassion, touched very many lives, not needed somehow and he
re-bar that one of the members Gentleness and Endurance. only in Ascension Parish, but would give this to you in the
welded on top the truck for us the State of Louisiana. best way possible for you.
to hang on. We all new how Chief Witek brought life to This could be a kind word or
bad the bump was a Black everything and touched every Chief Witek had a unique something he gave to
Bayou & Roddy when the fire heart that he ever met. quality in that he could make encourage you along the way.
truck would go through the Everyone who met Gene knew anyone feel special in the Others might have been even
intersection, that we would he was a special person. He community. He brought life to a tough word or a bit of a “kick
in the pants” so to speak. He warm body and crossed Chief
always knew how to reach Gene Witek’ s path… He was
people in the way that would your friend. He had such
touch their hearts and connect friendly, warm, upbeat,
with them. And before you positive, non-judgmental and
knew it, you would be endearing personality.
connecting right back.
It was fun, adventuresome and
Chief Witek you have indeed always exciting to be your
made the supreme sacrifice to friend – “FD-900”. I’m going to
make the quality of life better miss your mentoring, and our
for all of us in Ascension one on one talks.
Parish and the State of
Louisiana. May you rest in To the entire Witek Family here
peace for eternity knowing that in Louisiana and the ones
you have a beautiful family and watching from the beautiful
three wonderful children in State of Wisconsin, thank you
Beth, Daron & Jean and so much for sharing Chief
grandchildren to carry on the Gene Witek with this
love and continued sacrifice community. We are all better
that you made every day you community, because of
opened your eyes. Gene’s Love, Determination
and Loyalty.
Yes, I will miss your disarming
smile, great sense of humor
and your “Polka Music”, your
love for Cream Soda and MY BROTHER!
Dr. Pepper drinks and your
uncooked hamburgers that
allowed you to quickly and
Fire Chief / Constable
effortlessly befriend just about
James E. LeBlanc and your entire
every person you ever met. Ascension Parish Family
Young and old, family, friend,
neighbor … If you were a

CAER is Standing Strong with Our Community and Encourage

Safe Social Distancing while Keeping Our Families Safe!

Tuesday-Saturday 5am-9pm and Sunday-Monday 5am-3pm

For All Our Information & Services: • 225.673.8876


because he and his family

The were a big part of my
upbringing and that’s the way
Conversation he helped teach me to be.”

I was sitting on my swing late As a very young child I had

one evening trying to the pleasure of being
understand this new world acquainted with the Kermit
that we’re living in, when my Braud family since my father
granddaughter approached me was a member of the
with the house telephone in Romeville Hunting Club at
her hand. As she handed it to that time. That family, all a child like “Where does a wonderful lady has called in
me she said “it’s Mrs. Braud.” brothers, sisters, cousins and hamburger come from?” was reference to my writings. As
“Hey Goosie, it’s Janet Braud. children has always been commonly asked. When the the conversation continued
I just got finished reading one respected by myself in the reply was McDonald’s, he she explained to me that she
of your recent articles in the highest regards. I don’t recall would then explain to the was ninety years old and she
magazine that my son any of those people getting child that it actually came needed to talk to someone.
brought to me. I just wanted out of line in any way. from a cow living in a pasture. At one point she began to
to tell you how much I enjoy He might even hold an acorn apologize for calling and
your writing concerning our Mr Kermit was so special for in his hand as he stood next to bothering me. I made sure
land and the creatures that live his means of teaching younger a giant oak tree and try to that she understood that she
on it. Your thoughts remind people the true values of life. explain the progression of life wasn’t bothering me and to
me so much of my husband’s Employed as a county agent to the young student. My dad call back whenever she wanted
(the late Kermit Braud) views he had a unique way of and Mr Kermit were some of to. The talk that evening took
of the natural world.” I educating his students on the the finest marksmen of those my mind off the ongoing
replied, “that’s probably subject at hand. Questions to times. They would spend crisis for a while and reminded
hours shooting and reloading me of how grateful I am to
bullets to acquire supreme have been acquainted with
accuracy. They could even people like Mrs Janet and
scale down some large caliber Mr Kermit Braud.
bullets so that they could be
used to hunt squirrels with. I do have a confession to
make. I attend probably
In those days, the fifties and twenty funeral services a year
sixties, we hunters down here for individuals who have
did not realize that a whitetail treated me well in my life. On
deer would walk around the day they laid Mr Kermit to
during daylight. Hunters in rest, I was on a waterfowl
those days would see them at hunt in west Louisiana that
night while headlighting could not be rescheduled. On
game, which was more that day I said a prayer for him
accepted then than now, or and his family and thanked
you would jump one while him for being such a great
squirrel hunting. All deer in mentor and a wonderful part
south Louisiana swamps were of my life. I apologized for
hunted with dogs in those not being at the service, but
days. I remember one hunter in reality I was right where
who was smart enough to go Mr Kermit would have
against the grain and hunt wanted me to be.
deer in the daylight. Mr
Kermit Braud was the first Till Next Time,
hunter that I ever knew to
actually still hunt a Thank You Mr & Mrs Braud
whitetail deer.
James “Goosie” Guice
The phone call that evening
was not the first time that this

