Pradeep Sapkota The artworks of James W. Thomas Medium: Graphite. The art collections of James W.

Thomas look lively. The dog depicted in the pieces looks like when you look at it, it is looking back at you. Most of his art pieces look similar but there were two different versions exhibited. In the collection with the dog, the focal point is towards its head where as the other two do not have a distinct focal point. The works include dull/dark color and have soft edges with no lines but shallow space. The edges of the art pieces have lighter coloration thus pointing heavier values towards the center. There is symmetry in the artworks and have less variety. Nonetheless, there is high movement and absolute proportion. The artist looks interested in expressing his feeling from the artworks. There is a sense of loneliness and fear in most of the work. Meanwhile, there is a depressed playful act. It seems like the artist’s joyfulness is suppressed due to loneliness. On one hand the artist has done extremely great job using his medium where as on the other hand has expressed his feeling in a lively manner. I really liked the contrast used in the art pieces. Also, when I looked at the pieces, they dragged me in to them. My eyes were moving with the movement depicted in the picture. As per the works with the dog, it seems like the dog is ready to jump out of the frames and play with me. I would love to hang this picture in my room because I think this can change a dull stand-still wall to lively little place. Also, the pieces seem like if I start taking to the images, they will react or talk back to me. Overall, I am impressed with his art pieces and think that he has done a great job in showing his emotionalism. Forest Meditation by Ann Bittick Medium: Oil in canvas. This piece contains a lot of trees. A closer look reveals that these trees are personification of heart-stricken feelings. The artist uses heavy curves in brownish and reddish surface thus giving a warm feeling in the canvas. The curves that make the branches of tree and/or the limbs of the abstract people seem moving around for help because some of these branches have been chopped off. A deep space has been tried to depict but a quick look only reveals a shallow space. It contains repetitive pattern and interprets mixed feelings. Depending on the way of look, they express feeling of sorrow and distress on one hand where as on the other hand they showed the feelings of a calm, unworldly meditating saint. The artist looks concerned with nature and the pain it bears due to human invasions. These pains that the nature itself cannot show, the artist has expressed with this piece. She used a blended composition between imitational composition and emotionalism. Meanwhile, when I looked at the title of the paper, I

was amazed due to the piece’s multiple personality. It was titled ‘Forest Meditation’ which on one side could mean the warm, silent, and relaxed atmosphere of forest, whereas on the other side could mean its solidarity. I was impressed by this piece because of different aspects it had to offer related to nature and its warmth. Calmness of the trees, solidity of natural environment, self actualizing feeling from nature, and then on contrast pain, suppression, and revolution were the contrastive visions provided by the piece. Another reason I was lured in the piece was due to its closeness with my own art project where I try to show the current destruction of natural niche.

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