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“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” Frank Lloyd Wright 

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Purcell Miller Tritton Support Whitehall Streetscape Mather & Co In A Spin Over New Contract Win
Leading attraction and museum design consultancy Mather & Co has won the contract to design and install the new CentreCourt360 experience at Wimbledon. The new and exciting experience, which will form part of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum at The All England Lawn Tennis Club, will feature a host of new and interactive technologies. Mather & Co has been tasked with creating an attraction which allows the visitor to gain a detailed insight into how different people experience Centre Court. The 360 degree viewing platform will use state of the art panoramic photographic technology, supplied by multimedia company Testure. [w] [w] Leading architect and historic building consultant, Purcell Miller Tritton, is pleased to announce the completion of the first stages of a major programme of improvements to London’s iconic Whitehall, where the practice is appointed as project architect. The £25m ‘Whitehall Streetscape Improvement Project’ sees the Cabinet Office and Westminster City Council working together to deliver a major reinvigoration of the urban environment in which people live and work, as well as tourist sites. The overarching aim of the scheme is to introduce more robust security measures in a manner sympathetic to the local environment and its historical setting, alongside other improvements, in order to achieve a truly world-class built environment.

City Gives Planning Consent For London’s Most Luxurious New Hotel
The restoration of one of London’s best known buildings – 10 Trinity Square – has been recommended for planning approval by the City of London Corporation. US property company Thomas Enterprises has been working with international architects Woods Bagot on the 45,000 sq m project to create a hotel of the highest quality. It will convert the Grade II* listed 10 Trinity Square into a 121-bedroom hotel with spa and 30 apartments. 10 Trinity is the first venture for established US-entrepreneur Stan Thomas into the UK market. His company, Thomas Enterprises, bought the site in 2006. [w]

British Architects Design Cancer Centre For Hurricane-Battered New Orleans
A cancer research centre designed by UK-based architects RMJM in New Orleans - which is the least healthy state in the US and which has the highest rate of cancer deaths in the country - is now under construction. The Louisiana Cancer Research Centre aims to address residents’ acute need for quality healthcare. Louisiana has a neglected medical infrastructure in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and this is the first medical restoration initiative to get underway since the disaster. Upon completion, the cancer centre will support laboratories for 72 principal researchers and their teams, as well as providing flexible research and office space. [w]

Nightingale Associates Shortlisted For RIBA Design Award
Nightingale Associates has been shortlisted for a RIBA design award for its £4m Renal & Cardiac Unit at West Wales General Hospital in Carmarthen. The 1,300sqm state-of-the-art unit contains 26 dialysis stations and four isolation suites, as well as a cardiac rehabilitation department, a rehab gym, testing suites and staff administration. Nightingale Associates is one of six shortlisted entries for the 2009 awards. The RIBA Awards were established to recognise ‘buildings that have made a substantial contribution to the local environment’, and are judged on a regional level. The RIBA Awards have been running annually since 1966. [w]

TPS Inspires New Thinking On Secure Airport Design At Passenger Terminal Expo 2009
TPS has provided insight into how effective counterterrorist requirements can be incorporated into airport terminal design by introducing contemporary thinking on the gap in provisions currently made in design and security. Darius Aibara, an Associate Director with TPS’s Security and Explosion Effects team, featured as one of the keynote speakers at 2009’s Passenger Terminal Expo; a three-day annual event held this March at London’s ExCel centre. TPS offered a timely opportunity to address a wide array of concerns - particularly in light of recent events in the UK such as the Glasgow Airport attack, coupled with the ongoing general worldwide terrorist threat. [w] 




Sir Stephen Redgrave Opens Middleton Arena To The Public
Middleton Sports Arena in Rochdale, designed by the Manchester studio of BDP, will be officially opened by Sir Stephen Redgrave later this month. The 7,320 sq m building offers a broad range of activities including sport, drama and music. There is a multi-use auditorium (seating 550 as a theatre, or 1000 for other events), swimming pools, a dry sports hall, a private gym, a dance studio and squash courts. The distinctive curved roof ‘wraps’ over the internal accommodation of the building tightly. The form is devised from a combination of the internal functions of the building and the surrounding context of the scheme. Functionally, the high point of the roof sits above the fly-tower of the auditorium, with other accommodation arranged around in the manner of a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. The main foyer space sees these changes in level directly expressed, to create a space which avoids the traditional connotations of municipal leisure facilities with their claustrophobic and poorly-lit corridors. As part of this strategy, the squash courts are directly expressed as a single volume, suspended above the entrance. Various internal elements are stacked upon one another and are ‘colour-coded’ both internally and externally to express and explain the various activities within the building. Internal and external visual connections are encouraged between the different parts of the building, allowing users of different facilities to gain an understanding of the wide range of activities within. The main entrance has a large glazed façade, admitting daylight and also acting as a beacon for the building day and night, showing activity within. This theme is continued inside with various activities visible from circulation areas. Above the whole scheme, the major sweep of the roof encapsulates the building, clad in a standing seam aluminium system with a smooth underside that cantilevers beyond the walls of the building on three sides. Inflated ETFE rooflights are set into the roof to bring daylight into the heart of the building. The BDP sectors involved with the project included Architect, Landscape Architect, Building Services Engineers, Lighting Design and Acoustics Consultancy. Peter Jenkins, Architect Director at BDP, said: “The building was much anticipated by the local community with over 10,000 people attending the open weekend in January. It is great to now see the building in use, a testament to the years of work put into the project by the whole team. The client, designers and contractors have produced a big, complicated building on a very tight budget.” Councillor Peter Williams: “This is an absolutely fabulous facility and people are really going to enjoy coming here. This is a stunning architectural exemplar and a project we are extremely proud to have it in Middleton.” [w] 




has been recognised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for its part in the work of the £40 million St Paul’s Cathedral Tercentenary Restoration which has been awarded the London Project of the Year at the prestigious RICS Awards held recently in London. Just as Sir Christopher Wren could not have created St Paul’s in the first place without the support of many professionals and craftsmen. This is the first time in its long history that the building has been comprehensively restored inside and out. re-lighting and liturgical project phases.” [w] www.St Paul’s Cathedral Scoops RICS London’s Project of the Year Leading architect and historic building consultant. The RICS award also recognises the extensive work that has been carried out to improve provisions for visitors with disabilities including a new entrance and I would like to add my congratulations and thanks to everyone who has helped in both projects and their achievement. The RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) Awards are a celebration of built and natural environment projects that recognise excellence. Mark Goldspink who is Chief Executive at Purcell Miller Tritton said. The extensive programme of cleaning and repair has included interior and exterior cleaning and refurbishment. Martin Stancliffe speaking on behalf of Purcell Miller Tritton said.” The St Paul’s Tercentenary Project now goes forward to the final awards ceremony in October where it will compete with projects throughout the UK for the award of RICS Project of the Year. Both harness traditional materials and techniques wherever possible and this was one of the key design philosophies employed during the conservation work undertaken. Purcell Miller Tritton. which will also be competing for the ultimate title later this year. The London Project of the Year Award recognises the 10 year scheme to revitalise St Paul’s Cathedral carried out under the guidance of the Surveyor to the Fabric Martin Stancliffe. who is a Senior Principal with Purcell Miller Tritton. Purcell Miller Tritton has also won East Midlands Project of the Year for its work on Wollaton Hall and Deer Park in Nottingham. “We are delighted that RICS recognised our work on two such different 10 Vision Vision 11 v!projects . so this project would never have been achieved without the long-term commitment of a great team of skilled people. “This award is wonderful recognition of what a project of this scale involves. value for money and a commitment to building conservation.

it houses a café. GSWRA. Built between the newly expanded Pollok Health Centre and the Pollok Leisure Centre. Dundee and Inverness. Pollok Civic Realm is a unique facility providing one stop access to a range of complementary public services delivered by partners in the public and voluntary sectors. the £6.Archial Architects’ £ 12 Vision Vision 13 v!projects . presented to the best new buildings in the United Kingdom and a Best Regeneration Project at the Scottish Design Awards 2009. encouraged to make use of their civil amenities. Cabinet Secretary for Health & Wellbeing. The philosophy underlying the building design was to create a civic hub that housed all the various essential aspects of communal life under one roof. the building seeks to create an all-inclusive space with all its constituents spiralling off from a central reception desk. child-care facilities and other specialist social and healthcare related services. The design sought to create the type of building that members of the public would be familiar with and feel comfortable within to encourage them to spend time frequenting the various aspects of the hub. “The idea behind this facility was to create a colonnade providing a route interlinking the Pollok community with the new transport interchange and Silverburn shopping centre so that people are drawn through the building and. Russell Baxter of Archial Architects said. by virtue of this route. Forming part of the overall Pollok Town Centre regeneration.archialgroup. has been shortlisted for two prestigious awards: a RIBA Award. Glasgow. Already.7 Million Pollok Civic Realm Officially Opened by Nicola Sturgeon MSP and Shortlisted for Two Awards Officially opened Wednesday 20th May by Nicola Sturgeon. new Pollok Library and Pollok Kist. the Civic Realm also provides opportunities for effective and innovative joint working through co-location of services. the pioneering Pollok Civic Realm building is being tipped as an exemplar to which future community hubs should aspire. Aberdeen. South West Stress Centre. operating from offices in Edinburgh. and already there are indications that this objective has been achieved successfully. Given the multiple stakeholders involved in the Pollok Civic Realm. designed by Archial Architects.7 million Pollok Civic Realm. Citizens Advice Bureau.” From a single entrance the public access the refurbished leisure centre. [w] www. With that in mind. café and the refurbished and expanded Health Centre. library. As such. MSP. museum. The Archial Group Plc employs around 200 staff in Scotland. the design process involved a comprehensive consultation process.

Windows & Glazing 1 . Windows & Glazing Doors. Divisional Technical Manager of Kingspan Insulated Panels Andrew Denham of Umicore VMZINC Dave Bulless. Biometric Specialist.opinion! this months contributors : Andy Patel.” Frank Lloyd Wright 1 Doors.analysis will in time enable synthesis to become your habit of mind. Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Architect and journalist Christopher Sykes building innovations “Get the habit of analysis.

aspx Significantly in these tough economic times. helping to meet the government’s 2050 target. we cannot afford to neglect the importance of refurbishing older buildings as they are responsible for the majority of building carbon emissions. The estimate is that such a scheme could create up to 75. these panels are highly durable and can help to ensure reliable high levels of thermal performances into the long term. let’s look at what is required by legislation.000 long-term “green collar” jobs. Caleb also highlights the potential for new jobs under a programme of accelerated refurbishment. Furthermore. but these are below what is ideally required to meet the 2050 target. The full report can be found at: ww. cladding and roofing systems that will not lose performance over time can offer peace of mind. as a poor rating suggests that a building may be costly to heat and run. getting high EPC/DEC ratings and reducing running costs whilst offering the design flexibility demanded by different types of refurbishment project. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to achieve the suggested improvement is to refurbish the building envelope with PIR composite panels.16 W/m²K. Divisional Technical Manager of Kingspan Insulated Panels Improving the energy efficiency of all buildings is widely recognised as a crucial part of reducing our carbon footprint and arresting the effects of climate change. If energy efficiency is not maintained then fuel consumption and costs will rise. In requiring a certificate 1 Opinion showing the energy consumption of a public building to be displayed in a prominent place DEC’s are expected to have a similar effect. Projects often demand a striking and contemporary look and so ideally cladding and roofing products should be able to provide this and high levels of thermal performance. A shocking 1 in 6 public buildings are currently operating at a ‘G’ – the lowest possible energy efficiency rating. These products offer excellent thermal efficiency. It outlines the benefit of ensuring refurbished buildings can achieve an EPC/DEC rating of “C” and importantly it shows how aiming to refurbish all existing non-domestic building stock by 2022 to the “C” rating is likely to have a short payback period of less than five years. which is comfortably below current ADL2B requirements . The report by Caleb Management Services has served to highlight the fact that there is a financially viable method of achieving improved energy efficiency. Of course. or in the case of public buildings Display Energy Certificates (DEC’s). [w] www.and should help in achieving an EPC/DEC rating of “C” or above. When considered alongside the recent hikes in fuel prices. Improving energy efficiency during refurbishment above and beyond current ADL1B and 2B levels will help to reduce carbon emissions. a definite black mark when it comes to selling or leasing. achieve a better EPC/DEC rating and bring down building running costs. EPC’s are regarded by the government as the principle driver behind improving energy efficiency.the relevant standard for the non-domestic refurbishment discussed by Caleb . and further costly remedial or replacement work may be needed to rectify the problem. The thermal performance of composite panels can play a big part here. offering a major boost to the beleaguered building industry. Available in a range of styles and Opinion 1 opinion! . crucially within a short payback period. Within the context of the government’s stated aim of cutting 80% carbon emissions by 2050.Practical Energy Efficiency by Andy Patel. The Caleb Management Services report has examined the issues surrounding energy efficiency in non-domestic refurbishment and has produced some important findings in this respect. especially for commercial developments such as apartment blocks. after which time the refurbishment would have paid for itself and would actually begin to save money with a total energy cost saving of over £40 billion between 2010 and 2022. a new report from independent consultants Caleb Management Services has highlighted how the widespread refurbishment of existing buildings is often a missed opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and make significant savings on operational costs. this must all be seen alongside the design requirements of refurbishment. Although much of the focus is on renewable technologies and better efficiency in new properties. So what is the most effective and practical way to include a significant improvement to energy efficiency within refurbishment projects? First.kingspanpanels. making them suitable for a range of refurbishment projects from big sheds through to residential blocks. Then there is the issue of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s). It is clear that energy efficient refurbishment of existing buildings must play a central role in addressing the issues of carbon emissions and climate change. The 2006 Approved Documents L1B and L2B to the Building Regulations set standards for the conservation of fuel and power in domestic and non-domestic refurbishment Resource_Centre/Research. composite panels provide design flexibility too. with factory formed jointing and the PIR core helping to ensure excellent air tightness and Uvalues as low as 0.kingspanpanels.

natural stone. brick. concrete and structural glass to name but a few. and using zinc meant that we didn’t need to compromise on this. The subdued shades of their red. We wanted the building to appear as a series of folded planes. in terms of pure aesthetics systems work effectively with virtually any building material . Zinc provided continuity of material for the south facing roof.5 million. Details of personal reasons for choosing zinc make interesting reading. David Pierce of architects Urban Salon commented.vmzinc. being non-ferrous. corrosion resistant and effectively maintenance-free. The resulting building and its construction is not traditional yet it has a resonance with the place”. There can perhaps be no better endorsement of the value of zinc than the introduction of aluminium systems with a zinc pre-weathered coating. Reiach and Hall specified VM Zinc Plus®. Demonstrating this principle. This not only allows the plywood to flow For the £4. but also gives the zinc a completely rigid support which limits any potential for impact damage at low level. zinc’s patina may have to be removed for soldering. An 18mm thick plywood substrate is a basic requirement. green and blue Pigmento® range provide subtle tonal variation that just isn’t available with other metals. are self-protecting. The new building extends and links the existing Pier Arts Centre buildings and comprises a simple two and a half storey pitched and curve smoothly at tight radii. the contrast between the black and grey zinc and the exposed timber is very powerful”.timber. It also fulfilled our desire to clad the ribs to the fully glazed north-facing roof and wall. we chose to abstract its form by cladding most of it in one material. rear wall and gable. Of course. By contrast. We were seduced by the Anthra-Zinc finish. it helps if the end result is visually distinctive. The Anthra-Zinc colour is very muted and responds well to thin. albeit usually at a delicate thickness of only 5 microns. but this can be in 2 sheets of 9mm or even 3 of 6mm. [w] www. colours such as these rely on the use of mineral pigments rather than chromium based additives or processes such as powder coating. low northern light revealing subtle changes in plane and texture. and where welding is required the coating has to be removed and repainted. Colours such as 1 Opinion roof structure. From a technical perspective. but re-forms naturally. VM Zinc’s Anthra-Zinc® and QuartzZinc® continue to age normally and. In order to guarantee long-term colour integrity. particularly when viewed from a Opinion 1 opinion! .Zinc Cladding – A Vision Of Sustainability By Andrew Denham of Umicore VMZINC While the increasing specification of zinc owes much to its versatility. recalling the various seafront warehouses that pepper Stromness foreshore. With zinc cladding. “The product was chosen for its known performance in a typically harsh marine 3-storey. for example. Closer inspection is rewarded by the richness of the handbuilt quality. the new £12. comments from architects invariably confirm that factors other than just design scope have influenced their choice. again in Anthra-Zinc. interlocking (with recessed joints) and overlapping vertical and horizontal panel systems are available in pre-weathered colours to provide a fully developed. the ability to work and shape zinc makes it an ideal cladding material. and indeed diverse projects throughout the UK are providing an effective ‘shop window’ for what can be achieved. the VM Zinc Plus standing seam cladding system is extremely malleable and able to follow very complex forms. Architect David Anderson explained. Tacit acceptance indeed of providing what is essentially a living skin. In order to signify the public use of the building. “We recently specified zinc for the first time for the design of Falmouth School’s new Design and Technology block. Systems in aluminium normally require coating and consequent maintenance. rectilinear frame University of Cambridge Centre for the Physics of Medicine building shows how the simplicity of curvature can provide an eye-catching point of focus. Zinc outperforms all other metals in terms of sustainability and the contribution it can make. to performance against the Code for Sustainable Homes has prompted its use for housing at both ends of the cost spectrum. Being 0. It was crucial that the product we specified worked as well on both surfaces. stable natural patination. with the walls and roof clad in the same material.5 million refurbishment and extension of the Pier Arts Centre in Stromness. Zinc is less visually intrusive on the skyline and by virtue of its visual compatibility with so many materials can co-exist in many environments.8mm thick and installed directly onto plywood. Standing seam.

The 3D facial recognition system directs structured. Of course. Biometrics has come of age and Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies is at the forefront of the revolution with some sophisticated and proven hardware. BNFL Sellafield and top London Hotels. The system performs multiple facial scans and comparisons against a database of stored images and corresponding data. Biometric access control is becoming the standard system for access control for both small and large-scale sites. administering and maintaining card-based access control systems. The system eliminates the need of creating. However. hand. While many biometric technologies and companies are in a start up phase. Japan Automatic Power Company.000 points and 90 measurements of an individuals’ hand – including length. [w] security. Iris Recognition Iris recognition uses a camera to capture a live image of the iris and to generate an iris-code. eliminates fraud known as ‘buddy punching’ where someone can double for someone else and provides the most accurate time and attendance solution on the market. This is then compared with a reference image stored in the system database. By combining smart cards with biometric identification not only has security levels increased. invisible light onto a subject’s face to create a facial grid of 40. albeit one not suited to everyday life. Selfridges. What’s more. Access is granted if both images match. Ben Gurion International Airport. with over 70000 installations across the world. eliminates the risk of fraud and is the most proven biometric system available today. the system can be easily integrated into new or existing electronic access control systems to provide a quick and easy retro-fit solution.ingersollrand. This technology is becoming increasingly main stream and is no longer in the realms of science fiction and high security applications. Hand geometry was chosen for its ability to cope with the harsh weather conditions at the port and because it was widely accepted by the truck drivers over other biometric systems. Fingerprinting has been around for many years (for example. 3d Facial Recognition The latest and most fascinating technology involves facial recognition. using the body to prove unique identification is not new. Hand Readers Biometric hand readers are more robust than fingerprint readers. more recently. the US State Department. An image is captured by a patented algorithm. width. thickness and surface area – to verify that the person using the device is really who he or she claims to be. high throughput access points and for high security environments.000 measurable data points. The system is particularly suited to high volume. Biometrics In Practice Biometric hand geometry readers have been installed at the Port of Felixstowe as Phase 1 of a project which will require all truck drivers to biometrically identify themselves. Fingerprint Readers Fingerprint readers are a secure and low cost biometric solution for access control points that have minimal traffic flow and small user populations. Many companies have employed biometrics to control access and not just for sensitive areas. but better accounting and attendance records can be maintained. Not only is security heavily improved. document control facilities and laboratories. from which authorised persons are confirmed for access. Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies looks at the futuristic new technology designed to control access. Biometrics is the science of studying physical characteristics of a person such as finger prints. Linked to a centralised internet based system movement of goods are tracked and efficiency is greatly improved. Building sites have recently successfully used handreaders as well as places such as the Port of 20 Opinion opinion! . Hand readers can also be used as time and attendance terminals ensuring accuracy of payrolls. Fingerprint readers analyse fingerprints located between the tip of a finger and first knuckle. DNA profiling has become a popular method of identification. This saves money compared with traditional clocking in/out time cards. hand geometry or eye structure in order to identify them. The reader simultaneously analyses more than 31. Rotterdam Harbour and the Port of Felixstowe. The size of the database has no impact on accuracy of recognition within the process of identification. Ingersoll Rand has decades of experience and an unparalleled track record. Biometric Specialist. which then extracts unique points from the image and converts the data into a unique mathematical template. the face. Historians have found examples of thumbprints being used as a means of unique identification on clay seals in ancient China). These include the Northern Ireland Prison Service. The ability to integrate biometric systems into existing time & attendance and payroll software Opinion 21 is an added boon. biometrics technology has now taken a large leap forward with technological developments allowing analysis of a persons finger. performing accurate identification at sub-second speeds. but cargo handling times have reduced significantly.Biometrics – The Future Of Locking ! Dave They are particularly suited for gaining access to secure areas such as key rooms or areas such as computer rooms. More recently. iris and.

