Manuel Rodriquez HISD Trustee District III c/o HISD Board Services Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center

4400 West 18th Street Houston, TX 77092-8501 CC: HISD Trustees Terry B. Grier Michele Pola Mr. Rodriquez, I am requesting an investigation into possible political activity by the Principal, Mr. Stephen Harding, at J.R. Elementary School. Over the last 9 years the Harris County Republican Party has been allowed into J.R. Elementary School to hand out turkeys to students and their parents just prior to Christmas. Each year they brag about this giveaway program to this “95% Hispanic” school in their newsletter. This activity includes distributing frozen birds, introducing elected officials, and candidates up for election. All of this is coordinated and condoned by the Principal, Stephen Harding. (See attached newsletter of the GOP) At first I was insulted that a political organization would hand out cheap birds to Hispanic children and their parents while they work to cut their education funding and call for radical immigration policies targeting the very people they are giving the bird to, but this is much more serious than a political disagreement. I contacted Mr. Samuel Sarabia, Elementary School Chief Officer, and was assured this activity was not happening. (Emails attached) Based upon the attached newsletter, distributed by the Harris County GOP, I am not so sure. The Harris County GOP has also, over the last number of years, rewarded kids for passing the TAKS test with free bicycles. Last year this activity was removed from on site at J.R. Harris to the GOP Headquarters with the Principal providing vouchers for kids to pick up their bikes. Again, I believe an investigation into the legality of allowing a political organization into a tax funded school for self promotion and giving away bicycles for those who pass the TAKS test is warranted. The pictures in the newsletter are disturbing, as well as the description of the event. It is clear this activity had the full approval of the Principal including the poster made by the kids thanking the GOP chair and the GOP prominently displayed for all to see. First and foremost this activity must stop immediately. Partisan political activity in a public school is illegal. And second, I am requesting the HISD board to call for an investigation into this activity to determine if rules and/or laws were broken with appropriate action being taken. I would appreciate if I was made aware of what will take place. John Cobarruvias 14646 Cardinal Creek Ct Houston, TX 77062 281-536-2457 Cell

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