C|ty of kenton 2011 5tate Leg|s|at|ve Agenda
and 5tatement of Þo||cy Þos|t|ons

1he ClLv of 8enLon's 2011 SLaLe LealslaLlve Aaenda and SLaLemenL of Þollcv ÞoslLlons are dlvlded as

1. 1he 2011 5tate Leg|s|at|ve Agenda |nc|udes ÞkICkI1¥ I55UL5 - lLems 8enLon wlll devoLe lLs
hlahesL level of advocacv Loward achlevlna. 1hese ore out/ined in o seporote hondout.

2. 1he 2011 5tatement of Þo||cy Þos|t|ons - 5UÞÞCk1/CÞÞC5L - lLems 8enLon conslders
lmporLanL. 1he ClLv wlll use Llme and efforL and [oln oLhers ln supporLlna beneflclal
measures or opposlna Lhose whlch would have an adverse lmpacL.

3. 1he 2011 5tatement of Þo||cy Þos|t|ons - 1kACk/MCNI1Ck - lssues Lhe ClLv wlll Lrack and
monlLor. As Lhese lssues evolve, Lhe ClLv mav lnvolve lLself Lo a areaLer dearee lf necessarv.

C|ty of kenton 2011 5tatement of Þo||cy Þos|t|ons

crimino/ lustice/courts/loi/s/Low £nforcement


• Ant|-Gang-V|o|ence Leg|s|at|on: 8enLon wlll sLronalv supporL 2011 anLl-aana-vlolence lealslaLlon belna
requesLed bv Lhe SLaLe ALLornev Ceneral and supporLed bv a coallLlon of law enforcemenL, prosecuLors,
clLles and counLles. 8enLon belleves LhaL ln addlLlon Lo penalLles, lnLervenLlon and prevenLlon
sLraLeales musL be an lnLearal componenL of anv 2011 blll addresslna aana vlolence.

• 1echn|ca| f|x to ensure "5CCkL" [a|| emp|oyees can be under the Þub||c 5afety Lmp|oyees' ket|rement
5ystem (Þ5Lk5): 8enLon wlll sLronalv supporL a 2011 lealslaLlve requesL puL forLh bv Lhe SouLh CounLv
CorrecLlonal LnLlLv (SCC8L), maklna a Lechnlcal flx ln Lhe law Lo ensure LhaL SCC8L [all emplovees can
parLlclpaLe ln ÞSL8S.

• Þrotect cr|m|na| [ust|ce, |aw enforcement and courts fund|ng: 8enLon wlll work closelv wlLh oLher
local aaencles, law enforcemenL oraanlzaLlons and courLs oraanlzaLlons Lo proLecL operaLlna budaeL
fundlna for kev crlmlnal [usLlce, law enforcemenL and courLs prlorlLles. 1hese lnclude munlclpal
crlmlnal [usLlce, auLo LhefL prevenLlon, law enforcemenL academv fundlna, sex offender address
verlflcaLlon, publlc defense and courL lnLerpreLers.

• 1raff|c 5afety Cameras - oppose pre-empt|on of |oca| author|ty: ClLles expecL Lo see lealslaLlon ln
2011 LhaL would llmlL Lhe flnes a local aovernmenL mav collecL as parL of anv red-llahL camera proaram
- and could posslblv dlcLaLe oLher operaLlonal aspecLs of Lhe proarams. 8enLon's proaram has
enhanced Lrafflc safeLv and reduced colllslons. 1rafflc safeLv cameras have had an enormous lmpacL on
reduclna Lhe number of vehlcles speedlna Lhrouah school zones. Local Lrends show LhaL Lhe number of
vlolaLlons occurrlna aL locaLlons wlLh speed safeLv cameras has decreased bv 33 percenL. Plah speed
vlolaLlons lssued for exceedlna Lhe posLed speed llmlL bv 16 Lo 20 mph have dropped bv 42 percenL.
8enLon wlll [oln oLhers ln opposlna pre-empLlon of local auLhorlLv and work wlLh oLher [urlsdlcLlons on
proposlna senslble clarlflcaLlons of exlsLlna law.

