The Ashtavakra Gita

The Ashtavakra Series


His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar


The Ashtavakra Gita

Some 5000 odd years ago when HE walked on this planet he came with the Sudershan Chakra. This time he has come with the Sudershan Kriya. From time immemorial HE is that conciousness which is pure and is bliss. Today we see the entire knowledge of the universe in front of us. It is a fool who talks too much, so I shall stop now only to say, a Thank you, a deep heart-felt gratitude to everyone who has been part of my life and made this journey so wonderful, and a poem I wrote before Ashtavakra Gita. I asked for light in the darkness of the night I asked for rain as the sun scorched bright I asked for life when death was close I asked for help when the doors looked closed You've given me more, there cannot be complaints You've given me a smile, it's taken away all pains You've given me people who love me failsafe You've given me you - such a blessing - I feel so safe It's long you've gone and I’m waiting for you Tears well up in my eyes at the very thought of you Am I so bad I’m away from you you are in me, yet I yearn to see you Come back to me Come back real soon I’m waiting for you just once to see you no need of wants no wants of need I’ll trade it all for a glimpse of you Come back to me Come back real soon I’ll trade it all just to be with you Jai Guru Dev!




The Ashtavakra Gita

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The Ashtavakra Gita


1) We must really know how to ask and who to ask what. So many people are foolish and don't even realize what they are talking and to who and what. An example - It's like going to a jeweler and asking for a match stick to light a cigarette! Be careful on who you ask and what you ask. 2) The Guru is not a body... He is a "tatva"... only one who is realized know everything is "gurumay" 3) He spoke about "Purusharth" and this is homework for me and you all tonight :) There are 4 limbs to it - Dharma, Arth, Kaam, Moksha Dharma is that which uplifts you and holds you to righteousness.... Arth is the "saar" - the meaning.... Kaam - it is not just the physical desires - it is any desire.... Moksha - Liberation (and he will discuss this tomorrow in detail) So the homework - write down about the 3 things Dharma - Arth - Kaamnaye - what are these to you? What are your desires and wants - what are those things which give you meaning in life what is it that is your dharma.... and briefly write about what you want to be liberated from?
Day1 QnA

Q) Guruji, I did a bad karma.. Now what do I do in order to make sure the result of this can be lessened in some way?? A) You know, if you have done something bad - you should actually hope you get the result you deserve or go thru what you have to.. You should pray you that whatever i should get - give it to me... because only then there is "paschatap" (actually feel for your mistake / repent) And then you see - when you do this 100% you see how you will cured... those tears of gratefulness will wash away everything....

Q) What is Nasseb (Destiny)? A) Nasseb is Bhagya :D :D (Both mean destiny) :) When you don’t know why you got something - then you call it naseeb.... you know - anything outside our "saamarthya" we get is destiny... Then someone got a cap for Guruji and suddenly guruji says - I know some of you are anxious on meeting me - don’t worry - I WILL meet you all.....
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The Ashtavakra Gita
Day 2

1) Where there is a lot of respect for people, there we find we are less close to them... when we are close to people, we find we listen to them a little less.. Take it for granted that they are ours.... wise are those who learn how to respect and yet feel the oneness. 2) Of the 4 limbs of Purusharth - Dharma, Arth and Kaam are those which can be a bondage. Actually even Arth and Kaam are not really bondage's - it is your limited knowledge and foolishness and small mind which is bondage.. Moksh is that which liberated you. 3) So any people do not even know they are bonded. Who wants liberation? Only those who are bonded and know they are bonded? Only a person who is tired would need a pillow to sleep. If a person is running - can take a pillow with him and run? 4) What is truth? Truth is that which is not affected by time. Truth is neither changing with past not present nor future.... look at your own body - is it the truth? 5) I'll share 3 stories which were said at different times to convey different points :) Two stories on how people are unhappy and don’t even realize and what is truly being free and happy! It is said in one of the stories in Ramayana that a man once mercilessly beat a dog - and so the dog went to Ram for justice. The man was caught and Ram asked the dog - what punishment should I give him? The dog said - Make him a head of an ashram! Ram found it very strange and asked why do you say that? The dog replied saying - I was one last life! I know what a punishment it is :D The moral here was how people remain unhappy! Some think that being in this world is bondage and be unhappy! Others think they have renounced the world and yet remain unhappy! And it's even worse - because then you have followers!! And your followers won’t keep you at peace for sure :D The next story was about how a man complained to a swamiji about how his children were no more paying attention to him and leaving him to do all the work and shouting at him etc etc. The swamiji felt compassionate and advised him - why don’t you come to my ashram? I will make sure you have food and shelter and you don’t need to work and when your kid’s wants to meet you let them come! Suddenly the man got angry and started shouting at the swami saying - do want to break my family up??? What are you advising? I should move away? Who will take care of them etc etc The swamiji got up and left. The moral here was how people are unhappy and yet in that they find pleasure and not even aware they are stuck in this bondage! Finally a really really funny one! Some 35+ yrs ago - guruji was in haridwar for the kumbh mela and he saw a naga baba sitting near the banks. So for some reason Big Boss decided to go and talk to him - and he went there and asked - baba could we discuss some knowledge please? he haughtily looks at guruji and said - humpf! You??? What knowledge can you take?? Guruji smiled at him and said - thank you - I got it! (He told us he learnt how never to be rude and stressed out like that naga baba)



..don’t worry .Antar Mukhi Sada Sukhi.. (Turn inwards and you'll always find joy) Where does Sukh come from???? You are that!! Q) Guruji what happens exactly after death? A) Die and see :) If you die while you live and see it .. You have never died and you will never die.Ganga will never dry! Q) If everything is decided why is there any need of effort? A) Who said everything is decided? How do you think purusharth came then?? It has a deep knowledge behind this. well. People are saying Ganga will dry . Have you seen the Ganga river??? It’s always moving .no! He said . with your....I am telling you ..both are there. Life goes on and on and on.misery follows you. Back to Content’s page Page 6 . this is also there and that is also there..pull a truck! (And with this the whole hall burst out laughing :D) And Guruji thought in his head at that time .you know what I can do????????????? And Guruji said .I can ...with a rope tied to my groin .you are gyani (wise).what’s the use??? A truck can be started with a turn of the key!! What’s the point pulling it..:D :D that person looked at G and said with great importance .life is like that.. remember this one line always .The Ashtavakra Gita And it doesn’t end ...... but I’ll tell you . (And we were all literally in splits with the way he was explaining) Day2 QnA Q) Guruji is Vairagya only the source of joy? A) Yes! What pleasure cannot dispassion give you? Only those who have can give isn’t it? Only those who have food can invite people for dinner isn’t it?? If you run behind joy ..

earth.happiness (santosh) is found within .Ashtavakra will talk about this soon! Q) When I’m alone I’m happy.. Whatever we do .we must be on the middle path . 2) One must be very careful with the words they use! Especially a devotee. Ram had 12 and Hanuman had 14. What about Dharma? A) Wait a little bit . where the "wanting" ends and sharing begins . And when you are at peace and happy and others around you are at peace and happy then its punya. Arth and Kaam you explained and I understood. you are much beyond that.this is the past or the future. Also's paap. Does this mean Ram was not really an incarnation? How is it possible? Page 7 .wind . Don’t either starve yourself or stuff yourself! Don’t be stubborn and act on any extreme path Day3 QnA Q) Guruji. But when there are people around I feel a bit uncomfortable . If you're thirsty .. 3) You are not the 5 elements. what is your definition of happiness? A) The direction in which life tends to flow. Q) What is paap(sin) and punya(good deeds)? A) When you are troubled and others around you are troubled .. what to do? A) You have come to the right place. Arth and Kaam are bondages. Q) What's your best memory of happiness? A) Happiness is when you stop wanting and start giving.. Krishna had 16 kala's (16 attributes which made him "complete").eat.happiness is there. When you are happy you forget everything. Why? And what do I do about it? A) Its ok/ when you're tired just take rest. It's is important.The Ashtavakra Gita Day 3 1) We need to greatly increase our "sahansheelta" (ability to be calm) : "Sahajta" (naturalness) : Daya (generosity/kindness).don’t associate it to a person or an event. Memory is not happiness. What is a blessing? Its words followed by their meaning so be careful with them. Q) Yesterday you said Dharma.. you are bliss. Q) Guruji.never on the extreme! If you're hungry ..drink water. Happiness is now and it's your very nature.. You are not the fire . The guru’s words are an order and a blessing.. People are either remembering or dreaming about happiness . (He stressed on sahansheelta). Now you'll find out how :) Q) During seva sometimes I feel tired and frustrated.

If you need someone to help you carry the suitcase .that's why he had the 14 qualities! Many disciples get a few things from the master and think no end of themselves .and he did this without ego . Back to Content’s page Page 8 . Only someone stronger than you can help you.The Ashtavakra Gita A) Bhagwan se badhkar bhakt hai (greater than god is the devotee) the guru is god and the devotee is also god.only someone stronger can help you right?? Those who take care of dharma. dharma takes care of them. Hanuman knew all this is maya .like they have achieved everything. Their fall is also like that.he knew he had the opportunity to serve the divine .. To give importance to a devotee .even god bends down! It's like a father who lifts his child on his head.

so on the 2nd or 3rd time guruji looked at him and told him .just observing .. if you just pass a insult it is one thing .mann ke andar shareer hai) Day4 QnA Page Q) How come there is so much +'ve energy inside the ashram .and people who go and watch movies very regularly and not doing practices etc .. The reporter was not ready to believe him. The food is being digested.. the blood is we associate ourselves so deeply.he will ask for proof! Such is the state of the world . smiling as their faces are.. just relax and know you are free! Usually you think the mind is inside the body .get’s freedom and he who doesn’t want freedom also . You are only seeing what all is going on ..are you enlightened? He thought .you are above everything else ... Whatever needs to happen is happening.homework for you all Tonight as you go to sleep ...that is the truth! You know it :) So now . The heart is pumping...if I tell him yes . even in sleep you are so closely linked ..god gives the outcome and I do not do the action.listen to yourself and know that which tells you I am not telling you the truth .think and know that you are free and just relax and rest.not the scene ...) To get over tamogun we go into rajogun and we have to rise over both and increase our sattva.. This is ego .call out one of their names and see .. told him "No"..The Ashtavakra Gita Day 4 1) You are just an observer. 2) Your name is the last and most important attachment you can carry... You are "Sakshi" to all that is happening. if you are not the doer then you are not the receiver also! Some reporter in Sweden asked gurudev . You are only observing and you are above all else.. He who doesn't want joy Vishwa is that which encompasses all (vishwa = world) 3) Don’t try cheating/fooling yourself Some say ..but take a name and pass a comment and see how it is so much let someone know you are free only that 1 person as you sleep think that the body is in the mind.but even as we step out we can feel the change in energy? 9 .get's love! (shareer ke bheetar mann nahin ..if 10 people are sleeping ..but the sight! (He spoke about how we as devotes have a glow on our face .you need to give them proof (at least that’s what G told us :p) So guruji.. He went on pestering Guruji to tell him the "truth". this is ego! Our name is such an attachment! "Shwa" means yesterday or today (shwa maane "kal" = kal jo ho chuka hai ya jo aane waala hai) and Vi is that which is special (Vishesh) .

