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1. Executive Summary Apple¶s ability to enter the Malaysia mobile market is of crucial importance to the companies¶ future success. Conventionally, Apple has not been very successful in this market due to social, economic and cultural differences. The Malaysian government is known for their soft authoritarian control over both consumers and businesses. This is position that Apple is not comfortable with it. The following report outlines the core strengths and weaknesses of Apple when entering the Malaysia market while paying attention to their competitors in an environment. Finally, a marketing plan is proposed that will successfully position Apple in the market.

2. Introduction A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities with Personal Computer (PC) like functionality as known as PC-mobile handset convergence. Some of smartphone are runs complete operating system software that is providing a standardized interface and platform for application developers. Nowadays, there are many smartphone in mobile market , such as iPhone 3G, Blackberry 8820, Nokia N78, Nokia N81, Nokia N95, Nokia E65, Nokia N70 and so on. Apple Inc. designs, manufactures and markets personal computers, portable digital music players, and mobile communication devices and sells a variety of related software, services, peripherals, and networking solutions.

ATW 241 Principle of Marketing


What is the iPhone? iPhone is an Internet-connected, multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It combines the features of a mobile phone, wireless Internet device and iPod into one package. The introduction of the original Apple Macintosh has a product introduction been met with so much anticipation. The Apple iPhone is an elegantly designed information communicator forged from silicon and steel that runs pioneering software under Apple¶s OS X in a Unix Kernel. The iPhone combines smartphone capabilities with a simplicity of use graphical interface projected on a µmulti-touch¶ display. Apple has created a Macintosh computer with mobile phone capabilities with bundled within an Internet enabled PDA and an iPod body. The iPhone is available in 88 different countries throughout the world, representing an addressable market of 760 million users. However, Apple have been unsuccessful in bringing the iPhone to Malaysia. Maxis Communications Berhad is the one of the huge mobile service providers is partner jointly with Apple iPhone in Malaysia. On the others hand, Axiata Group Berhad's Celcom is the third huge mobile service is partner jointly with BlackBerry. Maxis Communications Berhad will offer a range new tariff plans, starting at just RM100 per month, especially for iphone users. Besides, Maxis Communications Berhad will offer the 8GB and 16GB iPhone 3G models with four specially designed postpaid plans, which called iValue, all of which are voice-data bundled price plans, starting from RM100 per month. However, the market shares of iPhone in this country still small.

6 percent for all cell phone sales during the same period. That latter figure is always a surprise to marketing viewers. .3 percent in quarter 1 2008 to 10. Nokia saw a mild drop in smartphone sales from 45. Nokia is the smartphone leader. The first smartphone was designed by IBM in 1992 with the name Simon.3 percent share in quarter 1 2008 to 19.1 percent to 41. That's amid a 12. Research in Motion.9 percent in quarter 1 2009. Meanwhile. the specifications of an average smartphone today easily eclipses by many times the speed. Since then the industry has grown by leaps and bounds and most mobile phone manufacturers market their versions of smartphones. makers of the BlackBerry. In smartphones¶ market. In worldwide. Interestingly.2 percent worldwide. industry consolidation continues and pricing pressures squeeze profitability. The runner-up is BlackBerry.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 3 3. competition is more rigorous even as demand flattens. and an overall drop of 8. according to the report.8 percent in quarter 1 2009. with 13 percent of the global market. from 13. memory and storage of personal computers in the eighties.4 million worldwide. holding 45 percent of the world market. Situation Analysis While regular phones these days can do lots more than just make calls. A new Gartner study reports that the iPhone's market share doubled from 5.7 percent gain in smartphone sales to 36. also saw tremendous gains. our research shows that smartphones too have become even smarter.