• Veh|c|e Þrow|s - Crack|ng Down on kepeat Cffenders: 8enLon wlll supporL lealslaLlon LhaL would
lncrease Lhe penalLv for repeaL vehlcle prowl offenders Lo a felonv. vehlcle prowls are becomlna a
more slanlflcanL lssue for 8enLon, parLlcularlv alven Lhe success Lhe clLv and oLhers have had ln
reduclna auLomoblle LhefL.

• Dr|v|ng Wh||e L|cense 5uspended: 8enLon wlll [oln oLher law enforcemenL lnLeresLs ln opposlna anv
2011 lealslaLlon LhaL would seek Lo compleLelv decrlmlnallze cerLaln Lvpes of urlvlna Whlle Llcense
Suspended (uWLS) offenses such as lallure Lo Appear and lallure Lo Þav.

• Iund|ng for med|ca| costs |ncurred by [a|| offenders: 8enLon wlll supporL efforLs bv AWC and oLhers Lo
obLaln asslsLance.


• 5choo|s mapp|ng: 8enLon wlll Lrack efforLs bv Lhe WashlnaLon AssoclaLlon of Sherlffs and Þollce Chlefs
Lo obLaln addlLlonal sLaLe fundlna for Lhe mapplna of k-12 schools and hlaher educaLlon lnsLlLuLlons for
emeraencv preparedness purposes.

• kequ|r|ng Mun|c|pa| Courts to take on Ant|-narassment Crders (AnCs) and Domest|c V|o|ence
Þrotect|on Crders (DVÞCs): lf lealslaLlon arlses Lo Lurn Lhls local-dlscreLlon auLhorlLv lnLo a
requlremenL for Munlclpal CourLs, 8enLon wlll Lrack lL.

• Weapons restr|ct|ons: 8enLon wlll Lrack efforLs Lo enacL sLaLe resLrlcLlons on auns, lncludlna safe
sLoraae and ºcloslna Lhe aun show loophole."

• Iees for offenses that requ|re a DNA samp|e to be taken - extend author|ty to Mun|c|pa| and D|str|ct
Courts: CurrenL law requlres a unA sample Lo be Laken ln connecLlon wlLh cerLaln crlmlnal offenses.
Superlor CourLs have Lhe auLhorlLv Lo lmpose fees LhaL help wlLh cosL-recoverv for Lhe unA samples,
whlle ulsLrlcL and Munlclpal CourLs do noL. 8enLon wlll Lrack efforLs bv Lhe ulsLrlcL and Munlclpal CourL
!udaes' AssoclaLlon Lo level Lhe plavlna fleld so LhaL all local courLs can have cosL recoverv for unA

£conomic ueve/opment/lnfrostructure/Porks & kecreotion/nousino/4rts & cu/ture


• Loca| kev|ta||zat|on I|nanc|ng (LkI) and other 1ax-Increment I|nanc|ng (1II) types of too|s: 8enLon
has been forLunaLe Lo successfullv compeLe for maLchlna sLaLe fundlna of Lwo local economlc
revlLallzaLlon pro[ecLs Lhrouah Lhe L8l proaram. AbsenL sLaLe lealslaLlve acLlon, Lhe L8l proaram wlll
noL be exLended. 8enLon wlll sLronalv supporL efforLs Lo reauLhorlze L8l or provlde oLher more robusL
º1ll" Lools.

• Loca| Conservat|on I|nanc|ng 1oo| (LCI1): 1he ClLv wlll supporL efforLs bv Lhe Cascade Land
Conservancv Lo proLecL open space and naLural areas ln klna, Þlerce and Snohomlsh counLles bv
creaLlna a 1ransfer of uevelopmenL 8lahLs (1u8) proaram LhaL aeneraLes revenues Lo local clLles Lo fund
lnfrasLrucLure and oLher publlc pro[ecLs.

• Þub||c Works 1rust Iund (ÞW1I): 8enLon wlll supporL efforLs bv local aovernmenLs, conLracLors, waLer-
sewer dlsLrlcLs and oLhers Lo ensure Lhe ÞW1l can be recaplLallzed. ln 2009, for Lhe flrsL Llme ever, Lhe
LealslaLure ºswepL" monev ouL of Lhe ÞW1l Lo help resolve a $9 bllllon CperaLlna 8udaeL shorLfall.

