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Special Election Edition

View Inside City Hall Volume 1 Issue 5 October 7th, 2010
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Ford lead narrows
City of Toronto Act to take October
centre stage in next city Mayoral candidate Rob Ford’s
council lead in the Toronto Mayoral 19th 8:00pm Mayoral Debate Live on CP 24
race has shrunk to 5 points,
One of Mayor David Miller’s down from a 24 point lead in 25th 10:00am Toronto Election Day
accomplishments during his mid September. When asked
two terms as Mayor was in a head to head contest
convincing the province to with no other candidates City Hall Calendar
reform the way Toronto was between Ford and challenger
governed. The act former Deputy Premier November
downloaded some provincial George Smitherman,
powers to the city and Smitherman came out on top 12th 9:30am Advisory Committee on Long-
reformed the operation of city with 48% to Ford’s 45% Term Care Homes and Services
council. according to Ipsos-Reid.
22nd 1:00pm Board of Health Committee
Miller, has only tepidly used Anybody but Ford movement
these new powers he and credited 25th 10:00am Board of the Toronto Zoo
council was granted, as his
council was largely onside As the public is further December
with the vast majority of his exposed to Rob Ford’s
proposals. Brought in were policies, the initial anger 7th 2:00pm Toronto City Council
some new taxes, the vehicle towards city hall that
registration tax, and the real motivated Ford’s Election Photo
estate transfer tax, both of stratospheric rise, has turned
which were new powers to contemplation of what
granted by the province to changes the public has
help fund the city. appetite for. George
Smitherman’s tact to the right
The next mayor will be with a pronouncement on
operating in a substantially freezing taxes has made him
different environment fiscally, a safe destination to
and ideologically than Mayor moderate right wingers that
Miller, so it is important to see were willing to stomach
what kind of changes might be Ford’s antics when there was
brought in over the next 4 no other viable option.
Joe Pantalone buoyed by
The $300 million budget gap Union Support Rob Ford takes time away from the campaign trail
to coach the Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School
The city has a huge gap Joe Pantalone has passed football team
between revenues and Rocco Rossi in the polls
expenditures. The majority of thanks to a significant push
this gap comes from the TTC, from the city’s unions in his
which does not budget for an direction. 13% support more
operating subsidy from the than doubles his previously
city, unique to english Canada. registered levels of support.
The city has filled …
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View Inside City Hall Volume 1 Issue 5 October 7th, 2010
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this gap over the past decade within Toronto. Significant third to the Prime Minister’s, save for the rigors of
with stop gap funding from party support, including from party control, and the caveat of needing to
the province and by diverting the Board of Trade support tolls, maintain support of caucus to remain Prime
federal gas tax funds meant and given the difficulty of Minister. The Mayor solely appoints all council
for capital projects to support closing the budget gap, and the committees, including the powerful executive
operations. Both of these life realization that tolls will not committee.
lines are coming to an end, universally impact Torontonians
with the province pledging to (while raising revenue from Even without a workable majority on council,
not support the TTC with a suburban commuters) may the new Mayor can effectively stop all policies
special fund, and the federal increase their appeal to a new he does not support by denying approval at an
government requiring that gas council. executive committee filled with handpicked
tax funds be directed to loyalists. Mayor Miller used a soft hand in
capital projects. Heading towards labour unrest implementing his policies as he was denied his
expressed wish to have a mayoral veto in the
Several options exist to fill the Torontonians in summer 2009 new City of Toronto Act and he viewed the
budget gap at the TTC and in were resigned to the fact that position as a continuation of the first among
the city at large, but few are labour unrest was leaving equals model that produced a weak mayor.
political advantageous. All garbage in the streets to pile up,
front runners with the but were hopeful that the strike Big changes in the year ahead
exception of Joe Pantalone would be worth it, generating
have publicly pledged a hiring valuable concessions from city Significant changes will happen on City Council
freeze to be joined by an unions. Mayor Miller’s in the coming year, should any of the 4 front
attrition plan to reduce the misunderstanding of the public runners save Pantalone win the Mayor’s chair.
number of civic employees mood of frustration as a With a mandate from the people to enact real
outside of exempt mandate to end the strike, may change, and the power to implement it under
departments (police, fire, TTC, have led to his eventual decision the new City of Toronto Act, the next year will
Board of Health). Experts to not run for another term as be an interesting experiment in transformation
agree however that the Mayor. All front runners to of government.
measure alone will not fill the replace him save Joe Pantalone
budget gap. wish to certain degrees to push
for contracting out city services Issues to Watch
Are road tolls the future? such as garbage disposal, which
will likely lead to a large labour
Until recently before she disruption as city unions fear Union Subway Station Renovations
dropped out to endorse contracting out would impact all
George Smitherman, departments. The redevelopment of Union subway station
candidate Sarah Thomson may fall under the chopping block under a new
proposed implementing road The Mayor’s new power administration. Should plans to limit or
tolls on both the Gardiner eliminate the streetcar network and Transit
Expressway and the Don In federal politics, the Prime
City come to pass, the need for an expanded
Valley Parkway to help fund Minister’s power over his caucus
streetcar loop to support a new streetcar route
subway expansion, which comes from his ability to
and an LRT route may not come to pass. Costs
helped build her a significant appoint members to cabinet and
are also rising on the platform twining of the
following. The city was given Parliamentary committees, and
subway itself which is designed to reduce
the power to implement road deny re-nomination as the
crowding of the station, raising the prospect of
tolls in the City of Toronto Act, party’s candidate in the next
project delays.
including the Gardiner, DVP, election to any challengers. In a
and 400 series highways way, the Mayor of Toronto’s
continued appointment powers are similar