. they don't realize this is not some human effort involved here . if someone else feels self pity ..we just carry on our own work and do our things .let them so it. Divya samaj ka nirman.we can all make the difference in the society. please gimme an auto/bus/taxi back home or parking space" ask for something big .... When you make a wish ..this is a very deep and sacred practice .and it's a divine power behind all of this.. People who have selfish motives behind it .wish for something big .The Ashtavakra Gita A) You have a great amount of energy in you! and when we're doing all such practices it helps.. A) I know people are copying ..don’t keep asking me for "guruji ...the other is the ocean Back to Content’s page Page 10 . Q) How to overcome self pity? A) When you feel self pity ... Q) (This question was quite difficult to hear) .but it was on the lines of someone copying the sudershan kriya and our techniques and guruji's talks and delivering let the country find peace and take initiative and forms groups and do activity for that .it won’t last long .come out of it.because we are on the right path! Q) What is the difference between the mind and the self? A) One is the wave .. meditation and adv courses will help...we don't have to worry or bother about such people .only they can come out of it..

and ultimately realize that second of brilliance of the illumination .you will take them off .what you are searching for .time and again this happened but all those events have gone will lead you there) and he repeated adi shankaracharya's verse .... Only when you drop this you will be free from misery.The Ashtavakra Gita Day 5 1) Don’t get stuck to your identity will not find happiness there.he calls for Hanuman and Krishna and says jai gurudev too .you still are here.he pushes the rope and carries on his journey.. Also when we are stuck we get into this mode of victim consciousness . Know this and you'll be will go to all religious and holy places .you find many people call their spouse "honey".and he's got a torch with him which has batteries that are not so powerful and give just enough light to see a little ahead of him..he see’s . don’t fight them ..the more you are free..observe. you will read much about things in books and veda's .. and it's when we forget this we are sad.just observe them will search for "that" ..see the storm which has brewn up is "sakshi". honey honey honey (he actually said it 3 times :D and it was so funny to hear him say that) and in the end they get diabetic and hence look for a change..It's you! changing of people or places will not serve any god .kasya sukham na karoti viraga (what joy does dispassion not give you?) Story time :D so this man is walking in the night on the road ..suddenly there is lightening . the man is scared off his wits and doesn’t know what to do . just be aware of these will learn so much. Page 11 ..and until you drop from this identity (I am so & so .. When you have got angry what you are.. you don’t need to look anywhere.... honey this .what happens if they go there ..and in the moment of flash .. these storms...don’t force stop them ...we just need to relax and know we are free..a businessman.. an auto rickshaw driver etc etc) you won’t get free.... Moral . 2) You are not the "do'er"...... so he is walking and suddenly the torch flashes on a fat snake on the road..... and then feeling confident's not a snake but a rope....vishram se sukh milega (action will not lead to happiness . --------------He ended AG today saying You are made up of joy/love.. after a few hours .first 10 days they'll feel good . in the west .it just observers . there is an element in you which just observes ..because then that is an action and you will be stuck again .and just hope he doesn't get bitten.after that????????? karne se sukh nahin milega ..honey that.everything after that is taken care off.which we should not. but it doesn’t help does it???? Even so with places people in Jammu think it's great to be in Goa and vice versa . These are like clothes and shoes . just look at your own life and see .it has never done anything and nor will do ... the more you repose and relax in yourself . and the lightening comes ...Just once you understand you are free and just observe ... a rope wound on to the he stands there without moving and starts praying ....

how do I do this? A) You’ve felt this ... Back to Content’s page Page 12 ... you are free and in the present moment .. I have done many sins till now.. Q) There is so much being said on bhramacharya in the scriptures.... don’t feel guilty and give up. Could you talk about this please? A) tomorrow/ you’re free. Am I worthy of being on this path? I want to atone for the sins .. In the "ashudh" state (not a pure state) you will cover up and defend the well> Day5 QnA Q) Guruji... it would be enough.. take the wisdom and in the present moment .that’s why you even felt the need to do a "pashchyatap"..just give it up and don’t get into the guilt consciousness... yet we are stuck with food and desires. in the olden says that's why the students would go to the guru and he would tell them do this or that.then all is taken care of..The Ashtavakra Gita <So again it's our homework .

.... if you think you can you will...The Ashtavakra Gita Day 6 1) Wake up and see... and whenever he stood on that and looked at people he would get very kind and call them and ask them to eat fruits and come to his garden. and we have to go from the gross to the subtle.. only when there is "cleanliness" . <story time> there was a gardener ....and strong...and when they dug it they found the throne of the great king Vikramaditya! <Moral> we have power of such magnitude ... and the character of ravan was played by this small ... and she said ... don’t use such incorrect is to free you! It gives you relief! It makes you pure...... you think you are insignificant?? Insignificant as compared to the virus?????????? No! You are powerful . nothing is true! If the body is clean then the prana is clean... so some wise man observed this pattern and said . no parent wanted their child to be ravan :p so ultimately i made my son do this" and guruji was just amazed . in you there is a great strength.waisi gati (as your thoughts .. That energy in the environment and individuals together ..maybe there is something in that hill ...that we can change and affect not just people but a large area around us also.god is doing that.. everything in this universe is made of just 1 substance.the character of ram was played by this slightly well built boy and had more of the looks like one would imagine ravan..... and as people would approach .this is just a role and how people's reaction can make a huge difference.. so guruji asked the lady organizing how she did the "casting" shall be your life) you are greater than this feeling of joy/sad and everything. just this is enough for freedom.. even a small virus like the "swine flu" virus . don't think any of you here are less than Janak....... you can’t say ...more delicate looking boy. if you think you are useless . and as you think .something so small shook the life for a few months.each is playing a role...I won’t cook for my kids or take care of my husband etc etc ...let's dig it and find out . he said you will have all sorts of people in this universe and they are just being "casted" ."what to do guruji... 2) Surrendering means you are pure! When you surrender who do you think you are doing a favor!! You think god/guru will get anything? No . don’t think any of you are "less".... that is not your job ....wisdom will remain and be it shall be reflected. with devotion the mind is clean and with knowledge the intellect is clean...who would stand on the mound in his garden.. Page 13 4) Something in you doesn’t do anything ..he would get off that little "hill" and suddenly get agitated and start shouting at people.. because you have the want to know. but this doesn’t mean you run away from your responsibility either. 3) Jaisi mati . that's why seva is so important. <story time> guruji had gone to Canada many years ago and as a programme they had arranged "Ram-leela" for him..god is looking after it..... when guruji saw the program he saw .. if you have to feel proud about something then feel proud about being "free" (mukt) stop thinking you are carrying the weight of this world.

.you are complete! Day 6 – No QnA Back to Content’s page Page 14 .the prana/bhav/gyan all becomes shudh/pure..The Ashtavakra Gita You know why you all keep coming here and sitting in front of the guru??? In the presence of the master . and when all this becomes pure .

now eat food and go to office.... getting upset over the faith is also bondage! 5) Asangoham Asangoham Asangoham Punah Punah.. and that is also a bondage! don’t hallucinate and have some concepts in your head about god getting angry because you missed fasting or not going to a temple on one day etc etc.even the dead have blood in them! Get out of those concepts we have built around us Don’t live stressed out..I am he puts up posters saying anyone who finds the donkey gets to keep the donkey + gets a cash reward! Again this confuses someone and he asks mulla .so have you understood??? Mullah gasps and says .. you are just light.yes doctor! I have discovered .. you are doing nothing....and suddenly mulla started thanking god!!!! So someone walking by him stopped and asked him why are you thanking god when you lost the donkey???? He said .and nor is there a beginning . and one day the donkey went missing ......hey! Why are you giving both??? So mulla replies ...The Ashtavakra Gita Day 7 1) <Story time> Mullah Nasseruddin had a she got fed up and took him to a doctor. but there are people who get stuck even on the religious can’t say it is there but you cannot say it is not there either... Joy is in finding and joy is in losing also....... But when will you drop everything and where will you search??? Wishes/Desires will only take you in a circle . When can you leave something .. blood trickles out.cut this bondage with the sword of knowledge and well as outside he tells mulla beautifully - Page 15 free! People who get stuck in the worldly life we see and know. so the doc takes a needle and pricks him. She thought he was joking .. There is something which is present inside you .. so he told his wife .only after you have caught it right??? You know. that is the empty space.if I was with the donkey even I would have lost my way!!!! Nevertheless he starts looking for the donkey but is unable to find it ..see the dead don’t have blood in their body right??? mulla says yes. And then he sang :) :) :) he sang ... nothing is impermanent and nothing is permanent .so she said .. 4) He who realizes his self ...and you'll end up where you are! 2) Listen to knowledge and then become empty..... the doc has a smug look on his face and says .well .... every particle in this universe has knowledge in a merry-go-round . again and again I come back to my self. so he said the dead can’t eat food and why should the dead work! And he continues with this absurd behavior . the doctor talks to him but to no avail . and it is that empty space which has value 3) <Story time> Mullah Nasseruddin got up one morning and decided he is dead.there is no end ..khojne ka kuch alag hi mazaa hai (there is quite another joy in just the search) Just the search is joy.. Time and again...

he took a short meditation on this :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------Homework!! He said You are "narayan swaroop" As nar (man) you have felt bondage .. Day7 QnA No QnA Back to Content’s page Page 16 like narayan. Just rest. And go into the state of Nidra Samadhi..tonight as you go to bed ...The Ashtavakra Gita Alakh Niranjan Bhava-Bhaya-Bhanjan Narayan Narayan Narayan Hariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Narayan... Then..

.. go beyond that... it is your desire to hear AG and hence you are here! This is a desire ..... just sit and do the kriya!! Our 5 senses have limited ability but the want of the mind is limitless....The Ashtavakra Gita Day 8 1) How can you get joy? He who is Nishkriya and Nisangha is only one who can attain joy... only the Atma (soul) is formless.... it is even here you will find people having a big ego on the doesn’t go and check if the smell has reached the nostril or not.. if you buy a shampoo and apply it on your head will you say no I spent so much on this shampoo . it is so difficult. only the atma is nirakar... the "guide" knows the path . you are sing and sing and then you get tired and so you sit .. Nishkriya is very easy to speak about (Niskriya is "doing nothing") but it is very very difficult..and it's in those few minutes you are happy and content.. giving is a sign of will not be born again because you are free.everything changes and has a form//// mann/buddhi/chitt all of these have a form....the god's are in the mountains.. That's why in the olden times the rishi's and others said .. And you are just gives the fragrance ... either their body or mind is restless. Page 17 .. sahajta aur saralta poornata ka lakshan hai (simplicity and naturalness are signs of fulfillment) For a stream (derya :D :D :D) to flow it needs direction and so let your desire be the highest form of "chin-mat vasana"... and when you give don’t worry about how and who is taking it. even singing a bhajan is a kriya.. it's not money but the "bhav"...and then relax .. The wise smiles and lives life while the fool/ignorant frowns........ and this greed is what keeps us away from our "self".. no......I cannot wash it off??? When you are happy you remain untouched by anything! That’s when you can give..bones to the mind .. We have burnt out prana/body/mind over and over again and have died. so in the process of going up and down the mountain you are inevitably doing the sudershan kriya! And observe and see . give and see . and when you’re happy you want nothing. and have been born again to "find" joy and you are still doing the same. you may choose to be born but not forced! the one who is searching is walking on the path..but this is the right kind of desire.. be like a flower . And when you listen to this from a guru ...... so what happens .......after all the walking what happens .... the one who knows is also walking on the path. 2) Don’t get attached to Samadhi Don’t get attached even to Samadhi. Let it be :) 3) You are nirakar(formless) that which has shape is not true because it changes.. just ask someone to sit quietly for 15 minutes and see.he knows where there are pitfalls and obstacles and where what is happening and are tired and so you rest and when you rest what is your desire it comes true! And that's what we are doing here without climbing mountains.. rather than being lost walk with the happy you will feel....... So then how do you and what to do to get to nishkriya??? Decrease the rajoguna in you.. they cannot.. don’t get stuck in this small mind. from the gross to the subtle .

.The Ashtavakra Gita Day8 QnA Q) Guruji you have said that everything we do is for joy . Once a man went to the astrologer and asked about his son’s future ...he will be the one who will feed 1000's of people.... The man went back feeling happy thinking his son would become a industrialist etc must be greedy will come out for sure! and this is what we all do in life . then why is there sadness and trauma around? A) Mullah Nassruddin's wife was pregnant and due to deliver a baby (yes . we are only wondering how we will "get".... the kid is mine ..he started answering this question with a story :)) and despite the expected "arrival" of the baby it was not yet a carrot kept in front of a rabbit . I’ll come back in a few minutes.... there is freedom and yet something’s are written.. So the doctor called mulla and said ...... else you would be stuck with the last impressions.... there is a reason one of them..janma rahasya .. Back to Content’s page Page 18 .reason for something to happen the way it happens or happened.give it to my wife now.. then mulla said no no no.. it is with those who are stuck in the world and also with those who are on the "path". Wait. I think we need to do an operation. where you are born is because of your past karma but where you will be . don’t do in your own hands. How will you get joy like this??? Q) How and why is it that some people are born in very rich families while some are born in such poor families that they cannot afford even a single meal? A) of the 5 secrets in this universe ..look..the astrologer said .. there is one point of time in your life where you will come to know it all .everything on this.. some will remember and some will forget..let's give it a toy ..we are running behind this "joy" never knowing what it is.ultimately that's what we want and is there... Many yrs later the son became a waiter (the prediction was true after all) There is freedom of your karma and yet something has been written. so mulla goes to the shop and buys a toy and comes back and gives it to the doctor and says ..... the secret of birth has been kept a secret by god on purpose. This whole universe works on a "cause and effect" phenomena.

