World Timeline Class Project

Throughout the semester we will look around the world at certain points and history and determine key events that change, shape, influence the future of that region. You will work in small groups to investigate different world regions during a specific era of history and profile not only the most important events in that place, but also the people, places, cultural elements related to such events.

Project Guidelines
Students will work in groups of 3 and will randomly select a world region to study. They will then research that part of the world during of specified era of history using the textbooks, supplemental books, and online resources. After gaining a sense of the happenings in their region at that time, each group should identify the two most important events that took place and complete an event profile for each. EVENT PROFILE: The event profile states not only what happened and when, but also who was involved, where it took place, and how the culture of the people influenced the event. Each event profile should contain: y y DATE Detailed information as to when day(s), month(s), years(s) the event took place. This information should be provided one on of the date circles provided. EVENT SUMMARY 3-5 sentences that summarize what happened on a full or half page.

Event profiles also need to contain TWO OF THE FOLLOWING THREE OPTIONS, depending on what is important to the event in question. y y y PERSONALITY PROFILE Full page poster showing the historical figure and describing their role in the event, their background, their strengths and weaknesses, and brief timeline of their life. PLACE PROFILE Full or half page that shows and describes the place that the event took place and considers how the geography, climate, and/or natural resources impacted the event. ELEMENTS OF CULTURE Full or half page that considers how an element of culture (technology, authority, social identify, cooperation/conflict) influenced the rise of or the outcome of the event.

Each of these pieces of the event profile will be posted together on a class timeline that will grow throughout the year (so make sure it looks good!!!).

Students are expected to work on this project primarily during class time. Groups that do not share the work load or waste class time may lose points on the assignment. This round of event profiles will be due on Monday, January 10th at the beginning of class. RUBRIC this project will be worth 20 assessment points (half of a quiz, 20% of a unit) and will be graded on the following criteria: y y y y y ACCURACY (4) Is the information provided detailed and historically correct? SIGNIFICANCE (4) Are the events, people, places, etc., the most notable of that time and place? NEATNESS (4) How much thought, time, and effort went into the construction of the material? GROUP DYNAMICS (4) Did the group use their time well and share the workload of the project? ON TIME (4) Were the event profiles submitted before the stated deadline?

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