• Wash|ngton W||d||fe, kecreat|on and Þarks Þrogram (WWkÞ): 8enLon wlll sLronalv supporL efforLs Lo
keep Lhe WW8Þ proaram, whlch ls funded ouL of Lhe SLaLe CaplLal 8udaeL, aL a fundlna level of aL leasL
Lhe currenL $70 mllllon per blennlum. 1he WashlnaLon Wlldllfe and 8ecreaLlon CoallLlon (WW8C) wlll
acLuallv requesL $100 mllllon for Lhe proaram Lo Lake lLs blennlal fundlna back Lo Lhe 2007-09 level, buL
8enLon recoanlzes LhaL wlll be challenalna ln Lhls flscal envlronmenL.

• "nea|thy & 5usta|nab|e Commun|t|es" In|t|at|ve: 8enLon's CommunlLv Servlces ueparLmenL has been
lnvolved ln Lhe developmenL of a PealLhv & SusLalnable CommunlLles lnlLlaLlve amona represenLaLlves
of parks and recreaLlon, 8ealLors, clLles and counLles, publlc healLh enLlLles, Lhe Amerlcan PearL

AssoclaLlon, Lhe CbeslLv CoallLlon, envlronmenLal aroups and oLhers. 1he lnlLlaLlve calls for malnLalned
fundlna of several operaLlna, caplLal and LransporLaLlon budaeL proarams such as publlc healLh, WW8Þ,
Safe 8ouLes Lo School LhaL help people sLav acLlve and healLhv, make more efflclenL use of Lhe ºbullL
envlronmenL," and hopefullv help Lo reverse Lhe obeslLv epldemlc LhaL leads Lo lncreased hearL dlsease,
coronarv problems and dlabeLes.

• Affordab|e hous|ng: 8enLon wlll supporL lnlLlaLlves Lo: a) resLore Lhe prevlouslv hlaher fundlna level of
Lhe Pouslna 1rusL lund (P1l), parLlcularlv alven LhaL Lhe P1l ls a llkelv revenue source for Lhe SunseL
1errace houslna pro[ecL Lhe ClLv ls sLronalv supporLlna, b) preserve fundlna for oLher proarams such as
Lhe 1ranslLlon Pouslna, Cwnershlp and 8enLal (1PC8) proaram. 1he Pouslna 1rusL lund helps
consLrucL affordable houslna, leveraaes oLher resources and provldes a crlLlcal caLalvsL for lnvesLmenL
and [ob creaLlon LhaL helps sLlmulaLe Lhe economv.

• Þermanent revenue stream for "4Cu|ture": 8enLon ls worklna hard Lo fosLer a Lhrlvlna arLs and culLure
communlLv and wlll supporL lealslaLlon Lo ensure a permanenL, onaolna revenue sLream for klna
CounLv's º4CulLure" oraanlzaLlon. 1he ClLv supporLs Lhe poslLlon of 4CulLure and Lhe WashlnaLon SLaLe
ArLs Alllance LhaL lnvesLmenL ln Lhe arLs ls an lnvesLmenL ln educaLlon and helps fosLer communlLv and
economlc developmenL. As ouLllned ln 8enLon's new ArLs & CulLure MasLer Þlan, a base of sLrona arLs
and culLure helps creaLe vlbranL communlLles LhaL connecL people across culLural boundarles, aLLracLs
Lourlsm, and supporLs and enhances buslness reLenLlon and recrulLmenL. Slnce 1993, 16
oraanlzaLlons/arLlsLs based ln 8enLon have recelved over $370,000 ln fundlna from 4CulLure.

• Iarmers Markets and W|ne 1ast|ng: 8enLon helps supporL one of Lhe sLronaesL larmers MarkeLs ln Lhe
SLaLe, wlLh approxlmaLelv 4,000 people vlslLlna uownLown 8enLon everv 1uesdav beLween !une-
SepLember. 1he ClLv supporLs conLlnued sLaLe fundlna for Lhe sLaLewlde larmers MarkeL neLwork.
AddlLlonallv, alLhouah noL currenLlv allowed bv ClLv code, 8enLon supporLs lealslaLlon Lo permlL
conLrolled wlne LasLlna bv WashlnaLon SLaLe wlne vendors durlna larmers MarkeLs.


