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t I i r'-\t-)'
,'.1 "/
supr{roR couRr oF THE DrsrRrcT o6 / | L,'
cor-unrnil Vr.'r
t oltl i" .,i
i\0, i -\ 4.4 ''/ !
./ -J --/U
District of Columbia ss:

Defendant's $me: Keith Little

272269 0l 6l 60
( Firso (}il) { Last) (PDlDi
Address: I155 FIRST TER, l{lV, WDC

F KEIl-Il LIITLE' rvithin the District of columbia'

rvhile armed rvirh a cuN, purposery and rvith deriberare
premeditated malice, killed ooRDoN and
ROLLINS bv srrooinjl-
2003' thereby causing injuries lrom which
rlria ruith a'ouli ;;;;;;*,
February 3.
llurder While Armed (promeditated), in uioiutioo RoLLNa Ji-J" or abour FEB. i, :oo: . lrirst Degree
of 2l D.C. CoJ.,'S*.tiols ll0l, 4502
(2001 ed.))


To The ("!ilited states Marshol
ot any other authorizedfederat afficer
\vHERf,AS or poilce of rhe
the chief of
Dk*ciof curunbio:
the foregoing *ornptuini ,iJ
rnitted' and there appearing prcnauru
tmir"rit rffirire,i" u,t.*ations thereof have been sub-
.unr. ona ..*oooor- gil;;; for the issuance of an arrest
()THf R p[Rsoiv r;NU]tEtL{TEr,
rN iitis.c. i'dl forthrvi*lo unr*., said rharge.

Irsued // -"2-i? .-- o { t)

/ ,*=r7---"
.\uperior forrt ofthc Ilijt.i€a xf(,olurrbia
.\[afe DOB: 07i02/1961 CCNI 0l6l60 PDID: 21226s
I'apering Ot1icer: .\Iouron
Badge No.: Dl-223
(Jflicer's Iame:
oFFrcER )rr"isJ EXECr"jir ntffi
Ijate /
6r{-* lz z'd

") i-rt, .IFTC IJonrestic
,*)u f, n
01:27:26 p.m. 01-06-2011 2 17

t. t -t,f' , t'
..,':. / /l
i/'-St-u/ j')r - I i J\

superior t"-;l'.1li!; or corumbia


USW No.:
Dff tt\0A\T's \.tllEr
I-ittle, Kcith PDlIlr
fn.r,.. R.\{'E: t).o.B.r
,v'fale H*k ffi,or #st! t{Et.HT;
ffi # 4rl&i
I t Ff\_D,.t xTS H(xt E Ap rlRf ssr
I I )_) l.trst I errace I,IIV. Washingron D.C.

('O}I PL.IINA.\T'S r"A.\IE;

Ilollins. Gordon
r_(x'^iloiv of OFFENSE:
231 I l5'x Street NW, Washington D.C.
February 3, 2003

o' Monday, February-3., q0.3, at approx imately 0 g5 3 hours, $

PoliceDepartment' members o f the Metropo ritan b
fortt,er"po.roiashootinginsideof233r \
street' Northwest' washington, D.c- upon
their arrival, trr, *r*u.o located
tnaintenance man rvho rvorked in that uuitaing, cordon Rollins, a ,}

surer;ng ri"*^*"rrlple gunshot wouncls.

Rollins body rvas located in a lower level hallivav Mr.
oir.ct"rv oui.iol*r. door ro the maintenance 1

otfice in rvhich he ruorked' Members of the

District orcoturnoiu rir. Department I
x'lr' Rollins to Howard University_Hospital. transported i
life *ruing ail.o and Mr. Rollins
. il
lrronounced dead by Dr' Ricketts Greene atg:25 _All "irol, ortrr. was
a,m. The're*uinr decedent
transporred to rhe office of rhe Chief rvere
Medicar Examiner fb, ;;;;;;psy. ltt
4' 2003' Dr' constance DiAngelo on Tuesday, Februarv
autopsy on tlie remains of the decer,ent.
jliii:.,[j|::lJ,- rhe cause orrleath rvas six
re t gunsrioi*,o,*,i, 0,,,r rhe narurer
of dearh *.as
l --t


