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Panthers United for Revolutionary Education, founded by Eric Cathey, a Texas Death row Prisoner. The aim is to bring you information on the conditions of imprisonment, Legal education of the death penalty, Social issues within the world and a complete insight within the minds of those held captive on Texas, infamous Death row.

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 2 December 2010 $2.00 ( Pg 2)

P.U.R.E Report Staff

Editors Introduction
Greetings of Peace and Solidarity to you all. Certainly one must begin this by giving sincere thanks to everyone who supported and contributed to our first issue of the P.U.R.E Report. And though the production of this newsletter is still in a stage of infancy I am confident that with your continual support and contribution, we will achieve the growth and development that appeal to each of our readers. Now within the proceeding pages there are some very unique and rather compelling articles in which I believe you will find quite interesting. Indeed I am continuously amazed and inspired by all the skills and talent one has encountered behind the walls of Texas Death Row. Now during the preparation of this particular issue, several news worthy things have occurred, For one Mr. Gayland th Bradford received a stay of execution on October 7 , and his case has now been remanded back to the state level, so congratulations Mr.Bradford. Sadly however, the State Sanctioned murder of Larry st Wooton was carried out on October 21 , so our prayers goes out to his family and friends... and lets keep Cleave Foster and his loved ones in our Prayers as well. He has an execution date scheduled for January. Now we certainly must give congratulations to Mr Anthony Graves who was released on th October 27 after spending 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. His victory is indeed an exhilarating and inspirational experience for us all. So Anthony continue to stay strong and positive and what ever you do bro, try not to bite those fingers while enjoying those Bar B.Q ribs! Now if you will allow me to share with you something I believe is truly extraordinary, and I will begin with a nd recent event that gives a good illustration on what I mean. On November 2 the United States held the mid-term elections, where in the republican party obtained a very impressive victory.. Of course now lets bear in mind, this victory didn't occur because those in that party were such righteous representatives. This transpired because a particular power was utilized.. And simply put, their win was accomplished by the power of the people! And the issue at hand isn't about whether or not if you agree with the republican agenda or if you disagree with it, instead it's concerning the fact that people came together to achieve a common goal. So let's take a moment to ponder that phrase “The Power of the People” Infact speak that phrase out loud as you give contemplation..... The Power of the People.... The Power of the People... Can you envision how awesome this collective energy and un waving effort truly is? Indeed each and everyone of us have the power to create unbelievable changes.. POSITIVE changes that can be beneficial to you as well as others. And it doesn't matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Tea Party supporter, Independent, Socialist or whatever your Political view may be. The Fact is: It is time to set aside our differences and strive together on a common ground to achieve a common goal. Because the Power of the People can make a difference. And that difference can be made in any area of society, whether if its dealing with our political representatives, the fight against the death penalty, unfairness in the court system, Bigotry against gays and people of color, domestic violence or any where injustices may occur. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The power of the people is truly extraordinary, so embrace that Power, Utilize that power, and endeavor earnestly to stop the division. Let's eradicate the disharmony of hate, and come together In a solidarity of love to make our society a better place in which we live.

Contributing Writers for Newsletter December 2010 Farylon “Tree” Wardrip Charles “Chucky” Mamou Ker Sean Ramey Robert Garza Gayland Bradford M.D.Gonzales, Derrick Jackson, Abel R. Ochoa Beunka Adams

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 2 December 2010 INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES
Success is to be measured Not so much by the position That one has reached in life As by the obstacles which he has Overcome while trying to succeed

(pg 3)

Some in Society have a preconceive notion of what they believe about those within the Death row Community. Unfortunately the majority of those beliefs are negative. But we at the P.U.R.E Report are endeavoring to breach the wall of preconceive notions and shatter the myth concerning who these men are. There in by doing so a righteous evaluation of an individual can be attained, where in a person may even discover that within the death row community, there are people held captive there, who are no different than you, ..a relative or even a friend you know. So without further ado, Let me introduce you to Mr Robert Garza. A death row prisoner with a sincere heart of loyalty and a compassionate spirit. THE P.U.R.E REPORT Hello Mr Garza, How are you doing? ROBERT GARZA Maintaining positive, hopeful and God fearing and progressive, so I would say I am doing GREAT. THE P.U.R.E REPORT I am glad to hear that you are. It's very encouraging to know. Now would you Please be kind enough to introduce yourself properly to our readers? ROBERT GARZA My name is Robert Gene Garza, I have been on Texas Death Row since December of 2003, I was convicted under the Texas Law of Parties (statute) and though I've never committed murder. I (still) face execution under this law, which allows innocent men/women to be condemned and executed. THE P.U.R.E REPORT The Law of Parties is certainly an aspect of Texas Law that needs changing and hopefully our Legislature will put forth an effort to do so soon. But tell me, with regards to your family how are they doing? ROBERT GARZA My family is maintaining strong. My Mother's support and my wife Angelika keeps us all strong. (especially) considering we are all victims of injustice, We stand together as one and suffer the trials and tribulations together and (we) share every happy moment. THE P.U.R.E REPORT Being that you are from the Valley would you mind telling us how was your life growing up there? ROBERT GARZA Life in the valley is a two sided coin, one side is peaceful, family oriented, and the other (side) is dark, and the two are worlds apart I the same community, unfortunately, for some, the consequences of this is to know one side is not to know the other, so I can only comment on my view and I can't give my opinion without doing injustice to the other side. THE P.U.R.E REPORT I understand and respect that. Now being that this journey of life through Death Row is a different experience for each individual, what has your experience been like? ROBERT GARZA For me it has served as a growing experience, it has (also) allowed me time to think and analyse life in general, and also to look at life from different angles, which I never could've considered had I not had this experience. So it has served me as an educational experience and has allowed me to grow as a man, also it has helped me remove the stumbling blocks that have been set up in my life, which was due to the circumstances of life growing up without any role models. THE P..U.R.E. REPORT Now Mr Garza when it comes to religion, can you explain to us your perspective on it? ROBERT GARZA My perspective on religion is very simple: everyone should be allowed to worship as they see fit. I believe a encounter with god is a personal experience and organized religion hinders true spiritual growth. I believe and trust in Jehovah God as a personal savior, who gives us a life changing experience, when we seek to know the truth whole heartedly. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Continued on Pg 4.>>>>>>>>>>>>

