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home to original music

The Duncan Garage Showroom, with a desire to create a satellite showcase venue,
joined forces with the Crofton Hotel to bring you a stellar lineup
of fantastic musical treats.
yes, an entertainment venue where great food and alcohol beverages are served.
with the emphasis being on the stage and the performance taking place on it..
.as opposed to the 'bar with entertainment' concept.

We aim to be a leader not a follower
so be ready for some what might seem to be off the wall ideas.
it's all about the fun and the community living room feel we strive for ...
concert video nights on the big screen i.e. The Last Waltz / Festival Express / Buena
Vista Social Club / Neil Diamond concert / 4 hours of Frank Zappa videos
or whatever is brought in.
some early evening themed dance club nights, even monthly comedy nights?
check out the new web site and facebook page.
You can stay up to date with the many weekly concerts and national showcases
about to take place in this award winning restoration.
As we have become one of the venues to play on the Canadian circuit,
various local acts have also had the chance to be showcased on a regular basis
.believing in original is the basis of the programming but sometimes, there are just
some really darn good tributes that need be seen and heard.
But heh. if there is a hockey game on
and it doesn't interfere with the entertainment schedule
then you know the big screen comes down
and everyone gets involved in the game.

Saturday January 8
9pm Don Wilke and the Bilgewater Buoys 5 piece blues/rock
.swamp rock to be more specific, with bunches of blues influence.hence the predominate slide guitar work
throughout their originals as well as their excellent choice of covers (somewhat designed to make you dance)
special guest: Louis Grove.$10 ticket or 3 for $25
Saturday January 22
9pm Lennon / Illi Jo Diverse / Fight in the Fields
This is the night for hip hop don't you knows.the rappers, the wordsmiths, the people that rhymes their feelings,
passes on their knowledge, desiring the world to be a better place. Lennon with his band behind him, fusion with
FITF and with IlIi's well placed beats..the night will succeed in moving your attitude to a wonderous space
..$12 door $10 advance (Crofton Hotel, Ten Old Books)
Saturday January 29
9pm Sid Johnson Band singer / songwriter
Yes, Sid has a band that he is readying to enter the recording studio with and we are the lucky ones to hear this
music firsthand (what will be laid down on the forthcoming CD) .now living in Ladysmith, it is the Islands win
special guest Lena Birtwhistle $10 ticket or 3 for $25
Tuesday February 8
9pm Mobadass dance reggae/elektrock
..for those that saw them last time, you will tell your friends.Earl Pereira, bass player and founding member of
Wide Mouth Mason, has a new band and wants the valley to know about them so come check them out and bring
those dancing' shoes $10 ticket ( or 3 for $25)
Friday February 11
9pm Dave Lang & The Black Squirrels western swing
this band plays 3 sets of the likes of Bob Wills and Ray Condo type originals and covers. Dave Lang on vocals
/ guitar . Paul Kannaspuro ÷ sax.Casey Ryder - upright bass.Joel Fernandes ÷ drums.bring dance shoes gonna have a hard time not being on that dance floor $10 ticket ( or 3 for $25)
Saturday February 12
9pm Midnight Hours / Chris Mapstone and Rootsystem
Sean Simpson's band Midnight Hours (blues/reggae/rock) is the February feature band for Vancouver's SHORE
104.3 FM««they produced a video at the Showroom last fall that convinced me they are destined for a great
future. Sharing the bill is Chris Mapstone (Canadian) on vocals and Rootsystem members Tom (Australian) on
upright bass and Justin (Hawaiian) on drums. acoustic/folk rock/ roots music.gonna be a very fine night of
wonderful dance energy«come join us...$10 ticket ( or 3 for $25)
Saturday March 12
9pm Blackberry Wood ahhh yes, they return..the band that made
the audience take to the dance floor by storm.hard to describe..western swingish with a rootsy feeling and very
engaging, definitely energetic and well worth the price of admission.Longevity John's Finger Snappin' Toe
Tappin' Money Back Guarantee is in effect for this one for sure.and oh will end up on the dance
floor.they don't stop till you do. $10 ticket (or 3 for $25)
Past Performances
PO'Girl / LeE HARVeY OSMoND / Mobadass / Dick and Jimmy Dale / Blackberry Wood / Lennon / Kyprios /
Moca Only / Illi Jo Diverse / Chris Arruda / Zoe Lauckner / Bill Levity / Marc Hummel / Dave Cambel Band / Ryan
McMahon and the Company Damn / Glenn Wool / Kenny Shaw / John Perrota / Jonah Hicks / Sid Johnson /
Big River-Johnny Cash Tribute
Longevity John's Finger Snappin' Toe Tappin' Money Back Guarantee.....if you do not like the music
within the first 1/2 hour, your money will gladly be refunded BUT.should Ì, or any of my spotters, take note that
you were seen snapping your fingers, tapping your toes or making any of those absurd air band facial contortions,
then the guarantee becomes null and void.thank you