\lentbers of the;\fetropolitan Police Deparrn:ent's

lJorniciiie Unit immL-diatelv iniri*ed an
in'c'stigittion irrfo this horrricide. A $'itn;ss, hereinafter
rei'eneci to !v-1, rvas iocared anci
stat*d trrat ir * oursicre of
se i'e n lot2f "barlgs" coming from
:i:r 's when jr hearcr
r:rh srreei, xonl",rr.r,, sir or
inside the b*ilding. ernloti irnn.rectiately
aiter rhe lasr lo'il
,in *\e ,Lro; ai^ 5,2, itls;ra}an (#-- , page I of .l
01:28:03 p.m. 01-06-2011 3 l7

i //5 it/ H"3 J'' ii) "-

''b;lng," W-1 obsen'eci a black nrale, i0-j.5 y,ears

of age, husky build, and,,heavv in the
*'earing a dark blrre jacket, light colored blue jeans, hutt,,,
iront of rhe b*irding. w- r did not obserre iin),one
r",r'r J;i ;;;
JT;,1 har, exir rhe
erse reave rhe buirrring,

w-l st'lted that es this rnan exited the fiont cloor of

23il l5rh street, the nan looked around
nervr:Lisly and pulled his hat over his ears and eyebrorvs, gner
ttre man exited uuitcling, w- sarv l
hin t'alk around the corner of lSth street and ihapin
street NW and enrer the driver's
vehicle' w'l also stated tlrat it did not obsen'e any other passengers in the siile of a
described the v'ehicle as being a grayorsilver rsuzu w-r
Ro.teo 'ehicle.
surt lv-l specificallydescribed
distinctive look of the vehicle' w'l stated that the
the tires
of the vehicle appeared ro be too witle
the tntck and that the tires stttck out lrom rhe flor
tnrck. w-l also observed the rvord,,'SUZU,,
pr:inted on the spare tire mounted on the rear
of the vehicle. The individual then drove otf in
vehicle. the

Flomicide detectives canvassed the area of the shooting

and located a black Isuzu Roeleo. The
vehicle rvas covered rvith road salt making it look
tigh;cor;red. Ttre vehicle had rvide tires that
stuck out from the tn'rck and had the wordlTsuzu"
of the l'ehicle' The vehicle was parked in front
llntea on tt, ,p*. tire mounted on the rear
of 1437 cirard stre"t nrw,
wasrrinlo*, D.c., a
Itrcation less than three blocks away from the
crime scene. Detectives rool.J?rough the
windorvs of the vehicle and observed in plain vierv
a black knit hat. This u.r1i.i. rrra'Maryland
tags M-706376' A WALES check revealed. that
the ,rgirt.r.J owner of the Isuzu was Keith
Little' w-l was brought to the area to view the vEhicle
rlo ;i fo*iti'ely idenrifieu ii us being the
same vehicle it observed the black male wearing
the black Init nat get into and rlrive ofr
immediately after the shooting, in

F{omicide detectives locatetl the orvner of the vehicle, :1

Keith Little, (a black male, DoB - !j
07"02/61), hereinafter refened to as the defendant. \
rle aerenoant rvas found to be inside of 1437
Girard street, NW, washington, D,c. The defendant ou* -rrt"o
intervieu'ed in the ongoing
if he wourd agree to be 1

driven to the violent crimes Branch of Tur{.r

investigation- iir.*nt ug.# and rvas
the Metropolitln potice Department. The .ti
stated during the course of the intervierv^that delendant '1

Associares, rvhose office is located inside of 2331 lr_.

y* emptoyeo by Rearty Managemenr ,J
rsth street hiw, washington, D.c.
{rhe sarne
office outside which the decetjent's bod5r rvas found),
The defendant stated that this is the sirrne
li .,)
colnpanv that emplol'ed the clecedent. lhe defendant
stated that he parked his Isuzu Rocleo in
ihe lrea oi2j3l [5th street N1,r,r, rvashington, D.c it-
at uppro*i,notelyg:35 i].m. on theelayof
itturtler'-fhe delbndant staterl that he tt'r, i,, lhe areir ior period rhe 'l' '
a of tirle bqt ne\1er enterccl l3jl
l5th Strect Nlli. ,|

f-he dct'endrrnt firrtlier relateci tltat beilr'een 8:-l-5 nnd 8:50

a.rl. he ivent to Atlarriic plunrlring,
locrteci tt 9i9 Floriila .\venrte.
Northw'esf. He srared that lre Ieft .\tianric plunrbing
in ,..rpo*se
to a lotal of tltree pages fionr his boss at firsr asking hinr to go
to l4l5 Girarci Street, Noili*vesr
ar''dtltentr:ilingltinltogoto?331 lj'r'street.Northrvest,thisceneoftlien.tunjer.
tltc thrce rctttm calls to ltis [:oss. his boss toiti hinr that
Gortjcrn Roltins harl ],;een -qhot,