Booker T. Washington

Robert Garza 999466 Polunsky Unit 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 2 December 2010
THE P.U.R.E REPORT Humm? That’s an interesting synopsis Mr Garza, Now I'm even more curious to gain your insight on another particular issue, and with illegal immigration being a rather serious topic within the U.S, it seems there “is no” one solution” to satisfy all on both sides of the debate. But what is your opinion on how we should begin to resolve this issue? ROBERT GARZA I believe that as Americans we are to defend our culture and our way of life, and domestic issues should be dealt with here at home amongst ourselves to serve our best interest as a whole to to satisfy outside influences. We need to secure our borders, deport criminals from foreign countries and everyone who is here now illegally should be evaluated and if they are good for the health and spirit of our nation let them be made citizens, and work to prevent more illegal immigration by making mandatory deportation law. THE P.U.R.E.REPORT Are you currently pursuing any positive goals that will bring fulfillment to your dreams in life? If so, elaborate. ROBERT GARZA I have met the most incredible woman, and with her I am working to regain my freedom and pursue my goals in life, our first priority is to regain my freedom by proving my innocence and expose the injustice we suffer. My goal apart from this are all beyond the walls of prison. THE P.U.R.E.REPORT Finally, if you were blessed with your freedom today, what would you do to become a productive member of society? ROBERT GARZA I am already a productive member of society! I talk about my experiences and growth with anyone willing to listen in order to impart wisdom and knowledge that I've gained, and also to learn and grow more. I contribute to the educating of our people and this in itself makes me productive, My wife Angelika and my Mother Sylvia use my situation to educate. When I come home I will continue down this course, because it is ingrained in me, it is who I am now, and I'll just have more options and resources once I'm out. THE P.U.R.E.REPORT Thanks for your time Mr Garza. I truly wish you the BEST. And may the goodness of god continue to be with you and your family.. ROBERT GARZA Thank you for your time as well, and may god bless you and everyone dear to you.

(pg 4)
Less than one week after I penned the first part of this article, a Texas death row inmate, took his own life rather than continue to suffer the physical and mental torture of death row. This man had been showing continuing signs of depression for days and even though both Officers working his pod and medical staff who passed out medication were aware that this inmate had recently given away all of his belongings, was not communicating with people, and had become very withdrawn, no additional measures were taken to insure he did not harm himself. Why would a person take their own life? The answer is ISOLATION. Senator John McCain who was held for over 2 years in isolation during part of his 5 ½ years as a Vietnam P.O.W, said that solitary was “an awful thing” Saying it “crushes your spirit and weakens your resistance more effectively than any other form of mistreatment, Studies have shown that without sustained social interaction, the human brain may become as impaired as one that has been subjected to a traumatic head injury. Put plainly, Isolation drives you crazy! There is not a exact number of how many prisoners in solitary confinement lose their minds. Yet in one in-depth study a Boston psychiatrist concluded that almost one third of prisoners kept in long term isolation develop some form of “acute psychosis”. So why has Texas Death Row (the men only) been kept in forced solitary confinement for over 10 years now? Why has men on Texas Death Row been singled out for institutional punishment even though the majority have never received a disciplinary case.? The answers lie within the prison administration and it lies within public perception. Prisoners sent to death row have been labeled as “the worst of the worst” and the public has bought into this fantasy 100%. But the truth is many men on death row are first time offenders, they were never given a chance to rehabilitate before being deemed worthless. Many of the effects of isolation could be prevented by granting death row some of the basic privileges (which the women on Tx. Death Row still have) that present no security risk and which have been stripped from us over the last 11 years. Yet wardens and prison administrators who have this power, are scared of being seen as “soft on crime” by the tax payers. Until enough outside pressure is applied to counter this, basic human rights will continue to be abused, providing the breeding ground for insanity.

Tony Medina P.u.r.e. Report Staff.

Tony Medina 999204 Polunsky Unit. D/row 3872 Fm 350 South, Livingston Texas 77351 USA

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter.
Issue 2 December 2010 GUEST CONTRIBUTOR (written by Anonymous )

(Pg 5)