A Man Walks into a Psychiatrist’s Office…
by Bill Delaune
Patient- Doctor, I think I’m
a dog.
Doctor- Well, lie down on the
couch and I’ll start your
Patient- Sorry, I’m not
allowed on the

Now I know there are many

of you out there that are
beginning to crack after 60 days
of quarantine just like I am. So
before I went stark raving mad,
I decided to visit my shrink-
Dr. So-Sumi Fraud- to see if he
could help this brain cell-
depleted, feeble mind and bring
me back to the land of the
sane-wherever that may be. And
as a public service to you, my
faithful readers, I felt obliged to
include a transcript of our last
meeting to see if it would help
any of you poor souls in the
same shape as I am…
Bill- Well, Doc, I started
taking long walks like you
suggested in our last session.
And I’m comfortable with your
suggestion that it might be there anything else you want to television and before she can pulled off the stunner.
Christmas before our next real share with me? interfere, Mac has them all And how about that Masters?
family gathering, but my Bill- Well, Doc, before you cheering for a Mickey Mantle There was 60-year old Fred
distorted brain began call for them to come and take home run. Couples in the mix with Tiger
combining the two and spitting me away, I must warn you-I Doc- That was a memorable Woods, Rory McIlroy and all
out Christmas carols every time have been preparing for my life movie for sure, but what…? the big names on the final day
I dodged a near-miss on White in an asylum by watching “One Bill- So I figured what the until local favorite Matt Kuchar,
Road or trying to get across Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” hell. Instead of watching LSU the Georgia Tech graduate with
Highway 73. The traffic may be with Jack Nicholson as the beat Clemson again for the 23rd the Richie Cunningham smile,
down but that doesn’t mean the protagonist McMurphy. You time, I’ll just conjure me up stole the show with a dramatic
crazies are staying home. remember Mac, don’t you-small some of the sporting events I’ve eagle on the 15th hole. It was
Doc- Could you please give time criminal who has himself been missing like McMurphy the first Major of Kuchar’s
me an example? declared legally insane to be did with the World Series for career although he has won
Bill- Sure. “On the first day transferred from prison to a those lunatics. I mean-I’m just the Tournament Players’
of walking, what almost wiped mental institution where he as crazy as they were-or crazier. Championship at Sawgrass. So
out me?-an Amazon free expects to serve the rest of his I decided to start with March instead of the usual Tiger roars
delivery! On the second day of time in comparative comfort. Madness and all those great in the final round, the cheers
walking, what almost wiped out Of course, that all changes college games we missed. turned to “Kooooooooch…”
me?-two dump trucks dumping when he locks horn with Big Doc- If you tell me your This Masters will probably go
and an Amazon free delivery… Nurse Ratched in an epic power beloved LSU Tigers won the down as one of the greatest
On the third day… struggle for control of the other basketball championship too, or ever-even if Tiger didn’t win.
Doc- Uh, Bill-do you think inmates. In one of their many I’m having you committed Doc- Okay, Bill, I’ll play
we could get to the end of the battles Mac requests that the right now. along. Did you watch the virtual
song? guys be allowed to break their Bill- Come on, Doc, even in version of the Kentucky Derby
Bill- Oh, all right-12 DUI’s, rigid routine to watch the World my bizarre world, that team where Secretariat beat all those
11 teens texting, 10 crackheads Series game between the couldn’t reach the Final Four. other Triple Crown winners?
speeding, nine vans a’vaping, Yankees and the Dodgers. But they did make a spirited run Bill- C’mon, Doc, those
