Dear Reader: I would like to thank Almighty ALLAH, for finally making my efforts worthwhile. I would like to thank then Ms Umme Hina Faiz, Course Instructor, Business Communication, for her amiable support and guidance in completing this course and report. It is due to her that we had the opportunity of learning Foundations of Business Communication and enhance related aspects to it. This will help us in enhancing our communication skills in the practical scenario.


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Business Communication

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The Project Report is an effort to reflect all the elements being illustrated and conceptualized by you during your instructions for this project. 2010 Ms Umme Hina Faiz Course Instructor Business Communication NOTE TRANSMITTAL OF Dear Madam. Syed Asif Ali Kazmi Business Communication Page 2 . Your insightful guidance throughout the course has been vital for the improvement and worthiness for our efforts not only as enhanced professional but more importantly as an improved citizen of the society and last but not the least an enhanced Patriotic of this motherland and this thanksgiving is not aimed at any persuasion for good grades. We really thank you for all what you have been and we really look forward to your guidance in the times to come. Sincerely. but it is really meant to show our gratitude for all your sincerity with your profession and your students. A brief report on “BYCO” is hereby submitted as a Project Report for the course of Business Communication. our class was strongly motivated and enthusiastically supported by you.December 15. During the course.

Table of contents: Acknowledgement 1 Letter of Transmittal 2 Table of Contents BYCO At a Glance Brief History / Introduction 5 Mission Statement / Vision 7 • Page Page Page 3 Page 4 Page Page Environment Health Safety & Security Policy Page 8 Human Resource Development 9 Page • Products • • Furnace Oil High Speed Diesel 11 Motor Gasoline Liquefied Petroleum Gas 13 Page 10 Page Page 12 Page Page 14 Page Page • • Future Outlook Oil Refining Business 15 Petroleum Marketing Business 15 Business Communication Page 3 .

Baluchistan. Motor Spirits. Page 4 Established Registered Office Plant Address Line of Business Business Communication . Sub Tehsil Gadani. Marine Drive. Kerosene. UAN: (92 21) 111 222 081 Fax: (92 21) 111 888 081 Mouza Kund Plant. 9th Floor Dolmen City HC-3. High Octane Blending Component (HOBC). High Speed Diesel & Furnace Oil.e. Naphtha. Power plant (HUBCO). Aviation Fuels 1 & 4. producing & supplying petroleum products such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Pakistan. Clifton Karachi – 75600. Near Hub Power Company Ltd.Conclusion of the Visit Page 16 BYCO At a Glance Name Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited Formerly Bosicor Pakistan Limited January 1995 The Harbour Front. District Lasbela. i. Block 4. Oil Refining.

960 Brief History / Introduction: Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited (BPPL). hence making the total refining capacity to 1. BPPL was incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company on January 09. The shares of the company are listed on the Karachi. High Octane Blending Components (HOBC). 1995 and was granted the certificate of commencement of business on March 13. 5. Subscribed & Paid up Capital 35.738 million metric tons per annum Pak Rs. Furnace Oil and Naphtha. Earlier oil marketing was a very small part of the business and now the major focus was on it.000 (barrels per day). The Company is engaged in the business of refining crude oil into various saleable components including High Speed Diesel (HSD).043. Kerosene (K-Oil). The goal was now to make Byco one of the top OMCs in Pakistan.921. Refining capacity was enhanced by 5. Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges. We all witnessed some heavy campaigning and promotion done by Byco.738 (million metric tons per annum) or 35.000 Pak Rs.Crude Refining Capacity Authorized Capital Issued. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). 3. Jet Fuels. Motor Spirits (MS).000 barrels per day 1. oil refining and supplying oil to PSO. previously known as Bosicor Pakistan Limited (BPL) formed in 1995 started off as a Business to Business (B2B) market producing petrochemicals. Then about three years ago a major shift occurred. 1995. The management identified that this change was important as it already had a surplus production and a refining capacity of 30000 barrels The implementation of goals by all departments is primarily more evident with the hard work of the marketing Business Communication Page 5 .000.000. This change came about with a change in strategic goals.000 bbl/day during turnaround in June 2010.