U Mobile and DiGi Communications Berhad. there also have several good reason partners with Maxis Communications Berhad. Digi. Maxis Communications Berhad would be the most appropriate exclusive partner for Apple. there are several reasons why this would be an unwise decision. Traditionally. Recently. Celcom and so on. There are many synergies between the two companies that would be mutually beneficial. the mobile carriers hold all the cards and the mobile manufacturers are at their mercy. Maxis Communications Berhad have adopted an alternative strategy of becoming a "world-leading broadband communications and information service provider´3.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 4 3. Maxis Communications Berhad now has facing great competitors from Digi and Celcom.1 Stakeholders Apple¶s strategy of adopting exclusive partners has enabled them to aggressively negotiate with carriers in each country. A partner for Apple would be Maxis Communications Berhad. This could not be more true in Malaysia where there exist several mobile carriers such Maxis. More mobile service users shift their choice from Maxis to other mobile service providers. Apple have designed the worlds most popular smartphone whilst Maxis Communications Berhad have the worlds largest . This change in strategy represents a significant risk for Apple in choosing Maxis Communications Berhad as their exclusive partner. the major competitors to Maxis are Axiata Group Berhad's Celcom. Hence. By the way. Packet One Networks . Maxis are benefiting from a near monopoly in the mobile market before couple year ago. However. Then.

non-transparent regulations and standards and nontransparent government procurement policies. private property is protected. this represents a significant growth opportunity for Apple. The manufacture and sale of counterfeit products have led to serious losses for producers of consumer products and pharmaceuticals. but the judiciary is subject to political influence. Malaysia government also weak in protection of intellectual property rights and.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 5 subscription base and strengthening control over the worlds largest mobile market in Malaysia. . For examples. Apple Inc. Then. The International Intellectual Property Association estimates 2005 piracy-related industry losses at $147. The income and corporate tax rates are moderate.1 Political & Legal Environment Malaysia scores above the world average in eight of the 10 economic freedoms. must cautions in entering this market as Malaysia government exert the import restrictions. 3. The population of Malaysia is 26. 3. Meanwhile.2 Environment Analysis The Malaysia mobile market has the more number of mobile subscription users in the Asian and is growing at over 20% to 30% per annum.2.3 million. Besides.1 million and if mobile penetration is 30%. the overall tax burden is low as a percentage of GDP. import and export licensing.

10 percent of Indian descent and 5 percent as others. Malaysia is ranked 9th out of 41 countries in with a GDP of $327. This is because different types of people.4 billion (2009).The Malaysian economy has continued its steady economic growth over the past five years and with an average annual GDP growth rate above 5.09 million in 2009. The Malaysia demographic statistics are of ethnicity which are 60 percent are classified as Malay.271.3 Social & Cultural Factors Malaysia is a multi-racial country whose social integration. Contemporary Malaysia represents a unique fusion of Malay. Chinese.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 6 3.2. 25 percent as of Chinese descent. In the Asia-Pacific region. This statement is proved that Malaysian consumer have affordable to consume more in product market. This amount is increasing to US $ 141.2 Economic Environment The economy of the Malaysia is ranked 58th in the world.953. . Gross and disposable income has increased rapidly over the past 10 years. Besides.793.33 million to US $ 96.2. consumer expenditure also shows an incremental from 2005 to 2009. different types of needs.976. the annual gross income is US $ 92.89 million. In 2005. This matter is a challenge situation for Apple Inc. and Indian traditions. The pluralistic and multicultural in Malaysia has serves several problem to Apple Inc. creating a pluralistic and multicultural nation.9% 3. which is from US $ 60.36 million.

users can delete data with a remote command if the smartphone is lost or stolen. iPhone 3G has a 3. Digi and Celcom are launching 3G network in operation since a few years ago. The mobile service providers such as Maxis. file and contact management functions.5 inch colour touch screen display and it well-equipped for video. music. However.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 7 3. web access.Creativity Design. A user can navigate seamlessly through iPhone¶s features by using only finger commands. there were 4. That means its already comprising 16% of the total mobile subscriber base by that stage. Product Review The Apple Inc.000 pixels per inch. Planning for 3rd Generation (3G) Mobile in Malaysia commenced in May 2000.2. 4. The launch of 3G mobile networks in late 2005 initially saw slow growth in next generation subscriptions. The result was the immediate and simultaneous point to point and point to multipoint telephone is presently available throughout Malaysia¶s islands. calendar. .4 million 3G subscribers signed up in end of 2008. Its picture quality for videos and photos are astonished because the resolution of over 25. In additional. Its global positioning system technology can pinpoint a user¶s location. offers the following elegant design and standard features: .4 Technological Environment Malaysia has developed its own satellite network -MEASAT1 in January 1996. An ambient light sensor will adjusts automatically the iPhone¶s display brightness which can improve visibility and saving battery power.

