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Francis C. W. Fung, PH.D.


“Sink Flow in a Strong Magnetic Field”, Physics of Fluids, June,1962

Sponsored by Navy Project SQUID.

“Dynamic Response of Partially Filled Containers in a Weightless

Environment”, Proceedings of Weightless Phenomena, Sponsored by
Lockheed Aircraft and the U.S. Air Force, 1965, NASA funded

“Vanishing Plate in a Blasius Flow”, Proceedings of IUTAM, Unsteady

Boundary Layer Conference, 1971, U.S. Air Force sponsored

“Corridor Fires, Energy and Radiation Models”, National Bureau of

Standards Technical Note, Washington, D.C., 1973

“Evaluation of a Pressurized Stairwell Smoke Control System for a

Twelve Story Apartment Building”, National Bureau of Standards
Interagency Report 77-277, Washington D.C., June, 1973

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of Construction Walls”, National Bureau of Standards Interagency
Report 77-1260, May, 1977

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News, November 26, 1979

“A National Strategy for District Heating”, invited paper prepared for

Department of Energy, 1980, coauthored with Louis H. Denis of
Aerophysic Company.

“Demonstration Project for Iccomizer Heat Recovery”, Brookhaven

National Laboratory, Department of Energy, Energy Conservation
Project, 1981

“The Promising Future of Stirling Engines in China”, Key Note
Speech. Second International Conference on Stirling Engines, June
21-24, 1984, Shanghai, China.

“Business Plan for Executive MBA Training in China”, April, 2004.

Joint proposal with California State University, Sacramento, CA.
Coauthored with John Del Favero.

“How to Develop Innovative Thinking in International Business” 2005

lecture series developed as Founder of Global Interactive Network
Exchange Inc. (GINEI)

“Chinese Harmony and American Democracy in 21st Century”, Part I,

Part II and Part III Excerpts, Xinhuanet Opinion,
Nov. 1, 2006

“Chinese Harmony Renaissance: Can World Ignore It”, Xinhuanet

Overseas Opinion, Nov. 2, 2006

“Chinese Harmony and American Democracy in 21st Century”, “U.S.-

China Harmony Consensus”, NABE Conference, San Jose, CA, Feb.
7-10, 2007

“China’s Harmony Renaissance: What the World Must Know”, Book

Published by World Harmony Organization, Dec. 1, 2006.

“World Harmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World”, Book

Published by World Harmony Organization, March, 2007

“Harmony Diplomacy: Golden Rule for Global Governance”, Book

Published by World Harmony Organization, December, 2007


VPTG (Ventury Power Turbine Generator) a green energy invention

patent application, Oct. 2007.

HACG (Hydraulic Air Compressor Generator) a green electricity
generation invention using water compressed air to power air turbine.
Patent pending, Nov. 2007

AWEG (Artificial Wave Electric Generator) a novel green electricity

invention simulating the wave generator, patent pending, Nov. 2007.