• Loca| kea| Lstate Lxc|se 1ax (kLL1): 1he AssoclaLlon of WashlnaLon ClLles (AWC) ls aLLempLlna Lo
neaoLlaLe wlLh Lhe WashlnaLon AssoclaLlon of 8ealLors (WA8) an accepLable compromlse for 2011 LhaL
would enable clLles and counLles more flexlblllLv ln how Lhev spend Lhe flrsL and second quarLer
percenL of Lhelr local 8LL1. 8enLon wlll Lrack Lhls lssue.

£ducotion/workforce ueve/opment


• 1he ClLv supporLs fulflllmenL of Lhe SLaLe's ºparamounL duLv" Lo fullv fund baslc educaLlon cosLs
lncludlna LransporLaLlon, bulldlna and uLlllLv cosLs, fullv fund slx-perlod hlah school davs so sLudenLs can
meeL araduaLlon requlremenLs wlLhln four vears, fullv fund all-dav klnderaarLen for aL rlsk sLudenLs,
and bealn lmplemenLaLlon of fundlna Lhe proLoLvplcal school formula componenLs ldenLlfled bv Lhe
CuallLv LducaLlon CommlLLee. ln 2010, Lhe LealslaLure approved P8 2261, P8 2776 and S8 6696, whlch
all made lmporLanL commlLmenLs ln baslc educaLlon reform pollcv. 1he ClLv supporLs efforLs Lo follow
Lhrouah wlLh Lhe scheduled fundlna, whlle also proLecLlna currenL educaLlon fundlna.

• 1he ClLv recoanlzes LhaL lLs success lncreaslnalv depends on an educaLed and flexlble workforce for all
of lLs emplovers, publlc and prlvaLe allke. Lmplovers need well educaLed and hlahlv skllled emplovees

Lo arow and Lhrlve. 8ecause all sLudenLs musL be prepared Lo enLer Lhe aloballv compeLlLlve workforce,
Lhe ClLv supporLs efforLs Lo adequaLelv fund educaLlon reform. 1he SLaLe's lnvesLmenL should:
o lurLher sLrenaLhen accounLablllLv - measurable performance should be ensured aL all levels of
o ALLracL and reLaln quallLv Leachers and address Lhe shorLaae of educaLors ln Lhe flelds of
maLhemaLlcs, sclence, speclal educaLlon, earlv learnlna and blllnaual sLudles.
o CreaLe a more compeLlLlve workforce bv expandlna fundlna for l1L enrollmenL aL all levels of
hlaher educaLlon and prlorlLlzlna offerlnas Loward [obs and lndusLrles of Lhe fuLure and hlah-
demand flelds.
o Lncouraae sLronaer coordlnaLlon of workforce developmenL beLween k-12 and posL-secondarv
educaLlon enLlLles and base LaraeLs on emplover and economlc demands.