free push Yahoo email message forwarding and Apple widget applications connectivity on Java based applets which are provide updated information on stock quotes. videos. lyrics and album artwork are presented on the screen. text and multimedia messaging. and movies are now accessible through a display interface. .iPod.5G EDGE networks which a predominate standard used in Europe and Asia. its uses a quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) spectrum and utilizing 2. online maps. The iPhone¶s proximity sensor detects when a user lifts the device near the ear and immediately turns off the display to save power. web sites. Auto Wi-Fi detection. Besides. sports scores. . a speakerphone.5-inch widescreen iPod with touch screen controls. The device¶s full web capabilities offer a rich HTML email client with imbedded images that syncs automatically with either a Mac or a PC. iPhone¶s features are included conference calling. iPhone touch-based technology allows users to make calls by simply pointing to a name or number in an address book or by dialing through a touch pad keyboard. Through the iTunes Library including music. traffic conditions and other services. controls. songs. TV events. Videos.Intelligence Phone. .ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 8 . weather reports. The iPhone serves as a Wi-Fi enabled Internet device that utilizes Apple¶s Safari browser to access internet email. GSM and Cingular¶s EDGE network are also supported.Wireless Internet Communication Device. and search engines. audio books. previews. The iPhone also provides Google Maps directions. Imagination the iPhone as a 3. Bluetooth.

. Competitive Review The emergence of unique functionality smartphones. Nokia. family member or colleague. The iPhone is ability to provide PDA features such as calendars. Competition from lower-priced also is a major factor as well. similar to Research in Motion models. Motorola and so forth are our potential competitors.PDA. Computer and Camera. but stripped-down models are available for users who do not require the full keyboard and full multimedia capabilities. Nokia purchased the maker of the Symbian operation system and made it into a separate foundation dedicated to improving and promoting this mobile software platform. RIM. An internal accelerometer detects when the device is rotated and automatically changes the contents display appropriately. including RIM¶s BlackBerry. Nokia Nokia is the market leader in smartphones. has increased competitive pressure. photograph. The iPhone¶s built-in camera takes pictures at 2 MB resolution that can be stored in memory cards and also can send to a buddy.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 9 . emails and documents with a touch of a µvirtual¶ button by using Apple¶s OS X running Widget¶s Java based software. N81 and N95. Nokia offers a wide range of products for consumers. contact lists. that is Nokia N70. Many of Nokia¶s smartphones offer full keyboards. 5. N76. 1. There are several series of Nokia smartphones.

lightweight quad-band Q. RIM Research in Motion makes the lightweight BlackBerry wireless multifunction products that are especially popular among corporate users. which incorporates email and test message functions.Samsung is a strong competitor which offering a variety of value. . Motorola Motorola has been losing worldwide market share to Apple and RIM. RIM¶s continuous innovation and solid customer service support clearly strengthen its competitive standing as it introduces smartphones with enhanced features and communication capabilities. Samsung . 3. a full keyboard. dual stereo speakers and so on. removable memory. style and function smartphones for consumer and business segments. Its Instinct is a smartphone with features similar to the iPhone. Some of its smartphones are available for specific telecommunications carriers and some are ³unlocked´. RIM¶s newer smartphones come equipped with the BlackBerry OS.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 10 2. updated multimedia capabilities. One of its top smartphone models is slender. ready for any compatible telecommunications network. photo caller identification. camera with flash. 4. This is because it has slowed the pace of new product introduction.

