QR Codes & Mobile Marketing for the Small Business Owner
How to Quantify Your Existing Customer Base and Market to Them Directly Using Email and SMS Texting

By: Michael Weir

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Table of Contents

Introduction ................................................................... 1 Why You Need this Book ................................................ 8 History of the QR Code ................................................. 11 Early Adopters .............................................................. 15 Mobile Marketing .......................................................... 19 Your Business .............................................................. 25 A Word on Viral Marketing ........................................... 33 A Word on Mobile Marketing ........................................ 34 Setting up Your QR Code Marketing Plan: .................... 38 My Blueprint For You .................................................... 42



This book is dedicated to the small business owner, the one who owns the coffee shop on the corner, the hair salon, the mechanic, art gallery, restaurant, boutique shop, or bakery, etc. The one who is paying the bills (mostly), employing less than 15 people or so, and has firsthand knowledge that the economy isn‟t getting any better, no matter what the Chuckle-heads in Washington want you to believe. In fact, you are the one keeping this economy chugging along; it might not seem like it ... but it‟s true. On the following pages, I am going to show you a very simple method that will allow you to reach out to your existing customer base in a meaningful way, expand that base, and increase your profits. Simply stated, I am going to show you how to actually quantify your customer base by teaching you how to properly collect their data (email and SMS texting numbers) and build a customer list that you can start marketing to directly. Best of all, the entire process is designed to be automated, efficient, v

and is reasonably inexpensive to vi The good news is that I can change all that for you in the . the specific ways you can integrate that technology into your business at a fraction of the cost of print ads. My goal with this book is to show you how to harness some of the most powerful technology available today. Because many small business owners have not been able to effectively quantify their customer base (meaning that they simply don‟t know how many customers they have or how to contact them). The beauty of it all is that this technology is trending exponentially . following pages.and inexpensive to operate... and how to use that technology to speak directly to your customer base. I am going to tell you a secret that you already know: A paying customer is worth far more than a prospective customer. Many business owners don‟t communicate with or market directly to their customer base because they don‟t have the tools they need to do so. they use a shotgun approach to their advertising in the hope of increasing sales and have no plan in place to identify and communicate directly with their existing customer base.

and something you can integrate into your business easily and inexpensively.implement right away.. I promise.. This is all really cool. very exciting. vii .

relevant marketing insights and secrets that can impact your business immediately without draining your bank account in high-dollar consulting fees. Best of all. and take the time to I M P L E M E N T them.Introduction First of all… congratulations on buying this book. If you pay attention to the strategies that I am about to lay out in this little book. you will be automatically moved to the front of the line in the latest developments in print advertising and Internet marketing. you will have netted thousands of dollars worth of current. Mobile Marketing consultants will be a reality very soon. You are about to learn what only the elite 1 . Believe it or not. and position you to ride that wave instead of getting crushed by it and wondering what happened. I can tell already that you‟re a brilliant person. This simple purchase could very well be the smartest marketing decision you‟ve made in your business for quite some time. What you will learn in this book will absolutely fire you up! I am going to show you that there is a tsunami of change coming.

So get excited. Even if you‟ve never posted or commented in a blog (or don‟t even know what that means). you can do this for way less than that if you follow my blueprint to a tee. I know this because I go to these events. This promises to be a very interesting and instructive experience for you. the latest in mobile technology. Most importantly. scattered throughout this book.players in the Internet Marketing (IM) space understand about the current trends. Seriously! In fact. that I have placed 2 . I am going to help you build an online presence from scratch and finish up with a beautiful marketing model for you to immediately implement. and how to put together a comprehensive online and off-line marketing strategy that will have an immediate impact on your business. I will show you in these few precious pages how to get all this set up for less than $500 (even if you don‟t yet have a website). Reading this book is going to be equivalent of attending a $5. You‟re going to find. More about that later.000 weekend mastermind seminar on the subject of online and offline marketing.

. It‟s time to wake up and smell the emerging market trends. you don‟t deserve to be on top. This of course assumes that you. once you have your smart phone in hand. This is especially true if you run a storefront business. The first order of business is for you is to go out and buy (or borrow) a smart phone if you don‟t already have one. and. have a smart phone. is download the appropriate app so you can take 3 . The change I‟m speaking of won‟t be slow . if you won‟t even bother to keep up with the basic changes in technology. It doesn‟t matter what kind of small business you‟re in. and you are willing to listen to me. That is the strait-up truth! So then. it is going to be super fast. Seriously. or one of your kids. if your feathers aren‟t too ruffled. I will help you change the marketing destiny of your company.multiple QR codes in the various chapters in order to make this a multimedia experience. This is important.. the entire marketing space is about to change. The second thing I‟m going to have you do.