• Work Iorce Deve|opment: 8enLon supporLs Lhe º8eLoollna WashlnaLon's Workforce" lnlLlaLlve
embarked upon bv Lhe SLaLe Work lorce 1ralnlna 8oard, and ls prepared Lo supporL 2011 lealslaLlve
lnlLlaLlves LhaL arow ouL of LhaL efforL. 8elaLedlv, Lhe ClLv also supporLs Lwo requesLs of Lhe SLaLe 8oard
for CommunlLv and 1echnlcal Colleaes (S8C1C)'s, boLh of whlch wlll help forward Lhe ClLv's aoals of
reLalnlna and creaLlna [obs and lncreaslna economlc opporLunlLv:
o $33.1 mllllon (sLaLewlde) for Worker 8eLralnlna/lncumbenL Workers: 1he LealslaLure has
provlded $28.8 mllllon per vear for 6,200 Worker 8eLralnlna (W81) proaram sLudenLs/l1Ls
slnce 1997. 1he hlah unemplovmenL ln Lhe currenL recesslon has lncreased demand for Lhls
proaram Lo record levels - more Lhan 13,000 sLudenLs/l1Ls ln l? 2010. 1he 2010 LealslaLure
responded bv provldlna a one-Llme addlLlon of $17.3 mllllon for 3,784 addlLlonal Worker
8eLralnlna sLudenLs/l1Ls ln l? 2010. uemand for Worker 8eLralnlna Þroaram sloLs ls pro[ecLed
Lo sLav above 11,000 sLudenLs/l1Ls LhrouahouL nexL blennlum. 1hls SLaLe 8oard for CommunlLv
and 1echnlcal Colleaes requesL wlll malnLaln Lhe fundlna level provlded ln l? 2011.
o $31.2 mllllon (sLaLewlde) Lo 8esLore 8aslc Skllls: 1hls fundlna wlll help resLore AdulL 8aslc
LducaLlon (A8L) proarams LhrouahouL Lhe sLaLe. Whlle oLher mlsslon areas have lncreased ln
slze, AdulL 8aslc LducaLlon -- whlch serves Lhe fasLesL arowlna parL of our workforce -- has losL
around as colleaes have dealL wlLh Lhree consecuLlve vears of sLaLe fundlna reducLlons. 1he
colleaes responded Lo sLaLe budaeL reducLlons ln parL bv consolldaLlna A8L lnsLrucLlon, whlch
has meanL closlna off-slLe faclllLles, reduclna evenlna and weekend hours of lnsLrucLlon, and
lncreaslna class slzes. 1hls fundlna requesL wlll help resLore access, whlch ls parLlcularlv crlLlcal
aL 8enLon 1echnlcal Colleae.

£mp/oyee 5ervices lssues/L£Oll/P£k5


• Cppose pens|on enhancements that add new costs - and fu||y fund pens|on respons|b|||t|es: 8enLon
wlll follow Lhe lead of Lhe AWC ln opposlna penslon eoboocemeots LhaL would add new cosLs Lo local
aovernmenLs, whlle aL Lhe same Llme uralna Lhe sLaLe Lo fullv fund exlstloo penslon responslblllLles.

• keforms to better manage personne| and |abor costs: 8enLon ls prepared Lo supporL lnlLlaLlves puL
forLh bv AWC and oLhers Lo help beLLer manaae personnel and labor cosLs.

• "Þresumpt|ve d|sease" for po||ce: LxlsLlna sLaLe law provldes workers' compensaLlon beneflLs for
flreflahLers, and famllles of flreflahLers, lf Lhelr dlsease ls presumed Lo have occurred as a resulL of Lhe
lnherenLlv danaerous condlLlons Lhev faced durlna Lhelr Lerms of emplovmenL. 1hls ls deflned narrowlv
wlLhln sLaLe law. lf 2011 lealslaLlve lnlLlaLlves are brouahL forward Lo expand Lhe reach of ºpresumpLlve

dlsease" laws Lo pollce emplovees, lL wlll presenL cosL lmpacLs and concerns for 8enLon. 1he ClLv wlll
work Lhrouah AWC ln Lhls area.


• LLCII 1 ret|rees: 8enLon has some 98 reLlred LLCll 1 emplovees, and 3 acLlve emplovees who are
ellalble for Lhe LLCll 1 reLlremenL proaram. Llke manv oLher clLles, 8enLon conLlnues Lo seek SLaLe
asslsLance ln addresslna Lhe medlcal cosLs for LLCll 1. 8enLon wlll work Lhrouah AWC ln Lhls area.

£nvironmento/ lssues/uti/ities/woter/5tormwoter


• Þuget 5ound Act|on Agenda and the Þuget 5ound 5a|mon kecovery Þ|an: 1he ClLv wlll supporL efforLs
bv Lhe ÞuaeL Sound ÞarLnershlp and klna CounLv WaLer 8esource lnvenLorv Areas (W8lAs) Lo esLabllsh
dedlcaLed fundlna Lo lmplemenL Lhe ÞuaeL Sound AcLlon Aaenda and Lhe ÞuaeL Sound Salmon 8ecoverv

• 5tormwater Iund|ng: 8enLon wlll supporL a 2011 ueparLmenL of Lcoloav requesL blll deslaned Lo creaLe
new flnanclna mechanlsms for clLles and counLles Lo meeL Lhelr verv cosLlv Clean WaLer AcL
requlremenLs under whaL ls known as Lhe naLlonal ÞolluLanL ulscharae and LllmlnaLlon SvsLem
(nÞuLS). lundlna for sLormwaLer ls a kev Lo meeLlna Lhe federallv-mandaLed, sLaLe-admlnlsLered