The initial writing of this article began when the thought of (18 years) of injustice disrupted my sleep. The strange thing is that this didn't occur because of the injustices that I am experiencing myself. But because of what transpired with someone else! And I've contemplated heavily on the trials, tribulations and the variety of challenges that has occurred within such an ordeal.. But thankfully on Wednesday 27th 2010 Anthony Graves was finally set free “SET FREE!” after 18 years of being subjected to the dishonor of being falsely accused, disrespected and experiencing degradation that occurs when incarcerated. This is eight-teen years of mental and physical abuse from disgusting food that was not fit for animals that was put into his body, My God! Eight-teen years of being told what to do by people that thought him guilty of this atrocious thing he was accused of, undoubtedly some guards made him do things that a man should never have to do in the presence of another man. I mean men that wer young enough to be his children (an women included) Now certainly Anthony suffered from being in a single man cage for 22 hours a day and we are talking about a man being innocent for the entire duration of his imprisonment and he didn't even deserve this treatment. It is terrible to spend eight-teen years of being subjected to so much unjustifiable hatred and manipulation by the people who only wanted to oppress this man for their own selfish reason. Knowing all along that this man was innocent of the crime in which they had him accused of. Yet the fact of Knowing they had an innocent man still did not prevent the prosecutor and all involved from getting what they needed to climb the political ladder of success.... That’s truly sad... but so very true. For eight-teen years Anthony Graves have faced unimaginable detriment. Things that you'd never believe even if he told you, or if I told you. Now he spoke with 39 news and said that he had no ill feelings towards the state nor the man that had gotten him in that predicament. He also said that he wasn't mad. That he was just glad that he had his life back.... I can certainly respect that, yet the Lord knows that I don’t think that I could so forgiving when it comes to something such as that. So no doubt one has to respect and envy the brother for saying this. Because even though they cannot give this great man all those eight-teen years back (they so foolishly took from him). They did finally do the right thing. The prosecution finally admitted that they wronged this brother and let him go home to be with his family. Yet it still amazes me that they stripped away eight-teen years of this brothers life for no legitimate reason, and he forgave them. He actually forgave them. I say, does this brother have class or what? Honestly I don't believe that I could do it, I “truly” don't! Thus I honestly feel that this brothers character is above no other ….Furthermore for me its difficult to get beyond the fact that Robert Carter constantly told the courts that this man was innocent, but they still kept Graves from pursuing life, being with his family and from fulfilling the desire to care for his mother that way that he wanted to. How can people be so hateful to do something like this? It truly baffles me that one could be so ruthless. Especially those who claims to be our representatives and protectors. If we cant trust these people, then whom are we to trust? I mean seriously!! I cant understand how someone of this statue could be so evil that they would stoop to the point of sacrificing another human beings life to accomplish their own selfish goals,... but I thank God that Anthony Graves is free. And may all of those who suffered injustice will one day soon obtain their freedom and hopefully they will not have to wait eight-teen grueling years to receive their victory. May God keep, protect and hold you… Peace Love & Solidarity.

P.U.R.E Report Newsletter.

Issue 2 December 2010

(pg 6)

Imagine this: that there was no records of you ever being born. You nor anyone else recall who your parents were. Your race, ethnicity and origin are all obsolete. Lost yet? Many of you have watched the hit show on ABC called LOST, I have never seen it nor read about it, though I am aware that the premise was about a plane crash that had survivors stranded on a remote Island – as they try to find their way back home. Episodes later, search teams stopped looking for them, considered them all dead. Their loved ones mourned for a short spell, but soon went on with their lives. Life must go on. Widowers remarry, children were adopted. Truths are feigned and they began to question themselves, because what is a future if your recollection of the past is nebulous? LOST was fitting for the T.V Drama, just as Lost is fitting for the ungreat State of Texas. Recently in the news, Texas decided to rewrite History by giving high schools their new version of History in books, told by a bunch of political prevaricators. Such ignominy grew outrage Nationally but was copacetically received by pusillanimous Texans. My statement can be viewed as a constative … I suppose. You will always have those who will debate a opinion or argue just for the sake of being a Lady Gaga (extremely odd) Yet the ones who did disagree with the change didn't vote – where it mattered the most. Suppose they were Lost too. In Texas slavery never really existed per se. Instead, slavery is now described as “free labor” by hard working laborers. In these new History books that will be taught to children whose malleable minds will be filled with lies by dastardly demagogues, George W Bush really is Moses. Dr Martin L King was just a well groomed Negro in a suit. A novice at best. All U.S inventions was created by a Texan inside the Alamo. JFK was hit in the head with a tomato not a bullet. That Black and white film that lacked modernized clarity, from today’s usage of HD or 3D projections was simply a ruse. JFK was a communist and had to retire. In fact JFK is alive today living in a beach house in Cuba with a few Dallas cowboy cheerleaders … according to Texas History Books. Lost Yet? And just what would these New History books say about our current President, President Obama (You all know Anglo-Texans love choppen up his name, “He's white. His Mother was White, and so was his grandparents – which makes him white too. They drove through Texas. Our people raised him, so he's a close kinfolk. Haven't you all seen the movie “The Blind Side” Hello! Obama was the colored football guy, and Sandra Bullock represents the great State of Texas”! Or perhaps not so great-a-state!. Everything I've written about so far, sounds silly or far-fetched, huh? It should! Now just imagine how silly “any” idea to rewrite History is. Even taking away one iota from History's facts is pure tyranny. Texas dogma! I do not want to live in a society that commits atrocious acts freely and refuses to honor up to the obloquy of their acts. Nor do I want to be shun away from resilience of this nations abused, its minority races; the Liberators and divine godly men and women who stood up for what was right, no matter the odds, the color of their skin, nor the demise that awaited them for doing what is right. I ..we all need to know the whole truths and nothing but the truths of History. May God help those who would dare prevent such truths from being told. Abraham Lincoln was never my hero, But John Brown is. Because he stood up for what was right in a era where society loathe in the wrong acts of incipient men. History has to reveal the complete and accurate truths of Jesus, Muhammad, Genghis Khan, Pancho Villa, Che Guevara, Patrick Henry, Martin Luther, Dr Martin L King, Rosa Parks and etc.. Including America's real founding fathers the Native Indians and their history. We need more Howard Zinns to educate with facts not Texas ignorant fiction-that would dare alter and ultimately re-write history to appease a governmental dictatorship within the Texas Legislature and State Board of Education Officials. Many brave men and woman died so that History would always be a reminder of their chivalrous sacrifices, that has made America a nation that was once lost, but has been found. Do not mess with our History. Charles Chucky Mamou 999333 Polunsky Unit D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A