the really clever entrance matting should do all the dirty work for them without them noticing. low costs are vital. The days of the token coir mat are long gone. By using metal-free entrance matting.Deep pile carpets and coir matting on the surface of the floor or within a matwell should not be These are interesting statistics that can be debated but. Busy people no longer have the time to stand and wipe their shoes. exactly how their particular matting will perform. it very much easier to stop the stuff coming it all.. Performance in practice Informed suppliers of entrance flooring should provide helpful advice and be able to show. to protect the life of interior floors by reducing abrasive soil. in private ones. In fact.’ Short mattings are also useless because they will be stepped over. hopefully. less). is that there may be length laterally across the entrance but not directionally.Keeping The Outside Out Architect and journalist Christopher Sykes discusses entrance soil removal and best practice to improve design and reduce lifecycle costs It is well-known that about 80% of dirt entering a building comes in on the soles of feet (in public buildings. It costs a lot of money to remove and to keep interiors safe and looking good but there are solutions. In theory. Designwise it would be strange to have. One of the leaders is international matting manufacturer Plastic Extruders (Plastex) who produce the Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System which comprises several options and. with the potential for dirty interiors and the risk of slips. to ignore the need for a high performance entrance flooring system can have both legal and financial repercussions. to reduce cleaning requirements. To fulfil these functions an entrance floor must remove and retain soil. the greater amount of soil which is removed. 300 people enter each day it would mean a kilogram of dirt over a 5 day period and the cost to remove is reckoned to be over £800. be easy to clean and maintain and must retain its physical characteristics. Clause 9. aesthetics and cleanliness can be improved without loss of security. BS 7953 recommends that at least the circumference of a wheelchair should make contact with the entrance flooring. As we all know. Today. a 5m run of straight staircase width entrance matting leading up to the reception desk or lifts. Today. The secondary matting is the one which will largely remove moisture and dry the shoes. ‘Dirt collecting matting should be of dense construction. of course. in the same way as dirty windows are not tolerated. it must be of sufficient area that it relates to the strides taken by people entering the building and their different footwear. flooring should be to reduce the incidence of slippery accidents by reducing soil and moisture tracked onto hard floor surfaces. such as schools. What is less well-known is that an individual brings in nearly two-thirds of a gram per day of soil on his or her shoes. An interesting growing practice in retail facilities is to open up the entrance and do away the unsightly anti-shoplifting devices. as far as slip resistance performance is concerned.1.’ To do all this effectively is a science in itself. solutions and aftercare in order to achieve the very best results. totally eliminate exterior dirt will radically reduce the costs of maintenance as well as dramatically improve the interior. grit and dirt (plus in some case mud and snow).‘The function of entrance 22 Opinion used. it is probably more.frontrunnerplus. it has to look pristine and complement the interior (for. In extreme cases. perhaps even a tertiary one. The first mat stepped is the one that will scrape and remove most of the dirt and it must be stepped on at least once with each foot . Clearly. you may need a primary exterior barrier. it has to retain this external detritus and stop it penetrating the interior and soiling the immediate entrance surfaces. The problem. That may not sound much but if. say. Image is important.3 of the latest British Standard states. it must be easy to clean and/or remove the residual dirt. Plastex also offers a very detailed 20 page guide which demonstrates the choice. you will need to vary the materials – start with brush system underfoot for aggressive cleaning and gravitate through an open grid onto a carpet-like surface. in reality. For an entrance matting system to work effectively.5-6m in the direction of traffic is recommended.that means at least a 2m run. Entrance matting is therefore one of the more important decisions a designer or facilities manager can take. certainly a secondary one. precautions taken to reduce and. so often and for so long and be so cost effective! [w] www. Entrance matting not only has to perform superbly but has to complement the design and colours of the interior. it has to do several things – remove moisture. Getting It Right The most relevant Standard is BS 7953: 1999 Entrance Flooring Systems (Parts 4 and 5) which rather states the obvious:. meets the international standards of DIN 51130 (R11) and ASTM F 1677 (Dry 0.). To achieve all this. it must remove or conceal the residual dirt from the surface so that it is not tracked in by the next person (which is why coir matting is difficult).6)..6/Wet 0. finally. this is a longer process which means a longer run of matting .com Opinion 23 opinion! . for example. entrance matting is as much a part of interior design as any other element. Soil also comes in on wheelchairs or can be blown in by the wind. and by concealing the electronic devices underneath. Clever manufacturers and designers know how to meet both these aesthetic and physical requirements. Not many other building components have to multi-task so much. the greater the area of entrance matting. through case studies or otherwise.

Windows & Glazing! picture perfect projects: Kährs 26 Stannah Lifts 28 Victorian Woodworks 30 Levolux 32 building innovations Hunter Douglas 34 Permarock 36 Sikkens 38 Expanded Metal 40 Wicona 42 Glas Facades 44 Stoakes Systems 46 Contour Casings 48 “Beauty is the oracle that speaks to us all” Luis Barragan 2 Doors. Windows & Glazing 2 .

Kährs has formed a new partnership with Reflex Sports Ltd – the UK’s leading supplier of engineered timber sports floor systems. perfect joints between boards and enables the floor to be laid 50% more quickly than a traditional sports floor. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 1 eliminating the need for additional battens and fittings. it can also be easily removed for relaying elsewhere. bringing the product’s performance and installation benefits to new markets within the sports and leisure sector. The new partnership will centre on the specification of Kährs all-in-one Activity 2 Gallery Gallery 2 GALLERY! . Featuring integral shock-absorption and reinforcement properties. all options have a durable satin lacquer prefinish for easy maintenance. During installation. if required. Beech and Hard Maple. Kährs glueless Woodloc® joint gives strength. and in new Oak Mocha. Activity floor is available in Oak. Kährs Activity Floor is fully compliant to DIN and new EU standards and is the official FISAF floor for the World & European Aerobics Championships through to 2011. Kährs Activity Floor can be laid directly onto a level subfloor.Kährs And Reflex Sports Join Forces Europe’s largest wood flooring manufacturer.

s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 2 www. heights. Stannah’s Maxilift range of 6-16 person passenger lifts caters for various building types. 42 acre urban regeneration programme spanning 3 years. Available in capacities up to 100kg. A 2-stop. structure-supported frames. has chosen leading UK independent lift manufacturer.buildinginnovations. four 50kg Microlifts effect the speedy exchange of smaller merchandise between stock rooms and fitting floors in this vibrant flagship store. This project is part of a £920 million. restrictions and budgets. subject to builder’s work. two A2S escalators combine heavy-tread transport with exceptional durability and minimal maintenance. Complementary ceramic floor tiles lend continuity to every level served.Seven Stannah Lifts Products For JD Sports Fashion Plc In Liverpool Major UK sports fashion retailer. voice annunciator and half-height rear mirror. for all people and goods moving requirements within their brand new branch at the heart of the Paradise Project in Liverpool One. structure supported or wall-mounted models and with or without motor A brushed stainless steel finish inside and out is enhanced by an eight spot downlighter-effect suspended ceiling. culminating in 2008 with Liverpool becoming European Capital of Culture. 8-person Maxilift MXL passenger lift marries bespoke luxury with heavy-duty performance and full DDA 2 Gallery Gallery 2 GALLERY! . Last but not least. Stannah Lifts. Featuring brushed stainless steel with glass panel balustrades and matt black. these lifts operate within rapidlyerected. JD Sports Fashion Plc. extra-slim handrail guide frames. with installation swift and simple. The escalators are available in three models offering a wide range of materials and finishes for a flexible selection of configurations to enhance their surroundings. Available with traction or hydraulic drive.

co. as the interior décor and exterior architecture of this luxury five star hotel is simply majestic”. Sympathetically refurbished as twotwentytwo restaurant and bar. Guests of the grand and luxurious Landmark London will enjoy a sumptuous experience. Phil Wilson. Victorian Woodworks were delighted to provide something a little different for the flooring design solution. Victorian Woodworks’ Natural End Grain Woodblocks were chosen for this project. makes it the perfect gathering spot in the fashionable Marylebone area for drinks. Victorian Woodworks have been supplying their luxury flooring solutions to the UK’s premier hospitality and leisure venues for over twenty 30 Gallery Gallery 31 GALLERY! . s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 3 www. lunch or dinner. “We were exceptionally thrilled with the finished floor within the twotwentytwo restaurant and bar – another unique solution from our range. along with the diverse modernEuropean menu and delicious wine list. of Victorian Woodworks remarked. as they portray a timeless and warm appeal.buildinginnovations. this popular venue combines classic sophistication with eclectic style – which. coupled with superb durability that is a vital component of a hospitality environment – they also create a particular feature within the overall design of the new twotwentytwo. recently redesigned their restaurant and bar. The Landmark London.Victorian Woodworks Celebrate With ‘Another Landmark’ Timber flooring manufacturer. and their products and unsurpassed knowledge of wood flooring continues to be very much in demand. When one of the capital’s most prestigious five star hotels.

with excellent weather exclusion and ventilation properties. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 4 www. heat and glare. our louvre systems are flexible in design to incorporate doors. insect screens and acoustic panels as required.Solar Shading From The UK’s Number One Specialist Levolux offers a comprehensive range of solar shading 32 Gallery Gallery 33 GALLERY! .co. Ventilation Louvres Designed to screen plant and equipment. fabrics and finishes to create an eye-catching design feature. installs and maintains solar shading systems to the very highest standards.buildinginnovations. Levolux designs. Internal Shading From manually operated roller blinds to bespoke automated window blinds. Levolux solutions are tailored to meet specific requirements. utilising materials with unique qualities. External Shading Our products incorporate the very latest innovations in solar shading. cool environment. incorporating standard or custom made fabrics and textiles. manufactures. designed to control light. engineered to be energy efficient and to create a comfortable. Acoustic Fabric Walling Levolux offers a range of acoustic fabric walling with effective sound insulation and a variety of colours.

One striking and unusual aspect of the facade was the installation of six-metre-high panels and windows. The key objective for the 202-bedroom.The Travelodge Hotel With The 5-Star Facade Hunter Douglas façades have been used to fulfil the five-star brief of the new Southwark Travelodge in the heart of London’s Bankside 3 Gallery Gallery 3 GALLERY! . the stunning home of the London Development Agency. Hunter Douglas’s high quality QuadroClad ventilated rainscreen façade system was specified in combination with fully integrated recess windows and glazing elements. Travelodge architects Dexter Moren Associates set out to achieve a design that would not compete with the Palestra but which would pick up on its scale and nuances to create a landmark building in its own right. eight-storey hotel in Union Street was to ensure that it fully complemented the award-winning Palestra building next door. each spanning two floors of the hotel to create the impression of scale. also supplied by the façade and sun control manufacturer. The facade design was further enhanced with a jutting architectural feature at the top corner of the s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 5 www. As a result.buildinginnovations.

cornices and the like. Where buildings are concerned. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 6 www. allowing the creation of stylish detailing. such as brick. The origin of all 3D-System colours are the three primary colours . aesthetics and perception rules that some categories of colour are more harmonious and popular than others. The 1350 complementary colour shades and combinations of the 3D-System are based on a three dimensional colour sphere. in bright. PermaRock Exterior Render Systems and PermaRock External 3 Gallery Wall Insulation Systems can be finished plainly or with texture. Blue and Yellow.Orange. weather resistance and UV stability. The 3D-System provides a complete set of harmonious and complimentary colours for exterior wall Gallery 3 GALLERY! . The extensive range of decorative renders. mouldings. whilst simulated blockwork. innovative and challenging decorative finishes & effects. or to contrast with other materials such as glass and metals.Uniquely Expressive Facades The design and creation of building façades demands products that are functional and aesthetic. the colour wheel is endless. ashlar. coatings. bold colours or neutral or earth shades. with decorative tiles. the Secondary Colours . relief banding or sweeping curves can be introduced to add further expression. PermaRock are as careful in developing products that achieve a traditional appearance. The permutations are limitless as are the possibilities for new shades and hues: In short. durable and decorative and which can be used alongside natural materials. The pure inorganic pigments give total reliability in colour fastness. By intermixing these primary colours. stonework or rustication as we are with fulfiling the needs of contemporary architecture. developed to give maximum scope for the creation of beautiful and distinctive exteriors and interiors for buildings. Violet and Green are derived. At the turn of the century PermaRock created a sensation in the field of colour for buildings by the introduction into the UK of the 3D-System developed by Europe’s leading building façade systems with bright and bold. Caparol. finishes and effects available from PermaRock provides the designer with unprecedented freedom to create uniquely expressive façades and interesting architectural designs. brick or stone effects. Further blending of these colours gives rise to a wider spectrum of colours.buildinginnovations. such as timber and stone. through-coloured renders and colourful Decoline tiles as well as for interior and exterior enamels and wood finishes. Three dimensional texture can be introduced in the form of architectural profiles.

which include the sometimes harsh Scottish climate and the noise pollution from the road. and allows the flexibility necessary for the natural movement of timber.Sikkens Sustains Hamilton Development Sikkens products have been recognised as environmentally responsible in a prestigious urban development in Scotland that has been designed as a testament to environmental and energy efficiency. fitted in with the overall design requirements. the homes on Miller Street advocate how modern sustainable design can be achieved in a busy urban environment. Due to their sheer size. we have been able to maintain the sustainable theme to the highest degree possible. project architect at Hypostyle. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 7 www. “We used the Cetol BL21 plus on the Douglas Fir timber because of its appearance but also because of its environmental properties. Miller Street utilises passive and active principles to ensure an environmentally friendly design ranging from thermal walls to solar panel technology. which also offers a quick drying 3 Gallery Gallery 3 GALLERY! . The design was chosen through a competition promoted by clients.” Innovative. a challenge easily met by the Cetol BL21 plus coating. Located on former derelict land at the edge of Hamilton town centre. These huge clad walls act as a physical barrier against the outside conditions.” continues Mr Rae. “As timber is a highly sustainable construction material. super insulated timber clad wall facing onto the main road and these have been protected using Sikkens Cetol BL21 plus wood coating.buildinginnovations. environmentally friendly design techniques have been applied throughout the development.” explains Steven Rae. The residential development comprises 26 units in four blocks and follows an inspirational design by Hypostyle Architects. offering full protection against the damaging effects of sunlight and weathering. creating a sustainable community on a particularly tight urban site. saving on time and associated costs. and the inclusion of the Sikkens Cetol BL21 plus water-based coatings with their lower carbon Sikkens Cetol BL21 plus is an alkyd/acrylic coating which absorbs into the timber surface. BL 21 plus offers a reduction in VOC emissions. ensuring that the homes have minimal effect on the environment. “The whole theme of the development is sustainability and the Sikkens product fitted neatly into the specification requirements. Clyde Valley Housing Association in conjunction with Communities Scotland and Hamilton Ahead (South Lanarkshire Council). Each of the four blocks has a thick. they had to appear aesthetically pleasing. we have made extensive use of it in the scheme and by protecting it with Cetol BL21 plus. due to the replacement of oil-based solvents with water.

The huge choice of patterns and finishes available present an unlimited design palette. expanded metal is now recognised as a powerful tool in architecture and interior s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 8 www. can be molded into a myriad of design opportunities. It is increasingly been used in interior design projects it is an ideal material for shopping fittings. The versatility of the materials allows enhanced creativity for the interior designer and represents a cost efficient option that is strong and aesthetically. hexagonal and squared as well as the traditional diamond.buildinginnovations. balustrades or even purely for decorative purposes.Expanded Metal has been produced from the same site in Hartlepool for 120 years. slotted. including circular. Expanded metal mesh is now at the forefront of modern design. the New Vic and London’s Stephen Lawrence Centre. Traditionally seen as an industrial material and often Bringing The Outside Inside…… 40 Gallery Gallery 41 GALLERY! . The overriding advantage of the material for designers is its versatility and adaptability offering a unique multifaceted styling tool. bars. evident on such illustrious contemporary structures as the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.

co. but the nature of the research demanded a very precise and constant internal temperature. The façade units are up to 3.” The Wicona unitised approach allows the façade panels to be fully glazed and sealed in a controlled factory environment. without the need for The Beatson Institute has already won a number of awards.6m wide and were prefabricated and glazed off site. added. It is located within a historic walled garden. Wicona unitised curtain walling has been used to create a complex. reducing installation time and improving quality control. a lecture theatre. This is a first class approach to façade construction. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 9 www. completion and occupation. was definitely superior. before being delivered to site for faster installation onto pre-prepared fixings. and provides an unusual solar screen. The pattern was designed as an art piece by artist Alan Johnston.Double Skin Façade For Award-Winning Research Centre Constructed Using Wicona Unitised Curtain Walling The double skin façade for the multi award-winning Beatson Cancer Research Facility at the University of Glasgow. It takes the form of a transparent crystalline cube. the £12m scheme is a world centre of excellence for cancer research. social areas and laboratories with support spaces for 250 staff. The client wanted a high degree of transparency and natural light into the centre of the building. which arrived on site around 80 per cent complete.” Nick Richardson. and reduces the amount of UV light entering the scaffolding. The tall glazed units allow light into the centre of the building and its laboratories. was constructed using Wicona unitised curtain walling. “This is an internationally important institution. which reflects the advanced nature of the research and contrasts with the historic nature of the site and the surrounding walled garden. Designed by Reiach and Hall and built by Balfour Beatty. and are ideal for constrained city centre sites with restricted access and limited storage space for materials. Each double skin unitised panel carries a pane of laminated structurally bonded glass on the outside. Project Manager at Balfour Beatty Construction. which allowed the building to maximise light transmission whilst reducing solar gain.9m high and 1. and the third face of the external glass is fritted. and bring forward the testing and commissioning phase. Project Architect at Reiach and Hall.buildinginnovations. The new building accommodates seminar rooms. with a double glazed unit behind. This was an important benefit for such a high specification façade and it allowed us to start the complex services installation at an earlier stage. bespoke double skin façade. Insulated opaque glass conceals services. The quality of the façade panels. This method improves quality control and site safety. including a Civic Trust Award and the Glasgow Institute of Architects Supreme Award and Best Healthcare Project Award. helping to provide an inspirational working environment and attractive views. Unitised solutions are particularly suited to more complex and bespoke façade designs. 2 Gallery Gallery 43 GALLERY! . such as at the Beatson Institute. Ian Hopkins. added. “We would estimate that the unitised approach reduced site erection time by around 50 per cent. and can reduce time on site by up to 70 per cent for earlier fitting out. surrounded by the mature grounds of the Garscube Estate on the outskirts of Glasgow.

means that specifiers no longer have to compromise between natural light and thermal performance in a building. Some 70% of the aluminium used has been recycled and the timber used is 100% Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification certified.buildinginnovations. In addition to their excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Vision 3000 has achieved an A rating under the BFRC scheme. the strength of the highly engineered timber profiles and joint details makes possible single pane opening sizes which could not be considered in other materials. Natural Pine. The combination wood and aluminium windows can be double or triple glazed and are available in Finished Pine.Stylish Composite Windows And Doors The recent introduction of Vision 3000 composite windows and doors by London-based Glas Facades Ltd. which maximises Canadian Pine and European Oak. Not only has Glas Facades been putting the composite window frames through all the necessary European accreditations in terms of quality and performance. reduces sightlines and makes the system more affordable. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 10 www. Individual doors up to 1700 mm wide and two metres high are easily  Gallery Gallery 4 GALLERY! .

Maximising Daylighting . energy costs are reduced.28 can be achieved which is equivalent to a solid wall. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 11 www. This is the unique Kalwall cladding and roofing system which floods interiors with ‘museum quality’ light without shadows. By using Nanogel aerogel within the  Gallery Gallery 4 GALLERY! This means less artificial lighting and. At the same time it has a marked influence on the interior ambience as well as on personal well-being. because the system is highly insulating. Diffused daylighting is all about maximising daylighting in buildings while minimising heat loss. concentration and lifestyle in every type of building . glare or hotspots or the need for blinds or solar control.from schools to retail. from pools to sports halls. an astonishingly low U value of 0. Minimising Energy We are not talking about the energy exerted by schoolchildren at this Slough & Eton Church of England School by Architects Design Partnership. from transport to industrial.

The Copings also have an integral weather-sealing feature that prevents water ingress into the building structure. stopends and intersection/upstands. satin or matt finish – mill finish can also be In addition. tee-sections. In addition to standard ranges. The innovative system has been designed for fixing to walls and parapets on all types of building and incorporates a ‘secret fix’ design which gives installations a  Gallery Gallery 4 GALLERY! . Contour offer a free site survey service and employ experienced surveyors who can identify any potential problems on site and ensure that these are avoided. As part of an integrated system approach. Each Coping profile is complemented by a range of accessories including. the company offers a full ‘supply and fit’ service for Copings and an experienced project management team is in place to look after the entire process. Contour also offers a custom manufacturing capability that includes the production of curved sections that can be fabricated to any radii to provide a contemporary appearance to curved parapet walls. weathered and ridged. As with other aspects of the Contour business. Special profiles in addition to the standard and curved offerings can also be produced to ensure seamless integration with a variety of architectural styles. Initially available in 3 standard profiles: square. (Contour Copings are totally weatherproof and tested to withstand wind loads in excess of 140mph). high quality aluminium capping system that has just been announced by Contour Casings Limited. clean-line appearance. For most colours Contour offers a choice of gloss. corners. All Contour Copings’ components are polyester powder-coated to ensure long term durability and Syntha Pulvin can also be specified to provide a guarantee of up to 30 years (depending on the application). Contour Copings are manufactured in widths up to 750mm and heights up to 300mm. The company also offers custom manufacture for bespoke applications. the UK’s leading supplier of pre-formed pipe boxing and column casings. Contour offer an extensive range of standard colours as well as the ability to supply colour-matched components where required. The Copings are manufactured from aluminium to BS EN 485/515/573 with a thickness of 2mm – a dimension that can be increased as required by the application/installation. all of which help to ensure ease of installation and a perfect fit. helping to ensure minimal disruption to building occupants. in 5 standard lengths from 1250mm to 3000mm.buildinginnovations. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 12 www.Contour Casings Announce Copings Range Contour Copings is a new. Contours’ experienced installation teams have the skill and capability to ensure that the finished installation is undertaken quickly and efficiently.