• Water r|ghts fees: 8enLon wlll be closelv waLchlna a 2011 ueparLmenL of Lcoloav requesL blll LhaL ls
deslaned Lo lncrease waLer rlahLs fees Lo beLLer fund Lhe waLer resources proaram. A concern of waLer
uLlllLles ls LhaL Lhe fees wlll exLend bevond peoJloo rlahLs appllcaLlons Lo exlstloo rlahLs, and wlll be
lnequlLablv charaed (fot exomple. Jtoft leolslotloo Joes oot exteoJ tbe fees to Jevelopets of wbot ote
koowo os ´exempt wells´). 8enLon ls prepared Lo [oln oLher uLlllLles ln opposlna lealslaLlon LhaL aoes
Loo far ln lncreaslna fees and does noL equlLablv exLend and charae Lhem Lo all users.


• Lxtend|ng the current "Þroduct 5tewardsh|p" program to prescr|pt|on and pharmaceut|ca| drug
d|sposa|: 1he ÞroducL SLewardshlp proaram was enacLed bv Lhe LealslaLure as a manufacLurer-
flnanced proaram Lo allow for Lhe envlronmenLallv safe dlsposal of producLs such as elecLronlcs and
llahLs LhaL conLaln mercurv. klna CounLv Solld WasLe and oLhers wlll look Lo expand Lhe proaram ln
2011 Lo prescrlpLlon and pharmaceuLlcal drua dlsposal. 8enLon wlll Lrack Lhese efforLs.

lire Prevention ond £meroency 5ervices


• 5|mp|e Ma[or|ty for LM5 Lev|es: llre Chlefs are expecLed Lo brlna forLh 2011 lealslaLlon LhaL would
allow Lmeraencv Medlcal Servlces (LMS) levles Lo achleve voLer approval wlLh a 30 percenL plus one
ma[orlLv, vs. Lhe currenL 60 percenL. 8enLon wlll supporL Lhls lssue.


• Þerm|t |ncent|ves for homeowners who vo|untar||y |nsta|| f|re-suppress|on spr|nk|er systems |n the|r
res|dences: 8enLon wlll Lrack Lhls lssue.

lisco/ lssues


• Cppose unfunded mandates, |eg|s|at|on that erodes |oca| author|ty and/or |eg|s|at|on that erodes
|oca| tax revenue: 1hls ls an annual sLaple of Lhe ClLv's lealslaLlve aaenda and dlrecLlv relaLes Lo ºbaslc
premlses" upon whlch Lhe annual LealslaLlve Aaenda ls bullL.

• 5upport |eg|s|at|ve changes to he|p |oca| governments operate more eff|c|ent|y and reduce costs: 1he
AssoclaLlon of WashlnaLon ClLles (AWC) and Lhe WashlnaLon SLaLe AssoclaLlon of CounLles (WSAC) are
proposlna Lo Lhe Covernor and LealslaLure a serles of ldeas Lo help local aovernmenLs operaLe more
efflclenLlv, reduce or delav cosL lmpacLs or relleve cosL burdens alLoaeLher. Lxamples lnclude publlc
records requesL reforms, noLlce chanaes under Lhe SLaLe LnvlronmenLal Þollcv and Shorellne
ManaaemenL acLs, delavlna Lhe daLe bv whlch publlc fleeLs musL deplov blofuel-powered or elecLrlc
vehlcles, and oLhers. 8enLon ls polsed Lo supporL Lhese efforLs.