eight meter readers, seven Naturally, Big Nurse refuses and to the Sweet 16 where that weren’t real horses. Let’s get
Christians cursing, six soccer Mac is forced to stare at a blank “matador defense” finally cost serious here. In this year’s
moms sulking, five Ku Klux TV screen. But suddenly, he the Tigers a tournament game Derby, Hall of Fame trainer Bob
Klan… begins to do a play-by-play as if to hot-shooting Dayton. Baffert had those two California
Four Fed Ex finders, three I the game is really on the set. But there was a longshot speedballs- Charlatan and
Love Trumpers, two dump “Koufax winds, he pitches- winner of the NCAA tourney- Nadal-go off as co-favorites.
trucks dumping and an Amazon base hit up the middle. Richard- Seton Hall, who outlasted all Both are really nice colts but
free delivery!” Apparently, son’s rounding first and headed the Bluebloods including they’re no American Pharoah’s
there’s a lot of frustration for second and he is….safe! “ Kansas, Kentucky and Duke, to if you know what I mean.
out there, Doc. Much to Nurse Ratched’s take home the trophy. You Those two hooked up in a
Doc- That is very interesting, chagrin, the other inmates should have seen Dick Vitale speed duel with Louisiana
Bill. Crazy-but interesting. Is
beginning gathering around the going wild when his alma mater Derby winner Wells Bayou and
the three of them raced in Especially when you’re
tandem for over a mile-running watching as intently as I do.
killer fractions at a breakneck Doc- I’ll bet. Your time is up,
pace. Seems the one thing they Bill, so I want you to continue
forgot is the Run for the Roses your walks except forget the
is a mile and a quarter. When Christmas carols next time.
the race fell apart in the home And I want you to limit your-
stretch, there to pick up the uh-television time.
pieces was 20-1 shot King Bill- Okay, Doc, but you have
Guillermo owned by former to let me watch the Indy 500 on
Major Leaguer Victor Martinez. the Sunday before Memorial
After the race a very excited Day. I have a feeling this is Will
Martinez called it “his greatest Power’s year to win.
thrill in sports-even bigger than Doc- Just take two Coronas
his 2014 year with the Detroit and call me next month.
Tigers when he finished second So there you have it,
in the MVP balloting”. faithful readers, see if that helps
Doc- And I suppose you had get you through this extended
money on this longshot? cabin fever syndrome. And stay
Bill- Of course, I did. Doc, crazy-it keeps you from going
do you know what name insane.
“Guillermo” translates into Drop by in June and I’ll have
English? It’s the Spanish version the College World Series on
of “William”. After my big score for you!
on War of Will in the Preakness
last year, do you think I would A man walks into a
abandon my grandson’s and my Paul Mainieri’s job for at least “Pulmonary’s” back goes to psychiatrist’s office and tells
namesake in the Derby? Only another year? Man, you should those two aces at the top of the the doctor, “Doc, nobody will
this year they paid off in have seen those bombs Daniel pitching staff-Cole Henry and talk to me.”
Monopoly money. Cabrera was hitting in that last Landon Marceau. I mean that The doctor looks at him and
Doc- Well, I think we’ll close series sweep over Alabama. And duo was almost unhittable in shouts to the waiting room,
out on that note-counterfeit as who would have thought the SEC tournament especially “Next patient!”
it may be. two-sport star Maurice when it looked like their
Bill- But Doc, don’t you want Hampton would develop into breaking balls were falling off a
to hear about how the LSU an All-SEC outfielder. table. Of course, television can
baseball team went on its usual But I guess the real credit for play some tricks on your eyes
late season tear and saved coach getting the critics off with their camera angles.

