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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Outlines The present instructions are applicable to the operation and maintenance of three phase alternating current asynchronous motors which are manufactured by Shenyang Electric Machine Co., Ltd. For the basic electric characteristic parameters relevant to the motor refer to the documents attached to the machine and its nameplate, Data of foundation, main circuit and interfaces for auxiliaries refer to the outline drawing of the motor. It is impossible for this instruction to include all problems relating to installation, operation, maintenance, etc. of the motor. For other problems which are not fully expressed in the instruction, you may communicate with our company directly, if necessary. 1.2 Product introduction All three-phase asynchronous motors manufactured by Shenyang Electric Machine Co., Ltd. are in conformity to LEC standards and current standard used in the country. Optimization design of products is realized, since up-to-date measures of development are adopted. Therefore, the products are possessed of reliable mechanical and electrical performances. Stator winding of high voltage motor adopts technology of Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) and therefore operating life of the motor winding is prolonged effectively. The construction of rotor winding of squirrel - cage motor is aluminium casting- type or copper bar type. Due to adopting special technological measures to ensure safety and reliable operating performance of them, motors produced by Shenyang Electric Machine Co., Ltd. have greater versatility. Products with different protecting levels can be designed and produced according to users' requirements. 1.3 General description 1.3.1 Symbols are explained as follows The most common construction and installation for three phase asynchronous motors manufactured by Shenyang Electric Machine Co., Ltd. are IMB3, IM7211 and IMV1. (See Table 1.) (according to IEC34 -7).

Table 1 IM Abbreviation Letter of international Two B3 endIM7211 V1 Two end - shield type bearings Without footing shield Two pedestal bearing, type bearings With footing With footing



With a cylindrical With a cylindrical shaft extension shaft extension Installed on foundation Installed on foundation



is Downward installed on the bottom with flange

Sketch Case In the installation site and service condition of motor, motor case is possessed of corresponding protection form to prevent dust, foreign matters and water from entering into winding and other moving parts and to prevent operator from accidentally touching moving and rotating parts. Classification and mark of various protective type of case refer to IEC 34-5. Marks of protection class consist of letters“IP”and two characteristic digits after the letters. The meanings of characteristic digits are listed in Table 2. Table 2. Basic Mark IP The 6 The 8 In general , three-phase asynchronous motors manufactured by Shenyang Electric machine Co. , Ltd. adopt the following protection levels ; IP23,IP44,IP54 and IPW24. The protection mark on the case of motor with additional device for special climatic protection is expressed as“IPW”,such motor are suitable for outdoor installation. Cooling Various cooling circuits and cooling means of rotating electrical motor are defined in IEC34-6. Symbols which express cooling means include letters“IC”and one letter and two characteristic digits after“IC”to show various cooling circuits with

Abbreviation letters of international prevention.

first Prevent person from touching and prevent solid foreign

digit , from 0 to matter from entering into interior of motor second Protection level to prevent water drop from entering

digit , from 0 to into motor to reach harmful degree

ventilation, (with cooling fins in the case) Totally-enclosed and fan-cooled motor with self -ventilation(with cooling pipes in the case) IC611 Totally -enclosed and fan—cooled with self-ventilation heat exchanger(air-air) installed on the motor 1. Then reverse U and W as shown in Figure 2 . The most common cooling means of motor are identified with the IC and two characteristic digits.3. The meaning of mark for cooling means see Table 3. Description self-cooled open-type motor with cooling fan mounted on the IC141 ICl51 5 .2 Direction of rotation When the letter order of terminal markings of the motor(U , V , W or U1,V1,W1,U2,V2,W2 …) are same as that of phase order of power supply (L1,L2,L3),the direction of rotation of the motor is clockwise as viewed from the end of main shaft extension.Accord to the condition . self-ventilated motor with air inlet duet self-ventilated motor with air outlet duct self-ventilated motor with inlet and outlet ducts Motor with inlet and outlet ducts as well as independent or separate blower,or pressure source of cooling medium IC81W Air-cooled and self-ventilated motor Heat exchanger (air-water) installed on the motor Power of water circulation supplied by independent pump or water system Totally-enclosed and fan . Table 3 Mark IC01 IC11 IC21 1C31 IC37 shaft. The three-phase asynchronous motors generally adopt the following cooling means: IC01,IC11,IC21,IC31,IC37,IC81W,IC151,IC611.cooled motor with self. if need counter-clockwise rotation .please first get agreement from my company .different cooling mediums.

1 Ordinary storage The motor should be stored in a clean and dry place with covering on it.2 Temporary storage Alter motor is received and is not installed immediately. 2. Attention : When hoisting whole motor , use of lifting lugs on the top cover is strictly prohibited,If heavier coupling or other attachments cause unbalance of hosting . Lifting rods and lifting holes must be used in all lifting work . Lifting and supporting at iron core laminations or winding are strictly prohibited.When hoisting whole motor ,hoisting rope should be used to make the weight evenly distributed and supporting bar should be used to prevent top cover from deforming . When installing , careless handling and hoisting with incorrect use of lifting rod and hoisting hook would damage motor more seriously as compared with the motor normally running for many years.When handling motor,take care not to damage the winding.2. unpacking and inspection should also be carried out as well as it should be stored in a room where it is clean.3 Unpacking 6 .Installation and adjustment 2. the temperature of motor winding should be kept 5℃ above the environmental temperature to prevent it from dewing and absorbing moisture. moist or undergoing severe temperature variation in the storage place.2. If fixing device is not mounted.Figure 1 Clockwise rotation as Figure 2 Counter-clockwise rotation viewed from driving end as viewed from driving end In case the motor is two speed motor , double voltage motor or high speed motor with irreversible rotation , refer to the relevant particular direction of rotation and terminal marking in the outline drawing .During motor running,to reverse wire connection of power supply to make motor rotate in reverse direction but brake is not permitted. 2. Motors with medium and large capacity are often equipped with fixing devices for rotor to prevent rotor from moving in axial direction. damage of bearing would occur due to axial movement of bearing. fixing device for rotor must be mounted.2.1 Goods receiving and handling Refer to outline drawing and packing list to determine goods received items and to check whether or not goods are complete.2 Storage 2. If it is cold. When handling the whole motor. 2. 2. dry and with small temperature variation.hoisting rope must be added additionally to prevent motor from overturning .

For wound rotor motor. and there is enough space to carry. 2.4.4 Positioning The following factors should be considered when determining the location of motor. 2. busbar or ventilating pipe. 2.Remove all package and non . cable.3 Preparations before installation Before installing motor.3.permanent auxiliary devices of motor. (A common cause of vibration of motor is that when designing foundation. It is better that foundation has a rigid concrete block with sufficient depth which is placed on a rigid ground. The top surface of steel shims or plates must form a level surface and its elevation is slightly lower than the value of elevation obtained from the maximum distance between center line of motor shaft and footing surface. cleaning or inspecting. 2.3.3. Before the footing or base plate are placed on the concrete 7 .4.4 When installing motor of slide bearing with oil ring.4.4 Prepare enough quantity of leveling pieces and shims to ensure that base plate or base frame will not deform when installing them.2 According to the outline drawing of the motor.2 Attention should be paid to the air inlet mad outlet of the motor. check the foundation to determine proper positions of foundation pit (if any). 2.3 Ensure that there is enough working space around the motor to facilitate motor disassembling. 2. In case motor must be placed on a steel structure rather than a concrete foundation. insulation should be filled between collecting ring and brush in order to prevent forming specks on the working surface of collecting ring. Never make hot exhaust air entering into air inlet to cause repeated circulation or hot exhaust air directly entering into another motor.3. cable duct. motor is installed on the high structure without sufficient consideration for vibration problem) Footing surface of the motor should be placed on steel spacer or bed plate. Clean away dirt on the shaft extension and the coupling with petroleum solvent and observe necessary safe precaution.4. 2. 2. 2.1 On the foundation platform. out installation of the unit and its attachments. 2. 2. determine marks of position so that center line of the unit and elevation of the foundation surface can be found out. the following points should be checked. the shaft should be maintained in a horizontal position to avoid oil leakage and to ensure normal operation of oil ring.1 The motor should be installed in the place with good ventilation.3 Check the dimensions and position of foundation bolts as well as the elevation of the top of the bolts according to outline drawing.5 Foundation Foundation must be rigid so that vibration of motor and degree of non alignment for shaft line in operation can be decreased to minimum. the beam and frame should be supported with sufficient struts.

