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Assignments for B.Sc.(IT) & M.Sc.(IT) Courses Subject: OOPs with C++ Subject Code: BSIT - 33 Assignment:
1. With a neat block diagram explain the I/O handling in C++. 2. Give the taxonomy of different statements in C++ and explain each one of them in detail. 3. Explain the object based and object oriented concepts of C++ with examples. 4. Write a C++ program to generate Lucas series 5. Give the different types of Inheritance supported by C++. For each type, explain the concepts, program example, advantages and disadvantages. 6. Write a C++ program to accept the student’s information of UG students in a college. Also include the functions for searching student information and updating the existing information. 7. Write a C++ program to create a doubly linked list and support the following operation: i). Insertion at the rear end ii). Insertion at the specific position iii). Traversing the entire list and displaying the nodes. iv). Counting the occurrence of duplicate nodes 8. Write a C++ program to implement Stack data structure.



Assignments for B.Sc.(IT) & M.Sc.(IT) Courses

Subject: Computer Networks Subject Code: BSIT - 34 Assignment:
1. Write a brief note on evolution of computer networks 2. What are protocols? Why are they introduced in network communications?

5) Prepare a detailed Preparation Plan for a job interview. Give examples Kuvempu University Assignments for B. 4. skills & experience which may help you to get selected for a job. 9) Prepare a Time Commitment Plan for the semester (8 + 8 = 16 weeks) to achieve your goal of acquiring knowledge and good success in your studies.Sc. 4) Prepare a concise & comprehensive Bio-Data of yourself for a job. Explain OSI reference model with relevant diagram? Using OSI reference model explain the data communication between two hosts? Explain the functions of Network layer and Transport layer? With the help of suitable diagrams.Sc.INFYSYS ACADEMY KORAMANGALA 3. 2) List out your short term (1 to 2 years) & long term professional goals (after 5 years).31 Assignment: Part I: An Anthology of Programmes on Personality Development 1) Prepare a brief self-portrait of yourself for a professional career. 8) Prepare a time log for a week of how you are utilizing your time and put down your reactions to your utilization of time.(IT) Courses Subject: RDBMS Subject Code: BSIT .32 Assignment: TA (Compulsory) . 6) List out your knowledge. explain the functions of the Session and presentation layers? 7.(IT) & M. Internet address and port address. Explain the TCP/IP architecture and compare it with OSI architecture.(IT) Courses Subject: Personality Development Programme . Distinguish between physical address.II Subject Code: BSIT . Plan for one of your goals giving details of an Action Plan along with time frame for achievement.Sc. 3) Prepare a self-improvement plan for one of your goals. Kuvempu University Assignments for B.(IT) & M.Sc. 7) Plan out a strategy to make a good impression on your job. 8. 5. 6.

What is an unnormalized relation ? Give example. What are different join types and join condition? What are embedded SQL statements. What is the difference between select and project operations? What is a query language? What is the difference between Cartesian product and natural join operation? Write sample queries for both the operations. Explain first. write relational algebra expressions for the following: list all the customers whose loan amount is greater than Rs. Explain various types of data base modification operations. What do you mean by union compatibility? What is the advantage of using a query language? Give the salient features of SQL. How do you give schema definition in SQL. second and third normal form giving example List other normal forms. What is set membership.INFYSYS ACADEMY KORAMANGALA What is the difference between procedural and non procedural language? What is the difference between database instance and relation schema? What is a relation? What is the difference between UNARY and BINARY operations? Give examples for the same.? What is the necessity of embedded SQL ? Explain briefly what the normalization process avoids? What is normalization? What are three basic steps of normalization ?. Explain clearly additional relational algebra operations giving examples For the database considered in the chapter. Explain different domain types of SQL. write the various aggregate functions used in SQL What is the significance of group by clause. . How is inner join operation different from outer join operation. What in meant by an instance? Explain briefly the elements that are internal to database.characters in string operations? How do you order tuples in SQL Explain various types of set operations in SQL What are aggregate functions. What is set comparison. What is the difference between the select clause of relational algebra and that Of SQL What is the difference between use of % and .. With an example each. How do you create views. What problems are associated with an unnormalized relation ? Explain. 9000 list names of all branches at MYSORE find all the tuples who have both an account and loan at the same branch find all the customers having both loan and an account and their names stating with “S”. 20000 list all the customers whose balance is greater than Rs.