• Cppose countyw|de ut|||ty tax author|ty and support un|ncorporated area ut|||ty tax: lf klna CounLv
or Lhe WashlnaLon SLaLe AssoclaLlon of CounLles promoLes lealslaLlon Lo esLabllsh counLvwlde uLlllLv
Laxlna auLhorlLv, 8enLon wlll [oln numerous oLher munlclpallLles and Lhe AWC ln opposlLlon. A
counLvwlde uLlllLv Lax would resulL ln a ºdouble Lax" on clLv resldenLs who alreadv pav Lhls Lax Lo
8enLon. Powever, Lhe clLv wlll supporL a lealslaLlve lnlLlaLlve Lo esLabllsh unlncorporaLed area uLlllLv Lax
auLhorlLv for counLles, parLlcularlv lf a porLlon of Lhe revenue ls dedlcaLed Lo Lhe LranslLlon cosLs for
clLles maklna proaress aL annexlna urban unlncorporaLed areas.

• kestr|ct bus|ness ||cense author|ty: 1he WashlnaLon SLaLe 8eLallers AssoclaLlon mav advance 2011
lealslaLlon Lo resLrlcL clLles' auLhorlLv Lo lmpose buslness llcense fees. lf so, 8enLon wlll [oln AWC and
oLhers ln opposlna Lhls local pre-empLlon efforL.

6enero/ 6overnment


• Þrotect|ng b|dd|ng |aws and contract|ng author|ty: 8enLon wlll [oln oLher local aovernmenLs ln
worklna Lo proLecL local aovernmenL auLhorlLv ln conLracLlna and blddlna laws ln 2011.

• 5h|ft|ng ||ab|||ty to mun|c|pa| ut|||t|es under the "Ca|| 8efore ¥ou D|g" |aw: ln 2009, underaround
conLracLors souahL Lo add a new deflnlLlon Lo Lhe ºCall 8efore ?ou ula" area of sLaLe law, one whlch
would have shlfLed llablllLv and cosLs Lo munlclpal uLlllLles. An lnLerlm work aroup has been formed,
and 2011 lealslaLlon ls posslble. lf underaround conLracLors ao Lhe same rouLe as Lhev dld ln 2009,
8enLon wlll [oln AWC and munlclpal uLlllLles ln opposlna such a lealslaLlve lnlLlaLlve.


• Lxpans|on of wrongfu| death and |n[ury c|a|ms: LealslaLlon Lo expand wronaful deaLh and ln[urv clalms
aaalnsL local aaencles and Lhe prlvaLe secLor narrowlv falled ln 2008, 2009 and 2010, and Lhe lssue mav
be re-lnLroduced ln 2011. 8enLon wlll monlLor Lhls lssue closelv.

6rowth Monooement/Lond use ond Permittino


• kequ|r|ng cons|stent deve|opment standards |n ÞAAs or UGAs: 1he AWC mav promoLe lealslaLlon ln
2011 Lo requlre LhaL counLles have developmenL sLandards ln ÞoLenLlal AnnexaLlon Areas or urban
CrowLh Areas LhaL are conslsLenL wlLh Lhose ln place for nelahborlna clLles. AbsenL Lhe more dlrecL
lealslaLlon, an lnlLlaLlve mav also requlre LhaL counLles enaaae ln a hlaher level of [olnL plannlna wlLh
respecL Lo Lhese areas. 8enLon wlll supporL elLher or boLh of Lhese lealslaLlve lnlLlaLlves.

• Mak|ng GMA update cyc|es more cons|stent w|th federa| Census updates: CurrenL law requlres LhaL
CMA comprehenslve plans be updaLed aL leasL once everv seven vears. 1he updaLes are dependenL on
accuraLe populaLlon and Census daLa - and veL Census numbers are updaLed onlv once everv 10 vears.
Þlannlna ulrecLors, AWC, and oLhers mav advance 2011 lealslaLlon Lo beLLer ºharmonlze" Lhe Llmlna of
Lhese and oLher requlred updaLes. lf such lealslaLlon ls advanced, 8enLon wlll supporL lL.

• Loca| zon|ng contro| over |ocat|on of m|n|-cas|nos: 8enLon wlll supporL lealslaLlon Lo expllclLlv clarlfv
clLles' auLhorlLv Lo zone Lhe locaLlon of mlnl-caslnos and Lo arandfaLher ln exlsLlna zonlna resLrlcLlons.


