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Learn to Speak English the Expert Way!

UNIVERSAL LINGUA brings you an all new exciting opportunity to SPEAK ENGLISH,
We will help you excel and create a winning impact with flawless English speaking
and that too in an impressive accent.

Beat the competition and get yourself approved be it a job or any Visa application.

Create a brilliant English conversant family atmosphere and give your children the power to speak

Shine in your academics with excellent command over the language.

Get ready to face all challenges in life through an excellent English accent.
UNIVERSAL LINGUA has conceptualized a new software solution that is made for
people who cannot speak English. Use of this software is not delimited for one
particular section but for all those who feel, are facing challenges in life, just because
they cannot speak English.
Now Get Easy Steps to UNIVERSAL LINGUA!

Why Should You Speak Good English?

English is one such universal language which has gained prominence in most
countries and has been followed as the basic code of conduct in most corporate
organizations even in India. With such an expansive usage of language, non-native
English speakers require an immediate skill set which includes not only
understanding but also the ability of speak fluently.

Who will benefit from UNIVERSAL LINGUA?

Students looking forward for a bright career, young professionals in search of a high
paying job, individuals thinking of making career in a call centre, housewives in an
urge to become independent and all those who want to settle abroad for study or
commercial purposes, can take the help of UNIVERSAL LINGUA to learn and improve
their spoken English skills.

Universal lingua Teaching methodology

UL teaching methodology lays emphasis on oral communication skills. UL involved a

structural-cum-interactive method that focuses on effective English communication.
Through our method we enable learners to have a quick grasp of the language. They
are to frame sentences quickly, thereby facilitating communication. Our interactive
approach kindles an interest in verbal and social contact with others.

Universal lingua courses on offer

UL offers different courses in spoken and written English, covering basic and
advanced instruction. To judge a student’s suitability for a particular course, a pre-
admission test is conducted. Details of courses given below :

1. Fundamental Courses :

This is a three months course specially designed for students who do not have any
knowledge of English and want to speak it fluently and effectively.

2. Advance Course :

This is a two months course designed for those who are already fairly competent in
English, but would like to speak it impeccably while gaining a deeper under-standing
of grammar.

3. Crash Course +2

This is a three months course is designed for those students who want to complete
their intermediate English from basic to target.

4. Call Centre Course:

UL know that call centre jobs are presently amongst the highest jobs in India. It aims
to impart-impeccable communication skill.

5. Interview Course:

This interview course for just 15 hours. It is designed for candidates who have
already passed a written exam and want to be prepared for the upcoming interview.

6. Group Discussion Course :

This is a one month course designed for those students who are proficient in English
but want to hone their group discussion skills.

7. Voice and Accent Course:

The focus in this course is on speech and pronunciation and on helping students
speak the language like a native speaker. This is especially important in the Indian
context where the normal accent gets influenced by the mother tongue or regional

8. Business English Course :

This course focuses on the language and skills needed for typical business
communication such as presentation, correspondence, report writing and so on.

9. Personality Development Course :

This is a one month course. Today, personality is considered the ‘Brand Image’ of an
individual. In simple terms it is mode up of three aspects namely : Character *
Behaviour * Attitude.

10. A to Z course :

This course covers all aspects of English grammar and seeks to give an impetus to
communication skill. It literally covers the A to Z of English. The duration is eight

To improve the speech skills of the learner, UNIVERSAL LINGUA has used the
technique called VIRO meter. Using VIRO meter, when a learner speaks any word or
sentence his accuracy is represented instantly. Using this not only the speech skills
of the learners is improved but also the user gets to know his mistakes instantly and
can make efforts to remove the flaws.

So, don’t just wait, join UNIVERSAL LINGUA now will help you leap miles ahead in
your career and shall bring great confidence.

Universal Lingua : Overview

1. Fundamental Course

2 months 3000/-

2. Advanced Course

2 months 2000/-

3. Crash Course +2

3 months 1500/-

4. Call centre Course

Through software 1 month 1500/-

5. Interview Course

15 hrs 1500/-

6. Group Discussion Course

1 month 500/-

7. Voice and Accent Course

1 month 1000/-

8. Business English Course

1 month 1000/-

9. Personality Development Course

1 month 1000/-

10. A to Z Course

8 months 8000/-