107 projects .81 roofs .70 external work .84 building innovations walls .62 doors.106 fire protection . windows & glazing .52 floors . Windows & Glazing 1 .110 “Men can do all things if they will” Leon Battista Alberti 50 Doors.the book! news .92 interiors .96 paints & coatings . Windows & Glazing Doors.57 environmental control .102 structures .

it covers a wide range of products from access control through to washroom accessories. including technical information. Focusing on design. behaviour in relation to fire. healthcare and public buildings has been launched by decorative casing and protection company. To be able to have several products on show and support these with literature and the latest three dimensional video graphics gives specifiers a real feel about a products’ capability. which is fully mechanised. Encasement. previously a landfill site for factory waste. That’s why the company is looking to increase market share still further with an active PR and marketing and features a low energy. Offering specifiers an easy to use and comprehensive guide. has a new look. when specifying product.buildinginnovations. Strada is one of the UK’s leading distributors of architectural Hanson To Open New £50 Million Brick Factory Hanson is to open a new £50 million brick factory at Measham in Leicestershire. during and beyond handover. Fire Design Solutions ensures the correct installation of its bespoke systems on every project. maximise system efficiency and streamline maintenance. The Charter-Integr8 range of innovative shutters delivers the highest level of security and offers both built-in and retrofit the showroom can also cater for up to 10 people for meetings and presentations. Some of its specialised systems include Fan Assisted System which represents a new evolution in smoke ventilation. maintenance and cost efficiency elements. has already begun commissioning trials and will be fully operational by the end of the Summer. Also.buildinginnovations. where relevant.buildinginnovations. A professional design and installation specialist with a proven track record. nontoxic and fully recyclable handrails and wall guards for hospitals. chartergroupuk. Strada. the incorporation of the scientific principles behind fire and smoke and a dedication to research and pioneering safety systems sets Fire Design Solutions apart within the industry. It stands on brown field land.buildinginnovations. PVC free and Halogen free material that is 100% recyclable and ecologically friendly. the impulse car park ventilation system and an environmental heat removal system. increase saleable floor 2 News News 3 B/i : the book! . making it an F1 Class rated material. Fitted out with multimedia technology. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 20 fully illustrated and interactive website. The website also features CGL Systems range of membrane lined gutter systems. economical alternative to traditional methods of construction such as brick and CGL . s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 14 www. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 13 www. with a proven track record and reputation for quality product and first class customer service. The mobile showroom is based on a animated section showing a range of over 20 options CGL Systems can offer designers who are looking for an innovative solution both in terms of design and materials to externally clad a and new brochure designed to capitalise on the company’s recent strong performance. weathertightness and durability. which manufactures and supplies the leading Charter-Integr8 range of built-in security shutters. The website includes a link to the company’s ‘Vision of the future for metal rainscreens’ .a unique non-toxic. The new catalogue is split into 14 clearly defined categorieEach section includes details on a range of products. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 16 www. it is non-porous. ancillary products and a range of product videos which can be viewed Charter-Integr8 Gets A New Look As Sales Move Up A Gear Charter Specialist Security. EkoBlend does not give off any harmful fumes such as those normally associated with traditional PVC based products.a complete exterior system that has set new standards for building design and construction. Working with leading British and European manufacturers. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 19 www. The soft mud plant. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 18 www. finishes and dimensions. Charter firmly believes it’s in the right place at the right time with an excellent product range and unrivalled service and New Handrail And Wall Protection Range Is Flame Retardant A new range of flame retardant.buildinginnovations. has launched a new architectural hardware Fire Design Solutions provides a comprehensive smoke and fire safety systems service. new website ( A quality assured firm. the company value engineers each installation to deliver tangible benefits s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 15 www.Senior’s Take To The Road The importance of having physical product and support available when in discussion with product specifiers cannot be overstated. performance and. the company provides specifiers with a single source for a wide variety of products. The new plant has sustainability and quality at its core. Senior Architectural Systems have decided to take the showroom to the specifier. making it easy to clean and is stable against UV and artificial lighting. Fire Design Solutions can provide significant cost savings. The BBA assesses a number of key factors including strength and stability.5 tonne chassis and has been put together in conjunction with Doncaster College. or showroom. but also helps create a safer environment as it is manufactured using EkoBlend .Launch A New Vision For Rainscreens CGL Systems have just launched an exciting.buildinginnovations. low waste production process. The showroom has been designed and constructed in support of Senior’s customer base who can use the facility for open days and in support of contract negotiations. In-depth specialist knowledge. which will have the capacity to produce 100 million bricks per year. The system provides architects and distributors with a high The innovative n-case Styla range not only provides an effective handrail and wall protection solution. reaffirming its position as the UK’s leading supplier of heavy construction materials. The college has been pioneering 3D technology for some time as a way of improving understanding and learning capabilities in conjunction with local Strada Launches New Architectural Hardware Catalogue Leading supplier of architectural hardware. As it is not always possible for specifiers to take time out of their busy schedules to visit recently completed Fire Design Solutions: Providing Unique Innovation Offering a full turnkey package. Aquapanel’s distinctive construction offers considerable productivity benefits: its unique ‘score and snap’ properties mean it’s easy and quick to install and its dry-lining technology means shorter drying times too.buildinginnovations. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 17 www. The launch of Charter’s new brand identity and corporate literature is the first phase of a rolling programme of PR and marketing aimed at building on its rapidly growing portfolio of satisfied clients. featuring their complete range of metal rainscreen systems for all types of wall cladding applications. The showroom will also be available in support of Senior’s active CPD programme for specifiers which is undertaken by their trained technical sales BBA Approval For Greenspan’s Aquapanel Greenspan has been awarded approval from the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for its water-resistant Aquapanel system .

and also rainwater harvesting. or exceeding clients’ budget constraints. despite the downturn in housebuilding. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 21 www. As part of this the post of Product Manager for Sustainability was created to offer specifiers guidance on how they can gain the greatest benefits. greatly supplementing the benefits of installing low volume flushing toilets and aeration devices in taps. but the company’s entire operation from production through to final distribution is the subject of continuing effort to cut waste and improve performance. rainwater harvesting can be used for running the washing machine or supplying the outside to go on enjoying similar benefits. assessors looking at new properties in relation to the Code for Sustainable Homes are now able to take rainwater harvesting systems into account with respect to the contribution they make to attenuating The Versa Pipe Boxing System n-case Versa pipe boxing provides a truly adaptable solution for specifiers who need to conceal pipe work in many commercial and domestic For this reason. The seminar covers technical considerations and implications regarding the impact of changes in the Building Regulations. “Correctly sized and installed. while they are also able to withstand heavy vehicle loads if they need to be located beneath roads or parking areas. but thankfully the construction industry does enjoy some sort of consensus on the definition of we are not jeopardising the potential for future generations. And ensuring we get the maximum efficiency from the fossil fuels we use to heat our homes. proving a wealth of technical data with supporting 3D models. It is clear then that paying attention to the way we consume and dispose of or drain away water can make a significant contribution to preserving resources. cutting carbon emissions and mitigating against future flooding episodes. performance criteria and sustainable construction. not just toilet flushing. The completely revised guide incorporates the very latest product innovations such as the Type LS.buildinginnovations. as in a variety of ways they make important contributions to the environmental agenda. Ecovat is able to drastically reduce a dwelling’s dependence on mains water. In other words the reservoir can be viewed as a temporary store. Versa 5 and Versa 8. Both products perform perfectly with all types of tiles. and Polypipe facilitates the all important area of attenuation with its well proven Polystorm product. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 23 www. Provided by Kalzip. but has also made considerable effort to explain the different product’s potential to provide points under the various categories of the code. and installation guidance. but it will require virtually every aspect of the domestic environment to be addressed to reach the higher levels. without radically changing the way they design properties. the manufacturer’s rainwater harvesting system. Polypipe Building Products has not only been working to enhance the performance of its portfolio. by employing underfloor heating systems. these seminars address issues surrounding current trends and the future direction of standing seam design for the building Is Grey The New Green? The jury may still be out regarding exactly what the Government means by a ‘Zero Carbon Home’. And unlike grey water recycling. The grey areas start to emerge as you debate which products. systems or strategies can actually be considered to achieve this ideal.21st Century Design’ are being held at many locations around the UK. offering extreme corrosion protection in harsh environments such as those found offshore or in processing plants. ARDEX-FLEX FS is perfect for use with narrow joints up to 4mm whereas ARDEX-FLEX FL has been specifically developed for use with wide tile joints from Steelwork Connection Manual Published Lindapter has released the comprehensive resource for designing weld-free steelwork connections. The high capacity grey cells being stacked together to create holding tanks. An alternative version in black. will similarly benefit the environment. featuring specification data. Versa one piece preformed pipe boxings are ready-finished with a hard wearing bonded melamine surface. For those who are not already familiar with the Code for Sustainable Homes. all available in ARDEX-FLEX FS Flexible Tile Grout and ARDEX-FLEX FL Rapid Setting Flexible Tile Grout. Though Polypipe Building Products believes that a growing number of specifiers are coming to appreciate the green benefits of its predominantly grey coloured plumbing. heating and drainage products. Again in the familiar grey livery. a premium self-adjustable stainless steel fixing. that by employing products and practices which are has a significant recycled content. acting to reduce immediate discharge into the stormwater drainage system. As Brian Stannett observes: “Designers have realised there is only so much air you can put through the taps and then you have to start looking at ways of replacing the mains water supply you are using for non-potable applications.” Ardex-Flex Grouts Get Colourful! ARDEX UK’s ARDEX-FLEX FS and ARDEX-FLEX FL Tile Grouts are now available in 32 fantastic new The power consumed in treating and distributing mains water – coupled with continuing losses from the UK’s inadequately maintained pipework infrastructure – actually makes this essential of life a prime cause of pollution. Lindapter offer a free design service for the specifier’s convenience and the research and development of bespoke solutions. Lindapter’s relentless dedication to research and development is further illustrated with the revolutionary Hollo-Bolt® Flush Fit. Available in a range of sizes and two material thicknesses. but cannot carry Technical Innovation in Steelwork Connections Established 1934 5 News News  B/i : the book! . In respect of achieving such ambitions not only has Polypipe Building Products developed a range able to assist specifiers meet current and future targets on sustainability.buildinginnovations. it is actually possible for Ecovat to collect and recycle sufficient rainwater to cut an average household’s consumption of mains water by as much as 50per ‘enabling’ or optimising the performance of ground source and air source heat pumps as well as high efficiency condensing boilers. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 25 www. clearly illustrating the vast examples of potential connections that can now be achieved. Brian Stannett was appointed from within Polypipe to fill this vital role and has also been involved with the Housing Forum. product application and construction techniques. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 24 www. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 22 www. Expanding beyond this. Namely. He comments: “We are seeing a lot more interest being shown of late in a number of areas – especially the control of surface water or storm water management. The aesthetically pleasing cavity fixing creates immense opportunity for architectural design. The guide has been created to assist specifiers designing steelwork connections.buildinginnovations. Versa pipe boxing is significantly quicker to fit than site fabricated pipe boxing. Polystorm Light.Standing Seam CPD Seminars CPD Seminars entitled ‘Discussing Standing Seam . standards. it is important to point out that the guidance on creating greener dwellings is not only being phased in over a period of just a few years. Featuring radiused corners for improved aesthetics and suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation.” Implementing sustainable drainage systems or SUDs is of course a planning requirement as well as a feature of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The other very positive aspect to supplementing or replacing potable supply which Polypipe is keen to point out to specifiers relates to water’s enormous energy footprint. legislation. technical diagrams. while our underfloor heating systems are also being used more frequently as a means of Interestingly. Future design opportunities demonstrating stateof-the-art technology and the latest innovations in the market are included in the presentation together with an overview of related component design covering technical detailing.buildinginnovations. as it is concealed within the steelwork with no protruding bolt head or collar. n-case Versa pipe boxing also incorporates a range of dedicated accessories. Sales of these ranges have actually been increasing.

cleans and dries the shoes of the hotel guests while any dirt remaining falls through the grid and is not transferred Sky-High Praise For Addaset At Kew Addagrip’s resin-bound surface Addaset has been used to provide a durable. a component in the raw material of the resins used to bind wood fibres by wood based composites industry. Expect Distribution’s new goods inwards/outwards area measures an impressive 5000m² and. part of the panel products division of Coillte – the Irish forestry and forest products company. dust and other contaminates and thereby enhances appearance and reduces maintenance in the hotel particularly in seeking business overseas. has long been subject to debate. support and floor fixings. Lindapter has manufactured to the highest standard for three quarters of a century. anti-slip surface for the new Rhizotron and Xstrata treetop walkway at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew.buildinginnovations. Resdev Flooring Chosen For Flagship Distribution Centre When Expect Distribution were looking for a flooring solution for their new £9M flagship central distribution facility at Premier Point in Bradford. has been installed at the main entrance to a new Greek hotel linoleum and some types of PVC-based tiles and sheets. home product retailers and regulation coming from California have resulted in the call for stricter standards on MDF and chipboard producers than are currently being applied in Europe. is an industry pioneer and has long been at the forefront of ‘low formaldehyde’ innovation in Another Winning Performance From Ardex ARDEX UK recently helped complete a flooring installation on behalf of the Hilton East Midlands Airport hotel.buildinginnovations. safe. ARDEX AF 3000 multi purpose flooring adhesive was chosen to install the new Brintons carpet. following a legacy set by founder Henry Lindsay to produce only the highest quality steelwork fixings. Now. The walkway consists of the Rhizotron underground passage and 200 metre Xstrata walkway 18 metres above ground.75 Years Of Lindapter In light of the current economic climate it makes refreshing news to learn of a company that has endured a number of recessions since the brand’s inception in 1934 and remains steadfast in face of the latest industrial downturn. With continued and growing interest in ‘healthy buildings’. Lindapter argues that by adopting a proactive approach. in addition to bespoke product development. With the demands associated with constant traffic. Frontrunner Plus is manufactured with integral absorbent inserts within a heel-proof vinyl grid. UK businesses can remain profitable during these troubled times. it appears to be a convincing strategy. incorporating a silica scatter. Lindapter celebrates 75 years pioneering the design and manufacture of steelwork connection solutions. Using products from Resdev’s Puma range of epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems. Lindapter is specified on countless projects across the globe. enabling rapid construction and low labour costs. reliable installation was vital. It can also even be used with underfloor heating systems. low maintenance and hard wearing. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 30 www. It was selected for its proven reputation in heavy foot traffic situations where problemfree and effective cleaning needs to be combined with cost effectiveness. Today the distinguished array of products includes steelwork. Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik and Det Norske Veritas. This dramatically reduces the ingress of dirt. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 29 www. seal and bond to the substrate. product emissions and indoor air quality. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 31 Frontrunner Welcomes Guests Frontrunner Plus. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 26 www. whilst colour-coding different zones in the process. the USA and Japan. In response to the growing market demands for reduced formaldehyde emissions from MDF panels. As the company celebrates 75 years of continued success.buildinginnovations.buildinginnovations. Reprotec and Resdev came to their aid. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 28 www. The floor was prepared by means of vacuum blasting before saw-cutting all the strength points. reduced maintenance and an attractive appearance. It is a cold applied surface that offers a wide choice of aggregates that can be chosen to harmonise with the local surroundings making it ideal for use on historic sites and heritage restoration projects. and up to 20 minutes open time. This also means that Medite is able to produce MDF which meets the EPF-S guideline standards currently being developed in Europe. Current accreditations awarded by international associations include Lloyds Medite. as well as the anti-slip ramp system and disabled access paths. Europe has led the way on formaldehyde reduction with the E1 standard but demands from the market. will be one of the busiest distribution bases within the UK. and its versatility to adhere to carpet. Medite has the ability to manufacture MDF panels which have been certified in compliance with the emission standards of CARB 2. or ‘Lindsay Adaptor’ and the combination of the two words explains the formation of the now famous brand name. achieving a resilient surface with excellent durability and resistance to impact and abrasion. Additional benefits of ARDEX AF 3000 include rapid strength development. the company was determined that the floor would meet all projected requirements. this is now a major live issue for panel products in 5 News Floors  B/i : the book! .co. Addaset provides a smooth. A fast This bottom layer was then overlaid with two coats of Pumatect high build epoxy coating to encapsulate the hard wearing Medite Ready With Carb 2 Compliant MDF Formaldehyde.buildinginnovations. Following a recent g16 million investment in new technology and equipment to improve production facilities and refiner capabilities at its plant in Clonmel in Ireland. The end result has been praised by Expect Distribution. The vast product range has diversified from the original 1934 invention of the malleable iron hookbolt adapter. 18 months before the CARB 2 regulation becomes compulsory in the US. exceptional wet grab. earning a multitude of independent approvals and a reputation synonymous with safety and reliability. TÜV NORD. was used to prime. An innovative ‘sandwich’ system was then applied using Pumadur SL flowapplied polyurethane flooring with a scatter of Grip 5 aggregate. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 27 www. when commissioned. ease of use. Resdev’s Pumaprime SF. all of which have developed their own standards in response. Lindapter provides a unique and proven concept – innovative steelwork clamping systems that eliminate the need to drill or weld steelwork. Durham-based Reprotec UK Limited have provided the ideal longterm answer. This unique combination scrapes. slightly textured homogenous surface by binding together natural aggregate within a clear resin which is attractive. Total Protection laid a total of 449m² of 6mm All Gold Addaset to a depth of 15mm for the surfacing of the Rhizotron and plaza area around the aerial walkway. ARDEX AF 3000 displays unsurpassed on-site performance. part of the Frontrunner entrance flooring system. Medite continues to be able to respond quickly to constantly evolving regulations.