Hey, Dr. Rob!

Thumper keeps
copying me! No... Dr. Rob!
Boudreaux keeps
copying me!

Eric Lambert

Our Front End Alignment

Equipment is State-of-the-Art


225.744.4905 225.647.3000 • 1311 N. BURNSIDE • GONZALES
Ascension Parish will be open and

and Gonzales
on a regular

basis. If the
Governor has

declared it safe
to do so, play-

outline park
grounds and
splash pads will

opening plans be opened to the

public. (Note: The
City of Gonzales
In a joint statement today, will make a
the City of Gonzales and the decision about
Parish of Ascension re-opening their
announced that they have pool for the
been working cooperatively to summer season
develop a plan for the gradual if it is determined
re-opening of area parks and they can do so
recreational facilities. They safely.)
stressed that all reopening At this time
dates are contingent on the facility rentals will
Governor’s stay at home order begin opening for available
ending on May 15, and are dates after June 15th.
subject to change pending June 15th - All basketball
additional state or federal courts, volleyball courts, and
guidelines. sports fields will reopen for
May 11th - All Parks will team practices only. A set of
reopen to patrons for activities rules/criteria will be established
that can safely adhere to social based on national best-
distancing standards, such as practices guidelines for safe
walking, fishing, and disc golf. social-distancing while
June 1st - Tennis courts and conducting team practices
basketball courts will be open on the fields.
for public use, however team
play is restricted. Restrooms

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Frank & Kate

Your hearts must

be warm as fresh
baked biscuits.

with Kellie
Useless Random Facts

You can't kill yourself by holding your breath.

Shakespeare invented the word 'assassination'
and 'bump'.

Oak trees do not produce acorns until they are
fifty years of age or older.

The 3 most valuable brand names on earth are
Marlboro, Coca-Cola, and
Budweiser (in that order).

Owls are one of the only birds who can see
the color blue!

Spain leads the world in cork production.

There are 1,792 steps in the Eiffel Tower.

Q is the only letter in the alphabet that does
not appear in the name of any of
the United States!

The only two days of the year in which there
are no professional sports games--MLB, NBA,
NHL, or NFL--are the day before and the
day after the Major League All-Star Game.

The site with the highest number of women
visitors between the age of 35 and 44 years old:

The ver y first song played on MTV was
Video Killed The Radio Star' by the Buggles.

James Bond's car had three different
license plates in Goldfinger

Thoughts from Bully

Life Goes on
During Covid 19
Everyone is stir crazy these
days. However we have to get
out and live. I made a grocery
run and while I was backing up I Her crawfish were escaping into
heard a lady scream. I stopped, the back of her car to avoid the
rolled down my window to check cook pot. She was using a gro-
on her. She looked up laughing. cery bag on her hand to shield
“What happen Maam? Are you pinches and that didn’t work. I
alright?” She had opened her ask if she needed help but told
tailgate to load her grocery and me she on two left to get back in
creepy crawly things fell on top of the car. I told her I can help get I had a good chuckle and felt a didn’t tell her was her crawfish
her toes in her flip flops and them back in the sack. She said little better. As things are slowly seem to be kinda small. Good
started moving. Apparently she no need, thanks, I’m closing this opening up life seemd to be thing they weren’t select crawfish
had picked up a sack of crawfish tail gate and when I get home my getting back to normal. It was because she might of broke a
prior to her visit to the store. husband is going crawfishing. fun to hear laughter. What I jumping and screaming