It‟s very easy to do.advantage of one of the coolest innovations in modern technology available for the small business: the QR Code. But more importantly. I‟m going to take you on a trip around the world by making you to use your smart phone in a way that you most likely never have before. Again. if you‟re in your 30s. if you don‟t know what I‟m talking about ask one of your kids. before we get started. or a neighborhood kid. For example. if you have an iPhone.. if you‟re in your 40s you‟re might need to have one of your kids help you with some of this. I can assure you that many of your customers already understand how to do everything I mention in this book. I use the AT&T Scanner. In fact. 4 . go to App Store (by tapping the App Store button on your iPhone screen) and search for an app by typing in “QR code reader” in the search field. This is important. 40s or 50s and you own a small business. or employee to show you how to do this. and you need to catch up. friend. Now then. This is actually going to be a lot of fun.. I need to turn your attention This is to a going little to bit be of a light pretty housekeeping: unconventional book.

you‟ll find links to the latest studies on Mobile marketing. Again. You will watch 5 Your . I am even going to have you read portions of another book online. Contained within these QR codes.” and much more including several YouTube videos that you can watch on your phone. lessons by the foremost expert in what‟s known as “Diffusion of Innovation.Admittedly. this is not a very big book physically. QR Codes are a pain to insert into a book). You will be directed to that content by scanning the QR codes contained in these pages (please forgive the formatting on some of the pages. but I haven‟t seen one yet that will give you a plan of action that can be implemented in an afternoon. There are much larger books written about trends in mobile marketing. I‟m talking about a plan that will help you to immediately begin to build a meaningful list of your customer‟s emails and SMS text numbers that will allow you to begin to market directly to the greatest asset you have: existing customer base. Mobile banking. this is not a very big Book physically. This book going to be like a great treasure hunt or a guided tour. That is simply because much of the content in this book is hidden online.

I will offer you a blueprint for incorporating this into your business in one day. you‟ll thoroughly understand the value and importance of integrating QR codes into a mobile marketing strategy for your business. For those who want a heavier reading load. Simply stated. Diffusion of Integration Theory. This book is all about adding value to your business with media rich content and cutting-edge marketing 6 . However. And. this is not a textbook or a treatise. and current market trends. take what you need as you stroll down the aisle. with very little fuss. best of all. I will tell you right up front that I am going to go extremely light on theory and heavy on strategy and implementation. but it‟s there if you need it. You don‟t have to read it all. I will be sending you to some pretty heavy reading regarding QR Code technology. I suggest you take the “shopping cart” approach to these heavier topics. You might also notice that I am using a pretty straightforward and conversational tone in this book. meaning. By the time you‟re done reading this book and digging through all of the content that it has to offer.as a leader of business research discusses the importance of QR codes in mobile marketing. it‟s a playbook.

you will have the opportunity to accomplish an amazing task: You will actually be able to quantify your customer base (probably for the first time ever). Even if you don‟t have an online presence at the moment. Best of all. you will see an amazing change in your business. if you follow the blueprint I am placing on the table in front of you. You will have an effective online presence and find yourself not only on the cutting edge of the latest marketing techniques. This is going to be a lot of fun. 7 .tactics. but you will be an early adopter in an emerging trend (mobile marketing) that is headed toward you like a tsunami. So get ready. and begin to communicate with them directly like you never could before ($$$). If you follow the road map I‟m about to give you. build a list of their email and text numbers. The blueprint laid out in this book will completely change your marketing strategies and put you head and shoulders above your competition in 30-60 days. I can fix that in about an hour (two at the most).

and 21. The driver‟s door 8 . When my oldest son was learning to drive. and not one person writing on this subject (that I have found) has presented a solid game plan for implementing it into your business. If you‟ve been around for a while you will have witnessed an accelerated advance in technology (the 1990s). Mobile marketing is coming. I am 46 years old and have three boys ages 17. but these books don‟t do much to help an overworked business game plan for owner put together a solid mobile marketing implementing strategy. which later shifted into an exponential change in technology over the last 5-10 years.Why You Need this Book Simply stated. what you must understand and appreciate is that many 18-30 year-olds have never known a world without computers and cool gadgets. the instructor handed him the keys to the car. 18. as of this writing. There are really detailed books on the history of the mobile networks and statistics about mobile marketing trends. For example. That is why I am giving you a play book. You probably don‟t know as much about it as you should. However.

cassette tape. My son had never used a key to unlock a car and literally did not know how to get into the car. These are kids that have never seen a record album. this stuff is just simply foreign. didn‟t have junky plastic toys to play with. The instructor stood there staring back at him. and have never known a time when they didn‟t have a computer-based game of some sort. your neighbor kids. For a guy in his 40s. In fact. These are the same kids that never put a dime in a payphone or had to make a collect call. but this is a perfect example of where kids‟ minds are today. He stood there staring at the instructor. The 18-30 year old crowd uses SMS texting to 9 . These are the same kids who have never used a typewriter.was locked and there wasn‟t a “clicker” for my son to unlock the car with. The answer might shock you. or some of the kids in your shop if they even use email anymore. It was pretty funny (we teased him for years). But for the 18-30 year old crowd. Think about that for a moment. ask your kids. the ones that are growing up and becoming your customer base. and never held a telephone receiver that had a spiral cord attached to a base unit. these things are second nature.