P.U.R.E Report Newsletter
Issue 2 December 2010 SAVED BY A LETTER
All too often those dealing with incarceration and associated issues find may hours or days where “its” hopeless. While I don't wish to minimize anyone's incarceration, I will point out the Men living on Texas Death Row all too often climb hurdles unlike anyone else. Sometimes it's a battle to survive. I just like many have to face my own battles like Ghost of the Past and come to understand what is my limits. When I found myself at the end of my rope in 2004, I did something it took courage. I asked for Help..... Not through the mental health folks, but through a pen friend organization. Many men have found that friend like myself. But for those needing that courage to ask, I am here today to encourage you. Some pen-friends, fail, others can turn into something very special. But its worth Asking…. What started out as a simple letter has turned into a life saving story. Before that letter I really had nothing to live for, since family, my grown children and grandchildren turn their backs on me. I came to death row in 1999 and it took me five years to ask for help. Soon after asking a letter arrived. Right away it was obvious she had never written to anyone incarcerated, much less on Death row. What we agreed on was of the same mind of willingness to take a chance. Just like the first time we met six years earlier, I still find that willingness. She saved my life.... This lovely woman changed everything for me in every way, I have a new life, a new meaning and a better way to face what Texas calls Justice. I truly believe that without her light (love) to light my way, that darkness could have caused me to end my own life.... Sadly there are those who want to give up like I did. WRITE to someone, be open and honest and share how you feel or facing. You never know when that life saving rope is thrown your way. Love, compassion, acceptance and willingness to take a chance knows no boundaries. I married my wife in September of 2006 and what a wonderful difference since then. Many men on Death row give up and I encourage everyone sitting inside those cells to support one another... we have the state of Texas wanting to kill us. Lets not help them by ending your own lives anymore. So write to someone, don't give up, that chance okay.

(Pg 7)

Farylon “Tree” Wardrip Guest Contributor Farylon Wardrip 999331 Polunsky Unit 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A

P.U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 2 December 2010 THE DEVELOPMENT OF LIFE
This particular article was written after I completed my very first painting. I've been writing poetry for a while. But I had never considered doing any painting. And this was because I felt I couldn't draw, but once I broadened my understanding of the genuine concept of art work (drawing) I realized it wasn't about how “beautiful” your artwork was, it instead was about the “meaning” of the piece that was created. For example Think of a beautiful person, if they are cold and empty, their beauty is decimated by their lack of character and substance... so with this revolutionary realization I commenced my thinking towards something that I could paint to express who I am in deep meaningful way...... furthermore I wanted to put my heart into creating my art work. Just as I do my poetry. They say “A picture is worth a thousand words” But I wanted mine to be worth “at least” a million. Now the meaning the painting I created is quite profound, for it not only stands as a reflection of myself, but also as a reflection of any and all who have been labeled, put in an box or either in some way been denied the chance to grow and develop. It appears that society has this idea that everyone (or everything) must be understood If not something is wrong. Its not normal.. But what defines normal. Society defines normal. Webster's encyclopedic unabridged dictionary of the English language (New revised edition) defines normal as conforming to the standard or the common type: usual, not abnormal, regular, natural. But there is nothing natural about someone else telling you what's normal for you. As long as you are doing what most people are doing, you're normal. But the minute you have the courage to step outside society's circle, you're labeled an outcast, ridiculed and condemned for being different. Look at how the the young girl in Houston was bullied, the incident became so bad it drove her father to the point of stepping on her bus to talk to the kids who bullied his daughter. Then there is the middle school boy who committed suicide because of being bullied. It was discovered later that he was gay (different) And I must include my cousin from Missouri city (Houston) who committed suicide as well (R.I.P to all of these individuals) For these examples of people being ridiculed for being themselves and failed to measure up to society's definition of normal. This in turn has caused people to be afraid to be themselves, which is just as bad as being in prison (or worse) but it's society-made prison.... Confining restricting and limiting a persons development. Sort of like being in a cocoon, and if we observe the definition of “cocoon”. We will discover that its the silky envelope spun by the larva of many insects. It's the silkworm weaving as a covering while they are in the pupal stage. Now pupal is derived from the word “pupa” which means an insect in the non feeding, usually immobile, transformation state between the larva and imago …. And I like many other people was in this stage before. I was non feeding by not feeding my mind, spirit or body the things they needed to elevate to high places. My body was fed drugs. My spirit heavy doses of pain and hatred. While my mind was fed lies and confusion. I was immobile because I was so lost and confused, I thought that I was progressing when in reality I was running full speed on a stationery treadmill. And while I was in the early stages of development I was labeled before I finished development people looked at me and only saw the bias cocoon that society had wrapped me in, and this caused them to completely overlook my true beauty and potential as an individual. This in itself is an attack on my humanity. When people who have no regard for life see a cocoon. They see something ugly and useless, so they either avoid all contact with it. Or they will try to destroy it. Unfortunately this is societies natural reaction to things they (for one reason or another) don’t understand. But if society was to allow you to go through the natural stages of development (and not destroy the cocoon for being different) they would see something completely different. Which would enable them to appreciate a person instead of condemning them. Everything in nature has a natural process in which it develops. You can't make a rose blossom before its time, Nature must be allowed to take its course and thus it will unfold the way nature intended it to. Now we know that the butterfly will bust free from the cocoon in due time. Then it will spread it wings to rise up and sing its love song of freedom. So allow butterflies of our society to develop before making a decision to outcast or destroy it... So to all the outcast, freaks, geeks, rejects, nerds, gays, lesbians and undesirables who feel uncomfortable about themselves because of how society sees you I say: STAY FOCUSED PUSH AND BELIEVE. You do not have to remain hidden in your shell nor deny who you are. Because most certainly you are a part of this world no matter what anyone has to say or think about who you are.

(pg 8)

Love, Strength and loyalty. Ker’sean Ramey Guest contributor
Ker’Sean Ramey 999519 Polunsky Unit. D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351

P .U.R.E. Report Newsletter State Section
Issue 2 December 2010 (Pg 9)

