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Arielle Hattan

Campus Address Permanent Address

16789 Chandler Rd Apt. 614 9207 Cottonwood Creek
East Lansing, MI 48823 Portland, MI 48875
(517) 898-9371 (517) 898-9371

Objective: To have a career in an Elementary Special Education classroom or

Elementary, focusing on Kindergarten grade, classroom.

Education: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan

Bachelor of Arts, May 2011
Major: Special Education Learning Disabilities
Teaching Major: Language Arts

Field Experience: Fairview Elementary School Lansing, Michigan
September, 2010-May, 2011 Grade Level: 1-2 Split
■ Will plan and teach a lesson in literacy
■ Will plan and teach a lesson in math
■ Will plan and teach a lesson in science
■ Will plan and teach a lesson in social studies
■ Will observe and assist the teacher
■ Will observe the students

Mt. Hope Elementary Lansing, Michigan

September-December, 2009, Grade Level: 1st
■ Observed one student, planned and taught lesson based on
student’s literacy needs
■ Planned and taught literacy games for the whole class
■ Observed literacy instruction for all levels of reading
■ Observed and assisted the teacher

McDonald Middle School East Lansing, Michigan

September– December 2009 Grade Level: 7th & 8th
■ This classroom was a special education classroom. The
students have mild-severe autism.
■ Observed classroom activities and management techniques.
■ Observed the teacher, physical therapist, and speech
therapist working with the students.
■ Assisted with group activities that promoted math and
literacy skills

Classroom Volunteer
Westwood Elementary School Portland, Michigan
September-December 2008 Grade Level: 5
■ Planned and taught activity using rulers and
■ Helped keep the students on task
■ Listened to students read

Teacher’s Aide/ Student Paraprofessional

Portland High School Portland, Michigan
September 2006 - June 2007 Grade Level: 9th-12th grade
■ Responsible for creating lesson plans based on
classroom content in Language Arts
■ Planned and supervised daily free time lessons
■ Helped students with various works from General
Education Classes
■ Supervised an autistic student in a general education

Mentor: Big Brother/ Big Sister Program

Portland, Michigan
September 2006-June 2007
■ Mentored a girl who was 10 years old
■ Spent 2 hours every week with her
■ Helped with homework and keep on task.
■ Found ways to help her cope with family issues

Other Work
Experience: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, student monitor,
August 2010-Present

Douglas J Salon and Spa, East Lansing, Michigan, guest services and
reservation center, April 2008- August 2010

Development: Student’s with Disabilities Panel, East Lansing, Michigan,
November 2009 and 2010

English Language Learners lecture, East Lansing, Michigan, November


Music and Special Education Workshop, East Lansing, Michigan, April


Race and LBGT Issues-New Module, East Lansing, Michigan February


Technology: Proficient in:

• Photoshop
• Power Point
• Personal webpage –
• Excel

Honors and
Achievements: Member, S.M.E.A, September, 2009-Present
Honor Roll, Michigan State University, December 2009
Member, T.E.A.M, September, 2009-Present
Member, Signing Spartans, September 2008 and 2009

Interests: Reading, running, cooking and spending time with family and