. a wife will ask her husband who he is.... 4) There is nothing outside god He has no shape . wipe it..god is the reflection <story time> once tenali wanted to sell vegetables and so he took his donkey with him with the vegetables on the donkey. when you are in yourself you will not be forced to be born.. You know babies and saints are considered to be god because they are so clean in the mind .. We carry so many concepts in our head and we still don’t learn from them.. <story> One day Mullah nasseruddin (and then he G changed it.and so nature takes care of them in other ways.. our mind keeps braying every time we speak hence we cannot hear what needs to be heard..... 2) I am that which never changes How many times have you craved and asked for things.just stuck in our own concepts..not mulla ......but every time he opened his mouth ........The Ashtavakra Gita Day 9 1) Our own mind cheats us and we don’t even know that Sorrow is because of the small mind.they are in the present moment and don’t "want" anything.....Tenali Ram :D) so one day Tenali Ram had a man come home and ask for a loan and promised to return it in 1 month .. God is space and everything is present in space...... His voice was covered by the donkey.. he reached the market place and started calling loudly .vegetables for sale . a few weeks later .... become clean.... Wise are those who don’t repeat the old/same the same time the donkey also brayed. there is this problem called "Dymensia" where people tend to forget things's time to clean it......... There is dust in'll find a deep strength come into you then... and tenali replied ....but many are not .but in the end he gave the man the money. frustrated he asked the donkey are you selling the vegetables or me????????? <moral> we are in the same pattern of behavior. you have so many impressions and dust settled ....Tenali didn’t want to give the money because he knew the man would not return the money... I cannot fall in this trap again and you cheat me. Our own mind is our pitfall.still what is the result .. This time Tenali flatly refused so the man asked him why... Hosh mein jo jagte ha woh tar jaate hai (Those who are alive consciously they are the ones who get liberated) Page 19 ...... ideally even old people should be that way .... parent will ask a child who they are etc etc.your hands are empty... you were/are/will never be separate from HIM. not expecting it to return he said to himself "I have given charity.. in the chin-mat vasana your karma’s are burnt... So it’s ok".. don’t search .. so he tried avoiding . get back to your self and be free. so no one could hear Tenali... you even got them ..even searching is an activity..don’t expect him to wear a crown and come with a flute etc etc. go into the chin-mat vasana ........ A month later the man came and gave money back to a very surprised Tenali. this is nature’s way to remove the dust and keep you in the present...but you came and returned it.. he said no ... <Moral> we don’t even know what and who to believe in ..the same man came again and asked for a loan again and promised to return the money.... 3) In the clear and still mind .you cheated me last time! I never thought you would return the money .

. and if you feel this way . Back to Content’s page Page 20 ...Krishna tells Arjuna .... Q) When I see you I feel like crying and feel I have known you are ages and lifetimes... Buddhi shuddh hoti hai toh shraddha badhta hai (when the mind is pure the faith increases) jaisa ann waisa mann (how the food intake . faith doesn’t end here ..someone’s honestly ......... else you will get confused like this..The Ashtavakra Gita Day9 QnA Q) Guruji..but never is the mind) That’s why it is so important to eat well and eat good food and eat the right way..... while doing everything also know you are doing nothing.. in the Upanishads they talk about 2 birds on a tree .. In the narad bhakti sutra's .narada also says when you are with the one you love you are in a state of bliss (paramanand) and when you are separated (virah) you are sometimes get covered with dust .you must know the basics and fundamentals and do yoga.. This is all Phd level talk ...but sometimes I feel the connection is lost and it's painful. who are you? A) Do you know who you are??? First find out who you are . you doubt your happiness ...... eat with good thoughts in your mind and eat with awareness.... I told you not to leave everything.. Q) How can I increase faith? A) Just this thought is enough. we must avoid talking about illness and problems while we are eating...god... we should avoid watching those violent TV shows while are very very very fortunate.there’s nothing more needed.... never your unhappiness or a cheat etc etc.think a little bit..... Is it true? A) This is your experience and you are doubting it .. Q) You said become Nishkria .1 is eating and the other is just observing. but I love you anyway.. even in the bhagwad gita .. Only be "sakshi". you'll then know you are just observing.then you'll easily know who i am :) Q) Sometimes I feel it and know you are with me . you have to keep doing your karma but yet remain observant of the karma...there is not a single moment in this universe anything can remain without karma.... what to do? A) You have asked and answered the question yourself :) :) :) one who has experienced the nectar of devotion ....but then what's the position and importance of Karma and sankalpa then? A) Look must be true :) You doubt only that which is true.

... the very feeling of bondage is a big thing .I am. In action (Pravritti state) you must do the job . In India we think god is within but we blame the world.I am beyond this body . This is atmagyan. That's what happened to Janak......." and then satsang began!!! After a while guruji started again saying .you will give happiness . Don’t get lost in this diversity of life.. Page 21 . There is nothing outside expression which has no meaning in words but a very deep significance to the emotion...fix the solution...why didn’t I do this before???? 4) You can give only what you have If you're happy ...I am silence is impossible for nothing to happen... the wise talks and also listens . there is no difference ...first we thought ..some people ask questions without really wanting to know the answer..This world is my creation ..where we are supposed to take action we say all is well and nothing to worry and see what Janak had grasped.. 5) Everything is yours and yet nothing is yours Nobody is bad. I have all the treasure of this world ....why did I waste so many years of my life .... In the state of relaxation (Nivritti) just rest..there is nothing that is outside him... they think humans are sinful and god is pure and have kept god very far.. Wow!!! I understood. you can’t choose .... This is wisdom.. and when we are to sit and meditate and just rest .. in the western culture .because that's the first step towards liberation. no that's not how one should be... God is not far. 1000's of you are sitting here today . it's the same .The Ashtavakra Gita Day 10 1) Don't blame yourself God is in you.what is all this yoga and pranayam and "path" etc .....if you insult the picture then you also insult the one who made it..the only regret in your mind was ..yet I look to beg for small things. god is everywhere .. He realized .... Krishna also says many of us have experienced this .....all is one.....then we start finding faults. When something so deep takes place .birth is the transition from the subtle to the gross while mukti/liberation is from the gross to the subtle... It's like an artist who draws the picture ..this is mine and that is not."I’m also sitting and I can ask intelligent questions"...find faults and work on it ...but after you did this what happened ......... that's why ashtavakra spoke .calling yourself god is almost equivalent of a sin. the ask because they feel important and that it's like an attendance . in the state know that everything is ok and all is well :) But we don’t do that .honor and live in it.. and that's what happened to Janak..if you are sad .. 2) The wise one talks and then listens Guruji again sang "Alak niranjan.... his action/habits might be wrong.. Everything is in god.. but this is not right blaming the world. 3) AHO!!!!!! When something of this magnitude for a conversation transpires .an expression comes out . Don’t blame the world nor blame yourself and then look to find god...why???? Because something has blossomed in you that you are at will give out sadness.and then kept quite ...

.....ok! No problem brakes are working ..The Ashtavakra Gita If you car has a flat tyre ....stand up and speak out. you don’t simply sit and say .and you'll win this world..come on! Take action. no.. The disciples and devotees told "waahe guru" and chanted that for the guru.. where you see corruption and need for improvement ...all is ok.. don’t sleep and miss the miracles Day10 QnA No QnA Back to Content’s page Day 11 Gun Shot at ashram – No AG Back to Content’s page Page 22 .waahe guru is a call from the inside! It’s a call from the heart. 6) Every second/step nature is giving you miracles.the sikh guru's stood up and said .get up ..when India went into a state of almost cowardice and were being ruled by foreign powers ... It is not a text book writing .... the sikh guru's did that .tyre is flat ... conquer and know yourself . if the brakes aren’t working .go get them fixed....fix a new one and carry on.

the ocean is the nameless and formless..he was looking only at the bulb . Janak continued to be a king until the end . so is the world which will reflect to you. When janak heard this knowledge . Page 23 . 3) Sagar mein ek leher uthi tere naam ki. so everyone would ask him ... and yet this doesn’t mean you leave your responsibility.. Only when you follow these 3 ... move from the diverse to the one.. and in a short while he went to the doctor and asked for spectacles :p and the doctor asked him ... Jaisi Dristhi / Vaisi Shrishti . But he had a problem ... know the tower and you have control over all the mobiles...I am nothing .. the wave is part of this ocean which takes this form.why?? Mullah replied .and we are in a world which is forever changing and uncertain. life is like a 3D movie :) I advice people not to use the phone too much ... With what skill we see something ..... we have to go from the gross to the subtle and that's why we need skill (kushalta) to see god. and he would say will not reach there.... don’t throw the mobile . find the switch .....from 1 side you see one image and other side you see another... like a mobile phone and we think it's moving.....but don’t get stuck in the mobile either. Meditation has 3 rules to follow I want nothing . like light bulbs .....waves are part of this ocean.I do nothing. like a hologram you shall just one is enough..1 switch is able to light up 100's of 1 level he was quite and at peace and at another level he was astonished and in wonder.some people use the phone to call people from one room to the other that we see the truth too. and that’s why in AOL we wish in this manner that let this wave remember today it is from the ocean and may it be blessed with knowledge of the self..but now he found the switch. they come and go.....the pictures are still and they run them .. tujhe mubarakh khushiyan aatma gyan ki Tujhko hai ananth mein jakar mil jana ...The Ashtavakra Gita Day 12 1) This knowledge is not for the renounced ....not the bulb.he would see everything twice/two of the same thing... gross is diversity and subtle is one/unity.mulla why don’t you go and wear specs... you will return back again and you are beautiful/truth........ he took care of his tasks but never got stuck to them... there is no "fight" between the waves .or inside to outside the kutir. and that’s what janak discovered . we need to see god with skill.. Our brain is like a frequency analyzer ..This is knowledge to know that unless you "drop it" is for the "king" there are different ways to get to god .can you see god.Gyan is one of the ways and this is how Ashtavakra lead way! I can see "her" twice :) And then he got married.the principle is the same ....he had dropped the small sight and moved to the large vision. look at nature and look at a movie can meditate :) only when you stop seeing this world . 2) <Story time> Mullah Naseruddin fell in love with a girl..tu hai sundar phool is sansar ki (Guruji spoke this out today :) ) He said ...

when can there be victory .The Ashtavakra Gita birth is not an easy process many souls are running to be born in the form .it is such a struggle and only 1 is lucky... No victory. who will you win against yourself???? Get back to the self.. you have struggled all the way before birth...till death???? In India birthdays are called "jayanti" .. There is loss or victory... Day12 QnA No QnA Back to Content’s page Page 24 .where there is no 2...only where there is 2... you want to struggle till the end .

in the sanatan dharma they said . no .... take 1 path.... This is what Ashtavakra told Janak .I am that..these are the 3 signs of our atma/consciousness.. all of this universe is made up of the "atma".. Who didn’t find??? You...."Tatvamasi" ...... and he didn’t listen . from ignorance to rest .. it was when Janak saw "within" . that is the atma...the poor fellow got a "wake up call" ....that he is "Hanuman".what are you offering the idol all this when I am here??? I am Hanuman.....1 sudershan kriya has changed my don’t have to do anything at all.... and he looked at all the people giving offerings to the idol and he went up and told them ... but he insisted ....... I’ll tell you the biggest secret ..then you'll know. one day a boy came to me and said Guruji I want "atma sakshatkar" and so I told him . even in the path we want to have "siddhi's" (powers) and feel "the" experience.. I have done sahaj also .ok.then you need to rest and just drop it. First listen . search requires effort but in rest you find god. we need to have patience.......who searched?? said you searched and found nothing .chant "hamsa". no . Then it was Janak who realized . they will look here and there and get confused because one place someone will say . wait a little time and do the practices and see........just drop all of this. Adi shankara said .....people sent him straight to the hospital.we searched and searched and found none.god is there.don’t get stuck in any concepts. then here we say ..then follow in patience and be with it .and went back home (in Delhi) and sat and meditated for 16 to 18 hrs and 2 days later he started hallucinating ."so hum" /// else where someone else will say ............. Where search ends .you are god .....I want it are what you are searching for.. Back to Content’s page Page 25 .what are you searching for??? 2) Drop those "wants" So many people do "spiritual" shopping...and don’t tell this to anyone. that's why first they say we need to get the thirst for knowledge and mukti. It's all there set for you . while you are searching you can’t see anything . this is become like window shopping.. when the thirst increases ....then you can see everything ... I was an atheist before .. and another "sada soham".... " Well . The bhagwad gita first takes you to the search and then rest... This is not something you must go proclaim to others...and I feel too that. in Buddhism they said life is "shunya" (zero/empty/nothing) Buddhism believed there is no "atma" .The Ashtavakra Gita Day 13 1) Vishram mein Ram hai (in rest you find god) Everything is made up of just 1.. It’s like someone searching for their glasses which are on their head.. search is a sign of a man who is "awake". just sit for a few minutes and you'll see .."dasoham" ...he realized this secret..... 3) Tatvamasi -> Aham Bhramasmi Asti Bhati and Preeti .don’t do that.the phase between this is search..they said .. Like threads together make cloth .no guruji .life is "poorna" (complete).. Don’t be stubborn .."Aham Bhramahasmi" .. AG directly tells you to rest..where are you searching??? And then when you find it ......yea .. you must search but yet drop searching and are that. You are that.. and we need to wait..