Byco was also an easier word in terms of pronunciation. The change came about by first changing its name from Bosicor to Byco. The Company started its commercial production from July 1. improving their position further by becoming a follower. Business Communication Page 6 .the leader. Its strategic goal is to move up to the 3rd or 4th place by 2011. It has gone from being the 10th largest to the 6th has become more consumer centric now.department. Therefore. The head of brand and advertising explained that this was important to give a more modern and unique impression. Clifton. Baluchistan. By focusing on differentiation. What Byco is doing is that its changing from a B2B market to a B2C market (Business to Consumer) by opening up its own service station and competing with other OMCs. 2004 and ramped up the capacity to 30. Chevron and Total. (BOPL) 1. They are focusing to develop a network more accessible and visible to consumers. drawing consumers towards itself is not seen as a major problem by Byco as brand loyalty is not a problem in the case of petroleum as petroleum is a generic product requiring Habitual Buying Behaviour. Byco aims to transform the look of the service stations. Byco is confident of achieving success with a change in strategy to expand and differentiate. petroleum marketing and chemical manufacturing in Pakistan: Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited (BPPL) Byco Oil Pakistan Limited 2. Once people would use it they would realize its the same as other OMCs. convenience stores and specialized lubricant brands. Lasbela. Byco and its associated entities have interests in the oil refining. Oil Refining & Petroleum Marketing Oil Refining & Chemical Manufacturing Oil Refinery is located at District Hub. Immense competition is seen from PSO. introduce multiproduct dispensers. It now has 138 service stations across Pakistan. The increase in service stations improves the competitive position of Byco from being a Nicher to a Follower.000 bpd from February 2008 after debottlenecking of the whole plant and its corporate office at Harbour Front. The reason behind aggressive campaigning was o familiarize customers with the name and establish Byco as an OMC implying the Production concept Byco used. Karachi. However. The value proposition of Byco became differentiation. Shell.

Mission Statement Our Mission is to proactively invest to develop infrastructure in order to become a single source chain for meeting the Economy’s Chemicals. Energy. thereby provide the best possible returns to our stakeholders Vision Statement Business Communication Page 7 . Petroleum and Petrochemical requirements.

from top management to frontline supervisors. Management Belief Management Leadership. Contractor Safety: To work with and demand compliance from our contractors for adhering to our EHS Policies and Procedures. and work in partnership to create an ethos of continuous improvement by providing appropriate training & information. Participation and Accountability: Our leaders. Health and Safety. Environment Health Safety & Security Policy Byco remains on ethical and professional basis and is a responsible corporate entity with respect to Environment Health & Safety. thereby Page 8 Business Communication . Management Role • • Worker Protection and Wellbeing: To enable all employees to accept individual responsibility for EHS. its compliance and for managing such risks of their areas. implement best practices. Their active participation includes collaborating across organizational lines to integrate risk management practices into our routine business processes.Our Vision is to develop our Company on ethical and professional basis in order to steadily grow and become a valued contributor to the Economy and a respected Corporate Entity. are responsible and accountable for Environment.

pollution prevention. Continual Improvement: Strive to constantly improve our EHS performance and management processes by measures. Theoretical and practical training to fresh engineering graduates is also imparted through Graduate Trainee Engineer program. Emergency Vigilance: Anticipate emergency situations and be ready to respond appropriately to eliminate harm to the environment.accidents. including the following: o Benchmarking industry best practices to identify improvement opportunities. Human Resource Development Our Staff are the most valuable asset. Business Communication Page 9 . o Incorporating newer generation technology and advance management systems. This familiarizes graduates to the industry practices. close calls and identified substandard conditions. Comprehension & Analytical abilities. health. workers and assets. people and property. and o Conducting reviews and auditing our EHS management system and operations to monitor progress and compliance. Employee Responsibilities • • • Environmental Protection: Adopt best in class practices that protect the environment. The Company focuses on environment. The Company pays special attention on the training and development of its Employees. All new employees go through a detailed Orientation Training Program. Existing Employees are provided refresher training courses on a regular basis. including reducing the quantity of emissions.ensuring high standards for protection of our environment. safety and security while striving to achieve operational excellence to energize economic growth. a pre-employment IQ test is mandatory which screens participants after assessing them on three dimensions: Intelligence. o Learning from events . developing opportunities for recycling. In order to hire competent & quality resources. and efficient use recyclable materials.