Explain the need of Redo log buffer. date of start of project) Create a database with the tables given above. b) List clients who have assigned more than 2 projects to the software company. Kuvempu University Laboratory Assignments Subject: RDBMS Subject Code: BSIT . A software company has the following information about its clients and the projects given by them: Clients (client number. not null . client name. address) Projects(project number. Explain the importance of RECO Background process.32 1. Create the following tables for a movie cassette lending library : Customer master table : cust Column name Format Cust_id Char(3) Last_name Varchar2(15) Remarks Primary key. What is Rollback Segment? Explain its role. Differentiate between Trace files and Alert log. Mention the different constituents of SGA.INFYSYS ACADEMY KORAMANGALA Differentiate between Procedures and Functions. 2. c) List clients in order of decreasing total project investment. Give suitable field names. Create data entry forms and enter at least 10 rows. project name. total investment. of people working on the project) Client project(client number. keys and validation checks. Differentiate between Procedures and Functions. What is a Constraint? Explain the different Constraints that can be placed on table’s columns. Run the following queries on the above database: a) List details of projects started after 1st January 2006. d) Show the details of the project with the maximum number of people working on the it. What is Rollback Segment? Explain its role. project number. no.

not null Movie_no Number(2) Foreign key referencing movie_no of movie table Cust_id Char(3) Foreign key referencing cust_id of cust table Issue_date Date Return_date Date Design data entry forms for the above tables with suitable validations and enter atleast 10 rows.INFYSYS ACADEMY KORAMANGALA First_name Phone_no Varchar2(20) Number(8) movie master table: movie Column name Format Movie_no Number(2) Movie_title Varchar2(25) Movie_type Varchar2(10) Movie_stars Varchar2(40) Remarks Primary key. not null invoice transaction table : invoice Column name Format Remarks Invoice_no Char(3) Primary key. Execute the following queries: a) List the names and telephone numbers of all the customers b) List the movie types available in the movie table. Table name : owner_details Column name Format Owner_id Char(4) Name Varchar(25) . The data types are also specfified. m) List the customer names and phone numbers of all the customers who have been issued movies before the month of march n) List the issue_dates and return dates in ‘dd-month-yy’ format o) Delete the row with invoice number ‘i10’ 3. c) List the information about customers who have been issued movies in the month of January d) Which is the last movie issued to customer id ‘C001’ e) List the names of all the movies except of type ‘horror’ f) List of those customers who have not given phone numbers g) Count the total number of customers h) List the number of movies in each type i) Find the movie number issued to the customer ‘Kusum’ j) List the names and movie numbers of all the movies that have been issued k) List the names of the customers who have been issued the movies of type ‘comedy’ l) List the customers who have been issued movie number 12. An insurance database has the tables given below.

year:integer. publisher_id:integer. book_id:integer.INFYSYS ACADEMY KORAMANGALA Address Varchar(40) Table name : car Column name Format Reg_no Char(10) Model Varchar(15) Year Number(4) Table name : accident Column name Format Report_no Number(5) Acc_date Date Location Varchar(20) Table name : cars_owners Column name Format Owner_id Char(4) Reg_no Char(10) Table name : cars_in_accident Column name Format Owner_id Char(4) Reg_no Char(10) Report_no Number(5) Cost_of_damage Number(5) a) Create the above table with proper primary and foreign keys. author_name:string. author_id:integer. A book dealer has the following database: Author(author_id:interger. country:string) Publisher( quantity:integer) a) Create the tables specified above with suitable primary and foreign keys b) Create data entry forms and enter at least 5 rows in each table with suitable validations c) Find the author of the book which has the maximum sales . title:string. b) Enter at least 5 tuples for each relation c) Update the cost of damage for a particular car involved in an accident with report number 25 to 30000. city:string. city:string. country:string) Catalog(book_id:integer. price:integer) order_details(order_id:integer. d) Add a new car to the database e) Add a new accident to the database f) List the car owners whose cars were involved in accidents in the year 2006 g) Find the number of accidents in which cars of a particular model were involved h) generate suitable reports 4.