uk).co. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 36 www.buildinginnovations. education. and retail applications and give an indication of the environmental performance that the Gerflor range may achieve in the respective use categories.buildinginnovations. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 37 www. a specialist flooring system from Sika Ltd provided the solution. which went live on line on 31st March. The Polypipe 123 Solution has been designed so that in just three simple steps the installer can arrive at a full specification to suit a wide variety of individual applications. rates products against a range of criteria including fossil fuel Sika Solution For Canary Wharf Kitchen When the floor of the commercial kitchen on the 8th floor of the Swiss Bank building at Canary Warf in London’s Docklands was allowing water to penetrate through to the floors below. The real advantage of ARDITEX NA is that its unique rapid setting properties enable floorcoverings to be applied after just 4 hours. making it ideal for use both above and below a damp proof membrane such as ARDEX DPM 1 C One Coat Surface Damp Proof Membrane. The generic products on the Green Guide Online include floorcoverings for health. The Sikafloor Purcem system is water based. ease of use. ARDITEX NA Ultra Rapid Setting Low Odour Latex Levelling and Smoothing Compound has become the flooring industry benchmark in terms of performance.ARDEX UK teamed up with Neofloors Limited to complete a new visitor’s reception area at Cambridge Regional College. access was Summing Up 1-2-3 According to Polypipe’s Martin Dootson. It also has excellent water resistant properties. carbon emissions and pollution. Flooring contractors Datum Industrial Flooring were called in and identified the problem as poor waterproofing of the original concrete floor. ARDEX K 15-B Rapid Drying Pumpable Sub-Floor Smoothing Compound Base Mix was specified at It is suitable for extreme environments and produces a jointless surface that is slip and abrasion resistant. It was essential that a flat. With such a secure Ardex Microtec Tile Adhesive Steals The Limelight At Cambridge Regional College s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 32 the seven Howe Green Visedge access panels fit perfectly flush with the floor. a new web and disc–based quotation system for underfloor heating has been warmly received by installers since it was launched last year receiving 1500 hits per week on the website. ARDITEX NA has exceptional flow and can also be laid from a feather edge up to at least 12mm in a single application and up to 30mm with the addition of ARDEX Aggregate. Use of the generic product ratings will help specifiers achieve the highest possible BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) rating for new buildings and reduce the overall impact of their projects on the To fix the tiles.buildinginnovations. Black Bottle. BRE’s Green Guide to Specification Floor Finishes section. floor area and the control pack needed for a single room or whole house. ARDEX MICROTEC X 78 S Ultra Rapid Setting Floor Tile Adhesive was specified in grey. Howe Green’s access panels provide the kitchen with ‘stiletto-proof’ protection. The finished floor can be steam cleaned to give the highest levels of hygienic surface demanded by the modern food industry. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 33 www. Because the existing sub-floor was uneven. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 34 The Only Colours That Matter… Yellow 8 Floors Floors  B/i : the book! .buildinginnovations. the Visedge panels prevent any dirt or moisture ingress. hard wearing and low maintenance floor be specified and that the chosen sub-floor would provide the perfect base for the fixing of large format Domus Ecolight 600mm x 600mm floor tiles. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 35 www. This smooth installation ensured that the access panels were made virtually unnoticeable.buildinginnovations. The absence of ammonia and protein in ARDITEX NA means that it is perfect for use in sensitive locations. Finally. PVC is possibly the most widely tested construction material and the most recent evidence has shown it to be a major contributor to reducing environmental impact within the construction industry. The scheme – which assesses the environmental impact of construction products – confounds the previously widespread belief that construction products made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are inherently damaging to the environment. PVC Floorcoverings Get “A+” Environmental Assessment In BRE Global’s Green Guide Online BRE Global has published generic Green Guide ratings for vinyl floorcoverings ( Visedge Access Panels Are Furlongs Ahead Of The Rest Howe Green’s state-of-the-art Visedge floor access panels made the flawless finishing touch to a restaurant refurbishment at the prestigious Goodwood Racecourse in But with crucial internal drainage under one kitchen. Nothing is visible but the thin edge trims around each of the Visedge panels. The software does the rest and will give helpful guidance along the way”. speed and reliability. high performance ARDEX– FLEX FL Grey Rapid Setting Flexible Grout was used to fill the tile joints. “All you do is state the floor type.buildinginnovations. Maintenance-free. The solution employed by Datum was to install the Sikafloor Purcem resin floor surface system that is specifically designed for food processing and preparation areas. To help the panels blend in with the rest of the kitchen floor they are topped with the same Altro flooring used throughout the room. “It really is as easy as one-two-three” he says. They’re designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. ARDITEX NA has excellent properties of adhesion and flexibility. providing environmentally friendly application by contractors and taint-free properties that will not taint food or food packaging. Specified for a quality finish. The floor surface was also subject to slip hazards. This ensured there was no danger of slips and trips in the high-pressure kitchen

pressing the tiles in firmly so no voids remain beneath the tiles. where the tile bed abuts walls and columns (perimeter joints). ARDEX-FLEX FL. This procedure will be effective where the adhered tiling will be subjected to occasional wetness. Even the normal conditioning of any plywood sheets used to stiffen the floor will not match the conditions under the heated tiling. such as concrete or a cement/sand screed. If possible condition the new plywood to the moisture levels in the room by storing it for several days with good air circulation on all sides. Even hard floorings. or ARDEX-FLEX 7001. If a pourable adhesive is used.g. flooring grade asphalt. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 38 www. ARDEX X 78 S MICROTEC.buildinginnovations. partially due to the increased availability of electric under tile heating systems and also the space saving advantages of underfloor heating. ARDEX X 77 S. the wood-based boards will experience a warmer environment and will lose moisture and shrink. The placement of the heating under the uncoupling membrane will more evenly distribute the heat to the floor tiling. and across thresholds. there is no need to butter the backs of the tiles to achieve solid bedding. In some instances it can be prudent to utilise an impervious proprietary tile backing board to stiffen an existing suspended wood based sub-floor.g. When the new conditioned plywood is fixed down on the smoothed sub-floor the under tile heating system can be installed with a proprietary uncoupling membrane following the recommendations for as described suspended wood-based sheets and floorboards. The tiles should be solid bed fixed making sure that as far as is practicable no voids remain beneath the tiles. Where other subfloors are to be considered then advice should be sought from the manufacturers of the under tile heating system and the products used in its installation. e. e. Note that resin bonded agglomerated stone tiling has a significantly higher thermal expansion than natural stone and ceramic tiling so that extra movement has to be accommodated. ARDEX X 78 S. Grouting should be carried out as soon as the tile bed can be trafficked and either a cement-based grout classified to BS EN 13888 as CG2. The under tile heating system can be installed directly on top of the tile backing board and the surface smoothed to just encapsulate the heating cables using ARDEX FA 20. Whilst this ribbed bed is still wet and workable the backs of the tiles should be buttered with the adhesive immediately before being bedded into the ribbed adhesive bed.g.g. e. such a ceramic floor tiles and terrazzo flooring. e. can cause problems since movement can occur at existing cracks during thermal cycling and grin through the new flooring. especially textile and resilient floorings.The application of floor tiling on heated sub-floors has become more popular in recent years. where the higher temperatures of the under tile heating system will either reduce the load-bearing properties. Where the sub-floor consists of suspended wood-based sheets and floorboards then ascertaining the stability and rigidity is more difficult since.g. Ceramic And Natural Stone Tiling On Under Tile Heating Systems 60 Floors Floors 61 B/i : the book! . Other types of sub-floors have to be considered carefully. The next step is to pre-smooth the sub-floor and encapsulate the heating mat or cables in ARDEX FA 20 MICROTEC Fibre Reinforced Rapid Drying Floor Levelling and Smoothing Compound so the heating elements will have a sufficient cover. The best procedure is to prime the boards with undiluted ARDEX P 51 Primer and install the under tile heating mat or cables in accordance with the heating manufacturer’s instructions. If a slump-free tile adhesive is used. e. it has to be trowelled on the sub-floor and combed through with the recommended notched trowel to provide a straight ribbed bed.g. e.g. with a C2 classification to BS EN 12004.g. e. should be used. Movement joints should be incorporated in the tile bed where the tiling abuts any restraining surfaces. With some natural and agglomerated stone tiles the use of ‘rapid drying’ adhesives such as ARDEX-FLEX 7001 may be required to help prevent ‘water staining’ and/or warping. providing it is clean. condition and stability of the sub-floor. before a proprietary uncoupling membrane is affixed with AF 200 Adhesive. in a bathroom. With a solid sub-floor. The heating mat or cables have to be secured and initially smoothed over with either ARDITEX NA Latex Sub-Floor Smoothing Compound or even the adhesive subsequently used to adhere the floor tiling. With under tile heating there are key factors that have to be addressed and the main factor concerns the type. note that with a pourable adhesive. the need to butter the backs of the tiles can be eliminated even with the larger format stone tiles. particularly where the tiling will be subjected to water. Large areas of floor tiling should be divided up into reasonably square areas not greater than 25 square metres by intermediate movement joints. ARDEX C2 + ARDEX E 101. once the heating system is installed. Note that where the proprietary tile backing board has insulating properties this will be an advantage since the tiling will heat up more rapidly. Select a cementbased adhesive. or be unsuitable for use on asphalt. The wood based subfloor should be pre-smoothed so that the proprietary tile backing boards fit flush before they are mechanically fixed into position.g. This will immediately allow the tiles to be adhered on top of the uncoupling membrane using a pourable adhesive e. the application is fairly straightforward. or a CG1 with a polymer admix to provide more resilient properties. dry and sufficiently mature. Once the smoothing application has hardened sufficiently the tiles can be fixed using ARDEX X 78 S. in a Where the suspended wood based sub-floor has to be made rigid by over sheeting with adequately thick plywood the existing sub-floor should be pre-smoothed with ARDEX FA 20 so that the new plywood fits flush. It is best to remove most existing floorings.

s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 39 www. Choosing a Rotex system not only provides guaranteed energy saving everyone is looking for a way to save money. the Rotex Variocistern combats the dwindling water resources by safely and efficiently collecting rain water for use throughout the heating and hot water system. the end user can receive superior customer service as the system isn’t built up of a ‘mix and match’ components – a boiler from one company. cost effective upgrades that don’t involve costly reworking of the building or heating system.buildinginnovations. and in turn extra costs. it can save ‘X’ amount of money. This is where Rotex comes in. With fuel prices expected to rocket to a potential 40% increase. Installing a Rotex system will. For one. at the desired temperature – anytime it’s needed. hot and cold water must be provided in a consistently safe condition. With this system. The theory is simple. the GasSolarUnit has the capacity to store solar energy collected by the panels. solar power is chosen to tackle the cost and energy saving problem. hot water storage. But together. pay for itself in the long run. heating is set as one of the biggest outgoings for any UK home. builders and buyers hard. for example. However if. each offers genuine savings in both costs and energy. the A1. it converts fuel into usable heat. of a cheaper system. Rotex offers the Sanicube. The company’s top contenders also include its cutting edge oil condensing boiler. the need for fuel is significantly reduced.One Stop Energy Saving Shop As the economic crisis hits the pockets of British home designers. based solely on immediate cost savings. This is the job of the Sanicube. If a building is using one energy saving device. As a valuable commodity to any household. these create a comprehensive heating system that will save the end user thousands of pounds a year. Combine this with a need to meet increasingly high environmental standards and it feels like being stuck between a rock and a hard place – money has to be saved. there’s no more efficient way to heat a home. as it will lead to continual savings. the Solaris can be combined with the Rotex Air Source Heat Pump. but it is a complete solution that fully tends to the user’s needs. As an effective alternative to a boiler. And. even after it has paid off the start up payment. it is able to both provide cost savings and help the environment. if certain attributes. aren’t specified in the first instance. such as solar panels. a gas condensing boiler that offers energy efficiency up to 110%. This renders the initial cost irrelevant. but the user will incur the energy losses. Specifying all aspects of the heating system from one provider. a leader in energy efficient heating systems. This in itself can cut a household’s energy costs by hundreds a year. peace of mind. Rotex’s state of the art solar system. Finally. This allows for simple. Add further efficient devices to this line up and the combined cost savings can be substantial. A number of solutions have become wide-spread. It can then be integrated with the Solaris. with all systems manufactured by one trusted source. solar panel technology and rainwater storage tank. With virtually no loss. With pockets being squeezed. This may work in the short term. a home is supplied with cost-efficient heating and hot water all year round. Rotex offers a comprehensive and certified system that won’t let any home down. Rotex can retrofit its Solaris system. has developed an innovative array of heating features. With this energy used to heat the building and water. Designed to work in harmony together. For the most hygienic hot water storage. but so does the environment. Alone. including gas and oil condensing boilers. can reduce energy consumption to around 68% of a traditional system. many people may submit to the burning temptation of opting instead for a cheaper heating system. Rotex’s GasSolarUnit. Thankfully there is a one stop shop 62 Environmental Control Environmental Control 63 B/i : the book! . however. Rotex. a storage tank from another. Additionally. from the use of solar power to energy efficient boilers. but is then combined with a cheap heating system. Backed by ten years’ experience and a ten year guarantee against corrosion failure. In today’s economic and environmental climate. the benefits from the solar power can soon disappear from the system’s energy wastage.

thermal stability and corrosion resistance. complete with a comprehensive range of accessories.combines excellent ageing characteristics with robustness. The Fighter 2005 will operate at 11kW output utilising single phase electricity. Heating to warm the school and provide hot water for all purposes comes from 21 geothermal boreholes with only token backup from an immersion heater to cover extra-heavy demand. installed the user-friendly and reliable system that was designed and supplied by LK Systems Ltd. CO2 emissions are very low. Since on each of the three floors at the school a 60mm floating screed was used.buildinginnovations.buildinginnovations. The Auto Bleed Valve is small. Pegler Yorkshire Turn Up The Heat With Solar Technology Plumbing and heating specialist Pegler Yorkshire is making its solar technology available for the UK market. the Valve vents the appliance as soon as it becomes necessary. The intention has been to deliver ease of use for the end user. The PEXa pipe – made from molecular cross linked high density polyethylene . ‘Laying’ was fast. LK Clip Rail was installed above the insulation layer to secure the ultra flexible PE-Xa 20mm pipe at an even depth and pre-determined design pattern. while saving the environment and reducing the cost of heating water for the end user. The system consists of a NIBE Fighter 2005 freestanding unit plus a super-efficient double-jacketed VPA300/200 hot water tank. The heat pump unit has been placed unobtrusively to the right hand side of the house and fitting was simple and caused very little disruption.buildinginnovations. Pegler Yorkshire will be introducing a range of Solar Thermal Pump Stations and accessories. unobtrusive. but also ease of installation and service for the installer. of Scaynes Bilco has supplied two J-AL access doors which have been modified with two 24 volt DC linear actuators to allow for remote opening and closing. These special sized doors were installed to replace the existing pavement lights system. extended display area and library. simple to fit and inexpensive yet it saves endless frustration. The ideal central heating system to accompany such alternative energy heat sources is under-floor heating. The new products will include solar thermal pump solutions for both domestic and commercial applications. The three-storey building is Grade 1 Listed. Automatically pressure activated. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 43 www. have a neat and simple attachment which means that airblocks need never happen again. for the piping can actually be walked-into the Clip Rail. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 42 Bilco Supplies Basement Smoke Vents For The Building Centre Bilco UK Ltd. The course is run by Euroheat’s training director Gordon White who is an approved HETAS and BPEC trainer. In today’s energy conscious world.JIS Auto Bleed Valve – A Real Timesaver If you have a radiator heating system or just a water-heated towel s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 41 www. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 40 NIBE Heating For Heritage Farmhouse Lydart Farm. is what the Time Team refer to as ‘High Status’.co.buildinginnovations. 35% or more below those from say the average gas boiler. wasted time and money in situations where air regularly enters an individual appliance or a circulatory 64 Environmental Control Environmental Control 6 B/i : the book! . based near Rotherham. West Sussex who are major suppliers of high quality radiator and bathroom heating systems. The two doors are linked to the fire alarm system and are used in conjunction with a smoke extraction fan to remove smoke from the basement area in the event of a fire. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 45 www. offers a delightfully light and airy atmosphere for education. Working closely with an Aalberts sister company. has completed delivery of basement smoke vents for The Building Centre in high fatigue resistance.buildinginnovations. to cover all hot water needs. commissioned by Sheffield City Council and completed last year to a highly innovative design. the contractor ‘Natural Warmth’ of Darlington has installed a NIBE Air/Water Heat Pump to replace the old oil-fired New School Heated By LK Floor Heating From Ground-Source Energy Sharrow School. With government grants available to support renewable s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 44 www. The Pegler Yorkshire’s Meibes Brand is now available and offers proven product into the as this operates at lower temperatures than radiators. how often have you cursed yourself for not bleeding the system when it was needed? JIS Europe Ltd. developers and specifiers has been introduced as part of a package of nine new courses at Euroheat’s National Biomass Training Centre and Showroom. Quoin UK Ltd. near Monmouth and overlooking the lovely Trothy Valley. very rare for a private house. and takes place on 3-4 June 2009. Heating is always a problem in large old buildings and. Pegler Yorkshire will be offering several solar solutions tailored specifically for the UK market. The Fighter 2005 has an 11 kilowatt capacity and it generates a remarkable 3kW of energy for every 1kW of electricity input. The Building Centre was required to install the new system to ensure that building regulations are met following the expansion of the area to accommodate the seminar rooms.. this is an area with the potential for massive Euroheat Introduces Renewable Energy Awareness Course For Specifiers A two-day Renewable Energy Technologies Awareness course for architects.

New Rubber Lined Pipe Clips From Talon Talon Manufacturing. as the clip is in two halves secured by a screw either the theory behind it is comparatively simple: rather like a refrigerator except that in this case it is the heat that is retained and the cooled liquid recycled. headed by Managing Director Simon Louvresol .uk/card Keraflo Copes With Westfield London Water Needs The Westfield London Shopping Centre. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 46 www. but remember that they should also take very close note of their energy bills since glass frontages are notoriously expensive to heat. The latent heat in the surrounding earth – typically at a temperature between 11º and 12º degrees Centigrade regardless of season – is absorbed into the liquid and passed to a powerful NIBE Fighter 1330 unit situated in the Glasshouse. The water supply piped down into the second cistern is regulated by a dual feed Keraflo KB Float Valve. A Keraflo KP 66 Environmental Control Environmental Control 6 B/i : the book! . is as trendy as its location. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 48 www. designed by LKR Architects and known appropriately as the Glasshouse. Silcock Dawson’s design involved two main storage cisterns each with its own valve selection. served by a most distinctive clubhouse and restaurant overlooking the 18th green. outside Pocklington in Yorkshire. While the NIBE Fighter heat pump is technically advanced. collars and fittings. Little do the golfers know when they pull their trolleys off the final green. Whilst the construction industry isn’t that buoyant at the moment. is controlled by a KB Pilot Float Valve arrangement and feeds the upper tank using a dual flow system. consists of a beautiful 400 acres estate in a park and woodland setting. solar shading products and ventilation louvres have continued to be in demand meeting the needs of ever greener buildings.buildinginnovations. At the heart of a new development of discreetly hidden chalets lies a stunning 18 hole par 70 golf course.buildinginnovations. Rather than offering standard solutions from their own profiles.buildinginnovations. LouvreSol offer bespoke solutions which allows them to source profiles and materials which are best suited to the project. took good care of this aspect at the planning stage and a network of 4. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 49 www. The visitor will probably not see past the fashion to consider the problems of cold water supply to such a complex of shops. selected to provide truly rapid fill at peak times. the UK’s specialists in pipe Luxury Clubhouse Powered By NIBE Ground Source System The KP Club. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 47 www. situated between Shepherds Bush and Notting Hill.A New Name In Solar Shading And Louvres LouvreSol Special Projects have been in business for almost three years and are already are taking an approximate 8% market share in this growing sector.buildinginnovations. especially since ground temperatures remain remarkably stable even in cold conditions when the heating requirement is at its highest. The Architects and the KP Management.000 metres of 40mm diameter pipe was laid under the grassed area outside while the Glasshouse was being built. Like all Talon’s products the new pipe clip may not be the most glamorous product in the world but it is well made and supremely practical. one providing the domestic cold water supply to the Centre. Ground sourced heating systems have proved themselves extremely effective. The rubber lining inside a high quality steel body gives pipes stability and most importantly prevents The main storage arrangement consists of two huge sectional cisterns mounted in ‘piggy-back’ style so that the upper tank replenishes the lower and ensures that good circulation is maintained at all times. recently introduced a precisely made and neatly designed Rubber Lined Steel Pipe Clip. LouvreSol undertake all the fabrication work in-house and employ a projects team and installers as well as structural engineers. Everyone knows that people in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones. the receiver fixing at the top has an ingenious dual fitment so that the installer can use steel rods with either 8mm or 10mm threads to suspend the clips. the other serving the adiabatic cold water distribution system. Intended primarily for ceiling mounting. There it is passed through a heat exchange process compressing the liquid to bring it up to a suitable temperature (around 35º degrees) to run the under-floor heating system and the entire hot water requirement including the showers that form a sizeable proportion of a golf club’s usage. That was the remit of Silcock Dawson & Partners as part of their Mechanical Services Design duties and the cold water distribution system they produced relied heavily on the control of the innovative Float Valves developed and manufactured by Keraflo Ltd. that they are walking over the heat source for the hot water in their showers. It is extremely easy to use. Certainly Simon Brown is delighted with the performance of the NIBE system at the Club and the wait it copes with the rapidly expanding usage of the Glasshouse’s facilities. forming the basis of a ground source heating system designed by NIBE Energy Systems and installed by specialist sub-contractor SASIE Ltd. The clips are available in nine outside diameter measurements from 18mm up to 110mm and are designed to accept pipes in metric or imperial sizes. The pipes are buried roughly 20cm below the first line and contain a non-freezing emulsion of glycol and water.