10 . your kids are uploading videos to their Facebook account. most of them will likely be able to use their smart phones to access their Facebook account so they can upload the picture that they just took of their friends while sitting next to you in the local coffee shop. In fact. It‟s no small wonder so many business owners are clueless about emerging trends in technology.communicate. Just when you figure out how to broadcast a funny email to a group of friends. and you are still driving at a safe 55 mph. I‟m going to show you a marketing plan that will make you the technology trendsetter in your community. Trends are changing year to year. The good news is that this book is going to help you leap frog over this crowd and make you the savviest business owner in town. you must get your act together and understand how all this works. bookmarking pages at Digg. All from their phone. Their world is progressing at the speed of light. because these changes are also changing the business landscape and you can‟t afford to be left behind. As a business owner. and broadcasting links of the latest viral videos at YouTube.

essentially on your behalf. why it works. we can put this technology to work in our business rather seamlessly 11 . If you want to know how they work and what science is behind them. and millions more have been spent creating these codes as a marketing standard throughout Asia and now Europe. However. applications for QR codes outgrew the assembly lines of the auto industry and entered into the marketing sphere. or what the technology is behind it. a QR code was created as a much faster way of scanning data at high speed. it really doesn‟t matter how works. Neither did I. thousands of companies have spent their money. Soon enough.” Simply stated. While that information is intriguing (sort of). to make this new technology an emerging standard within the culture of their country. The good news is that you didn‟t spend a dime to make this happen. you‟re going to have to find another book. The „QR‟ stands for “Quick Response. The simple fact is that millions of dollars have been spent perfecting the technology.History of the QR Code QR codes were developed in 1994 by a subsidiary of Toyota. Fortunately for us.

if a tradeshow attendee walks past a booth that catches his attention. Hint: open your new QR code reader (the app you just downloaded) and center the QR Code in the frame on the screen. business cards and flyers.mobile-barcodes.com/about-qr-codes/ 12 . in countries such as Japan and South Korea. as well as how they are being used today in business. your phone will do the rest. many companies now are using QR codes at trade shows. By way of example. For more information about the history of the QR code. scan your first QR Code here: 1 This is a very informative website that will provide you with a very solid understanding of QR codes. and now emerging throughout Europe and the Middle East. The QR codes are being placed on stickers. Currently. QR codes are becoming more and more the standard way of communicating with potential clients through print media. Essentially. Go through all the links and read all the articles.and inexpensively. booths. he can scan in the 1 http://www. they are very informative. how they work.

a QR code is easily scanned into your smart phone in order to give you quick access to information embedded in the code. Of course.com/watch?v=dLiUkIbwZ3Q 13 .youtube. the link in the QR code doesn‟t have to be to the company‟s main landing page. “What can I do with a QR code for my business?” As you have seen in the above examples. this can mean that you can send the person (who just scanned your QR code) a link to your website‟s homepage. Here is a very sophisticated use of the QR Code at trade show. Pretty amazing! After watching this video. I hope you are beginning to see all of the possibilities for using QR codes in your own business. The question you need to start thinking about is.QR code with his smart phone and be directed straight to that company‟s web page. From a marketing standpoint. The QR code could link the visitor to another very specific landing page developed just for the attendees of the tradeshow. a link to a sales page within your web 2 2 http://www.

If you were to receive such a hyperlink. 14 . or simply sending that customer to a live operator that can do both. With a click-tocall message. or. you would simply tap the number on the screen and your phone would automatically dial the number for you without requiring you to press any buttons. If you send your customer a phone number. selling a product or service. even a phone number for your customer to call and either receive a recorded message explaining a product or service. the telephone number simply pops up on your phone as a hyperlink of the phone number to call.site that has coupons or a time sensitive sales opportunity. These are extremely cool. you have sent what is known as a click-to-call message. This simply makes it effortless for the customer and is completely automated for you by the QR code.

place your cursor on the book‟s image (on the top 3 http://www.com/watch?v=5RFQ0cnSOhg&feature=rela ted 4 Everett Rogers. 2003 5 http://www. I invite you to read a portion of his book. 4 In fact. New York: Free Press (a division of Simon & Schuster. Amazon will give you an excellent preview of Mr.Early Adopters What is an early adopter? Let‟s use a QR Code to find out from Good Morning America: 3 Early adoption is a concept that was formally discussed by Everett Rogers in his book Diffusion of Innovations. courtesy of Amazon (more heavy reading). Innovations”.amazon.com link to the 5th edition.com/Diffusion-Innovations-5th-EverettRogers/dp/0743222091 15 . 5th edition.youtube. Diffusion of Innovations. Next. Everett.). Rogers‟s brilliant book for free. Hint: Go online and search (Google) for “Everett Rogers Diffusion of Look at all the search results and select the amazon. 5 I encourage you to read every page that Amazon gives you for free. Inc.

Next. Then. Do you recognize who the agents of change are going to be for any new technology in the next several years? The early adopters and Heterophily agents of change are the 18-30 year olds. about the „Time‟ stage as outlined on page 37 as well as the section on Heterophily and Diffusion starting on page 19. and then reread. This is where you will find the first of the heavier reading material I promised earlier. Time 4. Communication Channels 3. I recommend that you buy the book. Innovation 2.right of the page) and read all the free information that is located in the “Click to Look Inside” section. In his book. Europe is in the „Take Off‟ stage. Currently. Rogers explains that there are four different stages of Diffusion of Innovations: 1. They are driving 16 . Mr. Asia is in the „Later Adopters‟ stage. and North America is in the „Early Adopter‟ stage. Read. Social System Pay particular attention to the S-curve on page 11. think about how this applies to QR codes and mobile marketing.

