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Learning Area TLE- Commercial Cooking

Learning Delivery Modality Modular Distance Modality

LESSON School PSCNHS Grade Level: Grade 8

EXEMPLAR Teacher Argilisa G. Learning Area TLE-
Bojangin Commercial
Teaching Date ________ Quarter First Quarter
Teaching Time ________ No. of Days 1 day

I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson learners are expected to:

a. Identify types of tools, equipment, and paraphernalia
A. Content Standard The learners demonstrate an understanding of the use
and maintenance of equipment in cookery.
B. Performance Standard The learners independently use and maintain tools
equipment, and materials in cookery according to
standard operating procedures.
C. Most Essential Learning Identify types of tools, equipment, and paraphernalia
Competencies (MELC)
II. CONTENT Types of kitchen tools, equipment, and paraphernalia
A. References
a. Teacher’s Guide pages 13
b. Learner’s Materials pp. 9-13
c. Curriculum Guide pp. 2
B. List of Learning TLE-Commercial Cooking Module 1
Resources for
Development and
Engagement Activities
A. Introduction What I need to know?
 The content of the lesson will be presented
 Learning objectives will also be introduced to
guide the learners.
 Introduce the learning outcome to the learners
and make sure that they understand them and
make these learning targets their own.
What’s new?
The terms below are defined to facilitate learning as you
go through this module.

B. Developmental What I know?

 The learner will answer the 15 item Pre-test to
find out how much they already know about the
types of tools, equipment, and paraphernalia.
 After answering the questions, they may check
their answers refer on answers key.
What’s in?
The learners will read the types of kitchen tools,
equipment, and paraphernalia. After reading the
learners will find some of kitchen tools found in their
Guide questions:
1. Can you identify / Name the kitchen tool and
2. How about the materials they are made of?
3. What did you discover after the given activity?
What is it?
Let us go back to the types of tools, equipment, and
paraphernalia above and answer the following
Visit your kitchen and find out the kitchen tools and
equipment available. Write down your findings in your
Follow the format below

Kitchen tools/equipment Uses

C. Engagement What’s more?

Directions: Supply what is defined or described. Write

your answer on the blank provided

_________1. A kitchen tool which is specifically

designed for pulping garlic for cooking.
_________2. It is used to measure solids and dry
_________3. These are used to measure smaller
quantities of ingredients.
_________4. They may refer to a small electrical
appliance, such as a mixer, or a large, expensive,
power-operated appliance such a range or a refrigerator.
_________5. Foods can be prepared ahead of time,
frozen or refrigerated, cooked, or heated quickly in ____.
What I can do?
Make a compilation of kitchen tools and equipment.
Compile your output in the portfolio.
What other enrichment activities can I engage in?
(Additional Activities)

If you were given a chance to create a new kitchen tool

and equipment what would it be? How will people use it?
Draw your tool.
D. Assimilation What I have learned?
After going through the lesson, construct your own
sentences that will describe the following words below to
reflect your understanding of the lesson. Write it in the
blank provided.
1. Equipment-
2. Kitchen knives- ______________________________
3. Double boiler- _______________________________
4. Cutting boards-______________________________
5. Auxiliary equipment-_________________________
What I can do? (Assessment)
The learners will answer the question provided. Circle
the letter of the correct answer.

1. Preparing food in the kitchen needs an extra time to

make it complete, which of the following is an
appropriate kitchen tool specifically designed for pulping
garlic for cooking.
A. Dredgers C. Graters
B. Garlic press D. Potato masher

2 What do you call that completed tool that may refer to

a small electric appliance?
A. Apparatus C. Tools
B. Equipment D. Utensils

3. What equipment is used to chop, blend, mix, whip,

puree, grate, and liquefy all kinds of food?
A. Blenders C. Microwave oven
B. Freezers D. Vegetable peeler

4. Used to core, peel, and section fruits and vegetables.

Blades are short, concave with hollow ground
A. Paring knife C. Wooden spoons
B. Spoons D. Vegetable peeler

5. A wooden or plastic board where meats and

vegetables can be cut.
A. Colanders C. Dredgers
B. Cutting boards D. Flipper

6-10 Identify the kitchen tools/equipment.



V. Reflection The learners, in their notebook journal or portfolio will
write their personal insights about the lessons using the
prompts below.
I understand that______________________________
I realize that __________________________________

Prepared by: Checked by: Submitted to:

Argilisa G. Bojangin Leonor M. Lagunias Sylvia L. Marquez

Teacher 1 TLE-Coordinator Principal III

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