Certain population groups. the system can be installed even at late design stages. by cutting down on high quantities of wasted energy. 2002).buildinginnovations. heated or conditioned air losses are considerable.buildinginnovations. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 54 www. At the same time. The effectiveness of the product also comes down to the correct design and installation. which was supplied through Fans and Spares Birmingham. With its sensor driven control. In particular. Ideal for any house or apartment. The installer’s role is vital because poor or incorrect installation of a ventilation system can negate all that it is designed to do. clearly. In bedrooms that are not ventilated. improved upon. This considerably reduces the loss in heat associated with standard whole house mechanical ventilation systems. One of the main features of the DemandFlow system is the substantial contribution this system makes in terms of energy saving. it can dramatically reduce ventilation and in some cases. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 55 www. helping to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Warmed or cooled air is contained within the building. when it measures an increase in CO2 levels in the room. robust and easy to install solution for short offsets that commonly cause problems on new build and refurbishment developments.buildinginnovations. the primary heat source is maintained whenever the vast hangar doors are opened. the breathability of a building is coming high up on the wish list of developers and occupiers. The user needs only to pass his or her hands in front of the sensor for a part flush. and necessitate expensive reworking to the ducting. the council has reduced the steel window manufacturers’ risk assessment to LOW Ducted fresh air is supplied to the burners and radiant branch end vents to comply with the Crown Fire Standards for operational aircraft hangars. The DemandFlow has been designed using 80mm diameter semi-rigid aluminium or 110mm x 54mm Modular plastic ducting throughout. hygienic and simple-to-use product that employs a single infra-red sensor to operate a dual-flush WC valve. which produces environmentally friendly water discharge and saves over 75% in processed water. due to poor planning and installation. Positioned above the doors. energy efficiency should not be compromised and. it is this build up of CO2 levels which can lead to headaches and ‘muzzy’ heads. but the new AB Series air curtains from Airbloc have the answer – cutting energy loss by over 80%. due to the successful efficiency of its integrated management system which demonstrated total compliance with the required permit conditions. fail to meet the minimum ventilation requirements in Approved Document F of the Building Regulations. is instantly ready to operate. or hold them in front for more than a second to obtain a full flush. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 53 www. For example. user friendly equipment was Provides First Class Cold Defence For RAF Northolt When it came to specifying a state of the art heating system for the hangars at the new flagship RAF Northolt site. This innovative ‘breathing dwelling’ concept is based on CO2 measurements in every room – both wet rooms and habitable rooms. Easyflush is a WRAS Approved. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 52 www. Itho Ventilation With asthma cases continuously rising. is designed to educate and help these young people to integrate into society. Offering blanket heat coverage. Not only does this prevent discomfort for customers and employees. it boosts the extract rate in particular rooms as occupancy levels in those rooms rise. Because the system doesn’t heat the air. if anything. like women and small the system is also easy to maintain. while cold or warm air from outside is prevented from seeping in. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 51 www. both in new constructions and large scale renovation projects. 2002. Cistermiser assisted with the preparation of the specification Easyflush Aids Students At Treloar College Treloar College. On the back of the hugely successful audit. provides an adaptable. from housing small/ medium sized fixed wing aircraft to the DemandFlow boosts extraction from bedrooms at night automatically. the NorRay-Vac system ensures the hangars are flexible in use.6 million premature deaths are caused annually by indoor air pollution (WHO. the Itho DemandFlow is a fully automated Demand Controlled Ventilation system providing the best possible air quality whilst generating maximum savings in energy without the user having to do a single thing for it. therefore making the routing of ducts easier to 68 Environmental Control Environmental Control 6 B/i : the book! Breathing Fresh Life Into Dwellings By Derek Guy. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 50 www. are vulnerable to the effects of indoor air pollution because their daily activities include exposure to cooking fumes from unvented combustion of solid fuels for most of the day. The Universal Duct benefits from a unique design which maintains air flow characteristics and offers enhanced acoustic properties arising from its use of Santoprene material for manufacture. and after installation by a qualified installer. This problem faced the installers at Mill Rise Village and the Universal Duct solved the problem in a professional and cost effective manner. but it significantly reduces running costs. and the increasing air-tightness of buildings to meet regulations. In the World Health Report. This is achieved by using an Appendix Q Eligible direct current (DC) ventilation unit and by ventilating only when and where ventilation is required. there was only one choice – Nor-Ray-Vac continuous radiant tube heating from Crittall’s Environmentally Sound Crittall’s continuously improving environmental responsibility has been recognised by Braintree District Council following a recent visit by the Environmental Health Department. for students with physical disabilities aged sixteen or over. render it nonexistent. Airbloc air curtains effectively separate internal and external environments by delivering a powerful ‘stream’ of air at critical velocity across the doorway. The company’s environmental ethos includes a highly efficient and sophisticated Chrome Reduction it was estimated that 1. making Airbloc an economical Airbloc Closes The Door On Energy Loss With The New AB Series Where external doors are in constant Polypipe Supplies Quality Ventilation To A Quality Build Polypipe Ventilation has had its Domus Universal Duct sections installed in a new sheltered accommodation development in Newcastle-under-Lyme. Easy to install. To meet these ‘wishes’. This ‘hands free’ system eliminates the need to rotate a handle or apply pressure on a button.buildinginnovations. Brewer House has 30 en-suite bedrooms and three communal bathrooms. The Universal Duct for this development. as the extraction points are easy to relocate.

s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 56 www. has produced a new CD which details its services for architects and contractors. Amongst the company’s areas of expertise are 0 Doors.CD Guide To Sliding Systems D R Services. the Harrow-based company that specialises in the canopies. including all the seals and latches. internal doors and shower enclosures. sliding systems. supply and installation of frameless glass systems and architectural metal fittings. operating with leaf weights from 20kg to three tonnes. Windows & Glazing 1 B/i : the book! .buildinginnovations. balustrades. D R Services can design frameless glass systems ranging from full sliding stacking to simple pivoting installations. For showers D R Services has frameless and minimal that provide tailor made solutions for high class domestic an commercial projects. The company’s sliding equipment is suitable for all appropriate types of material. Windows & Glazing Doors.

casement and sliding sash. they have conducted a strategic review to grow the business and rationalised their supply chain and for the aluminium facades they have selected Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems as their preferred s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 64 www. KOAX is safer to install. KOAX works continually via Claydon Selects Comar For Façade Solutions Claydon Aluminium Systems have taken the decision to become whole envelope façade engineers. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 60 www. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 61 www. It designs and distributes aluminium windows. square frame. To this end. The system is made-tomeasure and offers equal or extended leg perimeter sections to suit all applications. the venue has been on the receiving end of a major makeover. the Finnish Church today is the newest of the Scandinavian churches in London and the Grade II listed building is far from being just an ecumenical place of worship. Croxford’s has specialised in various window designs including tilt and turn. gears. The W20 profile offers flexibility in design via shaped windows and has the ability to form extensive composite Kaba’s Next Generation Of Industrial Door Drive Technology Technological advancement and re-development has enabled Kaba Door Systems to launch the next generation of KOAX industrial door drive. It can be supplied in a wide choice of configurations and will accommodate 17mm up to 48mm glazing units for further design flexibility. London. curtain walling and window walling through a nationwide network of approved fabricators. eliminating 100% movement of the door if a fault occurs. At a time when there are fewer joinery firms than ever in the window industry. it is fully watertight up to 1200 Pa.buildinginnovations. for over 40 years. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 58 www. Technal. Concealed behind lead cladding. It also incorporates a zero back drive safety coupling. Robin Slimline Shutters Protect Silwood Community Centre Charter-Integr8 security shutters have been installed at the new Silwood Community The apartments feature large picture windows. Taylor Place is built on the site of the nineteenth century Taylor Brothers chocolate factory in the centre of the slimline shutters were specified to protect the property against burglary and vandalism. achieving the highest classification for air permeability in tests up to 600 Pa. This system is Technal’s most technically advanced casement window to date. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 62 www. All windows and doors. the profiles offer versatility in size and shape options to accommodate all design including any steel attachments. Rotherhithe. one-off projects with a particular focus on new build and the renovation Croxford’s Gets A Lift As It Slides Into Its 5th Decade An independent joinery firm is celebrating its 40th year in business thanks to a continued focus on combining traditional skills with modern technology and window hardware from SIEGENIA-AUBI.buildinginnovations. with Crittall steel windows installed to complete the transformation. Security was an important concern throughout the build and the residential accommodation was built to Secured By Design standards. drive chains and other conventional system components.buildinginnovations. without detracting from the building’s design.buildinginnovations. coupling members or ancillary items are hot-dip galvanized after manufacture or positive rust proofing. A large range of quality ironmongery can be fitted and the system includes many opening window types. complemented by the FXi52 balcony doors. Windows & Glazing 3 B/i : the book! . fabricated and installed by United AG using Technal’s high performance FXi65 casement system in both fixed light and tilt/ turn configurations. The windows are suitable for integrity fire rated 2 Doors. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 63 www. Designed to eliminate the need for Windows & Glazing Doors. only using mains supply to recharge when required. it has been a particularly special anniversary for Huddersfield-based Croxford’ The FXi65 casement window system features a highly efficient 19mm flush polyamide thermal break. Incorporating offices and a community centre. replacing like for like W20 sections was a natural decision. has supplied around 600 aluminium window and door systems for a new £25m mixed tenure affordable housing scheme in East London. this section is ideal for both curtain walling or single windows. when the building was first built and for Supplied in single or double glazed format. The firm specialises in high quality.Technal Supplies Glazing Systems For £25m Social Housing Scheme Architectural glazing systems Crittall Finnish Church Refurbishment Starting off as a temporary structure in Albion Street. Technal’s window and door systems were installed into rainscreen or brick cladding in punched hole configurations and are interspersed with aluminium panels and buff-coloured ceramic panels. doors. The new MX Visible Grid curtain walling is used for the four storeys which are set back at the top of the tower.buildinginnovations. Galvanized windows and doors are generally polyester powder coated in a colour of the specifier’s choice and will not need re-painting for at least 25 years. operate and maintain. Kaba KOAX is an industry unique separated extra low voltage (SELV) DC motor drive suitable for the automation of roller shutter and sectional overhead doors. Manufactured from hot rolled mild steel section with a flat. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 57 www. and for the commercial units on the ground floor.buildinginnovations. Its design enables it to delivers very slim sightlines thus maximising the glazing. Crittall installed the original windows in 1955. The planetary gears and precision in-line final drive system also creates less resistance. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 59 www. Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems is the largest privately owned British Systems House. the motor driving the door down during the closing Commercial Steel Windows A versatile commercial standard steel window section giving a large front-to-back 32mm or 40mm dimension range and with thick steel walls to allow unsupported multi-floor spanning screens is now available from Steel Window Service & Supplies. and is rated up to the equivalent pressure of 2000 Pa for wind resistance.buildinginnovations.

5mm Laminated Security Glass. has excellent two way speech communication yet protects the staff from draughts. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 65 www. Windows & Glazing B/i : the book! . Featuring a shutter mechanism housed within a structural lintel. Structura’s £ 0845 050 8705 Doors. Windows & Glazing  4 Doors. Probation. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 66 www.buildinginnovations. a success as you might expect from a company that has manufactured and installed ticket office facilities for over 1000 railway stations as well as DSS. The clear visual appearance of the atrium roof belies its complex Curtain Walling And Atrium Roof Replacement Completed By Structura UK The advantages are obvious. which will resist anything short of a bullet. For more information visit You can’t see them. of Bexhill-on-Sea. The fourth. are glazed in 11. Mirren Stadium Having been at their ground at Love Street since 1894. Low E specification double glazing consisting of Schüco’s FW60+ profile. which is suitable for both internal or external weatherproof applications. two windows fitted together were installed at the away stand and three windows fitted together were installed at the home or call  Tried and tested reliability backed up by an on-site guarantee  The ideal security solution for health. dust and germs. education. Mirren have now moved to a new stadium site about half a mile away in Green Hill Road. The Charter-Integr8 range of architecturally advanced shutters delivers the highest level of security without compromising aesthetics. The old site was sold for retail development in order to clear debts as well as contribute to the building of the new stadium. manufactured of clear glass.chartergroupuk. The 25-year-old aluminium and glass curtain walling system was replaced by suitable. the installation of which was overseen by the company. the East stand. 6mm clear outer glass. St. The windows. As required. Brise Soleil. Barr Construction was called in to complete the construction of the 8000-seat stadium at a cost of around £8m. three of the stands are single tiered and of the same height with large windshields to each is taller but contains less seating. Paisley. and retro-fit options The largest ever replacement and refurbishment project undertaken by Structura UK Ltd involved manufacturing and installing new curtain walling and new glazed roof sections to Lloyds Chambers in the City of The range also includes a retro-fit solution greatly extending its possible applications. The new ground comprises of four separate stands. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 67 www. 15-month contract included £500. The original glazed roof over the atrium was leaking and required replacement. Structura designed and installed rectangular aluminium panels and hip panels onto the sloping base section of the roof. a company that has specialised in communication windows for thirty years. The windows are fitted with the 250mm diameter Sonic SPEAKTHRU Easy communicator system.Sonic Security At The New St.000 worth of scaffolding erected and dismantled under Structura’s supervision. Hospital and University offices. a 16mm air space and 8. community and prestige residential developments  Vertical rise. Barr Construction called on the expertise of Sonic Windows Ltd. rooflight.8mm clear laminated glass on the inside.buildinginnovations. enable uninterrupted eye contact between staff and public and for security. The new ticket windows are now well used and appreciated both by home and away fans and ground staff.buildinginnovations. it represents the ideal built in solution for new build projects since it has almost no impact – internally or externally – on a building’s appearance. incorporating smoke and air vents controlled by a BMS system. When it came to the planning and installation of the five ticket issuing facilities. and supplied brackets for the two new exterior gantries.

Windows & Glazing  B/i : the book! . an alternative approach comes with SFS intec’s ALW clamp system. When the fixing and glazing combination is correctly specified. Fixings for external structural glazing must also be able to cope with all that the great British weather can throw at them too. This sort of assurance is vital to protect reputations by keeping failure risks to a minimum and avoiding costly litigation claims. Designing buildings with maximum natural daylight is also crucial in terms of environmental impact.there is a real danger that it will corrode rapidly and fail prematurely.buildinginnovations. A number of key regulations and standards must also be adhered to including Approved Document N of the Building Regulations. Secure Route To Successful Glazing SFS intec’s glass fixing systems specialist Neil Ackroyd looks at the vital considerations for delivering safe. the result will be a long lasting and structurally reliable glass element.other’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure installations are structurally robust and reliable without the risk of premature failure. Each of these has a place in the right application but the great differences which exist in their properties means they are not universally appropriate or interchangeable. If a fixing is martensitic or ferritic stainless steel avoid it . Both must work effectively with each There are numerous ways to approach the attachment of glass elements to the building structure so creativity doesn’t need to be suppressed when drawing up initial design concepts. Fixing Options And Styles The Safe. Fixings should be stainless steel but in the right grade for the greatest success – it is essential to remember that all types of stainless steel are not the same. which stipulates requirements for the safe use of glazing to avoid impact hazard amongst other things. heat strengthened glass and laminated safety 6 Doors. secure and durable structural glazing. It is a simple and highly effective approach made easier by the fact that the glass panes do not require any drilling as with point fixings. All SFS intec fixing systems for structural glazing are austenitic stainless steel to provide the highest resistance to corrosion as recommended under BS5427:1996. Forces such as wind and snow loading are particularly important factors in glass canopy design. features such as interior partitions and canopies above entrance doors are highly effective in increasing the amount of natural daylight available to building users. The Right Combination Innovations in glass and their fixing systems have enabled architects to broaden the application of structural glazing in recent decades. but corrosion resistance is a major issue and needs to be effectively addressed for all external applications. Research shows that greater natural daylight in our buildings makes us healthier and more productive by helping to naturally increase serotonin levels in our brains. Three types of glass are typically used in structural glazing. This allows a glass façade to be created using overlapping glass panes which slot into cleverly designed brackets that attach to the building structure. It means far less reliance on interior lighting and the potential to make significant savings on electricity use. SFS intec’s austenitic stainless steel fixings for structural glazing carry a 25 year warranty and an additional legal liability of up to £40 million can also be provided. For Windows & Glazing Doors. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 68 www. which could be catastrophic and costly. These SFS intec fixing systems demonstrate how innovative solutions are available to ensure glass can be used in buildings to fulfil its greatest potential. Glass facades and rainscreens. These can be combined with ‘spiders’ to offer great potential for structural glazing applications such as entrance vestibules and covered walkways. SFS intec offers three types of point fixings for glass including ALT to deliver a bevelled look and AO-FLEX which allows the fixing to be countersunk. The increased use of structural glazing in today’s buildings would have been very popular with the Victorians who understood the physiological and psychological benefits that maximising natural daylight brings. and plenty of information is available from leading glass producers about how they differ. toughened safety glass (tempered). There is also the benefit of passive solar gain which provides free warmth to supplement the building’s existing heating system. Using the wrong combination of glass and fixing will result in the glass element failing. This could be due to the glass fracturing or cracking or a poorly designed fixing allowing the glass element to detach from the building structure.

balconies. various sensors and a weather station.. “Basically. With more than 60 years’ experience in the industry. Windows & Glazing Doors. in particular the central computer control system.” s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 72 www. coupled with the calibre of our superior product Flushglaze s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 69 www. There is now a wide choice of standard sandblasted glass designs available to interior designers and architects for balustrades.buildinginnovations. matt or shiny effects. before being delivered to site for faster installation onto pre-prepared fixings. Light up your life. with the announcement that AC Yule is to move into unitised and more complex façade New Sandblast Collection Builds On Long Experience Daedalian has introduced its new Sandblast Collection. creating multi-tonal.Windowmaster Prepares Fresh Air For Private Sector School A new £3. Windows & Glazing  B/i : the book! “The new build sector is still very active and house builders are realising that our turnkey approach can pay economic dividends.buildinginnovations. of which 14 are controlled by sensors monitoring both temperature and carbon dioxide levels while five are controlled by temperature-only sensors. The designs can be used with any thickness of WindowMaster was chosen to provide the window automation system for the Grange Preparatory School because of its ability to provide a complete installation. Call for a brochure on: +44 (0) 1842 815581 www. 7 VisionVent Cristal Clear Opportunity For UK House Builders The words ‘recession’ and ‘credit crunch’ may strike fear into some companies in the construction industry but Sash customer Cristal Clear Conservatories are being increasingly recognised by leading house builders as a valuable asset in selling homes! In fact. Glazing Vision also manufacture an opening vent The Visionvent and a pyramid rooflight along with a variety of sliding rooflight solutions. obscuring shower screens and many other domestic or commercial applications. The glass is treated with Clearshield for easy maintenance and protection from finger marks as well as creating an attractive satin finish. AC Yule will be investing in a dedicated production facility for the fabrication of Wicona façades. a range of sandblasted glass P2000 Wicona Expands Fabricator Network For Unitised Façades Façade specialist. window This new initiative will expand AC Yule’s range of services into the fabrication and installation of more bespoke and unitised façades for larger and high rise commercial schemes and fast track contracts. the reason why it has been appointed the approved supplier for some of the country’s most prestigious house builders.. The Velfac windows are supplied with integrated WindowMaster motors within the frames. is invaluable in today’s economic climate. this dedication and commitment to They have been developed from the company’s vast portfolio of successful customised projects.buildinginnovations. Daedalian uses the sandblasting process to create designs that are etched on to both surfaces of the glass. In addition. The single story Grange Preparatory School for boys features composite Velfac windows in the facades and high level Velux windows at the rear of the rooms.buildinginnovations.glazing-vision. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 73 www. WindowMaster’s control system covers 19 zones within the building. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 70 www. is expanding its network of fabricators in the UK.7 million independent preparatory school in Monmouth features a natural ventilation and window control system designed and supplied by WindowMaster. triple glazed spec for greater thermal performance and fire rated variants. including Taylor Woodrow and Persimmon Homes as well as George Wimpey. shaped or curved glass. and is already in negotiations on a number of major projects. a recent George Wimpey residential development in Basingstoke has incorporated the company’s conservatories into several of its show-homes on site … and interest is soaring! The company has earned a reputation for excellence. three-dimensional effect. the AC Yule Group is now one of the largest glass processors and suppliers of aluminium and PVC-U glazing products in the UK. the flushglaze also comes in walk on spec. Unitised façades are fully glazed and sealed in a controlled factory environment. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 71 www. the installation includes motors. we have the ability to provide a first class conservatory with the highest quality components backed up by a supply chain that can meet demand time and time again – and for house builders.” continues without the need for scaffolding. annealed or laminated safety glass as well as fire resistant. using Wicona’s highly engineered solutions – and one of the most widely used and technically advanced unitised systems in Europe. With Flushglaze ® Our flushglaze range is available in many shapes and sizes. Wicona Projects.

Scotland. but using less surface area and with less visual impact than a Revolutionary Development Uses Polypipe Eco-Vat Seven Eco-Vat rainwater harvesting systems from Polypipe have been installed in a ground breaking development in County Durham.Birmingham ad 260x89 17/11/08 10:46 am Page 1 …and in Birmingham’s City Centre Concert Hall you could hear a pin drop… A New Era As LSH And ERA Products Join Forces ERA Products. Acoustic up to 50dB (Rw) By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturer and Supplier of Secondary Glazing Selectaglaze Ltd Increase Parking Capacity And Security Most recent figures show that almost half vehicle related theft in the UK each year occurs on the street outside the home . s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 78 www. LSH will now be known as ERA Security Hardware Solutions sitting alongside ERA Products under the newly created The Door Lock People. Cardok. watertight ‘garaging’ environment for the vehicle. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 75 www. enabling it to cope with even a 4x4.buildinginnovations. and remote control operation means the user does not have to go outside or get out of the vehicle to raise the Cardok for use. and with increased the company has also restructured its glass fixings team to deliver the seminars. luxury saloon or powerboat. Windows & Glazing External Work 81 B/i : the book! .co. manufacturer of ‘the ultimate in off-road parking’. where abandoned farm building were used to store machinery. Leaders in Hardware for Doors & Windows. The new company head office will be based at ERA Products’ current site in Willenhall. The Close. ERA.but there is a solution. Eco-Vat provides a sustainable and long term cost effective solution to reducing the need for mains water consumption. Qualifying for CPD points and being RIBA-approved. in Houghton-le-Spring is a series of seven detached homes on a former brownfield site. West Midlands. The unit can be raised and lowered in less than 30 seconds. architects have the assurance that the information contained in the presentation is of a technical nature and designed to enhance their understanding of the main issues surrounding the fixing of glass.buildinginnovations. has responded to the challenge with the development of new options that enable parking of up to four cars in the space required for just 0 Each deck is guaranteed to support a safe working load of three Selectaglaze secondary glazing offers: � The Most Effective Method of Sound Proofing � Superb Thermal Insulation � Excellent Draught Proofing Enhanced CPD Seminar Offers In-Depth Glass Fixings Knowledge SFS intec has enhanced its RIBA-approved CPD seminar on fixing systems for glass after its first six successful months in the field to ensure it comprehensively addresses the changing architectural glazing requirements of architects. with the existing sales and distribution depot remaining in � Purpose Made and Discreet � Secured by Design Test results available: Thermal to Part L standard.buildinginnovations. The Eco-Vat rainwater systems were supplied by Polypipe WMS. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 76 www. a private developer at the cutting edge of sustainable housing in the North to provide customers with the complete package in door and window hardware. The steel bay on which the vehicle is parked is electro-hydraulically operated to almost silently lower the vehicle underground and maintain the home’s frontage. and Cardok Multi which can take up to four vehicles. with total lifting capacity of 10 tonnes. with tanks able to store and filter rainwater for re-use. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 77 www. have joined with sister company LSH (formerly Laird Security Hardware). which accommodates just one s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 74 www. ERA Products is a wellknown and established manufacturer and supplier of high quality security products ranging from traditional night latches and mortice locks to ironmongery. This sustainable residential scheme is the brainchild of Spring Oak Developments Ltd.selectaglaze. contractors and metal fabricators. In addition to extending the content of the seminar. Cardok is engineered to create a secure. The Cardok two-vehicle lift is now complemented by Cardok Mono. multi point locks and access control solutions. Albans improving our environment Tel: 01727 837271 www.