(or anyone else) is innovating new technology with the 50 year old in mind? I sure don‟t. Banks Banks are also early adopters in this new mobile technology. 6 http://www. Inc.com/watch?v=Dxg5xGCceks&feature=rela ted 17 . While these early adopters are not so much using QR Codes. which is a first crucial step. Below are some examples of early adopters in the United States. mobile phones are now integrated in the banking system.youtube. As you can see in this video.technology. they are getting their customers to use their mobile phones to transact business with them. Do you think Apple. many banks 6 are allowing their customers to use mobile technology for deposits. As the next three examples demonstrate.

com/ccp/index. While this is not directly related to QR Codes. other major sectors of our 7 https://www. in that. 8 As banks create more mobile apps that allow their customers to transact business with them using their cell phones.Chase Bank is another national bank that is allowing its customers to take a photo of their checks on their mobile phone and instantly deposit those funds into their account. It is an amazing feature that other banks will be adding for their customers in the near future. This is good for your business. it is easy to see that our culture is being pushed toward a heavier reliance on our mobile phones.com/watch?v=UqhqrqyVO6Q&NR=1 18 . 7 Citi Bank allows its customers to make loan payments and transfer funds right from their mobile phone.chase.jsp?pg_name=ccpmapp/indi viduals/online_services/page/iphonebanking&MSC=IQ15893123 8 http://www. our population in general is being gently nudged towards using our phones for all sorts of business transactions.youtube.

com/cms/news/adnetworks/6347. is rebranding itself as a Mobile company. which has dominated the Pay-Per-Click Internet marketing arena for years (which earned them billions of dollars). meaning that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is involved to make sure that no monopoly is created. but there is a war raging between Google and Apple to see who can dominate the Mobile Marketing space. Google. has just recently purchased AdMob. The good news for all of us is that neither one of them can. Mobile Marketing Mobile marketing is going to become the 800pound gorilla very soon. Inc. this is still a phone service.html 19 . Even Apple. You may not be aware.mobilemarketer.economy (financial institutions) are pushing us toward early adoption of mobile applications. 9 http://www. This is not the Internet. 9 the world‟s largest mobile advertising platform. This is a big deal.

Press Release: Mobile commerce market to be driven by mobile ticketing growth.com/viewpressrelease.juniperresearch.php?pr=1 94 12 http://www. Recently. according to a new Juniper Research study.com/viewpressrelease. 10 11 12 http://www. according to Juniper Research. exceeding $100 billion in transactions within 2 years.An example of a unique way that Mobile marketing is being used is in the sales of event tickets.juniperresearch.php?pr=2 02 20 .com/blog/?cat=56 http://www.sq1agency. Juniper 10 Research issued several press releases on the various new ways that Mobile marketing (or Mobile Commerce) has emerged in America and highlighted the major companies that are pushing this change. up from 30 billion this year. 11 Press Release: Mobile Banking Services to generate almost 90 billion text messages per year by 2015.

Press Release: Future Mobile Award Mobile. The Japanese smart phones are more advanced than smart phones in the West. the Japanese were nudged towards QR Codes just like 13 http://www. but the Japanese wasn‟t marketplace is festooned with QR marketing. Dig in! The early adopters in the initial QR code marketing sphere were the Japanese. and their cameras are. code Currently.youtube.com/viewpressrelease. better than the ones we have on our smart phones today. Winners 13 for M-Commerce Announced: Mobiqa. mBlox and eBay Be sure to click on the related topic links at the bottom of this article. After Asia. 14 that always the case. QR Code marketing has moved west to Europe and is now starting to gain popularity in America.juniperresearch. As this YouTube video demonstrates.php?pr=1 99 14 http://www. You will find a wealth of information on mobile marketing.com/watch?v=OxFR6r-Dqk4&NR=1 21 . in many instances.

Australia‟s marketing firms are also working toward nudging people into early adoption. For an example of how this worked in Japan. Notice how small I can make the QR Code. Check out this video for a good explanation of QR Code Marketing. 15 Clearly. QR codes are just a simple fact of life throughout most of Asia. millions of dollars have been spent on the early adoption phase.youtube. Many different countries are in the same level of early adoption.com/watch?v=myzLAXtqoa8&feature=rela ted 16 http://www. Now. and it still works. Europe is passing through their early adopter phase and is rapidly moving toward the early majority phase. check out the crowd of people lining up in Japan to scan the codes. Japan is in the „Late‟ stage of adoption with QR Codes.youtube. The good news for 15 http://www. 16 As I pointed out earlier.com/watch?v=UuuCRbydidY&NR=1 22 . however.you and I are being nudged today. Think about direct mail marketing and Business Card applications as you scan this QR Code.

com/watch?v=wmak6uKxr2M&NR=1 23 . This group is becoming your customer base and it is vital that you learn how to communicate with them. College students are now learning with an entirely different set of tools than ever were ever used before. 17 18 http://www. Clooney focuses the entire audience on a single QR code.youtube. Universities are also adopting QR codes. In America. Mr. Forrester Research founder and director George Clooney spoke before an audience about QR codes. 17 His message was simply this: “Great marketing plus great technology is the only way forward. It is only a matter of time before QR codes become a standard in the basket of options that makes up a good marketing campaign.com/watch?v=zCNDDasILYU&feature=rela ted 18 http://www.” In this talk.you is that America is still in the early adopter phase of a technology that is otherwise sweeping the world.youtube. Mobile technology is second nature to the 18-30 year old crowd because it is a fixture in their education.