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]n 't {! "Stut /15 | t.."') --

{Telephone recorcis of the rJefendant's

ceJl phone inrJicate a single
call frorn the <Jefenelant,s boss
Lv tr" c'r*nJu,i,., r,r+ ,,"
i:iJ.iffij:'i1:::i,t#rTi'S;*:jl"r* 1 ir,,iJilnoon, ,oro

1-he in'estigaticn tevealed'

however' tl"r1 at *pproxifiratery g:01
logbook at lris ntorher's .p"nn,*ni'brild;;;"";;;;*o''n,'t,t00 a.n. rhe crefendant signed a
defendant's nrother has confirmeo Norrh capitol srreer. ^rhe
it ot
200j' Ar no rime rriii rhe ,i.enauni i*rrh.r ro,irors ,irrrr'rprr*ent.rhe nroming of Febnrary -1,
rhe"poricJ; ;;;
distance lrom 2il I 15'h street snr.,o his morher,s apar"rment. The
to iiod xon{ C;;;r;i .oii*i*atery
recently dro'e from 2331 three nrir.*. The afi.iant
l5'h street ro.1200 rv;;h b;Jr;T';
approxtrrately holv long the moming rush-hour rratfic
trip rvould t'ke. k root irrJ ro see
scene of the murder rriiant eighr minutes ro drive
t200.Ngr1lr Capitol. rrt-i*r"i., fton. the
both his mother's aparfmentl: ril" i.rrnrr*r co*rd not ha'e crnven
buitding uno to,q.ttantic plu*ilrg ro
srreet bv 9:i5 a,m., the rime u tuitlt"* an_d stiil arrive back

i\trantic prumbing has receipts *nowing

(w-;,;;;#;i'l;, at 2331 l5,h
him a*he scene. Moreover,
purchase orders'ir,
ll:00 a'nr' on February 3'r, bitt no purchase :n:^d"*ndant at approximatery
orders at orarouni 9:00 a.rn. that day. None of the
employees at Atlantic Plumbing
recall seeing *rrr a*t'.naoir-ulouno
9:00 a.m. that
A second witncss (w-2) was located
on the day afthis hornicirje.
that it had seen someone it believed and interviewed. w-2 stated
to be rheaerenoani*irpiio*ln,,"r.ry-e,:i
his black tmck' which rvas locared
on clupin srr--iii#, ."
u.ii rtrna;ng uy
observed trre defendant.was weari"J ii'r1*
hand side. w-2 stated rhat t.
supervisor of both the defentlant
niri;:"*s at rhe ,*" ir
the sighting . w-z,who is
ani the decedent, *u, ;;; i.t.o ir in.r.1"u, ily the
and rhe defendant. rv-2 srated animosity l:{
::lx;1,rlr"rT;f" irr"i,rr. decedenr n.rie,.,io rhat

l;ffi :til,'*,lt;ffi ,iili;,il:::l;:,'5f ;ff illyl*tT:,,,"y* jy,i jffi

:T \

During the course of this investigation

an additional.rvitness (y-3)- rvas rocated rvho knerv
decedent quite rvell' w-3 stated
io a.t..riu.s. that prior t" rriJ o*r,

the decedent had rold the il

;:ffi:iifi liJl*ffH:lf:Jllfflf,i,';Jf;:::j,Ti,?"1'"i"iu rh, r;*J;;u,,o .ougi,* ,r,* .^i \ '\
I ")

To sumnrarize' not long before the murder,

sitpc'n'isor thar the rlelenclant *'as
the decetlerrt had reported to
the defendanr,s .ii
steating iro*r rhe
rn,l that rhe treflentJanr haa
enteriltg apailnlents rvithout arrthorizatioi, 'fhe-deced!,ri
just ourside the croor
tltrtintennnce oihce and onl,v approsinrately' ""r'tirr.d rcr rrre
r0 f'eet rto,n ,rr. ,..irred lront eloor
buildinq rt ljjl l-i'i'5ff'"gi, i'r'th*'est, lhe tjef'endant hnJ to rhe apannrenf
;;;;;, ro rhe secrired huirding rritr
il,Xil!'lf:,ll:fi J;,X.ffi ji J#-T:ffij,,,ijil tru r *.
1. t ry'-
*n ieri n g o r
.irrur:rJ iiinit cenirinn rvoutd t
have seen) rhe decedenr,s
*f n1,o

buikling's tiiut cjoor: Ir*nrediately ,,d.. uJ-,- ,,ltiliuli";,tlr::;T:,,:]i1;:

sccilretl fiant door nratched tite tlef.rndant
rrr"i;;; iffi: rr'le i,divirjuar seen ieaviug the
*'ho. ut tlre tin',*'oi;l- nrurtler, \r,as a -r!-y,e,ar ord

