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M.Tech (Integrated)- Medical Nano Technology 4th year- A section SCBT-SASTRA


Dr.K.Sridharan, Dean - School of Chemical & Bio Technology, SASTRA University

SUBMITTING DATE 16th August, 2010

STARTING DATE: 12.07.2010REPORTED DATE:16.08.2010

. List of some important equipment 4. SASTRA 3.Content 1. List of laboratories available in SCBT. Acknowledgement 2.

we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our dean for his invaluable guidance and advice. Also special thanks go to all the staffs and teachers for their active guidance. We wish to extend our thanks to the laboratory assistants and technicians who one-way or the othercontributed to the success of this study. .We would like to thank our colleagues for all the insignificant assistant andsupport in various ways.Acknowledgement: First of all.

List of laboratories available in SCBT. Chemistry Laboratory ± I 08. Genetic Engineering Laboratory 15. Bioinformatics Tools Laboratory 04. Dissection Laboratory 11. Downstream Processing Laboratory 12. Bio Computing Laboratory 02. Chemistry Laboratory . Molecular Biology Laboratory 22. Microbiology Laboratory 21.II 09. Computational Chemistry Laboratory 10. Psychopharmacology Laboratory 28. RDBMS Laboratory 30. Pharmacognosy Laboratory 25. Biochemistry Laboratory 03. Polymer synthesis Laboratory 27. Scaffold fabrication Laboratory . Biological / Data Banks & Analysis Laboratory 05. Plant Cell Culture Laboratory 26. Electrophysiology Laboratory 14. Nano Particles Synthesis Laboratory 24. Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory 07. Drug Design Laboratory 13. Biological Sequence Analysis Laboratory 06. In-vivo pharmacology Laboratory 20. SASTRA 01. In-vitro pharmacology Laboratory 19. Instrumentation Laboratory 18. Quorum Sensing and Peptidomimetics Laboratory 29. In-situ pharmacology Laboratory 17. Molecular Graphics & Modeling Laboratory 23. Histology Laboratory 16.

Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory 04.JivaJanthuPariksha Kendra List of important equipment                      Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with energy dispersive spectroscope Confocal Microscope 300MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscope Gas Chromatograph coupled with Mass Spectrometer Liquid Scintillation System High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Preparative High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Real-time RT-PCR High Performance Thin Layer Chromatograph Multiwave Digestion System Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectrometer Computer assisted Exhaust gas analyzer Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Particle Size Analyzer Olympus Polarized Research Microscope Leica Reflection Research Microscope Precision Measuring Devices (Auto Collimator. Technical Analysis Laboratory Fully air conditioned GLP compliant Animal house. Process Simulation Laboratory 07. Instrumental & Fuel Analysis Laboratory 05. Applied Physical Chemistry Laboratory 02. Profile Projector) Refrigerated Centrifuge UV-vis Spectrophotometer Inverted Microscope Ultrasonic Pulse velocity Tester & Rebound Hammer Tester for Non Destructive Testing .01. Tool Maker¶s Microscope. Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory 03. Mechanical Operations Laboratory 06.

Stepylocacuusaarius . Vibrio vulfuris 03.Quorum sensing and Peptidomimetics laboratory There are 3 bacteria which are used in this lab for the analysis 01. E-coli 02.