Even Code. Did you notice that they not only explained how the QR Codes work. “How can I use this in my business?” That answer is in found in the next chapter. In fact. it‟s time to jump into this trend is as an early adopter. but also how they work for a local coffee shop? Interesting. Simply stated. regardless how stiff the delivery is in this scene. this looked more like a product placement for QR codes than anything else. There seems little doubt that the QR Code is going to gain in popularity in the mobile marketing sphere. of 19 Hollywood (CSI) is pushing the acceptance of the QR This is an excellent example industry pushing for the an acceptance of an innovation during the early adopter stage. This clip seems oddly scripted and more like a forced explanation of QR codes. The question you need to answer is. the point is that even Hollywood is getting the word out and working toward getting people familiar with QR Codes and Mobile marketing. Yet.youtube.com/watch?v=43886f2c06I&feature=relat ed 24 . 19 http://www.

What you have is a business asset that you have not sufficiently quantified. “How can I make this work for my company?” Well. their e-mail addresses. What you need to do is compile a database of your customers. and their SMS text number (their cell phone number). balancing the books or working to bake muffins and make espresso drinks for your customers. let‟s look at some examples: Let‟s say you own the local downtown coffee shop. you have regular customers that you know by their first name. and others that just drift in once in a blue moon.Your Business If you have made it this far. Strictly speaking. You might know some of them by name. in that. Your business is chugging along fairly well. This is far easier to do than you might think and it will make a tremendous difference 25 . that is your customer base. You don‟t know how many customers you really have because you‟re usually just too busy training your employees. you should be getting excited and wondering. but you have no real method for communicating with them when they‟re not in your store.

either. We will be using this to send you periodic coupons and discount offers. It is really no different in the bricks and mortar marketing world. Simply download an app called a “QR code reader” (all smart phones can get this app). and then open the app and center the QR code you see below in the frame.. Right above the QR code..in your business because it will give you an opportunity to quantify your customer base. tape another page that has a big red arrow pointing at the QR code. and. then grow it! This is where the QR code comes in.” You can configure your QR code to send them to a web page that is specifically designed for their mobile phone. You can scan this with your smart phone. and tape it to the window next to your door (facing the street). All you need to do is make your code. You need to quantify your customer list . In the Internet marketing world there is a phrase that is used over and over: Your list is the most valuable business asset you have. it is deceptively easy to use. A caption above the arrow should state something like the following: “Below is our QR code. which asks them to enter their e-mail 26 . print it out on a large piece of paper.

as many of your regular and semi-regular visitors come to the shop. or coupon.. Once the Genie is out of the bottle. Chances are very good that people start talking about the QR code while they‟re standing in line waiting for their free latte. people will start talking about it and that is when your QR Code will go viral with your customers. they will see people scanning a QR code over and over and over. They can present that code. they will receive a text with a secret coupon code for a free 12-ounce latte.. People will watch as customers are scanning your QR codes right next to the door as they walk in. or the technology at this point (I know some of you are . 27 . If they do. Over a period of several weeks. telling them if they do so. they will receive a text message with a secret code word you set up for their coupon code.address and cell (text) number. so stop it!). This is very elegant and simple. This is completely within your reach and is incredibly effective. Don’t worry about the mechanics of all this. This will create a buzz with your customers that you will not be able to control. to your cashier to receive the free latte (the code will be displayed on their phone).

let‟s say. that your coffee shop usually experiences a business lull at two o‟clock on Thursday afternoons. how many customers do you have? 200? 500? Do you even know? Like I said in the beginning of this book. an existing customer is worth a lot more than a prospective customer. This is huge! Now then. but you will also be building what‟s known as an opted-in e-mail and text list of your customers. By the way. This will give you a very good idea of the number of customers that you have as well as their personal contact information.You will be handing out a few free lattes. hoping that 28 . for the sake of an example. This is laser targeted to your existing customers. What you will do at noon on Thursday is send out a text broadcast or an e-mail broadcast to all of the customers you have in your opted in database to let them know that all espresso drinks are 50% off today between the hours of 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Such a broadcast would cost a handful of dollars and have a much better response than if you paid the local newspaper a couple of hundred dollars to run an ad. When you use simple print advertising (typical shotgun approach).

people who are just sitting at home reading a newspaper will actually interact with your business by opting in to your customer database and personally responding to your advertising. people will read an ad. Make sure that you offer the reader some sort of benefit such as coupon or some other special deal to scan the code. That way. That is the beauty of becoming an early adopter with QR code advertising. but most . you‟re not using your marketing dollars effectively. Typically. if you‟re one of the few (or only) people using QR codes in your advertising space. then turn the page and forget about it. think it‟s a good idea or offer. make sure that you have one of your QR codes in your ad with a little blurb on how to read it.you‟ll get customers and prospective customers to knock on the door. Your goal through print advertising is not just to use a shotgun approach for bringing people 29 through your front door. If you are going to use print ads to the local paper (or direct mail fliers). You can actually measure the effectiveness of your ad by seeing how many people are opting into your database on the days that the ads run. you will become the talked about sensation. However.