Products FURNACE OIL Business Communication Page 10 .

FO sales bounced back in FY 05 with a growth rate of 23% due to shortage of water and disruption of gas supplies Demand Production • • • • Sectoral Consumption of FO (000 Tons) 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 2493 3319 1272 6113 5398 1000 1544 0 1265 1230 FY 04 FY 02 FY 03 FY 05 Power Sector Others HIGH SPEED DIESEL: • High Speed Diesel (“HSD") in terms of volume is the most consumed Page 11 Business Communication . FO sales experienced a decline of 15% in FY 03 and further 44% in FY 04 mainly due to increase in availability of gas and water for the power sector and conversion of cement plants to coal and gas fired systems. Cement (5%) and other industries (23%) account for the remaining 28%. FO is a deficit product and about 31% of domestic consumption was met through imports during FY 05. FO was deregulated in July 2000 leading to stiff competition amount MOCs and oil traders actively engaged in the marketing and import of FO.• Furnace Oil ("FO") is a major source of fuel for power and industrial sectors with power sector accounting for 72% of total consumption in FY 05.

The Company is completing studies to increase the processing capacity above 35. During the year 2007. Business Communication Page 12 . the Company has launched its fuel marketing activities managed by the Petroleum Marketing Business (PMB) formerly known as Oil Marketing Unit. The business has been re-launched with a new vision and has developed progressively during this period and is now growing aggressively. The Company is seeking to increase its allocation of local crude oil and condensate. to implement as the trading scenario changes for the better. Petroleum Marketing Business Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited.Diesel SK/J-I Gasoline Furnace Oil LPG Oil Refining Business At present. the Company receives limited quantity of local crude oil and blends it with imported crude oil while retaining product quality and yields. This has not only reduced the Refinery’s exposure on foreign currency rate fluctuations but also reduces the demand for foreign exchange.000 bpd. Good Maintenance and Operations ensured 100% availability of the crude oil processing capacity at the Oil Refining Business (ORB). increased LPG recovery and further enhancement in the recovery of High Speed Diesel. Other improvements included lower fuel and water usage. the only refinery in Pakistan which has acquired marketing license from the start of its operation.

so far approximately (till date 15th December. which will enable to consolidate market position and have representation within major geographical areas of the country spread from Karachi to Kashmir. while we develop infrastructure that will assist in the delivery of product to the consumers at their doorstep. PMB is focusing and planning to cater to the international opportunities available in the region where it can provide petroleum and lubricant products. PMB will be increasing its product portfolio by adding LPG and lubricants as well. to meet the product requirement in the south of the Country. BYCO is the only OMC to be growing at a staggering rate of 208% as compared to other competitors. A Brief Overview of the Report BYCO commenced the sale of petroleum products with the establishment of its first retail outlet in July 2007 and reached 100 retail outlets in the last fiscal year achieving the milestone in less than 3 years. as well as to market LPG cylinders with the Company’s Brand through a distribution network and launch branded lubricants for the automotive and industrial sectors which will be available at the Filling Stations as well as in the commercial markets. with a growth of 390% in retail sales and turnover growing by Business Communication Page 13 . 2010. like the White Oil Pipeline. arrangements are being put in place to acquire products through other sources. availability of product is a major challenge for all Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). Now with 180 retail outlets in our portfolio. Going forward. Byco has a distinctive advantage through its Refinery. it expect to continue adding Outlets. as well as purchases from other refineries and oil marketing companies. primarily focusing on retail segment and PMB is now expanding the canvas by targeting to become a dominant player in the industrial. international and retail segments. With ever-increasing competition in the market today. However. to cater to the fast growing requirements of the business in other parts of the Country. Conclusion of the Visit dated 11 December. Plans are also underway to make LPG available at the Filling Stations. 2010) 180 retail outlets have been set-up.