imagined a sideways belly flop together and pitched in $5 to items not on the HOA allowed
Jeff Walker: and a big splash. A quick pop up save the ‘Jeff’ fund. The money approval list. They chastised him
Pelican Point with a look of shock realizing,
he fell in. Then thinking, Thank
raised purchased some necessary
safety equipment. A wench was
at the meeting for the safety
installations. Jeff took a deep
HOA Nightmare God it’s shallow I can climb
out. That’s when the fun began.
installed next to an exit ladder.
In the event of high winds a
breath containing his
emotions, (a difficulty task for
or After multiple attempts it was
clear, that wasn’t happening.
rope with flotation devices
protect him from drifting into
Jeff sometimes), he looked up
calmly and ask, “Where do I
Entrepreneur His neighbor responded to
some of his shouts and came to
deep water. After getting
permission from Kathleen for a
send the lawsuit for Bulkhead
installations that are not fall in
I was so excited to go play a the rescue. However he Life Guard stand to be installed. friendly!” I suffered trauma
round of golf with my buds. I couldn’t pull Jeff out either. She did have a request. Pamela from this event also. When you
heard all the lies and stories I’ve This story has a happy ending. Anderson can not man the stand get the answer them to call Peg.
heard before. Different but still The neighbor retrieved a ladder or any other Baywatch chicks. By the way Hubbie didn’t
the same. It’s just fun to shoot and Jeff escaped the depths of After the installations the pitch in or Carl!
the bull with a bunch of guys the lake at hole #8. He should Pelican Point HOA called for an
every once in a while. have looked for some balls. emergency meeting. Jeff was
Throughout the round A bunch of us guys got being called down for installing
personalities never change. Sam
and Hubbie know every break
on every green and when David
laughs everyone can hear it and
the cackle is very distinct.
I had heard a story that Jeff
Walker a friend and fellow golfer
had fallen in the lake by hole
#8. It was a funny story with
a little tragedy.
I saw Jeff after the round and
he confirmed the story. It so
happens it started out as an
accident as opposed to a
baffoon falling in the lake.
Jeff had twisted his ankle on the
bulkhead which caused him to
fall in.
This story may start with Jeff
falling in the lake but the real
story is, Can He Get OUT!!!!
When Jeff told me the story
it was very hard not to laugh. I

Cajuns Adapt
Floods and
Covid 19.
In South Louisiana we are a
custom to facing hard times
and disasters. Covid 19 is no
different. As we sit at home we
think of the days it will be
when we can mingle again.
Jessie is a cosmetologist /
hair stylist that had to shut
down for these past few
months. She started removing
nousances gators to make ends
meet. She loves this line of
work however with her many
clients waiting to get back on
their regular glamour schedules
she has decided to return. As of
May 15th she will be accepting
appointments. Jessie works at
Joie de Vie Salon on Hwy. 42
near Port Vincent. Call
OK Jessie isn’t a Gator
hunter but she is one hell of a
model for this photo session.

LRB Management, LLC

For all your tractor and fill needs including
ponds • house pads

For quotes call 225.715.3568 CHRISTIAN BROTHERS SEAFOOD

bush hogging • lot leveling
225.647.4332 • Hwy. 44 • Gonzales


Kade Lanoux Wins Jambalaya Festival World Championship!

Due to Covid 19 the Festival is not being held this year. Ascension Magazine decided to re-live the story from last year!