walkways must be safe to use in both wet and dry conditions and avoid the surface reflection of materials which may affect pedestrians. where durability and consistency is paramount. Edinburgh will combine regular inspections with mastic asphalt resurfacing to safeguard pedestrians and combat slip and trip incidents in the city. footways and pavings. found the material ideal. mastic asphalt is the most useful and versatile – providing flexibility in terms of contract size. local authorities can pave a way to making such injury claims a thing of the past. shoe rubber and shoe heal plastic commonly used on women’s shoes. then they are liable to injury claims costing the millions of pounds a year. pedestrian surfaces are also required to be slip-resistant. this added functionality further enhances the material’s suitability for public areas – and in reducing the potential for any slips and trips.buildinginnovations. according to HSE (Health & Safety Executive) statistics. and new evidence suggesting that single personal injury payouts have reached as high as £600. Public paving surfaces in poor condition cause over 50% of these major injuries. In line with the Health & Safety Commission and Workplace Health. By taking action now and proactively seeking to improve the nation’s pavements. In fact. If local authorities have not ensured a slip resistant surface. testimonials have since laid claim to its superior quality and durability. With results indicating a further 90% reduction resulting from improved maintenance. there is little preventative work being carried out to counteract the problem. This impacts significantly on local authorities. the NHS and the UK economy – costing billions of pounds every year on treatment. (BS EN 13108-6) today’s modern mastic asphalt provides a seamless bituminous application. can cost local authorities upwards of £5. the material is suitable for a whole host of construction applications. however. the situation is possibly getting worse – with injuries and compensation claims on the rise. equating to a serious incident every three minutes. And with a seamless. expenses and compensation. Most importantly. The City of Edinburgh Council is one example of a local authority taking the initiative to introduce the material – Simple Solution As a paving material. slips. Safety & Welfare Regulations are no longer hard to believe. Although the statistics are well documented. slip-resistant product to hand. Reducing Pedestrian Danger Guidance documents agree that for all external situations. standardised rubber. Based on research findings that prove mastic asphalt reduces falls on footways by 100%. such as mastic asphalt. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 79 www. To this end. trips and falls amount to one in three major injuries. Complying with the British Standard specification for roads. paving must be firm. time and scale of application. over a century of 82 External Work External Work 83 B/i : the book! . For local authorities and public pathway specifiers. mastic asphalt showed it could out perform other types of paving materials even on wet slopes up to 10 degrees. slip and skid resistance can be provided by sand rubbing. First used as a wearing course on carriageways in the 1860s. and savings in total lifecycle costings. Falls resulting from defects in paving surfaces. This comes as local authorities look to cut back costs in the tough economic climate. This is where seamless surfacing materials like mastic asphalt provide the perfect answer. by doing so it could be costing the tax payer even more. whether a footway or carriageway. according to recent documents published by Health and Safety experts in early 2009. (gritless blocks are re-melted and the specified quantity of coarse aggregate added on-site) paths and walkways can be reinstated in any quantity and at any time – and in a grade that matches the existing wearing course. mastic asphalt is capable of out-performing and outlasting all other comparable materials. there’s nothing stopping councils from saving billions of pounds of medical and compensation costs a year. Engineers Radlett Consultants who tested mastic asphalt paving under wet and dry conditions and on both flat and sloped surfaces. Edinburgh Council is in the process of bringing in safer surfaces wherever compatible with urban design considerations. In all cases.Safer Streets And Saving Money With Asphalt I n the UK. As mastic asphalt is available in both hot charge and block format. to reduce the number of trip accidents on public walkways. surface crimping or by the application of high polished stone value pre-coated chippings. Used extensively as a long-life wearing surface in urban situations. Together with advanced polymer formulations.000 per claimant. It made slip resistant tests using leather. Couple this with today’s endemic compensation culture. even and stable with increased durability and waterproofing qualities. many of which have crippling consequences and cause severe human suffering. Delivering better and longer lasting walkways. modified bituminous materials such as mastic asphalt can bring real benefits to road and pathway construction.

Rainline totally outperforms plastic and aluminium systems. The green roof was to be applied to a new build timber deck. rather than using component parts from different suppliers to piece together a solution. Fakro’s FPP preSelect® is unique. natural copper and Aluzinc. Hibbs and Walsh Architects specified Liquid Plastics’ Extensive Green Roof System because the practice had previous experience of Liquid Plastics’ products and was confident that the system would meet their air tight triple glazed windows were installed to help heat the house using the power of the sun. Available in 10 standard colours by applying a high build polyester paint to the plain galvanised finish.buildinginnovations. Additional steel reinforcement is built into the lower part of the sash. Anne in the Diocese of Brentwood. a Decothane Root Resistant waterproof membrane. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 82 www. Richard Hawkes. and is certified by the BBA to last 25 years. and would also include roof lights and insulation. the whole building was enveloped in a metalised airtight membrane fitted with a ventilation system to recover heat from the air. offering minimal movement and UV stability .000 handmade local clay tiles glued together with plaster of Paris. as he says ‘it’s not plastic. Liquid Plastics’ green roof system is completely cold applied. its micro-opening facility enabling it to remain secure even when Ground Breaking House Features Lindab’s Rainline Rainwater Drainage System Lindab’s steel based Rainline rainwater drainage system was specified for a unique eco house which was recently featured in an episode of the popular TV programme . It’s patented. The arch is built using 26. while screws driven in at an angle prevent hinges from being ruptured. Large. fade or leak.Grand Designs.Rainline will not crack. ‘Crossway’ in Kent. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 80 www. utilised the latest eco technologies for its construction including: ecoconcrete foundations laid to support a series of timber framed ‘boxes’ which formed the main body of the two storey house. The Decothane waterproof membrane is proven to resist penetration by even the most aggressive roots. The underside is visible from the rooms below. of Hawkes Architecture. and an aesthetically pleasing green roof system was required to complete the project.just click. Architect. The church had recently benefited from a new extension to the rear of the existing building.buildinginnovations. Biodrain. Over this. pioneer of cold applied roofing Heavenly Green Roofs From Liquid Plastics Liquid Plastics. who not only designed and project managed the development but owns the house too. therefore there is no requirement for any heat or naked flame on the roof. Richard Hawkes specified Lindab’s Rainline rainwater drainage system for Crossway because. is highly resistant to corrosion and virtually maintenance special tools are required totally unsupported by the building . Sustainable And More Secure Many traditional top hung roof windows are easy to break.FM Approval On Complete Waterproofing System Bauder undertook the FM testing programme on its two single ply membranes. cures to provide completely seamless waterproof protection. exceptional security and flexibility of use. Quick and easy to install.buildinginnovations.the first of its type in the  Roofs Roofs 8 B/i : the book! . and a pre-grown Sedum Blanket. it is much more durable and it looks good too – it’s as simple as that’. with our high performance thermal insulation BauderPIR FA up to the synthetic waterproofing membrane in either FPO or PVC.buildinginnovations. Liquid Plastics’ Decolight roof lights and roof edge trims were also installed. Rainline is manufactured from 30% recycled material and is itself completely recyclable so no need to worry about costly disposal problems or the likely impact on the environment. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 81 www. This house is so experimental that Cambridge University has sensors embedded throughout the building to monitor its performance. FPO & PVC. The ‘boxes’ were insulated with recycled newspaper and then clad in English cedar. Sedum Substrate. To help conserve heat. so for those seeking a combination of good eco-credentials. This means that Bauder are the only manufacturer to have a complete flat roof waterproofing system The Fakro FPP Preselect® – Safer. So from the self-adhesive bitumen vapour barrier or VB20 vapour control layer. is one of the first zero carbon houses in the UK and is based on an ancient European construction design called a timbrel vault which features a dramatic curved roof structure. topSafe® technology provides the highest standard of security and safety available. Rainline is also available in plain galvanised. The external elevations of the roof also includes a graphite polystyrene insulant over which a series of geo textile membranes and 300mm of gravel and soil to allow wild grasses and flowers to seed was installed. Rainline is precision engineered by Lindab to simply click together for a perfect watertight fit . Rainline is supported by comprehensive guarantees to give total peace of mind for the designer and building all are now available from a single source manufacturer with FM Approval. On site labour time and costs are kept to a minimum. fit and forget it. the dramatic parabolic roof structure was constructed. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 83 www. FM Global provides comprehensive commercial and industrial property The full system includes Decotherm Insulation. and used its ability as a manufacturer of both insulation and bituminous waterproofing sheets to combine all of the required elements of the flat roofing system from one manufacturer. has supplied an Extensive Green Roof System to the Church of St. Filter Fleece. It is also lighter and less expensive than cast iron drainage.

uk/card Titansilver Roof Enhances Dental Centre Rainwater Drainage Solutions In Steel Rainline is a unique steel based rain drainage system that is becoming the system of choice for many specifiers. The system contains a high proportion of post consumer PVC waste derived from old windows and gutter systems.the laps being heat welded with the award wining Esha Heat Welder which is safer than electric hot air guns and more environmentally Low Carbon Ward Topped To Perfection With Unilin Systems With low carbon emissions becoming the prerequisite of an increasing number of private and public sector construction projects. pre-weathered. Esha Universal is manufactured in an attractive sustainable self-finish and retains its appearance due to its non-susceptibility to weathering. Rainline is also available in natural copper and Aluzinc.buildinginnovations.E. Following a detailed inspection by Esha regional manager Dave Etherton. EshaTherm insulation and a vapour barrier for a re-roofing project at Charing Cross hospital. The anodised surface treatment of the saline-resistant aluminium alloy material gives TitanSilver a lovely smooth. With a life expectancy of at least 40 years (even under the most adverse environmental conditions) TitanSilver is a robust. Rainline outperforms plastic gutter systems. split or and a reinforced  Roofs Roofs 8 B/i : the book! . TitanSilver is an easy to fold.buildinginnovations. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 86 www. Square and Deepflow designs. Warwick Lodge is a very stylish contemporary building but the versatility of TitanSilver also makes it ideal for both renovating roofs on old buildings and for new build applications where a traditional appearance is preferred. Rainline is also much less expensive than aluminum and cast iron drainage.buildinginnovations.buildinginnovations. Thanks to Esha Universal’s unique compound and homogeneous structure the product is completely UNISPAN-MW panels are available in different thicknesses to comply with Building Regulations Part L requirements. It has a two-tone appearance featuring a grey core of recycled material and a co-extruded skin of virgin material to enhance the external appearance and to aid colour matching. ballasted or set in cold adhesive. which are stabilised by a ceiling board and upper board.T. Comparable in price to a mid range plastic system. Available in 10 standard colours by applying a high build polyester paint to the standard plain galvanised finish. offering minimal movement and UV stability. The panels are available up to eight-metres in length. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 84 www. highly durable and malleable building material from Kalzip’s foldable aluminium range. was specified by architect. Unilin Systems’ structural insulated roof panel technology is making specifiers of environmental buildings stand up and take Esha Universal is manufactured by Esha from their Eco-facility which houses the World’s first bitumen roof membrane recycling Esha Roofing System Prescribed To Cure Failing Roof At Charing Cross Hospital Esha recently supplied a 3000m2 complete roofing system including: Esha Universal. In Unilin Systems latest successfully completed project. With a thickness of just 3. fingermark-free finish which is easy to fold and form. an innovative. MPC Consultants for roofing the impressive new Warwick Lodge Dental Centre in Thorpe Bay. The system is available in a choice of it was recommended that Esha Universal be installed together with EshaTherm to improve insulation values. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 87 www. The thermal efficiency of UNISPAN-MW roof panels from Unilin Systems. TitanSilver has a highly distinctive appearance with a discrete. This technology gives it exactly the same weather resistance and longevity as products manufactured from virgin material. flashings and trims. which uses significantly less energy in production and so generates 70% less carbon than using virgin material throughout. Essex. An extremely strong and versatile material. Ogee. glass/ polyester fleece. Approximately 84 per cent by weight of the gutter system is recycled material. is highly resistant to corrosion and virtually maintenance free. sustainable. it will not crack. Esha Universal is quick and easy to install and can be mechanically fixed. an environmentally friendly single ply membrane. along with their ability to minimise materials consumption in the roof structure and to provide a fast track building method. Approximately 2. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 85 www.Carbon Saving with Sustainable Rainwater Swish Building Products’ new sustainable rainwater system has been incorporated into the refurbishment of a residential and day care centre in Wales. panels. make them the ideal solution for healthcare and other public sector buildings. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 88 www. recyclable and low maintenance material with a high residual value. providing stress free overlap points to ensure a watertight bond is maintained for the lifetime of the roof at which point Esha Universal can be fully recycled. POCB (Polyolefin Copolymer Bitumen Binder) roofing membrane that offers the low temperature performance of SBS membranes combined with the high – end performance of APP Like Kalzip’s Falzinc product. façade and soffit application.buildinginnovations. The Norfolk and Waveney Mental Heath NHS Foundation Trust turned to dedicated roofing panels to help it achieve its low carbon emissions brief for a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Hellesdon Hospital. it will not stretch. lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminium building material which is hand-crafted into raised seam sheets. TitanSilver is capable of accurately achieving the requirements of virtually any fully supported roof. ensuring the most efficient use of materials on the large roof areas of public sector buildings. The mineral wool insulation is held between four rafters. Carmarthenshire County Council has become the UK’s first Local Authority to approve the system for use on their schemes. Esha Universal is a single layer.000m2 of UNISPAN-MW structural sandwich panels now provide an airtight and rigid roofing structure that meets the stringent requirements for sound insulation and fire ratings for large public buildings. Shelter Commercial Roofing stripped off the old system back to the concrete base. laid a vapour barrier followed by 100mm Eshatherm insulation over which Esha Universal was bonded in cold adhesive . Rainline is precision engineered by Lindab to simply click together for a perfect watertight fit. low reflective matt silver surface similar to that of brushed stainless steel. fade or leak.

Walton Close. for an eight-unit apartment block. Photovoltaic is one such system designed to reduce both carbon emissions and the bills which residents must pay to keep their houses warm. ‘As the first PV System we have supplied through our Ecowarehouse Brand. It is great for SIG R&BP to be recognised as one of the key players in providing sustainable energyproviding systems and for our products to be used by one of the top housing associations in the country.’ s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 89 www. is being developed by Accord Housing Association with Redditch Co-operative Homes. Key Account 88 Roofs Roofs 8 B/i : the book! . Jas Matharu.buildinginnovations. Designed and assembled by Solarcentury. The venture is part of Accord Housing’s bid to create a mass market model of low-carbon housing. to a second project in the Midlands. we have also been commissioned to supply a PV System through Ecowarehouse. utilising all available key energy saving systems.Walton Close Receives The ‘Ecowarehouse’ Treatment A housing scheme in Redditch can boast the first Photovoltaic (PV) System supplied through SIG Roofline & Building Products (SIG R&BP). in partnership with Redditch Borough SIG R&BP commented. Since starting the job at Walton Close. Walton Close is an exciting project for us. SIG R&BP supplied integrated C21e solar electric roof tiles through their Ecowarehouse brand.

SAFETYWORKS & Solutions provided their Easifit mechanically fixed handrail system to the roof parapet of each of the 26 blocks on the Pembury Estate. BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rated Abergwynfi Primary School. In To achieve different levels of insulation. these three terraced houses prove that MMC can work in a traditional format and that Unilin-Systems’ panels are the perfect roof for homes of now and the future.5 .co. It’s a solution available exclusively from ICB (International Construction Bureau) Ltd. it can supply 30m3 of fresh air per hour at a pressure difference of 10Pa. Diadem. With a range of internal finishes available. Once installed. With the exterior of the houses finished in local stone and the strict planning requirements of conservation areas.15° on roofs ranging in height from 3. thermally efficient buildings. The project also incorporated new security gates that were fitted to the roof 200m2 of Diadem green roofing installed upon the four storage buildings provided an unbeatable appearance packed with environmental benefits.buildinginnovations. In excess of 2400 linear metres of Easifit handrail was fixed to the parapet with stainless steel fasteners. but most importantly of all. which would provide safe and easy access for both maintenance operatives. The Unilin-Systems Bring Homes Of The Future Now There are no better examples to demonstrate the thermal qualities offered by Unilin-Systems’ structural insulated roof panels than those found in a new Somerset housing estate. length of service life and cost. and indeed the satellite TV engineers.buildinginnovations.5 metres. 37 extendable handles were fitted to the existing ladders to provide safe access into.buildinginnovations. The standing seam system has been installed to pitches between 3° . Waldegrave Estates utilised the Unilin-Systems roofing concept along with triple glazing and concrete formwork technology from Logix and Eco-Slab to build domestic dwellings that have no thermal leakage or bridging. Unilin-Systems have a dedicated UK support team on hand to help with further information and any enquiries. Unipur panels were used in two depths while their all-in-one nature means that even semi-skilled labour finds them very quick to install. The vent design also ensures that warm air avoids cold elements of the aluminium in the frame. avoiding traditional heat loss associated with static 90 Roofs Roofs 1 B/i : the book! . Zinc was specified on the grounds of sustainability. From the outside normal looking Somerset stone homes. while being able to withstand strong wind gusts. SAFETYWORKS & Solutions.buildinginnovations. with installation rates of up to 500m2 per day has played its role in the radical.buildinginnovations. The most striking visual aspect of the design in addition to the linked ‘pod’ classrooms is the prominent use of natural zinc.12. Fakro has set a new standard by introducing an automatic air inlet activated by air pressure variation in all of its standard roof windows. these factory-made panels also eliminate trussed rafters. reducing any susceptibility to condensation. Unipur can even help to cut down on internal decoration time. raw materials and construction times. Unilin Systems’ Unipur panels are the ideal solution for achieving an airtight. equating to a monthly heating bill of just £ per month. the fitting of the gates will improve security by ensuring that only authorised personnel can access the roof areas. To conclude. even the smallest terrace achieves a Space Heating Requirement of 7. it also meant heating and air conditioning needs were reduced. The term hardly does justice to a design which is without doubt a break with Layers of success at Clay Fields ICB’s innovative green roofing solution. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 91 www. award winning Clay Fields housing project in Suffolk – providing the ultimate sustainable roof. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 93 www. VMZINC’s standing seam system covers all roofs. to supply a comprehensive upgrade of roof access and safety systems to one of their large housing estates in East London.75KWh/ m2 per year. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 92 www. The V40P vent ensures the optimum balance of room temperature and fresh air is maintained. thermally efficient roofing structure. and produce a finish that will last for many years to come. Using the insulating properties of PIR foam.Automatic Vents For All Fakro Roof Windows Due to the increasing demand for sustainable. cutting down on wasted roof space. Unilin-Systems’ Unipur structural insulated roof panels are the only way to make roofs a thermally efficient part of the building. prior to installation the galvanised steel handrails were powder coated black to complement the aesthetics of the existing building. As a highly effective insulator. with horizontal panels used to clad all straight walls. according to an as built SAP The Peabody Trust Receives Roof Safety Improvements By SAFETYWORKS & Solutions The Peabody Trust has chosen leading safety at height specialists. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 94 www. the Pembury Estate. a lower carbon footprint and unrivalled looks. In addition. home to three MMC inspired carbon-neutral Zinc In The Round For Unique School ‘Futuristic’ is a far from unworthy description of the newly built. With the Government’s objective that new houses will have to be carbon neutral by 2015. it delivered a wealth of environmental benefits to the development including reduced need for Adopting the MMC theory. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 90 www. and out of the roof voids. Fully open.