6. SWOT Analysis 6. 6. Apple has developed strong relationships with companies likes Foxconn. future versions will also be hardware upgradeable. Apple is famous innovative mobile company in the worlds and their ability to innovate at the cutting edge of technology.3 Strong Relationships with Third Party Manufactures Apple hires third party manufacturers to create and design the iPhone. Then.1. The iPhone user can add new application through App Store. Apple¶s relationship with Foxconn builds on their list of strengths. . As a specialist manufacturer of high quality electronic devices.1.1 Strengths 6. Apple¶s tight control over every aspect of their products development for award a distinct advantage over their competitors. Control on both software and hardware design enables Apple to rapidly innovate and create seamlessly integrated products.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 11 6. By the way. it also allows new exciting features to be brought in which take advantage of the touch screen ability.1.1 Innovation and Control from Day to Day The mobile market is a highly dynamic market which always changes at a rapid pace.2 Upgradeable Software on the iPhone can be updated to the latest version from times to times.

Nokia products are affordable to purchase its products and satisfying consumer¶s needs.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 12 6. Apple not only makes investment in mobile market and also can invest in gaming industry. 6.1 Apple¶s Weak Brand for Purchase in Malaysia In Malaysia. This strategy is impossible to hold in Malaysia.2. most of consumers know about Apple brand. . Apple must ensure the iPhone appeals to consumers for purchase its product. GPS & accelerometer which enable others party developers to create highly performance games that have not been seen before in the gaming industry. Therefore. In mobile market. Nokia is the strong brand in Malaysian consumers¶ minds.3. iPhone has all the tools of being an fabulous gaming tool. Therefore. This is because the price of Apple products mostly are exorbitant if compare to others company products. Apple has relied on their loyal consumers¶ base when launching the iPhone in the United States and Europe region. Apple have become a threat to Sony and Nintendo by an array of high quality low priced games.1 iPhone as Substitute PSP Apple iPhones¶ have potential to become game platform as substitute PSP. So.2 Weaknesses 6. in the future.3 Opportunities 6. This is because its have touch screen controls. Apple has the potential of winning a large portion of gaming market with iPhone¶s unique feature and functionality. However. Malaysian consumers unaffordable purchase the Apple products.

This is such disruptive strategies need to be carefully followed. the Apple iPhone¶s price is above RM 2000 in market.2 iPhone cloning from China In Malaysia. This integration will open up a vast range of additional markets. For instance.2 iPhone as a Hub Initially.4. Sony Ericsson and others. The existences of iPhone cloning are threats to Apple on several strategies. The new iPhone software enables developers to integrate the iPhone with 3rd party devices. There are Samsung. Nokia. Besides. advertising slogans such as ³25. there are many smartphones brand in anywhere.1 Competition from others competitor Nowadays. expect new entrants to pose significant challenges to Apple. For example. They . For example. The second version of the iPhone was marketed as an application platform. As barriers to entry decrease.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 13 6. The price of iPhone cloning is cheap as low as RM 300 to RM 600. Google have changing strategy of developing smart phone software and allowing smart phone manufacturers to use it for free. consumers have alternative choice to purchase the iPhone cloning from China in black market. the iPhone will be as a digital hub. The Apple marketing division focused on the iPhone¶s unique features such as multi-touch.4.000 apps and counting´ focused on the App Store as its main source of differentiation. an iPhone accessory called DiabetesLog enables diabetics to check and record their blood sugar levels directly on their iPhone. 6.4 Threats 6.3. the iPhone was marketed as a device. In additional. However. the smartphones market is growing a rapid rate. 6.

In addition. Apple will have to invest heavily in marketing to create a unique and differentiation brand image by projecting innovation. Apple will measure awareness and response in order to make adjustment to marketing campaign as necessary.2 First Year Objectives Apple Inc¶s first year objectives are to achieve a 35 percent share of Malaysia¶s mobile market through unit sales volume of 100.000 and break-even as fast as possible. Thus. is aiming for unit sales volume of 25.1 First Three Month Objectives During the Apple iPhone¶s first year on the Malaysia market. 7. Apple Inc must building meaningful positioning.000 and keeps first 3 month losses to less than RM 30. but still have a few consumers purchase iPhone. Apple Inc. affect on Apple¶s pricing strategy and the most serious is spoiling Apple¶s brand reputation. quality and value.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 14 could reduce Apple¶s sales. is concern about brand in Malaysia. Objectives and Issues We have prepared achievable objectives for first three month and 1 year of marketing entry: 7.000 7. Although Malaysia consumers know the Apple brand. 7.3 Issues Apple Inc. .