THE ECHELON PRIVILEGE - BY Eric Cathey - P .U.R.E Report Staff
“We the Jury find the defendant Not Guilty of criminal negligence. The above sentence is an all too familiar theme re-occurring in court rooms around America when police officers are put on trial for murder or felony brutality. Infact several months ago Sergeant Cotton of the Bellaire Police Department in Texas received such a verdict at his trial for shooting unarmed Robbie Tollier. Thankfully Mr Tollier survived this ordeal, but the tragic incident effectively left this young man unable to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. Within the past few years here in Texas (particularly in Houston) the number of Police shootings have increased dramatically which sadly has damaged lives and destroyed dreams. Yet despite the detriment these agents of the State have caused, they still receive verdicts of Not Guilty. Why is this? I attribute one of the reason for such occurrence to what I call “The Echelon Privilege” Many of us in society have been indoctrinated with trusting those in authority and placing them on a high level of esteem. Therefore a common belief have been embedded in our subconscious that if we are good law bidding citizens, then we have nothing to fear from law enforcement officials. So when a jury encounters a situation where a police officer has used force (deadly or otherwise) their sympathy gravitates to the officer. Believing that the victim (or criminal in their minds) had to have done something wrong to cause this incident. Because if you're a good law bidding citizen nothing like that will happen to you, Right? Well Robbie Tollier was a law bidding citizen, so was Sean Bell who was shot and killed by Police on his wedding night. In fact the retired teacher who was savagely beaten by New Orleans police officers had never been in trouble with the law. So should you quit being law Bidding Citizens because good people are being murdered, shot or beaten by police? Certainly Not. But what must cease in our standard Perception in analyzing these atrocious incidents involving those who are sworn to protect and uphold the law. If those officers of the law in our communities break the law then they too should be subjected to the same penalties as an average citizen who has done wrong. Now it is certainly true that a increase in crime in various communities have occurred. However this does not constitute the utilization of a more aggressive approach to situations by disregarding proper police training procedures. Nor does it justify the fact that innocent people are being victimized. A shift in our thinking must transpire. Indeed it is time to step around the wall of fear and embrace the courage to broaden your perception. Because if not, as prospective jurors, the Echelon Privilege will remain a constant factor in the subconscious, which will result in more guilty cops like Sgt. Cotton receiving an acquittal.

P.U.R.E. Love Eric Cathey 999228

Polunsky Unit 3872 Fm 350 South Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A

P .U.R.E Report Newsletter
Issue 2 December 2010 HUMAN TOUCH
I wake from nights of fitful slumber as it's to shed the misery of their acquaintance. I open my eyes and as I do I embrace myself, trying simply to recall that which for so many years I know I took for granted. I then pace my floor , as though by this physical effort alone I might reconcile my heart to the agonies of one more day. But this attempt will be fruitless and unavailing I'm sure for there's only one remedy to what waits me now the sole elixir to assuage my angst, and the cure of all curves save none. There was nothing in the death sentence I was given, to indicate this would be such an integral component of the punishment, and yet there if stands right next to hope. My thoughts can continually ricochet from one record to emotion to another, emotions that can only be fully understood through the deprivation of such a fundamental necessity as that of human touch. New born babies will die without it. Young children and adolescents become withdrawn, depressed or even suicidal when deprived of this vital source of nutriment. So how could any right thinking person or institution come to suppose that this most basic of human needs would become diminished through either age or circumstance? I'm 37 years old and have been on Texas Death Row since 1995. The State has claimed a legal right to incarcerate me, but with that right there also lies an obligation as well. They have a duty to ensure a minimum standard of care for my well-being. That's why I get fed everyday, and why I have access to colored water for drinking and bathing. I also get regular exercise waling around in circles. Fresh air is limited for two days. Medical care is a joke. The prison library comes about every two to three weeks when it should come every week. The State has not met all its obligations where those human necessities are concerned; but the one need they've always neglected and I'm not saying that this is by any means the important need I have, though clearly it is as elemental as any of those others to my well being is my need for human contact. Human beings are very complex. I like to think of myself as a kin to a fine auto-mobile, say a Ferrari, for instance. A lot of maintenance goes into keeping that car running smoothly and efficiently. But if you were to remove just one of its essential components even a small one, say a spark plug; then all that other maintenance is for naught, cause your Ferrari ain’t going nowhere. I feel like the State is doing that to me, with holding one of my spark plugs. Well I think I've made my case; and if there's any real moral to this essay, it would be that deprivation is as deprivation does, and now I think I'll return to embracing myself and pacing my floor, hoping that someone, somewhere reading this will respond because I really do need a hug!

(Pg 10)

Cordially M.D. Gonzales (Guest Contributor) M.D Gonzales 999174 Polunsky Unit D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston, Texas 77351 U.S.A

P .U.R.E. Report Newsletter LEGAL SECTION
Issue 2 December 2010 (Pg 11)


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Issue 2 December 2010 A TIME FOR ACTION
Murder is a State sponsored Privilege in the United States. It is commissioned by the constitution and carried out in grisly but creative ways. Some States especially in the South, takes pride in this act. Carrying out executions is the ultimate expression justice for them. In Texas there is a certain anxiousness to kill. Two years ago within a week of the US Supreme Courts ruling to uphold the constitutionality of lethal Injection, Texas sent four men to death watch. This even with a similar, broader, more important case pending before its highest court --- The Court of Criminal Appeals. This case, the Heliberto Chi case, goes beyond the question of cruel and unnecessary pain to question the medical training of those administering the lethal drugs, but this court, the writ is afraid, will not get it right any time soon. Heliberto was executed, so was every condemned man who challenged the law since. There is no arguing that lethal injection possibly inflicts pain on the unconscious and helpless victim. If I were a dog condemned to euthanize, I would die a far less painful death. The same practice used to execute human beings has been outlawed for use on animals. Where is the sense in that? There is something terribly odd with a society that creates multimillion dollar animal rights organization but allocates fractional support to human rights. We witness this line of reasoning in every aspect of American life. Our government sets a shining example in Guantanamo bay. Torture and deprivation became a common and almost acceptable prelude to death. When questioned about the use of torture in war the Bush administration circumvented a proper response by invoking fear amongst Americans following 9/11. And now the question of pain and suffering associated with lethal injection we are again getting irrational and irrelevant answers. “Simply because an execution method may result in pain does not establish the sort of objectively intolerable risk of harm that qualifies as cruel and unusual “Justice Roberts”. “The constitutional safeguards against cruel and unusual suffering is violated only when the method of execution is deliberately designed to inflict “Justice Thomas” “Where does this come from that you must find the method of execution that cause the least pain? We have approved electrocution, we have approved in the death by firing squad. I expect both of those have more possibilities of painful death than the protocol here “Justice Scalia” The Seven justices that constituted the majority emphasized different points in arriving at their conclusions, but the one point on which they all agreed is that it's time to get back to the business of Killing. Their determination to kill us must be matched by our determination to end the killing. We death row prisoners must commit today to organizing our families. We need them in the streets. In the court house, and in the State Capitol. If PETA can save the dwindling population of sea turtles. We should be able to generate a fraction of that support for Human beings.