• 1|m|ng of when |mpact fees are co||ected: 8enLon wlll Lrack lealslaLlon llkelv Lo be brouahL forLh bv Lhe
MasLer 8ullders AssoclaLlon aLLempLlna Lo requlre LhaL lmpacL fee collecLlon for resldenLlal houslna be
delaved unLll Lhe Llme of sale or closlna on Lhe homes.

numon ond 5ocio/ 5ervices


• Iu|| fund|ng of "2-1-1" system: 8enLon wlll supporL conLlnued efforLs Lo obLaln sLaLe funds Lo help fullv
fund Lhe new 2-1-1 emeraencv communlcaLlons svsLem Lo help senlors, Lhe dlsabled and vulnerable
populaLlons wlLhln WashlnaLon SLaLe access soclal servlces.

• Þub||c hea|th fund|ng: 8enLon wlll supporL efforLs Lo preserve fundlna for SeaLLle-klna CounLv Þubllc
PealLh. A sLrona publlc healLh svsLem promoLes a healLhler communlLv and prevenLs and proLecLs
aaalnsL ln[urv and dlsease.

• Lnergy ass|stance for |ow-|ncome res|dents: uurlna economlc down Llmes, Lhe demand for low-
lncome enerav asslsLance rlses dramaLlcallv. 8enLon wlll supporL sLaLe parLnershlp fundlna for enerav
asslsLance for low-lncome resldenLs.

• Lmp|oyment-8ased Lng||sh as a 5econd Language/Lng||sh Language Learners (L5L/LLL) 1ra|n|ng:
Manv emplovers who are faced wlLh a hlah raLe of [ob vacancles due Lo a lack of skllled emplovees are
flndlna lL necessarv Lo conslder alLernaLlve wavs of Lralnlna exlsLlna emplovees Lo Lake on more
advanced responslblllLles. LmplovmenL-8ased LSL/LLL Lralnlna helps workers overcome barrlers such
as LransporLaLlon and chlld care and can lead an lmmlaranL or refuaee Lo Lnallsh proflclencv qulcker
when uslna work-based maLerlals. Pavlna emplovmenL based LSL/LLL for low-waae worklna
lmmlaranLs and refuaees can open up new career opporLunlLles LhaL lead Lhem Lo hlaher waae
emplovmenL. 8enLon has appreclaLed Lhe LealslaLure's recenL fundlna of 8enLon 1echnlcal Colleae's
LSL/LLL workplace-based proarams and [olns Lhe 8enLon Chamber of Commerce ln seeklna onaolna and
susLalnable sLaLe fundlna for workplace-based LSL/LLL proarams.



• Cppose statew|de franch|se fee author|ty: ln 2009, verlzon approached Lhe LealslaLure, seeklna
enacLmenL of a sLaLewlde franchlslna sLrucLure for cable and vldeo servlces. Pad Lhe lealslaLlon
succeeded, lL would have pre-empLed local franchlslna auLhorlLv LhaL auldes cable servlce ln 8enLon
and oLher local markeLs around Lhe sLaLe. lf Lhls ls proposed ln 2011, 8enLon wlll [oln AWC ln sLronalv
opposlna Lhls aLLack on local conLrol.



• Iorc|ng the conso||dat|on of the 1ransportat|on Improvement 8oard (1I8), Ire|ght Mob|||ty 5trateg|c
Investment 8oard and County koad Adm|n|strat|on 8oard (CkA8): ln 2010, Lhe Covernor proposed
consolldaLlna Lhe 1l8, lMSl8, and C8A8 and placlna Lhem under Lhe ausplces of Lhe WSuC1's Local
Plahwavs Þroaram. 8enLon belleves 1l8 and lMSl8 ln parLlcular are Lwo verv focused, LransparenL,
accounLable and effecLlve aaencles and would oppose a forced consolldaLlon. Powever, Lhe ClLv
appreclaLes and supporLs Lhe efforLs bv an lnLerlm lealslaLlve Lask force LhaL ls revlewlna 1l8, lMSl8 and
C8A8 operaLlons and how Lhev can lncrease efflclencv.

• 5treet Ut|||ty: ln 2011, Lhe AWC and a number of lndlvldual [urlsdlcLlons wlll seek Lo obLaln lealslaLlve
auLhorlzaLlon Lo allow clLles Lo esLabllsh ºSLreeL uLlllLles" for local malnLenance and preservaLlon needs.
8enLon wlll supporL Lhls efforL.