entrepreneurs. iPhone clones from China could damage Apple¶s brand and competitive position by placing downward pressure on their pricing strategy. professionals. Apple does not have a strong brand within Malaysia. The iPhone has a broad range of market segments in the United States and Europe. the environment and circumstances surrounding the Malaysian market are entirely different to any previous market Apple has entered. The Apple iPhones¶ specific segments being targeted include corporations. Market Description The Apple iPhone¶s market consists of consumers and business users who prefer to use a single device for communication.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 15 8. According to market research by Solutions Research Group. Secondly. But. students and medical users. Marketing Strategy Apple has adopted a price skimming strategy when enters new markets before that. the general trend amongst consumers can be represented as follows: Figure 1: Purchasing Desired by Age Figure 2: Purchasing Desired by Gender 9. Firstly. information storage and exchange and entertainment on the go. If iPhone want to successfully get a place from the market. as cheap digital music players and laptops are very popular. Apple .

supported by appropriate strategy and implementation. music. The iPhones¶ unique features and functionality will attractive them. pictures.1 Positioning The meaning of positioning is built on meaningful differentiation. For personal and professional use. Apple iPhone will have two level of customers¶ target that will use iPhone as the main smart phone in future. Theirs first target levels that are their main targets are professional such as lecturers. video. can help the company build competitive advantage. the main strength is the functionality and design of the smartphone. versatile. engineers and others. Beside customers¶ target. entertainments and information such as camera. but contains communication. easy to use. 9. doctors. The targets are the large and middle sized corporations. . With all the strength that stated above. GPS and games. Some corporate users purchase the iPhone to increase the effective of their jobs and have the latest update of the company especially for managers and executives. iPhone absolutely has the power to grab some place in the market. iPhone is very suitable because it convenient. to contact their family and friends easily and be entertained when boring or stress. Internet access. Professionals need some special device to plan their time and their busy schedules. The iPhone is one device. The second target is students and teenagers.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 16 has to differentiate their product which is iPhone from the PDA¶s market that already exist for many years. For iPhone. we also aim the business target.

3 Pricing Apple have three types of iPhone. As we know the Malaysia is not season country. We suggest that Apple should hold a price adjustment from higher to lower price in Malaysia market. iPhone with difference storage 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB Pricing RM 1990 RM 2490 RM 2990 In additional. The features of the iPhone will be kept on update and publish 4 new series of iPhone in a year. The low price is a strategy to attract more customers purchase iPhone. it should act as a useful promotional tool. the iPhone software should enable the user to input Malay language characters on the multitouch screen. 9. In a purpose to further differentiate the iPhone from its competitors. As we know. The three types have difference capacity which is 8 GB. Apple must consider its overall iPhone strategy when pricing the iPhone in Malaysia. the race has begun . As this process has historically been very difficult and costly.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 17 9.2 Product We suggest that the iPhone will provided five years warranty which is a very long period and its will package beautifully. The difference is the disk storage capacity. 16 GB and 32 GB. the functions are the same. The 4 new series are designed based on 4 seasons in a year and made available in a range of colours. but the consumers are so desire about it.