industrial consumer business. Moreover with entry into the White Oil Pipeline the Company is supplying the refinery's product across the length and breadth of the country more efficiently. the marketing business has developed a strong customer base and is expanding every day by acquiring major customers in bunkering and marine business.1% in liquid fuels. For the first time in the oil industry's history in the country. and consumer goods companies. As a result of the new identity. Though in its infancy stages. Ghatti. our existing stations will be transformed into state-of-the-art. our petroleum marketing business has entered into an agreement for managing inventory for fuel oil at the customer's doorstep. Consumer and International Sales. Tarujabba and Mehmoodkot in order to meet marketing requirements at various geographical locations. Shikarpur. Supply chain mechanism has been strengthened with availability of storages at Keamari. Through this exercise we aim to strengthen our corporate image by infusing brandstrategy elements and aspects such as positioning and brand persona that allow us to not only compete locally but also at a global level with international giants. Social Corporate Responsibility • Timely and generous response to Flood victims of Baluchistan in particular and to other parts of the Country in general. Furthermore we have carved a niche for ourself in the international market by supplying specialized diesel (Ultra Winterized Diesel) and fuel oil (RMG 380) products in growing foreign markets and bunkering businesses. Following a multipronged strategy entailing rapid expansion in our key segments of Retail. Chaklala. the Marketing Business already has attained 5th ranking amongst the industry players in a very short span of time. captive power projects. An essential step in this regard was the launch of the new An unparalleled brand architecture exercise by international brand consultants has created a position for Byco over and above its competition. Machike. the Petroleum Marketing has grown exponentially in terms of market share as compared to previous fiscal year. Page 14 Business Communication . Apart from retail sales your Company's ever increasing and diversified consumer portfolio is also on a fast track growth. BYCO also endeavors to be a major part of the industry and is involved in molding its business activities to the changing requirements of its customers and providing them with the best possible experience. The Company has had the privilege to be the first to introduce these products in Pakistan. Although it has not been long. modern retail outlets across Pakistan providing customers with Branchingout Growth 19 Improvement through the addition of quality human resource. Moreover your Company has recently accomplished the milestone of importing its first consignment of Diesel and Furnace Oil during the last financial year. This is the first time such an exercise has been undertaken in the country's oil Industry. cement. your Company is making its mark in the industry.303% in the last fiscal year. With a cumulative market share of 2.

• • Business Communication Page 15 . A few major achievements have been listed below: 3 million safe man-hours achieved without a Lost Time Injury (LTI). EMS Risk Assessment and Internal Auditing arranged by EHS Department for Management and staff through Integrated Management system.347 achieved against 0.• • • • • • • • • • • Evacuation of local residents during Cyclone PHET. the achieved TRIR is a 113. Arrangements of Sports and recreational activities for local residents. The Refinery achieved the milestone of Integrated Management System (IMS) Certification. Safety and Security (EHSS). Environment.8. Health. Total Recordable Incident Rate TRIR of 0. Pirkhus Road repair to facilitate daily commutation of residents of Moza Kund and adjoining areas. significant achievements were made by your Company in EHHS. Medical Relief Camps. IMS includes certification of ISO 9001-2008. 280 Standard Operating Procedures prepared and implemented through Integrated Management System. Supply of Drinking Water to Local Residents. Industrial Visits of upcoming graduates from well reputed Universities. An outsourced training program in five areas include Incident Reporting.8 target. ISO 14001.2004 and OHSAS 18001-2007 standards.which hit parts of Baluchistan.25% improvement compared to the set target of 0. During the period under review. IMS Awareness. OHS Risk Assessment.

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