he realized was never "other". it was one......then you'll see everything is one..The Ashtavakra Gita Day 14 1) You are filled with light Till you don’t know the atma everything looks different. what we need is the knowledge of the thought they were different ..actually was the mobile was the knowledge of electricity that told you .... he realized that the world was not different from him....... change the way you see things just once . it was himself.. We need to change our perception. you are the "drishta" not the drishya... Janak realized that... Day 13 and Day14 No QnA Back to Content’s page Page 26 ..... don’t get stuck in the "scene"... what you thought about a mobile having all the power .when he was bowing down and doing namaskar to "others" ...... when all the bulbs glow ..all was 1. what seemed like a snake was just a rope.

god.. (and then his answer I couldn’t hear) 2) There is no joy for one who is lazy or one who overworks Only someone who is thirsty and gets water realizes the value of water. don’t do anything .he also reads or says the same and questions mulla .all this drops. and there you will realize .... what are you going to surrender to him?? Some coconut??? You think he wants that???? No ..take the middle path = don’t be lazy or be restless.. and if you still do it despite at one level "knowing" sand is not something to drink ....only is rest you will be able to drop all these habits.he doesn’t want even the clean and happy thoughts because that is HIM.That. don’t be lazy nor overwork...when you rest . and that deep rest is meditation.. when the mind becomes the no-mind (mann becomes namann) then self realization dawns... because you can do that only when your mind is "clear".. Oh! what a wonder....for I am immortal... till then you are stuck in these bad habits.. from a stone to this whole creation let everything be over ...I bow to myself... we say "i know it's a rope" ..I am not able to find the right word for vikar in English :)) we say we have understood ..but never meaning it) Page 27 .. the guru never keeps you away difference Janak said .that rest is is your ignorance and foolishness that keep you away from him.but we are still scared thinking it's a snake.... There are 3 things . but hardest of all is coming to the stage "I am god".. To say "That" is very simple...atma... you can’t reach this stage of saying it (or just fooling people by saying it ... so the man asks him to read something and when mulla does ....even that you don’t want to give him. we our only putting ourselves into trouble by doing this.I cannot "end" .. An egoist can never bow..... there is no difference in the guru.. it's like eating coal thinking it's food and drinking sand thinking it’s water... when you get "wisdom" ..The Ashtavakra Gita Day 15 1) Vikar se chootna hai toh vishram karo (rest is the way to get rid of "disorder/change/habit" sorry .and that’s why we haven’t progressed. So saying "That is god" is easy. You and Me.I am what I am searching for :) <story> I missed the crux of the story because 2 gentlemen next to me coughed at the moment guruji said he last line of the story and some exceptionally smart person left their mobile on "ringing" :( but it was a story on Mullah Nasseruddin going in search for funds for charity and finally he gets nothing and visits a rich man's house. that's what Krishna says ...just rest ... if you "know" then you won’t do it.... That is what you keep away from you... only after doing your karma . if you think you have understood .. what no one wants he is ready to take and see the irony .but we still make mistakes.we both know the same ... one who is lazy will not reach Samadhi and nor one who goes on working...yog wins over sadness for them... we think these habits give us joy .it still doesn’t mean you have know what he wants?? he wants your "dirty mind" . that's the trouble....what is different or more you know from me.....then something is not right. Janak bowed... For he who takes the middle path .. see the resistance you will face. 3) Guru/God/Atma are the same . slightly difficult to say and realize is "You are god". you are doing it because you think you will joy out of it! until you separate the act from the want of joy you won’t know the "self" is the truth.. Till you have something -ive in you. You hold on to that..

.this itself shows you have the ability in you and you are free. this body is mine and also are the others . everything is going on and it will be fine.The Ashtavakra Gita That’s why Janak had to sit with Ashtavakra .. just rest tonight. Don’t worry about anything.even those who are listening to this even if they are not here are free) I have never come nor have I gone .. Don’t have any fear..when will I feel this and get this realization? Will it happen now or sometime later? Will it happen this lifetime? How many more births will I have to take?? No . we’re one and the’s just 1.... So now don’t think .I have never died cause never have been born... we are one. <Today he has given homework> Tonight before you go to sleep ...this is the connection .like when a child gets hurt the mothers cries. it's not just people who are here ....the fact that you are here sitting and listen to this knowledge ....feel one with him (the respect and oneness) to realize he is not pranam/namaskar to god/guru/me (yourself).... guru is I.. Day15 QnA No QnA Back to Content’s page Page 28 . I am guru and guru is god.. or vice versa ..

.The Ashtavakra Gita Day 16 wahi aatma satchitanand mein hoon shivoham shivoham shivoham shivoham That was one of the songs vikram bhaiya sang.. to dance ..."Aaj pyar ki barsaat gir rahi hai (today it’s raining love) aaj sirf bhajan karenge (today we’ll only sing and do bhajans) gyan ki baatein kal karenge (we’ll talk knowledge tomorrow)" Today was just festivity .dance and celebration and love in the air .Mani bhaiya ..bhanu didi and Guruji sing :D :D Songs from "tumse o jori" and "mere toh mann mein beheti hai ganga" to "jay jay vitthale" and "sunderanana".... "raadhe raadhe raadhe shyam" and "sambha sada shiva shivay namah om" It was simply amazing.we had rishi nityapragya vikram bhiya meditate .chitra didi . No QnA on Day 16 Back to Content’s page Page 29 . All guruji said today was .

.he carried out all his duties and yet said this.... in the form you experience the formless and in the formless there is husband left me . and when the mind stops -. that's when you can experience and feel the infinity in you.neither the dog nor the person who got hit were injured! :) Police came in for inspection and they look at everyone so unconcerned and smiling and not worried .. without leaving your "dharma" you have to take on this path.. Guruji said ..he did not and could not renounce everything and walk away .someone asked me today: How do you handle all problems? Everyday 1000's of people come and ask you for solutions and tell you your problems (my wife is like this ... it takes great understand to say both together. see when you love somebody .and everything is mine Janak understood this. see someone shot a bullet was aimed at a stray dog .The Ashtavakra Gita Day 17 1) Skill is in seeing the subtle When astonished .my kids are not studying .. foolish are those who say neither are in either.I find all this a play. and only those who realize this can say it... one can easily say I have nothing.even doctors die.I have this health problem is not a small incident .depression has only one cure .nothing worries you after that..we have written and 30 .but they don’t understand the state we are in :) when we have attained the highest we don’t feel the need for anything else .people waiting outside for hours together to meet me and I wonder don’t their legs ache??? :D :D :D Where there is faith and love ...then nothing will trouble you! :) Janak was a king .the mind stops.. our mind is like a black board .I could not make out who is the doctor and who is the patient here .. It is in fear too that the mind stops and so also when you are in love that the mind and time stops. everything that happens is "leela"..I am financially in need etc etc etc) how can you be in peace? How can you manage everything so easily and not get irritated or troubled? guruji answered saying .we realize there is nothing other than ME.they thought .. You didn’t even know.. Skill is in seeing the subtle."is all this true??? did a bullet even get fired???"" if we look at it from their view it is not wrong .you think for them for hours together and the mind and stopped and when you are "back" you realize how many hours passed. but when you say both ....What else is needed then?? This is realization :) Page 2) Nothing is mine .... now even doctors are depressed .. but it not easy to say both.instead came here ..doctors were worse than the patients" are stuck in the world...we had a course in US where there were some 50 doctors and 100 patients and the teacher taking the course told me -"I dunno how you helped me in taking this course guruji . when your mind work .. I see that happening .the mind stop and when the mind stops that's when you are in touch with the atma/ and meditation. it's not just patients .

...Ishwar Kyun? (Why god?) (And he asked this question 2ice .is there god?? Buddha says .....and believe there is god. When I listen to the rationalists and communists I think they have the logic right and there is no is often a mistake people do...Ishwar Kyun? (And everyone again started laughing) ..Guruji.. Q) How will you know you are enlightened? A) you doubt the positive..then you will know the answer to your question.... it is time we do it.. first you relax your mind because only with a calm mind will knowledge dawn on you. there is.there IS god.The Ashtavakra Gita written and written on it so many times without erasing it ..ok I will tell you a story... so the guy felt happy and he left..but it is best it happens slow) Q) after getting enlightened . then a 3rd guy comes and he folds his hands in respect and say .kyun nahin :D (Ok... Day17 QnA Q) Guruji .so Buddha said .... so Buddha said .if you stay here with me we will work on this together. then truth will dawn.but I know one thing .. can you tell me .ok .. then another man came and said .then the mind quietens then you become happy and you emanate so much love from you that the fragrance spreads everywhere (you might not even notice this process sometimes because it is so slow...can I get married? Will wife also be happy? A) Its best you get enlightened together :) Back to Content’s page Page 31 .nahin Guruji.leave god. also we should not pressurize children to go on and on and on studying . Close your eyes and go to the subtle....why :)) where are you without god?? (The guy interrupts again and says ... (he told that boy) don’t be like the gramophone record which is stuck on just one..yes... so that man felt happy that even Buddha agreed and he went..I am confused. it could happen at sudden . first the doubt rises ... but when I listen to saints I think they are right ..there is no god. once a man came to Gautama Buddha and said . I do not know if god is there or no..nor do I .. why not??) Then he told the boy to sit and said .. Ishwar Kyun) so then guruji says .. shift the needle know who you are . Ishwar Kyun?) A) tune prahna puccha "yun" :D aisa kyun"??? :D :D :D (It was all about the rhyme) (You asked such a question .

...there is no fear because there is only 1... the answer to all .....yes! So-hum...... It might sound "egoist" to say .... Janak understood and said ......triyaschame ...seeing the moon . and when you know this.. This was understood by Janak.god is rest.panchachame.....the object doesn't remain the same.. it's like the string theory modern physicists talk about... the only cure and medicine available Page 32 .. become hollow and empty ... Ashtavakra said's "there" but it also forms the reflection in you.. so when they chant ...The Ashtavakra Gita Day 18 1) I am the one the world is tiredness .the non dual.... the world is questions ........Shiva get's up :D :D :D :D Chame is the second part and it means .. In ignorance you will not know of your influence on them... The body and environment.. but the master smiles and says this with knowledge....I am the best and I bow to myself and I am the one.god is wonder.I am that/look at me in all of that. I am the one... India had done this so many years ago. the whole creation is based on this........ what you see is not different from you .the Namakam and the are the one and I offer my namaskar to you."there" wonder never ends. You become pure. when there is love ..the whole creation will collapse.i lost myself in me) In the rudra puja there are 2 parts to it ..3 of that ... and this is what the rudra abhishek does. (1 of that . what proof??? What miracle you want to see?? Look around you!!!!!!!! everything is a miracle...there is fear..which is got in silence .they are bound ... 4) You are one and filled with love where there is 2/duality .to the plants and animals and flowers.. but the former hides his weakness because there is no strength and conviction in his words...cause they are part of the universe. because a foolish/egoist and an enlightened master both say this. 3) the summary of AG is So-Hum. you bow down and honor them saying .is.. even those who cheat . the mind are washed from this.. this is "mantra snan" .you influence them too! Wake up and you will realize this...... if even one number is missing or changes ...... although when their number increases .. from those who cheat/trouble . "Here" questions never end .... there are various ways to explain and understand you are that ocean .) these are not just sometimes even the enlightened speak to god in second/third person. that is what the whole conversation is all about..the you'll know the miracles.. Mantra's are very powerful.5 of that.. words and the ability of comprehension of people is limited . This feeling of 2 is the reason of bow down for them .. I am that... when you see something .. everything . 2) aap-aap khete-kehte mein apne aap mein kho gaya (saying you-you all the time .ekaschame . people want you to "prove" when you say something.. it works on all your levels of existence. It's not just the stars which have an influence on you . Nama is to honor and namaskar everything.

first do yog! Then listen to AG. when the rajoguna is high you will be bored... Then you'll find all the "ras" (juice) in life...... sit in silence and meditate.. just by doing work it won’t help you. the one is enlightened is never bored...imagine how boring you are to others!!!! Sit quietly.. don’t keep using the phone........... <he continued saying> I am never bored :D :D :D when you’re alone if you’re bored .. remove all the dirt through yog/sadhana etc.....The Ashtavakra Gita for this (and suddenly on the roof of yagyashala a coconut fell making a massive noise :D :D) knowing you are filled with love and one. No QnA on Day 18 Back to Content’s page Page 33 . till then you won’t understand AG and realize it.