So. the popularity is not so hot. the partners company. Maxis sells the iPhone with their package only. There are advertisements in the newspapers . they will need to change this strategy when enters Malaysia market.5 Promotions When the iPhone is just launch. Apple has special selling store in several place. So. Youtube and Google. First.4 Distribution (Place) Choice of distribution in Malaysia is a vital decision. In website. 9. Apple has maintained a tight control over the marketing and distribution channels of it¶s products. the detailed handouts will be given out to every house or company together with the newspapers. we will have some strategy to give people know what is the iPhone. Advertisements will be place on the popular website such as Facebook.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 18 amongst Nokia. Palm. all the information and details for iPhone will be describe clearly. RIM. Apple should aggressively price the iPhone within Malaysia with to establish a large user base for Malaysian application developers to target. Customers can places their order through the website by using credit card or bank in. The strategy to distribute the iPhone also can use online order and distribute at the popular stores. However. 9. Conventionally. capturing developer resources is the vital for iPhone¶s long term strategy. Microsoft and Google to capture developer resources as applications is the key driving forces behind future iPhone sales. For examples. hence they will need to find appropriate retail partners.

so that iPhone advertising chose suitable media and timing to reach the effects before and after the product introduction. Besides. Action Programs Apple¶s iPhone will published in December of 2009. visual and audio in our media advertisements. 10. the demonstration products and professional employees will give details explanations to customers when customers walk into the stores also is a technique to promote the Apple iPhone. research about media consumption will be done. The costs for the above . In additional. Yahoo and MSN. November We will start launch few exhibition. Advertisements in radio channel. Besides. Apple should ensure iPhone website can be easily search when customers key in iPhone into the search engine such as Google. With that strategy. TV channel cannot be ignored also because nowadays TV and radio still have the popularity and it brings relation to the sales of iPhone. our company will do a series of planning and strategy such as advertising and promotion to increase the popularity of the iPhone. Besides. Apple will reinforce the brand name and the points of product differentiation. road show and campaign to let people know iPhone will be publish within a month.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 19 too. 9. the advertising will be appearing regular to maintain the popularity of iPhone and the brand to several targets of customers. In five months.6 Marketing Communications Apple needs integrate all the message of the revolution in communication. Video clips which describe the iPhone will be place in the most popular video website which is Youtube.

The advertisements will create some mystery to people. Then. customer service satisfaction and create customers values. Implement control on iPhone does ensure Apple inc. website and handouts. Through TV and radio channel. Besides. features. to show how the iPhone works. functionality. iPhone can be order though the website. we will use RM30.000. December The iPhone will be publishing. there will be advertisements at the popular website. 11. design.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 20 events need around RM 50. we need to advertise as much as possible to let people know this product and increase the sales. could swiftly correcting problems that may incur. advertising will be done every hour. So. Controls Apple Inc. need to tight control measures to closely monitor via quality. Control on . Handouts will be giving to every house together with the newspaper once a week. Apple¶s tight control over every aspect of their products development for award a distinct advantage over their competitors. benefits and advantages to walk in customers. We will give discount and gifting to the iPhone purchaser. Professional staff at NIC Company and Maxis will work at the store and explain the iPhone details. Besides. 000 to make a new series of advertisement at TV. March There will be promotion of iPhone at the website and our stores to create more sales. radio channel. January-February We will post the videos to our website and popular website such as Youtube.

They use their mobile in different ways. Furthermore. Apple also has building contingency plans to address the environment changes such fluctuation demand. 12. The iPhone is a fantastic product that will help build strong brand recognition and undoubtedly lead to future sales of additional Apple products. In Malaysia. Apple must consider the political differences when choosing an exclusive partner. Conclusion Entering the highly competitive mobile market is clearly a complex problem. . Fundamentally. the ³halo effect´ of the iPhone is a powerful means of driving future sales & creating brand loyalty. Apple needs to market the iPhone as an application platform so as to differentiate itself from copycat competitors. Apple must focus on the iPhone¶s unique features that will resonate with Malaysian consumers. nothing is certain as the government always have the final say. the Malaysians¶ market is different to Europeans¶ and Americans¶ market. As Apple have experienced in other countries. Marketing the iPhone in Malaysia will require adaptation by Apple on a number of fronts. They must find a way to appeal to the Malaysia culture.ATW 241 Principle of Marketing 21 both software and hardware design enables Apple to rapidly innovate and create seamlessly integrated products. Besides. They cannot rely on their loyal user base to drive initial sale. The importance of gaining access to the Malaysians¶ market goes beyond revenue generation for Apple. other early warning signals will be monitored for signs of deviation from the plan included monthly sales and expense.

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