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Serving at the Center for Global Outreach • WINTER 2010

Ben meeting with men up north to affirm their mission fields in the areas of engineering, realty and teaching, and to share his own in construction.

Merry Christmas!

None of us are home yet.
For as long as God’s people can remember, they have been seeking the way home. The Bible reveals that their destination was never Egypt, or Jerusalem, or Babylon, but God, always God. Thousands of years later, Jesus would appear as the long-awaited Messiah with no home (Matthew 8:20). The message was clear: if God was where we came from, and God is where we are going, then we have no permanent address, and all our shelters along the way are merely temporary ones which cannot fully sustain or define us (see Barbara Brown Taylor's work, "The Preaching Life"). Some of us have houses and some of us are losing ours; but none of us are home yet. This Fall, our family of five went on our first support-raising project. With most of our belongings in a storage unit since last spring, we’ve not had a house of our own for quite some time. We completed our eight weeks of missions training at the headquarters of New Mission Systems International (NMSI) this summer, and we have been actively engaged in sharing our vision with others since then. For more than 40 days, we tracked our Messiah through 12 states. We followed the fresh prints out of churches and colleges and into the streets. We saw Him in the faces of people we encountered along the way; their stories testify that the Kingdom of God is breaking forth with a quiet power and in extraordinary dimensions. We felt Him in the beauty of the northern scenery, in the warm autumn colors and the chill of the early winter; this is a God-enchanted world! We followed Him into the cities, the country and the small midwestern towns. We bowed before Him together, day after day, when we heard the needs of each person we met and interceded on their behalf. It has been humbling to learn again that we are all on the same side of the counter—the illusion that some are blessed to give and serve and some are not is simply not true. We are all called to bless and

Angela and her West Michigan Writer’s Guild. She gave the final commissioning speech at the Guild’s annual October conference, Breathe: A Christian Writer’s Workshop.

serve one another. We are all in need of a Savior. Along our journey of partnership development, we have noticed a pattern of re-occurring questions. Let us take a moment here and offer clarity to our vision: Where exactly will you be going to serve long-term? Ft. Myers, Florida! We’ll be at the headquarters for NMSI, the nucleus for global kingdom work which provides training, planning, support, and services in order to further the work of over 200 missionaries in 28 countries. We’ll be going out on shortterm projects as needs arise and funds are available. What is your purpose? To train, care for and serve missionaries! Ben will be responsible for maintaining and constructing the facilities, as well as facilitating work teams. NMSI owns one city block, which includes our administrative and training building, as well as housing for all our missionaries in training and on furlough. Angela

will be serving, influencing and empowering women in training and on the field to fulfill their God-given potential through researching, writing, teaching and speaking. The children will be befriending and learning from all who pass through from around the world. Will you live on the campus of NMSI? We have been living in furnished mission housing, but this is not a permanent arrangement for our family. We are depending on God to provide us with the means to rent a house off campus soon. How is your current financial support and what are your needs? We need to raise all our salary and ministry expenses. Currently, we are at 10% of our required monthly support level. We need individuals/families to give $35, $50 or $100 monthly pledges. We would love to serve and expand the Kingdom with you! This New Year, will you join your stories with ours and
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Purchase a copy of Angela’s book “Running into Water: Women Immersed in the Pursuit of God” on and download the free study guide at
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take one or more of these monthly shares? We’ve recently been challenged ourselves with the life principle of Dr. David Livingstone: “I will place no value on anything I have or may possess except in relation to the Kingdom of God. If anything I have will advance the interest of that Kingdom, it shall be given up or kept: as by giving or keeping it I shall most promote the glory of Him to whom I owe all my hopes for time and eternity. May grace be given to me to adhere to this.”

This Christmas, may you embrace the deep truth that none of us are home yet. May you be reminded that our Savior became homeless that we might become home-free. And may you discover anew that our greatest sense of home on earth is with God’s people, for He dwells among us. We continue in our specific prayers for you. Merry Christmas!

Our family hosting a lunch with our COAT missions training group this past summer—Thailand, Zambia, Germany and Honduras were represented.

Because of Grace, Ben, Angela, Lars, Anders & Kiersta

Angela and Kiersta seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains for the first time as we travel north.

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