quantity:integer) Item(item_no:integer. net salary . basic pay. cust_name:string. design and implement a class COMPLEX having the following functionality: a) allows representation of complex numbers b) allows addition of two complex numbers c) has overloading constructors and a copy constructor d) allows assignment of one complex number to another 2. employee_name.INFYSYS ACADEMY KORAMANGALA d) List the details of the authors who have two or more books in the catalog e) List all the books in the catalog that have the word ‘COMPUTER’ in their titles f) Add a new order to the database. city:string) a) Create the tables given above with proper primary and foreign key specifications b) Design data entry forms with proper validations and enter at least 5 rows in each table c) List the customer names with their total number of orders and the average order amount d) List the orders that were shipped from all the warehouses that the company has in a particular city e) Delete item number 15 from the item table and make that column null in the items_ordered table. date_shipped:date) Warehouse(warehouse_no:integer. f) Design suitable reports Kuvempu University Laboratory Assignments Subject: OOPs with C++ Subject Code: BSIT . warehouse_no:integer. Using C++ . An EMPLOYEE class contains the following members: Data members: employee_number. An order processing database application in a company has the following tables: Customer(cust_id:integer.33 1. cust_id:integer. allowance. 5. cust_city:string) Order(order_id:integer. income tax. order_date:date. item_no:integer. unit_price:real) Shipment(order_id:integer. order_amount:real) Items_ordered(order_id:integer.

From this derive the class CUR_ACCT and SAV_ACCT to make them more specific to their requirements. The savings account provides compound interest and withdrawal facilities but no cheque book facility. one called savings account and the other as current account. to calculate net salary and to print data members Write a C++ program to read the data of 5 employees and compute the net salary of each employee given that the allowance is 20% of the basic pay and income tax is 30% of the gross salary (basic pay+allowance) 3. account number and type of account. The current account provides cheque book facility but no interest. 5. Write a C++ program to create a class called QUEUE with member functions to add an element and to delete an element from the queue. and update the balance Use member functions to initialize the class members. Create a class ACCOUNT that stores customer name. 4. Current account holders should also maintain a minimum balance and if the balance falls below this level. Do not use constructors. Display the contents of the queue after every operation. Show the results after every operation by overloading the operator <<. a service charge is imposed. Include necessary member functions in order to achieve the following: a) accept deposit from a customer and update the balance b) display the balance c) compute and deposit interest d) permit withdrawal and update the balance e) check for minimum balance. if necessary.INFYSYS ACADEMY KORAMANGALA Member functions: to read the data. Use copy constructor. Assume that a bank maintains two kinds of accounts for customers. STRING s1 = “KUVEMPU” STRING s2 = “UNIVERSITY” STRING s3 = s1+s2 . impose penalty. Write a C++ program to create a class called STRING and do the following operations.

The list has details like author. b) d2 = d1 + ndays. Overload all the four arithmetic operators so that they operate on the objects of FLOAT. otherwise the message ‘copies not in stock’ is displayed. the system displays the book details and requests for the number of copies required. design a program that will accept dimensions of a triangle or rectangle interactively and display the area. Derive two specific classes called TRIANGLE and RECTANGLE from the base SHAPE. where d1 is a DATE object and ndays is an integer. . Make display_area() as a virtual function and redefine this function in the derived classes as per the requirements. Create a class FLOAT that contains one float data member.INFYSYS ACADEMY KORAMANGALA 6. title. publisher and stock position. If the copies are available. If it is available. Design a system using a class called BOOKS with suitable member functions and constructors. Use new operator in constructors to allocate required memory space. d1>=d2 and ndays is an integer. Whenever a customer wants a book. a member function get_data() to initialize the base class data members and another member function display_area() to compute and display the area of the figures. 8. where d1 and d2 are DATE objects. the total cost of the copies requested is displayed. After every operation show the results by overloading the operator <<: a) ndays = d1 – d2. Create a base class called SHAPE. 7. Use this class to store two double type values that could be used to compute the area of figures. Using the three classes. A book shop maintains the inventory of books that are being sold at the shop. Accept two valid dates in the form dd/mm/yyyy. Add to the base class. price. The two values given as input will be treated as lengths of the two sides in the case of a rectangle and as base and height in the case of triangles. Implement the following operations by overloading the operators + and -. Area of a rectangle = side1 * side2 Area of a triangle = ½ * side1 * side2 9. the sales person inputs the title and author and the system searches the list and displays a suitable message if it is not available. Write a C++ program to create a class called DATE.


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