When you have someone sitting in your chair for 45 minutes. Very inexpensively. Again. By way of example. Of course. In fact. it won‟t be long before all phones manufactured are smart phones. say you own a hair salon. These are the types of coupons that you can broadcast either through email or SMS texting. Most people are interested in getting $5-$10 off a manicure or hair coloring. they are known as a captive audience. if you are going to use print advertising. That is the perfect time to explain to them what the QR code is. your role will be to add customers to your opted-in database. etc. Many of your clients will have smart phones. You should tape your QR code right on the mirror that your clients are looking at as they study the work you‟ve done on their head. you want to 30 . The above example will work in almost any retail business.importantly. That way. They are stuck in your chair until you release them. it‟s the best way to build a database of your existing clientele. you can communicate directly to them. Simply explain to your clients the benefits you plan on bringing to your client base through coupons for various services once or twice a month.

That code can send a client to a click-to-call recorded message about a product or service (and then give them the option for a live operator). If you are a business owner with a customer base. This is a classic upsell opportunity for the mechanic. instead. The beautiful thing about the QR code is that you can change what the code actually does: 1. This will not only enable the mechanic to capture all of his client‟s information. 31 . The applications of QR codes and Mobile marketing are limited only by your imagination. you are (quite frankly) leaving untold piles of money on the table. You can have a QR code on your business card. and you are not working on a method to actively capture your customers‟ personal contact information properly. Mechanics can offer a discount on an oil change.be sure that you insert your QR code into your advertising as mentioned above. but also allow him to have his customers bring their cars in for an oil change and then let them know that it is time for new brakes. That money. should be captured through the organized and systematic development of a customer list as described above.

It‟s not so much word-of-mouth any more. the applications are limited only to your imagination. and perhaps through a PowerPoint presentation. Again. You can then address your customer in your own voice. a website URL pops up that could lead them to a YouTube video that you posted. the opportunity to make your advertisements go viral.2. and yet you have. Once you post the video on YouTube explaining a product or benefit of doing business with your company. You can embed a URL (web address) into the QR code so that when they scan the code. or a video recording that you made yourself. The commercial of the three Japanese girls staring at the QR code is now something you have personally viewed. word-of-mouth advertising works differently these days. In fact. the small business owner. Think about all the QR code-based links you have seen in this book so far. That commercial was never meant for you to see. describing all the benefits of your product or service. It is more like: broadcasting-text-messages-to-their32 . The beautiful thing about this technology is that it gives you. the people that watch the video can pass along that link to their friends.

Updating-their-status-onFacebook. or like.entire-contact-list. by doing so. Then. A Word on Viral Marketing What‟s interesting about the possibilities of QR code marketing is that you can create a viral marketing opportunity for your business. simply ask your customer to forward that e-mail to all of their friends that they think would be interested in the coupon or product and have them click the link. all their friends will be sent to your landing page and opt-in to your list as well. In fact. you can set it up so that you have a tell-a-friend QR code underneath the main QR code (on your window) that will send your client an e-mail with a link back to your landing page. Get it? You should be getting very excited right about now! 33 . Again. There exists today programming scripts that can be placed on a web page. or your landing page (the page your QR Code sends the customer) that asks those individuals visiting your page to send an e-mail to all their friends about you. the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

(heavier reading) read the following report: Internet Trends 21 2010 by Morgan Stanley Research. At this point.nielsen. 73% of all mobile users say that texting is the most important reason for their phone. For a serious look at the growing mobile trends. It is projected that smart phones will overtake feature phones by 2011. 3. End of discussion.com/nielsenwire/consumer/smartphonesto-overtake-feature-phones-in-u-s-by-2011/ 21 http://www.slideshare. you might be feeling overwhelmed by the all the technology required to take advantage of these trends. I can http://blog. 20 2. 4. However. Hands down. Texts are opened and read 95% of the time.net/CMSummit/ms-internettrends060710final 20 34 . 69% of all iPhone users surf the web from their phone. This is the straight up truth.A Word on Mobile Marketing Mobile marketing is the future of marketing. Consider the following: 1.

I am extremely confident that it will. That is not to say that you shouldn‟t have a website. use a WordPress blog to build your website. and pay to 35 . a printer and an internet connection. What you need to decide is whether or not you will take the few necessary steps required to set it up. you will be able to have a robust and functioning mobile marketing system in place in a single afternoon. there‟s a right way and a wrong way of building a website for ecommerce. However. Best of all. The question is whether or not you believe this will benefit your business. You just need a computer. This solution is as simple as it is elegant. expensive to update. Websites can be daunting to build.promise you that I have a blueprint for you that will allow you to easily use this technology to the benefit of your business. and cumbersome to maintain. The right way to do it is to pay about $8$10 bucks a month to host a website. The good news is that you don‟t need a website to be able to do this. and you will be able to easily integrate it into your business without the need for any extra equipment or software. because I believe that eventually you should.