Wipe bearing shoe. 2. they should be fabricated with steel plate according to the following description. After the position of base plate is adjusted .1 According to the position of horizontal and vertical axes of motor (generally center line of motor is chosen). two tensioned steel wires are set above the foundation with a certain height. Lift base plate and pedestal together and put them on spacers.) as well as under support bar of base frame. 2. 2. 2. Open-type motor should never be installed in the hazardous.1.7. 2.the location of motor along anchor bolt and area of concentrative load . A haft coupling or gear is sleeved at the end of shaft extension.3 Remove bearing cover. The tolerance of air bubble in the leveller should not exceed 1/2 graduation (1 graduation corresponds to 3mm inclination for lm length) and fix the spacers. 8 .2 There are enough sphenoid spacer and iron spacer ensure that make pression about 20-40kg/cm2.2 While foundation bolts are mounted on the foundation. etc.7.foundation. (Foundation bolts and spacers are provided by the customer.1.Finally. Rigidity of foundation and accuracy of contact between base surface of motor and foundation surface directly influence vibration of the motor when operating.4 Rust-preventing grease filled in the bearings when delivering from the company must be rinsed. take care of surrounding environment for installation. bearing shoe.1. Plumbs are hanged on the steel wires and used as reference for adjusting position of base plate. Adjust the longitudinal position of base plate by means of plumbs and adjust the horizontal position as well as height of base plate by means of spacers. inflammable or dusty place.6.7.as well as under support bar of base frame .1. recheck levelness with leveller. bearing retainer of rotor. 2. the top surface of foundation should be made rough and washed thoroughly. tighten foundation bolts immediately .7. Grouted layer of foundation should be carried out strictly according to the requirements to ensure solid foundation. thoroughly with a rag dipped with gasoline.duty motor (with pedestal bearing) is mainly introduced as follows.7.7 Procedure of installation According to type of motor protection. 2.1 Proper hole should be made on spacer to adapt to anchor boll mounting. spacers are placed on the foundation surface and along the periphery of base plate.6 Installation of foundation In case the motor manufacture does not provide spacers. 2. etc. 2. on the pedestal bearing which has been fixed on the base plate.1 The installation of heavy .6. 2.6. shaft extension.3 Installation of spacers used between base surface of motor and steel foundation surface should be properly filled up.

In case the customer's hoisting equipment is insufficient to lift stator and rotor simultaneously.2. Then slowly lower them into place together to carry out installation as shown in Figure 4. first lift the stator and lay it on the base plate and insert wooden blocks below the stator base to raise the stator (See figure 4 ),and then lift the rotor and lay it on the inner surface of stator core smoothly.pay attention to that the hoisting rope should not touch the fan , winding . stator and rotor are lifted together and laid on the base plate to install .If the capacity of hoisting equipment is insufficient , first lift the stator and lay it the base plate by the side of shaft extension bearing . (At the moment ,take care that the end part of stator coil should not touch the base plate.1.collecting ring , bearing and shaft extension. a.Short shaft type: For short-shaft type motor , in case the customer has hoisting equipment with sufficient lifting capacity to lift stator and rotor simultaneously , at first put the rotor into the stator to make rotor smoothly lay on the inner surface of stator core , and then lift the stator.The stator and the rotor are together hoisted on the baseplate as shown in Figure 3.shaft type motor.)Then ,lift the rotor and insert it into the stator obliquely.Properly move the stator a little to make the rotor just lay on the inner surface of the stator core,and 9 . The installation method of stator and rotor depends upon the capability of customer's hoisting equipment and at the same it is determined on long shaft short shaft of the motor.7. But the installation method of raising stator is unsafe . In order to avoid accidents customer must be very careful when using the method. In Figure 4,B>A should be used for A and B dimensions.5 Carry out the installation of stator and rotor. Height to be raised for the stator will make the rotor not touch bearing pedestal when laying the rotor on the inner surface of the stator. Figure 3:Installation sketch of Figure 4:Installation sketch of hoisting stator and rotor raising up stator and rotor together for short shaft with wooden block for stator type motor shaft type motor b.Long shaft type For long-shaft type motor,if the lifting capacity of customer's hoisting equipment is sufficient , the installation method of long-shaft type motor can be the same as that of short .e. When hoisting . i.

8 For motor which is directly connected with elastic couplings,concentricity of two half couplings,on the motor and its driven machine as well as parallelism and clearance length of their end face can be measured with radial and axial two-purpose calibration scale as shown in Figure 7.7 Measure the length of air gap between stator and rotor in upper,lower.6 First fix the stator with dowel pin , but do not mount bolts on motor base plate temporarily , and then adjust the rotor to make the stator in alignment with the rotor core . At last , insert the lower halfbearing into the bearing pedestal to make rotor be supported on the bearing shoe. At this moment , take care that clearance between each shoulder blade of bearing retainer and between two ends of the bearing bush should be equal (Generally they are 2. All gap lengths should be evenly distributed and the absolute value of difference between the average value and the maximum value or the minimum value Figure 7 Radial and axial should not exceed 10% of the average value.5-3.1. Measuring with Thus,it is agreed that air gap lengths are calibration scale even practically , in consideration of forming of oil film in the bearing during motor running , it would have influence on variation of air gap length .It is recommended that the upper air gap length may be greater than lower air gap length with 0.0mm),as shown in Figure 6.Concentricity can be checked with the relative value of clearance a . and parallelism can be checked with the relative value of clearance b.The checking method is as follows. Take four points(0° 90° 180° 270° ) within one circumference . If the 10 .7.7. 2.10-0.15mm approximately during air gap calibrating.then carry out installation work as shown in Figure 5.1. 2. Figure 5 Installation diagram of Figure 6 Axial clearance between long-shaft type motor bearing bush and rotating shaft stator and rotor are separately hoisted. 2.1.7. left and right four locations at front and rear ends of the motor with measuring scale by inserting it into air gap.

2.7.05 mm , the result is satisfactory. The clearance between the end faces of two half couplings is determined by the sum of axial movements of the motor and its driven machine . As to the motor (i.difference of measured value of a or value of b at these four points mentioned above does not exceed 0. the stator should be moved for a small distance in the direction away from the driven equipment.7.7.11 Connect ground wire to the baseplate . Carry out wire connection of stator and rotor(wound-rotor motor) . Cable head and amour,etc.should be grounded. As to oil-ring bearing , fill the bearing with oil to the height specified in the oil gauge . As to oil pressure bearing and composite bearings oil pipe system should be ready on advance . Grease oil used should conform to the specification specified in the document attached to the machine.9 After the position of stator and rotor as well as air gap etc are accurately adjusted.7. 2.04-0.1 General description When the motor is placed on the base frame or base plate , place it near the final location of alignment as close as possible . Set properly spacers as mentioned above in the preliminary decision. The rotor of motor with pedestal sliding bearing should be located at position of magnetic center or axial travelling middle position of the rotor(mechanical center) . If position of magnetic center can not be determined or the marking of position of magnetic center is not provided , set the rotor at the mechanical center . Under certain condition,take care that there is a thermal expansion in the shaft of the driven equipment . Though the motor is located at the position of magnetic center when installing under the room temperature , the axial position of motor rotor will displace under normal operation due to this expansion in order to ensure that under hot operation the motor rotor always situates at the position of magnetic center aligned.1.1. when installing motor under room temperature. The value of distance is equal to the length of expansion of the driven equipment shaft between mort temperature during installing and normal rated temperature.2 Centering control 2. This value should be provided by the manufacturer of the driven equipment.the driven machine is excluded from consideration) , the clearance length should be at least 3 mm . In case gear coupling is used,please refer to the installation instructions relevant to gear box which are provided by the mechanical department. 2. tighten anchor bolts immediately . Assemble each components of bearing part.Before final mounting of end cover,recheck the air gap once. 2. This method can prevent motor bearing from damaging caused by the 11 .e.

to check the angle between shaft axes accurately can be ensured and it would not be influenced by projecting of any axial positions. measure at the positions of each 90°. In order to obtain maximum service life and minimum vibration of bearing. 2. the non .thrust load. So. to decrease various unfavorable influences to motor itself or to main motor due to excessive deviation of magnetic center. Check the angle and position of the motor.insulation steel pin is used when delivering from factory. After recommended center position is finally adjusted. but even if there is only several thousandths millimeter of out of alignment. It is possible that tremendous vibration would be introduced into the system. 1.measure the position of pointer .mount and tighten the anchor bolts.2. Then rotate the two shafts (motor and shafts of driven equipment) to 180° together.After the motor is started independently and attained to stable condition .2 The motor adopts magnetic centering adjustment of end-cap type slide bearing . Attention: Though the elastic coupling permits a certain amount of out of alignment of shaft axis. to see whether or not it is aligned.7. Marking Figure 8 Adjustment of magnetic center 2.7. When positioning of motor has fulfilled the requirement of axial traveling . during motor running the magnetic center can be ensured in stable condition basically. Size of radius taken is from the place where the radius is as large as possible. So. All readings should be taken at the locations of the same radius which is calculated from shaft center. The user shall replace the 12 .checking whether it is the same as the marking on the pedestal .3 For the positioning pin of pedestal bearing. Thus it facilitates centering adjustment and reinstallation of the motor after it has been removed from the original position due to certain reasons. the dowel pin should be hammered into the base frame of base plate through the base. Pointer 3. Adjusting nut 2.Then firmly fix the coupling and the shah. Alighment of angle is verified by the method of measuring gap between faces of coupling with filter gauge at top. bottom and two sides of the coupling. Again. align the center line of unit as accurately as possible and check the condition of alignment under hot status.