Congratulations Jambalaya partied late in to the night. Along with the good time the many friends. Eric and Stump
Association, you have done it It was exciting this year when festival represents a commitment didn’t miss a beat. They cooked
again. This year’s 52nd Annual second time champion, Kade to the claim Jambalaya Capital of and partied with the rest of us.
Festival went off without a hitch Lanoux with helper Jared White, the World. Mike and Steve Broussard played
and was a huge success. was crowned the World Champion The Mini-Pot Jambalaya together as the jitter bugging kept
I have been attending the Jambalaya Title. Cooking Contest at the 52nd us from thinking of the heat.
Jambalaya Festival for 40 plus years This year Danny Robert and Annual Jambalaya Festival was If you are new to the area and
and this year’s festival seemed to Kurt Waguespack worked their held along the Bayou and was have never attended the festival
have it all. The majic and won the Champ of sponsored by VFW Gonzales you are missing a good time.
food, the events, and the Champs Cooking Contest for the Memorial Post 3693. Along with the cooking and
entertainment makes this event one first time. This year the Mini Pot dancing there is a 5K Run,
of the most diversified festivals in Throughout my time at the Cooking Contest held their car show, craft vendors and
the state. festival I ran into to old school Champ of Champs Cook Koby carnival rides. Next year give the
A wide variety of entertainment Gonzales friends that always make Thacker who took home the festival a try. You will experience a
from bands like Eddie Smith, Mike a reference to the Festival that was trophy. good time and truly understand
Broussard & Nite Train and Chee once downtown Gonzales. Youngsters and adults why Gonzales is,
Weez rocked the stage while Everybody likes to talk about the competed in one of the festivals
hometown favorite bands such as days of old. The success was most popular event. Cooking in
Bac Trac and Na Na Sha kept our judged by the garbage left in the mini pots started in the 1970s, and ‘The Jambalaya
dancing shoes moving. One of the street. As exciting as those days is an event everyone enjoys and Capital of the
highlight moments of the festival were the current Jambalaya Festival families can participate in
was the appearance of Chase Tyler. represents Gonzales 2019 and our it together. World’.
In addition to our local community. It’s clean, organized,
musicians Rockin’ Dopsie and full of musical entertainment. While at the the festival I saw

Danny Robert
Champ of Champs
Monday - Friday 1-7
Sat - Sun 12-7

Located in the front of

Delaune’s Supermarket

2019 This years Jambalaya Festival
hosted 90 plus cooks and after
careful judging the Top 32 teams
positioned themselves to cook in the
Semi-Finals. This year when the

TOP 32
names were called out they were
called in the ranking position
on the judging card.
This year the Top 32 was made up
of seasoned veterans and many
new comers. If you had a chance to
see the scoring you’d be amazed

Semi-Final Heat 1

32 - Brady Diez

31 - Taner Bourque

30 - Lee Elisar

29 - Jamie Rye
32 31 30 29

28 - Brandon Elisar

27 - Alli Duplechein

26 - Jay Alexis

25 - Jared Cross
28 27 26 25
24 - Jake Avrill

23 - Joey Cornett

22 - Henry
Schexnayder, IV
21 - James “Stump”
Marchand 24 23 22 21

20 - Scott “Flu”Brignac

19 - Todd Breaux

18 - Tyler Lambert

17 - Jacob Mayer
20 19 18 17
how close the scores were for It was hot with no rain in sight survived the morning.
all of the jambalaya’s. just the hard work of cooking a 2018-2019 Executive
This years judges were: Committee (2019 Festival)
Making the Top 32 is a mile jambalaya on wood fires and
stone of achievement and open flames. After hours of Layne Gautreau President - Wally Taillon
makes the teams one step preparing the moment of truth Freddie Hurst Vice Pres. - Tammy Guillory
closer to the Final 12 and a happens when the lids are David Eastridge Treasurer - Brenda Taillon
Doug McCrory Secretary - Brigitte Reulet
chance to cook for the lifted. At that point the hopes
Marty Haydel Members at Large:
Championship. are high for the correct color, Mike Gonzales
Ascension Magazine was puffed rice and the chicken Contest Chairman - Layne Gautreau
present when the teams began flavor. Congratulations to the Mike Gonzales Koby Thacker
Robert “Hoss” Reine
cooking on Sunday morning. Top 32 cooking teams that

