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General Information

Travel Grants

One of the main objectives of Horizons is to give young scientists a platform to present
and share their research findings at various stages of their career. The awarded student
talks give selected PhD students the opportun ity to present their work in the plenary lecture
of the conference. This year we received more than 50 applications from all over the world
representing 21 countries over 5 continents. After a rigorous selection process, we would like
to congratulate this year’s awardees.

Awarded Student Talks

• Angel Santiago-Lopez (10th September, 15:35)
Mobilization of cellular stress signaling in protein misfolding diseases for controlled gene
delivery - Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
• Julie Trolle (11th September, 16:50)
Engineering Prototrophy In Mammalian Cells - New York University, USA
• Triana Amen (12th September, 11:00)
Stress Granules regulate cell metabolism through clustering of mitochondrial membrane
protein VDAC - Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, Germany