As to wound .8.8. the insulation resistance of stator winding of motor shall not be lower than the value obtained from the following equation: where: R--Insulation resistance of winding. Table 3 Rated voltage of motor ( V ) Below 500 500-3000 Specification of megohmmeter ( V ) 500 1000 Above 3000 2500 When measuring insulation resistance of embedded temperature detector. After measuring.1.8.1 Measurement of insulation resistance 2.1. choose the megohmmeter from Table3. 2. it should be carried out in actual cold state.8. MΩ R= U 1000 + P / 100 U--Rated voltage of winding.2 Measurement of direct current resistance of winding under actual 13 . insulation resistance between all windings and the motor case should be measured.rotor motor. 2. Inspect foundation anchor bolts and dowel pins to ensure installation in position and proper tightening.1.8.1 When measuring insulation resistance of motor winding.1. the insulation resistance between each phase winding and the case as well as that between various phase windings should be measured separately.4 Under hot condition. Be sure that all installation and repair work have been accomplished.insulation pin before operation to prevent shaft current happening (insulation pin is supplied when leaving from the factory).3 Measuring method If the beginning and end terminal leads of different phase windings are all led out from the motor case. insulation resistances of stator winding and rotor winding should be measured separately. megohmmeter with voltage not higher than 250 V should be chosen.2 Choice of megohmmeter According to rated voltage of the motor.8. 2.8 Electric measurement 2. kW 2. 2. V P--Rated power. the three phase windings were already connected in the interior of motor and only three terminal leads were led out. static charges in the winding should be discharged to ground.

In case the temperature of end of winding or iron core is unable to be measured. the resistance can be measured between any two wire terminals.Rab) + Rab .Rmed (4) Rb = RcaRab / (Rmed . If there are beginning and end terminal wires of each phase winding led out from the motor. the resistance of rotor winding should best be measured at the connecting piece which connects winding and collecting ring. The time of energizing should not exceed 1 min.2.8. 2. using temperature of motor case instead of temperature mentioned above is allowed. measure the temperature of end of motor winding or iron care with a thermometer (or embedded temperature detector). The difference between reading of each time and the average reading of three times should be within ±0. resistance of winding with double . the double.arm bridge must be adopted in measurement.Rab (3) For delta connected winding: Ra = RbcRca / (Rmed . Measure d.cold condition 2.8.Rbc) + Rbc . testing current passing through the winding to be measured should not exceed 10% of its normal operating current.1 Temperature measurement of winding under actual cold condition. B and C and C and A separately. b.5% of the average reading.sized and medium-sized motors. Place the motor in a room for a period of time. The value of resistance of each phase (Ω) can be calculated according to the following equations: For star winding connection: Ra= Rmed .Rmed (5) Rc = RabRbc / (Rmed . When automatic detecting device or digital micro. Ω 14 . When the resistance is equal to or less than 1Ω .2 Measuring method a.ohmmeter. When measuring. c.Rca) + Rca . As to wound rotor motor.arm bridge or single-arm bridge. etc instruments are used to measure the resistance. The average rea3ing is chosen as actual value of resistance. As to large. If there are 3 wire terminals led out from the motor in which 3 phase windings are already connected internally. Each resistance is measured for 3 times. c. time of placing thermometer should not be less than 15 min. When difference between temperature measured and temperature of cooling medium does not exceed 2 K.Rmed (6) Where: Rab.2.Rca (2) Rc= Rmed . the resistance of each phase winding shall be measured. d. the temperature measured is the temperature of winding under actual cold condition. Rbc and Rca are resistance values measured between terminals of A and B. the motor rotor is stationary and the resistance of stator winding should be measured at terminals of lead wire of the motor.Rbc (1) Rb= Rmed .

2 Confirm that all temporary supports and cover plates have been removed.2. at the same time.2. 3. Prior to the initial start . For pressure and temperature of the incoming oil.up under the condition that the electric motor is not connected to the driven machine.3 Inspect the bearings to ensure that all oil containers are filled with the correct lubricating oil to the proper level. 10. 7 3. Ω 3. type and quality as well as that it is filled to the proper level. it must be confirmed that the lubricating oil must be correct in trade mark. It is suggested to carry out the initial start. 3.2 Initial start .up. 3.up not connected with load The first time of energizing after the electric motor is newly installed. 3. And.2. number of phases and voltage of the power source conform with the value on the nameplate of the electric motor and whether the voltage fluctuation is within the limit of 5% of the 15 .1 Confirm that all installation and maintenance work have been finished and inspected. inspection of the following items must be carried out. 2. overload protection and grounding of the electric motor shall be managed according to specifications.2.1 Connection The control circuit. refer to 4. In order to protect the safety of personnel. Dry the winding if necessary.2. there is a special grounding device on the base of the electric motor.4 Measure the insulation resistance of winding. the lubricating oil system is in the operating condition.Average value of resistance for 3 line terminals.up. Electric connection and start-up 3. overhauled or stopped running for a long period of time is deemed to be the initial start.5 Check if the frequency. 3. If the forced lubricating system is adopted.Rmed = Rab + Rbc + Rca 2 If the difference between the resistance value at each line end and the average value of these three line end resistance meets the stipulation shill be calculated according to following equations: For star connected winding: 1 RaV 2 Rmed = (7) For delta connected winding: Rmed = 3 RaV 2 (8) where: Rav .

2.10 Check whether there are sufficient clearance between all moving and stationary components. Cheek the connections of the electric motor and the auxiliary equipment the air must he clean and dry while the pressure should not exceed 2*10 Pa (2kgf/cm2).6 Check the lead wire of the electric motor and the mark of the power supply line to determine if the direction of rotation of the electric motor is in accordance with the demanded direction. confirm the power supply. 3. 3. 3.11 Check whether there are any foreign materials in the interior of and on the electric motor.14 Check all the other electric connections to see whether they are proper.2. If any.connecting start . etc are properly set up.20 Check and confirm that the water and oil supplying systems (if any) have been connected and they are operating.19 Confirm that all protective devices and monitoring devices are properly connected and operated. If compressed air is used to blow the electric motor.2.17 Push the rotor of the driven equipment m the direction toward the limit value of axial travelling gap of the rotor. 3. In the cooler. 16 .circuited.18 Cover plates being moved due to inspection should be replaced to the original places. protective coven and filter.7 Check whether there is proper space around the electric motor for air ventilation.8 Check whether all the air inlet and outlet ports of the electric motor are free.2. 3. 3.16 According to the voltage and phase number of space heater shown in the overall diagram. 3.2. Check and confirm that all cover plates. 3. 3. air. the secondary winding must be connected to the special.2.9 Check whether dust in the electric motor has been removed.rated value on the nameplate.up.13 If there are current transformers on the electric motor. The electric motor shall never be started up under the condition while the secondary winding of the current transformer is in open circuit. 3.12 Inspect while turning the electric motor and listen carefully whether there is noise of friction.2.cooled motor. Special attention should he paid to the Water. the residual gas must be discharged through the gas discharging valve and the electric motor must operates properly. 3.2. clean thoroughly. 3. 3.purpose control equipment or must be short .2. Special care must be taken that touch between the half couplings must be corrected before non.2. confirm that the half coupling of the motor at the limit position would not touch the half coupling of the driven equipment.