Semi-Final Heat 2

16 - Carlos Braud

15 - Koby Thacker

14 -Daren Braud

16 15 14 13 13 - Roby Breaux

12 - Bart Himel

11 - Tyler Bourque

10 - Lyman Abadie, Jr
9 - Shelby “Doty”
12 11 10 9 Gautreau

8 - Kirk Elisar

7 - Scott Duplechein

6 - Heath “Buster”
8 7 6 5 5 - Jarrett Marchand

4 - Robert “Hoss”
3 - Tyler Billingsley

2 - Justin Courville

1 - Kade Lanoux

4 3 2 1
Congratulations to All the Cooking
Teams for a Job Well Done making it
to the Top 12 Finals.
Kade Lanoux 2019 World Champion
Tyler Billingsley and Jared White teamed up with Kade throughout
the festival. Tyler cooked with Kade in the preliminaries. Jared
stepped in for the finals. Tyler had his own team in the finals.

1 - Bart Himel 2 - Jay Alexis 3 - Jacob Mayer 4 - Jarrett Marchand

5 - Shelby “Doty” Gautreau 6 - Justin Courville 7 - Heath “Buster” Melancon 8 - Todd Breaux

9 - Tyler Billingsley 10 - Scott “Flu” Brignac 11 - Kade Lanoux 12 - Koby Thacker

Cooking Gourmet at Home
8 ounces fresh Jumbo Lump crabmeat
1 small loaf French bread
1 Granny Smith apple
A lite and fresh dish for the summer 4 ounces Smoked Gouda (whatever cheese you like)
8 cherry tomatoes
1 ounce fresh basil
2 ounces extra virgin olive oil
2 lemons
Kosher salt & fresh ground black pepper to taste


First thing you want to do is get those toast points cooked. Set your oven on
375 and allow it to preheat. Take your French bread and cut it into ½ inch slices then lay them out on a
sheet pan/cookie sheet. Drizzle them with olive oil and bake for 5 minutes or until lightly browned.
Remove them from the oven and allow them to cool and get nice and crispy.

Next, grab your crabmeat and put it into a small mixing bowl. Drizzle the crabmeat with a little olive oil, the
juice of the lemon (no seeds), and salt & pepper to taste.

Crab & Apple Bruschetta Now get your cheese. Here we are using Smoked Gouda, but you can use any of your favorite cheeses. Shred
the cheese and set aside until it’s time to use.
Take out your cherry tomatoes and cut them in ½ and add them to the bowl of crabmeat

Thinly slice the basil leaves

Yield: 10-15 servings
The last ingredient to prepare is the apple. Remove the core of the apple either with an apple corer or simply
by cutting off each side of the apple. Cut the apple into small cubes and put them into the small mixing bowl
Prep: 15 minutes with the crabmeat and tomatoes, then drizzle with the juice of the last lemon (no seeds). This will keep the
apple from t
urning brown.
Cook: 10 minutes
Executive Chef
Sam Penton Serving: 4 Lay out your crispy French bread toast points and top them with the crabmeat, tomato, and apple mixture.
Sprinkle the shredded Smoked Gouda over the top then finish them off with the fresh basil.
Serve immediately and enjoy this fresh and simple to make dish as an appetizer or accompaniment.

Welcome Back To Our Guest & Friends

Our staff is dedicated to make your return as safe and pleasurable
as possible. We are serving with mask, sanitizing and distancing.

We are looking forward to seeing you again.



We are excited to announce the

construction of our NEW SPLASH PAD!
It is simple and affordable to become a
Social Member at Pelican Point.
Our Social Membership is tailored for those who
desire a family friendly, resort style, social and
recreational club experience.
• “Unlimited Access to Jr. Olympic Salt Water Pool
and New Splash Pad”


• Unlimited Access to Tennis Courts

• Access to All Member Social Events
• Access to Walking Paths
• Access to the NEW 19th Hole Sports Bar
and Updated Flight Restaurant
• Monthly Charging Privileges

Ann Zedlitz, M.D.
Board Certified Prairieville • 17497 Old Jefferson Hwy.
Dermatologist Baton Rouge • 5305 Flanders Dr.
“Skin Boss” l 225.778.7540