2) Only when you are happy you expand and when you expand you relax and when you relax you are free Drop that identity/upadhi you are carrying the first question. the devotee know .... In the limited (body) experience the unlimited (atma) .. everyday remember this and become empty. you and the others ask all questions .. only when you are happy you expand and when you expand you relax and when you relax you are free...... When something is wrong just relax. that's why people are so disturbed when you talk about religion... Until you don’t see you are the observer and not the identity ... neither man nor woman..don’t run behind happiness have the answer ready you say your name. Wonder begins Nothing in this world is bondage .. don’t look at a shadow or reflection and think that is you. those who don’t even wish for liberation .. neither old nor young -.what is this.. you will never get wisdom like this. So when someone asks you about you ...... It's not wrong . Who am I . religion .. you are neither wise nor fool...I am a doctor and I am a student and I am a wife and I am this and that.the body is in the mind. He was a king but he was free from the clutches of identity. the more you relax the body the more free you become..they will be free... conflict is because of this............. Very few people actually even ask this question...they will be quite ..... no.. all is in you and yet you are free.... It’s like your very existence is questioned... Page 34 . but a devotee is calm and smiling even when things are wrong. We are stuck in "upadhi" (identity) thinking you are somebody/something. they are at peace. we are interested in the knowledge of the "other".....age has never touched you and nor will it ever... Ashtavakra told this to Janak and Janak'll feel bonded.. 3) When Questions stop. Any title/identity is an obstacle to realization..because this shows the mind is active and can never start the "journey".. you’re not handicapped ... son of/ daughter of....but not the final one the last. you are not that identity.....everything is a play. no! know you have a body but you are beyond that...... we have to stay here and win.. people think it is natural to be disturbed and worried and say everything but for "who you are".you don’t need the support of titles...."har samasya gabbar singh hai" :D :D :D (all problems are just a fake thing put in the way) one who lives based on the title/identity/upadhi is always in fear. expansion happens with should come .. all these are roles you play like puppets. Right from when we are born and become maybe 3 yrs we ask .. Look beyond. don’t be a coward or don’t be feverish.. You think you are the mind/body/ego. village/city...... the mind is not in the body .. right from when you were small you have been running behind or running away from something..The Ashtavakra Gita Day 19 1) What is this ..Who am I? We have to reach that state and stage...

.) No QnA on Day19 Back to Content’s page Page 35 .there is a body on that bed...ask the donkey! We all want to change the world without the knowledge of our self. (Eat and drink water properly .. don’t run away from your responsibility.. There is a blanket and a pillow there... why are you sitting like this? he replies .....know you are just like a wave (tarang) and sleep with ease....not matter etc etc. -----------------------oh! He has given homework!!! Tonight as you sleep ... so someone asked him .don’t say I am just waves .The Ashtavakra Gita <story time> Mullah Nasseruddin was sitting on the donkey with his face the other side of which the donkey was walking! People were wondering why he was sitting that way.. know there is a bed . but this doesn’t mean you don’t do seva till you get enlightened....mulla. Just relax... don’t twist the logic.

. they feel anxious when him it doesn't matter if he is in a crowd or alone.. And so the argument continued.... celebrate in a crowd like you are when alone .. 2) Dual and non-dual in a crowd also don't feel separation.The Ashtavakra Gita Day 20 <story time> There was a poor man .smelt the aroma of my vegetables and filled his tummy.. ego wants crowd.. he should pay me for it.people don’t have time for all of spreads in and around you.everything is an illusion right? Why are you running?? Shankaracharya continued running and said .....freedom . I tell you . it's easy to see the non-dual when alone.......who had enough money to buy the bread to eat but not enough to buy the vegetables.yes! Everything is an imagine what others imagine about you. tenali said ...distance breaks . then owner of the stall looked at this man and then got angry . Why??? He smelt your food now you hear the money jingle... when you realize this ..... even a leaf doesn't move without his permission. what 9000 rupees.... you think about what others think of you.000 rupees.ok fine. do you know how food gets digested??? right form Page 36 . suddenly mulla woke up and he looked in his hand he had nothing. the owner of the stall said .. some people want crowd around them. so he would go and stand near a person who made "paav-bhaaji" and smell the bhajji and feel like he has eaten the vegetable... we eat. so tenali said ... Then called the man ... And so is my running :D :D Mullah nasseruddin was dreaming about a deal he was doing. 1) Everything is an illusion hell ..... The judge was tenali raman.. one who sees all as 1 .. is it true? A) Yes. you have to stay in the crowd and see the he filed a case against him. the man in the dream was bargaining and said! i will give it for only ..this man came to my stall ...all of this is an illusion. But he has also given you a brain which functions and that is his will :) :) :) Adi Shankaracharya was once talking about illusion to people and suddenly a mad elephant ran towards them.sorrow . So he quickly closed his eyes and decided to take the 9000 deal :D :D we need the knowledge of what we he didn't have 9 rupees also in hand.shook the purse and said .here is the money.this is sign of wisdom.this is also not good..bondage .... The man said .heaven ..... they want the others to praise them. He took money and put it in a purse. So Shankaracharya started running..... QnA Day 20 Q) Does everything happen by the will of god? They say.. similarly they are some people who don't want a crowd... please give me the purse now...... such a waste I tell you. and in the dream he was selling something for 10.. They run away. you don't just imagine for yourself ... you trouble yourself and me because of this imaginative thinking of yours. one person asked him mockingly . even a leaf doesn't move without HIS will.ego breaks ...thank you.. These 2 categories are like 2 sides of 1 coin..

so I pointed it out to the people I was with and said . nature is beautiful. people spend hundreds of $ on water there.... it has a process....look at this factory by nature :D nature has provided cure to wherever there is a problem.. so I went for the walk and near the factory I saw a coconut tree . Jahan vivek hai wahan swatantra hai. they have a huge factory almost 1 mile in area which recycles salty water to drinkable water. it is surrounded by sea water which cannot be drunk. He continued saying ...The Ashtavakra Gita touching your food the brain starts sending signals on what enzymes to use (that's why it's better to eat with hands rather than spoon) almost 7% of the carbohydrates we eat get digested in the mouth (and hence we should eat not in a hurry and chew our food) then the food goes in to different organs (pancreas . man has the freedom to follow the process or break it......I went to this place <kuroso I think was the name> and this place has no water to drink..liver etc etc) it's a major process. Back to Content’s page Page 37 ....

don’t ask people why did you do this or why did you say this.. because you’ll start thinking .. this is how you start feeling sorry for yourself.. you need to look from where both these come from..don’t get all excited and proud. you are the ocean. life is emotion while the world is thoughts... healthy emotions are those which are like a line on water.... thoughts keep coming and going... As you fill knowledge in the "patra" like that "patrata" increases..thoughts and emotions.t kill your emotions instead play with the emotions (but not with others emotions) when you see this whole creation as a play then you will never stop smiling.. they start felling bad and blaming the whole world and others...mulla what happened? You can’t take care of yourself over the donkey how will you fight an election?? Mullah got up smiled and said . they remain unaffected..whatever I do anyway I am bad .some are bad.... people laughed at him and asked .. there is also a part about how some people are "built". the problem is with those who start thinking they are good/nice.The Ashtavakra Gita Day 21 1) Don’t be stuck to the wave .. you are the ocean... storms come and go ..... Those who think they are bad .at how he experienced this but never understood it till now..know this and you'll never stop smiling If you remain "sakshi" to your emotions you will never suffer from any mental problems.people only can’t understand me or like me. some are good . <Guruji said> I for instance have never uttered a bad word in all my life...... that's why meditation and yoga is so important... accept it and move on.I was Page 38 .be the ocean our world is made up of 2 things .they are generally not unhappy . shayad meri banawat hi aisi hai :D :D :D (I don’t know..I am so good . they resign themselves to saying ..... so remain an observer. just be an observer..too humiliated . there was a marriage band passing by and suddenly the donkey got crazy and threw mulla off it's back and ran might as well continue doing things I am doing.... <story time> once mulla nasseruddin was going for an election campaign on his donkey.they start becoming numb to everything. Janak understood this and was surprised ... Don... if a bad thought comes don’t blame yourself and try beating/killing the thought .... there is no point in asking this question......... usually we just flow/get carried away with thoughts and emotions and get stuck in both. pata only get stronger.. similarly .if a good thought come ......... at this state even your anger has a depth to it. be compassionate to such people... don’t get in any extreme emotion (too sad ....the ocean isn’t scared of the waves.. the maximum I have told someone is "arre gaddhe! Stupid" (it was so funny the way he said it :D :D :D :D) but that's not to show I am big or anything.... even kids should be taught and in ancient India this was a practice of giving young children the bhramagyan.. maybe I have been formed this way)and yet there are others who almost always utter bad words when they speak..... don’t hold on to what people do and what people say.) 2) Life is a play ..too angry ...

just that he removed me off his back before I did :) I got down or he got me down . Make this narrow sight of yours a large vision :) No QnA on Day 21 Back to Content’s page Page 39 .what difference .The Ashtavakra Gita getting off anyway ..I had to get down anyway .it's the same :) just know that emotions come and go.

..he knew this person was a cheat .. the saint looked at him and said ok ..The Ashtavakra Gita Day 22 1) The search for joy doesn't end until you go deep within Man has become crazy about money. the man said it was from a saint who he met and did some seva...see you give my neighbor such a bowl .. there is so much fear and feeling of separation within the "rich" families.... and the bowl said . don’t worry about money.... he thinks money can make him happy/ There is no greater hallucination than this.take 4 of this.. the bowl went on talking back to him but never gave him has come..... and then he went there .please give it to me also. money is important but it will not keep you satisfied. joy is elsewhere...and whatever he wanted he would get twice when he asked for it......... alcohol is the biggest poison in today’s world.. <story time> there was a man who had a wishing bowl . then he asked for 2 of something and the bowl replied .. people never understood this .. now the neighbor took down the "address" of where he could meet this saint. you know.they drink and get unconscious and then wake up feeling sick and drowsy and yet they drink because they think it will find them joy....why 2 . it is so sad ... but nothing came out of it...but do not get sleep.. money has its importance but it needs to be only where it is. we have never waited first for funds and then the work.. he said .. joy is within...but they have diseases which do not let them to..they now have 2 cars but a frown on their face.and he started praising the saint and tried being all-important. The search for joy doesn't end until you go deep within... scientists took a happiness quotient survey and saw that people in poorer countries were happier than the so-called "rich and developed" countries..take twice of gives you the feeling that you will get happiness .. Just that let mine be a little bigger than his in size... I am not saying don’t earn money..... so the man went home all happy and he asked the bowl for something... Money is like that .. 2) There will never be less when you have faith and walk with wisdom Page 40 . and nothing came out... In AOL we start off with the projects and then see the money coming our way.what do they do? get drunk.why one . Once his neighbor happened to see it and asked him where he got it from.where there is "Narayan" "Lakshmi" has to come there :) (the whole yagyashala was clapping :D :D) the more you give the more you get....but you won’t.... finally he went and asked the saint for the "magic" bowl.. so whenever I ask for something it should offer me twice as much.. because I have a bigger family than his... AOL is based in 150 countries today and nowhere have we thought about money. I have never thought about money till today. people have money to eat food ..... almost 30% of Europe is depressed today.but he still gave him the bowl......... People have money to have a big comfortable bed ...... more than needed and before time (samay se pehle aur zaroorat se zyada) everything will be given and taken care off. all your life you are running behind money and have destroyed yourself and your family in the process.. so much money people have ..