(Pg 12) THE TROTTIE TEXT FROM DEATH ROW TO MILLIONAIRE This edition speaks about the final release of an INNOCENT MAN, from TEXAS DEATH ROW, who has now became an INSTANT MILLIONAIRE, thanks to the taxpayers of Texas. How could this happen? Well for those who support capital punishment and the injustice system here in Texas, they, the Taxpayers are responsible for any and all wrongly incarcerated women/men in Texas Prisons. When the tax payers knowingly support an injustice criminal system, they're nonetheless contributing to making each wrongly convicted and innocent man/woman an instant millionaire because of their long time in prison.. Think about this, for all those in the world now, struggling with this bad economy, losing jobs and homes, being put out in the streets, this man who lingered on Texas Death Row for many years is now doing much better than themselves! And whose to blame for this? Surely it's the D.A who knowingly withhold crucial evidence knowing the guy was innocent, but also its those citizens of Texas who partook in the jury who convicted him, as well as those who supports this system. So think about this, would you be willing to make anyone freely a millionaire, when you are poor and barely making it yourself? If you support capital punishment in Texas, then you too are willingly contributing to making many more innocent people in prison Millionaires whether if they are on Death row or not. This piece is dedicated to the fellowman who was recently freed from his confinement, long time friend Anthony Graves... released from the county jail on October 27th 2010.
WILLIE TROTTIE (Legal Correspondent)

Howard Guidry 999226
Howard Guidry and Muenda P.U.R.E Report Staff Polunsky Unit D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351

Willie T Trottie 999085 Polunsky Unit. D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston

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Issue 2 December 2010 (Pg 13)

Continued Interview From Issue 1 with Gayland Bradford
THE P.U.R.E.REPORT Brother, it is quite encouraging to see you are maintaining your faith and strength as you journey through this predicament. But if you could change any aspect of your life experience what would it be? And Why? GAYLAND BRADFORD This life on Death Row I would change. Why? Because this is torture mentally for me and my family … it kills you a thousand times before the needle injection does. The Death penalty is fraudulent. Its not a deterrent. It is just murder of an entire family. And in my journey I wish I became a man before coming here. THE P.U.R.E REPORT Now Gayland, over the years you have met many individuals during your incarceration. And some of these men have been stigmatized by some media outlets as being monsters or evil men, who are irredeemable because of the crimes they are imprisoned for. Yet you and I have seen the goodness these men have displayed. So share with our readers how these men have made a profound and positive impact on your life. GAYLAND BRADFORD I have been blessed to have known many good brothers that have been here on the Row. My answer to your previous question, in part, was I wish I became a man before I cam here because I didn't think like a man until I came to exist on Death Row. Why? Because brothers here showed and helped me make decisions that were productive for (my)self, family and living. THE P.U.R.E.REPORT Now, of course as we discuss Death Row, it would be remiss of us not to speak on the subject of Death Watch, so please elucidate on how things are over there with each of you. GAYLAND BRADFORD Bruh... I can't speak factually about anyone else over here so I won't attempt to, but for me, it's not a sadness for me to be moping around, I know why they have me here, to execute me. I've known this for a long time. My mind is straight. Now I don't want to be executed but I'm not afraid to be executed. Yet, in the meantime and between time, I'm not going to let them execute my mind before my body. THE P.U.R.E REPORT I understand that wholeheartedly. Now ,Bro, how has your family been dealing with the news of this impending death date? GAYLAND BRADFORD th I don't know. Since I wrote and told them that the State was pushing for me to be executed on October 14 2010, I have yet to hear from them. They have only known about the date a little over a week. But I saw them at the end of May and I told them it could happen at the end of the year. So I know they know what to expect. THE P.U.R.E.REPORT th Now we know here in Texas some of the court appointed attorneys believe that once the 5 circuit court deny relief to their client, their job is done, and such abandonment can (and has) resulted in no appeals being filed to the Supreme Court or to the Texas Court of Criminal appeals for a successful writ. With this in mind, do you believe your attorneys are handling your case appropriately? GAYLAND BRADFORD The attorneys I have now I am very pleased with. Everything I thought they should have done, they have up to this point. And, if it wasn't for the lawyer I have now, I would have been dead in 2001 when my lawyer then didn't file my Federal Habeas. THE P.U.R.E.REPORT Now Brother being the type of positive individual that I am, I don't like to entertain the “What If” aspect of your situation but you once stated to me that you wanted your life celebrated if the worst occurred. Would you mind elaborating on that please. GAYLAND BRADFORD In this life of existing on Death Row there is so much pain and sadness – sometimes too much for a man to handle. I have dealt with this situation pretty well. And many times I have asked Allah (God) to free me from this place so whether I walk out of here and go home to my family – I'm free. Or if they kill me -I'm free. And each day I celebrate because my mind is free and if yours if free, celebrate me and my life. THE P.U.R.E.REPORT Gayland, my dear brother, I want to thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity to spend with you. I ove you, bro, and we are all praying for the best to occur in the legal endeavour to save your life. Take care, soul, and God Bless. GAYLAND BRADFORD God HAS blessed me ….. Love you too Li'l bruh!

Please note, Gayland received a stay of execution since this interview took place.

Gayland Bradford 999966 Polunsky Unit D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston, Texas 77351.