and the SMS texts can be sent for anywhere from $. You‟ll have the monthly hosting charge of about $8-$10 as well as a monthly charge for delivering your e-mail (about $20. The second method requires you to join a business network that sets it all up for you. you can get several thousand e-mails delivered month for about $20/month. and the cost of setting up the text messages. Google loves WordPress blogs.have someone build it and create a manual that will teach you how to update it. The first method requires that you build a website. trust me when I tell you. set up a short code account with a texting service and hire a programmer to integrate all of it.03-$.00). purchase a monthly program for capturing your customers‟ contact information. There are really only two ways I know of to set up a marketing system as I‟ve outlined above. the reasons for using WordPress and the manner in which you optimize your website are beyond the scope and subject matter of this book. Like I 36 . This can be done for about $500. Typically. But. However. Google loves WordPress. WordPress blogs are excellent websites to use for getting high rankings in Google.09 each.

said. The process will take about an hour or so and provides you with your own internet landing page where you can post a paragraph or two about your business and set up a place for them to give you their email and cell number. In the next chapter. 37 . I will show you two different ways to incorporate QR Codes and Mobile marketing (and email marketing) into your business. you don‟t need a website to be able to do all this.

godaddy.com 38 . As such. then you might try going to one of the freelance websites in order to contract his job out to professional. If you don‟t know anybody personally who has the expertise to build this website for you. Don‟t have one of your kids or your Aunt Millie try to figure this out for you. you will need to hire a web developer to set up your website. This website is going to be the tool you are going to use to develop one of your most important business assets: your customer database.com. or hostgator. Several good companies to choose from include bluehost. do yourself a favor and hire an experienced one.com. Personally. I use elance. There are others to choose from but those are three that I have used in the past. If you don‟t already have a web developer.com. Once you have a hosting account. you need to spend some money in order to get this done correctly the first time.Setting up Your QR Code Marketing Plan: Do it yourself: The First thing that you‟ll need to do in order to get this started is to purchase a hosting account at one of the many hosting companies available.

You can make these decisions before or after you hire the developer. you will learn how to post a job for any number of different professional services. By watching these tutorials. you will need to be prepared to purchase an email account through any number of companies. Elance. check it out and watch some of the tutorials that they have on how to post a job.com to handle your email and SMS options as well as a hosting account before you can get started. However.when I need to have something developed. or your developer might have suggestions for you as to the best services to use. The main purpose of the website is to capture my customers‟ personally identifiable information through the use of landing 39 . Here is an example of an elance. If you‟ve never been to elance.com before.com is very simple to use and works well if you have sufficient detail in your job description. such as aweber.com job posting for a project like this: Job Title: Website and Mobile ready landing page Job description: I need to build a WordPress- based website for my business.

I will need for you to integrate this capability into the website and also teach me how to make changes in the coupons from time to time so that I can do it myself. squeeze pages and mobile squeeze pages.com as an example) in order to properly capture the e-mail and SMS text numbers from the opt-in fields you will be creating on the squeeze pages. I need to make sure that all of my pages will be properly coded (HTML5) so that they will also be formatted for smart phones such as the iPhone and Droid.pages. As such. Also. I am not proficient in WordPress so I will need you to develop a user‟s manual for me so that I can access the WordPress Dashboard and change or add pages and pictures. Please be sure to install the SEO Optimizer 40 . etc. I will also require integration with my e-mail server (aweber. Meaning. I will your help to figure out the best keywords I need to use in order to optimize my site for the search engines. I have uploaded my logo and would like for you to give me three options to choose from in my WordPress theme. As you can see. to the website on my own. Another purpose of this website is to make special offers available to my customers with “downloadable” coupons. etc.

With these tools. It is absolutely doable. in your manual. leave the bidding open for seven days and use the Elance escrow service (It is free and protects you and the developer). you will want to check each developer‟s feedback comments and only go with a developer that has had at least 15 feedback comments in the last six months and received a 4. an email account. All you have to do after that is Google “QR code generator” and use one of 41 . you will have a website. and its proper use. and a SMS account. When the job is complete. Then post the job.5 total score or higher. I am looking for a creative developer who can spend a little time with me to fully understand my business and offer some creative suggestions for the site. As the bids come in. You might want to set up terms for payment so that they developer gets 1/3 at the beginning of the project and the balance upon completion. It is time well spent.plug-in for WordPress and also include this plug-in. go through the videos to learn how to use this system. Again. I would seek bids from the $50-$500 range. you can start quantifying your client base.

Using my site will allow you to easily quantify your customer base and build an opted-in email and SMS list faster and easier than any other method. 42 All of this functionality is built into the administrative back .the many free QR code generators to create your QR Codes. Once you have done that. you must now realize how (very) important it is to quantify your customer base. If you have made it all the way to this part of the book. you can then easily increase your sales by directly communicating to your customers via email and texting. My Blueprint: www.mobilemarketingqrcodes. office I will provide you. I have been involved in the IM space for several years and have all this figured out.com I will say right up front that this is my site. I have developed this site because I know from experience that less than 10% of small business owners will be inclined to go through the hassles and endure the learning curve required to build a website as I outlined in the previous sections.