3. 3. The combination of the above reasons. e. In this period. the rate of temperature rise of the bearing can better indicate the trouble than that of the absolute temperature of the hearing. 3. Analyse the causes in detail and take actual steps to remedy. Resisting torque of the machinery to be driven by the electric motor is too large. The rotation of loading machine is blocked. 17 . Terminal voltage of the electric motor is too low. Electric connection is not complete. c.1 Remove all supports for positioning of coupling. Pressing the start up control button and then pressing the start control button immediately to check the direction of rotation of the electric motor. after the rotor stops gradually due to inertia. Assembling strictly according to the matching marks is very important. Based upon the instruction of the manufacturer of the coupling to lubricate and assemble the half coupling. 3.23 When start up for idle running of the electric motor.2. If the practical direction of rotation does not conform to the direction demanded for load and that specified for the electric motor. Under the condition of low creep rotating speed. c. The ramble may be a result caused by the combination of the above reasons. especially within the preliminary 2 hours of operation. the electric motor cannot rotate. restart up. Set up a flange and match it well with the flange of the main machine to guarantee that the motor operates in the magnetic center. change the connection of the lead wire to correct the direction of rotation.3.3.2 Start up the electric motor according to the instruction attached to the control equipment of the motor.22 Start the electric motor again and let it operate.4 If the electric motor cannot rotate at full speed (and it rotates at a lower speed over 20 seconds. b. the rotating torque of the load is equal to the motor torque.3. The final temperature of the bearing shall not exceed 80℃ (for sliding bearing) and 95℃ (for rolling bearing). The trouble may be caused by the following reasons: a. The trouble my be caused by the following reasons: a. after switching on for 1 -2 seconds. d.3 Preliminary start up-connection of load 3.3. b.2. 3. Pay attention to the matching marks set by the coupling manufacturer.3 If.21 Connect the electric motor to power supply.2. cut off the power supply immediately. Check the temperature of the bearing frequently. the magnetic center must be properly adjusted and set a mark for it. cut off the power supply immediately). Terminal voltage of the electric motor is too low. 3. After the trouble is removed.3.

only one start .4. inspection is required for setting and it should be aligned to the center.) Every month the shaft should be turned for several times.4. then the time interval should be shorter. 3. If there is no space heater on the electric motor. 3. the working system defined below shall not be exceeded.2 Storage of the electric motor at the place away from the working site If the electric motor is transported and set at a place away from the working site over 1 month.1 When the initial temperature of the motor is the ambient temperature it is permitted to start-up continuously twice. Except the working system is defined on the nameplate. 18 .5 Taking out of service 3. if the environment is damp and dewing may be formed. Discharge the remained oil and rep.up is permitted. If the vibration is too large after being connected. several electric bulbs of 100W or 150W may be set in the electric motor and then they are energized to keep the interior temperature higher than that of the exterior.5. clear away the anti.2 When the initial temperature of the motor is the operating temperature of rated load. the overheat and overstress would reduce rapidly the service life of the stator winding or the rotor. 3. Remove all temporary heating devices set in the interior of the motor and cheek the inspection items concerning prior initial starting up in provision 3. After the trouble is removed restart up. motor shall be stopped naturally. Special attention: due to repeated start . The value of vibration at this time may be different from that when the motor is not connected with driven equipment. recommend the following stipulations are to be followed. 3. 3.up or the long time for startup. Refer to the chapter for trouble shooting in this instruction book. Discharge the oil and replace it with clean anti. Energize the space heater and check periodically to guarantee it is under good working condition.5 Pay attention to the vibration the motor.5. c.rust oil (For rolling bearing with lubricating grease. d. 2. Lane it with dean working oil to the level specified.3. Prior to restart up the electric motor. this provision is not applicable. Between the two times of start.rusting coating on the surface.4 Working system for start-up The limiting range of the starting up working system shall not be exceeded.1 On the work site If the motor stop to use over one month but is still connected to the machinery driven on the foundation follow the stipulations listed here: a. All bare metallic surfaces exposed in the open air must be coated with antirust oil. 3.up.Analyse the causes seriously and take actual steps to remedy. b.

in the motor. check the filter and see how seriously it is contaminated.1 In order to guarantee that the electric motor can operate continuously. Pay attention to serious noise or serious vibration or sudden increase of them. the insulating pins should be replaced with metallic pins. Measure the temperature with the measuring temperature devices. Measure vibration of the motor with the instrument. etc.air heat exchanger.3 Maintenance plan Under general conditions of application. When there is water . Supervise the colour change and contamination of the lubricating oil. search the causes and correct them. cooling air and bearings.3. Inspection and maintenance 4. 19 . (Such as friction or tapping sound. 2. check the temperature of beatings periodically. d.2 Routine inspection of the motor during operation The lubricating system should be inspected frequently. Listen carefully whether there is abnormal mechanical noise or other changed noise. Restart-up the electric motor according to specifications in provisions 3. When operating. buried type resistance temperature measuring element may be used. Hidden troubles must. (Different enterprises. Measure the temperatures of bearings at the location where the temperature measuring device is set and record them. e.rust oil.2 and 3. Measure the temperatures of the stator winding. d. All metallic bare surfaces exposed are to be coated with anti. Mount the original fixing device of the rotor and clamp the rotor tightly when handling it by crane. to avoid impact. The measuring point is the middle of the bearing cell. don't forget to change them with the original insulation pins. b. 4. (For example.1 Weekly inspection a. 4.2 Monthly inspection a. Oil level of all oil gauges must be checked. When a filter device is used. the program for repair and maintenance should be worked out according to the following criteria. Store electric motor in the way mentioned in provision 2. c. 4. If oil leakage is found.) b. During the continuous operation. be found out and the occurrence of trouble must be avoided. may work out their own plans according to practical conditions) 4.) c. They should be remedied as soon as possible.a. the following plans for maintenance are recommended. As to the motor that possesses shaft insulation requirement. safely and reliably.3. 3. 4. check the water pipe to see if it leaks. Through the observation window of the oil ring watch the rotation condition of the oil ring.

Cheek galling of the electric brush and whether the brush can move freely in the brush.4. d. In case of need change a new electric brush. The motor bears loading of twisting impact.holder. 4. c. Measure the insulation resistance of stator winding and rotor winding.4 Periodic inspection Based upon the actual service condition inspect the electric motor every half year or every year.2 If the electric motor operates in the following circumstances: a.4. Check all electric cables. Cotton liter (or very dirty environment exists while using the electric motor) c. If it is a wound rotor. A megohmmeter with rated voltage off 500V is used to measure the insulation resistance between the insulating bearing or bearing seat and the steel base. 4. d. When it is a needed dear away the dust. Check the degree of dust deposited in the power supply on the instruments and on the control connecting wires. the filter should be replaced or cleaned. Check the sealing of bearing to see if oil leaks out. vibration or external mechanical loading 4. The following items are to be checked every half year. b.b.3. salty mist or oily mist d. connecting wires and their fastened degree. e. Check the grounded electric brush (if any). moist or very dry: radiating heat. e. after the action of filter monitor device (such as the pressure difference switch). ensure pressure on the electric brush. Chemical fog steam.1 If the following conditions exist in the surrounding environment of the electric motor. 4. c. When this is a filter. c. b. 20 . check the movement of oil rings to see whether the movement is smooth as well as the condition of oil carrying. Check the degree of dust deposited in the electric motor. Corrosive or conductive dust. repeated over loading or acceleration for a long period of time is caused due to large load inertia. Deviation from the rated voltage and (or) frequency is too great. In the bearings with oil lubrication. a. conducting bolt and the electric brush to see whether there is dust deposited. e. Abnormal impact. Poor air ventilation of the room or temperature of air in the environment is in excess of 40℃. b. If contamination by oil occurs. clear away the dirts and inspect the equipment for oil supply. check the collecting ring.3 Quarterly inspection a. animal disturbance or substances which cause the growth of mould exist in the atmosphere.