... where there is faith on god have 1 question .. I had 4 huge factories in Uganda on electronics. today he has a shampoo industry he owns.. And with the impressions the karma goes.. those who cheat and get money .. you are Shiva aren’t you?? A) <Smiling> good! Dropping of all questions is a sign of happiness ...Guruji.. be wise . Don’t be foolish . If you go on the moon you might hear someone greet you saying "kemcho" :D this man came to me and said ....and we had so much money that our next 10 generations didn’t need to work. When Idi Amin took over one day he just threw all of us out of Uganda. we left everything behind will find Gujarati's and Punjabi's as businessmen/doing something of their own anywhere in the world..he was homeless and wandering around California.. 4 generations of my family had been there .The Ashtavakra Gita <story time> Many years ago when I was in London I met a Gujarati family who had a very big business in Uganda....that I’ll let you keep it :) Back to Content’s page Page 41 .. could you explain? A) If you plant a tree now after a while it will grow isn’t it.. After seeing you all the questions have dropped. that day won’t stay for long and they will not remain happy. similarly another man met guruji .... he could make rich man poor and poor man rich. that night I knew god was there.. Day22 QnA Q) In the AG you said we are pure but it is also said of impressions and karma get stuck to us.... god is the one who has the power and will to change anything and anybody.. then he said .not cunning. such is the grace of god.....use it wisely.. don’t be is not a problem. it all changed in just 1 night.. Q) before I met you I had a lot of questions in my mind..... I felt god was there. I thought money was my savior until that moment.meditation and yoga is the way we can erase those impression..... so also actions ..we left the place in just 1 suitcase and our clothes which we were have a brain ....

. become hollow and empty.. wake up and see .... at one level you do not know them and they do not know you....... become calm and quiet. one is just above your eye brows. and this is why you feel helpless. that's what s happening with cloning and stem cells research ... somewhere in the center and the last is just below where the hair starts growing..... the other is a few cm above.. Every cell is complete... there is no difference .... there's no 2 ..every ray of light is part of the sun but is complete in itself.. wake up and smile :) 4) The way to remove Vikalpa is to be in love and meditate What you keep in your mind.. they have a boundary. But you should know how to take them also. You know what "Purush" means?? Purush is not just man/woman .they don’t meet up or even shake hands :D so there is a gap between the 3 of them. Janak understood this.. be in love and Page 42 . it's like adding an engine to the other end of the train to pull it in the opposite direction... at the top of the forehead.. a quiet and calm mind has the power of that grid..I am that. a yogi takes 1 sankalpa in 50 days or more.... all these are the waves which are part of the ocean....000 in one day..The Ashtavakra Gita Day 23 1) We've forgotten 1 word're never alone.. a noisy and talkative mind has as much power as a small battery.Purush is one who lives in the city... don’t be like that... be happy. maybe to keep these germs/bacteria in place and not go on to others :) similarly in our hands we have 50 types of germs.... but to light a house you need the supply from the main grid. what sankalpa you take .. the small mind is part of the big mind and yet it is complete in itself..the word is So-Hum When you think you are weak and alone it is because you have forgotten that is a greater power that is looking after you and taking care of you.... Remember .. meditate and see ... that's why they say .. like driving a car with the brake on... 3) Sitting on a treasure you are crying for small things there are 3 types of "kitanu" bacteria/germs on your forehead. get to the source. 1000's of cells are living and will happen..... then the mind becomes strong. don’t be unhappy. and never interact with each other ..... Don’t run around like a beggar for small things.. there is so much work going on inside. when the big mind shines it shines fully on the small will happen... 2) The source of action is thought and the source of the thought is mind there is the Vishwatma (the big mind) which is the culmination of all the small minds.......this whole universe is made up of you. When the sun shines and light enters the room ...with 1 cell they are making the whole human. We've forgotten that 1 word So-Hum....... it will work only on a small torch and for maybe half an hour..poornamadah poornamidam.......So-Hum .. at another level it is all known. Vikalp makes your sankalp weaker..... and the guru reminds you by saying .So-Hum... the DNA is that..... You’re body is like a city... a foolish man takes's all one. perhaps that’s why in the ancient times in India they used to put "vibhuti" as 3 lines on the forehead with a gap...

.. I knew it wasn’t the case but people went running around to her.yet why is there sadness then? A) It is because you have heard this but not yet understood it. how one acts like that the results happen.. QnA of Day 23 Q) You spend more time on improving terrorists and trouble causing elements and not on me... Q) If there is god everywhere then why is there god and bad?? A) Yes..I had to do something to catch your attention so you see me. why do you tell us to close our eyes???? I can't do that.... for a thief there is police and both are part of the divine. else it's like taking a ticket to watch the movie and then say . you are so beautiful and amazing....someone wrote a poem -.... new talents they are getting. not close my eyes...the purpose is anyway served.She immediately opened her eyes and said nothing guruji! you don’t look at me only .... and in what way the action is carried out.... For the married ones it's best to follow the path of ram :D :D :D Page 43 . now they are becoming poets also..... I continued walking but then decided to turn back and speak to her....become a terrorist?? A) (he puts his hands on his beard. A) (one big smile on his face and looking all around him and then he says) I should get a mirror...... because when you are looking at me I won’t give the ticket because I paid for it.... here people follow either the ram dharma or the Krishna dharma.. let her come to the programs and do the courses again.. smiles and says) Who says you are lesser than a terrorist :D they have taken up arms and fighting people please don’t do that.. the mind is on the right track.The Ashtavakra Gita meditate to remove vikalp... what should I do to catch you attention ...not bad. What do I do? A) Talk to her and make her understand.. milk is good but if you drink 20 cups of milk then you will get a problem and fall ill... (kuch log kavi ban rahe hai aur kuch log kapi :D :D -.don’t worry . Q) When you come in front of us. people have started writing poems... and how do you know am not looking at you?? When you are looking here and there I am looking at you. that's why.surrender it......some people are becoming poets while the others. the same nectar become a poison. there is god everywhere..."are you ok? What happened?" use emotions and sankalpa and are strong :D :D :D once I was in Rishikesh and was walking when this woman fainted. I want to keep looking at you.guruji heard it and said .... so I went to her and asked . now ...I will meet each one of you.... and after taking a sankalp . -... and all course participants . monkeys) :D :D Q) You say I am you and you are I .... Q) My wife does kriya but still is on the path of "Adharma".. god comes also in that form... go within and see how beautiful you are.

....not about talking :D everyone has a bit of a child in them..The Ashtavakra Gita Q) When children do foolish things parents tell them and make them understand.... not childish.. be like the clean slate and know you are pure and untouched... Back to Content’s page Page 44 . Q) How do we know if our past karma is over? A) Believe it's over and it'll be over...... like I said in AG the other day. be child-like...... <another smile amidst enthusiastic claps and whistles> mischievousness is about doing .. but once parents start growing old and do and say foolish things then what should the children do? A) Continue doing seva for and of them but it is not necessary you listen to everything and do everything they say.... Q) You are making every dance around you.. then life is simple and natural. Talk about your mischievousness :) A) hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... everyone is going mad behind you.... there are different perspectives to life...

. This is not the case with tribal’s.... they have not understood it .. you go to the shop and buy a chandelier and in the shop it looks very good. feet eyes .. if you go deep within then you'll realize you do not need 2 bodies rubbing against each other to feel happy... this is to let you know that this is only Page 45 .......if you get stuck to one body part then all your time and life you are stuck with this.... you know what is beauty?? Beauty is that which cannot be renounced.. most people have only heard all of this .I can’t live because of you... well..the genitals ... Find out some new "so called saints".when you saw something . the soul is what is beautiful. look back when you were 16 and 17 what was the lust in you... 3) Brahmacharya is a "happening" (phenomenon) When you experience that the "chaitanya" is beautiful then Brahmacharya dawns. it is not looked at in a "dirty" manner or sinful thing. and when this takes over .... And it's true about any organ ..I can’t live without you and then later this becomes . so many of them don’t have enough energy in the body but the mind is covered with lust....there are people who are 80 and are still caught in this cycle and feverishness. from that the mind is free The search for beauty and then lust starts from when you're a child.. because it is only what you honor that the mind will get free from... 2) Satyam Shivam Sundaram Where you see beauty you want to capture hold and possess it. you will never realize you are free . but we shouldn’t blame them....... that's when you will be free... you know .they have only read or heard it. When you are caught in lust ..... The mind is stuck to lust... When you like someone it starts off by saying .. It’s natural for the young to feel lust it is not are pure and you are non-dual and greater than all these small pleasures in life.....all of them are spoken about and honored..nothing else comes to your mind.pray and honor that organ.. Lust grows when you as you become a youth which is natural but if it remains when you are old it is unfortunate... Day and night you think of this.. Only in the Indian tradition you will find this....what was it that was beautiful?? What did you find beautiful?? The face. Lust comes up when you are trying to hide something... then initially you take big care of it and like it and later after a while you don’t even realize it's there..... some parts of the body??? Lust is just an illusion which makes you think you will find joy.nose ......... even in the scriptures every organ is spoken about and treated and looked with honor..... that's why no one loves a dead body.they have not experienced it ..outside temples there are all nude sculptures..The Ashtavakra Gita Day 24 1) What you honor........ when you meditate deeply you'll see the number of times you have been through lust and it won’t make you feverish about it. like money even this will not lead you to happiness or make you satisfied.. it's not so in all cases . and now you are 40-50 and hasn’t it toned down from then.... When you know you are the most beautiful and you are bliss then lust won’t trouble you.

then you'll realize .if it has .....The Ashtavakra Gita peripheral..... the Muslims and the Christians and Jains and etc etc Q) If Suicide is a sin then could you explain "jeev-samadhi" (taking Samadhi despite being alive) A) I am not "for" this system but some saints do take they radiate happiness??? You have found a simple and amazing path for the knowledge. They go into Samadhi for 200 years ... honor it .. and the shaiv.there is no difference between guru-god-atma... they struggle to find a new body//// you have this birth as a human... Suicide is done by fools who are depressed and in search of joy. I am still greedy .... so imagine if you hadn’t done there 7 adv courses then what state and condition you would have been??? Maybe anger is there now ... Am I making any progress? A) You say it's there. If a room is dark will lighting the room with an agarbatti (incense stick) be useful?? lust might give you small pleasures in life but bliss is beyond that..... Back to Content’s page Day 25 – No AG Back to Content’s page Page 46 .still have ego problems. then someone asked a question and he said I am not saying that you should force yourself into Brahmacharya... start with one person .. but neither should you flow in lust.sill get angry ....but it is not like before doesn’t linger for days and weeks and years together... look at those who are in nightclubs and all .. does it?? If it does then you haven’t progressed .then you have changed. You go around looking at this .so I might as well give it up...just give.. guru is a tatva .. AG is not understood by everyone.s. after they die they realize how foolish they have been. it is pure and made of the whole universe..... QnA Day24 Q) What's the difference between spirituality and religion? A) Spirituality brings everyone together.. the Vaishnav's...... this body is precious... you become someone's guru.. take the middle path........ maybe in your 10th advance course it might change! Don’t label yourself by calling yourself .... I heard it but now I experienced it.. you have to go deeper and then realize.. In the present moment you are innocent and pure.AHO!!! WOW!!! How beautiful I am. and then see how you can say this to the whole world one day...... believe in this and know this.... all you need to do is to let them know you are with them and for them....but when you enter the temple you go beyond this you meditate and go deep within yourself.greedy egoistic etc etc...don’t pamper it :) ! Q) This is my 7th adv course. You WERE all of they think anyway the body can’t last ... and Samadhi is not suicide firstly.

