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Curriculum Vitae PRIYA N
A.P.Tools, 93/1c, 7th Main, B.Narayananpura, White Field Road, Bangalore 560 016 Email: priya.narayan19@gmail.com Mobile: +91 9886157432, 080-28518438 (LL-R)

CAREER OBJECTIVE To pursue a challenging career in an organization where I can utilize my strengths, skills and meticulously take every opportunity to evolve better, both in personnel and professional front. EDUCATION PROFILE • Secured 71.15% (First Class with Distinction) in B. E.(Information Science & Engineering) at East Point College of Engineering and Technology, affiliated to Visveswaraya Technological University, Belgaum, in 2008.

B.E 1st sem 2nd sem 3rd sem 4th sem 5th sem 6th sem 7th sem 8th sem • •

Percentage of Marks 67.74% 73.16% 75.88% 74.00% 68.66% 64.44% 73.66% 86.30%

Secured 58.16% in PUC at Ujjval Vidyalaya PU College, Bangalore in 2004.

Secured 79.52 % (First Class ) in SSLC at Lowry Memorial High School, Bangalore in 2002. kill Se EXPERIENCE Experience Working as Lecturer in Information Science & Engineering at East Point College of Engineering and Technology, Bidarahalli, Bangalore, since 04/08/2008 (till date).

C++ Design & Coding 2 The objective of the project is to develop and indexed file for the student data base with USN as the primary key and name as the secondary key. C++.UCATIO SKILL SET Category Operating Systems Programming Languages Data base Query Language Skill Windows. Unix C. Bangalore. 2 . 8th SEM PROJECT Project #1 Organization Language Platform Team size : : : : : Voice Enabled System National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL). C# . Java. Bangalore. C# Oracle SQL PROJECT DETAILS W MINI PROJECT Project #1 Organization Language Role Team size Description : : : : : : Indexing East Point College of Engineering and Technology. Linux.net 4 This was developed for the physically challenged people leading to the development of a system titled “Voice Enabled System” which supports the entire computer system operation through Human voice.

analyzes its grammar. Willingness to learn new concepts.INI PROJECT REFERENCES RSONAL PROFILE 1) K. Asst. Hardworking and Team facilitator. Mobile: 9980819941 PERSONAL PROFILE Name Date of Birth Gender Strengths Extra curricular Activity : Writing Poems (Tamil). Professor. Outdoor Sports (Throw ball. Professor. punctuation and capitalization. Female. The recognized spoken words can lead to performance of operations like operational commands & control. Self-Confidence. An email client is also designed that enables the users to handle the entire mail operations through voice. data entry. Email: ksatyanreddy@yahoo.com Mobile: 9986422972 2) Mrs. Energetic. Sincere. ISE. Music. Nandha Ashwin. and document preparation. EPCET. The heart of the system is the text to speech engine. EPCET.In this project both text to speech and speech to text conversions are done. Satyanarayan Reddy. (PRIYA N) Place: Bangalore 3 . Coding & Critical Testing (Unit & Integration). sentence structure. My Role : Design. and activates voice simulations to produce a vocal rendering of the text using the concept of Speech recognition. Basketball. ISE. 15-05-1986. Baseball) Declaration I asseverate that information furnished above is true & correct to the best of my knowledge. a sophisticated piece of software which parses the text input. : : : : PRIYA N.

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