5. 4. If abnormalities were found with the bearing. A satisfactory result can be obtained. flying arc. 4.5. h. Based on requirements. (The electric motor must not be moistened).3 Blowing or spraying Blow or spray air to the very narrow space where it is almost impossible to approach. Special attention must he paid to the fasteners on the rotor.3 Inspection list should be prepared according to the following requirements to guarantee proper operation of the motor. Take actual steps to remedy oil leaking at the bearing sealing. (No metallic brush is permitted to use). Direction of air blowing must not bring the dust into the deep interior of the electric motor.1 Dry cleaning When the surface to be cleaned is easy to approach and there is only dry dust on it. free from condensed water from the air 21 . Special attention: Pressure of air used shoed not be higher than 2*l05 Pa(2kgf/cm2). especially to check whether over heating occurs to the insulation.2 Brushing and sucking The dust can be removed with short and hard hair brush. corrosion. because they are loose they may fall into the motor.4. take actual step to remedy. Clean bearing throughly and replace the lubricating oil (grease). f. Then dean with vacuum cleaner for sucking. just wipe it with a piece of clean cloth without linter. 4. To avoid the dust from spreading over or depositing on other equipments. Check all insulated electric joints to see whether there are galling of insulation. Check whether condensed dew or water deposit or rusting of iron exists. Pay attention to dust or other foreign materials deposited. b. the rotor must be pulled out from the stator. d.5. The phenomena are air bubble. inspect the bearing. Check component part. e. change of colour and carbonization to be taken place. no “flannel” can be used. Such villus is harmful to insulation especially of high voltage electric motor. g. 4. breaking of paint and shifting of coils. etc.4. c. Remove the end cover and the top housing. In order to inspect thoroughly and to clear up the winding. Check all joints to see whether there are phenomena of improper connection or overheating. Check if there is overheating or electric corrosion of the main lead wire. Measure stator winding insulation resistance. This is because it is hard to clear away the dust there and at the same time the dust might block the air ventilation channel. since the linter may stick on the insulation surface and would cause deposit of dust. Check all bolts and nuts to see whether they are well fastened. a.5 Inspection and clearing up of winding Remove the end cover or wind shield (if any) to facilitate the inspection. The air must be dry.

Then.6 Insulation resistance Even if the insulation resistance of winding does not reach at the lowest value. inorganic volatile solvents or solvent of petroleum are adopted. explosion and damage to human health. Special attention: When cleaning with solvent.8.loss heating method are shown in Figure 9 and Figure 10.loss heating method with current passing through stator with current passing through rotor. In Figure 10 the wiring is only applicable to the motor with wound rotor. the motor must be cleaned. the rotor of electric motor is blocked.circuited.2 Drying the electric motor If the insulation resistance is lower than the permissible value. user it better not to conduct the 3 lead wires through the brush. 4. So. apply 10-15% of rated voltage to the stator winding (according to proper connection.loss heating method copper. It is proper to short . In order to avoid damage of the brush on the wound rotor. To clean insulation articles.1 Measurement of insulation resistance Refer to 2.6.pipe. The principle is same with that shown in Figure 11. 4. clean with solvent which has the effect of inhibition. In places where there is risk of fire disaster. Figure 9 Wiring diagram of the Figure 10 Wiring diagram of the copper.3 The following are several ways to dry the electric motor when it is installed on the working site. the electric motor becomes hot due to copper-loss. For the electric motor with wound rotor. The stator winding is connected as it is in working state. Thus. 4. The only difference is 22 . 4.connect the rotor winding on the 3 lead wires of the rotor or on the electric conducting rod of the collective ring. alternative voltage of 3 phase power frequency is used).1 Copper . wax on the electric equipment. grease. In Figure 9.1 for measurement of insulation resistance.6.6. 4. the current of stator reaches 50-70% of the rated value. 4.4 Cleaning with solvent Solvent is very effective in cleaning asphalt.3.5. the rotor winding should be short . drying the electric motor is required and according to demand.6.loss heating method Wiring diagrams of the copper. after being cleaned. dry the electric motor with one of the following methods. the ventilation must be provided to prevent fire disaster.

The power of air.2 Blast drying method Sketch of hot blast drying is shown in Figure 11. insulation resistance (MΩ) 3. In the process of drying. time period for drying (hour) Figure 12 Typical curve of insulation resistance and winding temperature versus time.3. etc. current. Finally. etc should be recorded.6. the drying treatment can be ended. The time required to dry the motor relates to the moisture contained in winding. Change the position of blasting periodically.6 hours without any change. The above mentioned copper loss heating method is suitable for motor which is already assembled. If the stator is treated separately. If the steady value is kept for 3 . the rotor must be turned 180°periodically. A diagram showing the curve of insulation resistance and winding 23 . the insulation resistance would drop temporarily and would rise again later. the voltage. too. Not that the voltage of the incoming line shall be about 10 . record insulation resistance.4pN/100 + 20 (kw) PN is the rated power (kw) of the motor to be dried. the temperature of heating. When the methods of iron. the voltage applied should be lower. During the beginning period of drying. The air and hot air (70-95℃) is blowed in to the motor. The time period varies from over 10 hours to several days and nights (round the clock). At this time. Figure 11 Hot blast drying method If the motor is dried together with the rotor.15% of the rated voltage of the rotor.that the voltage is applied to rotor in stationary state and the stator winding is short circuited. during the drying process.loss drying are adopted.loss and copper. 1. winding and ambient temperatures.heater is: 0. 4. the current of stator will reach 50 -70% of the rated current of the stator. resistance (insulation) 5. so various parts of the coil may be blasted evenly. it comes to a steady value. to avoid deformation of the rotor in beating for a long period of time. winding temperature (℃) 2. temperature 4.

7.7.4 Remove cover plate. 4.7. The time interval far recording between the measurements is half an hour at the beginning while the insulation resistance becomes steady. the temperatures of various parts of the motor shall not exceed the data listed in Table 4. 4.5 Remove the anchor bolts and positioning pins of the motor and disengage the connecting shafts. temperature ℃ Winding and iron core Thermometer 70 Winding Resistance method 90 . If there is another oil supply system for the bearing. discharge oil in 2 bearings.2 For the motor with sliding bearings. 4. When current is used for drying.dittoTemperature detector 80-85 Temperature of air .10 With the help of a special tool .3 Remove the complete top covering device (if any).7. Remove away the brush from the brush holder. 4. For the motor with collector ring attached. the collective ring and the cover seat must be removed. the motor shall be grounded for safety.temperature versus time must be drawn as showing in Figure 12.7. 4. monitor devices and grounding devices.6 Remove the coupling from the shaft extension.7. If there are couplings at the shaft extensions on the two ends of the motor. too. 4. During the drying period.1 Cut off all cables and lead wires connecting with power supply instruments.7.7 Remove all bearing covers and temperature relays. they should be all removed. Then remove the upper half of bearing box (refer to sliding bearing) or bearing sleeve (refer to rolling bearing) 4. Table 4 location for measurement method of measurement max. shut off the oil pipeline.wire box. use the bolts for lifting and take away the two end covers.7. The following shows general procedures used.7.8 For the wound rotor. remove the lead wire between the collective ring and the rotor connecting .9 Remove the bolts from the end cover and then remove the end cover with the help of the hole for bolt. 4. etc around all the bearings. thermocouples.7 Disassembly of the motor Every step in disassembly of the motor shall be recorded in sequence to serve as reference in reassembly. 4.ditto 95 during hot blast drying 4. remove the fastening retainer 24 . 4. guard board shutter or pipeline. it is an hour.7.

it should be placed on the working site easily to approach and a board or other suitable material must be put under it.16. or under special conditions. Do not set the steel pipe at the extensions of shaft. pull it out toward the end without coupling. length and strength. Pay attention not to drop the rotor or special care must be taken to avoid it to scratch the internal bole of the stator and the winding of the stator. simultaneously raise it to the position which makes the lower half of bush to be free from loading.7. Remove the pins and bolts from the bearing bush first.7. Beware not to hurt the stator winding.16. carbon powder. then remove the rolling bearing. and oxides away from the motor. 4.11 In the motor with sliding bearings. 4. When the rotor is pulled out of the motor base.14 Lift carefully the stator assembly (the rotor is left in the stator) and remove it away from the base.7.3 Lift carefully the rotor to the center place near the air gap.13 Remove the internal sealing ring and other devices from the shaft.16. 4. Wrap well the neck of shaft to avoid the journal to be damaged.4 Remove the steel pipe and the lifting cable.7.16 When drawing the rotor out of the stator. 4. 4. Screw in the bolts for lifting and lift away the upper half of bush. 4. Gradually move the rotor to the end of the coupling and trail it away axially from the stator.7.7.15 Remove the fan and the wind shield etc before pulling out the rotor from the stator. 4. Then remove the oil ring.7. With help of the hole for bolts on the lower half of bush.2 Tie the lifting cable on the steel pipe and on the place at the shaft near the coupling. After the rotor is well placed. 4. At the two ends of the rotor. 4.12 Insert hard paper board or plywood into the internal hole of the stator and set the rotor in the internal hole of the stator. grease. metallic powder.1 On the rotor end where there is no coupling mount a steel pipe with proper internal diameter.from the shaft. Set it on the place where is easy for storage or for work.5 After the rotor is pulled out from the internal hole of the stator.7.16. inspection and repair and maintenance can be caned out. 4. Remove the bolts at the lower half of bearing housing and remove the lower half of bearing housing from the sealing place of the end cover. 4. be sure there is sufficient space around the stator and rotor. set the lower ball of bush to the top position and lift it away. it must be seated on a reliable support. or set a red copper ring with proper diameter in the steel pipe as a liner to protect the diameter of shaft from being damaged. in curler to pull out the rotor. It is best to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the 25 .8 Clean the motor Clean out dust.7.

