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782) Acta Crystallographica D (Impact Factor: 02.257) Acta Crystallographica E (Impact Factor: 00.411) Acta Crystallographica F (Impact Factor: 00.511) Advanced Materials (Impact Factor: 08.379) American Journal of Physics (Impact Factor: 00.779) American Scientist (Impact Factor: 00.911) Annals of Library & Information Studies Annals of Physics (Impact Factor: 02.677) Applied Physics Letters (Impact Factor: 03.554) Applied Radiation & Isotopes (Impact Factor: 01.094) Applied Surface Science (Impact Factor: 01.616) Aslib Proceedings (Impact Factor: 00.595) Astronomy & Astrophysics (Impact Factor: 04.179) Astronomy Now Astropartical Physics (Impact Factor: 04.136) Astrophysical Journal (Impact Factor: 07.364) Astrophysical Journal Supplement (Impact Factor: 12.771) Atomic Data Nuclear Data Tables (Impact Factor: 01.413) Biochemical Journal (Impact Factor: 05.159) Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications (Impact Factor: 02.548) Biochemistry (Impact Factor: 03.226) Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: Biomembrane (Impact Factor: 03.998) Biophysical Journal (Impact Factor: 04.390) Bulletin of Materials Science (Impact Factor: 00.783) Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India (Impact Factor: 00.310) Cell (Impact Factor: 31.152) Chaos (Impact Factor: 01.795) Chemmical Communications (Impact Factor: 05.504) Classical and Quantum Gravity (Impact Factor: 03.029) Comminications in Mathematical Physics (Impact Factor: 02.067)

267) Indian Journal of Chemistry A (Impact Factor: 00.617) Indian Journal of Chemistry B (Impact Factor: 00.574) Indian Journal of Chemical Technology (Impact Factor: 00.550) .230) IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (Impact Factor: 01.746) Europhysics Letters (Impact Factor: 02.218) Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (Impact Factor: 00.Current Science (Impact Factor: 00.132) IETE Technical Review (Impact Factor: 00.437) Indian Journal of Cryogenics Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Science (Impact Factor: 00.968) European Physical Journal B (Impact Factor: 01.993) EMBO Reports (Impact Factor: 06.782) DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology DNA Repair (Impact Factor: 04.181) IEEE Transactions on Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits (Impact Factor: 01.907) Electronics for You European Physical Journal A (Impact Factor: 01.466) European Physical Journal C (Impact Factor: 02.541) Fusion Science and Technology (Impact Factor: 00.696) IASLIC Bulletin IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits (Impact Factor: 03.075) ILA Bulletin India Today (English) India Today (Hindi) Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics (Impact Factor: 00.199) Data Quest Desh Dhanadhanye Down to Earth EMBO Journal (Impact Factor: 08.043) IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integrated System (Impact Factor: 01.839) FEBS Letters (Impact Factor: 03.010) IETE Journal of Research (Impact Factor: 00.

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103) Mutation Research:Reviews of Mutation Research (Impact Factor: 07.969) MIMS India Macromolecules (Impact Factor: 04.775) Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research (Impact Factor: 00.058) Nature Genetics (Impact Factor: 34.284) Nature Materials (Impact Factor: 29.097) Nano Letters (Impact Factor: 09.580)) Journal of the Indian Chemical Society (Impact Factor: 00.Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (Impact Factor: 01.964) Journal of Plasma Physics (Impact Factor: 00.173) National Geographic Nature (Impact Factor: 34.504) Nature Medicine (Impact Factor: 27.991) National Academy of Science Letters (Impact Factor: 00.480 ) Nature Cell Biology (Impact Factor: 19.572) LINUX Langmuir (Impact Factor: 03.670) Journal of the American Chemical Society (Impact Factor: 08.539) Managing Information Measurement Science and Technology (Impact Factor: 01.359) Journal of Statistical Mechanics (Impact Factor: 02.382) Journal of the Indian Institute of Science Journal of the Physical Society of Japan (Impact Factor: 02.898) Letters in Mathematical Physics (Impact Factor: 00.136) .317) Microbiology and Molecular Biology Review (Impact Factor: 12.585) Microscopy & Microanalysis (Impact Factor: 03.035) Modern Physics Letters A (Impact Factor: 01.527) Nature Chemical Biology (Impact Factor: 16.075) Monthly Notice of the Royal Astronomical Society ((Impact Factor: 5.

156) Nuclear Physics A (Impact Factor: 01.Physics Education Research (Impact Factor: 01.270) Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A (Impact Factor: 01.116) Physical Review A (Impact Factor: 02.630) Physics Education Physics Letters A (Impact Factor: 02.177) Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (Impact Factor: 04.Accelerators and Beams (Impact Factor: 01.237) Physical Review Special Topics .922) Physical Review E (Impact Factor: 02.562) Physica B (Impact Factor: 01.706) Nuclear Physics B (Impact Factor: 04.400) Physical Review Letters (Impact Factor: 07.Nature Physics (Impact Factor: 15.568) Physica E (Impact Factor: 01.875 /2008) Nucleic Acids Research (Impact Factor: 07.477) Physical Review D (Impact Factor: 04.056) Physica C (Impact Factor: 00.475) Physical Review C (Impact Factor: 03.491) Nature Structural and Molecular Biology (Impact Factor: 12.333) Non-linearity (Impact Factor: 01.273) New Scientist (Impact Factor: 0.145) Nuclear Fusion (Impact Factor: 04.341) Nuclear Physics B:Proceedings Supplements (Impact Factor: 00.258) Nuclear Data Sheet (Impact Factor: 01.866) Physical Review B (Impact Factor: 03.723) Physica D (Impact Factor: 01.009) .749) PC Quest PROLA Physica A (Impact Factor: 01.317) Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B (Impact Factor: 01.328) Physical Review Special Topics .

638) Physics of Plasmas (Impact Factor: 02.432) Proteins: Structure. of the IAS: Mathematical Sciences (Impact Factor: 00.196) Sananda Saptahik Bartaman Scanning (Impact Factor: 01.459) Reports on Progress in Physics (Impact Factor: 11. Function and Genetics (Impact Factor: 03.085) Radiation Physics and Chemistry (Impact Factor: 01.444) Resonance Reviews of Modern Physics (Impact Factor: 33.253) .except last 12 months (Impact Factor: 04.471) Semiconductor Science Technology (Impact Factor: 01.149) Radiochemica Acta (Impact Factor: 01.349) Proc.145) Reviews of Scientific Instruments (Impact Factor: 01.475) Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (Impact Factor: 02.083) Physics News Physics Reports (Impact Factor: 17.752) Physics Teacher (IPS) Physics Today .747) Science Reporter Scientific American (Impact Factor: 02.521) SRELS Journal of Information Management Sadhana (Impact Factor: 00.409) Pramana (Impact Factor: 00. of the IAS (Change to "Journal of Earth System Sciences) (Impact Factor: 00.Physics Letters B (Impact Factor: 05.382) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (Impact Factor: 09.437) Physics of Fluids (Impact Factor: 01.993) Proc.189) Proc.256) Science (Impact Factor: 29. of the IAS (Change to "Journal of Chemical Sciences") (Impact Factor: 00.

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