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Andrew Alafon

BA (Hons) MSc
D.O.B: 10 April 1988 (age 22) Contact
Address: 188d Lockwood Rd, Tel: 07816322895
Huddersfield, HD1 3QR E-mail:
Availability: from June 2011 For more info see:

To find a job where I can utilise all of my skills, be pushed to my limits and be challenged
daily to find out what I can really achieve.
I imagine you see statements like this come across your desk all of the time, so I want to explain
it. During my tenure as VP Education, in the time of the government cuts and fees hike, I found
myself being challenged daily - from transforming representation so that it can last the trials of
the future to standing toe-to-toe with MPs, heavily lobbying them for their vote in parliament - in
numerous instances winning the argument. The skills involved in this were varied and sometimes
complete opposites, which is why I loved doing the job, because I was challenged regularly and
always put under immense pressure to adapt quickly - which is where I do my best work.

Transferable skills from experience

Microsoft office suite skill set, Budgeting, Finding and using innovative
Organisation, Market research, technology,
Meeting skills, Social research, Strategic planning,
Chairing meetings, Database creation and Time keeping,
Taking minutes of meetings, collection, Lobbying,
Training design, delivery and Leadership, Managing a busy diary,
co-ordination, Analytical thinking, Reporting to executive committees

Relevant experience
Vice President Education - University of Huddersfield Students’ Union
July 2010 - Present
As the VP Education at UHSU, my main job priority was to act as a watchdog co-ordinator looking
at the quality of education being taught. This involved training students (course reps) to keep an
eye on their own course, which was designed to be tailored specifically to the students needs for
a total of 400 courses. However, I was also the training designer for the Union which included
part time elected representatives training, RaG volunteer training and Sports and Societies com-
mittee training. Also in the job I was a trustee for the £multimillion organisation, making decisions
on staffing, structures and strategic planning as well as negotiated several issues with the Uni-
versity senior management
Union Chair - University of Huddersfield Students’ Union
November 2009 - July 2010
As the Union Chair, I organised all official democratic events for my year in office - from the
agenda and paperwork to advertisements and the location of the meetings - and chaired the dis-
cussions. This included an Annual General Meeting of some 150 students who all wanted to talk
on the issues on the agenda, and several debates between local PPCs and student audiences.
Politics Editor - University of Huddersfield student newspaper
September 2009 - July 2010
As the creator of the section, I started from scratch - going into different classes to source writers,
raising the profile of the section and the newspaper. I edited submitted articles, sourced content
and designed my section for the entire year around my studies for my masters.
Team Captain - University of Huddersfield American Football team
September 2008 - Present
As the Offensive team captain and first string Quarterback, I had to lead a team of 50-70 on a field
regularly to take on opposing teams. The leadership involved includes having to know everything
that there is to know about the game - it was my job to see what the other team was doing and
react to it to ensure we gained yards and scored - showing a fearless determination to get the job
done and constantly picking players up when they fail, to get them back on form.

MSc by Research, (awaiting result), University of Huddersfield
October 2009 - March 2011

Researching the notion of ‘graduateness’, looking specifically at active citizenship and how the
University experience can, and should, create active citizens, using the Students’ Union as an
example of how we can engage students in the political environment and make them politically
BA Politics , 2:1, University of Huddersfield
September 2006 - July 2009

Studied topics such as political history, philosophy and international politics. Wrote a dissertation
expanding the critique of the European Union on its perceived democractic deficit, by adding in
the concept of a social and citizenship-based deficit. My studies gave me a real understanding of
analytical thinking, problem solving by thinking outside of the box and sincerely challenged by
ideological perceptions
Bury College, A-Levels Little Lever Specialist Language College
September 2004 - July 2006 September 1999 - July 2004

A-Levels in English Language (C), Psychology 9 GCSEs, including As in English and Maths.
(C) and Philosophy (D). Further details can be provided on request.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing numerous sports, I am on the staff football team at the Students’
Union, I play for the University American football team the Huddersfield Hawks and fill in for a
few other teams when they need players. I also enjoy electronics, such as upgrading my desktop
pc that I built from scratch and maintain by adding or replacing different parts and read through
an extensive collection of books - ranging from science fiction to philosophy. I also play the guitar,
write my own blog on politics and like to do DIY things - from repairs to building things.

Can be provided on request