Prge j of 4
1 802 01 :29: 55 p,m. 01-06-201 1 5 t7

:l i./'5,/iJ4i ,-.))

Aliicln-American ntate, six feet tali

rvith a husky build an,J heav,v in
ihen entered the defentlant's Isttzu vehicle his bc:hind. Thar persorr
and l]ed the area. *s set ou' ohovr-, the
dclbndant lied to police officers
r*gorainf l ;r rrh*r*oioi,;; ;;il; .Finaily,
rirne of rhe muriter.
Based on tlle afbrerrrentionerj facts
and circumstances your affiant
prolrtble cause in the rnurder
of Gordon Rollins. vou, urgunt respecrfuilythat there is norv
superior court Judge for the District requests fhat a
orCoiu*rriu issue an.rr*rr ro,o.rnrt
fbr Keirh Li*le.

'l"O: lvARtt.ttT ('I-ERK

i,Li;ASIi IS$i.iE ,{ rv,.il{RAN-r FOIt:


('r-i.,lltcE WITH;
'(^*^l )*f,-J^.".
#pK?% t:',' wry)1,'613*



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"r. i:
I)I S"IRIC"T OT. COLUTII]IA l{} rjj t."
.j. t:r
rJ J

I loiding a Criminai 'fernr i ii-r_iJ

Cirancl Jun Srvorn in on Fsbrua,v 13,2006

'tllE LNITED S'I;\TES OF AIV{ERICA Criminal No: 2005FEL007438


KEITFI LI'ITLE 2?D.C. Code. Secticns 2103,4502;
PDID: 272269 22D.C. Code, Section 4504(b);
22D.C. Code. Section 4504(a) (200i eci,)
(Second Degree Murder While Armed;
Possession Of a Firearm During Crime Of
Violence Or Dangerous Offense; Carrying a
Pistol Without a License (Outside Home or
Place oi Business))

The Grand Jury charges:


Keith l"ittle. r.vithin the District of Columbia. rvhile armed rvith a pistol, and with the

intcnt 1o kill iln0thc'r and ttt inflict serious br:,"lili' iniury on another and with a conscious

ilisregard ()f lll dxtrrilre risk t,if rleath or serious bodil,"" injurl'to ancltlrcr, causecl the death of

fiordon Rollins by'shootirig hirn uith:i iircarn:. that is a pistolon cralrr)ltt February i. i003.

rl:creb1'causing injuries ll'onr u'hich (li:rdon Roilins died on or about l:'ehruary 3. 2{){)i. iSecond

Deciee \{urdcr !\jhilc.\rrlc.l. in r,iuletion r-ri'll D.C. Code. Scc{ions ll0-1. +-i02 tl0{Jl
1 802 01:30:36p.m, 01-06-2011

6 tj


Ott or abour Irebnterv i. i003. within the District of Columbia. Keith Little tiid possess a

tlrearm rvhile comtnitting rhe crime of Second Degree l!{urder tVhile

Armed as set fbrth in rhe

ilrst count of this indictment. lPossessiun Of'a lrirearm During Crime Of Violence

l)angerous otlense. in'iolarion of 12 D.C. code. section 1504{b) (2001 etj.))


On or about Febntary' 1, 2003. rvithin rhe District of Colurnbia, Keith Little

did carry.

openly or concealed on or about his person, in a place other than his dwelling place, place
business or on other land possessed by him, a pistol, without a license issued pursuant
to law.

(Carrying a Pistol Without a l,icense (Outside Home or place of Business),

in violation of 22

D.C. Code, Section 4504(a) (2001 ed.))

l,/ /
A ^ -+-/'t't,l"/ -+-
I \€-n-*n'uc..A &. {ii a-t--un*,_ / lltf ?^J
Attorney of the United States in
and for the District of Columbia



./ i
r',/ tt ./
i 't

*r-+ ,''/
I (,:
r{*-11:""'****_ _