and yet it was the result of that love which saint gyandev.... it's not necessary that everyone who is enlightened and realized will get it ... all else seem trivial to you.. know that god is there.what is it you are doing??? You are surrendering. that is emotional imbalance crying and behaving foolishly. people scorned him. and there is no bigger surprise than a desire coming for someone who is realized...<guruji continued> I was surprised ....I told him . you cling on that which seems impossible or hard to get.... but he was a maharshi. it's a wonder that even this can happen. That’s why you get angry.. Maharshi Durvasa is another example. there is ego and want to prove something.... so many crimes happen because the person intensely loves their partner.. Once you get the flavor of the soul nothing else matters.... from the gross to the subtle...bhakti is the way. and what is bhakti?? it is that with awareness.hence they are not so hooked on to anything ... there was a saint in India by the name gyandev .it is your desires When the limited meets the unlimited then nothing else matters. is your desires which keep you away from the present moment.get past it without suppressing it or flowing with it...... Animals have a relationship at the level of the body ... bhakti is not just at the level of emotions. feel jealous...Mind and Soul... i have lived enough and gained so much.his father was a great saint himself .. 2) If there is anything covering Joy/awareness/knowledge .. Find out from where the desire and lust has come .... first you are a lover and then you become a saint.... it's a wonder... when you offer flowers to god .........they finish what they have to at particular times and seasons and are done with it.... and so also there is love.. there is the international court of justice in NL .. and ashtavakra is important for Page 47 .you even offer thorns to Shiva ..The Ashtavakra Gita Day 26 1) The Aim of Sadhana (the meditation/practices) is Atmatripti (contentment of the soul) There are 2 levels we live life on .... I have everything just have 1 desire left. despite this if you fall into worldly pleasures there is nothing wrong ....guruji. some people are just not satisfied and this is a surprise. to get rid of desires .. it is not just an emotional something. we need to have atmatripti and that can be achieved through sadhana....but it is a matter of surprise.Body ..... lust will give you joy for a few seconds but not for long.. bhakti has an element of madness but even that has an awareness to it.. it could happen even to them..........and yet he fell in love with another lady..... 3) You will be free only by "Bhakti" when you are happy you have no desires ...I wish I could head that.what more do you want??? Be happy now!!!!! there is no end to your wants I tell you... and what do you desire?? You never desire anything which you can achieve easily. he would get angry almost instantly. nature has its own plans and ways.. that's why you should never blame and condemn someone or criticize them. There was a retired chief of judiciary who came to me once and said .but it doesn’t exclude even them.. It's not so with humans. people know this body is nothing and not permanent yet they have so much want.... Humans have the ability to have a relationship at the level of the mind.

A Rishi is one who is complete. and what they say . Bhakti is like a climber and awareness is the tree/pillar.others after having so much still haven’t understood..and these 5 things will can I be free from desire and what to do?? Do nothing..but certainly money is not joy. nature has made it like that. some want to get married but are scared of marriage...before or after we get a lot of money?? :D :D :D :D :D A) If you are smart you will understand it before :D :D :D :D :D :D it's up to you. something’s the body will accept and some it will reject. more than words it's the very presence that matters..... Q) You said money doesn’t give you joy.. if you keep milk and animal waste in front of you . Rest with awareness.. so don’t sleep 10 hrs a day or like kumbakarna sleep for 6 months and think the desires and wants will drop... and rest is not sleeping..... it speaks of the very existence...they have a depth behind them. truth is not something from the will take milk to drink. and when you listen to it from the guru ... now you heard all of this ... when we become a yogi ...... the rest which takes you away from ignorance and let you know that you are free. if neem leave are given to you will feel the taste and want to spit it out soon..the meaning comes behind those words.. it is from the presence we communicate.... vacham artanhu won’t help....... our presence speaks.but this fear and other elements should be only as much is required.....AHO!??? A) Rishinam yata chitanam.. Day26 QnA Q) What did Ashtavakra say to Janak that just made him actually realize and say ...avidya (incomplete knowledge) asmita (I think it's pride ...the existence is enough not so much the words.. some people after earning so money money understand it's not everything .. when do we realize this ..The Ashtavakra Gita this...... 4) Only those who are established in knowledge can be surprised In those who want liberation . we have heard knowledge but not experienced it... it is natural. simply sit quietly.but I’m not sure) raag (anger) dvesh (jealousy) and abhinivesh (fear) your mind asks immediately .... we are caught in habits and want to leave them is an experience which comes along with it. just observe all around you and see everything is a wonder!!! The meaning of "Bodh" is this -> just rest.. He increases your can give a lecture for 2 hrs on it and yet not get to the point and you can simply stand there and people can experience it.. these are not simply words ... there are 5 things . this is surprising.there is a fear of liberation.... and this will be an authentic understanding if you are intelligent and can see people who have earned so much and still have no smile on their face.. it doesn’t mean you don’t earn . by doing . don’t flow with emotions.. when we say love is not just an emotion it is your very nature . Page 48 ... no.but w are scared of leaving them...

yet I have some desires. I want to be a teacher and do more seva. want to hold your hand and walk with you.....the others you surrender. What do I do? A) some is in your hands and you can do .. if this sankalpa becomes feverishness then it is desire. somewhere in your mind the truth will be there.a yogi is one who is a child who is will know it....yet when we meet someone we still are stuck to's a wonder! Back to Content’s page Page 49 . I want to sit in the car and go with you... become yogi .......don’t fight or suppress them and neither should you drown and flow with them. Calmness comes and all is taken care of and you will understand that...The Ashtavakra Gita Q) Can I ask you a question? A) <Guruji> you just did .. everything you are doing and have believed in is false... that's what the gayatri mantra says let the divine light shine in me.. Q) If someone tells you all what you believe in is false. we know and have read so much on impermanence and yet we are stuck to it... there could be a 100 tests you are put under..... when awareness dawns.. why?? A) This is a surprise isn’t it .. Nothing in this world moves without action.. let desires come .. the whole world could stand on 1 side and argue . Then what do we do?? A) faith is that which doesn’t falter despite doubt... something’s can happen even before you ask or desire for..... your mind is the barrier. if you fill an unbaked pot with water neither the pot remains nor the water.... I want to spend time with you.. Q) Difference between sankalpa (he meant ambition in this question) and kamana(desire)? A) Sankalpa is that which you can chose to act upon...ask another :D :D Q) I have almost everything ......and your mind won’t agree because if it's the truth .. Q) The body is not everything .. take sankalapa for big things and then take time to become hollow and empty..

.. When a child is in the lap of his mother ..... (he repeated about the shooting incident and said ...please raise your hand :D) where there is a relationship . a baby and a yogi smile from deep within. but also do not mistake calmness for cowardice.this is happening and making a difference to you.. a smile from the devotee comes straight from the heart..... sadness to him is an intense emotion..mother and child ..."terrorism of the pen" . 1 drop of water from the ocean is enough to let you know of the composition of everything in the ocean.this is all just a scene........who can maintain equilibrium and balance in a situation. don’t act in anger or in haste... to the wise too . from that 1 cell we can see the hair ..this happens. when we are listening to AG here .how will the movie be??? The director sees all of them as just characters. Page 50 . today it is seen as a crime to smile and be happy... there is connectivity with the body ........ nor too angry When a director see's a villain doing his role well he is happy.we are seeing.but the mother enjoys and smiles at both the reactions. they write and say what comes to their mind.. this is because you believe they are yours.if you felt the same . you can be 1000's of miles away and still that connection.every cell in your body is being transformed When you meditate it is not just helping you. If the villain is not doing a good job . every organ in the body is different from the other and is complete in who is immersed in the material world cannot understand the world of a yogi) there is a different type of terrorism.eyes .. 2) A wise one see's this whole world as his Only he is said to be calm .soul.... those who do have not yet reached the level of calmness... from 1 cell we see the whole human body developed..and yet .. we need to speak the language of Punjab....newspapers and media are so wrongly using this.The Ashtavakra Gita Day 27 1) The wise is neither too happy. similarly the wise sees everything as a wave... because usually people smiling have a lot to hide and there's a lot of anger and jealously etc hidden behind that helps.. what happens in this universe happens in you.. become a yogi.. it is helping the whole world.. how many of you have felt the pain of someone when you saw them fall or you felt like crying when your close one were crying? (and almost all of us raised our hands ....... but a smile from a saint comes straight from the heart.. Just as happy as he is when seeing his hero do a good job..he plays and kicks her ... but I also do not say you should start with agitated protests.. when you listen to something good .every cell in your body is being transformed and everywhere else people are also feeling this and this is happening elsewhere too. keep the our mind . this is true love....... this diverse world is actually one and is part of you.. it is specially strong between husband and wife . the enlightened see's this whole world as his........the closest friends ...nails ......between siblings..not run away from our responsibility.she is happy.... 3) Listening to AG .yogi ki duniya bhogi kya jaane . this is impossible.. That’s what they say is "Phalashruti" in the puja's listening to this .... we need to be happy stay calm . I do not say that if someone slaps you on your cheek then show the other cheek and simply sit quite.....mind . you cannot be restless a coward and call yourself a saint.. something happens from within and it is not limited just to us.nose etc etc all organs develop..

they want you to experience and ask "who am I"...."Sri Sri.. sarve santu niramayah.. but as a guru not just is there popularity . if you cry ........ he see’s from his eyes and hears from his ears...they know this is only a set of character doing a job..get rid of this.... while talking he is are somewhere else. I didn’t know what to do . but we are crying for even what we have..everything is normal -. there is no difference at the level of the body. Back to Content’s page Page 51 .you are above all the doctors... like a baby. while reading .. they know this is maya. you do something please.....The Ashtavakra Gita That’s why the masters want more people to come together. That’s what the master wants. the wise also sleeps.. so what is different???? He does everything 100%.cry fully. first .. he is in the present moment..... a producer and director of a film are not interested in this . my question to you is I prayed to you saying . he said .rises over all of this........ 100%.he is reading. the former is the thirst for knowledge while the other is a sign of childishness.. Ashtavakra says .and you cure them.. guruji said ok...the person was detected with a new virus and was serious. It’s the audience who is caught up. Day27 QnA one guy stood up and said he is leaving tonight .. "sarve bhavantu sukhinah. this is so sad isn’t it??? 5) An enlightened one rises over all why is there so much interest in gossip and scandals??? Some people cannot go to sleep or digest their food without this kind of information.. be in the present moment. we are crying for what we don’t have.. after the age of 12 or 13 you have this want to find out all this kind of information . How?" <after all the clapping got over guruji still smiling said> I cannot revel to you these trade secrets :D :D you will have to become a guru to know this and it's not easy to be one.. Cry and be done with it....that person is fine....with it comes responsibility.... It is not for publicity. this is not a habit in babies .how did you do this??? I am sitting somewhere ... there is a difference between "Jigyasa" and "kutuhalta". and at 4:30 I got a call again saying . what happened on the road?? Why is there a fight between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law??? And newspapers are filled with this kind of material.......thank wanted to ask something. one who is realized .but it becomes a habit for adolescents.sadly you never grow out of this.. become a yogi.. their aim is to get as many people rid of sorrow and be at peace........" 4) Do everything 100% there is no difference in the make of the body of one who is wise and a fool.. I was sitting in the ashram today at about 4pm when I got a call from home saying someone was very unwell . I pray for someone at another location ... you have celebrities who have popularity. he also feels thirsty..

.but for the one who is wise... no fear .....guruji you said leave your troubles here.. god is in every atom of this the scene. it looked like everyone who was escorting him was a prisoner and he was a leader. you cannot compare such people to anything.I don’t care what you write about me . That was his walk and body language. A politician told the journalist ... you get swayed by words?????????????? Or you feel happy with words?????????? If your basis is on words then you are stuck to the object .... so a lady asked me .... but the end result is publicity... and after getting such knowledge you are not be unshaken.. what from outside can you contentment..The Ashtavakra Gita Day 28 1) Now is the time to wake up and spread spirituality again When Alexander wanted to come to India his advisers told him . being indifferent to everything and living with that inertia and taking things in your stride is not a big deal. today we are moving away from spirituality. why do you think like that??? People have a tongue and they can say what they want. when you yourself are contentment personified...confident ....... we live in a land and world where there is justice even to animals...... once you attain the highest and blossom fully you will never get back into inertia and ignorance..... You are not a yogi...... what can fill that which is full??? there is one rule in the ashram ... 2) You are the source the human life is between inaction/ignorance to awareness/realization of god. they don’t realize the deeper significance to it. 3) You are contentment we are stuck to the come however you wan ..they say: Oh! Your good is sleeping.. it's about being awake.....but whatever you do spell my name correctly.. It’s like being a stone.. and when he found him .then need to wake god up. poems/songs/essays have been written and in the end they all say yet this is not complete cause this cannot be defined. That’s why you sing "suprabhatam" to god (to wake god up in the morning) first you need to wake up ... any publicity is good publicity.. it sounds like the words of a wise man to say write anything you want about me I am not concerned. now we need to ignite this flame again..... somewhere in time we have lost this flow.... some people make fun . let anything happen on the outside ... My Page 52 .. only after you are awake can you wake god to know there is no 2 . not for the one who is knowledgeable .. this is not a sign of someone in knowledge....... we think if a person insults us he made us feel can get all jewels and worldly materials anywhere in this world .but it's in India will you get wisdom.only a smile . he is asleep for you to wake him up and realize the truth.. when you come back get a enlightened master with you. it is said when the saint was chained and walking..when you leave you keep your worries here and go away. you need to wake him up..he chained him and took him... and only then will you know the game/play is over..........there is no duality... when you understand you are the source the skill/peace/joy which comes up cannot be described. and when he came he went in search.