Then. 13. The quantity is about 2/3 of the volume capacity.10.9 Reassembly of electric motor The motor is to be reassembled according to the reversed sequence of disassembly. Bearing Then.1 Insulation bearing 26 . the bearing must be cleaned with kerosene first and then cleaned with gasoline. If the bearing is used in dusty and moist environment.10 Maintenance of bearing 4. 4. During assembling after inspection and repairing. For the motor with rolling bearing which is lubricated with grease. 4. clean lubricating grease is poured into the oil groove.000 hours. the lubricating grease should be replaced more frequently. the lubrication of rolling bearing must be inspected first of all. set the inner cover of the bearing. Oh the bearing there are inlet and outlet oil pipes. the bearing would become overheated during working and cause decomposition of the grease. So. Pay attention to keep the spring in the groove to ensure the bearing to operate safely. the double bearing of bearing is used. There should be a nonmetallic sucking tip on the cleaner. If the quantity of grease is too much. The structure is shown in Fig. the old grease must be replaced with new one.13 Structure of grease for bearing. It may be used to set rolling double the spring in the groove. In case the original lubricating grease is already hardened or contaminated. The rolling bearings are replaceable standardized elements. In large power motor. oil filling and draining can carry on without stoping the motor.dirts. Fasten all internal bolts and fit properly new locking elements. 4. Prior to start up the motor which has been kept in store for a long period of time.2. 4. Inspect carefully the device for oil inlet and outlet to see whether the oil passages are unobstructed and smooth to guarantee safe operation of the bearing.10. oil indicator and oil discharging pan.10. On the shaft extension of the motor with sliding bearing.1 Rolling bearing Lubricating grease applied to the bearing or change of its brand should conform to specifications of the drawings and documents related. the spring in the inner cover of the bearing should be set in the groove of the inner cover with lubricating Fig. after working for about 2.2 Sliding The sliding bearing used in the horizontal type motor may be end cover bearing or pedestal bearing. external applied axial force and radial force except the weight of the coupling are not permitted to bear.

since galling of bearing can be found in time and thus they can be replaced in time. If the temperature of bearing exceeds the specified value.000 hours after operation.lubricating motor. the insulation is realized by adding insulation gasket between the bearing seat and the base plate of the motor.) This specification is based on the consideration of aging of the oil. In assembling and disassembling.state (such as stand by motor in generating set for emergency putting into use or motor not used). special care must be taken to avoid damaging the insulation layer. when the motor has been disassembled prior to operate again. the insulation layer is stuck on the ball. In periodical inspection for the motor or for any other purposes. the operating temperature and degree of contamination of oil.2.2. the insulation of the motor must be checked. time interval of replacements of oil should be reduced. Motor with self. replacement of oil is necessary. (The motor must be stopped when replacement takes place. the temperature of bush should not exceed 80℃. be careful not to hurt the insulation.lubricating bearing (or motor with pressure lubricating bearing) should often be inspected whether the bearing works properly. before startingup. On the horizontal type motor with end cover bearing. oil in the selflubricating sliding bearing should be replaced. note the oil level in oil box. Insulation method adopted for bearing varies with the structural types of the bearing. After operating for 4. 4. When the oil is seriously contaminated or its temperature rises suddenly which is not affected by external influence. if there is obvious change of colour which is a sign of deterioration. For the lubricating oil. replenish with new oil. the replacement of oil is 20.Within the preliminary running period of 2 hours. For high speed motor.000 hours under normal condition. 4.In order to avoid the electric corrosion damage of bearing shoe due to shaft current.10.shaped shell of the bearing seat and supports the bush. bearing insulation is set. When the level is lowered. For the horizontal type motor with pedestal bearing. the oil must also be replaced. In normal operation of motor. for bearing insulation. Even if the motor is always in unoperating . the times for assembling.2 Oil replacement Oil replacement depends upon essentially the operating time. change with new oil in time. too. Sliding bearing with oil supplied by pressure. check the 27 .3 Galling of parts Inspection of bearing according to plan is necessary. For self .10. If oil leakage is found ha the periodical inspection. stop running immediately and find out the cause. When removing the bearing horn the ball-shaped shell with the insulation layer. measure the temperature of bearing is important.

10. Equal clearances shall be kept between each shoulder blade of bearing retainer and the two ends of the bush.12-0.25 0. check the dimensions and pay attention to deformation.of .10-0.5 >200-280 0.24-0. during operation the 28 .7 >400-500 0. clearance (mm) Rotation speed > 1000r/main Max.18 0.2. 4.21-0.34 0. measure precisely with a thermometer. clearance (mm) 80-120 120-180 180-250 250-360 360-500 4.24 0.30 0.45 motor with composite bearing.21 0. Devices for monitoring beating temperature may be equipped. In case abnormal running of oil ring in the horizontal motor is found in the periodical inspection.16 0. If there is no such devices.22 0.20 0.16 0.roundness of oil ring is shown ha Table 5 Table 5 Internal diameter of oil ring (mm) Average value of any two measuring points apart with 90mm (mm) >140-200 0. The permissible diameter out .2.5 For 0. ) Table 6 Diameter of bearing (mm) Rotation speed <1000r/main Max.10.40 0.18-0.6 >280-400 0.30 0.8 >500-600 0.195 0.41 0.14-0.15-0. (Table 6 shows the radial clearance of bearing. when abnormality is found in the temperature higher than that specified.225 0.265 0.26 0.25 0.12-0. check if oil replacement for the bearing is required.4 Periodically inspect clearance of the bush.9 When serious fluctuation of beating temperature occurs or a sudden change of the temperature occurs.30 0.16-0.dimensions of the sealing parts of the bearing and replace them ha time.08-0.

Note whether there is galling. pour in new lubricating oil to the serf. observe the oil level indicated at one side of the bearing housing.7 Application and maintenance Discharge residual oil in the bearing housing and dean it with kerosene. Bearing with oil ring lubrication may have the same phenomenon. If the insulation resistance of insulation bearing to ground should not be smaller than 0.2.cover bearing.(the type & brand of the new lubricating oil is determined according to the type of motor). user should not increase the oil pressure (for composite bearing) or add more oil (for oil ring type bearing). scratching or burnt of the sealing ring. oil leakage will appear. oil quantity under this rated oil pressure may cuase the oil level change in the bearing when the motor operates. The floating labyrinth must be properly matched. it must not restrict the sealing ring from free radial floating. (mark it.10. the insulation resistance between the insulation gasket and the bearing seat can be detected. While pouting the oil. the oil sealing device on the bearing cover is made of insulating material in the form of floating labyrinth which increases the ability of the bearing to resist oil leakage. note the bearing which adopts any kind of lubrication must have a little lubricating oil added in from the observation window which locates on 29 .2. correct oil level can be obtained. The pressure of oil supplied by the oil pump at this time is to be set as the rated data.bearing oil level should be kept at the height specified on the oil indicator. 4. If necessary.It indicates that there is no phenomenon of short circuit in the insulation resistance of the bearing.lubricating beating (including compound lubricating bearing).) For bearing with pressurized oil supply to lubricate (including compound lubricating bearing). However. After accomplishment of various inspection and assembling work. find out the cause and remedy it. Prior to starting. Disassemble the motor. careful inspection of the joint of inlet and outlet oil pipeline is essential. This height is determined under the condition when the motor is stationary and the oil in oil pipe flows smoothly. in the case of the shaft of the motor is not contact with bearing measure insulation of pedestal bearing or end cover sliding hearing with a 500v megohmmeter. For inspection of bearing insulation.up the motor. Matching of the floating labyrinth in the sealing cover is checked. In order to ensure that no oil leakage of the bearing would occur in operation. deburr may be required. The phenomenon are very obvious when the speed of rotation is high. At this time.10.6 For sealing of end . Look at the indication from the middle position of the observation window. inspection of sealing ring is essential. otherwise. 4.5mΩ. the sealing ring and the rotating shaft are concentric. In operation. Remove the deposits and dean thoroughly the detergent left in it. If short circuit happens in bearing insulation.