and copywriters. graphic artists.This is by far the most effective and cost efficient way to increase sales to your existing customer base. you will not only have the ability to quantify and increase sales with your customer base. but you will also have the newfound ability to expand your customer base through much more effective print ad marketing and tell-a-friend marketing. I have done all the heavy lifting for you. and you do not have to worry about upgrades to your site. hire programmers. This low price is far less than you would pay to do it yourself. When you log into your administrative back office you will have the ability to generate your QR 43 . hiring your programmer to change a few words. All you have to do signup for a low monthly fee of $29. or deal with any other website maintenance issues. All you have to do is set it up and start watching your data base grow. Best of all.97 (about $1/day). purchase a hosting account. You do not need to buy a domain. If you will follow the blue print I have laid out on my website. etc. or purchase an email server subscription. format your landing pages for mobile phones.

and more. you can set down this book right now.codes. check 22 out the informational video I have posted here: 22 http://www.com 44 .mobilemarketingqrcodes. sign up for this service. If you are interested. create and send out emails and SMS Text messages to your customers. make changes to your landing page (change up coupon codes or create special offers). and have your QR Code taped to your window within a couple of hours. The entire process only takes about an hour or so to set up. In fact. The reason I am able to provide you with so much functionality at such a low price is because I am able to spread the costs over a large network.

Right now you are positioned at the very cusp of the latest evolutionary shift in technology. Remember.Final Thoughts I hope you enjoyed this little book and the trip you made around the Internet as you learned about QR Codes and Mobile marketing strategies. Mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is going to be the mainstay of advertising in the next decade and beyond. the very best thing you could do right now is to quantify your customer base as quickly as you can. if you‟re a small business owner. Believe it. If you‟ve taken the time to go through each of the videos and websites that the QR codes in this book have sent you to. many of the younger crowd (18 to 30-year-olds) don‟t even call the phone company to set up a new landline when they move to a new 45 .. then right now you are miles ahead of your competition. I certainly have enjoyed writing this book and hope that as you finish this book you take away a sense of urgency to go out and quantify your customer base once and for all. Count on it! Consider this..

Pretty soon. that same group (and certainly the group coming up after them) will not even bother buying computers. Many of them see no reason for a landline because they have their cell phones with them 24 hours a day. If you are interested in increasing your sales numbers without going into debt for advertising.house or apartment. walk out the door. then you need to pay attention to the mobile marketing explosion that‟s happening around you. believe it or not. Think of it this way: make sure you have Right now. what are the three things you with wallet/purse and your… ?) Get it? As a business owner you need to take advantage of the very latest tools in order to not only quantify your customer base. but also reach out to them and drive them to your store. They have their phones and their new iPads. you can not only quantify your customer base and market to them directly. before you you? (your keys. As an early adopter of this great technology. Mobile technology is going to crush the personal computer industry. but you can also take the appropriate steps that will take your message online 46 .

and spin it in a viral environment. You can create videos.mobilemarketingqrcodes. These videos are easy to create and very effective in getting your message to a broader audience. In this little book I‟ve really just scratched the surface of the possibilities. upload them to a YouTube account and then mail out a link to that video all from your admin panel. There are many sources available to you for learning how to create videos for your business. once you become a member of http://www. you have the option available to you to create those same videos right within your admin panel.com. One way to do so is to use Power Point presentations and the Camtasia Studios program to record videos of your PowerPoint presentation with you speaking into a microphone and creating a voice-over presentation. This is a very basic but extremely well-received video format that‟s used every day in Internet marketing. When you put the marketing hat on as a 47 . There‟s far more that can be done very inexpensively to create a tremendous online presence for your business through the use of simple videos. Of course.

You can simply do this by offering some sort of incentive. this could be as easy as offering a 15 to 25% discount on a given product or service. You can simply use that as a loss leader or what‟s also known as a Lead Magnet in order to capture their opt-in information and add them to your customer data base. As you get that message out to broader audience. or a call to action. be sure to give that audience some kind of reason. Once you‟ve done that. Once you‟ve built your customer data base. your goal should be to get your message out to the broadest audience possible for the least amount of money spent. In today‟s tight economic environment. The first thing you need to do is get these QR codes working for you in order to build your customer data base.business owner. so that they want to visit your site and give you their personal contact information. It‟s not hard. you can‟t begin to quantify your customer base until you put the tools together. you can then easily expand that data base by 48 . you want to give your current customers a reason to have their friends join your database as well. Here‟s the Ugly Truth: As amazing as all of this new technology is.

Good content can either be emails that deal with relevant information about a feature in your business that your customers would want to know about. In order to do that. After working so hard to get a customer to opt into your mailing list.using QR codes in your print advertising. If you can use the tools that I‟ve given you to 49 . Then. Do NOT Flog your list by sending them an email or text message every other day! People grow tired of that nonsense really fast and they will opt-out of your database and you will lose them. Think how much of a buzz you could create by adding a QR code to a regular print ad. or coupons for discounts for the products and services that they are already purchasing from you. be very careful not to drive them away! You want to add value to your customers‟ shopping experience with you. you need to deliver good content in your e-mails or your text messages. your goal is to stay in touch with your clients once or twice a month at most.

and have a prosperous experience using QR codes and mobile marketing. or you decide to take advantage of the services of http://www.accomplish this. I wish you the very best in your business ventures and sincerely hope that you have great success as you quantify your customer base. - Michael Weir 50 . I‟ll be very pleased. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer and take the time and money to battle that learning curve and do all this on your own.com.mobilemarketingqrcodes.

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