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S H E ' S L O V E L Y
b y D h a r a S i n g h

A transformative anthology that traces a South Asian millennial
woman's journey from inner conflict and confrontation to ultimately
peace. Laced with minimal illustrations and refreshing poetry, Tell Her
She's Lovely by journalist Dhara Singh demonstrates what it means to
find self-love in adversity.

Tell her she’s lovely because a flower

without sun will perish in a selfish sea,
‘Tell Her She’s Lovely’ (c) 2020

Dhara Singh is a Brooklyn based financial journalist for Yahoo Finance.

Singh is also a transformation coach at LifeResume LLC, which is a firm
that helps people change their lives through the power of story. She holds
a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of
Journalism. Dhara also studied the languages and literature of: Africa, the
Middle East, and South Asia. Tell Her She’s Lovely is her first book. When
she’s not writing you can catch her binge reading self-help books,
journaling or listening to Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday Podcast.

in a year
the waves brought
tides, a reckoning,
which teased with depths beyond
any callous and mundane stare,
'Tell Her She's Lovely' (c) 2020
Author Q&A
Q1: When did you start working on Tell Her She's Lovely? I
started working on the book officially on December 20th, 2017
by assembling the poems into a google doc manuscript.

Q2: What was your inspiration for writing it? For each individual
poem, it’s a combination of factors. The journey of conflict was
when I couldn’t make my own decisions without seeking the
approval of my family or a list of close friends. I doubted every
decision I would make. To top it off, personal tensions with
friends combined with my lack of confidence towards my career
change exacerbated my frustration. It was only natural that I
used words to vent out my feelings (as I’ve done every other
point in my time). However, this time the words came out as
poems something believe it or not I had never done before.

Q3: Why is it called Tell Her She's Lovely? It is named after the
first poem I wrote in that collection on Feb 6th that expresses
my craving for societal approval. I just wanted someone to say
that I was a unique and creative being instead of believing that
Author Q&A

Q4: What do you want the readers to take away from it? I want
readers to feel empowered to take leaps of faith towards their
career aspirations and dreams even if they feel like they’re on
their own. I want them to own their self-love.

Q5: Are there any hidden messages, that you decided to keep for
yourself? The poems may allude to different types of relationships
leaving my life and therefore my quest for external validation
being heightened.

Q6: Who is Tell Her She's Lovely for? The book is for women 22-35
(with a focus on women of color) who want to make a
transformative leap in their life whether it’s career, relationships
or simply self-empowerment but lack the courage to do so. They
seek societal approval for their actions when their opinion of
themselves matters the most.

Q7: Do you consider yourself to be a writer, poet or both/neither?

I consider myself a writer and transformation coach.

Q8: If there was one poem from Tell Her She's Lovely, that could
be viewed by the world; which one would you select and why? Deff
Tell Her She’s Lovely. Because without Tell Her She’s Lovely the
book wouldn’t exist. It really implanted the idea of a book and the
larger themes at hand.
Contact Info

Book Website:

IG and Twitter: @dsinghx

Book Info

Pages: 107 (paperback)

Published Independently May 19th 2020
Fully available on Amazon June 30, 2020
ISBN: 1650835604
ISBN-13: 978-1650835600
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches
the Phoenix sleeps in her own ashes,
she doesn't remember her last re-birth,
it's the world who tells her when she died,

that she responds a coy smirk.

it's a folly of humans that we see
to point out the past of those living,

for a creature, whose present is so beautiful

we always find a way to persuade her
she's eternally ill-fated.
'Tell Her She's Lovely (c) 2020

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