. using a Sureclad ventilated facade system.” Shackerley supplied over 1100 square metres of prefabricated ceramic granite in It was to be striking in its setting and a visible declaration of the University’s mission to become one of the world’s top fifty universities by 2015. Project Associate explained: “Alternative cladding solutions were considered but ceramic granite was selected balancing considerations of cost. in recognition of Marjorie and her late husband Arnold’s commitment to the University. Nick Cooper. The brief was to deliver a landmark building that would form the nerve centre for the University’s various Student Services Departments and provide a new home for senior management. including classic 1930s Portland Stone library buildings and more recent structures built from the 1960s onwards. reflecting the natural appearance and light colouration of Portland stone and at the same time blending tonally with the more modern concrete architecture. 1200x300mm and bespoke panel sizes for installation with its Sureclad Access System. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 95 www. At the same time. availability and colour and 2 Walls Walls 3 B/i : the book! . and have enabled architects at Farrell and Clark to overcome a significant aesthetic conundrum. Funding came from the Ziff family’s charitable foundation and its companies Stylo Group plc and Town Centre Securities plc. the large format ceramic granite panels also have a very substantial appearance which echoes the solidity of the classic 1930’s buildings.. It also gave us the flexibility to combine different facade panel sizes to create subtle feature banding on each elevation.. The construction project as a whole was made possible as a result of a substantial charitable donation made to the University of Leeds in memory of local philanthropist Arnold Ziff. The resulting six storey concrete framed building is sleek and elegant with a dramatic sweeping spine wall which certainly creates a clear style contrast with adjacent buildings. Shackerley’s ‘Liguria’ ceramic granite panels in a ‘prel’ finish were just what we were looking for. A Contemporary Alternative To Portland Stone? Ceramic granite ventilated facades supplied and prefabricated by Shackerley have been used to create the outer envelope of the new £16 million Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building at the University of Leeds. However.” Nick added: “We had originally been open to using other types of cladding on this building but Shackerley’s Sureclad ventilated facade system gave us a few advantages over traditional construction methods including ease and speed of installation. albeit in a different and contemporary way.Ceramic Granite. Farrell and Clark have ensured that their development blends harmoniously with surrounding architectural materials in terms of colour and scale by cladding the building with Shackerley’s large format ceramic granite panels in a natural off-white tone. the architects also had to ensure that the new edifice maintained sympathy with neighbouring campus architecture. Despite their relative light weight.

able to carry itself there is no need for additional substructure with the system requiring fixing only at the edges. sealing and fixing components. Additionally. The architects originally approached RMIG in late 2006 as they sought a manufacturer capable of producing their designs and to work alongside them in developing and finalising the original concepts into a striking exterior finish incorporating almost 1.buildinginnovations.Nazaire regeneration project is not only immense. Also. Covering an area of 18. some panel designs called for the domed and indented forms also to be perforated. but with the arrival of Qbiss. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 98 www. not just from a health and safety perspective but equally from an insurance cost and liability view it is reassuring to know that Qbiss by trimo has integrated fire protection. Qbiss by trimo has no thermal bridges as the insulation is already integrated in the vertical s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 99 www. incorporating a series of complex domed. This brings many advantages because unlike other facade systems Qbiss by trimo does not require any additional support be that concrete wall. through to processing and communications. is a truly engineered system.Nazaire’s ongoing regeneration and development programme and acts as the main thoroughfare.400 individual cladding and ceiling panels. which presents a modern minimalistic design with a smooth surface. brick. Through extensive research and development.Hanson Scores On Celsius Housing Project Products from Hanson’s bricks and blocks range have been used on the Celsius development. explained: “The St. a 5-in-1 concept. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 97 www. as there was no existing solution available. Its fire resistance is of the highest standard and confirmed by world-wide certification obtained across all countries in which it will be marketed. a heavier construction material was required. Qbiss by a true next generation product can be considered to have arrived. but also impressive and as the Ruban Bleu centre is one of the most visible structures within the development. They combine an attractive contemporary façade profile with all the performance benefits of a PIR composite panel system. a project on the edge of the town of Bracknell. As the building is just 200 metres from the Atlantic Ocean. although it has also provided us with a new level of technical expertise and knowledge.5mm thick aluminium includes a marine map produced from thousands of small perforations.300 m2 of perforated decorative cladding and ceiling panels manufactured by RMIG Group for the French city’s recently opened Ruban Bleu retail Nautical Heritage Inspires RMIG’s French Retail Centre Cladding Design Design Flair From Kingspan Kingspan KS1000 LV Louvre and KS1000 CW CurveWall are the new additions to the Architectural Wall Panel range from Kingspan Insulated Panels. Hanson Gobelin buff stock Qbiss – Aesthetic Engineering The building envelope together with the architecture it embodies is generally considered as evolving. With fire protection always an issue. the louvred profile of KS1000 LV and curved profile of KS1000 CW will fit the bill for a range of different new build and refurbishment for applying convex and concave forms into cladding. no moisture can build up during assembly as the thermal insulation is protected with steel sheets and thermal conductivity is not diminished. Qbiss by trimo represents a technological as well as an innovation breakthrough. indented and perforated patterns to represent waves and sea-spray. where the 1. wood or secondary encouraging residents to re-discover the historic port area. The new increased cover width reduces the number of side laps and fixings required. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 100 www. which is unique to RMIG. He added: “Although we already have a wide range of experience in developing aesthetic solutions for architecture and construction. every panel was complete and delivered to site for installation. but it certainly was one of the most complex solutions we have done to date. RMIG had developed rapid precision manufacturing techniques both for perforated panels and patterns were rendered accurately. The designers chose a combination of Hanson’s Gima modular clay blocks and Gobelin buff stock bricks. this ‘value-engineering’ is a genuine and measurable cost-benefit. and the ability to provide panel lengths of up to 20 metres reduces the number of end laps. Developed in response to architectural and design demands the facade is unique possessing the only true rounded corner on the market. corner details and even windows if required. smooth lines. but the designs for Ruban Bleu incorporated both principles in virtually every panel. After 3 months. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 96 www. with fasteners concealed by the panel joint design to ensure To meet these needs. Gima modular clay blocks are strong and offer 100% protection against damp and moss build-up to reduce future maintenance work and expense. With visual impact a key requirement on many building projects. the decorative cladding is seen by thousands of people every day.buildinginnovations. flashings. This aesthetic quality is further enhanced with the ‘Shadow Joint’ where the longitudinal and transverse joints are optically of the same Claude Morel.Nazaire’s ship building and port operations were the inspiration behind the complex patterns on 1. One of the principal advantages of KS2000 RW is its fast track construction capability. Assembly has not escaped innovation with a new ‘brick’ orientation option being added to the more traditional horizontal and vertical orientations. the installation of KS2000 RW could potentially provide large cost savings and reduce project installation times by up to 50%. Reichen & Robert Associates chose to use 1. RMIG developed special tooling in France and initially ran a series of trials to ensure the panels could be produced to the demanding specifications and the 9 Walls Walls  B/i : the book! . Ruban Bleu is a key part of St. Kingspan has now produced KS2000 RW – the same insulated panel but 2 metres wide. As a system. the new bi-modular cladding system from Trimo. the vision of the Ruban Bleu’s architects presented some new technical challenges.000 m2. RMIG France’s Project Manager on the Ruban Bleu scheme.buildinginnovations. which had to be overcome to ensure designs could be produced to their exact requirements. which presented an additional challenge. A similar approach was adopted on the centre’s ceiling panels. the project’s architects. The systems can be laid vertically or horizontally. This was not the first time we have needed to develop innovative tooling. Because strength was a factor. Qbiss by trimo comprises the modular facade element. With these benefits.buildinginnovations. but it is perhaps the facade that will attract most The nautical heritage of St. With cost always an issue and the pressures to reduce them throughout the entire building envelope. On previous architectural projects. were chosen because they combine the solid appearance of brick with a light colour to create a feeling of space.” RMIG Group is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal and its products are used in a diverse range of applications and sectors from architectural and automotive.buildinginnovations. linking the city centre to the beach and harbour.0mm thick salt-water resistant stainless steel Kingspan’s New Panel Can Widen Your Horizons Kingspan’s KS1000 RW trapezoidal insulated roof and wall panel is an established insulated panel that has been installed successfully on countless projects over the last 30 years.

Hotels or any other hygiene sensitive environment. This cuts installation time by up to 75%. Nocturno. as the patented frame design clamps around the wall structure to provide a rigid assembly with no visible fixings. Produced in photo-realistic form.buildinginnovations. As a result. Available in an updated range of colours. A newly installed. New Customising Service Gives Acrovyn Fresh Designer Appeal Architects and designers wanting to make use of C/S Acrovyn sheet can now combine unrivalled surface protection with creative expression thanks to a new in-house customising service that allows the material to be cut into eye-catching shapes and 6 Interiors Interiors  B/i : the book! . line side fixed with clear. glazing and ironmongery is available in a wide range of finishes and frame colours. Available in 3metre lengths. Integra is ideal for fast track construction abrasion-resistant product that delivers effective protection for any surface that is likely to suffer impact damage. Ten Inspirational Designs Featured In New Brochure The Arbonia Decotherm Range may be mounted vertically or horizontally. Vario d400 UK designs edition 1 Laidlaw Solutions For London’s Hottest New Hotel Munkenbeck and Marshall’s design of the new Bermondsey Square hotel has been described as stylish and chic and ‘the hottest new addition to London’s coolest boutique hotel scene’. The easy to clean design is suitable for all types of buildings. Durable yet visually The sheer versatility of the Vario D400 pop-up graphic display system is demonstrated in a new brochure published by RTD Systems. ten inspirational designs show how D400 can be used to stunning effect in showrooms. reception areas and a range of exhibition situations. Public Buildings or Houses where higher heat outputs are required. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 104 www. Factory fitted Orbis Commercial ironmongery was used with the range of laminated and painted Radiators The Arbonia Column Range is extensive and offers solutions for Schools. food. wall protection is able to make its own contribution to a positive and colourful internal environment. Please contact: Kermi UK Ltd Tel: (01536) 400 004 email: marketing@kermi. C/S Acrovyn is a tried and The Night Sky Captured In A Quartz Worksurface Nocturno. scratches. like all COMPAC’s quartz worksurfaces has superb consistency of colour. staining and is very easy to clean and maintain . Offices. the package of timber doors. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 102 www. With an eye to creating interiors which broke the normal corporate hotel mould. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 105 www. toughened glass infill panels to maximize natural daylight.and of course for domestic kitchens too where it would transform any traditional or contemporary home. To add a combination of design flair to stairways. a range of thicknesses and in polished or honed finishes Nocturno can easily be cut and profiled to fit virtually any specification. Laidlaw’s Stainless Steel Handrail system in Brushed Stainless Steel was The Arbonia Creatherm Range is a tubular design offering curved or angled options. Schools. is extremely hard wearing. product shelves and digital The Arbonia Arbotherm Range with flat tube easy clean design even climbs the stairs if required!! An excellent range for Clean minimalist lines with integrated temperature state-of-the-art CNC router at Construction Specialties’ new headquarters at Westcott in Buckinghamshire. . curved or angled options available. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 101 www. while all guest room doors were supplied with an integrated electronic VingCard® access system. metal frames. leisure. The Vario D400 has unique aluminium side profiles. which can be fitted with accessories such as literature bag holders. Laidlaw’s Orbis Integra Doorsets system was used throughout. means that there is almost literally no limit to the designs that can be created and the effects that can be The ultimate Heating Solutions from Kermi / Arbonia From early design stage to completion. Kermi have the solution. retail and commercial sectors . s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 103 www. all guaranteed for 10 years.making it ideal for the hotel. including faux woods and a brand new faux metal finish. highly resistant to heat. part of the new stunning ‘Genesis’ range of quartz worksurfaces from COMPAC provides the designer with a palette of exciting colours and endless opportunities to create visually impactful worksurface designs for a wide range of applications.buildinginnovations.

seamless contoured wall surfaces with impactful designs and cast relief. and a safety rail which folds away under the Bench when not in use. Alico tiles are fused with copper and aluminium to create a wide range of contemporary designs. Each design can be finished in a range of decorative effects such as ArmourCoat Spatulata polished plaster and ArmourColor Perlata. Oxygen offers maximum privacy and a flush façade . s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 110 www. The panels are extremely dense and hard with a smooth ceramic-like surface. and non-combustible. Pressalit Care’s ergonomic washbasins and nursing benches can be power adjusted to suit individual requirements safely and comfortably.a result achieved by stylish streamlined extrusions and fittings. Armitage Venesta has meticulously developed Oxygen. easily adjusted with a hand control. are non-toxic. Oxygen is the result of a wealth of industry experience and a continued commitment towards new product development. The versatile Circa and Quadra plywood range includes circular. Daedalian tiles are already widely specified for custom projects and the new standard Alico range will provide greater market availability for more general applications. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 108 www. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 109 www. making them ideal for use in a wide range of projects including commercial interiors. while the rounded edges are easy to grip or lean Pressalit Care Meets Changing Places Requirements Height-adjustable products. Quadra column casings maximise floor space by fitting closely to internal structural columns and can be configured for projects requiring square or rectangular casings in sizes from 300mm to 1200mm. market leaders in architectural Leading Washroom Provider Launches Stunning New Range Responding to industry demands. the Nursing Bench has a slightly curved profile with foam be met from Pressalit Care’s specialist bathroom solutions. has been enhanced by an innovative new pivoting hinge system. Suitable for use when showering or changing. With full height cubicles produced of the Oxygen’s technical specification too. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 107 hotels and public buildings as well as retail and education and for stylish shop fronts. Its stunning design and use of optimum materials inspires the confidence to specify.buildinginnovations. The tiles are available in different size combinations from 70mm to 400mm. quickly and cost effectively. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 106 www. as specified for the new Changing Places facilities detailed in BS8300:2009 – ‘Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people’ . Oxygen is recommended by Armitage Venesta as a prestigious washroom solution. have introduced a new exciting range of Alico tiles. This is the first of a series of standard tile ranges to be introduced by the company. Each signature design is created from cast GRG (Glass-fibre Reinforced Gypsum) panels. semi-circles.buildinginnovations.buildinginnovations. Whilst Alico tiles are ideally suited for use as accent tiles when blended with plain field tiles. a stunning new washroom system that exceeds all expectations. square and rectangular The Pressalit Care 1800mm Nursing Bench can be raised from a height of 300mm up to 1000mm by means of a wall-mounted lifting unit. opaque Glass and versatile Laminate. contemporary materials New Standard Alico Tile Range From Daedalian Daedalian. CAD generated to enable a continuous pattern or unique decorative effect. Applications will include domestic and commercial bathroom and kitchen splash backs for both new and refurbishment projects. enabling a decorative and stylish finish to be achieved simply. the imagination of the designer will also lead to their specification as complete tiling solutions in their own n-case column casings are available in a wide range of finishes.buildinginnovations. Designed and produced by a company that has earned its long-standing reputation as the leading washroom 9 Interiors Interiors  B/i : the book! . real wood Veneer. Sculptural™ panels are mineral based and incorporate up to 30% post-consumer recycled content.Column Casings Provide The Perfect Finish The n-case range of plywood column casings provides the perfect solution for concealing structural columns. The ergonomically designed Pressalit Care Washbasin can be height adjusted electrically or by gas cylinder level Armourcoat Sculptural™ At Design Interiors Armourcoat introduced Sculptural™ at Design Interiors in January . The concave front edge of the basin stabilises a standing as well as a seated user. rich.

scratches. Europe’s largest urban shopping mall. Zehnder.000 free-standing panels of laminated glass. Surrey. that CMF Ltd. Absolute Blanc has been combined with an Orange Quartz worksurface from COMPAC’s Lumicks range to produce a stunning kitchen Zehnder sets new standard in efficient temperature control Zehnder sets aa new standard in efficient temperature control Zehnder. fast and efficient heat distribution with exceptional controllability.zehnder. its staircases and sections of the external causeway leading to Westfield London. the European market leader in the field of radiant heating and cooling panels for many The structural benefits of SentryGlas® interlayers Cantilever glass panels. In the kitchen illustrated. Available in 3metre lengths. manufactured by UK architectural glass supplier Kite is pure vibrant white and like all COMPAC’s quartz worksurfaces. Middlesex (UK).buildinginnovations. is extremely hard wearing. Capitalising on the natural properties of graphite. has set new performance standard for the industry with the launch of the Zehnder Carboline. Absolute Blanc. the glass balustrades. when used as shopping mall barriers and thus exposed to crowd loading. an extremely 100 Interiors B/i : the book! . offers superb consistency of colour. conceived the transparent glass balustrades and handrails for the first floor of the centre. as its name suggests. lightweight and with high thermal conductivity.buildinginnovations. The glass panels for the balustrades were supplied by Kite Glass of Weybridge. To find out more: To find out more: www. 20 percent thinner than other glass laminate constructions of equivalent It was as a reflection of the architectural vision for Westfield London. the European market leader in the field of radiant heating and cooling panels for many years. containing DuPont™ SentryGlas® structural interlayer. providing the designer with a palette of exciting colours and endless opportunities to create visually impactful designs for kitchens and bathrooms. the Zehnder Carboline consists of patented high-performance carbon element which guarantees the Zehnder Carboline consists of aa patented high-performance carbon element which guarantees an extremely even. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 112 www. fast and efficient heat distribution with exceptional controllability. which has been designed by World renowned Miami based designer Jay Britto. provide a safe and secure shopping experience for all visitors to Westfield. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 111 www. are subject to the highest category of British Standards and Building Regulations with regard to their load-bearing capacity. are used to form balustrades at the new Westfield London shopping centre. highly resistant to heat. has set aa new performance standard for the industry with the launch of the Zehnder Carboline.zehnder. a range of thicknesses and in polished or honed finishes Absolute Blanc from COMPAC will look ‘absolutely fabulous’ in any contemporary or traditional home. staining and is very easy to clean and of Feltham. a leading supplier and installer of toughened and laminated architectural Laminated Glass Balustrades Demonstrate The Benefits Of Dupont™ Sentryglas® Around 2.Absolute Perfection From Compac Absolute Blanc is part of the new Genesis range of quartz worksurfaces from s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 113 www. lightweight and with aa high thermal conductivity. Capitalising on the natural properties of graphite.

uk 102 Paints & Coatings Redmak Architecture & Design Paints & Coatings 103 B/i : the book! .co. These are arranged into eight distinct colour families to make decision making as straightforward as possible. 01254 704951 Advice: 0844 7708 998 Fax: 0845 389 9457 E-mail info@sadolin. Whilst Ultra® offers the high performance of a solvent www.buildinginnovations.. Sadolin Ultra® ’s UV-Active protection technology gives lasting. it’s still 2010 VOC compliant. For the exterior wood detailing of these luxury and top quality Rediscover Wm Zinsser (UK) Ltd Wetherby s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 120 www. Fax: 01937 584422.sadolin. instantly recognisable in the new Crown Trade ‘black and gold’ signature style.. tints and hues.5ph Brush. designers and professional decorators working on all types of interior and exterior design projects. The first two characters. flexible bridging sealer for surfaces where peeling. are now available. Sikkens Cetol BL21 plus and Cetol BL31 woodstain system has been specified which is quick drying and benefits from low odour whilst maintaining excellent absorption into the timber for protection against weathering and UV damage. with colour swatches all clearly referenced using Crown’s exclusive SCAN™ colour codification and referencing system. stain with seven years’ Ultra® protection. airless spray Tintable to mid tone colours ULTRA ® Superior Wood Protection See the true beauty of wood. Rediscover Crown Trade! Crown Trade has launched an exciting new paint colour collection for Applied as a system of Basecoat and Woodstain. consistent ALLCOAT SOLVENT BASE ideal for historic restorations Pyeroy On Track With Blackfriars Railway Bridge Contract Pyeroy has been awarded a £6 million contract to refurbish London’s Blackfriars Railway Bridge.buildinginnovations.buildinginnovations. Pyeroy’s involvement will see the Gateshead-based firm’s infrastructure services division providing scaffolding and steelwork support ahead of applying a new long last protective coating to the wrought iron bridge. Crown House. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 118 www. The interior has been redeveloped to be safe thanks to the application of the Bollom Ultra 60 which is fully fire protected to BS476:Part 20/21:1987 ASFP Approved. Peel Stop tightly bonds to old paint and problem areas. refer to the ‘hue’ of the paint colour and there are 240 different hues shown in the SCAN™ colour New Clear Binding Primer Extends The Life Of Problem Surfaces Zinsser’s Peel Stop is a clear. Lancashire BB3 0BG Tel.G5 HISTORIC HALF A4 AD 6/8/07 11:16 am Page 1 Quick Drying Fire Protection For Luxury London Development Hinde House is a highly visible and prestigious development on Thayer Street in London’s Marylebone Village. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 119 www. PO Box Brosteel Ultra 60 Intumescent Coating for Structural Steel is a thin-film waterborne intumescent coating. with 60 minutes achieved in just two coats. (a letter followed by a digit).uk/card The benefits of ALLCOAT SOLVENT BASE: � � � � � � � � � � Wall and ceiling primer and finish No other primer or topcoat required Virtually odourless (less odour than an acrylic) High forming a sound surface for new paint forming a tough acrylic film that stays flexible and helps prevent peeling by letting moisture escape. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 116 For superior protection that doesn’t alter the colour and character of the wood. washable flat matt finish Ideal for high ph substrates such as limewash and distemper Used as stain block and as a finish Dries in 30 minutes. The works will be carried out over a two year period. The SCAN™ system is so sophisticated that saturation can be increased in increments of less than 0. The final two digits refer to saturation. providing 30 minutes fire protection in only one coat. Darwen.buildinginnovations. e-mail: sales@zinsseruk.buildinginnovations. 7 Market Place. web: Crown Paints Ltd. It is suitable for interior or exterior use forming a breathable membrane over questionable or faulty substrates. Tel: 01937 roller. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 115 www. dusting or chalking is a problem.5%. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 114 www. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 117 www. Recoat in 2 hours Neutralises substrates up to 12.buildinginnovations.. Wetherby. The next two digits refer to the lightness of the paint colour ranging from zero (the darkest) to 99 (the very lightest). Hollins SCAN™ systematically and scientifically measures paint colours and then assigns a unique six digit code to each Sikkens Adds Perfect Finish To New Cornish Hotel The new Cornwall Hotel Spa and Estate at Tregorrick is destined to be an exciting attraction and products from Sikkens are being used throughout. Crown Trade colour fandecks and pocket size colour guides. This extensive new colour offer covers the entire spectrum and features 1080 contemporary and established popular shades. West Yorks LS22 6LG. it has to be Sadolin Ultra® .buildinginnovations.

who made Chris his very own ‘mill’ in ‘kit‘ form and shipped it over to the UK from Oregon. Woodcare specialist Sadolin advised Chris on the best way to decorate and protect the exteriors of his unusual development which was visited by Kevin McCloud and his film crew and featured in a recent episode of the popular TV programme Grand Designs. it makes all that effort 104 Paints & Coatings Paints & Coatings 10 B/i : the book! . the wood became the exterior cladding was made entirely from cedar panelling. dating back to the 1920s. After the third coat I had the rich autumn leaf colour that I had wanted all along. richer and more consistent. Their designs were sent to Timberpeg. He needed a richly coloured woodcare product that would deliver a translucent natural finish to allow the natural beauty of the cedar to show through. Although Chris knew the colour that he wanted he wasn’t the only person involved in the decision making process. Finally they settled on a colour that they both found acceptable and the decision was taken to decorate and protect all the exterior wood in Caramel Crisp.500 linear feet of bare timber to get through! Fortunately I had a few friends and family members who I ‘press ganged’ into helping out! We formed a ‘production line’ and got all the wood stained both sides in just over a week. I’ve got plenty more work to do inside before I’m done but at least I can relax in the knowledge that I won’t need to pick up another tin of exterior woodstain for many years to come!” s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 121 www. “but we got the temperature up to a level where we could stain the wood without too many problems.” “I’ve got the timber clad house of my dreams and I know that thanks to Sadolin the wood is extremely well protected from the elements.buildinginnovations. Now all the external works are completed and he is delighted with the results of his labours. Whilst the structural framework was built from Douglas Fir. just like the picture on the yoghurt pot” When the Grand Designs crew visited Chris he was only half way though his project. and to give the woodstain a chance to dry. Chris and his architect Brian Johnson designed a very similar building to sit on a platform cut into the chalk hillside of the Oxfordshire countryside. and then He admits: “I underestimated how long it would take to protect and decorate all the timber and we certainly didn’t have the weather on our side. a rich redtoned shade in the Sadolin Classic tinted range. The real issue was the sheer amount of wood that had to be treated and left to dry on racking.Sadolin Colours And Protects Self-Builder’s Dream House When Oxfordshire self-builder and businessman Chris Ostwald set out to build a country retreat in the Chiltern Hills he took inspiration from the most unlikely of places – a picture of a West Virginian timber clad watermill seen on the side of a yoghurt pot. Sadolin’s technical team advised Chris to use Sadolin Classic woodstain for a superior level of protection and durability. recoated once more. Chris said: “I’d been concerned about the huge colour variation of the bare panels but with each coat of Sadolin Classic. and helpfully provided a wide range of tester pots for him to try out on the cladding boards. but which would also provide long term weather protection and be easy to maintain in the future. and the way the building nestles in the its wooded setting. Inspired by a yoghurt pot image of Glade Creek Grist Mill. New Hampshire. Chris turned down the manufacturer’s offer to apply coatings at its factory. an American specialist in timber frame homes.” The exterior facades were coated again once the cladding was fixed. “The conditions certainly weren’t ideal” said Chris. He hung plastic sheeting to keep out the wind and rain and brought in huge heaters to keep the area warm enough to work in. supported by steel legs. We had about 5. Timberpeg recommended that all the cladding panels should be treated immediately both sides with a quality woodcare product and that further coats should be applied to the exterior facing walls in situ. He also had to keep the local planning department satisfied and this entailed generating different coloured ‘impressions’ of the completed building on his laptop until the planning officer was also happy with the effect. Luckily the ‘stilted’ design of the building enabled him to create a spacious sheltered (and well ventilated) area under the house where the work could be carried out. Winter had arrived and it was not an ideal time to be applying woodstain but Chris was determined to keep the momentum going. opting for the more cost effective but somewhat more labour intensive option of treating the wood himself. but when I look at the rich colour of the cladding now.