. you get angry and remove the anger on someone else. Please help. that's the mentality of a beggar. the satguru is one who gives you the knowledge of the truth..what about the army your are raising? A) To fight against ignorance .maybe it’s you! :D :D :D :D :D see you have fought with your mother haven’t you?? Then why can’t you take the fights with mother-in-law in the same fashion??? You fought with mom and forgot about it. just rest.. don’t confuse yourself with such thoughts and doubts.. 4) I cannot live without this This is the cause of your unhappiness... Q) I am in a lot of confusion.. otherwise you are spoiling your life the family life . You will handle any situation that comes your way. you are full and content. you'll get the strength. Pick up new fights.. second is by greed and lastly by fear....... think of what I can give...... come on!!!!!!!!!!! Just wait. come back to the source.. honor all...... mother is the first fight against the ones trying to suppress and stop spirituality...... you think without this or that object you cannot live.wait one minute let me ask your mother in law what are her troubles .... live naturally and live with joy. you are spending your whole life wanting something.. Relax....... teachers at school are the second. know this... Can I take a promise and use your name in the promise? A) Yea no problem.... i am confused. that's the sign of one who is "rich" you and around you... Don’t get stuck.. there are 2 ways to get rid of habit.. here and "there" <afterlife> this is the knowledge which will help you.... One is by love.. Q) Is there anything beyond "gagan tatva" (the sky/space element)? A) Yes.can I leave her here?? :D :D :D :D <if we are smart the divine is smarter> guruji said .get's more. don’t think of what I’ll get.. A) What's the confusion???guru is a "tatva"..... will I get past this stage?? Will I get more peace after this?? A) it's this "more" that has got us in trouble..The Ashtavakra Gita mother-in-law is my trouble . Me..... Q) I was a staunch follower of the guru granth sahib but after meeting you i believe in you......... Back to Content’s page Page 53 . wake up.... no wonder you are unhappy.. one is from the book and other it is from the person....... don’t stay with the old fights. so much stress ..and society too..... Q) I have a bad fight against the problems in the society . Do the same here.. you are believing the same knowledge. QnA on Day28 Q) Guru govind singh raised an army to fight the oppression . he who wants to give ..

Like stone it is 1........ but when he went he saw the yogi's life was normal.. Those who are genius or posses qualities which are not so human are 9 and 10. 3) listen to the call from within (he narrated the story of the journalist from Sweden who asked him if he was enlightened and guruji said no.. in Singapore for example..above gandharv is devta . this journey from 8 to 16 is the journey from man to god.and above devta is satguru..... The work of the master is to make sure you have more doubts.. it's your intention and emotion which makes the difference. generally referred to the departed souls.. Sky is 5.. and that's why even after he lives in this world he is calm and happy and remains untouched or unfazed.even in the subtle there is so much diversity.... the level/type of prana tells you about the object. you see .but the heart said ....... he searched for vessels in the kitchen like any other man... Still subtler it is an atom..... A prince went to a master to learn something from him and see what in his life made him enlightened....the more the truth shines! The yogi told the prince to sit down... It's not trying to make the happy that you do this.... there is depth in his walk also ..... Air is 4.. once you get cooked in this fire of doubts the outcome is faith! Where there is truth . 2) The outcome of the doubts you are made to burn in results in faith there is a saying in English which goes .. he slept... and more deeper you go it is a wave. quite the mind..The Ashtavakra Gita Day 29 1) Prana level 8 to prana 16 is the journey from man to god When you see an object at the gross level it is different.. and then how the journo went on arguing that guruji wasn’t telling him the Page 54 .. Animals are 7.. Humans are 8.. above pitra is kinnar above kinnar is gandharv . and hence his mind and heart was in a conflict! The mind said no .... the one who is free/liberated is higher than even the gods..... and a wise one knows this...... relax..Pitra is that without the body.... After enlightenment he continues to cut wood.... why would he need to search for anything? He should know it all??? He had so many concepts in the mind. Water is 2 units. And more the doubt . and yet all this is one.... it was just like any other mans.. Trees are 6. "Pitra" is that which has no limitation of the body. doubt is the state when you are neither here nor there.yes! Something is there which I cannot see.the most complete form was Sri Krishna.Before enlightenment he cut wood. the prince found it strange... fire is 3.. Sri Ram was 12....... because only the heart can understand the heart and truth will dawn only when you’re quiet........ there was no magic he was doing. higher than the level of man is "pitra" (sorry I dunno how to translate that in English right now . and finally . Hanuman was 14.... he ate food. and even his walk is incomparable and cannot be described. what were the "special" things he was doing etc. subtle it is a molecule.he is doing that 100% and is in the present moment totally...... they usually make paper cut outs of what they want and burn them to please them and ask them for the blessings.there even a 1000's doubts cannot stand in the way....) they say what you give to them you also get back.....

.. one who is liberated shouldn’t look at women. when you come to that state .....and he whole world stands against you and say no you don’t have one .. your hearts knows the truth. the form is the world and the formless is are silent.You're in me . a saint has to suffer every minute........ it happens from within.... A) this thought itself is a start.. just stay happy! Back to Content’s page Page 55 ..... he takes everything in his stride. it has begun. you just need to listen to it.... just relax. a wise man doesn’t need to eat more than 1 meal..... you buy oranges and peel this skin off and eat the fruit right??? Good and bad both will be given to you ...I am my soul is god. they're already together. Q) I want to be a selfless devotee..... it's not easy to say the 3rd. In fact you cannot. and finally you are that. right now I am still doing business with you... like vegetables or fruits... in this case you are always in profit... So there is a difference in the tune :D :D :D :D When there is difficulty and struggle it is time to get the knowledge of the Bhagwad gita..... from milk only after churning you get butter... 1st you must read BG and then only you will get to understand AG... you give 1 and you'll get 10 in return.The Ashtavakra Gita truth) we have some concepts in our head on hoe enlightened ones should be. QnA on Day29 Q) What is the difference between AG and Bhagwad Gita? A) One was sung in the palace and the other was sung in the battlefield. get out of all this. when you are in love with someone you go crazy behind them and when you hate someone there is so much anger. next is to know that is in you.. the churning is the BG and the butter is AG..nothing touches him.... 4) Take the good and leave the bad for a man who is realized .. neither sin nor good deeds nor karma. and sadly today everyone is simply running we don’t even have time for this....will it matter?? you know it then.. 5) You are mine ...... come in this state where you can do this.......... when in silence you will realize the truth..... the change is not an external something...... if you travel by car or by plane then you are for sure a mere mortal.. a wise one doesn’t do this..... he who knows his will never feel fear... You don’t do anything. Take the good and leave the bad behind.... Q) How can I keep the world and god together? A) What are you trying?? They are already together. 1st is to feel the presence. and don’t worry about the business part of it :) you can do that also..accept them.... and to get to this stage there are stairs you have to climb. what is the need of wearing clothes.. if you have a head ache ..

that which you think is solid and there is not really there..... there is a link between the 5 elements. modern physics is today seeing this truth after 1000's of years....... live with freshness and that is only in the present moment. every atom has so much space in it ... to be aware and rest is a skill.. to be an observer it takes effort because there are 2 here..... this is "lai yog". if anything is on the mirror how will you see?? You have been stuck with events for long. and every aspect of that is correct and true.. Don’t be only at the level of the mind and nor live only with emotions and the heart... clear it off and move ahead.. in satsang you have forgotten your body and mind.... we have to keep moving ahead. Q) You talked about souls never dying but then when a person dies the soul waits again for a while before coming back............ how to relax??? With the knowledge that everything that is happening in the has mirrors ...... one doing the action and one observing......observe everything happening....... it is because of your want for happiness. and you’re running away from sadness makes you feel worse.. don’t be so happy or thrilled that you don’t know what is happening around you and neither sad and sit with a long face.... that makes you sad. rest with awareness.. but even this is hard. don’t hold on to any event or memory.. take both and move on. so being the observer is effort ... and of the 2% . but population is increasing! More births than deaths! How come? Page 56 Day30 QnA ... or can get lost in the worldly pleasures also.... don't be in any extreme. If it does then it no more remains a mirror.... you are and have remained untouched by events or karma...... how to leave it?? Just relax.. this is very an observer... on 1 side you are being asked to move ahead. 2) He who can relax is the one who gets liberated Being 1 sided is very is all a wave It's hard to believe that what you can touch and see etc etc is not real and doesn’t exist. space that can fit in the whole universe in it..... be an observer and also rest... and on the other side you are asked to stay and rest and "don’t move an inch". you can stay unhappy all your life.. not just now . this rest is different from sleep.. truth is that which is spherical... both are is empty......... don’t let any event get stuck onto you.. matter does not exist it is all a wave..things happen in front and behind it and you see it... 3) Matter does not really exist . stay grounded.but rest is effortless.but for lifetimes....... it becomes a picture and a picture is limited.... it's like a car ........ what about you??? 98% of you is only space.......... This is very deep and beautiful knowledge..more than 60% of it is composition of water.The Ashtavakra Gita Day 30 1) Leave everything and just move on Ashtavakra said .. events have come and gone but you have still remained. you are a mirror and there is just a reflection. wake up and you'll see you are pure. you are beyond all the roles you play in life. realize this and you will be unshaken!!! And a satguru is one who makes you aware and brings completeness in you... you have to transcend from the head to the heart and then rest. that’s all..

I have done the course and doing my seva and sadhana etc .The Ashtavakra Gita A) See..but at different times they glow showing more sometimes .. AG was said by a saint called ashtavakra to a king named Janak..SURF. don’t say I am always ill. When will I be able to tell others my guru story?? ---...... Back to Content’s page Page 57 . use yukti and explain..but I still don’t have any guru story to tell.... now there are fewer in their numbers... parshuram was many in you? A) You do the calculations and see! I leave that to you.. Q) Despite having done the course almost 9 yrs ago and doing seva etc why am I ill all the time? A) How are you now??? <I am just discharged from the hospital so I am fine> guruji again sad ..then after that AIRTEL (he was slowly telling the brand names like a small boy trying to remember very complicated names :)) all the while the bulbs were there . before there were a lot of snakes and scorpions.Guruji just laughed and nodded his head --------- Q) Do we force people to do the course? A) We have the tendency to postpone the good things.showing less sometimes. Hanuman was 14 and Krishna was 16..don't do that.. I won’t tell you :) Q) Who said the ashtavakra gita to who and what is the summary of it? <the whole yagyashala went into splits of laughter! I was too stunned to even react!! I thought this guy must be pulling a prank to make guruji stay for another 30 days :D :D> A) <amidst all the laughter> it's like listening to Ramayana the whole night and then after it ends you ask for the relationship between ram and sita.. then comes maybe .... use the middle path and yukti. somewhere in between.... go with that intention of doing good... What about you ... look . when you want to make a horse run you can’t hold the reins too tight nor can you leave it lose..... Q) Everyone sitting in this hall here has a guru story to tell.see.. have you seen billboards in the city? They have different AD's that keep coming isn’t it?? So first maybe comes . you spread joy and happiness and smiles around you... Ram was 13.. Sometimes tight . firstly you are not ill all the time.. intention .. we have the habit to generalize and use the word "always" and "everybody".. but with good things it's not so. so.sometimes you have to leave it a little lose... now know what you keep in mind will is 8 ..COLGATE TOOTHPASTE ...attention and manifestation are the 3 steps..... no ...... we are making a cd of this and you will get it soon in the shop.there are many people who have come here only today and they dunno what has been going on before. where is that going? :p :p Q) yesterday you said about the different levels 8 to 16 units ... if you want to yell at someone you immediately run to the phone and blast the person..

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