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Name of Drug Classification Drug Action SideEffects / Nursing Considerations Patient’s Teaching


Brand Name: Opioid Analgesic • is a narcotic-like pain reliever. • hallucinations • relief of moderate to moderately • instruct patient to report
Ultram • fever severe pain (immediate-release); any serious adverse reactions
Ultram ER • is used to treat moderate to • fast heart rate relief of moderate to moderately to health care provider.
moderately severe pain. • overactive reflexes severe chronic pain for patients who
Generic Name: • nausea, vomiting require around-the-clock treatment • advise patient to notify
Tramadol • It works in certain areas of the • diarrhea for an extended period of time (ER). health care provider if pain is
brain and nervous system to • loss of coordination not relieved by the
Dose: decrease pain. • fainting medication at prescribed
50mg 1 TAB dosage.

Brand Name: Progesterone • to help treat cancer of the breast, • headache • megace ® ES (megestrol acetate) • advise patient to drink at
Megace kidney, or uterus. Progestins help • unexplained shortness of oral suspension is indicated for the least two to three quarts of
change the cancer cell's ability to breath treatment of anorexia, cachexia, or fluid every 24 hours, unless
Generic Name: react to other hormones and proteins • dizziness an unexplained, significant weight you are instructed otherwise.
Megestrol Acetate that cause tumor growth. In this • drowsiness loss in patients with a diagnosis of
way, progestins can stop the growth • mood changes acquired immunodeficiency • advise patient to have
Dose: of a tumor. • mental depression syndrome (AIDS). plenty of rest and good
160mg 1 TAB nutrition.

Brand Name: Laxative • relieving occasional constipation • cramps • short-term treatment of • inform patient not to take
Dulcolax and irregularity. • faintness constipation; evacuation of colon for bisacodyl when constipation
• stomach discomfort rectal and bowel evaluations; is accompanied by
Generic Name: • it acts directly on the bowels, • rectal bleeding preparation for delivery or surgery. abdominal pain, fever,
Bisacodyl stimulating the bowel muscles to • nausea vomiting nausea or vomiting.
cause a bowel movement. • drowsiness • management after delivery of
Dose: placenta; postpartum atony and • encourage patient to
1 TAB • is used to treat constipation or to hemorrhage; subinvolution; under incorporate high-fiber foods
empty the bowels before surgery, full obstetric supervision, may be in diet, increase fluid intake
colonoscopy, x-rays, or other given in second stage of labor (at least 6 to 8 glasses daily)
intestinal medical procedure. following delivery of the anterior and increase or maintain
shoulder. exercise level.