Coupled with the wide choice of powder coated finishes. Both centres have been constructed off site by Yorkon and craned into position around 70 per cent complete.buildinginnovations. The project at Emerson’s Green in Bristol is believed to be the UK’s largest complete hospital to be built off site. Thermal improvements in properties have often resulted in excessive insulation being positioned to close to electric cables and therefore running the risk of electrical cables overheating and potentially causing a fire. yet offer an impressive load-bearing capacity. Envir-e-flex is the perfect solution because it is produced in a depth to suit most joists and trusses whilst offering an important airflow for cabling and minimising condensation problems. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 122 www. semi-circles. Stephen’s development in Hull. the 2100sqm building will be fully fitted out with new internal fittings and will arrive on site complete with windows. Neaco’s modular grille panels are precision engineered in easy-to-handle dimensions. n-case metal column casings provide even greater design and installation flexibility. They are approximately one third of the weight of steel.Forma Metal Column Casings Provide Aesthetic Appeal The n-case Forma range of metal column casings includes a wide range of shapes including Envir-e-flex can be used between joists and also between floors in new build projects. Neaco’s modular aluminum grillage is used for the Kalzip system because its seam clips ensure a secure fixing method to the Kalzip seams without penetrating the roof sheets. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 126 www. Also new from Envirograf are Thermal Cavity Fire Barriers for improved thermal insulation and fire protection around doors and windows. This approach will ensure completion on time. The contract is for a fully refurbished threestorey office building to be located at the Sellafield Nuclear Plant. Designed by Holder Mathias one side only or without handrails. The use of a recycled and refurbished modular building is highly sustainable. the undulating curved glass roof is a particularly distinctive design feature at St. self-draining.5mm to 3mm in Yorkon Delivers UK’s Largest Complete Hospital To Be Built Off Site Two new multi-million pound NHS treatment centres have been delivered to site by off-site specialists and Portakabin up to 70 per cent faster and provides a cost saving of up to 50 per cent compared to new build. Neaco’s grillage walkway can be installed with handrails to both sides. Stephen’s and the Kalzip walkway system was extensively installed on the roof structure for cleaning and maintenance The New 3 In 1 Conversion Envirograf have just launched Envir-e-flex the perfect answer to providing a 3 in 1 product for thermal insulation to L1B & L2B. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 125 www. Manufactured from metals from 0. Envir-e-flex consists of a reflective fire protective panel with an attached non-itch sponge. Forma casings are also flexible enough to make installation a simple and straightforward Foremans Wins £1m Recycled Modular Building Contract At Sellafield Foremans Relocatable Building Systems has been awarded a £1m contract to supply office accommodation at Sellafield in Cumbria. squares and rectangles. Heat leakage in properties has become a crucial factor in trying to reduce the carbon footprint. with guaranteed quality and less Forma metal casings are ideally suited to ‘custom’ applications covering sizes from 250mm to 1000mm across all shapes in the range. The walkway retains a high residual value and the aluminium is fully recyclable.buildinginnovations. Yorkon. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 123 www. doors.buildinginnovations. Produced using precision bending techniques for accuracy. durable. low maintenance construction for simple and quick installation to the Kalzip standing seam roof system. plumbing and a large proportion of electrics pre-installed. depending on the profile and material selected. partitions. The Envir-e-flex panels can be used in loft conversions between trusses requiring only a facing of 9mm plasterboard to achieve excellent U values. on budget. Neaco provided a major contribution to the St. airborne and impact sound and 70 minutes fire 10 Structures Fire Protection 10 B/i : the book! . for UK Specialist Hospitals (UKSH). patterns and perforations. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 124 Neaco Contributes to Major Retail Development As the approved suppliers of the engineered aluminium components for Kalzip Grillage Walkway and Handrail systems. The Kalzip Grillage Walkway and Handrail system offers a lightweight. to a shorter programme. Delivered to a challenging timescale of just five months.buildinginnovations.

Arch Protects The RNLI Over 200m3 of timber cladding was treated with Arch’s unique fire retardant Dricon for the roof of the new RNLI Hoylake Lifeboat Station. housing their Mersey class vessel. John Curry. the Lady of Hilbre . the new lifeboat station – 500 metres east of the original – has replaced one of the oldest in the UK. Opened in early February 2009. It has provided the Hoylake lifeboat crew with a superb new carriage launched lifeboat. The old station had become too small and outmoded. which dated back to 1899. At present the appeal has raised one million pounds towards the final objective. and could not be modified to house the next generation of lifeboat. The volunteer lifeboat crew urgently needed a new station to meet the demands of the 21st century.buildinginnovations. The result is the UK’s first purpose built lifeboat station which accommodates this class of vessel. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 127 108 Fire Protection Fire Protection 10 B/i : the book! . lifeboat operations manager commented: “The RNLI Hoylake Lifeboat Station Appeal the appeal was launched in September 2007 with the objective of raising two million of the five million pounds needed for the new station and the new boat to be housed in it by the end of 2009.” The Dricon fire retardant treatment used for the roofing timber will help protect the new station for the life of the building. essential facilities and new equipment needed to carry on saving lives at sea for decades to come.

uk/card Lloyd Banks On Steadmans For Head Office Refurbishment Roofing and cladding company Steadmans has supplied a complete building envelope solution for the refurbishment of the Carlisle-based head office of prestige motors to agricultural machinery group Lloyd. Accoya is acetylated. for first class. SikaTack Panel Adhesive made it possible to create this look without any visible fixings. The existing brick being a rich red. For the project Denovo specified Rainline in a plain galvanised finish which required no painting and minimal maintenance. The station now boasts two 16–person. The architect for the refurbishment was Carlislebased Architects Plus and the new 3. a modified 110 Projects Projects 111 B/i : the book! .uk/card Accoya® Brings An Unbeatable Finish To Loch Lomond Vincent Timber’s Accoya timber cladding has delivered a prestige makeover to one of Scotland’s premier hotel destinations. Having specified Lindab’s Rainline for two previous sustainable housing developments. triple skin factory assembled in-plane roof lights plus 800 lin mtrs of gutters and flashings in metallic silver.buildinginnovations. This extremely efficient external Solar Shading system reduces solar heat gain by as much as 95%. Following preparation and priming of all Levolux has ensured that staff and guests at the stunning hotel. modern comfort. Finished with a coordinated dark grey powder coating. changing the face of a former no-go area for disabled people. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 134 while at the same time retaining the Edwardian style of the original house. 100mm thick insulated panel finished in grey mist. Both roof and wall panels benefit from a DobelNova colour finish providing a 30 year Levolux Keeps Village Cool The new VILLAGE hotel in London’s Elstree.buildinginnovations. helping to minimise the hotel’s reliance on expensive. SpeedDeck ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) cladding panels were specified. the ACM panels were temporarily fixed in place using Sika’s specially made 3mm thick double-sided tape. would achieve the same effect at significantly reduced site costs. The Levolux 9000 Fin system comprises of vertical stacks of horizontal 300mm aluminium Aerofoil Fins fitted to a series of ‘H’ posts. has a reputation to uphold. the Levolux Solar Shading system and contoured Ventilation Louvres combine to create a sleek. hydraulicdrive passenger lifts built to Network Rail specifications. As an alternative to more expensive traditional cassette panels. one platform was only approachable over a steep flight of steps and the other via a steep Lindab’s Rainline Specified For Award Winning Social Housing Project Lindab’s steel based Rainline rainwater drainage system was recently specified for an award winning social housing project designed by Liverpool based architects. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 133 www. Using wood from certified sustainable plantations. In addition to contoured Ventilation Louvres used to screen plant areas at high level. In addition. at a fraction of the cost compared to a mechanical alternative. Hanson Chosen For Edwardian Luxury Development Matching the existing brickwork was the major challenge for a recent project undertaken by Lead Hill Developments and Beswick Homes. it was critical to match the original brick in order to maintain consistency throughout the new build. Working to a strict design style and selection of materials. energy sapping air conditioning.buildinginnovations. for Ralph Lloyd. from which Denovo Design had received positive reports regarding Rainline’s ease of installation and its attractive appearance.buildinginnovations. Rainline itself is completely recyclable’. Vincent Timber proposed Stannah At Kingston Station The installation of new Stannah bespoke passenger lifts is part of the ‘Access for All’ programme of station improvements . The plans called for the extension and refurbishment of a large Edwardian house into 10 luxury apartments. when needed. also supplied and fitted by Levolux. When the original head office was built 26 years ago it was supplied and erected by Brian Steadman. then Steadman’s managing director. its strength and durability and importantly. smooth texture most closely matched the bricks used on the original house.000m² roof was installed by New Metal Systems of Workington using Steadmans AS35/1000. Accoya offers impeccable green credentials and is the perfect complement to Vincent Timber’s extensive range of timber claddings. again to match the size and appearance of the Edwardian brickwork.buildinginnovations. with the wood’s natural appearance and strength not affected by the process. a recent addition to the hotel chains’ ‘Premium’ range. However. whilst the SikaTack Panel Adhesive got to work.buildinginnovations. as its colour and soft. stay cool with a state of the art 9000 Fin system. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 130 www. London. Denovo Design.Sika Takes Secret Fix Up A Gear Sika’s secret fix panel adhesive has ensured a seamless aluminium cladding finish to the latest in BMW dealership in Beddington. the panels were fully bonded to the structure. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 129 www. The Boathouse Restaurant is the latest dining sensation at the prestigious De Vere Cameron House hotel in Loch Lomond and it sports a sustainable Accoya timber panelled exterior that provides the perfect new look for a panoramic loch setting. When set. The lifts have operating panels on both sides to ensure all travellers can use them easily and independently.buildinginnovations.funded by the DfT and delivered by Network Rail – which provides step–free access for all travellers. Given the combination of new build and refurbishment. the aluminium façade is an integral part of the dealership’s overall branding and ensures it matches other dealerships. Supplied fully factory coated it provides excellent performance with a superb aesthetic finish that fits with the visual appeal of the restaurant’s surroundings. A recent excellent example of the ‘Access for All’ programme is the installation of two new Stannah lifts at Kingston station. the new bricks had to be produced in 73mm format. the vandal resistance and durability of Rainline were particular features which made its specification important for this latest development. These could be offered in flat panel format and. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 128 www. Hanson’s Wilnecote Smooth Red brick was s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 132 www. aluminium finish with face New Metal Systems also installed the rear gable wall using over 200m² of Steadmans 80mm AS35/1000 insulated panel finished in forest modern contrast against the glass backdrop. founder of the group. To complete the building envelope Steadmans also supplied metallic silver insulated flat wall panels to the front of the building. Levolux fitted its 9000 Fin Solar Shading system across the hotel’s entrance and to provide shading to glazed areas along each elevation of the building. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 131 www. Other factors that influenced Denovo’s decision to use Rainline instead of a UPVC system were ‘its minimal movement. including telephone links and CCTV. using SikaTack Panel Adhesive. To secure the flat SpeedDeck ACM panels using traditional cladding methods could have left the

Rated outstanding in many areas by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted). DuPont™ Tyvek® Reflex metallised breather membrane on the external walls and DuPont™ Tyvek® Supro breather membrane on the roof. light-weight. “movemanSKG installed Prestige in just a few days. textiles. Users can specify its colour and finish to match any surrounding environment. Prestige features controlled acceleration and deceleration. easy to install membranes is designed not only to protect the building envelope. We wouldn’t want to gamble on something that might be substandard on a project with such high aims. These facilities will be accessible to wheelchair users. It gets daily use. and in order to achieve this. I recommend movemanSKG to anyone with platform lift requirements!” Prestige lifts 400kg up to thirteen metres and has a customisable platform size. DuPont™ AirGuard® air-leakage barrier on the internal walls. This combination of air-tight. This minimises building work and associated Exceeding the thermal and airtightness standards set by regulations has been a primary goal. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 136 www. dance and music 112 Projects Projects 113 B/i : the book! . These include geo-thermal heat sources from 200 metre boreholes. “We chose these membranes because they are renowned as a reliable. it requires no pit or supporting wall. that aims not only for very high standards of living but also of thermal efficiency. Specialist technology facilities enable it to offer advanced courses in art. The company is professional and pleasant to deal with. making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Business Manager at West Bridgford School. At West Bridgford School. which eliminates jolting at landings. This meant we could resume normal lesson timetables quickly. keeping building work to a minimum.movemanSKG Makes The Grade “We ensure any student with a disability is able to enjoy and access the full curriculum and facilities” says Carol Sheffield. including three high-performance building membranes from DuPont (DuPont™ AirGuard®. durable brand. located in Rushcliffe near Nottingham. has nearly 2000 pupils aged between 11 and 18. West Bridgford School has exciting expansion plans. and Lethame House Aims High With DuPont Membranes Lethame House is a new luxury housing project by Apex Developments Ltd in Strathaven. DuPont™ Tyvek® Reflex and DuPont™ Tyvek® Supro). allowing children with disabilities to overcome a short flight of steps. the school is a popular choice for students in the area. MD of Apex Developments Ltd. and exceeds all expectations!” West Bridgford School. and a hands free intercom unit means they can call for assistance if required. dance studio. We want to be confident in handing over the keys to a quality home that will bring enjoyment and value for many generations. in which we hold drama classes. Simple ergonomic controls allow users to operate the lift independently. and assemblies. Apex have worked to a superior specification from the outset. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 135 www. Consisting of four spacious timber-frame. near Glasgow. and PE classroom.buildinginnovations. slate-roofed units. thereby improving interior comfort and reducing the carbon footprint. the project boasts a combination of advanced systems and products. graphics. including the sourcing of local stone and slate. It is to spend £400. We have worked with DuPont™ Tyvek® before and have every faith in the material. Freestanding. performs reliably. the development features top quality materials. resistant materials. “Our new Prestige platform lift from movemanSKG means wheelchair users can access the theatre. Prestige travels nearly a metre from the upper level foyer down to the theatre.buildinginnovations. but also to significantly enhance the thermal performance of the building. keen to create a distinctive development that will be a pleasure to inhabit for the long term. a heat recovery system.000 over coming months building a new fitness suite.” says Jim Simpson. Carol continued.

It had to connect to and complement existing buildings. along with the west façade. It had to act as a separate two-storey facility with two main dance studios floating above a plinth housing the music facilities. wollastonite and sodium silicate and impregnated with an aqueous. It is produced from cement. but to meet modern standards of thermal insulation and energy efficiency RHP commissioned Selectaglaze to produce purpose designed secondary While following the lines and footprint of the original Edwardian building. Selectaglaze works extensively within Listed buildings and offers a technical and specification advisory service to ensure sympathetic treatment and the correct interface with other trades.buildinginnovations. Programmes are particularly important and proactive site surveys linked to a modern production facility working on Lean principles ensures that projects are delivered on schedule. with spreader optics to graze light across the repainted underside of the bridges. 36W RGB downlighters are also used to illuminate the vertical columns of the Flyover which has been totally repainted white to lift the area and to be used as a lighting canvas. E Floor Contracts not only benefited from the high quality performance of Level IT two but also the outstanding customer service and delivery guarantee that Ultra Floor offers. ideal for a variety of decorative cladding applications.Lighting Fights Crime And Grime London’s Westway A40 flyover has been illuminated and the area made safer by a joint venture between Light Selectaglaze Assist Phoenix Rising From The Ashes Ramsgate Library has risen Phoenix-like from the ashes five years after fire gutted the impressive 104 year old Grade II landmark building on the Kent coast. specified single glazed timber sash windows to the original surviving north and west facades. Lucy Choules. Approximately 130 Cembonit cladding panels were used to create the contemporary exterior of the new small floodlights create circles of light on the pavement and illuminate the artwork on the Cembonit is a strong. cost-effective and maintenance-free Class 0 cladding panel. To complete this flooring project. The inspired use of Francis Cembrit’s Cembonit Performs At Acland Burghley School Cembonit cladding from specialists Cembrit. in order to sympathetically treat the wide range of window deigns. some with curved heads. to our on-site location. The fire also destroyed the library’s contents.” s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 137 www. The new work includes striking artwork on some of the walls designed by Miles Watson. architects Radley House Partnership. at the agreed time. including vertical sliders and side hung casements. This was then followed by an exceptional delivery service. Working on behalf of Kent County Council.buildinginnovations. This was achieved with the construction of a bridge between the new and existing parts of the school. which provides the sheets with a water and dirt repellent surface. Andy comments that. The colour changing dmx system has several programmes to facilitate different moods of colour and its rate of change. A striking combination of sand coloured panels with an orange border were used to great effect around the windows. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 139 www. including its priceless museum collection. Founded in 1966 and a Royal Warrant holder since 2004. durable and lightweight product and is an attractive. arts organisation Urban Eye and TFL. The result is a transformation of the dark and dangerous areas under the flyover near the communities of Ladbroke Grove and Portobello Road. hydrophobic liquid. an NHS facility located in north-east London. the interior and facilities of the rebuilt Library are very much a product of the 21st Century. has been used at a new performing arts centre at a school in London. has recently received a ‘facelift’ courtesy of Ultra Floor products and E Floor Contracts. The secondary glazing traps an insulating layer of air between the two panes of glass which reduces heat loss by about half and high performance seals will almost eliminate uncomfortable draughts. sand. In addition. some of which were salvaged from the fire. Cembonit cladding has been specially designed for external cladding. Ultra Floor’s south-east Area Sales Manager. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 138 www. The impressive two-storey north façade escaped the ravages of the flames and. The completion of Ramsgate Library is just one of a number of library projects recently undertaken by Selectaglaze. s ENQUIRY CARD/ONLINE NO 140 www. were the only principal elevations of the original building to have survived. cellulose. “gave excellent technical assistance as well as ensuring an efficient order Would You Like A Facelift? Langthorne Health Centre. Acland Burghley School needed an upgraded dance and music facility and the specification was to create a building that fulfilled several functions. part of the Light Projects Group. Shown below are examples of the company’s installations at The University of London’s Senate House and University of Cambridge’s Seeley History Library. the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of secondary glazing systems installed a total of seven different styles of unit. Selectaglaze. creating a lighting gateway without glare which has lifted the lux levels and is deterring 11 Projects Projects 11 B/i : the book! . and a colourful lighting scheme by a creative partnership of Miles Watson and Lightscape Projects. Class A laminated glass and locking systems were specified to the ground floor to improve security and the secondary glazing also provides high levels of noise insulation ensuring the quiet environment that is such an important feature of libraries. semi-exposed and internal lining applications.

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