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Issue 2 December 2010 (Pg 14)

CONTINUED FROM ISSUE ONE, ARTICLE BY DERRICK JACKSON, ( RIP) Now my expression of this particular maxim is done to provoke thought, so bare with me. It has often been said that “nobody wants to die” yet the truth is death is a necessary journey we must take in order for us to reach the paradise we believe in. My first close friend on Death Row to be executed was Big AL and naturally I wasn't taking it well at all. Big Al was able to talk to me a few days before he was murdered. He shared how he felt and to this day, his words are still helping me. Now Big AL did not want to die But he was ready. He didn't want to continue with waking up to this social sickness and torturous existence. Which is certainly understandable. And since Big Als passing, there have been many very many more that I've gotten close with. And whether it was of benefit to them or to me. We were fortunate to be able to spend the last days of their lives together. And I was truly able to feel whatever it was they were feeling. You definitely ride a roller coaster of emotions sharing this experience. Especially since everyone will feel differently according to who they are and how they lived. Now I pray that my last days (when ever they are to be) will be ones that are beautiful and will make an impression that will last forever in the minds of others. Of course the murder aspect of it can not be overlooked , if that is how my death should occur. But it can be accepted when you think of other ways people die in agonizing pain.. As I was given my execution date, I found out that a young girl of 7 or 8 years was killed because of the wheels (expensive rims) her father had on his car. I definitely have lived longer than I felt I would. I actually thought I would suffer a senseless and tragic death in the streets at a young age just like that poor girl. Indeed so very many lives have ended before mine, and I always give thanks to God each and everyday when I pray. Because it's only by the mercy and grace of god that I am still alive. And I plan on living for a very long time to come. I would like to thank my Brother for the opportunity he has given me to share some of myself with you all. I would also like to thank all of my family and friends for their love and support through this whole sick and maddening experience. DERRICK JACKSON 999263


P .U.R.E. Report Newsletter
Issue 2 December 2010 A BROTHER’S LOVE Inspire Me to be all I can be, but all I can be is me Can’t you c me Crossin the finish line Now they comin from behind Tryin take mine Hatin cuz I shine, But I’ma give you mine Reason not to do what you do I love you Brotha Don’t be no fool, Some think it’s cool, Doin Time, Read them books An open yo mind, up to a new way So you can find a better way To live another day An learn from what I say So you won’t lay, In a cage next to me Cuz I hate to c another brotha come to be A victim of my enemy. Cuz he; love killin you and me Wanna have us from a tree, look in here, that’s what you c, brothas just like you and me But we; Tryna c another day, Fightin just to stay away from the gurney But it’s a hard journey w/no attorney Who cares enough to fight for you, but what can you do, you, can take my advice an think twice About the Ice, it ain’t that nice, don’t roll the dice Might cost ya life, cant pay that price But you might not have to, if you remember what I told you, I love you brotha, don’t be no fool. By KER’SEAN RAMEY 999519 Polunsky Unit, D/row 3872 Fm 350 South Livingston Texas 77351
I SEE DEAD PEOPLE I see Dead people, and it really pains my heart. All of these guys have now become priceless lost art. I know no Charlie, But I knew Mariceo Brown Fifty-Fifty was a jokester, not a clown. I quickly opened my eyes, scared of what I seen I mean…How could Big Jack fit into my dream Curiosity got the best of me, so I closed my eyes once again. Donnie Miller walked thru some pearly white gates That read “Your best is about to begin” Then I saw a figure flash before me, so fresh and so clean J-Wack appeared to be living the trillionaires dream. Momma don’t cry, is what Creepa had to say, Shannon and Tee walks with him every day Big J, BK, Roy Pippen, Pollo, Baby Boy and a gang Of others was playing a game of verbal catch Having them all agree, they didn’t want to come back There was no getting on board the love train. But Soultrain come on through I guess its true what Nick Bey say “you gotta do what it do” The biggest smile came from Bettos proud face, He always said his wife, Mary was the angel known as Grace Out of the blue, There he stood Preacher to the masses like I knew he would, Hasan stood straight, still putting others before himself giving everyone what he had, Until he had nothing left. Then my eyes flicked wide open once again, and I knew It was the time for this dream to end. I SEE DEAD PEOPLE This much is not true.. Because our loved ones are very much alive in the hearts of me and all of you. Dedicated to the many men that was executed/murdered by the State of Texas. Written by Charles Chucky Mamou 999333 Polunsky Unit 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A

( Pg 15)

MY DREAM I dreamt of freedom. I dreamt of equality I dreamt of what you and me could be If only we could see These roots are all part of one tree. What a world this would be If the love inside me Could bind us together as what We once were ….. Doesn’t have to be….. There’s a better future For you and Me

Written by; BEUNKA ADAMS 999486 Polunsky Unit D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351

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Issue 2 December 2010 (Pg 16)


COMPLAIN ABOUT OR BE THANKFUL? What’s it like living on Death Row in Texas? Is there anything to complain about or to be thankful for? When it rains, forty percent of our cells leak through the roof.. But we are thankful for having a roof. We don’t have group recreation…. But we are thankful to have recreation. We don’t have contact visits…. But we are thankful for having visits. The food we are served is not up to par… But we are thankful for receiving three (3) meals a day. We can’t call our family and friends to talk to them… But we are thankful to write to them through letters. We don’t have TVs to see entertainment…. But we are thankful to have radios to listen to We have a choice…. To complain and have a life of misery and negativity, Or we can be thankful and have a life of peace and contentment. What do you choose? God Bless Guest Contributor Abel R. Ochoa