Open the stopper at the bottom of the bearing housing and discharge oil from the oil housing. find out the reason of short circuit of bearing insulation and correct it. The typical trace usually is in the shape of a belt with uniform width which radially extends to the full length of the lower half bush and it concentrates on the surface of bush at the bottom.8 Inspection Inspect the bearing to ensure that no foreign matters exist in it. Proper operation of the oil ring is uniform and silent. maybe it is due to inproper assembly of bearing or due to bending of the shaft. If the supply pressure is greater than 0. For bearing with pressurized oil supply to lubricate (including compound type lubricating bearing) the pressure for oil supply shall not exceed 0. Note the trace of galling of bearings or damage of alloy of bush. If the trace is in the shape of belt with different widths. If the galling is not very serious. The correct rotation of the oil ring shall be noted. Wipe the bearing with a piece of cloth free from any pile. Temperature range of the incoming oil is 15℃ to 40℃. Check the two alloy surfaces of the upper and lower bushes to see whether there is anything wrong. Generally such phenomena are resulted from unalignment of center or vibration or both of them which cause over.the top of the bearing seat.05MPa. Check surface of bearing to see whether there are recess points caused by shaft electric current. eliminate it and grind the surface. grind off the projecting point produced by displacement of the alloy to make up the damaged location. If such points are rotund. Rinse the oil housing with clean oil or kerosene.2. it indicates that oil is insufficient.10. the smooth rotation of the oil ring should be inspected and observed frequently. the user of the motor must install pressure reducing valve on the pipeline for incoming oil to the bearing. For bearing with oil ring to be lubricated. It has been dipped in clean oil.1MPa. Note the trace of scratch on the surface of the lower half bush. The scratch on the surface of the upper bush is caused usually by unalignment of axes. the lubricating effect would be influenced while it is too fast and if slight noise is heard. pay attention to the lubrication of beating. In operation. If there is spine. Check the internal diameter and side of the oil ring to see whether there are scratched 30 . If the oil ring operates too slowly. Check the surface of shaft journal to see whether there is projecting sharp spine.load of the bearing. The trace of scratch that separates in a round shape on the surface of bush that may be caused by the granules on the exterior passing through the oil film or by the scratch on the surface of the journal of shaft. 4. Clear away any hard grains inserting in the bearing bush alloy and get rid of them. Replace the stopper with sealing gasket to is original place. Common surface roughness may be due to abrasive dust in the oil.

crack or other marks of damage exist. d. This sealing must he able to float radially freely. matched with the neck of shaft is very important.10. c. Remove or eliminate them with abrasive or sand paper. rotation shaft or support. Disassemble and grind and lap the lower half bush until the desirable diagram is obtained.9 Points of attention when changing bearing Checking of the new bearing or bearing which is redeposited with the alloy. Check the inner circumference of the bearing of the lower half bush of the new bearing. Raise the shaft and turn out the lower half shaft bush carefully. Check the neck of shaft to see whether there are projecting tips or sharp cutting marks or scratches. Wipe the lower half shaft bush according to provision 4.marks. Turn the shaft to rotate for 3 revolutions in the regular direction. However. galling. Attention should be paid to that in certain bearings with pressurized oil lubrication. Any raised burr should be eliminated carefully with fine file. take care not to put your hand or finger on the position where the bush would enter to avoid being hurt. Note the soft alloy around the bright spot which appearing on the welded surface of bush during assembly should be removed or eliminated. The oil supplying groove should be faring the outer side of the bearing housing.12 to slit it into the seat of bush. If necessary.7. it should not get stuck. b. Inspect whether the repair work is satisfactory. Observe the diagram composed of the projecting points expressed by the bright location. old sealing material from all sealing parts. Use fine abrasives carefully to remove any projecting points or sharp edges. scrape out slightly the projecting points to change the shape of the diagram. The following procedures should be followed. Grinding or abrasion can trim the inproper alloy at the bush. 4. don't scrape too much and enlarge the release area. grease. raised burrs. deburr is required. Check if the matching of the float labyrinth with the sealing cover is proper.11 The wound rotor asynchronous electric motor with fixed brush (normal contact) The collective ring is the link connecting rotor winding and the brush to 31 . a. Special attention: When the lower half bush is slided into the seat. Clean thoroughly dust. Then reassemble it into the lower half bush and repeat the process of rotating the shaft. The portion contacting with shaft neck should contain 75% of the bright belt. 4. slight scraping is permitted to make the surface smooth.2. Check the alignment to see whether it is proper and lower the jack. Replace the parts which are seriously damaged. If this is not reached. If necessary. There should be no sharp cut. set the shaft neck on the lower haft bearing. If the result of filing is not satisfactory or the bearing should be changed refer to the instruction relating to it in this booklet. Check all sealing parts to see whether scratches.

Every 3 months.load state for several hours. After cleaning. when delivering to operation.11. the motor runs in no.2 Determine wearing of the brush Measure the length of the brush every 80 hours and calculate the wearing amount. the brush device is cleaned by blowing compressed air and then wiped with clean dry cloth which is free from oil. 4. it is considered that the wearing of the brush is normal. Then blow with compressed air and wipe with clean dry cloth which is a small piece and must be changed often. brush holder and collective ring are best cleaned with the vacuum cleaner to clear off the carbon powder. Do not proceed unnecessary polishing since it can damage the oxidized film. this point must be kept in mind. Then. Every month the brush device and parts of sliding ring must he checked for the condition of dust deposition. 4.conduct current. 4. Even during the time to replace the brush. At this time.11. 4.12 Cleaning of the cooler In order to ensure proper running of the motor. measure and record the full length of each brush alter wearing.3 Conditions for normal operation When the wearing is smaller than 6mm/1000hours. they Should be cleaned once. replace the brushes in their original handles. After about 24 hours. the time interval may he increased to 60 hours. Never wash the brush device with solvent. all brushes must be removed. insulation of supporting screw. When the amount of wearing reduces. the carbon powder on the insulation of collective ring and slipping and on the brush device must be cleaned off.1 Record the length of the brush After about 10 hours of operation. But whenever wearing of brush is 4 . Only when deposit of oil and carbon powder is stuck together. The brush.4 Cleaning work of the brush device Every time when replacing the brush. the brush holder. the carbon powder must be cleared off once. a current leakage channel is formed. Due to a layer of carbon powder is on the surface. In the preliminary period of operation. When the wearing amount of a certain brush reaches 4 5mm. This is the way to ensure that the carbon powder is thoroughly removed. 4. Starting from the first measurement. In this period of time wearing of the brush is quite serious. inspect periodically the 32 . The asynchronous electric motor with fixed brush is equipped with collective ring made of steel or bronze. The danger of flying arc is increased. calculate the wearing amount. a layer of oxidized film containing graphite is formed.11. petroleum solvent may be used for wiping.11. the following work must be done. the brush device is repaired according to the plan of maintenance. In application on the surface of the collective ring. insulation between rings and belt of conducting rod must be cleaned.5mm. In order to avoid damage to the motor.

During normal motor stoppage period.1. Generally. Accessories 5. The front and rear water tanks can be opened to rinse with water.1. a.3 Remove fixed bolts of the heater. The components of the heater are replaceable.14 Repair of cooling pipe will not be influenced. There are two ways to repair. (In order to obtain better result. Refit fixed 33 . Press the hard plastic tube in cooling pipe with the method of stationary fit from the end of the wall plate to enclose the damaged position as shown in Fig. Rinse the cooler periodically. 5. The following methods can be used to clean water cooler.4 Replace new heater on the place of original heater. 5.14. at the plastic tube to be pressed in. Stick on labels on these control equipments to prevent misoperating from switching on.1. is coated with sealing compound fluid sealant). it is generally mounted under the frame of the motor. the capability of heat radiation Fig. The procedure of replacement of the heater is as follows.empty cooler and clean the dust in it in time.1 Replacement of heater Before the replacement of the burned heater. The damaged positions are located usually in the expansion joints between the heat radiating pipe and the wall plates on the two ends. 5.1. The interior and exterior of the cooler must be rinsed. The following is the cooler condition.1. When the motor is stopped for repairing.1. the heater can be connected to the power supply with the manual operation or the automatic control.1 Heater If the heater is mounted on the motor. and then persons can be allowed to access the wiring area of the heater. cut off the power supply of the heater at first. the wall.2 Disconnect lead wire at outgoing wire terminal of the heater. 5. 5.1. Add water from the water outlet to rinse the interior of cooler so that dirts or sand or mud deposit in the inlet comers can be rinsed out.1. under the condition of blocking of 5% of the cooling pipe. switch off the corresponding switches and circuit breakers to cut off all power supplies of the motor. 1. Block the cooling pipe which is damaged so that water cannot pass through it. 5.1.Expansion joints b.1 Remove the side cover plate or the hood plate. Leakage caused by corrosion and friction of dirts in cooler must be remedied. Reverse rinsing the cooler This method is to reverse the direction of water flow of the cooler.

