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What is retailing How does retailing work What is food retailing History of food retail How it changed the global scenario examples Effect on mankind & economy because of global retailing Conclusion

Murcott. Anneke H. Publisher: Sage Publications. Publication Name: Current Sociology Subject: Sociology and social work ISSN: 0011-3921 Year: 1992 Food. Commensality or the sharing of food. Food habits Read more: http://www. Inc.faqs.The sociology of food: eating.html#ixzz1AG8gyhIB \ . is a central ritual defining membership in social groups. Author: Mennell. Diet. Stephen. Anne. diet and culture Article Abstract: Food has a sociological significance that far outweighs the attention it has received. van Otterloo. for


How is retailing done Retailing. Zales Jewelers and Toys 'R' Us. which is responsible for matching the individual demands of the consumer with vast quantities of supplies produced by a huge range of manufacturers. Therefore. Patrick M.What is Retailing? It is easy to take for granted the impact retailing has on our lifestyle. Mason: South-Western. Lusch. any firm that sells a product or provides a service to the final consumer is performing the retailing function. Why is Retailing Important? . or through a vending machine. 2005. Regardless of whether the firm sells to the consumer in a store. and specialty stores like The Gap. through the mail. Retailing. through the Internet. door to door. consists of the final activities and steps needed to place a product in the hands of the consumer or to provide services to the consumer. retailing is actually the last step in a supply chain that may stretch from Europe or Asia to your hometown. In fact. Department stores. had made a significant contribution to the economic prosperity that is enjoyed so much. like Amazon. like Burdines and Macy's. are also retailers. the firm is involved in retailing. 5 ed. Service providers and on-line stores. over the and Robert F. Dunne. IN fact. are all examples of retail stores. retailing. Retailing involves selling products and services to consumers for their personal or family use. discount stores like Wal-Mart and K-Mart.

Or. retailers may provide many extra services. Also. In addition. Everything that the retailer can do to make the shopping experience pleasurable and fun can help ensure that customers come back. The nature of the business and the way retailing is done are currently undergoing fundamental changes. and display products so that consumers know what is available and can see it before buying. On-line retailers.html . bring together assortments of products for consumers to buy in the same way that bricks-and-mortar retailers do. The Future of Retailing Advances in technology. In addition. consumers often want to see. Florida International University http://www2. may offer credit. have helped make retailing an even more challenging and exciting field in recent years. However. Retailers also provide services that make it less risky and more fun to buy products. Similarly. For example. retailers are a vital part of the business world. traditional retailers with physical stores will continue to be necessary. Copyright © 2000 Judy Harris. retailers make it possible for products to be sold. even though the Internet is beginning to make it possible for manufacturers to sell directly to consumers. like Amazon. consequently. that increase the value of products and services to consumers. contact and make a purchase from the manufacturer every time you wanted to buy a candy bar. business to be done. retailers who offer personal services. they may want products immediately and won't want to wait for them to be retailing in some form will always be touch and try them before they buy.fiu. They have salespeople on hand who can answer questions. By bringing multitudes of manufacturers and consumers together at a single point. it would be very costly for the manufactures of these products to locate and distribute them to consumers individually. like hair styling. will need to have face-to-face interaction with the consumer. Retailers add value to products by making it easier for manufactures to sell and consumers to buy. from personal shopping to gift wrapping to delivery. But even with products. Of course. like the Internet. College of Business Administration. the very vastness of cyberspace will still make it very difficult for a consumer to purchase every product he or she uses directly. in many cases the experience of visiting the retailer is an important part of the purchase.As the final link between consumers and manufacturers. and perhaps most importantly. It would be very costly and time consuming for you to locate. a sweater or a bar of soap. and.

Target or anyone else . growing suburbs.´ Zimmerman concluded that these stores would expand in size to approximately 930 square meters (10. In contrast to small retailing food retailing is a competitive business in a continually changing landscape. INTRODUCTION food retailing is a competitive business in a continually changing landscape. One specific challenge on the minds of many retailers and shopping centre owners is the growing presence of superstores (or hypermarkets) that offer general merchandise as well as a full supermarket and other services a mall all in one store. novelties. but they also had a significant impact on the space of the cities and towns in which they located. service oriented grocers with a retail format that allowed consumer to browse and select items themselves. further challenging existing brands and styles. rather than replaced. New retailers and formats have emerged. drug departments. Loblaws. . and magazines. Zimmerman estimates that from the 1930s to 1940s 50% of consumers had switched from a ³the long established habit of service. and gentrifying urban cores are all challenging food retailers to keep up with consumer needs. Not only did supermarkets provide a wide selection of items. One specific challenge on the minds of many retailers and shopping centre owners is the growing presence of superstores (or hypermarkets) that offer general merchandise as well as a full supermarket and other services THE evolution of food retailers has followed much the same expansion and concentration as other retail segments in the United States. In fact. supermarkets had risen to prominence. By the middle of the 20th century.whether by Wal-Mart. New retailers and formats have emerged. many of the flourishing supermarkets are on the fringe of towns. and gentrifying urban cores are all challenging food retailers to keep up with consumer needs. I.000 square feet) in the Midwest region of the United States and begin to incorporate more and more product lines such as lunchrooms. ³The character of the supermarket makes central location not important. soda fountains. which were typically located in downtown or city center areas. The widespread expansion of superstores . Carrefour. notions. existing choices on the food shopping menu. credit and delivery to that of selfservice. . Zimmerman explains. New consumer trends. Writing during this not going to displace all other formats. where rentals are low. further challenging existing brands and styles. he states. growing suburbs. New consumer trends. but where they can attract the motor trade. replacing the smaller. cash and carry´ [1]. A long term perspective reveals that new retailing formats have added to.

Shanghai-based Bailian . no 4. "The Supermarket and the Changing Retail Structure. Beijing-based Hualian . http://www. the big apple. Zimmerman. e-mail: bjthoma1@ svsu. mark and Spencer¶s. University Center. [1] M. 5. Woolworths supermarkets(australia). big bazaar. Sainsbury¶s. M. 7400 Bay Rd. pp. MI 48710. fax: 989-964-4565.M. Target.waset. (1941). USA (phone: 989-964-7320.." Journal of Marketing .pdf Food retail giants Tesco. 402-409. Brian Thomas is with the Department of Sociology at Saginaw Valley State University. More .

Coop chain.k mart. .

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