Quite often many of us don’t embrace a profound appreciation for life Until we see with our eyes the possible demise of our own lives And existence of loneliness that we lived, so when such a fate is clearly seen, it is capable of filling a person’s heart with sorrow, because we understood that the dreams of tomorrow may never appear. That is why November 18th 2008 will be a day I will never forget. For it’s a time within my mind I continuously replay. Because I came four hours from having my life taken away. Can you imagine being executed for a crime you didn’t do? Or having a Federal Judge say “your case merit review, But still we must kill you… Such thoughts were poised in my mind, as I wondered if God had truly forsaken me For good this time and at what cost would such a loss have on those who loved me.. But am I truly loved? When all that was around me were those officials appointed to carry out my demise So I cried I cried because the pain my family felt, ..I cried from the injustice that was being dealt… I cried for all the unfulfilled dreams of love that was now melting away.. And just when I felt death being completely embraced the official at Death Watch Received a call, I was granted a Stay.! So I wouldn’t die after all …. Well at least not yet. Written By Eric Cathey. P.U.R.E Report Staff ERIC CATHEY 999228 Polunsky Unit D/row 3872 FM 350 South Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A

Abel R, Ochoa 999450 Polunsky Unit 3872 fm 350 south Livingston Texas 77351 U.S.A

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Issue 2 December 2010 (pg 17)

Memorial Section


Issue 2 December 2010
Greetings Hello and how are you today? I pray that you are blessed and having an relaxing day. I truly hate to bring you down with my story to you, but I want to share something truly important and heartfelt for me. I am a strong and positive minded man, I try to keep god first in my life. Though I must admit that it is hard considering the situation that I am in. Thus the reason for my writing this to you. On March of last year my life came crashing down, down around my head. This is the time that I loss my friend to this death machine here in Texas. I cant fully explain to you of the grief and pain that it caused me to lose such a person that had a strong impact on and in my life. You would have to have met him. Sat and talked to him to know even an inkling of what I mean. His name was Willie E Pondexter) He stood at about 6ft2 and weight at about 240/250 pounds. With the most gentlest heart that you’l ever meet in a person. A choice that he chose to be, than what everyone thought that he was to be. But after time went, everyone saw in him what I saw in him. That he was a good soul. That he meant well in all that he did, and that he just got caught up in something that most young adolescents get caught up in when they are young and haven't no father nor mother figure in their lives to teach them from right and wrong. You know what’s crazy, the whole while he was locked here on Texas Death Row, he never did catch one disciplinary case of any kind. Not One! He always had a smile for everyone and I mean EVERYONE, its hard to believe but it is the truth. He never gotten into an argument with not one person. And when he did he’d be the better man and cut it short or walk away. I could never understand how he was able to be that strong and positive as he was. A lot of men and women respected this man. I'm talking about officers included. Some even went as far as saying that if he was released today, that they would trust him enough to give him a job at their home, Yes! That’s what type of man he was. Yet! He was still murdered by the same people that him this, he was such a gentleman that they done something for him (with his permission I must add) that they Never done for any other inmate. They put an whole exhibit on him and his murder there at the walls because they knew that they had killed a good man, most of all “an innocent man” They knew this and yet, they still killed him, they knew that they were wronging this man. He knew that they were wronging him, but he never got mad at them, he couldn’t understand it, why they would do it. But he never once got mad at them, he forgave them and allowed them to murder him, with a smile on his face and forgiveness in his heart for them. To Me that took strength and grit all the same, he was really a great man. A just man, and when that killed him, I didn’t think that I could go on, it was like they had killed me as well, they might as well had. I cried like a child when they killed him, I cried because I tried to help him as best I could. I cried because all that I did it went in vain, I cried because he didn't get angry at them for what they were doing to him. That he was willing to forgive them as well. I cried because all of the people that he met and helped along the way. Changed their lives for the better. That they were losing him too, I cried for so many things where he was involved I must admit. For three days I cried, and ive only cried maybe three times in my entire lifetime. Willie touched me with the man that he had become, the man that he desired to be.

(Pg 18)
The man that he wanted to share with his family, to give them a chance to enjoy the many good things that he had implemented in his life while being in such a harsh situation. Things that rubbed off on me and made me a better man myself. These people claim that once we find ourselves in such a possession, that we can not be rehabilitated. He was just that. An rehabilitated man. As god is my witness, he was. And it affected so many people that had an encounter with him. I cried for this too, because I know in the depths of my heart that these people knew this as well Yet! They still killed him, they didn't want to murder him, But yet they did it anyways. Are we the ones with no remorse, or is it really the ones that imprison us? I mean really?! How can one kill such a person? Even if he was guilty of murder. He wasn’t anywhere near the man then that he was when he was killed. God and everyone else knows this. So why kill such a man of this calibre? I just couldn’t understand this, god knows that I couldn't. I think about him daily and I miss him minutely. Because he was more of a brother to me than a friend and it really took me to the very edge of insanity when they took him from this world. And only by the grace of god and what little support that I have in my life. It kept me sane and in the right frame of mind. And I'll be truthful with you when I say that if without them, I honestly feel that I would of done something rash, even though Willie asked me not to. He told me that he wanted to go out of here in peace, so I respected him barely, And my knowing that his spirit will always live on in more ways than one. That he'll make his presence known to me when need be. This kept my mind intact too as well. I hope and pray that no one ever has to go through or experience this type of thing, But with all the life that has been take from this place, I'm sure that one has. I can and will pray for you, you and your families. Please do the same for me, because I truly need it. Most of all pray that there will never be any more blood shed by the hands and needles held by these people. It has to end “IT HAS TO” more so sooner than later. We must all pay for this, and if possible, at each waking hours, this is a serious and dreadful thing that we face here, very much so and it must end before there is no one left. And then they may turn to your loved one to put I this devious situation. And I don’t want you to feel what me, my brothers here on the row and our families feel about us being here. Blunt but true. Rest in peace Willie, and know that I love you my Brother. And I'm sure that you know that so many others does as well. Keep raining your blessing upon us through gods graces man. It keeps your spirits and souls intact kinfolk. To the ones that read this, I honestly didn't mean to bring you down, but I really wanted to give you a look to see in my life here. Thank you for your time and patience, It really made me humbled, God bless and less stress in your life.

R.I.P Willie Pondextor Never forgotten

Issue 2 December 2010 (Pg 19 of 19) ERIC CATHEY