If special requirements exist.2 Temperature measuring element for bearing Temperature measuring element for bearing can be applicable to the monitoring of the bearing temperature. it shall be implemented as per the agreement. 5. 5. Thus they realize the protection to the motor to prevent switch from faulting operation or lines from lightning impulse.2. it shall be normally mounted between the upper layer stator winding and the lower layer stator winding for monitoring the stator winding temperature.bolts on the heater. The following guide for trouble shooting may be helpful to find out and repair the trouble which may exist.1. The following is the brief description of problems which may be encountered.2 Temperature measuring elements When the temperature measuring dement is mounted. Inspect periodically the operating condition of these devices according to the relevant technical requirement.3 Impulse wave protection device Impulse wave protection device is installed according to the technical requirements of the customer. it is Pt100 or Cu50 Generally. lightening arrestor and impulse condenser.1 Stator temperature measuring element If the temperature measuring element is mounted on the motor. switch off the power supply of the motor at first. Six temperature measuring elements are mounted on the three symmetrical locations of the stator slot.2. each phase with two temperature measuring elements. 5. If a trouble is found out.wire type temperature measuring elements can be used to compensate the influence of the lead wires of temperature measuring elements to the thermometer readings. Three lead. 6. Its meaning is to avoid a small fault becoming a serious fault later. Trouble shooting To identify abnormal operating signs as early as possible and to take remedy measures quickly are very important. 5. These devices can be mounted on the motor or placed individually and can be connected to the electric circuit conveniently.1 Motor cannot start up Starting trouble (see Table 7) Table 7 34 . It can consist of the current transformer.5 Reconnect the lead wires on the outgoing terminal of the heater. the possible causes and methods of treatment. one of them is standby. 6.1. each temperature measuring element can provide two or three leading wire. 5.

one incoming line of power supply breaks 6.2 Heat generation in bearing Trouble of heat generation in bearing (See Table 8) Table 8 Trouble Overheati ng bearing Improper oil level Oil ring does of Possible causes Unsuitable lubricant Refer Method of treatment to the in grease the or oil recommended Check oil level not Check the roughness of oil ring and assembly drawing or outline drawing 35 .Trouble The motor can not start up completely Possible causes At least there is one lead wire of power supply in open circuit state No voltage Method of treatment Check the fuses the lines of power supply and the lead terminal Check the incoming line of power supply There is AC sound from the motor but it cannot start up The motor can not start up with load but it generates normal magnetic noise The motor is in no load running but cannot carry load Open circuit in one phase in the stator or the rotor Check the incoming line of power supply and repair the circuit trouble Torque of load is too large Repair the trouble of drive with load and inspect no load operating condition Load GD2 too large Voltage of power supply is too low Open circuit in the rotor (in case of wound rotor ) Incorrect type selection Measure the voltage of power supply Inspect rotor circuit (starter and connecting wire) Inspect incoming line of power supply After starting.

and whether there is notch point caused by the axial current and corrosion.4 Vibration and noise Troubles of vibration and noise (See Table 10) Table 10 Trouble Vibration and noise Possible causes Unbalance rotor Unfixing Friction or bad foundation machine parts of Method of treatment the Disconnect the motor with load and then cheek and treat it installation Retighten bolts. Check if the shaft bends Bearing surface is rough. If there is notch point. scrape off or rematch the bearing and adjust the clearance of bearing bush. inspect bearing insulation. if necessary. Polish shaft neck.3 Oil leakage Troubles of oil leakage (see Table 9) Table 9 Trouble Oil leaking Possible causes Clearance between sealing surfaces is too large Ventilating hole of the breather is blocked Grade and type of oil are incorrect Check whether there is obstacle in ventilating hole Check the oil to see whether it conforms to the specifications specified in outline drawing 6. 6. bearing in clines and shaft neck pressure is excessive Check whether the position of bearing alloy is displaced.rotate load too large whether the guide oil slot is aligned with the oil ring Check the alignment of shaft axis and whether there is axial thrust load. check spacers and reinforce the fixation of installation then eliminate the friction between Determine the location of friction and method of treatment Check whether there is leakage of oil between sealing clearances 36 .

6. Recover the foundation to the correct plane disappears rapidly together with Resonant vibration of Vibration is serious at the foot of motor. Shaft neck is out of Vibration round or bended frequency is an integral multiple of rotation frequency. sup-porting structure It of the motor off. conductive particle or other contamination Mechanical damage Inspect coil support and channel wedge. Repair the rotor. Inspect whether there are foreign matters or excessive vibration Coil damage when Inspect whether it is overloaded.5 Low insulation resistance Trouble of insulation resistance (See Table 11) change of speed or after motor cutting Table 11 Trouble Low insulation resistanc e Possible causes Moisture dust. Repair or replace the rotating shaft.Breakage of squirrel . method of treatment Clean up the motor and dry it according to the requirements 37 . of Check coupling whether matching is improper of Realign the machine unit. Most of cage bar in the rotor Unbalance coupling Nonalignment shaft center line these troubles occur in operation under load.The amplitude varies with time.

voltage is unbalanced or voltage is unsuitable. method of star of motor in connection is misused with method no load of delta connection) running Voltage of power supply is too high Check the voltage of main power supply and non-load current Cooling is ineffective due to blocking of the ventilating passage Wrong rotating direction of fan Clear off obstacles in the ventilating passage Check fan and rotating (single direction rotation for motor is direction of the fan 38 .winding it ventilation is restricted. din accumulation is too much. Replace the coil.6 Overloading of the motor Trouble or overloading of the motor (See Table 12) Table 12 Trouble Overheati Possible causes Mistake in connection of stator Method of treatment Check method of connection ng winding (such as. 6.

turn short circuit in the heating of stator stator (over-heating in some coils and buzz noise exists) Find out the coil which is turn. water flow and air discharge Local over Turn. winding of motor with power capacity of 200 kW and below iron core Collective ring Bearing Sliding bearing Rolli ng bear ing 40 ------80 80 55 39 . Allowable temperature rise of asynchronous motor Temperature limit K of motor (See Table 13) Table 13 Position of the motor A. winding of motor power capacity greater 200kW smaller 5000kW B Class Ther momet er method than but than with A.designed) Overheati ng of motor when running with load Friction between the Overloading of the motor Voltage is too high or too low The motor runs in single phase Check the current Cheek the voltage Locate tile broken location of incoming line stator and Inspect the air gap rotor between the stator and Water flow is insufficient or local rotor.to. Replace the coil and repair it 7. Adjust water blocking in water cooler pressure.C.C.to-turn short circuited.

The alarm temperature of rolling bearing is 90oC .120oC is alarm temperature .140oC is the cutting temperature .140oC is alarm temperature .150oC is the cutting temperature . 40 .80oC is the cutting temperature . 130oC is the cutting temperature .65oC is the overflow temperature .The capacitance over 5000kw .the temperature protection rise 5oC . 95oC is the cutting temperature . For F Class checking with B Class .For F Class checking with F Class . The alarm temperature of sliding bearing is 75oC .130oC is alarm temperature .Resis tance method Embed ded temper a ture 80 80 --- --- 90 ---- --- --- decting method F Class Ther momet er method Resis tance method Embed ded temper a ture ---- ---- 100 90 105 105 --- --- 110 ---- --- --- decting method Temperature protection : For B Class .

inspect and adjust the bearing .the user must refer to the instruction .ensure the position is right .especially between connect and operation carry on the last inspection of steel bush .Before operation the following points should be done: 1.Ensure the position of bearing bush is no 41 .Instruction of selflubricating end-cap type slide bearing While the selflubricating end-cap type slide bearing is used in electric motor . Inspeeting the installation of bearing bush .

Pouring oil and turning the electric motor before start the motor .If the voltage can’t be lowed . .change . 3.Put bearing bush into bearing pedestal and tighten up bearing bush and under bearing bush .install and adjust it again .If there was changed . 2.Turning the electric motor while untighten the bearing and bearing cover and bearing pedestal . When let person turn the shaft can’t be carried on .the following method is how to make the bearing bush in right position .Another method is point start .LTD Address : tiexi borough weigong street 20# Postalcode : 110026 Fax :024-25820928 Phone :024-25552213 42 . Shenyang Electric Machine Co .we can use full voltage .the method is : Pouring a little lubricating oil through the view window of bearing pedestal while somebody turn the shaft .Attention :This operation must be done before start the motor every time . Pouring a little lubricating oil through the view window of bearing pedestal before point start and measuring the temperature of bearing bush and vibration of bearing .the suitable voltage of point start is 30%-50% of rated voltage .

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