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A virtual visit to per•spec•tives exhibit

Courtney Cotton
featured at the
Littleton Museum
By Amy Norton
YourHub Contributor

Denver Artist Courtney Cotton

is proud to announce the opening
of per•spec•tives at the Littleton
Museum. As the Best in Show win-
ner of the Own an Original Juried
show at the museum in 2019, she
was offered a co-exhibit with Eye of
the Camera show winner Gabrielle Gabrielle Graves, Dreadful Sorry
Graves. Due to COVID-19, the pub- Clementine 2020, digital print on
lic is invited to enjoy the exhibit archival paper
and other programs virtually at the Image provided by Amy Norton website and on Fa-
cebook @littletonmuseum. she completed an internship at An-
Once the museum is able to open, derson Ranch Arts Center in the
the works can be viewed in person Painting, and Photography & New
at the Littleton Museum, 6028 S. Media departments, where she also
Gallup St. in Littleton, through July became an Artist in Residence.
19. Littleton Museum offers visitors
Cotton’s artwork is meant to a unique link between the past and
bring awareness to mental wellness present. Located on 40 acres adja-
and emotional intelligence by using Courtney Cotton acrylic on can- cent to Ketring Lake, the museum
visual metaphors and colors to em- vas in the per•spec•tives exhibit encompasses three exhibition gal-
body concepts such as transforma- include “Connectedness” leries, a children’s interactive gal-
tion and possibility. (above), and “Listen” (left). lery, research center, and two 19th-
Her abstract series of paintings Image provided by Amy Norton century living history farm sites.
uses a limited palette of blues, The Fine Arts Gallery hosts origi-
whites, and golds to express univer- artist Gabrielle Graves as she talks nal art and photography exhibits
sal truths. about her current body of work and sponsored by the Littleton Fine
Her more conceptual mixed-me- her unique photographic process. Arts Board.
dia works—that she has deemed a June 26 — Virtual Tour/Exhibit Cotton studied art and architec-
“plot twist” in her style—offer a de- Video Release: Check out little- ture at the University of South Car-
cidedly risky personal take on spe- olina, Rhode Island School of De-
cific experiences and inner truths, to see the addition of videos and a sign, and Queens College. She cur-
expressing her current emotions virtual tour of the installation in- rently lives and works in Denver.
and/or state of being. side the museum. In addition to her Littleton Muse-
spectives to see the digital version
“I have more than one visual Gabrielle Graves’ work explores um Best in Show recognition by ju-
of the exhibition.
voice and some find it hard to de- the complex narrative of identity ror Gwen Chanzit, she has recently
fine or categorize my style.” Cotton June 5 at 4 p.m. — Studio Tour/ and its intersection with consump- been featured in group shows at
says, “I consciously react with the Artist Talk with Courtney Cotton: tion and mental health. Her process Niza Knoll Gallery, Cooper and
medium, the activity of creating is Visit employs photography, painting, Dash and Foolproof Contemporary.
paramount, and therefore the re- um/live/ to see a live stream video video, and installation to create in- Her work is also available at Kor +
sults happen automatically with the with artist Courtney Cotton as she timate experiences revolving Covet in Aspen.
unconscious influence of experi- shows us her studio and tells us around changing landscapes and For more information or to view
ences and emotions.” about her creative process. internal dialogue. Hailing from and purchase work visit
June 12, 2020 at 4 p.m. — Artist Michigan, she received her B.A. in
V i rt ual Prog ramming Talk with Gabrielle Graves: Visit Psychology with a minor in Art and
May 22— Online Exhibit Opens: Design from the University of Amy Norton provides marketing and
Visit live/ to see a live stream video with Michigan in 2017. After graduation, communications to small businesses

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