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Windows 7 Installation Flowchart

Fresh install or
Start Here While Windows 7
permits an upgrade
option from Windows
The path to Windows 7 has Many systems purchased Check XP and Vista, it is
some key decision that will recently have been Vista- requirements at: always a better
determine how the ready, but verify requirements http:// practice to do a new
upgrade will proceed. New hardware? NO
against Windows 7 system installation.
requirements. products/system- UPGRADE

Determine a licensing
This is the most Run Upgrade
straightforward Interactive DVD Advisor: http://
installation process, installation
Click windows/windows-7/
here follow this link to start
the flowchar for get/upgrade-
interactive installation. advisor.aspx INSTALL
here For every situation,
the Upgrade Advisor
takes a look at the
Interactive install
system and gives a
Develop user data Click Windows Deployment report if the PC will
protection strategy Services (WDS) run Windows 7.

This is the new name of WDS

Remote Installation Services,
Here and offers functionalities such
here as streamed installation, Which method is Determine
dynamic driver provisioning right for you? installation method
and boot from .VHD file
functionality. Windows 7 has a
number of
Map out
installation methods,
including automated
Automated desktop deployment options.
Windows Automated MDT can be done with MDT (and can
WAIK be used for Windows Server
More Installation Kit (WAIK)
info 2008 R2 deployments)
Larger scale automated
installations and
deployments can be
Microsoft Deployment Click
done with the WAIK. here
Toolkit (MDT)
Windows 7 Installation Flowchart

From Select custom

page 1 Select language Read and accept install Prepare drive (if
Boot from DVD Click Install Now
and local license agreement (Or Upgrade - not needed)

Additional steps
such as extend or This can be data Drive actions
Format as desired YES
delete operations destructive! required?
may be required.
If any existing partitions are
present, you may want to
YES - NO DISK PRESENT - NEED DRIVERS preserve them. Further, you
may want to create a
Obtain drivers from OEM dedicated partition or drive for
if not native during the the operating system and
install. It may be possible Load drivers Click Next
to update the Windows
allocate another for user data
native driver later with (My Documents).
Windows Update or via
OEM drivers.

Have drivers on floppy or

USB for easy passage to This may be
the installation program. skipped at this
point, refer to
discussion on
first page.
Windows install
Enter first Enter the Set first username
Click Next will progress from Enter product key
username computer name password and hint
This is the
NetBIOS name This may be over-written
subsequently by Group
Policy or management

Windows 7 installation Select date, time Select option for

complete and time zone Windows Update
Windows 7 Installation Flowchart

For organizations that have WDS

WDS deployments of WIM This mechanism has desktop
skipped Windows Vista, now is images or virtual hard disks as administrators making images
the time to invest in a fully files used for OS deployments. (WIM) files that are accessible
automated deployment to systems by mechanisms
mechanism if not already in Multicast streams now allow that include a WinPE boot
place. Windows 7 offers three clients to receive deployment disk.
main solutions for images quicker. WDS now
deployments. offers dynamic driver
management. This keeps
drivers in a central repository,
outside of the image.

Windows 7 Deployment Center resources on TechNet MDT Homepage

If the user state migration tool was If the user state migration tool was The WAIK toolkit works with other MDT willl be the best bet
a standard practice point, the a standard practice point, the tools such as MDT, MAP and the for mid-size and some
WAIK deployment model may WAIK deployment model may Microsoft Application Compatibility enterprise configurations.
make sense. WAIK makes sense make sense. WAIK makes sense Toolkit. Small environments would
for custom configurations where a for custom configurations where a benefit from MDT
full array of options are required for full array of options are required for deployments as well.
deployments. deployments.

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit MDT offers additional features MDT 2010 also supports PowerShell, BitLocker
(MDT) 2010 product is totally new such as sequenced installations of and the new hard-link migration feature. Hard-
MDT from previous versions to support other packages, including link snapshots a users data locally (not copying
the next generations of Windows Microsoft Office. MDT also has back and forth over the network) and reverts it
operating systems. integration with System Center for after the installation is complete.
additional managment integration.
Windows 7 Installation Flowchart
Give full thought to
the licensing XP Downgrade Potential downgrade
situation for required? issues
Windows 7

For volume license

Multiple Activation Key customers, these are
(MAK) or Key Management the two realistic
Server (KMS)? deployment scenarios ProgramInfo.aspx?displaylang=en&sGuid=ccde6a30-24b6-
for Windows 7

User State Migration

Obtain WAIK
User Prepare migration of Tool is now part of the details.aspx?FamilyID=f1bae135-4190-4d7c-b193-
state documentation 19123141edaa&displaylang=en
user state and data. Windows Automated
Installation Kit (WAIK)
for Windows 7 Features include:
Out-of-band solutions migrating user profiles
could include and data to other
established prodecures systems, and the hard-
of moving user data. link migration.

Decide on whether or
A number of new policy
not to expose this
Policy decisions should be
notes WinXP Mode feature. Application
planned before
Available? compatibility
Windows 7 is rolled
requirements may
dictate the answer.

Group policy Determine which new

changes features in Group
Policy (if Active
Directory is updated) to